Corbyn is Set For No.10


  • I am not, nor have I ever been, a member, supporter or voter for the Labour Party;
  • No feelings (of any importance) were hurt in the creation of this blog post


The latest opinion polls have Labour at around 40%, with the Conservative Party at a couple of points ahead, perhaps only one point. This is remarkable, after a year (in fact three years) in which Labour has been pretty much demonized. The Jewish-Zionist element in the Press, on TV and radio, on social media too, has attacked Jeremy Corbyn and Labour nonstop, with a constant whine about “anti-Semitism” and other aspects of Corbyn’s and others’ supposed beliefs or behaviours.

At the same time, many Labour MPs, perhaps the majority, have tried on several occasions to unseat Corbyn and to install a Labour leader who is more acceptable to the Jewish-Zionist lobby. So active have been some “Labour”-label MPs in plotting against Corbyn that newspapers discovered that they rented a regular “safe house” in the countryside where they could conspire in secret.

I have previously blogged about how it seemed “destined” for Corbyn and the anti-Zionists to take over Labour: how Corbyn was only able to be on the ballot paper the first time because several MPs who had no intention of voting for him yet nominated him! Even so, Corbyn only got the exact number of nominations he required (plus his own vote). That exactitude speaks to me of supernatural intervention (see my own similar experience of 1978 below this blog post).

Why is it necessary for Corbyn to lead Labour? Why would a Corbyn premiership be a good thing?

Until Corbyn took over as Labour leader, the Jewish-Zionist element controlled both main System parties in the UK. Now, “they” control only one, whereas Labour is fitfully breaking free (though its leaders still feel the need to offer lip-service to the “holocaust” narrative etc).

The best aspect of Corbyn leading Labour is that hundreds of thousands of recent Labour members and supporters now exist, many of whom have been radicalized, not so much by Corbyn or Labour as such, but by the fact that they now see through the Zionist influence and power working against and inside Labour (ex-Israel propaganda employee Ruth Smeeth MP, Jess Phillips MP, disgraced alleged sex pest John Woodcock MP, John Mann MP, Chuka Umunna MP etc). Those Labour supporters have in many cases been radicalized, ironically, by the sheer hate-filled dishonesty of the Zionist fanatics themselves. Those hundreds of thousands are not, and are not yet ready to go, overtly social-nationalist, but they have cast off most of the shackles of Zionist mind-control and that is very significant for the future.

A Corbyn-Labour government would take the whole UK politico-social matrix to the brink. Power would be cast into the hazard, and that can only be good for those of us sacrificing, thinking and fighting for the future in the as yet shadowy ranks of social nationalism.

Labour’s Chances

In 2022, boundary changes will reduce presently Labour seats by about 30. Only a few Conservative MPs will be affected (and the LibDems will be all but wiped out). Labour may struggle if 2022 is the date of the next General Election. However, there is every chance of a General Election in 2019, just as the possibly chaotic Brexit events are occurring. The economy is about to tank. Big investors are pulling out of the UK. London properties in the highest priced categories are not selling. Huge numbers of families are going to be hit even harder shortly by reason of the implementation of the botched Iain Dunce Duncan Smith “Universal Credit” “reform”. All of that plays to Labour’s advantage.

Against the above, all that the Conservative Party has in its quiver is yet more lip-service about controlling mass immigration (which the “Conservatives” have failed to do in 8 years; words are cheap…) and negative public relations about Corbyn, Labour etc. My assessment is that even the existence of Diane Abbott and other ethnic minority deadheads as potential Cabinet ministers (!) may not be enough to win over for the Conservative Party the floating voters in marginal seats, and they are the ones that count.

My conclusion is that, albeit probably on a minority-government basis, Labour will be in power and Corbyn in Downing Street before 2022 and quite likely by mid-2019.

Final Word

In the blog post above, I promised to give an example of when I myself was the subject of what might be called “Divine intervention”. I could give a number of examples, but here is one: after returning from Rhodesia in 1977, and doing some part-time or short-term jobs in the UK for a year or so, I conceived the idea in January 1979 of visiting a mountain in the far West of Ireland, on the Dingle Peninsula (then not the tourist destination that I believe it now is). I had no money at all, really, and the First Class rail and ship ticket would be £126 in the money of the time. At that moment, I received a tax refund, from work done at least 2 years previously, of exactly £126! I had not applied for any refund. Makes you think…

Update, 19 January 2022

Well, I was right about a general election in 2019, but wrong about the result of the General Election of 2019. I had, perhaps, underestimated the influence of Britain’s basically Jewish-controlled msm on the mass of the voters. Also, the msm was constantly puffing stupid “Boris” Johnson as a dynamic and charismatic “prime minister in waiting”.

We know that happened from there. “Boris” won that election, and has been pretty disastrous. Meanwhile, Labour was retaken by the Israel lobby under puppet Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Final note: those proposed boundary changes have been scrapped.

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