To Topple A King

In chess, the King is rarely attacked directly. The usual method is to remove his guard, the pieces which surround him [see, for example, The Art of the Middle Game by Keres and Kotov, first published 1964]. In politics, the same sometimes happens. The figure attacked is not easily dislodged directly, so is subjected to indirect attack.

The Jew-Zionists want to remove Jeremy Corbyn, mainly because they say that they see his leadership of the Labour Party as facilitating “anti-Semitism” in Labour and beyond. The reality is more that the Zionists have influenced all major System parties in the UK since the late 1940s (and to some extent since the 1930s), and have had a stranglehold over British political life and parties since, at latest, 1989. They have become accustomed to having most MPs as their doormats. They want to, once again, fully control both major System parties.

Corbyn was never expected to win the Labour leadership and only got on the ballot via the “Hand of God”, meaning that MPs who did not support him and did not later vote for him yet nominated him! I still find that extraordinary. He needed 35 nominations and got 35 (36 including his own vote):

Corbyn’s position is unassailable if he stands firm against the almost hysterical Jew-Zionist “claque” noise now being howled at him and Labour. The Labour members and supporters mostly support him. Against him is the Jewish lobby: msm (Press, radio, TV), and the pro-Zionist anti-Corbyn MPs in Labour (maybe as many as 200 out of 258). So the “lobby” tries a different tactic, one that they have tried several times since Corbyn was elected Labour leader: to remove his guard, and then to checkmate him.

Thus we see attempts to rig Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) against Corbyn, to place on it pro-Israel persons, whether those who make a living from being pro-Israel (eg Luke Akehurst) or oddities such as freak Eddie Izzard.

Now “they” have, in poker language, “upped the ante” by prevailing upon quite pro-Jewish John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, “suited thug”, ex(?)-IRA supporter and sinister “antifascist” idiot, to pressure Corbyn. McDonnell is ambitious, sees himself as Corbyn’s successor and may want to stab Corbyn in the back. Labour is quite high in the polls. Any early general election (this year or in 2019) might well see Labour as the largest party and at least able to form a minority government. McDonnell may see himself as the next Prime Minister, incredibly.

Corbyn himself is prone to offering the Jews weasel words. That is because his risible old-style socialist worldview (including belief in the “holocaust” narrative fakery, “antifascism”, “The Battle of Cable Street” semi-history, “!No Pasaran” etc) is a huge part of the ideological baggage that he cannot jettison. Cognitive dissonance etc.  He should, ideally, just stand up to the Jewish lobby and appeal to the wider public, but in fact is now –again– cringing before the Jewish Zionists and “apologizing” to the bastards even as they try to get him removed! I see that as partly a tactic, however. If Corbyn retreats like the tide before the attacks, seems to give in at least verbally, then the Jews have nothing to press against. Judo? Sun-Tzu?

I never thought much of Corbyn, who had a very poor academic background, no real work background, no profession, as well as derivative and quite dull ideas. However, he is somehow likeable, and is a recognizable English type, the radical socialistic/anarchistic, cap-wearing Labourite of the last century, to be found in local Labour parties, on allotments, at steam fairs and heritage railway stations. More importantly, for me, Corbyn is not actually in the pocket of the Jewish Zionists, and (trump card) is laying the ground for social nationalism by just being there and being attacked by the Zionist cabal(s). If Corbyn can hang on in there as Labour leader, he stands a good chance of becoming Prime Minister within a year, even if only as head of a minority government.

Corbyn-Labour can lay the ground for social-nationalism. Many of his own supporters are, albeit unwittingly, halfway there. That is why the enemy are trying to topple him. I hope that they fail.

9 thoughts on “To Topple A King”

  1. As a chess player myself, I enjoyed the chess analogy. I assume you play?

    I’m not wildly enthused at the prospect of a left-wing Labour government and all the gloating that will go with it, and I am still glad the Conservatives won the 2017 general election. Not that I voted for them either or ever would, but had Corbyn’s Labour somehow formed a government, I think Brexit – even as a mere formality – would have been jeopardised. I’d like to see the Conservatives remain in power long enough to see the Brexit process through, and even if it is just a formal withdrawal without a substantial change in the position, it’s something and it’s a start.

    The great danger with Labour is that they will take the repression of the white British still further. I think there is an important distinction between most of the parliamentary Tories and their Labour counterparts. The Tories don’t believe in the social-liberal hegemony, but it aligns well with capitalism and it is politic; whereas, Labour really believe in it almost like neo-puritans – and some of them are lunatics.

    We do differ somewhat on this in that I take the view, as Thatcher did, that in order to defeat the social-liberal Left for good, it will be necessary to dismantle the state bureaucracy. Probably a chessic analogy would be suitable here to explain it, but we will need something like a 75% cut in state spending and the size of the state. Literally a political revolution. To be clear, it’s not that I’m against social-nationalism, it’s more that I’m convinced there will have to an insistence that the population become more self-reliant if the Left are to be defeated for good – not just politically, but at the very genetic level. We need a resurgence of Fascist Man, though I’m not suggesting we should call it that in front of the general public. That requires a return to Ground Zero for the state and a commitment to re-building only a minimal state that addresses essentials: national territorial defence, perhaps healthcare (for the ‘new’ population), a minimal benefits system that requires work, etc.

    We must remember that social-nationalism can only work in the right moral climate and with the right demographics, otherwise you end up back at square one. One of the reasons I turned away from the Labour Party is because it dawned on me that the subversive elements were able to infiltrate British society through an institutionalised welfare state, and I am convinced that there were people involved, right from the beginning, who sought to weaken it away from supporting the worker, to supporting all-comers.

    But at least let’s see Brexit through first and see where we are and take it from there. I suspect that may also be the mood of swing voters and, when it comes to the crunch, the Tories would squeeze in again.

    On a separate note, I should also like to see something done about the BBC. Does anybody here have thoughts on this? I would prefer outright abolition and dissolution of the Corporation.


    1. We differ on the size of the State and especially on the State benefits system. I favour decent pay and benefits and/or “Basic Income”. The work/pay nexus is weakening and will weaken further with robotics etc. In my view, the 2010-2017 “Conservative” policies were and are disgraceful, though they merely take further what “Labour” started, esp. under Brown. Alistair Darling was the key bastard.

      I agree of course that the welfare state should be for citizens of the UK and moreover, real British people only.

      The original Conservative Party, like the original Labour Party, has disappeared into history. Only the label is left. A weak Corbyn-Labour government might, as you say, repress white British people even further. That might just light our blue touch-paper…

      As to chess, I have not played for years, though I was very keen at age 14-15. I belonged to Reading Chess Club and my school club, and I owned books such as Horowitz’s Chess Openings. I even played (at bottom level though) at the Marlow International Chess Tournament in, I think, 1972 and played in a simultaneous exhibition against Jana Hartston, a very strong woman player and Woman International Master (I was knocked out pretty quickly!). As you may know, Jana Hartston was Women’s Champion of the UK at that time, and was married to William Hartston.


    2. Do you think Brexit will do us any good ie in the sense of the survival of the white British? I have two minds about this. One the one hand, it may spark a bit of ethnic nationalism amongst our people but on the other it could prove to be the ultimate destraction from this issue eg people thinking ‘we’ll be all right now that we are a free nation and sovereign again’ thus disregarding the fact that most of our troubles come from our own political Establishment. Thinking along those lines, I was in two minds as to whether to vote for Brexit or not or whether I should abstain. Eventually I voted to leave but I do wonder whether I did the right thing but then I didn’t expect the leave vote to win (I thought the Remainers would just about pull it off ie 50.5 to 51% to stay and leave being on 49 to 49.5%)


      1. In the now-usual formulation, I count myself pro-Europe but anti-EU. I favoured Leave and, as the EU Referendum day approached, I thought that it was just possible that Leave might win. Almost everyone that I met or knew was Leave, but that means nothing statistically, of course.

        After Leave won, my instinct was that the System, having miscalculated (Cameron-Levita etc thought that Remain would win easily, having virtually all the msm pumping out Remain propaganda), would regroup and turn “Brexit” into a disguised “Remain”. That has proven so, more or less, but the “Deep State” may have again miscalculated.

        The non-whites are still flooding into the UK. In principle, Brexit gives the UK the means to stop EU immigration, but even now the System *could* stop hundreds of thousands of non-whites entering the UK annually from outside the EU. Nothing happens. Deliberately. Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan…


  2. Do you think Brexit will go ahead? At the moment at least, that does look likey. Mrs Maybe/Mayem has ruled out a further referendum but then she also promised she wouldn’t go to the country by calling another general election and then did precisely that. The media are getting ever more lurid with their predictions of what will happen should there be a no deal (the latest one is that police cover for all eventualities may not happen) and I do wonder if this isn’t part of a concerted campaign by them to help win a future ‘three way’ referendum with the choices being whatever mess this shambles of a government manages to wriggle out of the EU, a ‘no deal’ (aka REAL Brexit) and a ‘let’s call off this very long running soap opera and stay-in’. Such a referendum could be won by remainers since the pro-Brexit side will be split between two options and the other side won’t be and the media are trying to scare the country witless about the consequences of a ‘no deal’. This referendum could be a way out for Remainer May and would only be announced once she has strung her party out sufficiently ie until AFTER the Tory Pary conference which will be the peak momnent for them getting rid of her. Also, it is has a certain appeal in that she can say she did her best (even though most of us with brains can she she hasn’t even tried) and she can say it was the people who killed Brexit off and NOT her or her party so they don’t get an electoral whacking from Brexit supporters come the next general election.

    Yes, non-EU immigration is under the control of the British government and it is about time more moronic voters in this country stopped blaming the EU for this and started to look at their own voting habits.

    We need PR so we can have a social-nationaist party and that party is able to gain decent representation but, sadly, without civil disobedience I don’t see how we are going to get it. Perhaps, this Brexit mess may make some people more sympathic to the idea?

    If we had a multiple-choice referendum on the voting system and we had the German system on offer I would choose that one rather than the weird Single Tranferable Vote ie a system that uses ranked ballots as they use in the Republic of Ireland and the system the Lib Dems are wedded to.


    1. Usually, I am able to call the result of something or at least feel able to make the attempt. Sometimes I am wrong, more usually I am right. I do not feel confident in my predictive power on this. Obviously, the System prefers UK to remain in the EU component of the NWO and has orchestrated the massive “fear” campaign which has been quite successful in frightening the masses. If there is a second referendum, the answer might be “Remain” now, but (but but but) a referendum would stir up all the passions again. I therefore doubt that a referendum will happen. More likely, the UK will drift on and finally agree some typical EU fudge, officially “Leave” but in reality Remain. Theresa May is toast either way and so will be the “Conservative” Party, damned for both duplicity and incompetence.

      The Jew-Zionists and the System behind them will not allow a decent proportional representation voting system because a party like the one I might yet lead would be launched strongly under it.


  3. I’ve had my suspicions about UKIP for a few years in that I belive they are a party that has had quite a few state operatives from MI5/MI6 operating within it to divert anti-EU feeling towards a single-issue party instead of (what would be far more serious for the Establishment) a party that was concerned about more issues such as the BNP or another broadly-based party. Having got people diverted the Establishment then announced a referendum to get the people to give the EU their backing and the back-up plan was that even if Remain lost the Establishment would only proceed with a Brexit In Name Only (BINO) and this would be ok from an electoral point-of-view for the globalist CON Party and Labour since we don’t have PR and the only well-known and still-established anti-EU party is the Tory cast-off party called UKIP hence they don’t need to worry about the people’s anger at a BINO.

    I believe even Lord Tebbit once voiced his view that UKIP had MI6 agents within it (the secret service dedicated towards supposedly ensuring British national interests abroad are served). It is certainly the case that the Briish Foriegn Office has, for many decades now, viewed EU membership as being essential for our national interests so why would they not work with the other arms of government to ensure that antI-EU feeling wouldn’t manifest itself in any party that was truely effective?


    1. I myself doubt that SIS or MI5 are directly involved as organizations, though individuals at a high level may be in some way. After all, a real Brexit would make the UK even more dependent (at least psychologically) on the UK/US nexus, unless a political departure under a non-System party brought a closer relationship with Russia, and there is no sign of that yet anyway.

      UKIP is washed up, though I note that all the fake “alt-right” drones in the UK have joined it in an attempt to prop it up. UKIP was always a fake “nationalist” party, stuffed at rank and file level with “useful idiots”. As you say, a one-issue party. It might have been different if UKIP had
      a.gone more social-national (and away from the crazy fake “free market” “libertarianism” of Douglas Carswell and the like); and
      b. if it had actually broken through electorally in 2015, at least to the extent of gaining half a dozen MPs.


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