When Almost Everyone Says to a Government in Office, “Just GO!”


Today I happened to see the Daily Mirror report (link below, at foot of post) about a 9-year-old girl who telephoned a charity begging for help, even offering to work, in order to save her family. This was not in some ragged part of the former Soviet Union, not in Latin America, not (to be rhetorical) in the Britain of the workhouse and Ebenezer Scrooge, but that of Britain in 2018.

The Conservative Party seems to be relying on effluxion of time to disguise what it (and to a lesser extent, Blair-Brown Labour) has done in the past 20 years and especially since 2010 when the Con Coalition took power. However, the fact is that millions of people have been degraded, insulted, even killed or forced to suicide by the hugely expensive and ill-conceived “welfare” “reforms” of Iain Dunce Duncan Smith. He and those guilty with him, have not as yet faced popular justice. Perhaps some form of justice will in the end catch up with him, and Esther McVey and Danny Alexander, and David Gauke, and the Jew “lord” Freud etc.

Then we have Brexit, which I (for social national revolutionary reasons) favour. The present government has proven itself incompetent in respect of that, too.

Armed forces: scarcely functioning, thousands of experienced officers and other ranks made redundant, so that, now that few want to join what was the TA (now, The Reserves), the government is forced to open Army recruitment widely to those from Commonwealth countries who may never even have visited the UK.

NHS: plainly in managed decline.

Immigration: scarcely slowing.

Housing: far too expensive and, in the private rented sector, the hunting ground of buy-to-let parasites.

A future for the young: where is it?

Wherever one looks, the present government has failed miserably, along with its predecessors of the past 8 years. Labour looks scarcely better, true, and has even decided to keep the pathetic Universal Credit scheme if elected, but in a general election, an incompetent government is still at a disadvantage vis a vis an incompetent Opposition.

Labour is no longer unelectable

It was said for years that “Labour is unelectable” under Corbyn, a strange statement in view of the fact that Brown and Miliband also both failed to make it electable. The idea seems to be that Labour has to appeal to the middle of the road floating voters to be electable, and that Corbyn does not appeal to that voter. I do not think that the misnamed “Conservatives” can rely on that. Many of the Corbyn-Labour policies do have Middle England appeal: strict rail regulation or even renationalization, strict controls on utility company bills, making large transnational enterprises pay decent tax. These and other policies speak to those forgotten Middle England voters. Labour has not quite thrown the poor under a bus, but its focus is certainly now on winning over the vital marginal seats. It has recently supported Phillip Hammond’s tax plans on the basis that Labour plans to hit the wealthiest 5% (in income terms) and not, say, the most affluent 10%, 20% or 50%.

The Conservatives have demonized the poor, especially but not only the non-working poor. The Con Party is now more than ever the party only of the wealthy few, the buy to let parasites, the Jews too (95% of whom have deserted Labour since Corbyn took over), the wealthy London foreign cosmopolitans of various types etc.

As to the traditional Conservative Party Middle England vote, that is ebbing away. The reasons are clear: the “middle classes”, at least at the lower end, are sinking, and the Government is letting them drown. A cartoon from a few years ago made the point.


On the above facts, it is more than likely that the Conservatives will not be the largest party after the next General Election. The Conservative vote shrinks with every passing month. There is a sense that, as with the 1990s Conservatives, the present Theresa May government has outstayed its welcome so that almost everyone is saying “GO!”.

The poorest 10% will mostly vote Labour anyway. The wealthiest 5% (and probably 15%) will mostly vote Conservative whatever. The bulk of workers in the middle are the battlefield, and one which Labour looks increasingly likely to win.




2 thoughts on “When Almost Everyone Says to a Government in Office, “Just GO!””

  1. The middle class is disappearing because over the last 30-40 years the wealth producing activities of industry have to a large degree been exported overseas, to be replaced by a rentier economy which almost by definition means a monied elite and a lumpen mass of the penurious. A service economy employing even the bulk of the population could never be, particularly in the computer age.

    My possibly misinformed opinion is that the rot really started to accelerate under Thatcher when foreign exchange controls were lifted around the start of the 1980s. That act presumably facilitated the flight of capital from the UK to the Third World where labour was dirt cheap and environmental and regulatory constraints negligible.

    The next stage or rather, symptoms in the overall process of Money Power depradation that I recollect were the widespread opening of shops on Sundays starting in the 1980s and then, from around the mid to late 1990s, finding nearly everything non-edible for sale in the high street chain stores was made in China. Evolving then to today’s gig economy, zero hours contracts (is the latter some kind of oxymoron?) and the austerity clampdown on social welfare of the last ten years to which you refer. That last being helped along of course mainly by bailing out the banks at taxpayer expense in 2008 (application of the electronic “Bradbury Pound”) and the amnesty for “Lame Ducks” – previously reviled by the Tories, but not when they’re financial institutions.

    So yes I agree with your conclusion. It’s almost as if the Conservative party has a death-wish; they forget that when it comes to voting, numbers count, or at least, those who do the counting.

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    1. I agree with pretty much all of that. Yes, the Thatcher years were the watershed. Thatcher’s three governments did some necessary things, but opened the globalist floodgates. The effects only became (fully) apparent *after* the 1980s (from about 1989 or so), just as the “Swinging Sixties” were only a spectator sport for most until the 1970s.

      Personal anecdote: I became aware of China as manufacturer in the simple act of looking around Leather Lane Market, London, in 1982. I noticed that every cheap tool on sale (hammers, trowels, saws etc) was Chinese and cost a fraction (about a fifth) of anything made in the UK. (I, not very capable where very practical things are concerned, was making a rocking horse for a small child at the time).

      The globalism developed in the 1980s in the UK was not some accident: eg, in the legal world, there were laws and regulations passed to reduce the gulf between barristers and solicitors and the services offered by both branches; to allow foreign law firms (almost all American) to operate in the UK freely; for law firms to employ barristers on salary easily etc. This was all a small part of making the UK and especially London a hub for the NWO. In fact, those controlling all that were laying the groundwork for a takeover of the whole world, a one world dictatorship based on NWO, Zionism and the EU, with both China and Russia subsumed. (in the end, the NWO proclaimed in 1989-90 was derailed by, first, the Arab/Muslim upsurge, bin Laden etc; secondly, by the resurgence of Russian nationalism and Russia as a national-state power).

      The perceived “solid” political matrix of the EU states, and the “internally stable” UK is a house of cards, far less stable than most people imagine. It could collapse in short order. That will be the window of opportunity for us as social nationalists.


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