Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead

Well, that’s Theresa May gone. Or not. She may have given up the nominal leadership of the misnamed Conservative Party, but it seems that she will not be leaving the office of Prime Minister until July. Presumably, the hunt for her successor will start immediately.

What have I liked about her time as Prime Minister? Nothing much. In fact nothing.

Theresa May was (if possible) even more in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist lobby than was David Cameron-Levita. She was the same when Home Secretary. Under her, malicious Zionist organizations gained even more influence in the UK. In fact, she could not even make her resignation speech without telling some cheesy anecdote about herself and Nicholas “Winton” (Wertheim), who imported about 700 Jewish children into the UK in 1939.

As for the rest of the content of the Theresa May resignation speech, it seemed to be about some other country, not about the UK at all. In that other country, the economy is apparently buoyant, the people happy and united, the “austerity” “necessary” in the recent past has been banished and everything is wonderful.

I am sure that the millions of British people who are homeless and/or literally (in many cases) starving, who cannot pay inflated rents, let alone think of buying a house (even with a mortgage), who are paid peanuts when working, who are subject to a Kafka-esque regime of callousness and cruelty if unemployed or disabled, would love to live in that other country Theresa May lauded to the skies.

In Theresa May’s speech, no mention was made of the country where the racial stock has been deliberately contaminated, where millions of unwanted immigrants continue to flood in, where nothing now seems to work properly (from road and rail to the NHS, the police, the educational system) and so on.

No mention was made of the country where, under her, as both Home Secretary and Prime Minister, freedom of expression has been restricted even more than it was under David Cameron-Levita, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

This hateful woman has now gone or is about to go, presumably hoping that her political spawn, such as Amber Rudd, will follow in her footsteps.

Well, I have some news for her. She has as good as destroyed the Conservative Party and may well prove to be its last elected Prime Minister. Ah… I knew that, in the end, I would find something good to say about her…



[above, Theresa May with the Israeli Ambassador and his wife. Theresa May, like 80% of Con Party MPs, is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, and is herself suspected of being part-Jewish by origin]




Update, 23 July 2019

Theresa May is likely to resign as Prime Minister tomorrow, 24 July 2019. Her successor is likely to be Boris Johnson, incredibly…

Update, 27 December 2022

Well, three and a half years on, we see that “Boris” Johnson did indeed succeed Theresa May; in turn, Johnson was succeeded briefly by Liz Truss, and now by Rishi Sunak, both the first non-white Prime Minister and the richest (£750M, apparently). Theresa May remains on the backbenches, a critical presence, rather like Edward Heath during the Thatcher era of the 1980s.

20 thoughts on “Ding-Dong, The Witch is Dead”

    1. Yes. As I blogged beforehand, the Con Party faced attack on its vote share from several sides: from Brexit Party as Leave partisans abandoned Con Party to vote for Farage; from LibDems as Remain partisans formerly voting Con voted LibDem this time, and to a lesser extent from Change UK; also, Con Party voters deciding to abstain.

      I have had fun playing around with Electoral Calculus, which has a “user predictor”; interactive.


  1. I am so glad the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ and evil Zionist Lobby doormat has finally gone. Nice touch using that clip from that classic Hollywood film. I was always reminded of that song and the character from the film played by Margaret Hamilton whenever Teresa spoke or appeared in public.

    I wonder who the globalists of the CON Party will choose now? All round buffoon Boris or go for broke by selecting yet another dimwit Tory woman like Amber Dudd? Such a great display of talented contenders for the crown – NOT!

    It looks as if we will either get a REAL Brexit on WTO terms now or, more likely, NO Brexit thanks to Tory incompetence or deviousness.

    The next election could be interesting with many genuine 3 and 4 way marginals though sadly I think Tories and Labour will still win the vast majority of them on low to very low vote shares as that site electoral calculus tends to demonstrate.


    1. Amber Rudd has decided not to stand. Rory Stewart is standing and has subtly (perhaps too subtly) said that Boris Idiot is a lying bastard under whom he will not serve. There seem to be about 12 contenders (5-6 declared officially) so far. Even that ghastly bitch Esther McVey thinks that she has a chance!

      I was intrigued by the report that, if Boris Idiot were to be elected leader by MPs or Con members, a number of Con MPs would *not* support him if Labour moved a no-confidence motion. In that event, Boris would not even be PM for a season, but more like a week or two. “King for a Day”.

      In that event, there would have to be a general election this year, Brexit Party would get at least 10% and possibly a great deal more (25%?), and that would stuff the Conservatives permanently. Boris may be (now…) pro-Leave, but I doubt that many voters would like to see him as PM.

      I suppose that the Con MPs would be more likely to go for Hunt, but he is very pro-Remain. Gove? I cannot see anyone seriously thinking of Penny Mordaunt as a Prime Minister, but things are mad now so who knows? Andrea Leadsom? Too much like the late Theresa May, surely?

      A dark horse might be Sir Graham Brady. A bit of a nonentity, true, but no black marks against him save for terminal dullness in all respects. (he does employ his wife —on his MP expenses— at about £50,000 a year…)


      1. It surely goes to show just what a joke party the CONS are that the blonde airhead from Liverpool/Merseyside and general total nonentity Esther McVey who has somehow managed to slither herself into the safe seat of Tatton (Gideon Osbornes’s former constituency) is allowed by that party be anywhere near being able to run for its leadership. What is it with Tories and stupid/useless women?

        I think Jeremy Hunt is a more likely leader since he does look and sound Prime Ministerial at least most of the time (and so he should since he is an ex pupil of one of Britain’s most elite public schools ie Charterhouse in Surrey) but, as you say, he was a Remainer and despite saying he now supports leave he may not be able to pull off a second contrick in that regard as Teresa May tried to do.

        Perhaps, they will go for a real ‘dark horse’ from the backbenches who the public are unaware of such as Jonny Mercer although I think he supported remain.

        P.S One more thing to say in Jeremy Hunt’s favour is that despite his elitist background, he does come across as fairly normal for a leading Tory.


      2. As you say. Esther McVey is a mystery. Obviously as thick as two short planks, with a weird whining voice and accent, with no ability at all, yet there she sits as a Cabinet minister!

        I had thought Johnny Mercer one of the more honest MPs, until I read that even he is at the trough, making about £100,000 from some fake “consultancy” on top of reasonable pay and generous expenses. He is not very intelligent, I apprehend. Not that a PM has to be a great brain.

        Obviously, I will never support anyone pro-Jew or pro-Muslim or pro-migration invasion. That narrows the field!


      3. Couldn’t believe it when i heard Amber Dudd was supporting Boris! Correct me if i am wrong but didn’t she criticize him heavily last year? Also, she was a Remainer and now is a reluctant Brexiteer – talk about “political” gymnastics! Presumably she thinks she will gain “some” support in her constituency and therefore manage to hold onto her “marginal” seat – god i hope not!


  2. No votes for the not so good ship Tory Party from you then, eh?!! Dominic Raab (part Jew as you have mentioned before) seems to have a real chance but despite having an air of seriousness and a tiny bit of competence (notwithstanding his stupid remarks about the Dover Calais freight route) about him compared to the circus clown Boris I think the public would rabidly tire of him as they are not likely to warm to his less than complementary attitudes towards your average British worker etc ie his book that he co wrote with Priti Patel called Britannia Unchained.

    Looks as if the Tories are buggered if these are truely the best they can muster. In all, a richly deserved punishment from the Gods for despising people like Enoch Powell and not promoting him thus turning away intelligent and capable people with genuinely conservative inclinations like him from even joining the party let alone being an MP or potential party leader for it. A political party gets the MPs and leaders it deserves and the British CONServative Party is a case in point.


    1. I realized at age 20 that the Conservatives will always prefer a rich Jew, Indian, whatever, to a poor British person. Obviously, I might have joined a System party and hidden some of my views for personal preferment, but that is not me and never was me.

      I am aware of that evil booklet co-authored by Raab, Priti Patel, Kwasi Kwarteng, Liz Truss etc. A good example of the “British” MPs’ cadre: one half-Jew, one “African from Eton”, one Indian (who, had it not been for Idi Amin, would now be serving behind the counter of a Kampala grocery store), and then, bringing up the, er, rear, Liz Truss, whose political career was launched by her on her back…

      The Cons are going down….for good, I think.


  3. Hasn’t Liz Truss put herself forward for party leader? She is, like most Tory women, as thick as two short planks. Her ‘bright idea’ for the future is, apparently, to build over the Green Belt (so, watch out, those Tories who still live in some of these nice areas) No, controlling immigration in a really robust manner has never occurred to her as then there would be far less need to build houses! Thick cow! Ann Marie Morris seems to be the only Tory woman MP with a lightbulb on in the top drawer.

    Let us all hope this vile party that has so misused noble and virtuous emotions of British patriotism and occasionally nationalism too to win elections without truely living up to them is now in its final death throws.


    1. I notice that Rory Stewart was also on the “we need to build 2 million houses” kick today on TV. Not if “we” don’t import unwanted millions of immigrants, we don’t!


      1. What an idiot! Yet, on paper at least, he is someone who is supposed to have a reasonable IQ level. He is yet another of those who have received a quality (or supposedly excellent) education at Eton College but has been obviously educated way beyond their natural abilities. Eton College doesn’t half make congenital idiots. First, Cameron, then Boris and now Rory Stewart. I do begin to wonder whether we shouldn’t just institute a blanket ban on anyone from that school being PM or being seriously considered for that job. Where are the latter-day Captain Archibald Maule Ramsey’s of Right Club fame nowdays from that educational icon?


    2. From Thatcher to Cameron with Howerd in between the Tories have pretended to be a patriotic party with a promise to “control” Immigration etc for decades. Who can forget Thatcher’s swamping speech or Cameron and May’s promise to reduce Immigration to the tens of thousands – which later became a target or aspiration! The sooner this party goes the way of the dodo the better!


  4. I think at least a few of the leading Tories don’t have a high regard for Esther Mc Vey’s IQ levels (they KNOW she isn’t too bright) however even though she is dim she is in a cabinet position because she is a Liverpudlian/Merseysider with that awful screeching accent. T he purpose of her being around that cabinet table is to convince the ‘oiks’ and ‘plebs’ that the Tories are for ordinary people (Northerners especially) and aren’t just a party of ex public schoolboys! whose sole purpose is to protect the wealth of the top 20% of the population and more so the top 5 to 1%.


    1. If all that it takes to convince the Northern voters of that is her accent, then more fool them (but I doubt that they are that silly). I doubt that Esther McVey has much chance of winning. She may just be staking a claim (God knows why she thinks herself worthy) to a Cabinet seat.


  5. Bob Matthews, I’ve never voted Labour in my life and I envisage very few circumstances in which I would (perhaps, at a pinch, to beat a Plaid Cymru or SNP candidate if I lived in those parts of the United Kingdom) but I think I would give it more than just a passing consideration if I resided in the Hastings and Rye constituency as Amber Rudd personifies stupid Tory women and just how far the Conservatives have degenerated into being just another globalist and open borders supporting party like the others. In short, it would be highly tempting to tactically vote for Labour to get that 10th rate Lib Dem out of the Commons for good. It was a real shame the dopey mare managed to just about hang on in 2017.


    1. Sorry to butt in. There are of course two or three ways to get Amber Rudd out (correction: two or three *lawful* ways) if you are a Hastings and Rye voter:
      1. If you voted Conservative in 2017, do not do so at the next general election, i.e. abstain; or
      2. Vote Labour, which was only 3 points behind in 2017; or
      3. Vote Brexit Party.
      Amber Rudd’s majority is only 346 votes.


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