A Country Gone Mad

It is reported in the System “newspapers” that some people made an “effigy” of Grenfell Tower and then burned it as a Guy Fawkes Night stunt. In fact, this first of all shows how standards in journalism have fallen through the floor, because “effigy” means a model of a person, strictly speaking. Leaving that aside, this is another example of how the UK continues to sink into madness.

The alleged act may have been in poor taste, but only in a country gone mad could it be called crime! The UK police waste their resources on this? While serious real crime skyrockets! The UK is becoming like Stalin’s Russia, complete with me-too idiots.

In fact, if you read the reports, you see that neighbours and even family members of those arrested (and, yes –incredibly–, five people have actually been arrested over this nonsense) all feel obliged to distance themselves from the terrible crime (thought-crime?) committed; they all virtue-signal like mad. “Oh, no, guv’nor, I’m not like that!” or “I never had any idea that enemies of the people were living next door to me!” or “I’m afraid now that I know that bad people live near me” (etc…).

The msm reports show detectives at the house of these ordinary folk (who have now been exposed as “enemies of the people”), the detectives solemnly bagging-up evidence as if at the scene of murder or terrorism!

Meanwhile, in the real world outside the “fake news” newspaper offices, outside the Twittersphere and the milieu of the virtue-signallers, London has an epidemic of murder and knife crime, with hundreds stabbed or shot each year. In fact, the real situation is worse, because many killings which are really murder are reclassified as “manslaughter”. Large areas of the UK are becoming lawless zones, the police are not responding to emergency calls and many crimes not only go unpunished but uninvestigated and indeed all but unreported. Pakistani “grooming” and rape gangs are found everywhere in the UK, preying on white British children, Islamist terrorism is likewise widespread now.

The UK police nonetheless have the resources, it seems (and despite their constant whine about lacking such resources), to investigate comments made on Twitter (especially about Jews), to track down those posting cartoons mocking Jews, Muslims and others, and now to arrest persons who make the wrong sort of “effigy” on Guy Fawkes Night. Mad or what?

The ancients said that “those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” Be afraid, be very afraid, Britain…




The Daily Telegraph report, in which it is revealed that this petty incident of “offence” is being investigated “fully” by “a team” of detectives headed by a Chief Superintendent, no less! If only Lewis Carroll were still alive!


Addendum, 25 January 2019


(“Free speech” in the Britain of 2019! Note the robotic refusal of Humberside Police to apologize or even engage with the free speech argument, even now. Sinister is the right word for this.)

Addendum, 4 February 2019



Update, 15 April 2019

and the madness continues…


Update, 24 June 2019

The trial of Paul Busetti in relation to the events described above has been set down for 29 July 2019 (estimated duration unknown, possibly longer than 1 day, at an educated guess).

Another aspect of the galloping madness around


Update, 22 August 2019

Well, the farcical process of investigation, arrest, charge, prosecution and trial is over. I was right about the duration of trial: 2 days. The result? Acquittal before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot.


The prosecution was a politically-motivated farce, but the laugh is at least partly on the taxpayers, because tens of thousands of pounds have been laid out by police, CPS and the MoJ in taking to trial someone who just made a joke (tasteless, yes, so be it).

Meanwhile, in similar news, the South Wales Police have reinforced their longstanding and well-deserved reputation for thick-as-two-short-planks woodentop-ery by actually arresting and locking up a man who simply flew a flag from his own house!

A spokesperson for South Wales police stated, “we are aware of images circulating on social media of a flag with a swastika on it being displayed in Neath.”

“We would like to reassure you this flag has been removed and a 55-year-old local man has been arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence.

Well, “long live freedom”…(but not in South Wales, it seems…)

I hope that the accused fights this latest attempt to repress civil rights, an attempt made on behalf of the Jew-Zionist lobby. The police are now becoming actively hostile to the British people.

Update, 5 February 2020

A man who displayed a large red flag with a swastika on the side of a house in Wales will not face charges, it has emerged. People living in Neath were said to be ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the flag on a property near the A474 flyover. One shocked passer-by had taken a picture of the flag and posted it on social media. A 55-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. South Wales Police said a file of evidence was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service who decided no further action should be taken against the man.” [Metro newspaper]

So the (London) Metro newspaper sees fit to insert nonsense about how locals were “absolutely disgusted” by the flying of the Swastika banner. I doubt that that is true. However, the nub of the report is at the end: no further action. So just more police time and money (and that of the innocent man arrested) wasted because the Jewish lobby will not shut up…

16 thoughts on “A Country Gone Mad”

  1. “…police nonetheless have the resources, it seems (and despite their constant whine about lacking such resources), to investigate comments made on Twitter… ”
    Isn’t that because the politicians have told them to prioritise investigation of “hate” over other “crimes” via the relevant legislation and e.g.

    Click to access Hate-Crime-Operational-Guidance.pdf

    Related theme here:

    In the case of the Grenfell Guy, presumably the “suspects” need only rest on their right to “no comment” and on the fact the evidence went up in smoke….?


    1. The “evidence” in this case is (more) whatever was posted on “social media”…
      As you say, the political direction of the police is at fault, along with the connected problem of senior officers wanting to tick boxes. In the different situation of when the supposed “offence” is to Jews, the alleged “perpetrators” have to contend with the fact that parts of the police have now in several ways been infiltrated (Barnet in outer London seems to be the worst area for that).


  2. Rather hypocritical of the Police when during the “annual” bonfire celebrations in Lewes (Sussex) effigy’s are regularly burnt – including the Prime Minister’s etc! Rabbit hole indeed!


  3. ” parts of the police have now in several ways been infiltrated (Barnet in outer London seems to be the worst area for that).”

    That sounds like material for an interesting article.

    As for Barnet, the whole borough probably has a permanent eruv. Meantime Wesminster is sufficiently well served with its long established ‘virtual’ one, but enough’s never enough:


    One wonders what the typical dailymail reader made of THAT.

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  4. Off-topic so ignore at leisure but if you relish the prospect of joining those in the public gallery at Southwark Crown Court it appears a cause celebre may be in the offing: David Noakes et al. are being prosecuted over their “manufacture” and sale of claimed cancer antagonist GcMaf and the lugenpresse are already vomiting “vituperative epithets” and spinning their story like a dreidel:





    1. Thank you. All new to me. I see that he holds a private pilot licence and had a yacht based in Falmouth. When Ken Flower, the head of Rhodesian Intelligence (CIO) was a young man in Cornwall in the early 1930s, he applied to join the Customs and was refused, being told that he was the first Cornish applicant in 350 years! Not that I imply anything…


  5. heheh… the British ‘local’ offshore islands were a refuge for many an English debtor in the times one or two hundred years or more back and well, those fleeing from creditors had to turn their hand to something. For this reason I’ve been somewhat reserved in promoting awareness of the upcoming trial, although I am inclined to believe Noakes rather more than his er, persecutors. See what you think from this which appears to be the most recent video from Ian R. Crane (who also orbits the UK Column (Noakes I believe founded it or else was involved as publisher early on around 2006 when it appeared as ‘The Plymouth and Devonport Column’)) :


    seems the court date is 19 November at 10AM, Southwark CC (unverified).


  6. I’m informed (39m onwards of this) that David Noakes has in fact already pleaded (pled?) guilty to manufacturing/selling/whatever a medicine (sic) without a licence and the hearing from the 19th is for sentencing and in mitigation and expected to last several days.*


    * The case reminds of Protocol 19:
    “In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder. and every kind of abominable and filthy crime.”

    Back on topic: https://brexitcentral.com/nasty-surprises-smallprint-theresa-mays-brexit-deal/

    — although he can’t spell minuscule it does seem plausible (and has links to the sources).

    So our expected date of departure could be “100 not out”?! And meantime the last 2 years of Appeasement have permitted the European Military unification agenda to be advanced to the extreme detriment of our practical autonomy.


    1. On the minor linguistic point, I believe that “pled” was correct in “English English” centuries ago, but that the correct term is now “pleaded”; that is certainly the usual term. Of course, in American English, “pled” is usual.

      On the Brexit issue, as soon as the Referendum was held, I predicted that the EU/conspiracy gameplan would be both to press for the decision to be reversed and/or for there to be a Brexit in name only. It took 2 years and more, but here we now are. Vast sums have been spent, oceans of ink spilt etc, to create an atmosphere of fear in the public mind, so that the Remain leadership can say, “look! The people have now realized that they want to remain! Hold a second referendum!”

      There may well be a majority now to remain— vast sums have been spent and great pains taken in order to create it…

      For the international conspiracy, this was never about the popular will, but about keeping the EU together as a building block of the NWO system.

      Having said that, if the UK does not leave the EU both formally and in reality, there will be consequences for the “traitor MPs”, I think. What consequences exactly, I am unsure, but they may go beyond mere loss of votes or loss of seats in the Westminster monkeyhouse.


  7. I suppose I should round this off re: Noakes / GcMaf by reporting (second hand) the final outcome (subject to any appeal on sentence I suppose):

    UK Column News 28 November 2018 @37m stated David Noakes received a total sentence for the unlicensed selling and associated money laundering (sic) of 15 months consecutive (unstated if suspended, semble immediate(?)) and remarked this seems to have left the CPS and MHRA crestfallen since they’d sought 8 years. They also claim in that edition of their program the judge said “I believe that the medicine GcMAF is and will be beneficial to people who need this treatment.”

    When looking for this news I came across some scurrilous web postings at least one of which appears to be one of HM Government’s own:



    (In my odyssey I also came across http://causelist.org/ – I wonder if that’s how so many people know the latest cause celebre hearing to attend).

    The risk of proceedings by the French authorities apparently remains:

    – referred to as the work of a Noakes sockpuppet by a commenter here:


    All in all I feel sorry for Noakes. Even if it would have been better for all concerned if he had structured the operation as a non-profit and simply drawn “expenses”, the impression remains that many people with serious illness did recover, unless the testimony of the various videos on youtube was complete fabrication – and I’ve not seen any crowing by the authorities that it was. In fact the BBC joined in the guttersniping but the sentencing has generally been reported sotto voce.

    GcMaf is another issue that won’t be going away.


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