The Jew Epstein and Prince Andrew: The British Royal Family Has Another Scandal — Maybe It’s Time To Just Get Rid Of Them…


Finally the boil has burst:

The Jew paedophile, sex predator, rapist etc Jeffrey Epstein has committed suicide, it is claimed. The circumstances seem mysterious, as when that other Jew disgrace, “Robert Maxwell”, supposedly fell off or jumped off or was pushed off his motor yacht in the region of the Canary Islands.

The Jew Epstein has been in the firing line (not literally, as he should have been) for years:

The Press is now having a field day:

When “Robert Maxwell” died, his daughter, Ghislaine, who was completely mixed up with Epstein for decades (from age 29 or 30; she is now 57), said that she believed her father to have been murdered. Now Epstein’s death also raises questions. He too was mixed up with some of the most famous and/or powerful figures in the US and UK: Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew…

Robert Maxwell was thought to be a (perhaps the) major MOSSAD operative in Europe. Now we see that his daughter was intimate or at least friendly with many of the world’s powerful and uber-wealthy. That does not mean that she was operating or partly operating on behalf of the Israeli state or the world Zionist conspiracy, but it does raise questions.

One has to ask why Ghislaine Maxwell has not (at least not yet) been arrested either in the UK or USA. Apparently, some of the young girls abused by the Jew Epstein used to refer to the Jewess “Maxwell” as “the Madam”. Say no more…

So why no action against her? Is this the Jew-Zionist lobby working behind the scenes of our “democracy” again?

Prince Andrew

As far as I am concerned, Prince Andrew is a useless fellow, a complete waste of space. People always say “but he fought in the Falklands!”, as if a few weeks in action (in fact merely observing; he was never under direct fire) gave the prince a free ride for life (his birth already gave him that, I suppose). Admittedly, Andrew did serve for a number of years as Lieutenant, but his service is said to have been generally underwhelming. On retirement from the Royal Navy, he was given the rank of Honorary Captain, rather than promoted as substantive Captain. In 2015, Andrew was made Honorary Vice-Admiral (I have no idea whether he gets a toy battleship to go with that).

Typical British cap-doffing, always bending over backwards to show deference to “royalty”, is still endemic in the UK. People less enamoured of the royals have commented that the Press and royal PR people have also rather (in the vulgar phrase of today) “bigged-up” the WW2 service of Andrew’s father, Philip [see Notes, below]. He has lived off the public weal and his wife’s money for 70 years!

Prince Philip and that clan may not be actual lizards (as David Icke is said to have once claimed), but looking at Philip, I can see from where the idea might have originated…

This morning, I saw an account by Sky News about the Epstein scandal that somehow contrived to avoid the use of the words “Prince Andrew”! Incredible. Needless to say, the facts that Epstein was a Jew and Ghislaine Maxwell is a half-Jewess are also absent from all TV and Press reports. (and yes, many British people, in particular, are so naive that they might not realize).

Andrew, of course, married “Fergie”, with all the consequent scandal that entailed. Now, he is or was involved with a very wealthy woman called Goga Ashkenazi, born in Kazakhstan, and who is part-Jew, part-Muslim.

Andrew finished his official time with the Royal Navy in 2001 at the age of 40, since when he has played golf, flown around the world on rather easy “missions” for charity or government (more or less freeloading, hence his nickname of “air miles Andy”) and enjoyed himself.

The Duke of York receives a £249,000 annuity from the Queen.[68] The Sunday Times reported in July 2008 that for “the Duke of York’s public role,… he last year received £436,000 to cover his expenses.”[69] On 8 March 2011, The Daily Telegraph reported: “In 2010, the Prince spent £620,000 as a trade envoy, including £154,000 on hotels, food and hospitality and £465,000 on travel.” [Wikipedia]. “Not a bad little earner”…

“Earlier in 2010, it was revealed that the Kazakhstan President’s billionaire son-in-law Timur Kulibayev paid the Duke of York’s representatives £15 million – £3 million over the asking price – via offshore companies, for the Duke’s Surrey mansion, Sunninghill Park. Kulibayev frequently appears in US dispatches as one of the men who have accumulated millions in gas-rich Kazakhstan.[100]

In May 2012, it was reported that Swiss and Italian police investigating “a network of personal and business relationships” allegedly used for “international corruption” were looking at the activities of Enviro Pacific Investments which charges “multi-million pound fees” to energy companies wishing to deal with Kazakhstan.[101] The trust is believed to have paid £6 million towards the purchase of Sunninghill which now appears derelict.[101] In response, a Palace spokesman said “This was a private sale between two trusts. There was never any impropriety on the part of The Duke of York”.[101]

Libby Purves wrote in The Times in January 2015: “Prince Andrew dazzles easily when confronted with immense wealth and apparent power. He has fallen for ‘friendships’ with bad, corrupt and clever men, not only in the US but in Libya, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, wherever.”

In May 2016, a fresh controversy broke out when the Daily Mail alleged that the Duke had brokered a deal to assist a Greek and Swiss consortium secure a £385 million contract to build water and sewerage networks in two of Kazakhstan’s largest cities, while working as British trade envoy, and had stood to gain a £4 million payment in commission.[102] The newspaper published an email from the Duke to Kazakh oligarch Kenges Rakishev, (who had allegedly brokered sale of the Prince’s Berkshire mansion Sunninghill Park), and claimed that Rakishev had arranged meetings for the consortium. After initially claiming the email was a forgery, Buckingham Palace sought to block its publication as a privacy breach.[103] The Palace strongly denied the allegation that the Duke had acted as a “fixer” calling the article “untrue, defamatory and a breach of the editor’s code of conduct.” [Wikipedia]

This is, however, not meant to be an attack on Prince Andrew, however well-merited. Let’s look at a few others in the useless rabble that now constitutes the “royals”.

Prince Charles

I once met the Prince of Wales, at the official Residence of H.M. Ambassador in the capital city of a foreign country “East of Suez”. There were about 30 people at the reception, though I myself knew only a couple of the guests and a few of the diplomats (including the ambassador). HRH moved through the groups of informally arranged guests, saying hello to almost everyone and speaking with a few favoured people, of which I was one (my time with him probably lasted all of three minutes, though having drunk about a bottle of red wine, I cannot be sure!).

My impressions? Shorter than I expected from having seen photographs and TV news footage for much of my life. I was somewhat taller than him. I was also surprised to see that he was almost bald in places, especially the top of his head (which I could look down on as he turned away). As to personality, I should say pleasant, slightly mocking or humorous (he made a joke about the city and country, which was unexpected). Not someone difficult or rude.

I can support some of what Charles does for animal welfare and the environment, though some of the lustre rubs off when one thinks of his “sporting” slaughter of birds, foxes and other creatures (I let him off as regards salmon and trout!).

Charles has made (with expert help of course) a big success of the Duchy Originals brand, and has in general advanced the cause of organic agriculture. I do think that he in general means well, but his self-pity and preciousness (retailed in various newspaper anecdotes) does make him hard to much like as far as the public is concerned (and that is leaving aside the whole Diana and Camilla saga).

Prince Edward

What can one say? I suppose that the, er, fag-end of a royal house always has a few “princes” of this sort. After dropping out of the Royal Marines fairly quickly, Edward decided, as Wikipedia puts it “on a career in entertainment”. A royal prince playing the theatre manager? Unglaublich… He married a public relations woman and they, apparently, have had two children together.

Princess Anne

Someone who seems to have all the charm of her father. Nuff said. In fact, I have over the years heard some inside track, but I prefer to leave that out of this article (not least because some sources, though thought reliable, may not be).

 The lesser royals

Up for hire. What more need one say?

Does the Royal Family have Jewish admixture?

It has been asserted that Prince Albert was half-Jewish, his real or natural father having been a Jew banker. I do not know whether there is any truth in that, but certainly some members of the Royal Family have looked quite Semitic. Princess Margaret looked very Semitic indeed. Lord Snowdon, her husband, used to make bitter remarks to her face, and about how she looked like an old Jewess, in the years when their marriage was disintegrating.

If reports can be believed, until the 21st Century dawned, all male children of the first rank of the Royal Family were actually circumcised and not even merely by a surgeon, but by a Jewish religious expert. It’s all very strange.


The links between the Royal Family and freemasonry are well-known and documented.

Overall view

One can see that the British monarchy, qua monarchy (i.e. not qua a function of the “celebrity” culture), is running into the sand. The oldest generation, meaning the Queen and Prince Philip, are now not far from 100 years of age. Prince Charles is now 70 and will soon be 71.

As for Princes William and Harry, “tame thick princelings” pretty much covers it, though they are now perhaps a little old to be called “princelings”— William is now 37.

William’s marriage to Kate, though outside normal royal tradition, could be presented as sort-of within it. Kate is said to be part-Jewish, and so through the matrilineal side, i.e. which the Jews themselves accept as conferring “Jewishness”. However, that sort of thing goes over the head of the public and so, if you like, “caviar to the general”. Not so Harry’s marriage to Meghan, aka the Royal Mulatta (previously married to a Jew in California). That has the possibility (especially when combined with the couple’s absurd recent antics), to sever any bond of affection or respect still binding monarchy to “the people”.

My view

What strikes me increasingly about the Royal Family is its sheer irrelevance both to the UK as a whole and to the people of the UK. When most subjects (as they were; now citizens) had gone through the Second World War, good and bad times economically, had only 2 or 3 TV stations, and everyone wore poppies in November, there was some kind of bond or at least link. Now, the only thing linking the “royals” with the people is that of prurient interest (of the latter in the former), a link no more strong than the people have with pop stars, Katie Price or the cast of the latest braindead “reality” show. As for the proliferating population of “blacks and browns”, very few these days have any interest in the “royals” (now that few have come directly from former colonies).

I have no great animus against monarchy as a system. It is sometimes the best system, whether absolute monarchy or constitutional monarchy. However, Britain now is outgrowing this long-established institution. There is, perhaps, still a place for a constitutional figurehead, but beyond that I think that the time has come to say goodbye.


Update, 14 August 2019

A few tweets…the role of the BBC in covering up for Prince Andrew and for the likely-MOSSAD-linked Jewish-Zionist web comes in for much criticism.

In fact, this former BBC/ITV journalist (Anna Brees) knows from experience that the msm are lying about all manner of important topics.

Update, 14 August 2019

There it is: The Jews Epstein and “Maxwell” both admitted that they were gathering blackmail materials on the rich and famous. This must be connected with Israeli Intelligence.

and the father of one of the trafficked girls says that Ghislaine “Maxwell” must be “hunted down”. Tally-ho!

Better make it quick, before the bitch flees to Israel…

Ah…: “Her current whereabouts are unknown and sources close to her claim she planned to ‘totally disappear’.” [Daily Mail]. Right…to bloody Israel! I guessed right. Give that man a cee-gar! I wonder how long it will be before the (half)-Jewess starts screaming about “anti-Semitism”?

Update, 15 August 2019

Bloomberg: ‘where is Epstein’s “ho” of the house?’

Update, 17 August 2019

The fugitive…

Update, 18 August 2019

The Daily Mail today has an exclusive on the scandal. Beyond even the details, the photograph of “royal prince” Andrew, peering round the front door of the Jew’s mansion, is a stunning indictment in itself. Andrew, Jew’s flunkey (or should that be “Jews'”? They seem to be numerous around him)…

…it is all rather reminiscent of the 1940 German film, Jud Suss [The Jew Suss]!

note: The full version of the 1940 film Jud Suss is now censored, completely removed from YouTube (as indeed I predicted, a few years ago, would happen…). Only a few short clips (such as the one above) and the —far less hardhitting— 1934 film version of the (true) story, are still up.


However, Jud Suss is still on the Internet, though it must be sought out in quiet corners. It is well worth seeing (why else would “they” try to “disappear” it?). Here is one good copy:

note: It now appears that other Jews, some of whom use several aliases, are involved:

Update, 19 August 2019

Buckingham Palace PR people have released a truly pathetic exculpa on behalf of Prince Andrew, saying how “appalled” he is at the “revelation” that his friend, the billionaire Jew Epstein, was a sex criminal etc. Really, how strange. So in 2011 and 2012, when Andrew was visiting and perhaps staying in the Jew’s Manhattan mansion (and acting as the Jew’s flunkey at the door), he, Andrew, was unaware that Epstein had been convicted and imprisoned in 2008 over such matters? Hardy ha ha…It was the subject of publicity at the time and thereafter…

In fact, Epstein’s money and connections had greatly helped the Jew himself in 2008: a light sentence, mostly spent on “day release” (so prison was just somewhere less comfortable than, say, the Pierre, or the Waldorf-Astoria, in which to doss down in overnight); then early parole. The fix was in, somewhere, that much is obvious.

In other, connected, news, the Queen seems to have required the “royal prince” to fly home early from the traditional Summer break at Balmoral.

Andrew is now exposed as, at best, a complete fool and grifter; at worst (and the worst is more likely than the best), a user of procured young girls, procured for him by both the Jew rapist Epstein and Epstein’s one-time “ho”, the half-Jewess Ghislaine “Maxwell”, daughter of MOSSAD operative and fraudster “Robert Maxwell” (and herself quite likely “connected”). Israeli Intelligence and the Jew-Zionist web worldwide must have learned a lot and suborned many, taking the operation as a whole. The Royal Family has probably lost most of its own secrets via Andrew.

In other news, thick princeling Harry and the Royal Mulatta have just vacated the UK on their third private-jet jaunt in less than a month (the first was, laughably, to go to Sicily to a “climate-change” event!).

It occurs to me that, at one time, the “royals” of the various European states were the acme of European society, but now absurd end-of-line “royals” want to ape the Hollywood film-star lifestyle.

Worse, Harry has become a figure out of American sitcom-land, the henpecked husband whose petulant young wife runs him ragged with her absurd demands. “Royal Married With Children“…(though in fact, in this case, she is about 4 years older than her husband, 38 compared to his 34).

The royals are now squandering their life’s gold heedlessly.

and now, reverting to Andrew’s very strange behaviour and lifestyle, it turns out that Andrew hosted Epstein at Balmoral, while the Monarch was in residence, at that!

Thick Andrew (all the royals are both painfully thick and cringingly uncultured) is of course “appalled” at the behaviour of his Jew billionaire “friend”, so appalled that he stayed at the Jew’s mansion, used the young girls there (almost certainly) and had nice chats with the Jew while walking in Central Park…2 years after the Jew had been convicted of sex crimes.

Update, 20 August 2019

Yet another “ho”, this time Australian.

Update, 22 August 2019

As for “the Madam” (Ghislaine Maxwell), I suggest that the US authorities stop looking around L.A. and start looking around Tel Aviv…

Update, 23 August 2019

…and still the stories roll on…

Time and again, Andrew, who a courtier once reportedly described as having “a pompous level of self-importance”, has demonstrated an eye-watering lack of judgment. Palace staff have rated him the rudest of royals, according to reports. A secret cable, published on WikiLeaks in 2010, revealed a US ambassador describing Andrew speaking “cockily” during one official lunch,leading to a discussion that “verged on the rude”.” [The Guardian]

Rightly, or wrongly, there is a perceived air of arrogance about Andrew, and he is described by various people as boorish and very self-centred,” said Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine. “Perhaps we shouldn’t be judging the book by its cover. But, certainly, that’s the impression he has given for a very long time.” [The Guardian]

The Guardian’s piece ends with an almost “sympathetic” paragraph:

His fate is that of the typical second son, struggling to find a role. “I think despite knowing he was always going to go down the line of succession, the fact that in his youth he was second in line to the throne, and now he is wherever he is, that must be quite a blow to your confidence and feeling of importance,” said Little.”

On the other hand, the stupid arrogant bastard might actually show a little humility (I mean to the British people who have been subsidizing him all his rotten life, not to the wealthy Jews for whom he seems to behave like a doormat), not to mention gratitude to the British people (and to Fate or God, or the gods, without whose largesse “Prince” Andrew would just be a very very mediocre naval officer who would struggle to rise beyond the rank of lieutenant).

Update, 24 August 2019

Update, 25 August 2019

…and still it continues, with painfully thick Andrew still trying to say that he had no idea that the Jew Epstein had been convicted a couple of years previously for sex crimes (as if the police would not have known!)

Daily Mail: “A source said that when working as Special Representative for International Trade and Investment between 2001 and 2011, Andrew was asked to travel regularly to the US. Since relinquishing this role in 2011, they maintained Andrew had continued to travel to the US, but claimed that his focus, particularly with Pitch@Palaces, had been on ‘other markets’.”

A “royal prince” trying to play the Internet “entrepreneur”? Ha ha! It would be tacky even if successful. As it is, it just looks pathetic, like thicko Andrew himself and the whole “right royal” circus!

Update, 27 August 2019

The half-Jewess Ghislaine “Maxwell” again in the news…

Update, 10 September 2019

Update, 20 September 2019

Update, 24 September 2019

Update, 1 October 2019

Update, 17 October 2019

As the Irish say, “Jay-sus!”— There’s even more! “Prince” Andrew looks more and more guilty every day.

…and it looks as if I was right about the connection with Israeli Intelligence!

In light of what is now known about Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation and sex trafficking activities, several reports from the late 1990s and early 2000s contain details long since forgotten regarding Epstein’s relationship with Prince Andrew.

“One particularly censored article that appeared in London’s Evening Standard in January 2001, for instance, gives several indications regarding the apparent entrapment of Prince Andrew as part of Epstein’s sexual blackmail operation, which is now known to have been connected to intelligence — specifically Israeli military intelligence, according to recent revelations in the case.” [Mint Press News]

Just goes to show— you can never be too “anti-Semitic”!

Update, 20 October 2019

Update, 21 October 2019

Update, 30 October 2019

Update, 6 November 2019

Prince Andrew caught “bang to rights” (again). A useless, charmless, pretentious idiot who thinks that he is terribly important. Had he not been born where and “who” he was, Andrew would be —at most— a small businessman, and an unsuccessful one at that.

Update, 16 November 2019

Prince Andrew thought that “it was the right and honourable thing to do”, to stay with the convicted Jew sex predator Epstein. In the immortal word of “Manuel”, “Que?”.

Is Andrew more stupid or more guilty? Either way, the idiot is a waste of space. Take away his rice bowl.

Update, 17 November 2019

Prince Andrew was not only able to remember his visit to the Woking branch of Pizza Express, but was able to say with certainty that he went there on the very day on which he is alleged to have screwed the American 17 y o trafficked by the Jew Epstein and the half-Jewess Ghislaine “Maxwell”!

Remarkable memory, to be able to recall the exact date, 18 years in the past…

Call Detective Columbo…

Apart from that, it made me laugh that Andrew went to Pizza Express. I mean, I do not expect a “royal prince” to eat drumsticks at a banquet every evening, casting the half-eaten ones over his shoulder in the manner of Henry VIII as played by Charles Laughton, or to eat only slices of cucumber washed down by champagne, like one of the cavalry officers in Anna Karenina, but…Pizza Express?…at…Woking?!

Update, 18 November 2019

Looks like thick and dishonest Andrew has dug himself deeper into a hole…

Update, 21 November 2019

Seems that Andrew met the “ho” “madam” Ghislaine “Maxwell” as recently as June 2019! Looks as though they were discussing legal strategems, aka “how are we going to get out of this?”

Well, they could always take a cruise off the Canary Isles together…

…and the popular prints are just not giving up; here (see below), a TV doctor rubbishes Andrew’s claim that he, Andrew, cannot or could not sweat by reason of having “been shot at” in the Falklands (and that’s even leaving aside the —apparent— fact that Andrew never was shot at during the few weeks that he spent in the Falklands, and that the nearest that he came to being in peril that way was when he observed from a helicopter a ship being shot at):,_Duke_of_York#Falklands_War

…and what about that remarkable memory that Andrew seems to have (when it suits him)?

Update, 26 November 2019

According to the New York Post, the “ho” “madam”, Ghislaine “Maxwell”, wanted to become la Contessa Cicogna, but failed in that. I presume that the Italian’s family were appalled at the prospect of a Jewess (actually, half-Jewess) polluting the family escutcheon…

Update, 30 November 2019

Now it turns out that the arrogant stupid bastard has been pocketing bungs worth millions. I suppose that he wanted to try to keep up financially with his billionaire half-Jew, half-Muslim girlfriend from Kazakhstan. He must be binned (the rest of his family too). Time for some kind of republic.

Update, 19 December 2019


Update, 27 December 2019

Update, 31 December 2019

The “ho” madam, the Jewess Ghislaine “Maxwell”, has “serious dirt on someone”, says a “friend”…

On “someone in a high position”. I wonder who that might be? Maybe “royal prince” Andrew knows…

Update, 2 January 2020

Well, give that man a cee-gar! Turns out that I guessed right (I usually do, if I myself say so):

Jeffrey Epstein’s socialite ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell ‘is being hidden from the FBI in a series of safe houses because of the information she has on powerful people’

  • Maxwell has remained incognito since Epstein’s arrest and death behind bars
  • New report claims both she and Epstein were ‘assets’ for a foreign government
  • Source says they funneled dirt on the rich and powerful to foreign spies
  • Now Maxwell may be hiding in a safehouse in Israel, the new report claims
  • She is a British and US citizen, and daughter of an alleged Mossad operative.

An explosive new report has asserted that deceased sex criminal Jeffery Epstein and his alleged ‘madame’ Ghislaine Maxwell were foreign intelligence ‘assets’, and that she is currently hiding in a safehouse in Israel.

She is not in the US, she moves around. She is sometimes in the UK, but most often in other countries, such as Israel, where her powerful contacts have provided her with safe houses and protection,’ the source said.

Born in France, Maxwell is both a U.S. citizen and British subject. Her family’s alleged ties to Israel’s national intelligence service, Mossad, have been well documented.

Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell, was a Czech-born British media mogul whose financial fraud in raiding the Mirror Group pension fund was discovered after his death in 1991.

Also a British member of parliament, Robert Maxwell reportedly had ties to British intelligence, the Soviet KGB, and Mossad — and was suspected of being a double or even triple agent by British Foreign Office officials.

[Daily Mail]

Western world, wake up to the Jew/Zionist/Israel conspiracy. It’s everywhere…

Update, 7 January 2020

Seems that the “ho” “madam”, Ghislaine Maxwell, “is reportedly in hiding and being guarded round the clock by former US Navy SEALs amid fears her life is in danger.” [Daily Mirror]. In Israel? Some US Navy Seals are Jews, perhaps surprisingly. I met one myself once.

Update, 18 January 2020

Now it seems that the Jew “ho” Ghislaine Maxwell is also an animal abuser.

Update, 24 January 2020

Latest about the half-Jew “ho” madam, Ghislaine “Maxwell”:

Ryan Dawson@RyLiberty

British Spoiled Brat and Child Rapist Ghislaine Maxwell is hiding in Israel. Over 8000 pages of her e-mails have been hacked. US media is doing triple back flips to avoid mentioning the entire ring was Jewish and financed by Jewish supremacists.

309 people are talking about this
Well, there is not much “British” about the aforesaid “ho”: born in France of one Jew and one French parent, though educated in England (Marlborough College and Balliol, Oxford).

The story is interesting, though. I wonder whether this alleged telephone hacking had a connection to the Saudi Crown Prince, like other hacking exposed in recent weeks? I speculated some months ago that the “ho” Maxwell was hiding out in Israel, presumably under MOSSAD or Aman control.

Update, 26 January 2020

Update, 20 February 2020

Update, 22 February 2020

More news of the activities of the Jew Epstein and his “ho”, Ghislaine “Maxwell”:

Update, 23 February 2020

Jews’ lackey, “Prince” Andrew, lied about his whereabouts, it seems…

Update, 2 March 2020

Maybe it is time that the “royal prince” and Jews’ lackey got another beating from the royal servants, this time more severe…

Update, 7 March 2020

“Royal prince” Andrew now retains solicitors and Counsel specifically for the Epstein/”Maxwell” matter:

He must be getting seriously worried…

Update, 11 March 2020

Seriously worried!

Update, 18 April 2020

Update, 25 May 2020

Update, 1 June 2020

Jews using blacks and ensnaring white girls? That sounds just like “Nazi” propaganda! Oh no…wait...

Update, 7 June 2020

So here’s a deal: we hand over Andrew for the third degree, and you Americans hand over to us that Sacoolas CIA bitch…

Update, 9 June 2020

More corruption (or embezzlement) from the”royal prince”:

Update, 2 July 2020

A murky story. I wonder whether the Israelis will kill her (too)?

Update, 11 July 2020

A reformed jewel thief has reportedly claimed that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell filmed powerful people having sex with underage girls.

The man, using a pseudonym, claims the one-time power couple made him watch some to prove how they “owned” people.

William Steel, an ex criminal turned writer, says he was shown footage of two high-profile US politicians having sex with minors.” [Daily Mirror]

Yet more Jew-Zionist corruption of the society.

Update, 15 July 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell cried as she was denied bail on Tuesday, with a judge ruling she must stay locked up until her trial in July of 2021” [Daily Mail]


News report, 15 July 2020:

“Maxwell” may be secretly married! To someone “with a British accent”!…ANDREW! (“just teasin‘”, as they say in the Caribbean…)

Update, 23 July 2020

Update, 29 July 2020

Update, 1 August 2020

“It is claimed in the unsealed papers that an island orgy was one of three occasions when Jane Doe #3 was forced to have sex with Andrew. The other locations were Maxwell’s London flat and and in New York.” [The Guardian]

I am interested to see that both “prince” Andrew and the Jew lawyer and legal academic (Harvard) Alan Dershowitz, perhaps best known for the Claus von Bulow case (, are mentioned as having been involved in defending the Jew Epstein.

Andrew’s motive is obvious: to try to exculpate himself; what, though, of Dershowitz? He is said to have visited the Epstein island and travelled on Epstein’s jet. He may have abused young girls himself. Whether that was so or not, was that and is that the whole story?

We know that the Jew who was mainly known as “Robert Maxwell” was a major MOSSAD operative. His daughter, Ghislaine, is now the prime focus of the post-Epstein inquiry, and is on trial in Federal court in New York. She, it is said, was also an Israeli agent, either MOSSAD or Aman, or both. Epstein (who has now “gone up the chimney”) the same.

We know that Israeli Intelligence co-opts Israeli and other Jew “civilians” as operatives when necessary. Look at the Dikko case ( “Though Israel, at the time, did not have formal diplomatic relations with Nigeria, there were less visible ties between the two nations. In particular, Nigeria was an important source of oil for Israel, and Israel was a significant supplier of arms to Nigeria. The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was tasked with locating Dikko and bringing him back to Nigeria to stand trial.” [Wikipedia]

” Mossad recruited Levi-Arie Shapiro, an Israeli doctor who was a consultant anesthetist and director of the intensive care unit at HaSharon Hospital. He was to fly to London and participate in the operation. Shapiro’s job would be to drug Dikko, and insert an endotracheal tube to keep him from choking on his own vomit while being transported in a crate.” [Wikipedia]

A Jew (whether Israeli or any other nominal nationality) may be a doctor, a lawyer, or whatever, but is first and foremost a Jew and likely to do whatever Israel and its “services” want…

It may well be that the successful Epstein blackmail and suborning operation, likely to have been very productive for Israeli Intelligence, was in part facilitated by the Jew Dershowitz. I imagine that his role was, precisely, to shield Epstein (and so Maxwell and/or others) from legal inquiry from both USA and UK.

Update, 4 August 2020


Update, 7 August 2020

It sounds plausible, insofar as Andrew’s former wife, “Fergie”, apparently liked to have her toes sucked…

Update, 14 September 2020

All of this is a massive Jew conspiracy run from Israel, and “prince” (idiot, waste of space, useless) Andrew is up to his thick neck in it.

Update, 12 December 2020

It seems that Andrew’s ludicrous alibi has been shot down:

Meanwhile, Ghislaine “Maxwell”, the half-Jew (Mischling) “ho” “madam”, is pulling out all the stops to get released on bail in he USA. Seems that she is married to a Jew “tech millionaire”. The bail suggested by her legal team may be USD $30 million. Where do the Jews get such money? Is the “husband” stumping up? Is any of it from monies stolen from UK Mirror Group pensioners by the “ho’s” repulsive father, Robert Maxwell?

Also, is that alleged husband also connected with Israeli Intelligence in some way? We do not know. The “tech” and social media” area is infested.

[above: Ghislaine Maxwell]
[above: Scott Borgerson, alleged husband of Ghislaine Maxwell]

Borgerson was involved with the Council on Foreign Relations.” Well, well, was he really? A slightly unusual connection for someone who spent 4 years as a US Coastguard officer, though others have said that he was a US Navy SEAL. A Jew as Navy SEAL may sound odd, but there are some; I myself met one such, about 18 years ago, at Charleston, South Carolina.

The CFR is a core Western “think tank”. NWO etc…Many of the leading members are Jews.;

[CFR HQ, New York City]

This whole “Prince” Andrew-connected case is exposing some significant aspects of the real world power matrix.

Update, 14 December 2020

Update, 26 March 2021

I thought that Ghislaine “Maxwell” would have played the “antisemitism” card by now, but admittedly that would be hard to justify in New York City, especially when the judge is herself Jewish! Indeed, the judge is more Jewish than Ghislaine Maxwell, who is genetically only half-Jew: her mother was a French Protestant, who “converted” to Judaism (and became fanatically pro-Jew and pro-Israel) after meeting the MOSSAD asset “Robert Maxwell”.

Update, 25 April 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell now charged with further and even more serious offences:;


Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell smiling with Bill Clinton during a VIP tour of the White House has been revealed in new photos
[President Clinton, a complete NWO/ZOG puppet, mired in sleaze of all kinds, greets the paedophile Jew criminal and Israeli Intelligence asset Epstein, and his “ho”, the half-Jew Israeli asset Ghislaine Maxwell, at the White House in 1993]

Update, 10 July 2021

Update, 19 September 2021

A rather sympathetic American documentary, by ABC:

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is apparently scheduled for November 2021, so it is interesting that quite sympathetic documentaries are now appearing…

I notice that that ABC doc features Robert Maxwell’s son, Ian [], as well as journalists who are either Jewish or at least perceived by many as generally pro-Jewish.

Having said that, the film does contain material not entirely exculpatory of Ghislaine Maxwell. On the other hand, turning it around again, it might be argued that, bearing in mind what has already been exposed, the only thing for Ghislaine Maxwell to do is to limit the damage— to accept a hit, but a limited hit.

Update, 1 December 2021

Update, 6 December 2021

Epstein owned four jets (pictured with a Gulfstream G2B) and a helicopter, which were used to whisk under-age girls to his various lavish homes, where they were sexually abused
[the Jew Epstein, smugly smirking in front of one of his private jets. It is good to know that the evil Jew exploiter was sent “up the chimney” not so many years later]

Update, 9 December 2021

Below, a photograph admitted into evidence in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, showing her giving the Jew exploiter Epstein a foot massage on one of his private jets:

Note her dishevelled state…

Update, 11 December 2021

Update, 12 December 2021

Update, 20 December 2021

Update, 30 December 2021

Guilty on 5 out of 6 charges. Forecast to be sentenced to (up to) 65 years. These being Federal offences, parole chances are minimal. An appeal has been or is in process of being lodged.

Update, 15 January 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell may get a retrial, based on apparent procedural and other problems to do with some of the jurors. Meanwhile, sentencing has been set down for 28 June 2022.

In other news, Andrew Windsor, the thick bully and freeloader (etc) formerly known as “Prince”, has lost a number of military and other titles and ranks (including effectively, though not officially, “HRH”), and may even lose his title “Duke of York”.

If and when Andrew is completely reduced to the ranks, it may send a shiver down the spines of other “Royal Family” members on the right royal gravytrain, especially but not exclusively the minor ones.

Update, 28 January 2022

From my daily Diary Blog:

Seems that the person formerly known as Prince (Andrew) is probably going to request a civil jury in the case brought against him by one of the victims of the Jew Epstein. To my mind, this is a strategy unlikely to succeed. I am still nominally an attorney at the New York Bar, though I have never practised law in that state (I passed the exam 32 years ago), but my view about this matter comes more from my knowledge of Americans themselves.

Andrew Windsor is on the wrong side tactically: British, as against his accuser, an American. A man as against a woman, in a generally feministic part of the world. An older man as against a younger woman. An hereditary foreign “royal” as against a US-born-and-bred US citizen. Very wealthy, as against someone without inherited wealth, and brought up in either a “trailer” or a very modest house.

Does Andrew Windsor really think that a civil jury in New York City will be on his side? Maybe this is a tactic to gain time while his lawyers find out how much the lady’s price might be. A great deal more than the rent of a Manhattan apartment and a free seat on a private jet, anyway.

Update, 17 February 2022

So Andrew Windsor, “formerly known as Prince”, has settled the civil suit brought in New York by Virginia Giuffre (as was). Rumours abound that the settlement is around £12M in British money.

Update, 12 May 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton’s special advisor who let Jeffrey Epstein into the White House seven times and flew on the Lolita Express dies at 59 – the latest associate of the former President to suffer an early demise

Update, 27 June 2022

20 years. Federal time, so no parole. She will be 80 by the time she gets out.

149 thoughts on “The Jew Epstein and Prince Andrew: The British Royal Family Has Another Scandal — Maybe It’s Time To Just Get Rid Of Them…”

  1. Wasn’t Prince Albert’s mistress the Jewess Alice Keppel – who was supposedly an ancestor of “egghead” star Judith Keppel? Also, i wonder if Princess Diana had some Jewish heritage, as some people have suggested?


      1. If Harry and the wholly unsuitable Yank floozy have managed to destroy the British Royal Family in a few years time, we may look back at Diana and think that is when the seeds of destruction started to be sown.


      2. In their spoiled entitlement, the royals probably never or rarely ask themselves what grounds their entitled and privileged lifestyle and their ingrained expectation of respect etc. Royalty is founded on blood. If someone is brought in who is not “royal” by blood, nor even a member of the (damaged) UK “aristocracy”, then Goodnight Vienna. On paper and by upbringing, Diana was of aristocratic and royal origins, but who knows? In any case, old houses and lines often become weak over time.

        In the case of the Royal Mulatta, there is no need for conspiracy theories: a mixed-race woman, previously married to a Jew trader or business owner in Southern California.

        Diana was certainly the start of the over-exposure of the royals. In their entitled smugness, they think that the people want to hear about them and hear their views. Not really. A soap opera soon loses its audience when exciting events stop happening. So begins the royal soap opera and its inexorable tie to “celebrity” culture and all that drivel.


  2. I don’t have a problem with the concept of Royalty. It is, after all, very deeply ingrained within British culture and always has been apart from the single decade when Oliver Cromwell ruled.

    To be honest though, a constitutional monarchy with no real powers even ‘reserve’ ones is pretty pointless especially when you have members like Prince Harry basically running a coach and horses through the last real reason we still have them ie providing a living link to the nation’s past history.

    A Monarchy like Liechtenstein’s would, at least, have a purpose to it:

    The Queen, according to weekend press reports, is said to be increasingly exasperated with all politicians and how they have continually bickered and argued with each other over Brexit. Now, if the Monarchy here had the Prince of Liechtenstein’s powers, The Clown could be easily dismissed as soon as he starts his planned squat in No. 10 after losing the probable Motion of No. Confidence next month.

    The Queen and Prince Phillip are ok, Prince Charles has some good points too as well as Princess Anne etc. The Black Sheep of the Family is definitely Prince Harry who needs to be reigned-in pretty sharpish lest he, along with his awful wife, does any more damage to the Monarchy. Where are MI5/MI6 when you need them with regard to Harry and the excretable Yank floozy? Couldn’t they (ahem) arrange a little ‘accident’ in a Paris underpass in a Mercedes-Benz or is that too obvious?


    1. I do not think that MI5’s Director-General would welcome such a task or be able to, er, execute it. It hardly comes within the Security Service’s remit, whether under present legislation or the Maxwell Fyfe Directive that preceded that law. Same goes, mutatis mutandis, for SIS. If (which I doubt) SIS did do the Diana thing (with special forces help) then it was a one-off. IMO.

      Liechtenstein is Ruritania compared to the UK. I went there once, for a day, on business, about 18 years ago (how time flies…). Even to *get* there is a pain (flight to Zurich —no airport in Liechtenstein—, then a long car journey even in a fast car—or a helicopter for the privileged few). When you do get there, there is hardly any “there”. I have seen towns in the less busy parts of the Cotswolds busier than Vaduz. The Royal Palace, which I was driven around, is pleasant, a mediaeval fortress above the town, with hanging baskets of flowers in profusion, and no sign of soldiers or even police. The kind of place where “The Student Prince” might suddenly appear.

      The Queen of England may not be an intellectual, but one does not have to beanything other than moderately sentient to see that there are now no political parties or personalities in this country worth a plugged nickel. I am a social nationalist and I say so; I have seen tweets from Jew Zionists saying the same! The only people who think that either Corbyn or Boris-idiot are any good are the dwindling number of party stalwarts. As for Jo Swinson and Nigel Farage, the same.


      1. Yes, The Principality of Liechtenstein is definitely the Ruritania of popular imagination. The Prince has immense power after he was given it by means of a referendum in 2003 and can appoint judges, veto any laws, sack the government and individual ministers. The population apparently love him and the Royal Family and one reason they do is that they think the family is responsible for Liechtenstein’s success (it has one of the world’s highest standards of living) but also because their country is named after the princely family so without them Liechtenstein wouldn’t have much of a national identity or a reason to exist. Liechtenstein is the last remaining part of the old Holy Roman Empire.

        Did you know that Liechtenstein’s national anthem has the exact same tune (though different words) as our anthem of God Save The Queen? This is the reason for the rather odd situation that happens when the England football team play Liechtenstein’s national team and you hear the same tune!

        Apparently, on their national day, Prince Hans-Adam II or Prince Alois invites all 37,000 residents of the country to the castles and its grounds in Vaduz to celebrate it with the family?


      2. I did not know either about the national anthem(s) or about the Liechtenstein version of a Buckingham Palace Garden Party. 37,000 seems a lot for the castle as I remember it, but I suppose that not all turn up. I understand that the ruling family has an impressive art collection.


  3. To be frank, I feel no real connection with the Monarchy after what Harry done. He is putting the entire institution at risk and either needs a severe talking-to by Courtiers and put on the right path or more se ere actions will need to be taken.


    1. Once the Queen is gone, any connection I might feel with the Royal Family goes too. I begin to think that Charles and his self-pity have some reality— he is more to be pitied than anything, for all his privilege (in Russian terms, I mean “zhalost” rather than “sostradanye”…i.e. pitied de haut en bas). Anne, Andrew, Edward: stupid, arrogant, idiotic, uneducated, uncultured pretty much covers the waterfront. As for the younger “royals” and hangers-on, nein danke (eg Andrew’s ugly offspring). Harry and the Royal Mulatta just put the whipped cream on the cake. Rock bottom. Spoiled “celebrity” nobodies. I thought that Harry, though pretty thick, was better than he now seems; an officer, genuine in attitude etc. Now…weakness is the key word in my mind. Decadent


      1. Out of the two, I liked Prince Harry more as he seemed to be less soppy than his brother who took after Princess Diana too much in my view. However, now I have a far lower opinion of Harry since he wed Meghan. It isn’t just the fact she is a half-caste that is objectionable but also because she is a pushy Yank who has clearly got no class whatsoever and can’t act Royal. Seriously, she is just totally unsuitable to be a member of our Royal Family. Are we REALLY meant to look-up to Meghan and the Royal Family as a whole with her in it?

        I’m afraid I just can’t now. The Royal Family has been on the decline for quite a few years now and in my opinion Meghan could quite possibly be the fatal blow. To my mind, the last decent Royal (apart from the present Queen and especially Prince Phillip) was the Queen Mother. I used to have a lot of respect for her. She was my favourite member of the family by far. When she was alive, a lot of people complained about her extravagant ways but she was just being a real Royal by doing that and it was part of her background from childhood so it wasn’t unnatural. At least, she was very dignified and didn’t push for PC political causes like Meghan can’t restrain herself from getting involved with!

        A cheapo by cycling Monarchy as in Holland and Sweden just wouldn’t be British.

        Meghan is so awful that even Wallis Simpson that other Yank seemed to be the very essence of class and makes me wonder what all the complaints about her relationship with King Edward VIII were about!


      2. I agree, though I do not like what I have seen or read of Philip. One thing though (as I have blogged before), the Queen and Philip could never be mistaken for mere citizens. They are (were brought up to be) *royal*, a caste apart. That is not really so of their offspring and even less so (not at all really) of Harry and William. It may be because the Queen and Philip did not go to ordinary schools, except Philip to a special school run by Kurt Hahn in Germany and then Hahn’s Gordonstoun, which was a small Spartan experiment in the 1930s. Their marriage was semi-arranged, of course.

        There is nothing “royal” really about the younger royals. Some of them are just useless freeloaders, at best.

        Re the Royal Mulatta. I agree with you. I once knew a Nigerian princess who lived in London, and she had a great deal more style and presence (not to mention looks) than the mulatta.


      3. The younger royals remind me of the US celebrity family the “Kardashians” and about as bright!


      4. Perhaps! I had not heard of these Kardashians until 2-3 years ago. I was surprised. Armenians? Are there famous Armenians? I had heard only of Khatchaturian and Mikoyan. Then I saw that they seemed to be a kind of ghastly parody of the “rainbow” multikulti society: mixed race or mixed marriages, sex-changes etc. I still do not know much about them (and have no wish to learn).


  4. It is lucky for the Queen that her mother is now longer alive. If she was, the classy old lady would probably have suffered a heart attack or a stroke to see what her great-grandson has brought home.


    1. Ha ha! Reminds me of a lady I knew who, c.1975, had a paying guest in her home in near-Central London. The daughter of a clergyman. The girl was apparently very pleasant but (no doubt unknown to her parents) somewhere between a nymph and a nymphomaniac. David Dimbleby was one ship lured into her harbour. Then one day she brought home some black man. That was the final straw. Raus!


  5. Yes, I am not surprised to learn that the capital of The Principality of Liechtenstein is rather ‘sleepy’. After all, it only has around 5,000 residents which is a bit smaller than one or two of the ward’s electorates in my Borough of Brentwood! My borough is supposed to be around 59 square miles in area which is only a little less than the entire country of Liechtenstein (62 square miles).

    I’ve always wanted to visit Liechtenstein along with another tiny micro-state Monaco and Japan.


    1. When you enter from the Swiss side, only a board says “Liechtenstein”. No immigration, no customs, and in fact virtually no traffic. You pass a field with a few helicopters in it. That is the heliport. There is no airport.

      I see from Wikipedia that Liechtenstein does have a rail service, but I saw neither track nor station.

      Yes, the area is small, rather less than half the area of the Isle of Wight.

      “The Liechtenstein National Police is responsible for keeping order within the country. It consists of 87 field officers and 38 civilian staff, totaling 125 employees. All officers are equipped with small arms. The country has one of the world’s lowest crime rates. Liechtenstein’s prison holds few, if any, inmates, and those with sentences over two years are transferred to Austrian jurisdiction….
      …During the 1980s the Swiss army fired off shells during an exercise and mistakenly burned a patch of forest inside Liechtenstein. The incident was said to have been resolved “over a case of white wine””


    1. Will be interesting to see how many votes come to that person. Grantham and Stamford is a safe Conservative seat, so far (Nick Boles has never had less than 50% of the vote), but if Boles stands again, as “independent conservative”, who knows, with the Con vote thus being split. UKIP got 17.5% in 2015. The small-c “conservative” (Con/UKIP/Brexit Party) vote is probably about 70%+ of the electorate. Brexit Party could take a third or half of that and so end up with about 25%-35%. That might be enough to win. Not impossible, anyway.


      1. Apparently, the Electoral Calculus site is wrong in its predictions because if the combined Tory/Labour share of the vote across the country is 60% or less (so far their lowest was a share of 66% in 2010) then a ‘tipping point’ will be reached under our ludicrous and grotesquely unfair, unrepresentative and undemocratic system of First Past The Post and the system won’t be able to cope with four parties votes being put into it with the result being that many at present safe Tory and Labour seats will change hands.

        The Tories are fanatical (to the point where the men in white coats should be called-in) supporters of this crazy system so it would be quite funny and richly deserved to see them lose large numbers of apparently safe seats if The Clown is so unwise to call YET ANOTHER general election! Brenda from Bristol (

        If I were the Tories I would be very wary of calling a general election for a couple of reasons ie the Brexit Party is still polling in excess of 10% of the vote when really they should be getting less than 5% seeing as both they and the Tories have exactly the same policy regarding the EU. This ties in with your theory that people are voting for the Brexit Party NOT only on account of Brexit but are using them as a kind of battering ram against the Tories and Labour, the Lib Dem revival in mostly Tory-held seats, and the fact that having general elections earlier than normal annoys many voters and this will be especially the case with one in October/November when thoughts turn to Christmas shopping NOT politics.

        Grantham and Stamford is one of the very small number of seats which the Brexit Party may pick-up. They are usually the ones which had an exceptionally high UKIP vote like Thurrock in my part of the world.


      2. Yes. Electoral Calculus is at best a rough guide.

        What matters to a small party is concentration of votes. National percentage only counts once it is in the 20%+ area.

        I think that the next (soon) GE is a huge gamble for the Clown. He could end up with a 60-seat majority, he could go down and lose 50 seats. Labour is on life support but ppl generally are not Con supporters either. Most recent poll had Cons on 31%.


      3. Oh yes. It’s very conspiratorial. I find myself in difficulty though: I favour (real) Brexit, but thoroughly despise Boris idiot and his “Cabinet” of ZOG drones, chancers, Israeli agents and deadheads…..


      1. Arch NeoCon MP Tom Tugendhat -who is “regularly” consulted by the msm regarding security matters. No surprise there!


      2. We shouldn’t allow any of them here. I would gently remind this Liberal-left treasonous and globalist Tory bastard his party promised as long ago as 1970 and repeated that promise in 1990 that there would be no further large-scale migration from Hong Kong or any other former colony. That being said, Chinese people from Hong Kong would make better immigrants than the Muslim scum and the other examples of flotsam and jetsam Cameron, Teresa May and no doubt The Clown has already been importing. Needless to say, they have trashed those promises which is why, Brexit or no Brexit, I shan’t be voting for them and I hope many others will join me.

        That isn’t to say I don’t feel sorry for the people of Hong Kong as they have every right to feel aggrieved with China. It is a shame Britain ever handed over that very fine ‘Jewel in The Crown’ colony to those Communist yobs and thugs in Beijing. If only we had very strong armed forces and the Yanks weren’t so anti-British then we could engineer an incident to take the colony back again! That would be a dream come true to see that huge British success story become British once again and remain prosperous under the Union Flag. Sadly, China acting like it is was entirely predictable even before the Tianman Square events in 1989 ie when the Handover Agreement was signed in 1984 there could have been been little reason to believe China would keep to the agreement.


      3. Look at the British naval order of battle
        and at the truly fearsome order of battle of the Chinese navy:
        and at the British Army
        than at the Chinese army:

        Ground forces of UK about (less than) 81,000 (mostly rear-echelon), plus (supposedly) 27,000 Reserves. Chinese forces nearly a million-strong (*without* reserves!)…

        As for RAF, forget it! No way to get them to anywhere near Hong Kong, and in any case now only 33,000 personnel in all in 2019 (in 1944, it was 1,100,000!), and about 800 aircraft. Chinese air force has about 400,000 personnel and (air force) 3,000 aircraft! Other branches of the full Chinese orbat have many planes too (their navy alone has about another 700….).

        As you say, the Chinese of Hong Kong would be more useful than many other groups that have entered the UK over the past half-century or so (some, like Somalis, are virtually useless and in fact a total millstone round the neck of the British people…and why are they even here? Somalia was an ITALIAN possession in colonial days).

        I have only been to Hong Kong twice. In 2006, I went there and had some suits and other stuff made at Sam’s Tailor in Kowloon. I explored all over the place, from the Peak (via the famous funicular railway) to Lok Fu, the Old Kowloon Old Walled City Park etc (the last an incredible place, really beautiful, and created out of the space left when the British rehoused the original 50,000 inhabitants, who lived until the early 1990s in a kind of ghetto covering only about 6 acres!). 50,000 people in 6-7 acres! The park is superb, inspirational:

        Hong Kong and its people impressed me greatly, but it is not my kind of place. Nature has little place there except in occasional small spaces. Nature in a gilded cage.

        Bottom line: the UK is full. We shall before very long run out of not only decent space, but water etc. “Open borders” would mean our descendants living, within this century, like those Chinese in that Old Kowloon ghetto.


      4. ps. look at this!

        The Home Office thinks that the way to stop (mainly black) “knife crime” is to…ban knives! Ha ha! They are targeting fried chicken outlets! I’m surprised that no-one has as yet pushed the “RACISM!” emergency button! This country is so screwed that it just isn’t true!


  6. Meghan is one of the very worst examples of your typical Yankee ‘trailer park trash’ it is possible to be which should have ruled her firmly out of any possibility of joining our Royal Family. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if PC Royal Courtiers and evil Tory politicians (NOTHING surprises me any more as far as that loony-left globalist anti-Brit party says or does these days) ordered the Royal Family to become more ‘modern’ (as if the role of the Monarchy is to be modern!) and therefore this marriage was arranged for that purpose. However, if Harry HAD to marry a non-white on government orders at least he and they could have made sure the woman in question came from a Commonwealth Realm like Canada or New Zealand rather from a country like the USA where large numbers of people in government and in ordinary society don’t like us and have a chip on their shoulder attitude towards Britain on account of their being a former colony. That this half-caste is an American too of the very worst sort is just rubbing it in.

    The sad thing is that even if Meghan had an ‘accident’ in a Mercedes-Benz, fell down those huge staircases in Buckingham Palace or Harry at long last got himself a brainwave and divorced her her face is now splattered onto tens of thousands of postcards and other items of Royal memorabilia so this sad episode can’t be wiped-off the historical record of ‘The Firm’. It is, unfortunately, a permanent stain and will always remain so.


    1. Not sure that I agree that most Americans dislike the British. When I lived there (on/off 1989-1993, mainly), that was mainly the preserve of the (New Jersey/New York) “Irish” (most of whom have never been either to Ireland or England and many of whom are so ignorant that they thought of the then (early 1990s) late-Troubles as a kind of war between the UK and Ireland! The rest know little of anything outside the USA (and in most cases, little of anything outside NJ and New York City).


  7. Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla, comes from pretty good stock. She comes across quite well and could pass for a Royal consort if Charles ever gets to be King.

    Seriously though, the Royal Family need to quit being so PC as otherwise we shall have to end the House of Windsor and replace them with the Japanese Royal Family. The Japs have a spare ex-Emperor in Akihito going (although he is getting on a bit at 85 years of age) so he can come over here and replace Prince Charles and company! At least the Jap Royals do have bundles of class and dignity!


  8. On the subject of the Brexit Party, I see that Nigel has got himself into a little bit of hot water and attracting the inevitable accusation of ‘racism’ blah, blah, blah for having a go at our new patron saints of Prince Harry and his Yankee tart! Well, PC media, what he said about the gruesome ‘Royal’ twosome was pretty mild and it is about time you realised that MANY people (NOT just bitchy women) in Britain can’t stand Meghan and just wish she would have a tiny bit of the class she obviously lacks, takes the hint and would go back home to trash Yankee land! She really ISN’T liked and is NOT wanted here.

    Nigel’s remarks about the Queen Mother were uncalled for though she did indeed like Gin a lot and that along with her alleged fondness for vintage Champagne is one reason she racked-up an enormous overdraft with the private bank of Coutts and Co.


    1. Coutts know that the older royals are a good bet re loans! Anyone else has to keep in the black to the tune of £25,000 at all times, even in current account.

      I have nothing against the Royal Mulatta as a person. Or other blacks and browns etc, for that matter. I do not see them as being capable of taking humanity to the next level, though. I do not want them providing an admixture to white Northern Europeans, on whose shoulders the mantle of race-evolution destiny falls. I do not want them in Europe at all.

      In fact, until the Harry/Meghan saga started or became inescapable, I had never heard of Meghan Markle and never seen the American TV “drama” in which she apparently starred.


      1. Nor had I or even most Americans for that matter! Apparently, the supremely lower-class trash woman once (ahem!) ‘acted’ in some soft porn films which just goes to show the low depths she comes from and how utterly unsuitable she is to be a member of our Royal Family. I half-suspect Harry has it in for his own family and blames them for the death of his mother. All, I would say to him is if you want to end the national institution of the Monarchy of which you are a part you couldn’t have made a worst choice for your spouse and are going the right way to end the institution. When the Queen and Prince Philip are no longer with us, that family are, once again, going to face the same sort of problems they had in the early 1990’s from which they managed to make a difficult recovery from but next time I can see that the recovery may not be forthcoming so they had better hope the Queen lives at least as long as the Queen Mother did or even longer.


      2. Your psychological theory is interesting and had not occurred to me. If the tabloid Press are correct, there is rather a rift between the two young couples. If.

        I do wonder what the royals *are* for, now. The military ceremonial (that they head in theory) is still impressive, up to a point, but we know now that the Navy has only about 10-20 ships and submarines, of which about 5-10 are operational at any one time. When Prince Philip was a Lieutenant or Lt-Cmdr in 1945, the total Royal Navy was 4,800 ships and other craft! “By the end of the war the Royal Navy comprised over 4,800 ships, and was the second largest fleet in the world” [Wikipedia] and even the larger items numbered in the 1,000+ area. Now? Total about 75 including minesweepers etc. The Army is the same. People will not join and the numbers are very low now (about 70,000, I think). As for the RAF, it is miniscule, and they just announced that beards are OK! (for the Muslims?)


  9. I also don’t know what the Royals are for. Prince Harry has systematically removed the last real reason ie providing a connection to the nation’s past with his entirely inappropriate choice of spouse. Unlike the Monarchy of Liechtenstein and some others in the world the British Royals seem to have (though this is clouded in mystery) no formal political powers of any sort even ‘reserve’ ones in emergencies like wars etc.

    With Meghan’s arrival downgrading them into a very cheap and tacky version of Dynasty, they appear to be just another very wealthy family in central London and therefore nothing special.

    Truely, they need to sort themselves out pretty sharpish by getting rid of Meghan thereby returning to their non-constitutional role of providing a link and reminder of the nation’s past and being symbols of the nation.

    If they don’t do this, I can see the Monarchy ending when the Queen dies.


      1. I’ve got a feeling Elisabeth will become known as Elisabeth The Last in the history books or that King Charles II will have a very short reign indeed. The House of Windsor has succumbed to the noxious creed of left-liberal PC globalism just like the so-called Conservative Party has and this will end any remainIng point to its existence. A British Republic might well be just over the horizon thanks to Prince Harry and his utter stupidity and Palace Courtiers who must be the same sort of idiots who advise the Conservative Party and their ‘successes’ include not winning a decent majority in any general election since as long ago as 1987! A record which no doubt will not be changing anytime soon!


      2. I think that you mean “Charles III”; “Charles II” was a Freudian slip, perhaps!

        As to whether Boris idiot can get a majority, the stupidity and gullibility of the electorate seems to be unlimited, so I cannot entirely rule it out, but a hung Parliament must be the likelihood. The Conservative Party is weak, but I see the Labour support crumbling. The years of Jew carping and screeching at Corbyn in msm and in the PLP are at least partly the cause of that. Also, the fact that Labour has become the party of the blacks and browns etc. If Labour cannot match the Conservative popular vote then the Cons might just get a majority even if Brexit Party and LibDems do OK.


  10. When I go to Central London in October/November/December each year to do a bit of Christmas shopping (I avoid visiting Stab City On The Thames at all other times if I can help it since the degraded city sight makes me tearful remembering what once was the world’s finest capital) I really don’t wish to see those gaudy and cheap postcards of Harry and his trashy Yank wife gormlessly smiling and feeling smug with themselves. It’s a total national embarrassment. God only knows what those normally very classy, polite and well-mannered Jap tourists think of British ‘Royalty’ and those postcards when compared to their own very dignified Royal House.


    1. I have to say that the views of the Japanese tourists are not in the forefront of my mind. I take you point, though. I once lived on and off in London (various parts but mainly based in Little Venice), but have not lived there since 1998 (unless you count 6 months at Higher Denham, Bucks, in 2001-2002, which place is only 18 mins from Marylebone) and have found no reason to go since early 2017 when I addressed the London Forum:


      1. Seriously, the thought has crossed my mind as to whether we should allow London to become an independent city-state like Singapore is with regard to what was our colony of Malaya (now today’s Malaysia). Let’s face it, London is now a totally alien city and the vast majority of its residents have very liberal-left and ultra-globalist political opinions so what sort of real connection to the rest of the country does it have? We saw this during the EU referendum when London was a sea of Remainers compared to the rest of England. Despite being born in London myself (Romford to be exact) I would much rather we lose London to separatism than Scotland, Wales or even Northern Ireland. London should no longer be allowed be allowed to infect the British body politic with its outlandish globalist political opinions.

        I notice on a Wikipedia article about London independence that a separatist party has been set-up this year to campaign for independent city statehood.


      2. It may be that, over time, the present UK will fragment. I thought that I knew London (at least Central and West London, North West, South) as well as anyone, having lived there on and off for over 20 years, but on my recent rare visits (only half a dozen in the past decade) I have found a city almost alien. Interesting that Berlin was not very pro-NSDAP. NSDAP support was more pronounced in smaller cities and towns. I see the same pattern now in England. England not Britain. Perhaps England and Wales.


  11. If Nigel Farage wants to gain some votes after Brexit, he can change the name of his party to ‘The Get Meghan Markle (FFS, she doesn’t even have a proper name!) out of the British Royal Family Party. I would vote for it along with millions of others and yes you won’t have to be a typical bitchy and catty woman to do this either just someone concerned about the British Royal Family’s future.


  12. To give the Royal House of Windsor a reason to exist, I propose passing a British Monarchy (Emergency Powers) Act 2019 thereby giving the Monarch the power to veto stupid decisions of Prime Ministers like BLIAR and the House of Commons in using Her/His Majesty’s armed forces in foreign conflicts like Iraq for which no conceivable British national interest could be served.

    It is a real shame Stanley Baldwin or Neville Chamberlain (who was a real favourite of the Queen Mother. Indeed, he was so much so she and the King tore-up all constitutional presidence by inviting him onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Munich Agreement was signed in 1938) didn’t pass an act like this as if they had done so King George VI could have kept Britain neutral in 1939.


    1. Or had the power to sack an earlier version of The Clown ie Winston Churchill in 1940 or in 1941 after Rudolf Hess’s flight to Scotland (why are the remaining papers which were due to have been released in 2017 about that episode STILL not been released?)


    2. How much better would the world be had that happened! What hurt would have bee avoided!

      btw, you might find interesting The Coming Caesars (by Amaury de Riencourt, a now-obscure intellectual). A 1950s book.


  13. If the British Monarchy is to have a real purpose then LET THEM ACTUALLY REIGN at least when it comes to national emergency situations!


      1. Oh no, I don’t mean reign as in being PM but acting as a ‘wise counsel’ behind the scenes by occasionally stepping-in and dare I even say it ‘taking back control’ to prevent a PM or the House of Commons from doing something monumentally stupid like taking Britain to war on lies or from pressure from the Zionist Lobby ie like what BLIAR did in 2003.

        It would be nice if we could as an electorate and nation implicitly trust our PMs and the House of Commons to do the right thing and to always put Britain First but as BLIAR and Churchill demonstrated in 1940/1941 with his kowtowing to the anti-British Roosevelt and non response to Hess we sadly can’t so the Monarchy needs to provide an insurance fall back position for us.

        If we had a properly democratic electoral system we could elect more sensible parties than the ant-British and Zionist Lobby dominated Conservative and Labour Parties but we have instead FPTP which stamps upon real political diversity in the Commons. In short, we have the worst of all worlds ie a constitutional Monarchy with no real powers to stop irresponsible cretins and maniacs in parliament and No.10 in their tracks and a so-called ‘democracy’ which due to FPTP is laughably undemocratic.


      2. agree with much of that, but the fact is that the monarchy would have to be composed of very different royals to the present crowd of deadheads, freeloaders and dimwit me-too-ers.


      3. Wasn’t Lord Mountbatten thought of as a potential ruler of Britain in the mid 1970’s when Britain was in crisis under Wilson?

        The problem with Britain is that we have so many complete anti-British cretins and painfully thick and incompetent idiots in parliament and due to the undemocratic farce of FPTP there are only the globalist ****wits of the CONServative Party who now have a total circus clown and worldwide laughing stock as their leader and PM, Labour and Lib Dem’s to ‘choose’ from.

        It is either Britain becomes a genuine democracy under PR or we go back to the divine rule of Kings and Queens and become Ruritania Major to the Ruritania Minor of The Principality of Liechtenstein.


      4. Yes, I recall the suggestion that Mountbatten be a kind of Lord Protector Mark 2 (Earl Protector?). I think that Cecil King proposed it, or General Walker. I was only about 18 then (I mean when it came to public attention in the mid-70s), but took an interest.,_1st_Earl_Mountbatten_of_Burma#Alleged_plots_against_Harold_Wilson
        Yes, here it is:
        “King was involved in, and probably instigated, a bizarre 1968 meeting with Louis Mountbatten, among others, in which he proposed that Harold Wilson’s government be overthrown and replaced with a temporary administration headed by Mountbatten” [Wikipedia]

        Apropos of nothing, I used to spend odd weekends at what was once the Mountbatten family home, a 4-star, I think, hotel. Not a bad place, if it is still the same, 25 years on. Within striking distance of your area:

        I think that Britain (mainly England) is heading for a kind of civil war, but a very slow burn or “low-intensity” one, not like the American Civil War or the (first?) English Civil War, or even like the Northern Ireland “Troubles”. Slower yet. A gradual breakdown of society caused by mass immigration of mostly backward and often very backward, culturally inferior, masses, by slow economic collapse, by the poisoning of culture from several sources

        Eventually, there may be an armed struggle too, arising out of all of that. Not a 2-sided war, but a multi-sided one, in some respects like the 1970s Lebanon conflict, with aspects of the present (emergent) American culture wars and the racial question(s). There will probably be open warfare by 2050 if we cannot, fairly soon, create a social national government in at least parts of the UK.


  14. Is Parliament with your ever expanding list of ‘deadhead’ MPs any better? Look at the Tory benches as a good example, even into the 1960’s or 1970’s you had retired military men, people who had run successful businesses etc now we get ethnic PC ‘wimmin’ parachuted into safe Tory seats just for being ethnics and of the female gender or white idiots like Liz Truss (God almighty are we seriously expected to trust that airhead with negotiating international trade deals?). It is frankly disturbing that people of her limited calibre are even junior ministers let alone anywhere near the Cabinet.

    Then, underneath the likes of her, we get the real dregs like my new Tory MP, Alex Burghart, who I was watching during the debates on the Withdrawal Treaty and, to be frank, I felt pity for him for being so painfully thick. Now, under Boris-Idiot, he has become the PM’s Parliamentary Private Secretary!

    If we had the German version of PR we would get two votes each ie one vote for an individual constituency candidate which we could use to clear out the deadwood in parliament in safe seats and the other for a party so, in my seat, Mr Burghart would get some real competition and Tory voters could use their first vote to get rid of him and replace him with a more intelligent and able person from UKIP or whatever takes their fancy and use their second one to vote Tory still.

    Let us have more choice within the voting system then deadwood MPs would have some real competition and we wouldn’t have to suffer people like Liz Truss or other Tory women airheads.


    1. Then we have truely thick airheads like Esther McVey or, as she is better known to many, Esther McVile.) A classic blond airhead who only became a minister not through any real ability but because she is a woman and has an awful, screeching Liverpudlian accent and the Tories put her in the position she is in because they thought with her accent she could connect with the ‘plebs’ in the North West as Tory support isn’t very impressive in most parts of that region.


      1. As I believe I blogged not long ago about Esther McVey, “her cartoon view of life is expressed in a Liverpudlian accent almost impossible to understand.”


    2. You will not find an argument from me as to most (almost all) of that.

      As to your MP, Alex Burghart, yes, obviously a beneficiary of the “Peter Principle” (promoted to the level of his incompetence). The photo on Wikipedia shows a very very smug little man:
      He looks like the provincial schoolmaster who has either won the lottery or unexpectedly married a wealthy wife. Oh, wait…

      Liz Truss? Became an MP on her back, pretty much.


      1. I can’t say I entirely blame my new Tory MP for looking so smug and self-satisfied in that parliamentary photo since he is sitting upon a vast numerical Conservative Party majority of 24,002 and a percentage majority (the more relevant figure since different constituencies don’t have exactly the same number of electors within them) of 45.4% over his nearest opponent. This makes the seat the 10th safest Tory seat in the entire country and safer than all your typical ‘gin and jag set’ seats in Surrey or the likes of genteel Henley-Upon-Thames (unlike us they have a branch of Waitrose and even offices for posh estate agents Knight Frank and Savills) or even Windsor. Teresa May’s Maidenhead seat is just one place above us.

        Basically, he has every right to feel smug since unless he is deselected by the local Tory association, voluntarily resigns or dies he has virtually no chance of ever losing. Quite literally, the Tories could stand a chimp from London Zoo wearing a blue rosette here and they would still win by a landslide.

        Ridiculously safe seats like mine is one reason we could do with dumping FPTP and changing to the German method of PR:

        We could have that system and then people in seats like Brentwood and Ongar would get at least one effective vote for the regional PR list.

        Infact, I would make one improvement to Germany’s system and that would be to replace the ‘closed’ party list with an ‘open’ list as then voters could, if they wished, vote for an individual person instead of voting for their favourite party as a whole on that part of this hybrid system.


      2. If one is to have a voting “democracy”, then Proportional Representation (of some sort) is the only way forward. The present British system is completely broken and results in absurdities like the 2005 election where there was, acc. to the msm, a Blair and Labour “landslide” when in fact the “winners” only had a few percent more in popular vote than the “Conservative” losers. Your views are not incorrect. I do not have a fixed view re. the details, except that you probably have to have a threshold of (?) perhaps 5% or 10% to weed out the complete joke candidates and parties.

        btw, just found this again (try it from 32.35 for a few minutes)


  15. Yes, I have no objections to a threshold providing it isn’t set at a ridiculously high level. Turkey had one ( they may still have) of 10% and in one general election there (it may have been in 2002) very large numbers of people voted for parties that didn’t quite reach that high threshold so many were left without parties in parliament they could truely identify with and could say they helped to elect.

    Germany’s is set at 5% of the national vote which is still quite high and surprisingly difficult to reach. I would set it at a level from about 3% to 5% as any more than 5% and you will still get many voters unrepresented in parliament and less than 3% will negate the purpose of the threshold which is to help prevent an excessive number of parties from entering parliament and thus meaning effective and stable governments become hard to form.

    Israel is often held-up by Tory anti-democrats and Labour Party dinosaurs to warn us about the alleged perils of PR as if Israel doesn’t have a unique national situation Britain doesn’t share but even so they have moved away from having a very ‘pure’ form of PR by gradually raising their threshold from just 1% about twenty odd years ago to the present level of 3.25%.

    There is no need for this country to have complete PR but we must make our electoral system fairer by injecting into it a substantial element of proportionality.


    1. Jews are “splitters”. You only have to look at Marxist parties and groups, particularly Trotskyist ones, which are usually full of Jews and also usually under “their” control. Their religion too, has a huge number of sects, not to mention the atheists (in fact, many theologians not afraid to annoy “them” have said that Judaism itself is fundamentally atheistic).

      Trotskyist splits:
      and this chart really takes the biscuit:

      As you say, if you want some element of political “democracy” in society, there has to be PR voting. Some views are bound to be left out even with a 1% threshold, and after all the Monster Raving Loonies get around that level! I personally would favour a threshold of at least 5%. In the UK, that would accommodate the existing System parties, as well as UKIP (2010 to 2015), BNP (2001 and for a few years), Greens, Brexit Party etc.


    1. Well, that should come as no surprise! Lammy has a problem it seems with even the most ill-thought out proposal to reduce crime. God only knows what he would think if we had a tough ‘Right-wing’ administration in power here like in Singapore who advocated and practiced the rigorous use of hanging! I suspect then he would really go to town and have steam coming out of his head because he would be mad at the ‘white man’s government’. After all, if we had an administration that wasn’t afraid to use the noose many of Lammy’s constituents would be doing the Tyburn jig on the end of a rope! No doubt the real reason capital punishment will never be brought back under Labour, Lib Dem’s and nowdays very PC Tories is because, inevitably, it would be used a lot against ethnic minorities and would show-up the crime rate amongst different communities as capital cases would be reported widely and extensively in the press as they were in the past and that would never do!

      Lammy, even by the normal standards of Labour MPs generally and their ethnic ones as well, is a certifiable loon!


      1. Lammy is a complete joke as a politician. I have no idea what he was like as a barrister, but I can guess: minor criminal and family cases, probably mostly black clients. Called to the Bar 1994, but became an MP in 2000, so, bearing pupillage in mind, only practising pre-MP for about 4-5 years. Many MPs continue to practise at the Bar after their election, but I have no idea whether Lammy has done that. I doubt it, if only because he received minor Government preferment in 2002 and then was a junior minister 2009-2010, so he would only have been able to practise before 2002 anyway.

        I was (until the Jews got me disbarred in 2016) a member of Lincoln’s Inn (since 1986, 30 years). Lammy is now a member of that Inn, while I am not (automatically removed on disbarment). What a ridiculous society this is!


  16. On a separate point, now that the Conservative Party is so PC, globalist, Liberal-left and accepting of the alleged wondrous delights of ‘diversity’ with its ‘fantastic range of restaurants’ when are they going to take Lammy’s seat off him at a general election and relive the nation of this nutter?

    Seems like their conversion to PC globalist liberalism is doing well in Tottenham:

    They are still in second place and came ever so close last time!


    1. Enjoy this while you can (YouTube has been censoring it and similar cartoons heavily recently)


      Tottenham has been Labour and heavily so since its creation (recreation) as a seat in 1955, but was never so entrenched. As my blog has said in relation to Labour nationwide, Labour is piling up unusable votes in fewer seats; the Cons too, but less so. Labour 81.6% in 2017!

      You can see how, yes with fluctuations, the Conservative vote has declined from a high of about 38% in 1970 to 11% or so now. Cons have not won more than 30% of the vote since 1987. Of course, there are few English/white people left in Tottenham now, though the percentage of blacks as such is “only” about 20%-25%.

      Labour *is* now the party of the blacks, other minorities (excl. Jews), public service ppl, and (speaking broadly) benefit claimants. The Cons though are also constrained, appealing at root to only the most affluent 20% of the population.


      1. Yes, Labour is piling-up ever more useless majorities in its already existing safe seats much as it did in the 1950’s with mining seats like Hemsworth with its 30,000 plus majorities but I believe I am correct in saying that not only does Labour hold the safest seats in the country ie like Liverpool Walton (the country’s safest of all) with its completely loopy 85% share of the vote for the sitting Labour MP they also hold the most hyper-marginal seats like Kensington with its tiny majority of just 20 votes!

        I have got a feeling Boris-Idiot is adding to Tory majorities in seats like mine in Brentwood and Ongar (numerical majority 24,002, percentage majority 45.4% over Labour and a Tory share of the vote of 65%) whereas if they had chosen Jeremy Hunt he would have boosted the Tory vote less in safe seats but more where it is actually needed.


      2. Yes, I recall you writing in similar vein previously. I believe that not only are the 10 safest seats Labour seats, but most of the safest 50. Boris-Idiot is in a relatively safe seat at Uxbridge, but it is not *that* safe. Brexit Party might stand and take away enough votes to let Labour in, though Boris-idiot, with typical self-interest, has now decided to be an ultramontane “Brexiteer” and so (how convenient) possibly save at least his own seat!

        It might sound off the wall, but I could, just about, see Boris-idiot, if eventually removed as Prime Minister *and* Con leader, defecting to Brexit Party and leading that! In a year or two.

        The next (maybe very soon) GE will see a race not to get votes for Lab or Con but to get voters to vote tactically *against* the party they hate the most. The older generation do not really understand that idea, most of them. They believe in voting for the party you believe in or at least prefer. I think that people under x-age, maybe under 60, generally, understand that in about 80% of seats, one or two parties have no chance, but that a vote for the usually-2nd-placed party at least might beat the party least-liked by the usual-3rd-party voters.

        That is why the LibDems have possibilities again, not because LibDemmery has any real merit, but because (esp. in S. England) many Con MPs are vulnerable IF two things happen:
        1. Labour voters vote LibDem rather than wasting their votes by hopelessly voting Labour; and
        2. Brexit Party taking away 10%-20% (in some cases, 50%) of the usual Con vote share.


      3. I can see why YouTube has been censoring them as that video gets too near the truth with respect to Jewish Zionist beliefs ie Nationalism/anti-globalism, ethnic self-awareness, ethnic self-assertiveness is fine for them but NOT for white ‘goyim’. It is only suitable for the explicitly Jewish state of Israel and for Jews around the world.

        I wonder if anyone has ever emailed it to the biggest ‘Nazi’ in Britain, nay the WORLD, Jeremy Corbyn?

        Being a ‘Nazi’ and avowed ‘anti-semite’ according to The Scum (and, let’s face it, would that respected publication ever lie to their ‘readers’?) he would be sure to like it a lot!



      4. I am not surprised YouTube has been censoring that video in particular and others like it since it sails too
        near the truth that Zionist Jews do a very good line in hypocrisy in that they think it is perfectly fine when they espouse their own nationalism/‘racism’, ethnic self-awareness, ethnic self-assertiveness and look out for what they perceive as their own interests yet when white ‘goyim’ do it it becomes, in their view, a matter of ‘hate’, ‘racism’ etc

        Israel has very strict rules as to who can migrate to it and we white British ‘goys’ wouldn’t stand a chance yet Jews in Britain would find it easy to settle there since it is an explicitly Jewish state for the Jewish people.

        I wonder if anyone has emailed that video to the biggest ‘Nazi and ‘anti-semite’’ in Britain, nay the WORLD, one Jeremy Corbyn?

        He is sure to find it amusing on account of his massive ‘anti-semitism’. After all, The Scum informs us that is what Jeremy suffers from and they don’t ever lie to their ‘readers’, do they?😂😂😂😂😂


  17. Isn’t it just typical of the loony-left Conservative Party under their new utterly moronic ‘leader’😆😂😆😬😂🤡🤡🤡 Alexander De Pfeffel Johnson that they refuse to bring back real measures to deal with law-breakers but engage, instead, in advocating stupid and inane proposals which will do sweet f all in dealing with the increasing scourge of crime in general and violent crime in particular on their disastrous watch.

    Still, The morons of The Scum are backing The dopy Clown in No 10! Cretins are attracted to cretins!


    1. No decent political party would want the endorsement of the globalist liberal-left scumbags of The Scum. It is a truely vile rag. The people of Liverpool show immense good taste in boycotting the noxious Zionist and anti-British lie sheet and long may that boycott continue. With any luck, that utterly obnoxious and foul-smelling piece of Australian fruit Rupert Murdoch will either depart this earth or be sent back to Australia not that I would wish our Australian friends to suffer him!


      1. I do not think that the very aged cuckold, Murdoch (as you may know, Tony Blair “porked” his ghastly Chinese ex-wife…better not to think about it!), spends much time in the UK now, but I may be mistaken.


    2. When you have idiots like Priti Patel, Liz Truss etc actually sitting as CABINET MINISTERS, what else can be expected. Boris-idiot is doing what he does best, hamming up the “Prime MInister” bit, showing that he is “active” by rushing round and offering unsustainable promises etc. He hopes that that will give an overall “feel good” factor to help him in the upcoming GE. I wonder. The economy seems about to tank, the currency is sliding, the lawlessness is increasing (someone was just stabbed right outside the Home Office!).

      Were Labour not generally rather despised, the “Conservatives” would be slaughtered, but (as said previously) when both main System parties are hated or despised and certainly disrespected, where do the votes and voters go? There is no real social-national choice. That is why I do not rule out a Brexit Party “despairing cry of rage” vote, though almost anything is now possible, from a large Conservative majority to Labour as major but probably no-majority party, or even a LibDem or Brexit Party upsurge (to being one of the 2 largest parties in the Commons). Unlikely, but I cannot rule it out, the way things are going.


      1. Having the likes of that ever so THICK airhead Liz Truss as International Trade Secretary shows just how dangerous a buffoon Boris-Idiot truely is. The Yanks, Japs etc will make mincemeat out of us in trade negotiations with that dopy Tory cow being in charge. The Tories, being the utter PC morons that they are nowdays, promote anyone no matter how stupid or incapable they are if they have a vagina between their legs.

        Having proven Zionist Israeli agent Priti Patel in charge of our borders is a total disgrace too though perhaps not quite as bad as having that supremely ugly Islamist with some very weird and dangerous Libertarian ideas Paki **** Sajid Javid was. Some of these Pakistanis are definitely not doing much for the aesthetic qualities of the British population, are they?

        Hopefully, the coming election will result in yet another hung parliament and that will increase the pressure for a serious look (a Royal Commission perhaps?) to be taken into the merits of dumping FPTP and changing to a system of PR ( my favoured system would be along German lines ie Mixed-Member PR).

        We need to open-up the stale world of British politics, to have REAL competition between parties, for parliament to not be closed-off to new political philosophies etc and the only real way of getting that is to have a fairer electoral system.

        I, like many, am sick to death of the Libertarian globalism and hence NOT truely Conservative fuckwittery of the misnamed Conservative Party. The Labour Party and the Lib Dems pose no real alternative either.


      2. Had I the means, I should start, right now, a political movement and party, but for some years I have been living in semi-poverty. No more do I live in country houses, French villas or even Soviet “penthouses”! When I won £125 on the Lotto yesterday, it felt almost like Christmas! No wonder that I can no longer buy Viennese coffee from Fortnum’s, nor dine at Rules, nor even buy a bottle of Margaux! I certainly do not have the means to seed a political movement.

        Now would be an ideal time for a social-national movement, because conditions are becoming favourable, and there is at present no such party in the UK.


      3. Apparently a lawyer was stabbed to death by “youths” in Newcastle, not to mention the Police officer ran over and killed by an “alleged” traveller gang near Reading – talk about broken Britain!


      4. I hear what you say (and guessed the second on first hearing about the incident), but it is probably better not to say too much of a speculative nature prior to any trial, if only for the sake of form…

        I agree, though. There is more than one cause. Judicial leniency is one. Having said that, there is also routine over-sentencing. Beyond those questions, we need to create a new society, a cultured ethnostate.


  18. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we see the The Clown (Trademark Applied For) booted out, unceremoniously, by none other than Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II as our Head of State on account of Coco’s evident wish to selfishly squat in No.10! Something, I hope she won’t tolerate for a single moment. How embarrassing for a CONServative Party (or should that be KOSHERVative Party nowdays?) PM to be turfed-out of No.10 by the Queen of all people!

    Such an event will turn The Scum totally mad and they will unleash their usual anti-Royal hate and the now decades-long constant undermining and snarky and underhand denigration of the Monarchy will be turned-up to full volume.


    1. If you think that the Queen will actually upset the applecart to that extent, I fear that you will be disappointed. There are constitutional crises looming, though. Everything worked so long as all the main players played by the rules *and the spirit of the rules*, but now we have a joke “Prime Minister” not playing by the rules and an illegitimate anti-Brexit Parliament likewise wanting to use unfair advantage. Result? A “shitstorm” not far off.


      1. Perhaps not but if he has absolutely no intention of following constitutional norms she will have to do something or get the more level-headed members of his party to try and talk some sense into him as squatting in No 10 for more than a few days at most and for an purpose which isn’t reasonable is simply not on. It would be a dereliction of her duty as Head of State not to intervene even if she will probably choose some backdoor method of doing it.


      2. I honestly am unsure as to whether the Queen has it in her to do that now. After all, it has never been necessary before. I daresay that there are a few political figures whom she might like to treat as she was once photographed doing to a wounded pigeon (i.e. wring their necks). In fact, I think that this developing mess and “crisis” might well damage both Parliament and monarchy (“I’m lovin’ it!”…)


  19. I hope Her Majesty is not scared-off using her power to dismiss a squatter in No.10 by the likely reaction of Murdoch’s contemptible rag and scurrilous lie sheet.

    I suspect the Tory Party would feverishly protest at the Queen’s action but that will just show-up their hypocrisy as they called Gordon Brown a ‘squatter’ for exercising his constitutional right as an incumbent PM to stay a few days in No 10 to see if a viable administrative could have been formed with the Liberal Democrats in 2010. Johnson’s proposed squatting would be of a different magnitude all together and for a nefarious purpose.

    I am looking forward to The Clown breaking the current record of George Canning (another Tory and fellow Old Etonian PM) for having the shortest tenure as British PM. George lasted 119 days! Coco might not even reach three figures!


  20. More evidence of your theory that people are voting for the Brexit Party regardless of the fact it only has one real policy and are using it as a vehicle to say a collective ‘f you and a massive up yours’ to the political Establishment emerges from the latest poll on Brexit which says that even 2% of Brexit Party supporters would vote REMAIN if we had a new referendum on the subject.

    If I were Coco The Clown I would be wary of assuming the Brexit Party vote would simply collapse in the Tory Party’s favour in a new general election situation.


    1. I agree. If Boris-idiot gets the UK out of the EU without strings, he can then (as is plainly his intention) claim to be Boris Johnson, The Hero of Brexit and, like Sir Somebody (I forget), The Hero of Maida, have a pub named after him. That would solidify his position with some voters.

      On the other hand, if Boris fails to get the UK to leave, then Brexit Party, as I blogged, would be like Antaeus touching his native earth; it would take on a new lease of life and (possibly, maybe probably) would get a vote above 20% in the soon to be General Election. If that happens, the Conservatives are history, and (seriously) might be left with only about 50 MPs.

      However, if the UK leaves the EU but the economy tanks and immigration from outside the EU continues (or even increases), and most people feel both poor and cheated, the they will still turn on Boris-idiot and the Cons, but will want a clean sweep from a new broom. Brexit Party will then be the only game in town because the only new broom…

      I suppose that is why Boris Idiot is likely to call a GE fairly soon, before the ordure hits the fan…


  21. I have no objection at all to this very, very long-running Brexit soap opera (and what a story it has been. The plot line is, frankly, better than ANY Jeffrey Archer novel!😎😂😀) damaging Parliament as that institution needs to have a massive shake-up anyway as does our constitution as a whole in many ways yet I wouldn’t want the Monarchy to be too damaged. If the simply ghastly Yankee and blatant social climber Meghan and deluded and rather dim Harry clear off to Yankland then some good will come out of it!


  22. Getting rid of Meghan at least and perhaps Harry (though he can still redeem himself if he tries enough) will be enough and restore the Royal Family to some sense of normal service being resumed.


      1. I am not a massive Royalist so perhaps it is time to consider the possible merits of becoming a Republic but then you would have to choose between having a directly-elected one like France (with perhaps pretty significant powers as Macron has) or having a non-directly elected and mostly ceremonial presidency like the Germans have. If we had a directly-elected one we can’t rule out the possibility of the many idiots in the British electorate voting-in a President David Beckham or a cretin like The Clown!

        Prince Harry has done possible terminal damage to the Monarchy through breaking the umbilical link to the nation’s past with his entirely inappropriate choice of spouse (if indeed it was his choice) and frankly it is not our responsibility to help that family steer away from their own stupidity in this regard. Avoidance of that kind of crass stupidity on their part should come naturally to them.


      2. Well, obviously the figurehead type of president is closer to the British norm. In fact it is a copy of what the monarch now does. The only real advantages of that over monarchy are
        1. no (or few) hangers-on, so no “air miles Andy”, no freeloading Zara this and Beatrice that;
        2. relatively few costs compared to monarchy.

        As to the French or Russian type of president, that can be either a person with some executive powers or an out and out dictator (elected or otherwise). I have no preference because, to me, it depends on the situation. Desperate times betoken desperate measures.


  23. Whether the Monarchy continues in the long-term and Harry’s utterly crass idiocy must put it into some doubt or we move towards becoming a Republic then regardless of that this Brexit COMPLETE SHAMBLES has surely shown why we could do with at least a basic written constitution as part of the problem has been all these constitutional conventions having different interpretations being put upon them. A Royal Commission should be established to draw one up along with one to report upon and make recommendations to change iour hideously undemocratic, primitive and archaic joke of a voting system. Surely even the stuck in the 18th Century and anti-Democratic goons of the Conservative Party will not continue to put their fingers into their ears and say no our constitution and voting system is totally perfect in every way and can’t be improved upon at all?


    1. A written constitution would have its own problems, such as the nitpicking by lawyers etc. Look at the US Constitution. Its “right to bear arms” amendment (2nd Amendment) alone! “”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Even if you say that the meaning is clear (many say not so) the fact is that that was written nearly 250 years ago. Times have changed; the US Constitution (in that respect) has not.

      The British Constitution did work, *when those in public life respected it* rather than trying to subvert it and abuse it…


  24. You say that most Americans don’t dislike the British. I say if that is indeed the case they have a funny way of showing it from Roosevelt blatantly taking advantage of us during WW2 (though half-Yank Churchill was stupid enough to let them) to their government being a bit tardy in supporting us over the Falklands, NORAID taking many donations to blow-up and maim British soldiers in Northern Ireland as well as its civilians to Nancy Pelosi just today saying we won’t get a trade deal with them if we supposedly ‘harm’ NI peace which they done so much to help prevent coming into being.

    I say to the Yanks STUFF your trade deal, basically fuck off and take that Yank tart out of OUR Royal Family if that is your attitude towards my country.


    1. I do not dispute that, and agree with the last paragraph, but this is great-power politics. Northern Ireland was an obsession *in Northern Ireland* and its inward-looking people, was an important subject in the UK, but in USA (except in a few small, ignorant, American-Irish neighbourhoods) was just one of a hundred small wars somewhere on Earth, thousands of miles away. Naturally the CIA had different priorities to SIS and MI5. Today is similar.


  25. I just wish our terminally stupid politicians realised that the US only has TWO ‘Special Relationships’ ie one of those is with itself and the other is with the country that has a rather large lobby in the States (though we are rapidly catching up with them) ie Israel.

    Why don’t we form a ‘special relationship’ with Japan instead? The Japs could teach us a thing or two from how to control crime and migration properly to having non globalist economic policies etc. They are polite an well-mannered people with some things in common with us ie an island story and a Monarchy and they are less likely to take blatant advantage of us and respect us.


    1. I have noticed your respect for Japan. I suppose that my view of the Japanese is that “when they are good they are very very good, but when they are bad they are awful” (WW2 atrocities, killing whales and dolphins etc, making blue fin tuna etc extinct)


      1. What do you think Hitler would have made of the behavior of the Japanese regarding alleged atrocities, particularly as they were allies?


      2. We know that Hitler did not really want the Japanese as allies, preferring the idea of allies in Europe. After 1940, when Churchill and his cabal refused even to countenance an armistice peace between the British Empire and the Reich, Hitler had to accept the alliance with Japan, which was about to invade British colonial territories in the Far East and the Malayan Peninsula.

        The German-Japanese alliance was 99.99% on paper. The two states’ armies never fought side by side. Almost unique in that way.

        As to the Japanese atrocities, eg against prisoners of war, Hitler no doubt considered that an outcome of the Oriental mind; after all, the semi-Asiatic rule of Stalin was at least as cruel.


  26. Yes, they were evil and thoroughly wicked towards our troops in WW2 and that is to be severely condemned yet they are still better than Yanks in many ways since if a Jap person dislikes you he or she will say that to your face rather than say how much they allegedly like you as an American would and then stab you in the back. However, how many Britons know that Japan was a full ally of us in WW1 and they didn’t wait till the conflict was almost over like a certain country did to get their pound of flesh from us and Europe as a whole?

    On another subject, about this proposed ‘stop no deal’ emergency government, I have no idea why some of these rebel Tories are reluctant to back Jeremy Corbyn as the caretaker PM.

    After all, Jeremy displays some fine true Tory points occasionally and much more than many ghastly ‘modern’ Tories do

    The ‘modern’ globalist, achingly PC and Liberal-left Conservative Party may as well be called Likud West.

    It would be such a laugh if he did become PM for a few weeks as then we would get to see the full, unvarnished Jew Zionist hate for him (not that this has exactly been hidden so far) and any lowly Briton who doesn’t kowtow to them 100% as they expect, nay demand, we do.

    Perhaps if he was PM then Zionist Jews would do as they are always threatening to do when they don’t get 100% admiration from the ‘goyim’, the Labour Party and others and move to Israel.


    1. To think that most Zionist Jews will move to “Israel” while they can exploit people here is as realistic as expecting birds to stop coming to the bird table while food is still put out. Look at that old Jewess, actress who was in an ad (BT? British Gas? whatever) in the 1980s. She has “threatened” to leave several times. Still here…Or “Mark Lewis Lawyer”: “left” the UK with his property-dealer “carer”/”partner” with great fanfare about “anti-Semitism” about 9 months ago. Still keeping a foothold in London via a small Jewish law firm, though I doubt that he has much work…

      As the now-long-deceased husband of a (now also-deceased, I think) one-time friend apparently said, “they” may be thrown out the front door, but they sneak back in through a window!

      Japanese: I have of course *seen* plenty, but have never been to Japan, though via a mixup at Sheremetyevo about 25 years ago, I was actually put on a plane to Tokyo instead of London (the cabin crew realized and saved me…ah, Russia, what are we going to do with you?)! I wondered why so many Orientals were flying from Moscow to London that morning! In fact, I think that I have only ever spoken to a Japanese once, a very young lady diplomat, and I have to admit that she was tres charmant; a recent graduate of the University of Tokyo. Even the sushi restaurants I have been to in New York were all Koreans, not Japanese. My grandfather was in Burma in WW2, but thankfully was never captured.

      I agree with you re Corbyn v. “Conservatives”. Corbyn, as I have blogged, is basically “conservative”, a recognizable English figure (the “socialist” Labourite, with his Lenin cap, Morning Star, allotment, belief in trade unions etc). Boris-idiot’s Cabinet is a pack of moneygrasping chancers: Jews, non-Jew Zionists and agents of Israel, non-Europeans etc. Grant Shapps AS A CABINET MINISTER?!


  27. If they did all make the move to the Zionist state then they would be happy and we would be as well since we wouldn’t be able to hear their incessant whining from that distance yet the fact they don’t move speaks volumes about them and their complaints.


      1. Yes, you do have to feel a bit sorry for the Palestinians. Hitler’s original plan was to encourage the least assimilated Jews in Germany ie pushy Zionist Jews who wanted to set themselves apart from German Gentiles and to act as their lords and masters to move to a new Jewish homeland in Madagascar rather than what was Palestine.

        In some ways, it is a shame Israel isn’t a larger country as then all the world’s Jews could move there and then their ethnic self-awareness, ethnic self-assertiveness could take on a healthy patriotic Israeli form and not an essentially parasitical form it too often does in our countries.


      2. “Roger that”!

        Actually, from a practical POV, the satirical idea that Jews (inc. all Israeli Jews) could settle in some part of the American West or Midwest would work perfectly, and would cause scarcely a ripple politically or environmentally. However, the Jews would have no raison d’etre without the “Jerusalem” stuff. Hm…!


  28. If they did do what they are always threatening to do and move to Israel en mass then it would be good for them and us as they would escape from the virtual Kristalnacht we are supposedly committing against them and we would stop hearing their incessant whining as we wouldn’t be able to hear it from a country located many miles from here. In short, we would be happy and they would be too.

    They won’t do this, of course, which shows-up how weak their accusations actually are in reality.


  29. Another good point about Japan in contrast to the United States of Israel and the United Kingdom is that they have hardly any Jews living there (the population of them is numbered in the low tens of thousands) Perhaps, that is one reason they are such a huge success story and their politicians aren’t globalist maniacs like the dregs in the House of Traitors virtually exclusively are? BLISS!


  30. Yes, you could set aside just one American state say somewhere like California or Texas and there would be plenty of room for all the 18 million or so Jews there are in the world. They are warm states too so Israeli Jews wouldn’t miss any sunshine! Otherwise, I would suggest Alaska! Although that might be too near our Canadian Commonwealth friends for comfort!


    1. Somewhere in the desert might suit. Actually, you will laugh but I am very interested in the projects the Israelis have re. anti-desertification, desalinization of water etc; but I expect that I would suffer a traffic accident or the like were I ever to visit Israel/Occupied Palestine…


      1. So, that is it then! We are mutually agreed upon a new Jewish homeland in Arizona for all anti-Jeremy Corbyn Jews to settle in and other Jews from other countries!

        Homeland! A great world with nice connotations to it! I wonder if Jewish Zionists in Britain would allow me to have effective restrictions put upon immigration into MY homeland without calling me a ‘Nazi’, ‘anti-semite’, ‘racist’ blah, blah, blah! I must be a ‘very bad Goy’ for thinking homelands are for white ‘goyim’ Europeans and not only for Israelis!

        Come now, I am sure you would be fine in Israel/Occupied Palestine! Israel is the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ so you would be safe even if you attracted the ire of a fanatical Jewish Zionist settler in the West Bank etc!


      2. It might suit the Jews to quietly do me in. I am not particularly influential (though more than some would like to think) and certainly have no political or para-political power. Still, (((they))) would probably quite like me to disappear, though I concede that MOSSAD, Shin Beth, Aman etc probably have larger fish to fry…


  31. So some gypo scumbags murdered that police officer, a lawyer got stabbed to death in Newcastle and a106 year old WW2 veteran in Kent has had his medals stolen for the second time in just five years along with some money in his wallet.

    Yet, what are the morons of the so-called ‘party of law and order’ (a totally SiCK joke if ever there was one) doing about this crime wave engulfing the country? ABSOLUTELY ZILCH apart from announcing totally useless gimmicks. What was their former highly-esteemed PM, Teresa May 😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝, boasting about just a day or so ago?

    Yes, you guessed it, about how allegedly strong the British economy is and that is why record numbers of non-EU migrants have entered this country

    So, not only do the Tories utterly fail to deal with our own home-bred criminals by introducing more stringent REAL measures like the return of hanging or judicial corporal punishment they go and import masses of people who come from some of the most violent and backward places on earth such as Somalia thereby importing a criminal problem as well.

    Truely, the Tories are abysmal globalist traitors and totally SICK in the head. Would a government led by Corbyn really be all that bad?


    1. I wonder whether that last is what the electorate will think too. The expected GE is a gamble which may or may not pay off for Boris-idiot. Every time I see him on TV, I think how little he seems to fill a Prime Minister’s shoes. 160 “Conservative” MPs and 92,000 rank and file “Conservative” Party members inflicted this charlatan upon us.


      1. You are totally correct in your assessment of him. He is a scruffy git who , in no possible way, looks like a Prime Minister. The bloke can’t even get himself a decent haircut! I never thought that one day we would get Worzel Gummidge in No. 10!

        At least Jeremy Hunt for all of his globalist left-Liberal thinking actually looked and sounded like a PM in waiting!


  32. Vote Tory and you will get masses of immigrants for your neighbours many of whom will come from very backward places like Somalia with their tendencies to be violent and less police officers on the street because most of the time the CONServatives get them to sit on their fat asses in police stations looking at computer screens to hunt down people who post mean un-PC tweets instead of getting those officers out on the streets or dealing with GENUINE crimes.

    Mass immigration fractures society and makes people more selfish and that is a good breeding ground for criminal behaviour but try telling a Tory cretin that and he or she will respond to you in a typical Guardianista fashion.

    To hell with that party! They are so fundamentally anti-British.


    1. Society in the UK is fragmenting. The multikulti race chaos is part of that. The Army cannot reach even its new lowered strength target of 82,000. It now has only about 72,000 men (and women— in fact at least 10% of the Army now consists of women. Apparently, the Army is recruiting, but it cannot retain people now. Poor pay, poor housing, a less paternalistic attitude than the Army had in bygone decades; all that is part of it. I also see that many soldiers do not want to fight for or serve this broken and increasingly non-Brit society. The soldiers might even be prosecuted or sued for their service, in the end. Thank God that the Supreme Court fairly recently slapped down the attempt by former Mau Mau terrorists to get COMPENSATION! I believe that the Jew-Zionist QC Myerson (who used to tweet about me fairly often) was lead counsel for them. Presumably (I don’t know) a no-win no-fee case. At least that one has been shot down in flames, saving not only public money but honour. The Mau Mau members and all supporters should have been shot in the field at the time.


      1. Indeed.. We should have been far tougher on them yet even the milder measures we did take earnt us the abiding contempt of that noxious Yankee

        Brit hater President Obama with his ancestral dislike of us – something even the cretinous Clown in No. 10 managed to work-out and alluded to.
        Quite typical that a Jew Zionist QC would try and use that case to get one over the hated British white Goys.

        The World Wide Web part of the Internet that was invented by Briton Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a great invention not least because it enables we Britons to know what the opinions of other people in other countries are about this country and its people.

        I have to say that when I have seen Indians online moan and whinge about the former British Raj and what we done for them ie build railways, schools etc and try and build them up to a state of semi-civilisation I find it hard to disagree much with Winston Churchill when he said about them, “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion”

        Now, thanks to globalist Tory traitors we have one of Churchill’s ‘beastly people’ as Home Secretary.

        If the ungrateful wretches of India dislike us so much then why, oh why, have they followed us here then?


      2. …and one as Chancellor too. After all, the British Raj encompassed Pakistan’s present territory as well. I think that the Pakistanis are worse, if truth be known. There are exceptions, of course, here and there. I knew a young Pakistani from one of the ruling circles. We dined, with an American colleague, at Lincoln’s Inn in 2002 (long before my 2016 disbarment and consequent expulsion from my Inn). Jinnah was at Lincoln’s Inn too, in the 1890s.

        I met the Pakistani Ambassador at a diplomatic reception when I lived in Almaty 23 years ago. Sultan Somebody or Other, I think his name was. Naturally, such people are, like Imran Khan etc, scarcely typical.

        As to Obama, well, his father was from a tribe called, I think, the Lua. The Mau Mau were mostly and in fact almost exclusively Kikuyu, as far as I know. In fact I have known people resident in Kenya at that time. One was very nearly murdered in the middle of the night (along with her sisters and parents) by a cowardly Mau Mau gang, but thanks to the bravery of her father, the gang fled. How disgusting it is that Jew lawyers in the UK tried to make money for such evil criminals 60 years later (and money for themselves too, of course). I do not call it “treason”, but only because I do not regard them as fully British anyway. “Treachery” perhaps.


    2. btw, saw this: Britain 2019…a yob *with a previous conviction for violence* gets only 8 months for assaulting a woman in the street, inc. kicking her in the head as she lay helpless… (and so said yob will be out in less than 4 months). Meanwhile, his “ho” (as the blacks say), aka wife (now with another “partner” and now pregnant…you could not make it up!) kept punching the victim, who did not try to defend herself or protect herself.

      “Ho’s” sentence? “Community order”, 200 hours of picking up litter and 3 months barred from going out and getting pissed at night. Oh, and the “ho” was said to be:
      “a caring community nurse…extremely hard working” (Britain’s new virtue par excellence: “hard work” excuses stupidity —as with school students who “deserve” A-grades because “hard-working”— delinquency, malice etc). And get this!
      Defence counsel: “Forbes had needed therapy herself to deal with the stress of what happened, adding: “She is extremely sorry for her actions”.” As I said, you could not make it up…


      1. Doesn’t look like
        Priti’s ‘reign of terror’ upon criminals is going well so far then, does it?

        As well as having having border controls and DEPORTING ILLEGAL aliens ie NOT giving them YET ANOTHER amnesty as the bird brain Clown in N0. 10 so foolishly advocates so that our society I order that our society doesn’t fragment even further I suggest she looks to Singapore as a real example of how to institute a reign of terror upon the criminally-inclined:

        Or even China: https://wiki/Capital_punishment_in_China! 😀😀😀😀


      2. I favour undermining the *causes* of crime: poor upbringing, poor housing, educational flaws, lack of opportunity, family and social breakdown, ethical standards in society etc. On the other hand, the immediate situation needs to be addressed too, and ipso facto immediately.


  33. Yes, it isn’t rational to think of Jewish Zionists as British when they deliberately refuse to assimilate fully into British society, view themselves as being inherently different from the white ‘goyim’, place their perceived ethnic interests as being above the host society’s interests etc.

    Sir Oswald Mosley who WASN’T an ‘anti-semite’ since he had quite a few assimilated Jews as members of his party said these kind of Jewish Supremacist/Zionist Jews acted like a ‘nation within a nation’ and frankly would that be a wrong way to describe their thinking and actions? I think not


  34. Yes, generally-speaking Pakistanis are worse than Indians. Pakistanis are, frankly, the lowest of the low apart from Somalians which we now also have along with their disturbingly low average IQ levels and tendency to smoke Khat near Heathrow Airport.

    Speaking of Indians, a few years ago I went on a little expedition on the train to see just how bad the ethnic Indian colonisation of Southall was and the unfortunate fact is that not only do you feel like a Briton would in New Delhi or Mumbai there but you can actually SMELL it due to the delights of Curry from several train stops away.


    1. I have been to Southall a couple of times, the last time nearly 20 years ago, on both occasions with ladies who wanted to buy silk, which they claimed was half the price that the same stuff was in (in one case) Marylebone. Southall, like much of the London area now (Southall is technically not London, of course), is completely alien.


      1. The High Street of Southall is full of sari shops and apart from the British architecture you may as well be in Calcutta (I forget what name the Indians have renamed that city as).

        I also visited the EastEnd as well ie the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and walked around places like Cable Street which is a bit different from Sir Oswald Mosley’s day in that there are hardly any whites or indeed (ironically) Jews. Spitalfields and Whitechapel may as well be in Dhaka or Karachi.

        I have to say to the BBC your soap opera of EastEnders could do with updating since it has too many white characters to be representative of the reality of the EastEnd today!


      2. Kolkata.

        Yes, I believe that the last Jews left Whitechapel long ago, maybe in the 1980s. I think that “they” need a quorum (from memory, 4 individuals) [addendum: I have since discovered that such a quorum is 10, not 4] to hold a service in a synagogue and that became impossible. The Jewish areas are often the outer suburbs now, eg in Hertfordshire and Essex, as well as the more traditional 20thC ones of Golders Green, Hendon, Barnet and (where I used to live!) Maida Vale (I lived in the Little Venice section).

        When I first went to stay in Little Venice (1976), the main grocery shop (later renamed Supafoods and maybe sold) was a Jewish deli, Pribik and Sterman. I used to buy most of my food there (I don’t dislike most Jewish food). We used to call it “the Jews” as in “I’m going to the Jews to buy some chicken liver pate and sauerkraut. Do you need anything?” All the staff were Jewish.


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