Cabal of 7 Zionist MPs Leaves the Labour Party— Good Riddance

Today, seven Jewish, Zionist or pro-Zionist MPs left the Labour Party, though so far all are remaining as MPs in order to hang on to their pay and expenses (one, Angela Smith MP, also “employs” her own husband on her Parliamentary expenses, at a salary of about £50,000).

I have only recently blogged about the possibility that something like this might happen:


I was wrong about Luciana Berger being unlikely to leave Labour. She has resigned from Labour (though not as MP), alongside useless creature Chuka Umunna, Angela Smith, Ann Coffey, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes and Gavin Shuker. Out of the seven, two or three Jewish, two or three maybe part or “crypto”. The others anyway doormats for Zionism.

A few points:

  • Mike Gapes MP, a Zionist Jew (who blocked me on Twitter without my ever having tweeted to him);
  • Chuka Umunna MP (see the link above) and: “In August 2018, The Guardian reported that “Umunna and fellow Labour MP Chris Leslie, are widely believed to be laying the groundwork for the creation of a new [political] party although both have denied this.”[68] In October 2018, it was announced that Umunna would serve as the chairman of a new centrist think tank called Progressive Centre UK. It was revealed that he would be earning £65,000 a year for his work on the advisory board” [Wikipedia]; and “Umunna is associated with the Labour Friends of Israel; along with Liam Byrne, he made an official visit to Israel in October 2012 as part of the LFI’s UK-Israel Economic Dialogue group” [Wikipedia];
  • Angela Smith MP: pro-Zionist, very very interested in money (an expenses cheat)…“[Angela Smith] is one of 98 MPs who voted unsuccessfully to keep their expense details secret in 2007. She defended her vote on the grounds that it would help member-constituent confidentiality, and to help prevent the private addresses of MP’s being readily available to the public.[18]In 2009, Smith was one of the MPs whose expenses were highlighted by The Daily Telegraph during the Parliamentary expenses scandal, as she had submitted expenses claims for four beds for a one bedroom flat in London.[19]Smith employs her husband as her Senior Parliamentary Assistant on a salary up to £40,000 [now £50,000].[20] The practice of MPs employing family members has been criticised by some sections of the media on the lines that it promotes nepotism.[21][22] Although MPs who were first elected in 2017 have been banned from employing family members, the restriction is not retrospective – meaning that Smith’s employment of her husband is lawful.” [Wikipedia];
  • Gavin Shuker MP, a pro-Zionist of Jewish or part-Jewish origins, though he was also apparently a “pastor” of some small Christian sect in Luton at one time;
  • Ann Coffey MP: pro-Zionist. “During the expenses scandal of 2009 it was revealed that Anne Coffey claimed £1000 per month for the interest on the mortgage of her London home and £160 per month for a cleaner.[8][9] In addition to her salary of £60,000 in 2007 she claimed £150,000 for staff salaries and office costs plus reimbursable expenses” [Wikipedia];
  • Luciana Berger MP: prominent Zionist Jewess;
  • Chris Leslie MP: careerist Blair-Brown drone and pro-Zionist.

Thoughts about the effect of the resignations:

The seven MPs were almost all living on borrowed time. Luciana Berger faced a (withdrawn) vote of no-confidence only recently. Mike Gapes is 66 (only 4 years older than me, but he looks about 20 years older). Ann Coffey is 72. The others were facing possible deselection. Chris Leslie, a typical bland careerist, obviously saw that his career in Parliament had ground to a halt, with no possibility of ministerial preferment even if Labour can form some sort of ramshackle government.

This is a Zionist group mass media event rather than a Labour “split”. Labour still has 241 MPs. The 7 departees will all lose their seats at the next general election, if they even stand for election. They have not formed a party, not as yet anyway, and, as I blogged previously, would have no chance of success if they did.

Further Thoughts

It really would be great if the Zionists and doormats for Zionism, at least on the Labour side, were to be deselected or otherwise removed. Yvette Cooper would be my favourite to go. That virtue-signalling, moneygrasping, expenses-blodging hypocrite, who wants to swamp the UK even more than it has already been swamped by immigrants of all kinds, including the (fake) “refugees” who seem to be her obsession. She and her husband, ex-MP and moneygrubbing “anti-fascist”, pro-Israel drone Ed Balls, live far from the consequences of mass immigration and their own actions, in the luxury bought by their business activities and the money they have squeezed out of their years in Parliament: salaries, “expenses” (including fraudulent or near-fraudulent claims), “consultancies” etc.

In May 2009, it was revealed that together with her husband Ed Balls they changed the designation of their second home three times in a 24-month period. Following a referral to the parliamentary sleaze watchdog, they were exonerated by John Lyon, the Standards Commissioner. He said that they had paid capital gains tax on their homes and were not motivated by profit.[16] Cooper and Balls bought a four-bedroom house in Stoke NewingtonNorth London, and registered this as their second home (rather than their home in Castleford, West Yorkshire); this qualified them for up to £44,000 a year to subsidise a reported £438,000 mortgage under the Commons Additional Costs Allowance, of which they claimed £24,400.[17] An investigation in MPs’ expenses by Sir Thomas Legg found that Cooper and her husband had both received overpayments of £1,363 in relation to their mortgage. He ordered them to repay the money.” [Wikipedia] (A real Parliamentary whitewash!).

In a Twitter Tiggernut nutshell (she replying to disgraced Jew Zionist lawyer Mark Lewis, who now resides in his beloved Israel but who, like so many Jews there, cannot resist interfering in UK affairs…):

Now look! (see below): so it’s my fault that the 7 defectors defected?!

Update, 19 February 2019

The seven ex-Labour defectors now have a website:

Their chosen identity is the bland The Independent Group. Note, “group”, not party. When the SDP was formed in 1981, it quickly adopted a firm identity which everyone in the UK understood. It was a political party, with a firm policy position.

These Jewish and pro-Jewish-Zionist whiners are not a party, even on the face of their own now-public identity. They are just a group of MPs, all facing retirement or deselection, and whose main gripe is “anti-Semitism” in the Corbyn-led Labour Party. None of them actually tried to put forward any thoughts about what is wrong in Britain, let alone what might improve the country. The Jew Zionist Mike Gapes was the most honest, talking purely about his hatred for so-called “Anti-Semitism”. As noted, his tribal interest was at least not concealed by some faked concern about the British people.

More Twitter comment…

Update, 8 April 2019

The defectors grew to 11 in the end, 3 being “Conservatives” Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston and Anna (hic, gurgle) Soubry. This group called itself Change UK and is fighting seats in the EU elections (23 May 2019) and (when called) the next UK general election. So far, the new party has not done well, despite favourable news (puffing) in the msm, some of whom have joined Change UK (eg Gavin Esler, the Jewish journalist who once presented BBC Dateline London).

See below: massive Brexit Party rally in Peterborough; same day, tiny Change UK meeting “starring” Anna Soubry MP.


18 thoughts on “Cabal of 7 Zionist MPs Leaves the Labour Party— Good Riddance”

  1. Seems like a last roll of the dice from the Zionist’s to try and unseat Corbyn – i .e an attempt to start a chain-reaction of resignations from their fellow Labour Mp’s!


    1. Doomed. While it is true that only about 50 MPs (if that) truly support Corbyn, most of the rest can see that Labour under Corbyn is at least almost keeping up with Cons in the polls. It is claimed that under some other, unnamed, leader, Labour would be far far ahead. I wonder. Also, which leader would that be? A moneygrasping careerist Jew like David Miliband? Fathead Chuka? Yvette Cooper-VirtueSignaller?

      Most Labour MPs know that the 7 defectors are all jokes, politically. Luciana Berger was a Jewish woman from the Borshch Belt of South Hertfordshire, and immediately before or at the time of selection as candidate, was having an affair with Sion Simon, the Blairite careerist who, after having to resign as MP after having effectively defrauded the State/people via fake expenses blagged his way into becoming an MEP. Luciana Berger was parachuted into Liverpool. She had not even heard of the song “Ferry Cross the Mersey”! I knew that even though I was born in Berkshire!

      Most Lab MPs, as I said in my blog articles, know what happened to the Labour MPs who moved to the SDP in 1981: all gone by 1987 and all but 6 of the 28 gone by 1983. They will also have noted the political burial of Spanker Danczuk, “his” majority of about 20,000 cut to 800 or so once he was deprived of the Labour label.

      It may be that more Labour MPs join, but I would not count on it. It is true that, if 100 were to jump, the new “party” (if it ever comes into existence) would have immediate credibility, but I think that the 100 or 107 would, at the next general election, be reduced to maybe 20. This project is doomed to fail even if Fathead Chuka does not become the leader.


  2. So the member for Tel Aviv Central (formerly known as Liverpool Wavertree) didn’t even know about that famous hit Ferry Across The Mersey which has been indelibly associated with the city of Liverpool since the 1960’s! Ignorant cow! I was born and brought-up in deepest South Essex and knew that! Her lack of knowledge about the city of Liverpool goes to show that fabled ‘constituency link’ Tories and Labour MPs alike drone on and on about so as to convince the public you can’t have a PR voting system without constituencies (a clear factual inaccuracy as Germany shows) isn’t as important to them as they would like us all to believe!

    I have just watched the Channel Four News item on this subject and I pity the people of Chingford and Woodford Green at the next election! Their present MP is the evil and thick Tory called Ian Dunce Smith who could lose to yes you’ve guessed it YET ANOTHER of Labour’s ‘blacks and browns’ as the Labour Party PPC for his seat was on the programme and looks to be a Muslim Asian! Iain Dumbo-Smiths seat isn’t as safely Tory as it was even ten years ago as the result in 2017 demonstrated. Looks like the Tory Party’s constant pandering to Labour’s electorate of ‘blacks and browns’ isn’t working as well as they hope and Mr Duncan Smith could fall victim to the ethnic encroachment of his seat.

    On a secondary note, I think this rebellion will fizzle out by next week. Let’s face it, Chucky and co hardly compare to the Gang of Four as they at least had an ex Foreign Secretary in Dr David Owen to provide some intellectual gravitas!


    1. Yes to all of that…
      As far as Dunce Duncan Smith is concerned, he personifies much of what is wrong with MPs: proven dishonest both before and while an MP; a literal fraud; a freeloader, an expenses cheat; thick as two short planks; a Conservative Friends of Israel member; a sadist, a hypocrite; and to top it all off, part-Japanese!

      The manner of the Jewish Rebellion (I mean in Labour, not the one Josephus wrote about) shows the irresolute and laughable nature of the rebels: after THREE YEARS trying to prepare it, they take with them 7 MPs out of 248! They have no developed plan beyond “hoping” that other MPs will join them! They have no developed policies beyond kneejerk support for Israel; they must in their hearts know that the next general election will result in probably all 7 going down, together with any Labour MPs that join them. Even if another say 20 Labour MPs do join, which seems very doubtful, and all the (11) LibDems, that still leaves them with fewer than 40 MPs, which would be reduced to half a dozen, probably, within a year or two. I think that few Labour MPs will join them. In the circumstances, only political martyrs would be attracted.

      Also, who will be their leader and figurehead? Fathead Chuka Umunna? Hardy ha ha…Surely not Luciana Berger?! No, this is a futile gesture by MPs whose time in the sun is over.

      As you say, whatever its flaws, the SDP did have a few genuine political minds (objectively, even though I hated most of what they supported): Shirley Williams, David Owen etc. Even Roy Jenkins was not a total washout. Compare the SDP to this bunch of cultureless, freeloading nobodies! The SDP was set up as a proper party from the start, had policies, had people of at least adequate integrity etc. I still opposed it, and it still failed, but that’s Fate. This bunch of idiots are rubbish by comparison.


      1. Having watched ch4 news tonight I am convinced this is nothing but a stunt by pro-Zionist/remainers, an obvious attempt at blackmail -designed to weaken Corbyn! In fact, it makes me wonder if they are so desperate to depose Corbyn that they and “their” backers are prepared to help Labour lose the next general election – in order for Corbyn to be forced to stand down and consequently replace him with another leader “acceptable” to you know who! According to “Ian Austin” this should be a “wake up call” for the leadership. He also claimed two Tories were considering jumping ship, great – that equals nine lol! Krishnan guru-murthy had a good question, when he asked where the “funding” is coming from – crowd-funding said one of the rebels! Sounds fishy to me, a little like Macron’s En Marche party perhaps?


      2. I have seen no “crowdfunding” appeal for this cabal. Another great non-white hope for the defectors? It might work for 5 minutes. Their Twitter account went from nothing to (last time I looked yesterday) 50,000 followers. £5 each = £250,000…I also saw this which puts the new group before Labour in public estimation. I think that that was what happened with the SDP, at first. Later, as my blog posts remind us, the SDP just deflated to nothing. It took only 1-2 years to kill the SDP, though a handful of SDP MPs lasted for another few years.

        The great aim of the Jew-Zionists is to topple Corbyn now. If that means killing Labour’s election chances in the next couple of years, then they say “so what?” Only about 5% of Jews now vote Labour anyway. Most support the misnamed “Conservative” Party.

        If only there existed a credible social-national party, even if only 100-strong! Such a party could triumph a year or three down the line.


  3. “A People that would dwell alone”.
    As you indicated, there are more than the out and outs present in this cabal. Easy instance:
    “Umunna’s mother, Patricia Milmo, a solicitor, is of English-Irish background.[6][8] Umunna’s maternal grandparents were Joan Frances (Morley) and Sir Helenus Milmo QC, a prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials.[9] He is married to Alice Sullivan, an employment lawyer.”

    “Yvette Cooper-VirtueSignaller?” – there was an unsettling session with her chairing(?) the EU Settlement Scheme HoC committee on 15 February screened by BBC Parliament channel. I caught it just as one Nicole Masri, legal officer (immigration and asylum) Rights for Women was hectoring them over rights to stay for all the *male-abused wimmin* whom Brexit threatened with loss of residency (would it were so).

    Another 5 minutes session (all one could stand) with BBC Parliament, this time in the Lords, featured some “baroness” whom I forget (Bull perhaps, appropriately?) hand-wringing over all the cheap labour that lame duck UK businesses might lose post-Brexit and how to keep it here. Not a damn word about society, culture, or theft of benefits like Stated education or NHS coverage fought, bought and paid for by the indigenous population and their parents.

    Womyn in politics/ feminism imo rank third only to media control and a corrupt monetary system in posing an existential threat to the people of this country.


    1. Helenus Milmo was also brought in by MI5 ad hoc to interview suspected spies even after he had returned to practice at the Bar, in the 1950s. Philby was one interviewee.

      There are MPs who just soldier on, trying to help constituents etc. Unfortunately, they are the minority. The corrupt, the freeloaders, the traitors are in the majority.


    1. Yes I saw that. Once again, Rothschild puppet Macron shows that he is completely controlled by the Jew Zionists. I have my own view about what a patriotic Frenchman or Frenchwoman should do about him, but in our “free country” I am forbidden from detailing it.


      1. The thing is Ian, this proposed change is in response to an increase in “alleged” antisemitic incidents including: graffiti on Jewish gravestones, graffiti on a bagel shop and abuse of a “Jewish” philosopher by Yellow vest supporters. Some of these incidents may have occurred, although, given the history of fake attacks by Jewish activists – it does remind me of the cartoon/meme “Hey Rabbi – whatcha doin lol!


      2. Action/Reaction. Some of these incidents may be false flags, some are probably just via idiots and vandals. They all play into the hands of the enemy. Vandalism of Jewish cemeteries? Why? They (the interred) at least cannot do anything hostile!


    2. What an utterly nonsensical thing to do! Anti Zionism shouldn’t be automatically conflated with anti-semitism not least for the fact that a small number of Jews are also anti-Zionist but no doubt the Zionist fanatic ones call groups like Judaism Not Zionism ‘self-hating Jews’!


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