The Boris Johnson Cabinet

I start this examination of the new Boris Johnson government by posting part of an interview with Nicholas Soames MP [Con, Mid Sussex]

I have, of course, blogged about Boris Johnson before:

Any brief perusal of my above blogs about Boris Johnson will show that I am unremittingly hostile to him, despite the fact that I have always favoured Brexit (which he also now does, though only or mainly because it suits his narcissistic ambitions). What I want to do in this blog article is to examine those he has chosen to be in and around his Cabinet. I cannot examine every one for reasons of space and length, so I have chosen to focus on a few key players, as well as on the overall thrust of this new Cabinet.

Priti Patel

Thick as two short planks, Priti Patel is now a “British” Cabinet minister, having been saved from spending her life serving customers behind the counter of a Kampala grocery shop by her parents having immigrated to the UK, “several years” before Idi Amin became Ugandan leader in 1971.

Priti Patel is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, and was exposed as being effectively an agent of Israel only 2 years ago. This daughter of Indian immigrants, this Israeli agent, this expenses-freeloader (she “employed” her husband part-time, on expenses, from 2014-2017) and supporter of harsh and cruel policies is now going to rule over British people as Home Secretary.

Hard to believe that an MP, let alone a Cabinet minister, could be as plainly thick as Priti Patel really is, but the fact that she is has been proven time and again. Example:

Esther McVey

A few facts about Esther McVey in government:

Now Minister of State for Housing, not normally a Cabinet post, but it seems that she is either being treated as a member of the Cabinet or is at least attending. It will be recalled that she was partly responsible for implementation of the ghastly “bedroom tax” created by [Conservative Friends of Israel] Iain Dunce Duncan Smith and jew “lord” Freud.

McVey is someone who was willing to accept and promote the attacks on the poor, disabled and unemployed (and the elderly) during her previous time in government. She is also a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. She is yet another one who is as thick as two short planks, her cartoon view of the world being expressed in a Liverpudlian accent almost impossible to understand.

Dominic Raab

Half-Jew, though supposedly not brought up culturally Jewish. Hard-faced careerist. As far as I know, another member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Has visited and worked in Israel/Palestine.

Sajid Javid

A Pakistani, though born in the UK. A very weird individual, who is obsessed by the Jewess known as “the philosopher of selfishness”, Ayn Rand:

Sajid Javid, a member of Conservative Friends of Israel, is so pro-Israel that he even spent his honeymoon there, despite he and his wife both being non-Jewish. As Home Secretary (2018-2019), he made the astonishing assertion that he supports the violent “antifa” thugs [

and he has been seen at Scotland Yard events alongside Jewish Zionist “activists” such as Stephen Silverman of the malicious “Campaign Against Antisemitism” or “CAA” cabal (Silverman being someone who has been exposed in open court as a serial troll and harasser, and who used pseudonyms to disguise his identity while doing that). Silverman and the CAA attempt to influence government and police policy in favour of Zionism and Israel, working with groups such as “UK Lawyers for Israel” etc, the memberships of which often overlap.

Javid, unsurprisingly in view of his background, thinks that mass immigration has benefited the UK!

Javid became a director of Deutsche Bank in 2000, leaving in 2009, by which time that bank had become one of the main “drivers” (causes) of the worldwide banking crisis:

This person, Sajid Javid, is now the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Cabinet minister in charge of government finances, tax, overall financial strategy etc. Very worrying…



Grant Shapps

Jew and member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Exposed in 2012 as having used two pseudonyms in order to basically cheat members of the public by selling them dodgy business and self-improvement courses! He even got into the Palace of Westminster using those false IDs! In fact the Jew has a history of dodgy business dealings, tax dodging and cheating the public.

Now Shapps has been appointed to the Cabinet as Transport Secretary! You really could not make it up. Speaking of transport, when will my train arrive?


This “government” is, in the immortal words of Johnny Mercer MP (applied to Theresa May’s tenure) a “shitshow”. In fact, if the Theresa May government was a “shitshow”, Boris-idiot’s one is going to be a total shitshow!

Mark Spencer

Not a Cabinet minister, but the new Government Chief Whip, who attends Cabinet and is a key figure, especially in a government with no majority and even with Democratic Unionist Party [DUP] support only a majority of 3 or 4, which will probably soon be 1 or 2, depending on the result of the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and whether Charlie Elphicke MP [Con, Dover] is allowed to remain on bail (and so vote in the Commons), having been charged with three sexual assaults against two women:

The Guardian journalist and Chief Political Correspondent, Jessica Elgot (a Jewish Zionist who, if memory serves, blocked me on Twitter before I was expelled), has penned this cheerful piece about Spencer:

Jessica Elgot’s Guardian piece somehow neglects to mention that “Spencer attracted criticism in early 2015 after suggesting that a man with learning difficulties who had been left without food or power after being sanctioned for arriving four minutes late at the benefit office should “learn the discipline of timekeeping“” [Wikipedia]; or that

In January 2016, Spencer was one of 72 MPs who voted down an amendment in Parliament on rental homes being “fit for human habitation” who were themselves landlords who derived an income from a property.” [Wikipedia]

In other words, Mark Spencer is a hard-faced bully type, as well as being a parasite landlord. What a horrible bastard.

I wonder whether new Chief Whip, Mark Spencer MP, is also a member of Conservative Friends of Israel? IMO, odds-on…

The immediate reaction about the new government from John Rentoul

My View

This is a disaster of a Cabinet, a disaster of a government, led by a part-Jew public entertainer who probably should never have been even a backbench MP, certainly never have become even a junior minister, let alone a Cabinet minister. That such a person is now Prime Minister of the UK, and leader of one of the two main System parties, is an indictment of that same political system. The political and electoral systems are broken. The House of Commons is full of trash.

What else? Well, as we have seen, all those examined (including Boris-idiot) are Conservative Friends of Israel, with at least one (I think maybe three) being in effect Israeli agent(s) of influence (if not more). The same will be true of the rest of the Cabinet.

This is not only the most pro-Jewish Lobby, pro-Israel Cabinet ever, but the least truly British (in any real sense; yes, they have British passports; actually, some have or had others, like Boris-idiot, who actually was a US citizen with a US passport until quite recently!); Sajid Javid— Pakistani; Dominic Raab— part-Jew, Priti Patel— Indian.

Even The Times of Israel impliedly agrees!

and the Jewish Chronicle!

*and look at this:

Johnson’s maternal great-grandfather was a Russian Jewish immigrant named Elias Avery Lowe.” [Breaking Israel News]

““I feel Jewish when I feel the Jewish people are threatened or under attack, that’s when it sort of comes out. When I suddenly get a whiff of antisemitism, it’s then that you feel angry and protective.” [Boris Johnson]

In addition to his Jewish ancestry, Johnson has even stronger ties to Israel through his Jewish stepmother, Jennifer Kidd Johnson, who married his father Stanley in 1981. 

In 1984, Johnson, age 20, and his sister Rachel spent six weeks in Israel, volunteering on Kibbutz Kfar Hanasi, approximately 22 miles north of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. 

The visit was coordinated by Michael Comay, a career Israeli diplomat and close family friend of Johnson’s stepmother. Comay and his wife Joan connected the Johnson siblings with the overseas volunteer program at Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi.” [Breaking Israel News]

Several of those appointed to Cabinet, including Raab, Priti Patel and Liz Truss, were co-authors of the notorious booklet Britannia Unchained, their credo being unrestrained finance capitalism and the British people as slaves to usurers and employers:


  • “Britain needs to adopt a far-reaching form of free market economics, with fewer employment laws”;
  • “The British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music.” [Wikipedia]

Well, I agree about the football and pop music etc, but the rest postulates as an ideal a dystopian economic slave-society (is that surprising, when you see that the booklet was written mostly by those from non-British, non-European backgrounds, societies where slavery and serfdom are still ubiquitous: India, Pakistan etc?)

What now?

So unfree is the UK already, that if I were to print what I really believe should be done to remove this government of evil, I should probably have the police at my door.

In terms of what might happen politically or electorally to remove this unelected System dictatorship led by Boris-idiot, it is a grace from God that its Commons majority is almost non-existent even with its bought (by Theresa May) DUP support. Soon it will have no majority in the Commons even with those bought DUP votes.

The Brexit dilemma is the first matter. It is suggested that Boris-idiot will try to leave the EU either without agreement with the EU, or with an agreement not much different than that Theresa May agreed, but which was rejected by the Commons. The probability must be that the same will happen again. If so, Johnson will before long face a no-confidence vote, which probably but not necessarily will lead to a general election. Johnson thinks that he can win such an election. Not if Brexit Party stands 650 candidates as promised. Brexit Party may sink the Conservative Party even if it itself fails to win a single seat.

On the other hand, if Boris Johnson makes an electoral pact with Nigel Farage, eg guaranteeing Brexit Party a free run in say 50 seats in return for the reverse in the remaining 600, that is a gamble which threatens to destroy the Conservative party as a main national party contesting all seats. It also risks creating a far more powerful because far more credible Brexit Party.

What if Johnson in effect caves in, accepting a poor “deal” with the EU (assuming that the Commons approve it)? That would be the end of Johnson as Prime Minister even if he were able to cling on for a while. At the next general election, he would probably lose his own seat, as would 100 or even 200 of his MPs.

What about other matters unconnected directly with Brexit? The Conservative majority is now effectively gone already, with quite a few anti-Boris MPs likely to abstain on critical votes. This “government” scarcely has the strength to be called “lame duck”.

It is worth noting that the Conservative Party has not managed to win a really substantial majority at a general election since the 1980s, though in 1992 and 2015 it had enough MPs to rule (leaving aside Brexit) without serious interruption (which is why Mrs May’s decision to hold a snap election in 2017 was such a great error).

In the end, Britain needs social nationalism. This weak and stupid government of aliens is the opposite, a would-be tyranny of non-Brits, non-Europeans, and pro-Israel dystopians. It is evil and must go.

and still the show goes on


[above, Boris-idiot with some (full) Jews, including notorious paedophile, now deceased, Greville Janner]


[above, Boris-idiot, one of whose great-grandfathers was an Orthodox Jew rabbi in Lithuania, puts on his “ancestral” skull-cap at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Looks now as if Jehovah granted his wish! Still, be careful what you wish for…]

Notes and updates

Update, 27 July 2019

I was musing on exactly why Boris-idiot has appointed so many of what Ronnie Reagan might have described as “misfits, looney tunes and squalid criminals” to his Cabinet. Yes, they are mostly Leave supporters; yes, they are mostly those who supported Johnson in the Conservative Party leadership contest; but I think that there is another reason.

In my view, Boris-idiot was limited in his choice because so many potential ministers and Cabinet ministers simply would not and will not serve under Johnson. In fact many who served under Theresa May did not wait to see whether they might be reappointed or given other jobs. They ruled themselves out.

There are two or three aspects to this:

  • Many MPs and most former ministers despise Boris-idiot and simply cannot see him as a real Prime Minister of this country. They know that he was out of his depth as Foreign Secretary and that he is even more out of his depth as Prime Minister;
  • MPs mostly know very well that this government of crazies cannot last long, firstly because of its crazy and/or plain thick Cabinet ministers. When it falls, they do not want to be contaminated by association with it;
  • also, this government cannot last long because the Parliamentary arithmetic scarcely adds up even now. Once the Brecon and Radnorshire seat is lost (1 August 2019, this coming Thursday) and if Charlie Elphicke is convicted, later this year or early next year, of the sexual assault of two different women, the Government will have no majority at all, even with the DUP support bought by Theresa May. There is every chance that this government will be gone by Christmas. When that happens, the Conservative Party will probably either lose to Labour (i.e. get fewer seats), or at any rate get fewer seats than it now has. Either way, Boris will be gone as Prime Minister, his ignominious parody PM act having lasted only a few months.

Look at those who are now in Cabinet and in other ministerial posts! I have blogged already about some: Priti Patel as Home Secretary! This is a bad dream! Sajid Javid; Esther McVey!…; Grant Shapps…; Dominic Raab; Liz Truss (!); GAVIN WILLIAMSON…WHAT?!…the idiot who plays with his pet spider and wanted our troops to face the Russian Armed Forces with guns mounted on tractors or in the back of furniture lorries!…; even bloody Nadine Dorries is a minister of state now! Nadine Dorries, who was one of the biggest expenses freeloaders in the Commons, “employing” her recently-graduated daughters at the highest pay level permitted [in 2019, that level is £50,000 p.a.], and allowing one of them at least to occupy the taxpayer-funded flat in Central London meant to be for the MP’s own use, whereas Nadine Dorries actually commuted back daily to Bedfordshire (by rail, First Class, and of course again on expenses)! She also got all three (herself + 2 daughters) expensive new laptops and telephones etc on expenses! This is like a TV sketch writer’s joke!

I have little doubt that, just as his shambolic term as Mayor of London spawned the political comedy show The Thick of It, Boris Johnson’s term as Prime Minister will generate another political sit-com. The British people may not see the joke.

Well, enough for today, but anyone who saw Boris-idiot making promises of rail lines in Northern England when he was speaking in Manchester today saw a person well out of his depth, putting on a “prime ministerial” act and failing to raise to even a decent am-dram level. As a speaker, Johnson is poor (though his ad-lib humorous style might be OK for after-dinner speechifying). Content? Very poor. Delivery? Amateur and unconvincing.

Finally, one must ask why so many Conservative MPs voted for this clown to be their leader. I think that the answer is that most of the other candidates were also very poor, and even the few with potential to do the job of PM (leaving aside my firm ideological opposition to them) had impediments, such as that they were Remain supporters (eg Rory Stewart) or unconvincing recent Leave convertees (Jeremy Hunt and maybe Stewart), or with a negative public image (Michael Gove, a one-time cocaine abuser, as well as a flagrant expenses cheat in the 2005-2010 Parliament and possibly later).

The vote for Johnson, by most Conservative MPs, was a gamble, the gamble that the public entertainer and bullshitter can “reach the voters other MPs cannot reach”. I think that the Conservative Party is about to lose its shirt.

Update, 28 September 2019

Michael Gove, seen intoxicated through drink or drugs in the Chamber of the House of Commons recently! This is becoming just bizarre! (ignore the silly “Nazi newspapers” comment by the tweeter. “Nazi newspapers”? If only…!)

Update, 6 June 2021

Noticing that very many people from across the world have recently been hitting this mid-2019 blog post, I have decided that I should update it.

Well, since my article was posted, much water under bridge. My analysis, though correct in itself, was blown out of the water when political snake-oil salesman Nigel Farage stabbed his own party in the back during the 2019 General Election campaign by standing down most Brexit Party candidates, and thus gifting to “Boris” an apparent “landslide” victory and, as a consequence, an 80-seat House of Commons. Farage’s action has, as an extra consequence, probably finished off the Labour Party.

As to Brexit Party itself, Farage closed it down, having effectively killed it. He then started another party, “Reform Party”, which he then abandoned to its miserable fate. Farage is now to be seen promoting investment ideas online. Politically washed up (but wealthy…).

Some other matters have changed since I wrote the main post.

Charlie Elphicke [] tood down as MP, was convicted and (in September 2020) imprisoned for 2 years. Arguably harsh for his very inept and minor sexual assaults. He will be released soon, after he has served 1 year. His now ex-wife was selected as candidate to replace him in 2019, and is now the MP in his place.

Both Sajid Javid and Esther McVey have left government but remain as MPs.

49 thoughts on “The Boris Johnson Cabinet”

  1. I predicted Javid as Chancellor last week on a reply to another article you posted – still shocked though! I was also shocked that Amber Rudd kept her job, especially after supporting first “Team Saj” and then Hunt! I was really hoping to see the back of her! Just seen news night and there are rumours of a possible election either before Oct 31 or just after – god i hope so! Btw, did you see the clown in the Commons today and his talk of a Golden Age? Talk about laughable!


    1. I read of it. God! If Theresa May’s government was a “shitshow” (as Johnny Mercer MP rightly called it) then what is this? The Shitshow of the Century? Also, the most Jewish government outside Israel! This will not end well. These idiots HAVE to be removed, any way.


    2. The Chimp from London Zoo is barely able to tie his own shoelaces together without needing assistance as several people from his days of being Stab City On The Thames’s Mayor can readily confirm so to think he can bring about a new Golden Age is stretching credence to well beyond breaking point.

      The media in this country should hang their heads in shame for all eternity for helping so much to bring this Yankee and general scumbag poodle to power.


      1. I have just looked at that story – what are the odds? As for the story it typifies Broken Britain, although she may be part of a minority who breaks the cycle of antisocial behavior and crime they are involved in!


  2. I am unsure about whether God exists or not but if he does will he PLEASE come to the aid of this country soon and remove this wretched ‘zombie ‘government’ of aliens, weirdos and general never do well misfits from office.

    I haven’t been following the news about The Clown shuffling his pack of duds since I have no need to feel violently sick so I am left wondering whether Jeremy Hunt was sacked or just didn’t want to serve in The Oaf’s administration.

    I can well understand if Jeremy just walked away since why would he want to be associated with the almighty stench of excrement coming from No.10? He is one of the very few leading Tories with a few functioning brain cells to rub together and no doubt wouldn’t want to be associated with the inevitable failure of the foreign-born moron at No. 10.

    Many people probably think ONLY Europhiles despise the self-serving thick wanker that is Johnson but many other people do too including Eurosceptics:

    Please, God, if you do exist help our great country of Britain to get rid of the vile Israel First/USA First pestilence and STAIN upon our land that is Boris Johnson SOON!


    1. Isn’t the ‘party of law and order’ meant to be in power? in the past, the Tories always said to the electorate this was one of the main reasons they existed as a party. They have dropped this claim or, at least, ceased to state it in public. Why? Is it because they think saying this might make people think they are ‘dangerously ‘Right-wing’? They really do need to stop constantly grovelling to Guardian readers. Liberal-left globalists will NEVER vote Tory in any appreciable numbers. After all, look at the huge number of options these newspaper readers have ie Labour, Lib Dem, Green, SNP, Plaid Cymru or just plain abstention.


    1. Apparently, according to globalist lefties, ‘racists’ are all thick. How comes then that the blessed and great one that was John Enoch Powell won a double First from Cambridge and learnt several languages including hard ones like Welsh, modern Greek and Portuguese?

      Hardly someone lacking in an IQ level, is it?

      Meanwhile, today’s Tory MPs often struggle to put together a coherent sentence in their own language and are promoted to Cabinet level!


      1. The idea that social nationalists are “knuckledraggers” etc is, again, largely a creation of the Jew. I prefer not to do a “Boris” (blowing my own trumpet) but by way of illustration, my IQ was once tested at 156, I have a degree (law) and post-grad professional quals in two countries: Bar of England and Wales (until the Jews had me disbarred for political reasons in 2016) and Bar of the State of New York. Hitler himself was highly intelligent, if it comes to that.


    2. This present Cabinet of malicious and nasty idiots really scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

      I had not heard of Drummond Wolff, but I see that he was part-Jew (which I would have known not only from “Wolff” but from his features and physiognomy).

      Captain Ramsay was a hero. BTW, you published an incorrect link.

      I cannot believe that conman with two (at least) false names, Grant Shapps, is in the Cabinet! How low can Boris-idiot stoop?


  3. Grant Shapps is an odious creep by any reasonable measure. Isn’t he connected to that sinister Jew Zionist group called B’nai B’rith?

    My, my how the Conservative Party has fallen:

    I bet that portrait of the true Tory PM Neville Chamberlain on the staircase wall of No.10 is turning up it’s nose and recoiling in disgust at the foul smell of excrement emanating from Boris’s Cabinet room.

    Perhaps, it might not be such a national disaster to have alleged ‘anti-semite’ Jeremy Corbyn in No 10, after all?

    Boris’s government may as well be situated in Tel Aviv rather than London.🤬😡🤬


    1. Seeing as Boris has so obviously constructed his gormless cabinet by playing a game of PC Bingo what I want to know is where the Tory LGBT MPs fit in. Are British gay men and lesbian women still viewed in terms George Orwell (famous author of Animal Farm) would recognise ie some minorities are more equal than others?

      Still, Boris did refer to gay men as, “tank-topped bum boys” Why is there still a hierarchy of PC in the Conservative Party still?


      1. Maybe because gays vote across the spectrum, whereas the black, brown, Jew, Chinese vote is more concentrated? Certainly the blacks and browns tend to vote Labour, the blacks and Pakistanis 90%+. In fact, without the blacks and browns, Labour would now struggle to have even 100 MPs.


    2. The last five governments have been ZOG, Zionist Occupation Governments, each more blatant than its predecessor: Blair’s, Browns, Cameron-Levita’s, May’s, now Boris-Idiot’s.

      The fear must be that the deluded Conservative voters and enough floating voters and/or Farage-ist voters will vote Con in the next and probably soon general election. Then elected dictatorship will really exist and all bets are off: the social contract will finally be blasted out of existence and ANY methods will be justifiable to remove the tyrants.

      ps: yes, Grant Shapps was head of the “youth wing” of the B’nai Brith cabal in the UK.


  4. The Clown’s new government is bursting with sheer talent: Our new Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, hasn’t forgotten his half-Red Sea Pedestrian roots by telling the Brexit Committee today that he doesn’t want to see a custom’s border, “down the Red Sea”.

    What a wonderful time to be alive! A new Tory government that is even more incompetent than Teresa Maybe’s one was!


    1. Looks like one of the few leading Tories to have any real competence ie Jeremy Hunt is being missed already and in a ministry that is so vitally important for Britain’s interests at the best of times and especially with regard to Brexit.

      Still, Dominic Raab, did say previously he didn’t think a huge amount of British-EU trade went through the Dover-Calais route so we shouldn’t be too surprised at his comments today!


      1. and it looks as though Boris-idiot is thinking twice about calling any general election quickly. I wonder, though. 1. No-one can rely on anything that psychopath says; 2. Soon, the Con Party and DUP together will have no majority at all.

        In that regard, did you notice the latest Wales Online poll? LibDems only marginally ahead of Brexit Party at Brecon and Radnorshire.

        Seems that Conservative voters are switching to Brexit Party there, in view of the fact that the old Con MP is somewhat tarnished and has no real chance now. So tactical voting *against* LibDem (and Labour, but Lab are trailing on about 10%).

        The Brexit Party may be in with a real chance now at Brecon. If they do win, they get a boost two ways: as a credible voter choice in other elections and as a blackmail tool against Boris-idiot and the Cons in any general election.


  5. The Clown isn’t confident of winning a general election as he has categorically ruled-out a general election before Brexit happens. What makes him so bullish about the chances of winning a confidence vote before such an eventuality happens since the Tory position in the House of Commons is so precarious already and looks likely to become even more so by this time next week?


    1. I agree. Anyway, if Boris-idiot says something, he says it. He does not say anything that can be relied upon by anyone, whether MPs, ministers, journalists, voters, wives, or for that matter stray women. His psychopathic traits are patent.

      This is a “government” which is hanging by a thread. Once Brecon goes, esp. if the LibDems win, but in whatever case, then Con + DUP have only 1 vote majority by my reckoning, though I have seen 2.

      The Dover MP, Elphicke, if he goes down and the seat reverts to Labour (or goes Brexit Party) will deprive Boris-idiot of a further and perhaps his last vote. After all, if an MP is worth 1 vote, his absence deprives the govt of that vote, but if that MP is replaced by a hostile MP, then the government is effectively 2 votes down. Dover is a bellwether seat. Was Labour until 2010.

      Brexit Party might just take Dover, with a fair wind. UKIP got over 10,000 votes in 2015 (20.3%, 3rd placed). Brexit Party could certainly make Con Party lose to Labour and might manage to squeak in if Elphicke is disgraced.

      I suppose that Elphicke MP will not be tried until late this year or even early next year, if in the Crown Court, though he is at present going to appear next on 6 September in the mags. The news reports never give important information now, so I do not know whether that appearance will be for trial or just directions or whatever .

      The offence is triable either way. I would expect Elphicke to elect jury trial, but there is a factor here: in the Crown Court, the max penalty for sexual assault as such is 10 years, whereas in the mags it is 1 year for two or more offences (or 6 months for one offence, but Elphicke is up for three offences against two different women). I suppose that he might be acquitted of two of the counts, leaving only one, and so even if found guilty might escape with a non-custodial sentence and so not be removed as MP (which requires a prison sentence of over 12 months). In the mags, a guilty defendant will get 0-12 months, but in the Crown Court probably longer than 12 months. An incentive for Elphicke to elect mags trial. Of course, even if found guilty, and not imprisoned for over 12 months, he could still be removed by petition (as in the Fiona Onasanya case), but that takes months, during which time he not only gets pay + exps, but the *govt* gets his *vote* in the Commons…


  6. Immigration? Surprise!

    “Boris Johnson has confirmed he is scrapping the Conservative Party’s long-standing pledge to reduce net immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands”

    pub. 18 August 2018 – and 41 views! sic.
    – gives some mind-blowing stats on UK population increase 2001-2016.

    Government’s cognitive dissonance highlighted when next turning to this Consultation:

    – mass immigration and pressure on water sources and other services? Piffle! Completely unrelated!

    One of the first stages threatening the loss of a (sub-)species is habitat encroachment by competitors. The next is reduced reproduction rates and miscegenation. Those who facilitate the conditions for these circumstances to arise know this full well.


    1. A million more inhabitants every 3 years?! The UK (England, mainly) is doomed. That’s before you even look at *who* is coming in.

      Look at this: bloody “Roma” (Gypsy), which the newspaper is afraid to print, so they substitute “Slovakian” because of his passport. I feel sorry for real Slovaks, Czechs, Romanians, Bulgarians etc, who so often get the flak brought down on them by the behaviour of (99% of the time) “Roma” gypsies.


      1. Did you see ITV news at ten last night? There was a piece about the “heatwave” and it’s effect on travel etc and featured an extended “Indian” family from Cambridge featuring no less than 62 members! Talk about population replacement!


      2. No, I did not see that. Typical of the times, though. The formerly typical English village (actually consisting of English people) does exist still, but the English town is a rara avis now; as for the English city, that does not exist in its unmixed form.


    2. FYI. This, below, was sent to me via “social media” and is about the Swedish dystopia:

      @ianrmillard this was the Gab post (just another thing about the Swedes)”

      “I was an exchange student in Sweden a few years back. It was weird, creepy and depressing. There was an ever present ambience of fear in the people. A cult like monoculture of political correctness and complete cognitive dissidence. Cars burning, gang shootings, skyrocketing rape, robbery etc etc etc. This stuff was almost unheard of 20 years ago there. I am ethnically Asian (chopsticks rice… you know a real Asian) that’s why I wanted to see the Nordic culture while I was working on my thesis. I quickly found out that there is more Nordic culture in Minnesota then in Sweden. All I saw were hijabs, kabab kiosks and menacing gangs of MENA kids/dudes roaming the streets. The creepiest part was how the ethnic swedes were reacting to the shitstorm around them. Swedes would talk about anything except for what was relevant. Of course I got called a racist for asking questions. Yeah me the Asian guy who’s married to a Jewish girl with mixed kids. Okay so what’s important in Sweden? Glad you asked: Putting guys in prison for not having a WRITTEN CONSENT when they change sexual positions with ie their wife during sex… I shit you not! Please look it up! How about firing dudes for refusing to wear a pussy hats at work or putting a 75 year old woman in prison for speaking her mind about immigrants sexually assaulting her. Oh yeah let’s not forget about the 91 year old man who got convicted too. Swedish media is so monolithic, controlled and polarized that it make Vox look unbiased. My whole Sweden experience can be summed up as a fucked up Stephen King movie where it is never day or night. Just a somber Kafkaesque fog of melancholy and fear emanating from the walking dead as they lumber around in cold rainy darkness. So depressing. BUT WHY!?”


      1. I doubt that!

        The ring held by one Joy Behar (same surname as “George Blake’s” original surname), supposedly of Italian origin but twice married, both times to Jews.

        Also there, a “black” (part-black) woman who insists, absurdly, that she faces “discrimination” in the USA! Oh, yes, that must be why she is a “lawyer, columnist, multi-platform progressive journalist, and a social commentator” and “is the Senior Legal Correspondent and Analyst for ABC News as well as a co-host on ABC’s morning talk show The View.” [Wikipedia].

        “Hostin was born in New York City to a Puerto Rican mother, Rosa Beza, and an African-American father, William Cummings. Her maternal grandfather was of *Sephardic Jewish* descent. Hostin was raised in the Bronx, New York City, attended the all-girls Dominican Academy, and is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish.” [Wikipedia]

        “Hostin began her career as a law clerk to retired Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals Robert M. Bell. She later became a trial attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. Hostin left the Antitrust Division to become a federal prosecutor, specializing in child sex crimes. Hostin was awarded a Special Achievement Award for her successful prosecution of sex offenders.[4] Hostin was also a Managing Director of Business Intelligence and Investigations at Kroll, the world’s leading risk-consulting company.” [Wikipedia]

        Right…she really has known hardship and discrimination…what scheiss!

        “Publications that have profiled, featured and quoted her include Forbes Woman, Uptown Magazine, Essence, The New York Post,, Latina, and Ebony”;

        “Hostin lives with her husband and two children in Westchester County, New York.”

        What terrible hardship! A lawyer, TV talking head, journalist, columnist etc, who lives with her husband, a surgeon, in Westchester!

        All propaganda wallpaper.


    1. Thank you. Very good. If only more people, and especially the often deluded or brainwashed young, were aware of those facts. Leon Degrelle was a very fine fellow.


  7. Boris shouldn’t be anywhere near No.10 ( how we got to have this Oaf in there will be something future historians will rack their brains over) nor should he be in cabinet ideally and certainly not holding the more important positions.. The only suitable role I can think for him would be Conservative Party chairman where he could use his undoubted comedic skills and clownish antics to great effect and help to put party activists in a good and optimistic mood. Mind you, the important organisational role the party chairman has would probably be beyond him.



    1. Wasn’t Benny Hill a staunch Tory voter when he was alive? If he was still with us today I am sure he would be delighted the Conservatives had paid him such a compliment by having Boris as party leader and PM!😂😀😜😝😂😂😂😎


      1. Ha. That must have been Boris-idiot’s derivation of that salute and thumbs-up stance. Benny Hill’s silly harmless fun is regarded as somehow terrible (like the Black and White Minstrels) today. Yet the same people think that “Love Island” (which I have not actually seen but which seems to be a real life version of the 1970s Play for Today called The Year of The Sex Olympics) is fine…

        ps: read this Wikipedia piece. Isn’t the society described very similar to what we have now (not just UK though. USA etc too):



      It seems as if Boris isn’t as popular as many Tories think:

      View this post on Instagram

      Drive to work this morning

      A post shared by Dring (@madeleine___________________) on

      I can’t remember that being done for any PM and there have been other instances of this kind of graffiti being done in Bude, Cornwall in a Tory-held constituency. It looks like calling an early election could well be pretty perilous.


      1. I do not think that that is Bude. I have been there a number of times (I once lived at Polapit Tamar House, nr. Launceston, which btw is in the same constituency, North Cornwall). Bude does not (or did not) have any road like that. Even the so-called Atlantic Highway is only a two lane highway. I cannot identify the place in that photo, but it could be near Exeter. Not sure.

        I have just blogged about whether the Conservatives can “win” a general election at present. I think not, if by “win” is meant secure an overall majority. My guess is hung Parliament. I did think that Labour would be the largest party; not so sure about that now.


  8. Yes, the graffiti in the picture isn’t in Bude. I don’t know where it is. I got the picture from Instagram explore locations uk House of Commons. My sentence construction isn’t the best it could have been in that reply and so my meaning isn’t clear.

    The Clown has made what looks to be one right appointment to his Cabinet in that we now have a man again at the Ministry of Defence: Ben Wallace is the new Secretary of State for Defence. Call me a bit old-fashioned, non-PC or even a male chauvinist pig if you want to but I think there is something a bit unnatural having a female in charge of our country’s armed forces. Ben Wallace has also had deep involvement with the armed forces being a former army officer so that is excellent. His predecessor, Penny Mordaunt, had some military experience as well but not as much.



    1. I do not know much about Ben Wallace, though I know that he was a Regular army officer for a number of years. He looks a sinister type, but I concede that that is only my impression (and my wife claims that people are scared of me if they do not know me, because when I am thinking, I am scowling —she says— though I disagree and think that I look and seem affable).


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