Diary Blog, 28 April 2023, with a few thoughts about the upcoming Coronation

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We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the British Monarchy.

The odd thing is that, as opinion polls —and simple observation— show, most of the blacks and browns (certainly those under 60) have no time for, or interest in, the Monarchy.

The same is true of the metropolitan LGBTQXYZ crowd, as seen on Twitter.

Yet Charles is bending over backward in the attempt to appeal to those and other “diverse” groups.

In other words, Charles is trying to appeal to those who either hate him and the Monarchy (a relative few), or to those (the vast majority) to whom the Monarchy is a total irrelevance.

It will no doubt be argued by the msm that Charles is being brave and principled. To me, that whole project comes over as weak and ineffectual. As does he.

As blogged in the past, I have nothing much against Charles himself, whom I once met at a small diplomatic reception in Kazakhstan (in 1996). He has championed some issues of importance, including matters of architecture, town planning, animal welfare, and the environment. He may not always have been successful in that —a chequered picture—but he has tried. I think that that cannot be denied.

It must be hard simply to behave decently when you are told by pretty much everything and everyone around you since birth that you are wonderful, special, way above others etc.

At least Charles does try. Look, by way of contrast, at his brother, Andrew… [and see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/08/11/the-jew-epstein-and-prince-andrew-the-british-royal-family-has-another-scandal-maybe-its-time-to-just-get-rid-of-them/].

However, this Coronation, far from boosting Charles, may well prove to be the start of his —and the Monarchy’s— downfall. He has invited the head of Sinn Fein to attend, yet not members of families close to the Monarchy for decades, even centuries (and not some individuals close to the late Queen).

The whole thing seems to be a “woke”, fake-“diverse” circus of nonsense grafted onto the comfortable and customary mediaeval and Victorian base.

Maybe that is why Meghan Mulatta is not going to attend, because she realized that she would just be one more “diverse” exhibit in the show.

The last Coronation, in 1953, was (apparently) eagerly awaited by much of the population. Sales of then-still-new- TV sets exploded, because it was going to be the first televised Coronation. Much of the population was engaged and, it seems, felt involved, even if, inevitably, only as background chorus and spear-carriers.

Now? Well, writing this piece, I actually had to look up the date of this Coronation, to remind myself (Saturday, 6 May 2023). I noticed one of the Readers’ Comments to that Daily Mail report: the comment said “I am being swept along in [sic] a wave of apathy“. Despite the error, surely correct. I have not yet spoken to anyone who has mentioned the Coronation in any way, positive or negative. Public interest is at or near rock-bottom.

I have blogged before to the effect that what will kill the Monarchy is not hatred, anger, or even principled dislike, or ideological opposition. No, what will kill it (and is killing it) is apathy as much as anything; the fact that the Monarchy, the Royal Family, their activities etc, have just no connection to, or relevance for, most of those living in the UK today.

For all the “diverse” nonsense, most of the non-whites, indeed most of the non-Brits, are simply not interested. Even in the white (British) “community”, there is a demographic split, most of the over 65s not only interested in the Monarchy but supportive of it; as for the under-30s, not. I think that a recent opinion poll said that about two-thirds of the under-30s would like to get rid of the Monarchy. Again, though, the reason is not anger (as in England in 1649, France in 1789 or Russia in 1917) but simple apathy and lack of interest both in the Monarchy and in getting rid of it.

The other glaring fact is the sheer struggle so many now have simply to pay bills, keep a roof over the head, children and companion animals fed, and so on.

The Monarchy will go at some point but , in the much-used phrase of Nevil Shute, “not with a bang but a whimper”.

Marina Purkiss

“In one astonishing moment, she raised the recent renaming of Black Boy Lane in Haringey, north London. Believing she had found a winning line, she insisted that ‘If you had a street named White Trash you might want to rename it’. Why Purkiss considers ‘black boy’ to be a slur on a par with ‘white trash’ was never made clear.

[Spiked magazine]

Marina Purkiss, a “woke” idiot who thinks that civil rights or human rights such as freedom of expression are unimportant.

Alarming but not surprising that huge numbers of Twitterati think that she is great (and that she somehow “smashed” Jacob Rees-Mogg in that interview).

No doubt Marina Purkiss will continue to make a kind of career out of intellect-free emoting on socio-political issues. She apparently also has other, and remunerated, activity online.

Not that cost-of-living issues are unimportant. In fact, when people start to really struggle, in large numbers, that is precisely when they turn to radical and even revolutionary alternatives which may, down the line, be dictatorial and anti-free speech.

Tweets seen

Ask not for whom the bell tolls…it tolls for thee“…

That could be the moment for social nationalism to strike. The missing element is a party or movement. At present there is none worthy of the name. However, in times of crisis and desperation, a party, movement, or individual personality may arise suddenly, out of the depths of the people and events.

Look at that crematorium drone, ordering better people than himself back to their places. The “panicdemic” really brought out numbers of self-important nobodies of that type. No more were they simple supermarket workers, shopworkers, or filling station cashiers. Oh, no! Now they were workers on the front-line of the “Covid” “emergency”, armed with powers (they thought) to order people back, forward, sideways, or to wear muzzles etc, just like instructors dealing with slow-minded military recruits. I had a few clashes with that sort in 2020-21. How they must have hated having to return to stacking shelves…

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[East Berlin, 1970s; reminds me of a few places in South London]

More tweets seen

You still see anti-Hitler propaganda about the alleged euthanasia of some medical “hopeless cases” in the late 1930s. Not everything done in the Reich was correct, but what was done of that type was pretty much on a par with what was happening in the UK, USA and elsewhere. The Jewish lobby (mainly) screams endlessly about “the evils of Nazism“, when in fact the same was happening across Europe and North America, but you never or rarely hear about that.

As for a situation such as that in the last few years in the UK, even the Jewish lobby can hardly blame Hitler and the NSDAP for that

By reason of the repression of free speech already well-advanced in the UK, I am “not allowed” to say what I want to say about what should be done right now…

So people will be “expected” (required?) to stay incarcerated in something akin to an open prison, albeit with cafes and wine bars (in some cases)? Presumably, also forbidden from saying or writing anything anti-“communitarian”…

Late tweets seen

The future of ground conflict?

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11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 28 April 2023, with a few thoughts about the upcoming Coronation”

  1. What a pity that KCIII has reacted to the accusations of racism by that 3rd rate American actress Markle. Why are his advisors not explaining to him that accusations of racism are impossible to disprove? I feel sure his mother would have maintained a steadier hand on the tiller.
    Clearly protests against William and Catherine in the Caribbean, plus the Marlene Headley debacle has rattled the King.
    According to Lady Colin Campbell palace insiders are dismayed with Charles’ vision for the Coronation.
    KCIII is also determined to foist Camilla as Queen onto a population who do not approve of her.


  2. Hello Ian! I agree basically what everything you said about the coronation. It does not surprise me that practically all non-Whites could not give a damn about the Monarchy; it is quite logical, after all, they do not have ANY connection to the land or the country; and this is valid to ALL White countries. These people SHOULD NOT be living among us.

    Let’s say I am living in Japan, as much as I like the people and respect their customs and traditions, I wouldn’t care or get excited if a new emperor is about to be proclaim or crowned. Having said that, the non-White elements living in Europe do not have any respect for our traditions or customs which it makes it even worse. As you must have noticed, in the un-official videos about the National Trust’s properties you will NEVER see a black or brown face, you may see the odd Japanese tourist but that will be all.


    1. Claudius:
      You are right.

      As a matter of fact, I should say that, in the UK, overall, we are living within a matrix of System propaganda akin to that in the East European socialist states in the 1970s.


  3. I have to say that I enjoyed the spectacle of those useless British policemen running around and behind their master Rishi Sunak. What a despicable exercise of abuse of power! Have you noticed that the whole system is VERY American? I mean, those idiots running around the cars is what the FBI agents have been doing in the US for decades. BTW, that ridiculous display did not prevent Ronald Reagen being shot by a deranged idiot, he was very lucky that the fool used a 22 gun and not a 9mm with hollow point bullets.


    1. Claudius:
      Yes, the running alongside has been a feature of the U.S. Secret Service bodyguard detail since the 1930s (I think). Pretty sure that Roosevelt had it during WW2. Some other countries (eg North Korea) have copied it.

      The new UK version is rather silly, especially the “Bicycle Squad” out front. Like Monty Python.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Ian,
    Here in Scotland we older ones used to have a good saying in regard to women like Marina Purkiss…. “I wouldn’t take an open wage packet home to her”


    1. Ross:
      Thank you. An interesting piece of social history. I think that I last saw an old-style “wage packet” over 30 years ago, when I ran short of cash and did 5 or 6 days (while in the UK from the USA) helping out at Ascot, at the Royal Meeting (a few hours a day, hauling race cards around). My pay on the final day came in the traditional and now surely forgotten brown paper packet: banknotes, coins, and an advice slip with pay and tax details.


      1. Aye, the good old days…… maybe?

        Was out drinking with a few lads from work last Saturday, ( a beano you may call it) in all the old drinking bars in Glasgow there was a cash only policy. Guess what, not one of the young lads had any cash on them even though they were out for a days drinking. All done on the phone in the ‘posh’ pubs.


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