Greta Thunberg, System-Approved Wunderkind


There’s a “world leader” (or when she feels like it, a mentally-afflicted little girl) who is telling YOU what to DO or NOT DO…OR ELSE!

The little nut seems a bit short on arithmetic, in that the best estimate for world population at present is nearly 8 billion, i.e. 8,000,000,000; 4 million is therefore equivalent to one individual out of (roughly, about) every two thousand people…you could even call those on “climate strike” something like “a small number”. Greta really should just go back to school…

Some newspaper and social media comment:

Greta Thunberg doesn’t like it when people question her motives or those of those behind her:

There we have it: she is “deeply disturbed” (well, I can agree with her about that!) that anyone is “allowed” to speak about her other than in tones of adulation. She is of course from Sweden, where people are used to being told that they are “not allowed” to put forward certain dissenting views, for example about the migration-invasion that has led to an epidemic of crime generally, rape, murder, where often the victims are girls like Greta Thunberg (who says nothing, it seems, about all that).

…and isn’t it odd that, at least when it suits her, she talks about “we children” etc? Is she the only 16 year old (17 in January 2020) in the world that talks about herself as being a child? Yes, she looks stunted and undeveloped, but this is another way of trying to manipulate the situation.

Any school students unwilling to go along with the fake “school strikes” (organized truanting) in Sweden face ostracism or worse:

We have to be clear here: Greta Thunberg is not a scientist (how could she be, at her age?) and in fact seems to know nothing about science in much depth. She has been reading popular accounts about science for a number of years, and is obsessed with the idea that “the end of the world is nigh”. She is a kind of fundamentalist, putting “The Science” in place of a religious totem, demanding that everyone in the world agree with her cartoon view of “The Science” and the world, and threatening those who dissent or (what may well be even more triggering for her) who ignore her.

It interests me that, in a society so “nanny-state” as Sweden, Greta Thunberg was allowed to sit outside the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag, for a solid three weeks during term-time, protesting against “climate change”. No-one tried to interfere, not the police, not the all-powerful Swedish social workers, not her school. No-one. There is more to this than just a stunted autistic and mentally-afflicted schoolgirl making a lone protest, though it all probably started in that way, as a genuine cri de coeur of some kind by a fixated girl with mental and physical problems.

She seems to think that she can see “carbon emissions”!

Of course, it seems trivial and even tawdry to say that money might be involved somewhere, at least for those behind Greta Thunberg, but if it is true that she (or her parents?) get USD $10,000 a pop for appearances, it does at least raise questions:

As a matter of fact, it now appears that there is a move to award Greta Thunberg the Nobel Peace Prize (commonly, though admittedly not always, given to those who, with appropriate “piety” and virtue-signalling, cause mayhem and chaos in the world). That prize is worth between one and two million pounds in cash; of course the recipient is henceforth a world-famous figure  (for the rest of his or her life) and can expect to write bestselling books (or have them ghostwritten) etc.

Greta Thunberg has her supporters, usually the unthinking virtue-signallers of Twitter.

“Slowthai” is the half-caste “rapper” (he’s half-Irish, half-Barbadian) who was widely publicized after appearing on stage with the apparently-severed head of Boris Johnson:

His best-known record (though I had never heard of either him or it until his recent 15 mins of fame on stage with Boris Johnson’s “head”) is apparently called Nothing Great About Britain; in other words, he is yet another enemy of Britain given succour by the country he hates, but he will not be prosecuted, unlike Alison Chabloz, who was prosecuted in 2018 for singing satirical songs about “holocaust” frauds, and who is now (2019) out on bail pending appeal, she having been imprisoned briefly just last week on a trumped-up charge relating to alleged breach of condition of the 2018 sentence.

So back to Greta Thunberg. Impressive? Not really. A mentally-disturbed, autistic girl emoting, having been told that she is a world figure and almost a world leader. Can it really be that people like tweeter “@BeardedGenius” do not discern the sheer hate emanating from Greta Thunberg? Her wish to make people do what she wants and believe exactly what she believes is shockingly obvious. Not to all, though. Her words alone! “We are watching you“…(and the audience of rabbits all applaud…).

Once again, Greta Thunberg displays her two-sided approach:

  • at first the Swedish juvenile version of Joan of Arc, demanding compliance in the name of, if not God, then at least “The Science” (which cannot be questioned, even if parroted from the lips of a 16-year-old scientifically-unqualified autistic and fanatic);
  • if questioned, the other side comes out: “I am just a little girl, with all these bad men questioning and criticizing me” and “I should not be here; I should be back in school [and I should not be questioned]”.

A host of “useful idiots” have joined in, attacking anyone with the temerity not to go along with the agenda of Greta Thunberg or whoever has decided to push her into the spotlight of msm publicity. My response to the “useful idiots” would be to say that if someone tries to make statements of a political nature, with the intent of changing the present world civilization, then that person must expect to have ideas and policies analyzed, questioned etc. It is not enough for Greta Thunberg either to project angry hate or to squeal “leave me alone, I’m only a little schoolgirl.”

For once, I can actually agree with Jeremy Clarkson, who called Greta Thunberg “a spoilt brat”:

The sheer hatred the Thunberg girl shows can be seen all the time, as in her stare at Donald Trump, as he walks past (though if anyone famous deserves such hostility, it is probably him, admittedly).

In fact, what Greta Thunberg did not like in New York was that Trump upstaged her and ignored her. She was just a visiting spectator at that moment. Greta Nut then retreated into her angry little girl box:

Not that Greta Thunberg is wrong to be very worried about the future of the world and its environment. I have blogged about that myself on a number of occasions [see Notes, below].

However, Greta Thunberg has no developed ideas about how to prevent what she claims is imminent climate and environmental catastrophe except for the world (and especially the advanced European-race parts of the world) to revert to some fantasy arcadia almost immediately.

Greta Thunberg supports the Extinction Rebellion protests, which have not achieved anything and never will achieve anything beyond (if tolerated) creation of socio-economic chaos. I have blogged about Extinction Rebellion quite recently:

The Extinction Rebellion protesters are, in some cases, well-meaning and are not entirely wrong in thinking that “time is running out”, but those people are unwilling to accept that the root cause of the world’s environmental calamity is the sheer number of inhabitants now on the Earth. It follows that the only realistic way for the Earth to recover is a massive reduction in the size of that population.

Since 1945, there has been a huge increase in the population of the world. That is common knowledge. What is less known is that the bulk of the population increase has been in only a few areas of the world. Indeed, China and India account for much of it. Europe’s population has not grown much. In fact, if you take out the non-Europeans living now in Europe, there is stasis and in some cases a reduction.

White Genocide is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is reality, even if the Swedish autistic and those controlling and managing her prefer to ignore it. A recent statistic is compelling: of all the women in the world presently pregnant, only 2% are “white”, i.e. of European origin. Northern European women? A yet-lower number, by far.

Without Europeans, positive evolution stops.

Greta Thunberg is a catspaw. There are big and powerful forces behind her now, just as the Extinction Rebellion protesters were allowed (at first) to take over the streets of London for days— until Londoners started to smell a rat: “why is this being allowed?”, after which the police started to arrest a number of “useful idiots”, though not those running the protests, not Emma Thompson and other “celebrity” fellow-travellers…

Others have been brought to prominence by the msm and the so-called “world community” in the recent past, including Malala Yousefzai []. When I saw that girl, I certainly did think, in her case, that this is someone of remarkable mentality, likely to become a world leader (unlike Greta Thunberg, who will never become more than an angry would-be little tyrant, in my opinion). I did also, though, find Malala rather disturbing. Alien. It also has to be noted that, as in similar cases, powerful cosmopolitan forces have supported Malala Yousefzai, and are no doubt trying to find the right pathway for her to take a leading role in Asia. In some respects that is a good thing, just as it is good that the world starts to think seriously about the environment, but we have to be alert to evil posing as the good.



In the new censored, sanitized (of social nationalism and most rational thought) Twitter, the “useful idiots” are there supporting the new heroine of “zero carbon emissions now!” while booking their latest city break…These are often the same people who, simultaneously, want the UK and other European states to accept vast numbers of backward migrant-invaders and want the UK, France etc to have better social services, higher pay and State benefits, good housing for all, better health services (etc). They do not want reality.

“What do we want? Zero carbon emissions! When do we want to live like cavedwellers in a society of violent chaos? Now!”

The “useful idiots” of our times…

As Hitler said of many of the Weimar Republic people, “they want not only their daily bread but their daily illusion”…


Update, 10 October 2019

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” [Oscar Wilde]

Update, 18 October 2029

and look at this (below)! What strikes me is how very restrained the London travelling public is! That smug entitled old bitch really should have had her head kicked in. To adapt the words of Little Greta Nut, “how dare” that old bitch decide that ordinary people should have their lives disrupted so that said old bitch (who no doubt lives very comfortably in the country somewhere, probably with monies invested in the economy she wants to bring down…) can make a meaningless gesture. Her smug smirk says it all. She knows that the people she is basically fucking about are not going to hurt her— because she is a woman, and is above retirement age, just as Greta Nut hides behind her “I’m only a little child who should be in school” shield (while she threatens others).

In a way, I have to say that I respect the self-restraint of those Londoners. In some other countries, the old bitch would have been just stomped on (and frankly I do not think that she could have complained, plausibly).

Below, one of Greta Nut’s followers, trainee “Buddhist teacher” Mark Ovland, 36, who “gave up his ‘studies'” (in Buddhism) to become a full-time Extinction Rebellion activist, kicks someone in the head before he is dragged off the roof of an Underground train and (I hope) is given a good kicking (though he was able to stand up several seconds later, thanks to the forbearance of the Londoners whose lives he is deliberately disrupting). So at the age of 36, this waste of space has no job, no profession, not even any real study programme. Is he a “trustafarian”?…Oh, and I do not recall Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King or other “peaceful resistance” luminaries (or Gautama Buddha for that matter) kicking anyone in the head!

Update, 3 December 2019

“People are underestimating the power of angry children. We are annoyed and frustrated, but for good reason.” [Greta Thunberg]

Greta Nut is still at it! Still calling herself “child”, even though she is 17 years old in about 4 weeks. Still powerlessly threatening. Still with no real ideas. Still trying to raise a second Children’s Crusade. For ***** sake just bin the silly, nasty little thing!

Update, 4 December 2019

“Thought for the day”

No, not the pathetic platitudinous drivel put out by BBC Radio 4 early every morning, but my own “thought for the day”!

If there were no, or very few, blacks, browns, Chinese etc in the world, the present relatively small minority of white Northern Europeans and their offshoots would be able to live lives of unparalleled comfort and plenty, without bothering about (human-caused) “climate change”, without worrying about “emissions” etc, while protecting the animals, birds etc of the world, and while evolving consciousness to higher levels.

Update, 14 December 2019

Now Little Greta Nut wants to put world leaders “up against a wall”! She has started to believe the propaganda put out by her “minders” to the effect that the little nut is herself a “world figure” and player, rather than a silly and misshapen little puppet.

Meanwhile some very silly Scandinavian Jew has a complete propaganda piece published in The Independent, lauding the little nut, who now “needs a well-deserved rest”.

Time has now named Greta Thunberg “Person of the Year”! This really is becoming a farce!

The claim seems to be that she has influenced untold thousands of little rabbits who want to pretend that they are “changing the world” by “liking” a tweet or a Facebook post.

Ha ha! Get the little nut (very soon 17 years old, by the way) a job, if she will not return to school! Assistant gardener might be about right.

Update, 27 December 2019

and the madness continues! (see below). Who can now doubt that Greta Thunberg is anything other than a “Manchurian Candidate” for our times? The System is promoting her for a reason…

Update, 26 February 2020


Update, 1 April 2020

The only update is that Greta Nut announced, from Sweden, that she “suspected” that she had been infected, on her travels, with Coronavirus and so had “self-isolated”. Well, I “suspect” that Greta Nut, pushed out of the msm limelight by Cornonavirus news, is desperate to become again an item on the international msm news agenda, and so has been trying to get onto the Coronavirus bandwagon.


I would not rule out this Greta creature eventually committing suicide or going totally mad in  5, 10, 15 years’ time, once she loses her “little girl becomes world leader” u.s.p. and ceases to get onto even the end of the mainstream news agenda. The msm is already losing interest in her.

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  1. The Green Party would get greater support if they dumped their extreme globalist stance and support for wholly unrestricted immigration to Britain. How they can reconcile being in favour of green issues and the environment with that open borders mentality is beyond me.

    Germany, thanks to their excellent electoral system of Mixed-Member Proportional Representation which doesn’t effectively strangle new parties at birth like our archaic crap of First Past The Post does, has a small Green Conservative party.

    To my mind, green issues are not solely the province of the political ‘Left’. Indeed, I’ve often thought they more naturally belong on the ‘Right’


    1. Your comment: “The Green Party would get greater support if they dumped their extreme globalist stance and support for wholly unrestricted immigration to Britain. How they can reconcile being in favour of green issues and the environment with that open borders mentality is beyond me.”

      You are right. The Greens were doing OK in the late 1980s when they were anti-EU or neutral, and anti-mass immigration. Under articulate but tyrannical Caroline Lucas and the present idiotic “co-leaders” (they have 2) they are somewhere between a joke and a pressure group.

      I wrote this a couple of years ago:


  2. Off topic but it seems as of the CON Party isn’t too popular with some people in Manchester as if you look put into the google search box the simple phrase ‘hang the Tories’ there is a story about a sign being hanged by a bridge near their conference site saying, ‘ 130,000 killed under the Tories, time to level the playing field’ with two effigies being hung from the bridge!😂😂😂

    Why on earth they hold their conference in a city not famous for strong Tory support is beyond me! I suppose it is yet another sign of that clapped-out party wanting to win ethnic votes!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. Shaggy -haired dog, Michael Fabricant MP, called those who did this “fascists”. God, their MPs really do have a low collective IQ level, don’t they? I think it was more likely to have been done by hard-left Labour Party supporters/outright communists not ‘fascists’🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


      1. Yes, just a glib phrase uttered by someone apparently unaware of the large political differences between ‘fascists’ and ‘communists’ He could have said something even more stupid and annoying though ie comparing the EU to Hitler’s Third Reich. Would an EU run by ‘der Fuhrer’ really allow its member states to take-in vast waves of non Europeans from places like Africa? I think not. The EU is more a resemblance of the old Soviet Union than Hitler’s Germany or Mussolini’s Italy.


      2. As for the sentiment behind this sign and the hanging effigies, I don’t have much of a problem with it. I would like to see Boris-Idiot and all these other globalist open borders supporting people in that wretched anti-British party ‘dance the Tyburn jig’ on the end of a hangman’s rope for utterly failing to control our borders properly during the last nine years of their calamitous misrule. We really do need to have, once again, appropriately severe sanctions for traitors.


  4. Anyway, it is no worse than when Tory students in the ‘good old days’ of the 1980’s before the CON Party finally succumbed to the stupidities of Liberal-left globalism used to wear ‘hang Nelson Mandela’ T shirts! And good job too if you bother to notice South Africa’s sad decline since the end of Apartheid and white minority rule.🤬😡😞


      1. Indeed. Sadly, it looks as if South Africa will become as bad as that formerly great British colony of Southern Rhodesia and later Ian Smith-ruled Rhodesia when it turned into Robert Mugabe-ruled Zimbabwe.😞😞😞😞

        In the 1980’s when lefties were calling for Apartheid South Africa to be boycotted, I tried to buy not easily obtainable South African wine and South African fruit to spite them. Also, I once got into an argument with a PC leftie anti-apartheid protester outside South Africa’s embassy in London. He soon shut-up and walked away when I said if white minority ruled South Africa and apartheid was so horrendously bad for the black population then why did President Botha’s SA have such a big problem with illegal immigration from the black majority ruled countries surrounding it?


      2. I too had an argument with (actually, he approached me and started to abuse me as I left the Embassy) one of the “protesters” (near-terrorists) allowed at that time to infest Trafalgar Square. This was in 1988, when all day amplified propaganda was aimed at the South African Embassy. The government, yes the Thatcher government, permitted this public nuisance. The police did nothing. The international conspiracy wanted South Africa under thick-as-two-short-planks Mandela…


      3. And if nothing is done about Third World immigration to Britain we will end up like the now lawless post-apartheid South Africa (under the white government crime was under control though it had to use harsh methods such as whipping and what was supposed to be the world’s highest per capita rate of hanging) or akin to Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe ie your typical failed Third World state.


  5. Usually, I advocate the use of a rope and the skill of a hangman for the purposes of carrying out a sentence of capital punishment which we in Britain had got down to a veritable art form and a relatively humane and civilised affair over in seconds before it was abolished but with the New York-born Boris Johnson being a total prick and essentially a foreign Yankee I think we should go for a US method instead. Normally, I would never say we should dump the tried and tested British method of long-drop hanging and use the ghastly Yankee electric chair as it is painful and unnecessarily cruel and botched often but I feel we should make an exception for Boris-idiot since he is a pratt and has more of a regard for America than he does for Britain.

    Capital punishment must be restored for globalist open borders supporting Tory traitors like Boris Johnson with his incredibly stupid suggestion of allowing ILLEGAL migrants to have YET ANOTHER amnesty as if they HAVEN’T HAD MANY ALREADY.

    Roll up, roll up punters before I press the button to start Boris-Idiot’s electric chair execution!



  6. If Boris-Idiot had any sense of integrity or morality he would resign with immediate effect as he is clearly unable to do his job with any amount of competence and he effectively lied to our Head of State as to his real reasons for proroguing parliament.

    Sensible people want a PM we can look up to and one that makes our country into a complete worldwide laughing stock. Simply put, Boris The Buffoon MUST GO!


      1. Having a very British sense of sarcasm is the only way to remain sane in the face of the liberal-left’s increasingly crazy attempts to justify continuing mass genocidal immigration.

        As if any of them on that boat would be able to hold down the hospital porter’s job let alone have enough skill and knowledge to operate on you with a scalpel!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

        But that is the mentality of a left-Liberal globalist for you! They live in utopian dreamworld that has no acquaintance with reality!


      2. Having a very British sense of sarcasm is the only way to remain sane in the face of the liberal-left’s increasingly crazy attempts to justify continuing mass immigration.

        As if any of them on that boat would be able to hold down the hospital porter’s job let alone have enough skill and knowledge to operate on you with a scalpel!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

        But that is the mentality of a left-Liberal globalist for you! They live in utopian dreamworld that has no acquaintance with reality!


      3. Meanwhile, almost every TV ad in the UK has whites either as mere add-ons to the “normal” (normalized) black, brown or mixed-race main characters, or absent entirely. This is pure multikulti propaganda.


      4. I see that Jacob Rees-Mogg in his speech today had to have a little go at Jeremy Corbyn for his alleged (yes, you guessed it) ‘anti-semitism’oh and had to say these smears were only the second time in British political history after the BNP that a British political party was being investigated by the Labour Party set-up of the Human Rights Commission.

        Give it up, Tories, you already have virtually the entire Jewish vote in Britain to yourselves and these pathetic digs at Labour for what are mostly completely unfair and untrue allegations is making you look utter weirdos to sensible British gentiles.

        Yes, the ‘modern’ Conservative Party has a problem with the alleged ‘anti-semitic’ ways of the British Labour Party and the concerns of a tiny minority of people in this country but they don’t have a problem with Muslim gang rapes in Rotherham against white British girls.🤬😡

        This says all you need to know about this ant-British party and about who funds it.

        Previous half-way decent Tory leaders like Neville Chamberlain are probably spinning in their graves at today’s Tory Party and their increasing obsession with the feelings of the tiny Jewish minority and ignorance of the feelings of the British gentile majority.

        Perhaps, Jacob should read-up about Neville Chamberlain as apparently he wasn’t a philo semite like today’s ‘modern’ Tories are and didn’t care for Jews much!😀😀😀


  7. An unfortunate Freudian slip there! 😝We want a PM who DOES NOT make our country into a worldwide laughing stock like Boris-Idiot so obviously does!🤬😡🥺


  8. But then Neville Chamberlain WAS a ‘true blue’ Tory and not a weird US Republican Libertarian type like Jacob. Neville was also a proper Englishman in the sense that he didn’t give-up a large amount of his waking moments over to the concerns of a tiny, ever whining Jewish minority. In short, Neville was normal!


  9. Labour, if anything, is only ‘guilty’ of having a leader who has made some slightly critical remarks about Israel and the way that state sometimes behaves. It isn’t guilty of any genuine ‘anti-semitism’ .This term has such a huge degree of elasticity to it it has become ridiculous.


  10. If Jews in Britain really can’t stand the veritable Kristalnacht atmosphere created by the wicked white British ‘goyim’ of the Labour Party and what seems to be in their eyes virtually all other goys they should know that El Al have plenty of flights to Israel each week from Heathrow and they can use those flights to make ‘aliyah’ to Israel, a new life there which should make them happy at long last.

    What are they waiting for? Jacob Rees-Mogg can go and join them.

    A former ‘Old Etonian’,Lord Carrington, seemed to be another evil white British ‘goy’ on the quiet:

    Oh for a classy ‘Old Etonian’ Tory like Lord Carington to be around today instead of these young Libertarian philo-Semite types like Jacob!


  11. As well as being some sort of Manchurian Candidate and abuse victim, Greta is, surprise surprise, just rinse ‘n’ repeat; here’s Severn Suzuki at Rio Summit 1992:

    As one renegade anti-vaccs doctor used to say of the people behind these deceptions: “the more evil they are, the more stupid they become”. (Speaking of vaccinations, I note Matt Hancock MP has floated at Conference the idea of forcing at least child vaccinations because the unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated?! Does he know how dumb that sounds?! It’s not the first time he’s come out as a “jabs”* apologist either). *[baby-talk much favoured by BBC]

    Here’s a foul-mouthed tirade by one Dan Pena which at least purports to dispel the carbon climate hoax (follow the money):

    Look at these idiots (or vain and foolish doctors as Moliere said):

    Still not holding my breath waiting for Prevent to visit Extinction Rebellion despite the latter advocating violence and law breaking.

    The latest corporatisation of the criminal process?
    Tony Blair’s New Labour, New Danger created 3,000-3,500 novel criminal offences and the lawyer locust plague come to clean up the crops:

    More unconsciously idiotic “professionals”

    Lockdown UK – even to the extent of not implementing https protected DNS requests. FFS!

    As for the Green Party, they’re as fake as the Liberal Democrats, verdant on the outside but blood red on the inside. The acid test being for the Greens: they don’t promote monetary reform, which is the unresolved evil behind the push for endless exponential “growth”, “inbuilt obsolescence”, the creation-destruction cycle, shoddy workmanship, the throwaway society and all environmental and societal stresses assocated therewith …


    1. Thank you. Very interesting. I had not seen “Severn Suzuki” (probably because I was in some country where her speech/existence was not reported). She asks us to believe that she and others in her group of 12-13 y o girls “raised the money themselves” to get to and stay in Rio. Possible but very unlikely. She looks older, actually (as people usually claim before judge and jury!). So that was in 1992, 27 years ago. She would be 40 now, but I have not seen anything about her.

      Ah [postscriptum)
      Seen this now:
      I had to laugh when I saw that her degree is not a B.Sc. but a “BS”! Reminds me of a certain “Doctor” on Twitter!

      Looks as though she finished her education in 2007 and became a “homemaker” (not that I am against that in any way). No job or profession noted, but on a couple of UN “panels”…

      Wikipedia says of that video:
      ” The video has since become a viral hit, popularly known as “The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes”.[7] In her speech from 27 years ago, she said: “I am afraid to go out in the sun now because of the hole in our ozone. I am afraid to breathe the air because I don’t know what chemicals are in it.””


    2. The Green Party of England and Wales and the Scottish Greens along with their much more successful German cousins (no doubt helped considerably because of that country’s sane and democratic voting system of Mixed-Member Proportional Representation) are often dubbed ‘watermelon’ parties ie green on the outside and red on the inside.


  12. Indeed, Ian, you are entirely correct about British tv ads. Blacks, Asians and mixed-race people are put into virtually every single one so much so it has now become extremely rare to see one which DOESN’T have an ethnic in it. A space Martian landing in this country today who looked purely at these adverts and didn’t go outside would think Britain was already a failed Third World state like Zimbabwe!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    All of this obviously forced propaganda has also come about suddenly. Before ‘New Labour, New Danger’ came to power in 1997, it was rare indeed to see a non-white face in an advert and then it all rapidly changed and particularly so after the the quasi-Marxist crap Macpherson Report into the Met police came out. Anyone would think that evil Labour government gave a direct order to the advertisers to flood adverts with ethnics!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    They are also put into the most bizarre and innocuous of adverts with the latest one being one for Gaviscon!

    Hitler’s Reich Minister for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment Dr Joseph Goebbles didn’t have anything on the skill and ingenuity of ‘British’ tv advertisers!🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. I blogged about this some time ago. I posted examples. Now, “examples” are unnecessary, you just have to look at almost every TV ad, and most TV drama too. Even “Endeavour”, set in 1960s Oxford, is affected (though not to the absurd level of “Grantchester”, which became unwatchable, just ridiculous). I saw an epidode of “Lewis” recently, which was really laughable. Oxford had more blacks and browns than white people! And that is not so in reality (not yet anyway).

      The ultimate aim of the TV/advertizing manipulators is to “white out” (so to speak) white people aka English people.


      1. Yes, the aim is to make English people especially but also the Scots and the Welsh as well to have so little regard for themselves, to be non-conscious of their ethnicities they they voluntarily mix themselves out of existence, a do-it-yourself genocide in other words!

        Yes, genocide doesn’t necessarily come about by gas chambers but can be achieved by more subtle means too.🤬😡🙄🤬😡😞😞😞

        The malignant evil of the globalist filth that is the Labour Party and the ‘modern’ CON Party and these advertisers in a nutshell!


      2. The SNP (and Plaid Cymru) think that any black or brown person born in Scotland (or Wales), or brought up there, or even just living there, is “Scottish”/”Welsh”. In fact, they would rather some family of Somalis settle there than, say, me or (as is in fact the case) David Irving (who is in Scotland now, I read)!


      3. DepressedEnders (EastEnders) is an example of the Blatant Bias Corporation (BBC) manipulating reality in the OPPOSITE way to what it does normally as that programme has more white people in it than the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham have. Walking around those boroughs is like spotting the white dot on the domino!


      4. I wonder if the advertisers and these tv production companies are genuinely free and doing this entirely off their own backs or whether this fundamentally evil, repellent and virulently anti-British CON Party ‘government’ has ordered them to do these kinds of things? I, for one, wouldn’t put anything past the evil anti-British party that is the so-called ‘modern’ Tories which will hopefully soon end-up in the trash can of history where it firmly belongs.


  13. Tory globalist filth should be afraid of walking the streets in safety after what they have done to this country. Personally, I would give them a sentence of capital punishment but since we don’t have that criminal sanction available the next best thing would be to make them live in Stab-City-On-The-Thames (formerly known as London) and they can take their chance of somehow avoiding a stabbing attack on the ‘enriched’ streets of that ‘diverse’ Third World, lawless cesspit they have helped to create particularly over the last nine years of their grotesque misrule ie butchering our police forces, including London’s Met.


    1. Not that it is any use having larger police forces, or even ANY at all, since all they do under the so-called ‘party of law and order’ is to sit on their fat asses all day long looking at computer screens for mean un-PC tweets instead of getting out onto the streets and projecting a police presence to deter REAL criminals. Under the loony-left globalist CON Party they act as the ‘thugs in uniform’ of the government and not as a genuinely politically neutral forces of a sane, well-governed country like Singapore, South Korea or Japan.


  14. Ha, ha, do love that Andrea Leadsom clip! They are so enthusiastic, aren’t they!😂😂😂😂😆😆😆🤣🤣 I wonder if some of the more intelligent Tories are now beginning to realise they made a dreadful mistake in electing Boris The Buffoon as their leader?

    Yes, Jeremy Hunt is a globalist as well (is there any other type of leading Tory?) but at least he does have a modicum of an IQ and comes across quite well to the public ie relatively ‘normal’ considering his elitist background (Charterhouse Public School, Oxford University and son of a Royal Navy admiral) . I dare say it but I think if Jeremy Hunt had been their leader he wouldn’t have tripped into so many of the Opposition’s traps as Boris has.


    1. My impressions of the “Conservative” Conference, not comprehensive, just a few impressions from TV news and Twitter: not well attended, very dull-looking, the delegates mostly elderly but with a few extremely callow and stupid-looking youths around. Quite a few obvious Jews, some wearing skullcaps (I believe that it is Jewish New Year at present); only saw one black and a handful of “browns”.


      1. So for all obvious pandering they do to black and Asian voters ie having the rather dim Sajid Javid as Chancellor, Priti Patel as Home Secretary, the half-caste James Cleverly as party chairman, getting the courts to jail Tommy Robinson etc they STILL don’t get many black and Asian ethnics join them or vote for them much.

        Perhaps they may now reflect at leisure upon why they should have listened properly to Enoch Powell because there is no doubt in my mind that Enoch said the things he said not just because he was a entirely genuine British patriot but because he wanted his party to understand the electoral danger to them from continuing to import people who will NEVER vote for them in real numbers or do so consistently.

        The Tories are not known as ‘Britain’s stupid party’ for nothing!

        They have the Jewish vote sewn-up then with their increasingly spiteful and disgusting allegations about the Labour Party’s mostly false ‘anti-semitism’. Not that Zionist fanatic Jews can tip the balance in many seats outside of North London!

        These protestations from leading Tories about Corbyn and co’s so-called ‘anti-semitism’ just makes them look weird to many gentile Brits and decent former Tory leaders like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain would be appalled that their party was making such a fuss over the supposed ‘racism’ directed towards a 1% minority whilst simultaneously not caring about Muslim gang rapes on white British girls.


  15. Yes, both the SNP and Plaid Cymru are yet another bunch of liberal-left globalists. However, they were not always so and both have an interesting history in this regard. The SNP was under observation by the authorities in the early 1940’s for its genuine nationalist tendencies and Plaid was too though to not quite the same extent.


  16. Yes, Jews comprise a tiny proportion of the population no matter how they or anyone else defines them yet all we hear about in the press and in the media more generally nowdays is this notion of a rampant ‘anti-semitism’ stalking Britain. For such a small minority politicians etc give them so much attention when compared to white British girls being routinely gang-raped ‘up North’. Is this minuscule ethnic minority powerful and that is why politicians and the media give them so much of their time or is that just another ridiculous ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that has absolutely zero evidence for it’?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  17. Apparently, the Tories wish to invest in the police and have extra officers. That’s nice but the investment will only RESTORE the position before the swinging Tory CUTS to them from 2010 onwards took effect so, in reality, we won’t be having the truely larger police forces we needed before those cuts were enacted.

    If we don’t have more stringent prison sentences for criminals then we are going to have to rely-upon significantly larger police forces being a deterrent to criminals.

    I suspect though that no government would be able to invest enough money providing for a better ratio of police officers to people if they don’t control immigration properly and thereby stabilise or reduce our e immigration-fuelled population explosion but I haven’t seen any proposals from the CON Party at their conference to do that.

    God, does this country need someone to set-up a ‘Alternative For Britain’ party like Germany’s excellent Afd party.


    1. Behind the Con Party stands the enemy…

      I was looking today for a short while at the Sky News politics show. Three would-be MPs, all women. Bleating about “aspiration” etc. One said, “whatever you aspire to do, we in the Conservative Party will help you.” Sadly, because Britain is now without freedom of expression, I cannot write what I said or thought that I would like to do to that Conference and all who attend it!


      1. That vacuous phrase is about the only word CON Party figures use these days but in political terms it is a glib one without much meaning to it. Their other bright idea at the conference is to invest huge sums in the NHS and build loads of new hospitals! Yes, that investment may well be needed but how about cracking-down on the large numbers of health tourists and restoring the NHS to what it was supposed to have been in the first place ie the BRITISH national health service?

        As an issue, I doubt very much whether highlighting the NHS will bring them many electoral rewards as it is a Labour issue. Of course, any party that wants to be in government has to talk about and have policies on our vital public services but if I were them I would concentrate on the police, defence and education. The first two are traditionally Tory issues and education is normally regarded as a Labour one but, in contrast to the health service, there is no reason why it should be and having good policies as regards that subject would have a greater chance of being noticed by the electorate and the Tories being rewarded electorally.


      2. As a matter of fact, one of the three Conservative women on Sky News “All Out Politics” was asked about 50% of young people now attending “universities” (without my ironic quotation marks) and she replied that it was a good thing. Proof positive that the bitch is a deadhead. Cannot recall her name but she was a SpAd working to Penny Mordaunt…


      3. The Tories have a love affair with female candidates in order to fulfil some gender quota but apart from a few most Tory women seem to be total airheads!


      4. Yes. It is very obvious that it was decided about a decade ago that the “Conservative” Party had to have as many blacks, browns and younger women as possible in Westminster. Result? The Conservative voters have voted with their feet, either to Brexit Party (now), or to abstention.


  18. Were these three women candidates relatively bright or do you suspect they have been chosen because they have the normal physical attributes of a female between their legs?


      1. FYI…the latest two polls (see “Britain Elects”) impliedly give the Conservative Party a Commons majority of between 60 and 85. The problem is that Labour has all but imploded. The Jews want Corbyn and his inner circle gone, and don’t care if that means giving Boris-Idiot the imperial diadem.

        If you saw the Labour Party Conference, you saw ignorant Angela Rayner vow to destroy non-State education (egged on by wild-eyed crazies), Diane Abbott (nuff said…), smug drunken “ho” Emily Thornberry intoxicatedly reliving her apparently wayward youth in front of the assembled Corbynites, while Shami Chakrabarti (also drunk) looked like an office girl who has had a few too many at a (non-Jewish) New Year party.

        Boris-Idiot’s Cabinet should never look good by comparison with any group, but Labour has managed it.

        My hope is for a hopelessly hung Parliament which by its very weakness can pave the way for a party of the social-national future. At present, my hope seems to hang by a thread, as a dystopian Con tyranny seems possible. I see no sign, though, that Labour is regaining enough ground to stop the Cons from achieving at least something of a majority. Still, there’s time for movement, I suppose.


  19. Yes, pandering to the readers of that bible of liberal-left globalism known as the Guardian isn’t a good idea for what is supposed to be the Conservative and Unionist Party.


  20. We can only hope the large Tory lead is wasted in already safe CON Party constituencies like in Essex where I live. I suspect that may be the case considering how Boris is perceived by many voters to be ‘Right-wing’ and ‘socially conservative’ though there is little to no evidence of that ie he wants to LEGALISE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS by giving them YET ANOTHER AMNESTY!🤬😡🙄😞. He also readily describes himself as a ‘social liberal’ and is pro-migration as a consequence of those beliefs.

    At present, whilst the Tory Party has many safe seats they don’t have as large a number of really crazy ultra-safe ones like Labour (ie Labour’s David Lammy has a plus 30,000 majority in Tottenham) so we may see the Tory majorities reach truely loony levels in seats like New Forest West, Windsor, Dorset North, my own Brentwood and Ongar etc.

    Also, let us hope the Liberal Democrat Party can, somehow, convert their fairly decent showing in the polls to seat gains off the Tories. Since 1997 they have been concentrating their vote more effectively but it could certainly do with a great deal of improvement.

    Yes, the mother of hung parliaments would be best for many reasons but also for the stark fact neither loony-left Labour or the liberal globalists of the CON Party deserve a majority.


    1. Ha ha! Yes. I myself live in one of those!

      The problem with the LibDems winning numbers of seats from the misnamed Conservatives is that the Cons and LibDems would just form another Con Coalition or similar…


      1. That may be the case though I believe I am correct in stating that Jo Swinson has said she wouldn’t endorse another coalition with the CONS and I very much doubt her party would tolerate it even if she was personally ok with it. I think Jo has said only a DUP-style confidence and supply would be tolerable after their near-death experience in 2010-2015.

        They would be highly stupid to form a proper coalition with the CONS when that party only intends to use the Lib Dem’s as a political punchbag without giving the Lib Dem’s something proper in return such as a referendum on PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION ie not one on the distinctly NON-PR Alternative Vote (AV) like we had in 2011.



      1. Looking at that clip, it isn’t too hard to see why they have failed to win a decent majority since as long ago as 1987, is it?🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡

        That lady who said Boris will get Brexit done and take the UK out of the EU doesn’t seem to realise that Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom at present and her leader proposed only today to effectively leave it behind in the EU for as long as FOUR YEARS! So much for their being still officially called the Conservative and Unionist Party!

        The two younger men near the beginning of the video do seem to have some form of IQ and realise that Boris isn’t the right leader for many reasons not least because of the pretty startling fact he looks like a clown and acts like one too and is wholly out of his depth as PM.

        As to the reaction after Priti Patel’s speech, yes you are going to increase the numbers of police officers and that is all well and good but it only RESTORES the police forces to their manpower levels BEFORE your party brutally cut them so, in that sense, they are not real new officers and an overall big increase in the sizes of police forces. Of course, the party doesn’t propose making a real use out of the officers and releasing them from the burdens of PC red tape ie dumping that quasi-Marxist Macpherson Report into the nearest bin.

        I agree with the idea of tougher sentences of that more elderly lady towards the end BUT more stringent penalties HAVE TO APPLY to ALL and yes that DOES INCLUDE any Tory cabinet ministers who do drugs!🙄😂,

        The younger man at the end says the Conservative Party is the most prestigious party in the world! I say it WAS when you had far better and more able men leading you like Stanley Baldwin, Arthur Balfour etc.

        As for his contention that the Tories are the most successful party in the world you would be correct but that is only because the Tories don’t like the idea of real competition in politics ie having a FAIR electoral system of PR which would mean, if we had it, the CON Party being far less able to attract easy votes from those who merely hate the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party.


      2. I was struck by the fact that the tiny handful of “youths” had more gumption than the middleaged/elderly Con rank and file (who comprise 95%+ and maybe even 99% of the Con Party).


  21. I notice Priti Patel made a great deal of ending free movement of Labour after leaving the EU and having a points system for immigration in her speech yesterday. This is all well and good BUT I have yet to hear the Tories proposing a STRICT ANNUAL CAP to the numbers allowed in and Boris, being the social liberal and globalist that he is, hasn’t said whether he intends to drop his mightily stupid and utterly irresponsible idea of allowing ILLEGAL immigrants to have YET ANOTHER amnesty so he is frankly NOT TO BE TRUSTED with the integrity of our border controls and that makes Priti’s proposals worthless in essence.


    1. Also, does this points mean prizes system which, in Australia, has led to an INCREASE in immigration, apply to NON-EU countries as well as those in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA)?


      1. That is exactly what they have in mind. So an African or Indian person comes to the UK with “points” on paper, but *with* that person comes the whole extended family, most of whom will be millstones round our necks. Who knows what the offspring will be like? I want to create a new race-type, ideally. That cannot be done without a European-race foundation.


      1. Precisely but why are not more voters noticing?😞😞😞 Surely NOT ALL Tory voters are 70 years of age and older and have distinct signs of senile dementia?

        I would be reticent about trusting them with delivering a pizza successfully let alone something like Brexit, REAL border controls, law and order, a decent state education system! Sadly, the list is endless!😞😞😞


      2. I think that (and statistics agree) the median age of Con Party members is somewhere around 60 now, but huge numbers are 80+. In a sense, there is an opportunity for young careerists in the Con Party, if only because there is little competition. That may be why so many slightly older carpetbaggers have now become Con Party MPs. However, in the medium term (ie after about 2020 or so), the Con Party will all but deflate to nothing, as the members die without being replaced, and as the MP ranks thin out (as the loyal Con voters simply die).


      3. I see that Boris-Idiot once again done a great impression of Benny Hill today by putting his hand near his forehead. Sadly for us, the Tories don’t realise Benny is dead, was a comedian and you really shouldn’t have a person acting like Benny whilst holding such an important position. Comedians like Benny Hill should be only on the stage and on tv NOT in No.10.

        We are in full scale clown world with Boris as PM. Can’t his excruciating term be over soon, God?


  22. So, under the globalist CON Party, we are still destined to turn, in the fullness of time, into a failed Third World state like Zimbabwe because of a lack of sufficiently strict AND OPERATIVE immigration controls and the Tories intend to destroy our constitutional integrity as a United Kingdom by placing an effective border down the Irish Sea.


    1. All Europe faces this challenge: how to go *beyond* our European culture and civilization but without going into a backward spiral of racemixing and social collapse. How to change, but for the better…


  23. So, all in all, Priti intends to do nothing effective to curb the influx of immigrants who will, in time, become voters and ensure the Conservative Party never governs this country as a majority government ever again thus opening the door to virtually permanent rule by Labour. If anything, she intends to swap Poles for Pakistanis who are not as good a fit for this country as Poles are and even less likely than Poles to vote Tory.

    Now, how exactly did the Tory Party gain its reputation for being ‘Britain’s stupid party’?


    1. Priti Patel may think that she has graduated via money to being “British”. If so, she is deluded. It’s a ploy anyway, a scam to attract the sort of idiots that vote Conservative in the hope that those traitors will curb immigration (but they never do, of course).


      1. If only the CONS could just kill off themselves through their recklessly soft immigration stance instead of our country.😞😞😞😞😞😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


      2. Priti Patel is ethnically Indian and therefore not truely British in just the same way as Christopher Patten never became an ethnically Chinese man whilst serving for five years as the last British governor of Hong Kong.

        Yes, it is a ploy to attract those people who are, sadly, naive enough to believe in Tory lies to finally control immigration which as a globalist party they have no intention of doing.🤬😡😞


      3. Speaking of Hong Kong, look at this tweet by Julia Hartley-Brewer.

        It is a classic case of “we still *really* are an imperial power”. She wants the UK to somehow tell China what to do or not do in HK, despite the fact that Britain’s lease *ended* 21 years ago and despite the fact that the UK’s “imperial force” scarcely exists now: eg we have 20-30 or so main ships, whereas China has about 512.

        *Wikipedia*: …”there are 75 commissioned ships in the Royal Navy. Of the commissioned vessels, twenty two are major surface combatants (six guided missile destroyers, thirteen frigates, two amphibious transport docks and one aircraft carrier), and ten are nuclear-powered submarines (four ballistic missile submarines and six fleet submarines). In addition the Navy possesses thirteen mine countermeasures vessels, twenty-three patrol vessels, four survey vessels, one icebreaker and two historic warships, Victory and Bristol.”

        I like it that the Navy includes HMS Victory, hundreds of years old, wooden and in dry dock as a museum piece for 150 years!

        As for naval aircraft, China has about 800, whereas the UK Fleet Air Arm has about 170, most of which could not even be delivered into action so far away.

        What, I wonder, does Julia Hartley-Ignoramus want the UK to do about China/Hong Kong? Declare war on a power which has about 10x or even 20x our strength? Or is she saying that all Hong Kong people should get the right to settle here?


      4. Yes, it is a total joke that she thinks of herself as British just because she has money and a few geriatric Tories with senile dementia clap her like dumb seals in a waterpark. She is a token ethnic who is only being used by the globalist CON Party to make them appeal more to ethnics who don’t currently vote vote for them in any real numbers and won’t in the future either.

        Sadly, we can’t tell her to her face that she isn’t really British because thanks to the anti-British CON Party and Labour Britain isn’t a genuine democracy with freedom of speech more an increasingly mad PC dystopian nightmare that has only the most fleeting relationship with the truth.


      5. In that respect, though, Alison Chabloz must be an inspiration to many. She may have been prosecuted, but has fought the prosecution and the persecution all the way and has had some success (the main punishment of nearly 300 hours of slave labour has been chucked in the bin, and appeals are proceeding). Likewise, I called a Jew a Jew in my tweets of pre-2016, and I am still here…


  24. The country of former British colony Singapore is, apparently, a favourite model for many Tories so instead of copying their radical economic liberalism which does seem to work for a small island that only has around five million people but which may not be so appropriate for us with our far larger population why not take inspiration from Singapore’s notoriously tough law and order stance which includes caning for employers who knowingly employ illegal migrants and six strokes for the illegals themselves?


    1. I think that we have been here before…
      Singapore is an interesting socio-political study, but as you say its policies are probably mostly “not for export” for various reasons.


      1. Its economic policies wouldn’t be appropriate for us because of the difference in the population size, our need to maintain decent public services etc but I see no reason why we couldn’t take some ideas from their law and order stance whilst not going entirely in that direction. It seems that not many people are aware of the fact their very tough laws didn’t just appear out of thin air but were put in place by us when it was our colony. Their governments have merely extended them a bit but basically the direction of them was already well-established.


      2. Economically-speaking, I would rather we followed the path of Japan and South Korea than Singapore but the Tories wouldn’t do that because both Japan and South Korea’s governments didn’t leave everything to ‘the market’ they intervened quite a lot in the economy. Japan’s government in the 1950’s, 1960’s etc protected their infant industries from foreign competition by selective tariffs on imported goods. The Tories adhere to a very ‘laissez-faire’ form of capitalism and are economic globalists.


  25. We should have a strict annual cap on the numbers of new migrants such as the 10,000 quota the lovely Marine Le Pen and her great Rassemblement National (National Rally) (RN) party has as its aim and THEN you can use a points system to be highly selective WITHIN that figure ie awarding points for people with very rare skills like being a brain or heart surgeon, nuclear scientist etc.

    An economy should be the nation’s servant NOT its master. Britain IS NOT just an oversized business park.


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