Globalist Finance-Capital and the Connected MSM “Celebrates” (and Profits from) the Destruction of Our European Society


What is written here should be taken in the context of my own belief about historical cycles and in particular that of 33 years. For me, the 33-year cycle is now of great importance. 1923, 1956, 1989, 2022. The last great change in the world took place not so much in as pivoting around the year 1989, and was, in its major effect, the fall of socialism (of all kinds) and its replacement by what might be characterized as globalized finance capitalism. By “socialism”, I mean every kind of socialized socio-political ideology and its practical application.

Soviet socialism and its historical offshoots (whether in China, Albania, Cuba, South-East Asia etc) fell to pieces, replaced by a basically capitalist ethos (sometimes ruled by the same or similar people and even keeping some of the same symbols and slogans, as in China and Cuba).

Soviet-style (Marxist-Leninist) socialism fell, in and after 1989, but it did not fall alone. Social-democratic “socialism” also fell, or just fell apart. Across Western Europe (the same is generally true in Central and Eastern Europe), social-democratic parties have been in decline since 1989.

Socialism, Social-Democracy and Globalist Finance-Capitalism in the UK from 1989

In the UK, the Labour Party erased Clause IV of its Constitution (the clause providing for a socialized society) in 1995. For the next 20 years, the UK Labour Party was not only “socialist” only in implied name, but increasingly also only “social-democratic” in implied name. By 2010, there was virtually no clear water between the Labour and Conservative parties. Both espoused similar globalist finance-capitalist principles, even openly. Indeed, though this blog post is not the place in which to detail it, both Labour and Conservative competed to shout the loudest about how much they loved transnational business and wanted to attract the wealthy and uber-wealthy to the UK, while making a sport of demonizing the poor, the unemployed and disabled, many of whom are reliant on State benefits and services etc.

It may be that the Corbyn phenomenon, resisting going further down the globalist finance-capitalist path, is a sign that that the 1989-2022 era has now run out of steam in the UK, as elsewhere. Much of Corbynism is a nostalgic attempt to go back to the 1970s, but its importance lies not in what it is but in what it is not.

Transnational Enterprises Profiting from Europe

Europe (EU and otherwise) has failed to properly address the profiteering of huge transnational enterprises, whether traditional or Internet-age. They have not been taxed properly or effectively, have played the various European legal and taxing jurisdictions off against each other, and have often treated their employees shabbily.

It should not be forgotten that large-scale capitalist enterprises profit from mass immigration, which provides millions of new consumers, i.e. potential customers, lowers rates of pay, and helps to create, in the American phrase, a “hardscrabble” society which favours finance-capitalism.

It will be recalled that Adolf Hitler referred to “the Aryan ideal of creative work”. As against that, there stand the two pillars of non-Aryan time-employment— on the one hand, various forms of coerced work, ranging from outright slavery to “wage slavery” doing mechanistic labour or running after numbers and/or money; on the other hand, idleness (either unemployment with no cultural or other opportunities and little money, or the luxurious idleness of the decadent wealthy).

Transnational and Other Large Enterprises Promoting the Multiracial Society

There has been a long-term conspiracy to destroy the racial basis of Europe. This goes back at least as far as Coudenhove-Kalergi and his notorious Plan. The international conspiracy is heavily embedded in the so-called “European Union”. One only has to look at the last few years’ “migration-invasion” of Europe. It has been encouraged by all the usual System suspects, from Yvette Cooper and other MPs of the UK, to Angela Merkel, to Jewish groups who have actually organized “aid” to bring “refugees” to the EU and UK! One active example has been the Labour Party “peer” and Jew “lord” Alfred Dubs (an expenses cheat, apart from anything else), who himself came to the UK in 1938 as a child of 6 (his father having bravely fled from Prague and abandoned his family).

There again, when the flow of migrant-invaders was not fast enough for the purposes of the conspiracy, Angela Merkel made her (in fact illegal under EU law) invitation to “refugees” to invade Europe, triggering an even greater and sudden influx from Africa and Asia.

Equally egregiously, we have seen so-called “humanitarian” organizations and actual navies (such as the British) ferrying migrant-invaders to Europe across the Mediterranean. This was presented to the UK/EU public as “rescue at sea” when the reality is that many of the migrant-invaders were picked up by EU naval vessels or those of NGOs only a few miles from the coast of Libya and ferried to Italy, France etc.

There has been a massive campaign in mainland Europe to make the migrant-invaders (mostly young or young-ish men) acceptable, particularly to girls in Germany, Scandinavia etc. Government agencies in Germany, Sweden etc have even put out sex instruction booklets showing cartoon Africans having sex with blonde European girls in various positions! We must be clear about this: this is treason to Europe’s future. The harshest penalties are appropriate. Those who put out such propaganda are evil and must face justice.

Turning to the UK (I do not know whether it applies elsewhere; it probably does), we see that every or every second or third TV ad now shows a mixed-race couple (usually black man with white woman) and/or family, as if that is the norm in the real world. Of course it is not, but it is that kind of demography that is the aim of the thought-manipulators in the msm, ad agencies etc. How many of those are, shall we say, “members of a certain tribe”? Many, to say the least. Such television advertisements do not reflect society as it now is, but attempt to create such a mixed-race society by normalizing the production of mixed-race children, and normalizing the mixed-race family in the collective mindset.

This admixture to the European DNA is justified to fools by the idea that Europeans are not having enough children, so that the “Great Replacement” of Europeans by non-Europeans (via migration-invasion and high birth rate) in Europe is somehow justified. That kind of dummy reasoning leaves out the fact that Europeans are specifically discouraged from having children (especially with each other): promotion of birth-control, abortion, the LGBT-whatever narrative, all of which making it impossible economically — and even socially— for women to be stay-at-home mothers, and making it impossible economically for most European-race men to afford to support a family through paid work.


The present situation has to be reversed. Safe zones throughout Europe, leading to the creation of germinal ethnostates, must be part of the solution. After 2022, a New Order will start to arise in Europe. We shall be the masters then.



8 thoughts on “Globalist Finance-Capital and the Connected MSM “Celebrates” (and Profits from) the Destruction of Our European Society”

  1. Regarding TV ads etc, it seems particularly bad at this moment. what with the Christmas commercials! Last week or the week before I watched the Television in the evening (ITV) and I saw 3 or 4 mixed couples during the commercial break, in the space of 5mins!


    1. No accident.

      In the UK, Christmas is traditionally the most holy time, not only in the straight religious sense, but in the social sense. It is at the core of our self-belief as a society. The evil forces therefore strike directly at Christmas, not by ignoring it but by both continuing to commercialize it and now (something quite new, only in the past few years) presenting the “normal” family as one where the members of such are of various racial origins.

      This propaganda —or what some people today call “mindfuckery”— is not even aimed primarily at adult viewers, but at the more impressionable minds of children. The forces of evil play a long game…


    1. Note the way in which the supposed “political opponents” (the equally-misdesignated “Conservative” and “Liberal Democrat”) work together where it matters…”The Facade of Democracy”. I have seen that for 40+ years, time and again.

      Note also how Derek Thomas MP calls the (I think quite brave and principled) author of that samizdat leaflet “an anonymous coward”, then says that he is going to bring in the police, presumably to try to identify the citizen who was bold enough to criticize Big Brother!

      Thomas is a buy to let parasite too. See Wikipedia: “In January 2016, Thomas was one of 72 MPs who voted down an amendment in Parliament on rental homes being “fit for human habitation” who were themselves landlords who derived an income from a property.”

      The truth is very inconvenient for political drones of that sort.


      1. I read the leaflet on the “Falmouth” newspaper site and it would surprise me if the Police had grounds to prosecute, although you never know, given other prosecutions lately – particularly the case of the grenfel bonfire effigy!


      2. Based on what I have seen via your BBC link, I can see nothing illegal in the leaflet, even bearing in mind the repressive anti-free-speech laws now in place. As for the farce of the Grenfell “effigy” (by which the msm meant “model”), as far as I have seen, there have been no charges as yet, and may be none at all.
        BTW, in *this* case, there is no “online” element; leaflets were distributed, so Communications Act 2003 s.127 would not in any case apply.


  2. I haven’t followed the Grenfell Guy saga further but I did hear by the by (in a spiked-online podcast (?)) that the video had been leaked by a third party so those arrested perhaps hadn’t published anything…

    As for the etiology of the disease discussed in this post: these symptoms of subversion leading to downfall of civilisation recur throughout the ages. For example concerning ancient Egypt, they are well described in the Tel Amarna letters, in the Ipuwer Papyrus and in Manetho’s History of Egypt. No battles are described, but decay is all about: years of noise, social system disorganised, growing civil violence, increasing frequency of foreigners among the population, fish die in the lakes and rivers, insects and pests breed prolifically, yet the Pharaoh was strangely inactive. . . See for instance “The admonitions of an Egyptian sage from a hieratic papyrus in Leiden” (1909)

    As to present times, sadly, it is plain that the malefactors and their useful idiots, whether politicians, bureaucrats, members of the judiciary, etc will continue to disregard the majority population’s wishes until such time that they fear that majority more than they fear their funders, controllers, backers. Historically the English have dreamt up some really rather imaginatively brutal punishments for treason. As for bearing false witness the penalties were more humdrum but often rather deadly – for an assortment of whippings see e.g. Muddiman’s “The Bloody Assizes” (various copies on


    1. Interesting point (you make) about the Grenfell Guy nonsense. I should imagine that it is odds-on that nothing will come of it in the end. What interested me most is here we have a city (London) where there is a shooting or a stabbing, often fatal, on a daily basis, a huge amount of other violent crime, yet its joke police force can put together a whole team, headed by a Detective Chief Superintendent (!) to “investigate” a (bad taste, so be it) video of a burning cardboard model IN A PRIVATE GARDEN (!); moreover 6 arrests have been made so far! A colossal waste of police time etc for such a non-event and non-crime. There again, Essex Police used 2-3 detectives to question me for 3+ hours (in January 2017) because a Jew and his cronies did not like my Twitter feed!

      The UK needs a thorough reboot.


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