Diary Blog, 13 November 2022

Morning music

[Hitler reads on the terrace of the Berghof]

On this day a year ago

London. Zoo.


Sentence— 4.5 years, meaning about 2. Not enough for a dangerous criminal (read the newspaper report).

More from the London zoo: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/southwark-bus-metropolitan-police-sexual-assault-b1039549.html.

Tweets seen

Just google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”…

I do not know whether all the msm, “comms”, political, NGO-type virtue-signallers championing “Jack Monroe” are still doing so because they are unaware of the, er, “controversy” now surrounding her, whether they cannot admit that they have let themselves be taken for a ride, or whether it is because they are just enemies of the people.

True up to a point, but the almost uninterested reaction of much of the British public to the fact of finance-capitalist exploitation, non-white migration-invasion, and cultural slide, makes me believe that it is hard to much undervalue the intelligence of that same British public. They even, many of them, think that “Labour” will be better than “Conservative”. How would that be when, at root, it is one corrupt System? Both are no good.

Google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”.

When I first became a regular customer at Waitrose (because I moved back to the UK, and to an area with only one nearby supermarket), the staff were plentiful, always helpful, always polite and pleasant; many though not all were older people supplementing pensions and/or doing it for the social interaction.

Now, though the above is still partly true, I notice that many of the older people have been replaced by college students etc. There seem to be staff shortages. Some of the younger employees literally cannot work out how many Lotto tickets have to be issued if you buy x-number of lines and get x-number on each ticket; they have to resort to a calculator. After 11, 12, 13 years of full-time education. Also, the push to be “inclusive” has led to the employing of some persons who are obviously autistic or whatever. Some are pleasant, others less so.

Add to that supply shortages, and the experience is not what it was.

Anecdotal, of course. Still, a micro-version of the country as a whole.

As for that silly Tom Harwood fellow, he seems to be living in cloud-cuckoo land. Let us say that you allow some brain surgeon or whatever, and from wherever, to live in the UK. He or she brings, probably, a family. Are they all brain surgeons? No. Will they breed? Probably. Will they breed brain surgeons? No. Thus the UK is gradually filled with useless non-whites of the Femi Oluwole type, or worse.

As for “Aussie doctors”— as if they would come to the UK! The flow is all the other way. Doctors, nurses etc.

More tweets

As blogged yesterday, an example of the crazed “woke” nonsense that has gradually taken over the police; and it is that sort of idiot that is going to be making decisions about whether you and I are “allowed” to post politico-social commentary: see https://ianrobertmillard.org/2018/05/30/one-mans-extremism-is-another-mans-struggle-for-liberty-and-justice/. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Jukes]].

Without the US/UK (NWO/ZOG) help, the failed state based on Kiev would have collapsed months ago.

Eliminate or deport them.

Before I forget

Saw a “public information” ad on TV. All about how people should be “vaccinated” or “boosted” this winter. Set in a mock-up of some kind of medical centre. Complete with a white woman walking out, while holding the hand of a young black child. At least two of the propaganda points of the System in one ad.

The way (down) of the world

Britain 2022


Yet billions are being spent on useless hostile trash who have arrived illegally across the Channel and are being sheltered in hotels, fed, given £50 a week pocket money, telephones, computers, and priority for social housing.

This country is broken and needs a social-national revolution.

More tweets

…or just keep walking (out of the door).

…and behind Blair stands the Jewish lobby, the Zionist Occupation Government(s) and the New World Order conspiracy.

If necessary, I should prefer that only 1% of the people now in Europe survive, so long as that 1% are white Northern Europeans.

Not only works for them, but is actually related to them.

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2019/09/29/greta-thunberg-system-approved-wunderkind/.

Give a dog a bad name…

If you call dissidents, protesters, radicals, “terrorist”, you risk their taking up arms for real…

Let us hope so.

Elon Musk

Interesting person. I blogged some time ago about him. I thought him too intelligent to buy Twitter, which has scarcely ever turned a profit. Well, as we know, he bought it anyway.

Now we see the “woke” millions in the USA (and some in the UK) turning against him, and the Jew lobby turning against him, both groups wanting to see more repression of free speech, not less.

According to Wikipedia, Musk’s net worth is around USD $174 billion; the Twitter purchase cost $44 billion, about a quarter of Musk’s capital. Even if he lost the whole $44 billion, which is unlikely in the extreme, he would still have about USD $130 billion left.

One thought does strike me: Musk can (arguende) see what is happening in the world, and has enough money to satisfy any dreams of avarice, so maybe he will support social-national ideals (if only by default), in order to influence society. We shall see.


Late music

[painting by Roman Bozhkov]

20 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 13 November 2022”

  1. Tom Harwood is yet another utterly repulsive and fundamentally immoral (as 99% of these people are) libertarian extremist pratt.

    Just how inhumane and devoid of normal human feelings do you have to be to think immigration is merely a matter of pounds and pence and treating human beings not as members of societies, communities, or, dare I even say it, NATIONS but as mere economic consumer ants in an economy?

    Personally, I couldn’t give a damn whether every Hong Kong financier who comes to live here was as rich as Elon Musk is I still don’t want them here.

    We have had far too much immigration since WW2 with the consequent rise in crime rates, social dislocation, damage to social cohesion and a sense we don’t even know who WE are anymore ie a lessening of national identity.

    Immigration, unless it is very strictly controlled, is a SOCIAL question NOT an economic one.


    1. John:
      The Tom Harwood person has found “a nice little earner” as a kind of tolerated “controlled opposition” type. Nothing much to say about him. A nullity.

      Obviously, I agree with you about immigration. The Jew element has basically promoted mass immigration into the UK, and has also promoted the criminalization of any dissent or criticism. What the Jews have done and are doing in the UK is very similar to what they did in Germany between 1918 and 1933.


      1. And if they are not careful it will receive a similar response from the natives.

        I wonder how many people in this country know that Germany had one of the largest and most integrated Jewish communities in Europe at one point in time and that relations between gentile Germans and Jews were, for the most part, very cordial and harmonious?

        Then, the Jewish supremacist/Zionist fanatic ones started to create trouble and make a nuisance of themselves and relations between gentiles and Jews started to worsen with Hitler being elected.

        It took a lot to annoy a pretty cultured nation that gave the world Bach, Beethoven and Goethe but annoy and antagonize it they did.


      2. John:
        Part of it was an influx of Jews from the East in the early 1920s; also, the fact that Bolshevism (in Germany, Hungary etc as well as Russia) was largely spread and organized by Jews.


  2. I expect Tom Harwood was one of those libertarian extremist crackpots who whinged about the virtually non enforced COVID 19 restrictions in this country and about the vaccine programme which has saved more lives than it has ended.

    If only we could get rid of moronic libertarian cretins like him by shooting them in the back of the head as Belarus uses to enforce capital punishment. That method is a bit violent and bloody but it is quick and relatively humane compared to the electric chair or the gas chamber.

    You could give it the nifty title of ‘The Final Solution to the Libertarian extremist/crackpot problem that Britain suffers from more than any other European country’.😃😀😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


  3. Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion and similar groups have valid points to make. Climate change IS happening and we have to deal with it somehow and it IS possible to do it without damaging our economy unnecessarily.

    Their methods are very radical and would be unnecessary if Britain WAS a genuine democracy with a fair voting system.

    The Green Party, for all of its many faults, SHOULD be represented in the House of Commons according to its voting strength in the electorate. With respect to your opinion poll above, the Greens should have 5% of the MPs in the Commons.

    With 5% of the national vote they would just about surmount a 5% threshold which is the point most countries set a threshold at ie Germany.





    1. With respect John: a certain amount of climate change is happening but that is “cyclical” and not man-made as the zealots suggest. The problem with the climate change agenda is that it is connected to the other globalist agenda’s such as: pandemic hysteria and White genocide, making it a thoroughly insidious and nefarious plan of action!


      1. I agree that some climate change is natural and has always happened but, I’m afraid, I do disagree that none of it is man made. Cars of the internal combustion engine type and particularly air travel contribute to global warming quite significantly via their emissions. We need to find cleaner forms of transport and use greener forms of energy.

        The issue of climate change needs to be taken seriously by ordinary people and governments but yes too many attempt to link it with globalist agendas. There are some people who use it as an backdoor method to promote globalism in general.


      2. I agree that a certain amount of climate change is natural and has always occured but I’m afraid I disagree with you that none of it is due to human beings and the way we live today.

        To take just a few examples, cars of the internal combustion engine type and particularly air travel contribute to global warming by their emissions.

        Reducing them is important and that is why billions are being invested into battery technology for electric cars and the first tentative steps are beginning to take place in inventing electric batteries good enough for electric plane travel.

        We need to find greener ways to move around and to transport goods and have greener ways of producing energy.

        Yes, I do agree that some people use the climate change issue to promote globalist agendas in general and effectively hide behind this issue in that way.


      3. If nationalists do not deny man made climate change then WE could use this issue to promote OUR agenda eg by having continual mass immigration and increasing our population to absurd and unsustainable levels we are increasing Britain’s carbon footprint and therefore worsening climate change for the planet as a whole.


      4. Yes, REAL green politics is a nationalist issue. Left-liberal globalist parties like the Greens who are accurately described as ‘the watermelon party’ should not be allowed to ‘own’ it.

        In Germany, there is not only the main ‘watermelon’ ie Green on the outside and Red on the inside Green Party but also a ‘Rightwing’ smaller Green party that combines a concern for the environment with national-conservative/nationalist stances on immigration.

        You CAN have Green Conservatism.


  4. Musk’s extreme wealth fluctuates by billions on a daily basis. Only a few days ago he was supposed to worth about $196 billion and about this time last year over $300 billion.

    The American Forbes business magazine does a daily tracker of his wealth on the web and that of several hundred of the approximate 2,600 or so billionaires in the world.


  5. It just goes to show how wealthy billionaires are when you come to realize that there are only 2,600 or so of them in the ENTIRE world and that, so far, there has never been 3,000 or more of them. They are, quite literally, the 0.1% of the 1%.

    MULTI-Billionares like Elon Musk is comprise only a tiny handful of those 2,600 odd people.


    1. NativeWarrior14:
      I believe that the previous legal duty (on local authorities) to house the homeless has been amended (some years ago), though I may be wrong (I am a bit rusty as to the law these days).


  6. What a horrendous story the one about that disgusting degenerate male “caked in makeup” who “won” a beauty contest! It truly makes you want to vomit and/or look for your 9mm Browning…


  7. Hello again! Look at these gorgeous Victorian and Edwardian beauties brought to life thanks to sophisticated computer technology. The man responsible for this wonderful work has several videos.


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