Diary Blog, 15 September 2022

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Deliberate importation of untermenschen by a System working to the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: https://vk.com/@judi1964-coudenhove-kalergi-plan-stealth-genocide-against-the-peoples.

Incidentally, that “Isaacs” was not a Jew: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Isaacs. Some people, especially of Nonconformist religious origins, have such surnames.

…and if that is happening this year in the USA, it will probably be happening in the UK next year or the year after…

True, though in fact Andrew was in the Falklands (on a ship offshore, and flying a helicopter from said ship) in the war zone for only about 2 weeks, and was never under fire.

As for “the Harry formerly known as Prince”, he was in Afghanistan for about 30 weeks over two separate deployments, but (through no fault of his own) was mostly kept out of danger by his superior officers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Harry,_Duke_of_Sussex#Sandhurst;_Blues_and_Royals;_deployment_to_Afghanistan.

That is the tragedy of those who, like me, must keep the true flames of England and Britain flaring.

…and Trump failed, in his last weeks in office, to pardon thousands of nationalist and/or social-nationalist prisoners serving heavy time in Federal prison. Trump could have saved them from that, and their families from huge distress and harm, but chose not to do that. Same with Julian Assange and the defector of conscience, Snowden.

Trump = Useless.

As I always blogged, Trump as President was just a squawking parrot in a gilded cage, guarded by a troop of Jews.

Still, it will be interesting to see whether he can come back in the next US Presidential contest. I suppose that is why his opponents are trying to get him indicted first.

Look at Trump’s replacement…

Funny? Pathetic? Or does it make anyone angry? That demented old guy might well launch a nuclear attack on Russia; and if he and those around him (or controlling him) do that, the UK would be mainly a pile of irradiated ashes in a matter of days, possibly hours, after the commencement of hostilities…

Not that we here in the UK can afford to laugh too loudly…

I wonder…could it be that Charles has spent most of his 74 years (as of this November) wanting to be King, and (?) preparing to be King, only to find that, now that he is King, he cannot really hold down the “job” (position, rank, status) and, quite likely, already finds the routine of being King rather irksome? We shall see.

Other European countries have had kings and emperors even in the past century or so, only to dispense with them in the end: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria-Hungary etc.


Rudolf Steiner predicted that a time would come when all sorts of depravity and evil would become prominent in society, and that society would congratulate itself on how “liberal” and “tolerant” society had become. Are we there already?

There is, for some of us, a feeling akin to fin de siecle, despite the fact that the century is only 22 years old.

What I mean is a feeling perhaps similar to that of the post-Edwardian age just before the First World War:


Incidentally, a very good film. I have seen it on VHS or DVD. I wish that I had seen it when it was first shown at the Curzon arthouse cinema in Curzon Street, Mayfair in —I think— 1985. I often passed by that cinema at the time (1984-1985); I noticed the posters outside advertising The Shooting Party.

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When I drove through Romania from Bulgaria to Hungary in 2001, before any of those states were in the EU, it was a strange and backward-seeming country (though Bulgaria was far worse). Probably better now, with all the EU money pumped in.

[World Economic Forum headquarters, Switzerland]

“The Great Reset” is no “conspiracy theory”. It is the agenda being implemented by a transnational conspiracy (or “consensus”, if you prefer) during the 33 years 2022-2055.

Think about how the world changed from 1923 to 1956, or 1956 to 1989, and then 1989-2022. That’s the point. A world-changing agenda, carried out in plain sight but controlled by secretive cabals across the world, working together in what the freemasons might call “concord”.

[Bohemian Grove, Northern California]
[Bohemian Grove, Northern California]

For myself, I would not go quite so far as that…only 90% of the way.

Good point, surely?

Many are pointing out that Andrew has held that distinction since 1981, and that it is therefore not a (new) decision by the King, but he obviously chose to confirm the situation rather than change it by removing Andrew from that role (assuming that convention permits that— I do not see why not).

I don’t know, but it seems to me that, whatever one might say about the late Queen, she rarely put a foot wrong in public in her long reign. Charles has only been King for a few days, and already appears to be floundering.

See also https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/11/the-jew-epstein-and-prince-andrew-the-british-royal-family-has-another-scandal-maybe-its-time-to-just-get-rid-of-them/.

England 2022


Maidstone. Zoo.

Americans call such an outbreak a “chimp-out”. I think that I prefer chimps.

There will be, in the end, only one way to deal with this.

England as Ruritania

I read that Prince Andrew has now been confirmed as “Earl of Inverness” (though he has in fact held the title since 1986). These titles, meaning nothing, are strange and pathetic baubles, as are the various badges and chains of the various orders of chivalry. The very name— “orders of chivalry“! About 600 years after such things had any reality. The Order of the Garter, of the Bath etc. Some of the dormant orders are even more peculiar, such as “The Order of the Star of India”. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_chivalry#Modern_orders.

Strange too, that the new King Charles seems to be spending his days doling out titles etc, or worrying about whether his fountain pen is leaking, when the country is facing huge challenges in the very near future.

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12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 September 2022”

  1. Regarding Prince Andrew and the accusations of paedophilia. Surely they are only allegations since they have not been tested in a court of law? The age of consent in the UK is 16, so what he is alleged to have done, would not even be a crime here. In the USA the age of consent differs in each State from 13 to 17. It would be correct to accuse him of immorality and stupidity, but those calling him a “nonce” are likely just lefty Marxist types who hate the Monarchy anyway.
    I wonder if I am alone in thinking it would be very gratifying to see Marxists and Extinction Rebellion protestors who cause disruption on the funeral route, being given a taste of crowd justice? It is high time Brits found their spines.


  2. Check out this picture. This is what Ireland is becoming, and yet Irish “Nationalists” would still rather rant and rave about “d brits!”, who haven’t been in charge there for a century now. It’s getting to the point where i have very little sympathy for them. It’s been proven, over this past week especially, that a lot of so called “Pro-Whites” from other countries will happily side with the ((())) and other racial enemies against us because of historical grievances. The “evil” side of me sometimes hopes Ireland, an “independent” Scotland etc get completely flooded with Africans and Middle Easterners, and the US by even more Mexicans and blacks. https://twitter.com/joefingalgreen/status/1570128309907849219?t=bwni7m4p9I3evM64yloC1Q&s=19


    1. SaxonEngland:
      I visited the Republic in the late 1970s and also about 1985 or 1986. I wonder whether I would even recognize the country now: Sinn Fein literally on their knees before the WEF agenda, the migration invasion, and the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense; and the country’s leader a half-Indian doctor (and gay to boot)! De Valera and Michael Collins must be spinning in their graves.

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    2. Yes, to be sure a lot of so-called “White nationalists” or “Pro-White” (two stupid names that I do not like) are still living in the past fighting old wars. It is infuriating but also to be expected considering centuries of hatred and NO ONE is free of this.

      In fact, two days ago I was furiously attacked by an Englishman in an American forum after I made some very harsh comments about the shameful lack of response or action from most Englishmen in regards to the brazen invasion across the channel. The idiot missed completely the point of my criticism and accused me of being “a greasy Scot or a despicable low-life Irishman” (LOL)

      I told him that it was he who was being obnoxious showing a nasty, deep-rooted hatred for other White ethnicities that proved he lived in the past. It is very discouraging and annoying and I noticed that among other European nations, that is why I detest traditional nationalism which is based on hating your neighbours.

      PS: How is your brother? Any news about his operation?


      1. Yes a lot of my fellow Englishmen certainly aren’t innocent of xenophobia against other White peoples. The Irish, French, Germans and Argentines being four well known examples. In fact a lot of people who don’t like the Royal family, don’t like them because of their German ancestry. Never mind the fact the Royals sat idly by for decades whilst the UK has gone to pot, it’s the fact they’re “dirty huns” that pisses them off. “Muh, King Edward VIII was a Nazi!!” etc. Calling French people “White flag waving bastards” is another one.

        A lot of young Englishmen would rather go and hospitalise a guy who supports a different football team than them, than go and try to do something about the channel invasion.

        These historical grievances between White nations have also obviously been played upon by (((you know who))).

        No news yet about when my Brother’s operation will be. He’s ok but keeps feeling nauseous (probably nerves). The surgeon (a non-White obviously) is calling on wednesday to tell us. It has to be done before the end of next month, as it’s a baclofen pump. They need to be replaced before their battery lifespan ends. The battery life is seven years, and it was october 2015 when it was inserted. The waiting is very anxiety inducing for us.


      2. I hope everything goes well for your brother. Yes, regarding the stupidity of some people who live in the past I could write a book. I shall give two weird examples.

        Some months ago I was watching an excellent series of videos in YT that dealt with the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71). It was made by an American team of military history enthusiasts, therefore no Frenchies were involved, however, some idiots started talking about German “atrocities”!

        Some years ago I was invited to a dinner to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Obligado (20th November 1845) where the Argentinians defeated a Franco-British fleet of 22 warships who tried to invade us to force “friendly commercial relations”. (LOL) Well, hearing some of the speakers you would believe the battle took place last week! (LOL) Thank God the food was excellent! 😁​😁​😁​

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  3. Lots of interesting comments and posts. To begin with the tweet from “Bobby” @Real BlackIrish regarding the pageantry of the British monarchy. I feel the same, I mean, I like the beautiful spectacle, the magnificent uniforms (especially those of the Household Cavalry) and the music, but sadly, all that is a facade without substance (very much like the famous Potemkin villages built by Catherine the Great’s lover). Even worse, the main actors are all traitors serving anti-British/White interests; and there is no way they do not know what they are doing, hence my harsh comments about the royal family in a forum. (I got a lot of flak! 😁​😁​😁​)


  4. Regarding the film “The Shooting Party” I remember vaguely (I watched it only once in Australia nearly 20 years ago) it had a fantastic cast including one of my favourite British actors of all time: James Mason. Very nice film but a bit depressing.


  5. Regarding Trump, he was a bastard and a traitor. I never expected much from him because I already knew he gave his blessing to the marriage of his favourite daughter Ivanka to that vile reptile named Jared Kutscher, not only that but the stupid bimbo converted to Judaism. 😡​😡​😡​

    His handlers were very clever because he told the patriotic White working-class Americans what they wanted to hear, besides, the option (Hillary Clinton) was really awful. His lasts months in power were disgusting, as you pointed out he could (and SHOULD) pardoned those decent American patriots and the bastard let them rot in jail! 🤬​🤬​🤬​


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