General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.2)

I am starting my election blog again, because the thread on the original one is now long, making it inconvenient for readers.

The previous post(s) can be read here below:

The wheels may be starting to come off the “Conservative” machine:

The latest YouGov poll:

That would still give the Conservative Party a Commons majority of over 80. The next YouGov (or other) poll, tomorrow or the following day, will be more interesting.

Analysis of the increasing volatility in UK elections:

The big news this evening is the departure of Tom Watson [Lab, West Bromwich East 2001-2019], Deputy Leader of Labour.

Watson was totally in the pocket of the Jewish lobby, and to leave Labour and Parliament at short notice now, just as Labour is fighting to survive, was surely his last and most desperate act of sabotage. I speak as someone who does not support any of the System parties. In that sense, I am objective.

Watson’s Wikipedia entry:


Surprisingly sharp comment from Andrew Neil:

Here’s one from a Labour activist and retired chief fire brigade officer, actually not a bad old stick even though, not really alive to the Jewish Question, he eventually blocked me on Twitter (before the Jews had me expelled), calling me “a dreadful fascist”! Ha ha!

Typically perceptive comment from Blair’s former spinmeister:

Yet from a political journalist, this:

and from faux-proletarian scribbler Dan Hodges, this:

and this, from a now-notorious Zionist actress:

and, from “Guido Fawkes”, possibly the bottom line:

What about that last point? It might be what Tom Watson thinks will be the result of this election and, if so, logic at present would seem to support that view, but “a week is a long time [etc]” and there remain just over 5 weeks before Polling Day. The field of battle is still there and the parties still contend. Anything is still possible.

This tweet has it about right! Made me laugh…

On 10 May 2009 it was revealed that since being re-elected to parliament in 2005, Watson had claimed the maximum £4,800 allowance for food in a single year. From 2005 to 2009, Watson and Iain Wright claimed over £100,000 on a central London flat they shared.[30] Watson responded that a “pizza wheel” that appeared on a Marks & Spencer receipt he had submitted was given as a free gift after he spent £150 at the store.” [Wikipedia]

Tom Watson, a man who was entirely happy, despite receiving a salary about 4x the national average, and other income streams, to claim on his MP expenses an extra £100 a week for food! Among other claims.

Tom Watson is or was just a typical Labour machine politician, who has never done a real job (oh, wait, he worked as an office bod in an ad agency for a couple of months once) and now stabs his party in the back while pretending to be going to work for its victory! 10/10 for hypocrisy!

Stuff yourself with a family-size pizza and choke on it! (would be my reaction were I a Labour supporter, which I am not; but he has my full permission to choke in any case).

Update, 7 November 2019

Ian Austin, the former “Labour” MP, who is and always has been a total doormat for the Jew-Zionist/Israel lobby, has now thrown away his fake semi-“socialist” camouflage and told TV viewers on Sky, BBC, ITV etc that they should all vote Conservative at the General Election. Not even “vote anywhere but Labour”, but “vote Conservative” specifically.

Austin, who was one of the worst expenses cheats of the 2005-2010 Parliament, and who was lucky not to be prosecuted for outright fraud, has now completely unmasked himself as an agent of the organized Jew-Zionist lobby. Boris-Idiot’s Cabinet is packed with Israeli agents and mouthpieces. Austin now supports the worst parts of the Conservative Party.

“[Austin] is a member of Labour Friends of Israel.[14] Jonathan Goldstein of the Jewish Leadership Council has called him a friend and ally.” [Wikipedia]

The Labour supporters don’t like it:

And now look! The double came up! Expenses cheat fraudster and turncoat Ian Austin holds an anti-Labour press conference with sex pest mental case and turncoat John Woodcock.

They both now have well-paid Government jobs to which Conservative prime ministers appointed them: Austin is a trade envoy to Israel, while Woodcock is going to be an “adviser” on “extremism”, in which position this sex pest and depressive case will spy on British people of social-national views and try to repress them and stamp on their free speech, no doubt while conspiring with the Jewish lobby. Evil little bastard.

On a similar theme, below, the Executive Director of the Israel-lobby “Henry Jackson Society” smirks at Chris Williamson for losing Labour candidature, while implying that all MPs who want to stay MPs must kow-tow to Israel and the Jewish lobby:

Mendoza is a half-Jew and is married to a Jewish woman who is the Head of Policy and Research at the Jewish Leadership Council:

Meanwhile, some of Boris-Idiot’s lies are proving too much even for pro-Conservative commentators. Here, below, Iain Dale:

John McDonnell, who, like Corbyn, has unwisely paid lip-service to Jew-Zionist “holocaust” fantasy etc in the recent past, seems to be slightly waking up.

As I have blogged previously, “they” demand this or that. If the non-Jew or organization gives in and complies with the demand, “they” then say “it is not enough” and/or “it is far too late”. Further demands then follow.

“Give (((them))) an inch and (((they))) take a mile”. Always.

Labour has 5 weeks to go before it either does OK in the General Election (meaning that it comes either first or second, and overall does not lose seats), or is badly damaged (and possibly all but wiped out).

I personally do not support any System party. I am glad that many Labour Party members and supporters are waking up to the menace of Zionist control, ownership and influence in the UK, but their party is sending mixed messages by constantly trying to placate the well-organized and well-funded Jewish and/or Zionist lobby (eg by sacking Chris Williamson, eg by paying lip-service to the “holocaust” fake history etc).

There are too many people at or near the top in Labour who, like Corbyn himself, are ideologically stuck somewhere amid the Tolpuddle Martyrs, Lenin, and the (mainly-fake) diary of Anne Frank.

In North Cornwall, where I once myself lived, it seems that one of my blog’s “Deadhead MPs”, Scott Mann [Con, North Cornwall] is facing a challenge both to his seat and his “deadhead” status from a stupid-seeming LibDem:

My March 2019 blog post about “deadhead” Mann:

Poor voters of North Cornwall! Looks as though they will be stuck with an idiot for an MP whoever wins.

The Jewish-Zionist lobby has really gone into overdrive today:

  • Orchestrated and concerted resignations of “Labour” MPs loyal not to the UK and its people but to Israel and (((the Lobby))) as well as their own self-interest;
  • Front page of the Jewish Chronicle echoed by all msm “newspapers” (propaganda outlets), from the Sun to the Daily Telegraph and the Times. Every single one pushing the “Labour anti-Semitism” stuff; when will the British people wake up?
  • TV news, eg Sky, doing the same, while (on Sky) the (Jewish, of course) Political Editor covers the story in the way “expected”;
  • Twitter alive with Jews all tweeting in the same way.

“and they call it Democracy”…

In the constituency of High Peak, Derbyshire, there is at least one stout fellow, and it is not “Conservative” candidate Robert Largan!

England erwache!

In other news…

and it seems that not all pro-Conservative Party scribblers like Tom Watson:

The truth is [that Tom Watson is] one of the most malevolent, malignant individuals ever to soil British politics, a self-serving, self-pitying, self-righteous enemy of free speech and persecutor of innocent men and their families.”

“...incredibly, you won’t be told any of this in the glowing tributes to Watson on the BBC and elsewhere. 

They are all prepared to overlook, or forget altogether, his past transgressions. As far as they are concerned, he is the greatest Prime Minister We Never Had.

Sorry, but I’m not buying any of it. Public life is well rid of the Nonce Finder General.

I’m sticking with my verdict that Watson — to adapt the outrageous smear he directed at Leon Brittan — is as close to evil as any politician can get.

Or, as a headline on this column put it last year: ‘A muck-slinging zealot utterly unfit for high office.’” [Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail]

Update, 8 November 2019

So November 7th went past without any reference made on UK TV, radio or in the Press (that I saw anyway) to the October Revolution of 1917 (Bolshevik coup d’etat). The times, they have a’changed. However, I see that, like Corbyn and his cohorts, Putin’s Russia is still in a mental time warp (in Russia’s case 1941-45, whereas Corbyn is more 1936… you know, “No Pasaran!”, Cable Street, the Comintern, the Front Populaire etc. For God’s sake, someone tell him and McDonnell that we are now in 2019!):

The 1953 parade:

Returning to the General Election, various Lab and Con candidates have “had” to step down for various contrived defaults such as saying that Jews are shylocks, or that Israel manifests the more negative traits of the Third Reich.

What struck me most yesterday was the expression on the faces of John Woodcock and Ian Austin as they stood in front of an anti-Labour, anti-Corbyn banner (apparently paid for by an organization I had never seen, called “Mainstream”, presumably funded by Jewish interests). The expression of the faces of the two ex-MPs (the same expression on both) patently said “we know that we are traitors or at best turncoats”…

Another aspect of the campaign— blatant msm bias

  • Yesterday’s UK political news (in part): Labour and Conservative both make big spending pledges;
  • Today’s UK newspaper headlines: “Corbyn’s Spending Spree”…

I think that the Soviet newspapers were more honest: at least most people with any sense knew that they were printing biased articles and reports (or straight lies…). Some people still believe the msm in the UK. 90% “fake news”.

The latest news seems to indicate that support for both main System parties is dropping, but that, while support for the Conservative Party is dropping slightly, and while at the same time Brexit Party is eating into the potential Con vote, Labour support is just collapsing across the country.

This accords with my view, often blogged, that the voters, meaning especially the white English and Welsh voters, have nowhere to go except to a largely pointless Brexit Party vote. There is no social-national party even to the level of the pre-2010 BNP (in ideology or support). Many want a party which emphasises community and identity, citizenship, race and culture. They do not want multikulti madness (Labour) or Jew-Zionist run or influenced finance-capitalist exploitation (Conservative Party). The LibDems sit uneasily between the two. Brexit Party is a more “British” and anti-EU “Conservative Party”, basically. Scarcely national and certainly not social-national.

My feeling at the moment is that Labour is going to do badly in terms of absolute votes and that the Conservative Party will not do well, but that Labour may be saved by the existence of Brexit Party (taking otherwise-“Conservative” votes) and that the Conservatives will lose seats to the LibDems by reason of the Remain vote (especially now that Jo Swinson is leader, her policy views in most areas being close to Conservative ones anyway).

My prediction, with 5 weeks minus a day to go? For once, I am uncertain. Either another hung Parliament or a Conservative majority in double figures. Labour has little chance of a Commons majority unless many many more people turn out to vote than usual and especially many more young people.

There is a chance still, though, that through the unpredictable nature of the FPTP voting system, the way in which boundaries are drawn and the fact that only about 100 constituencies really count, that Labour could end up with enough MPs (even if Labour were not the largest party in the Commons) to be able to cobble together a loose coalition of Labour, SNP, Plaid, Green etc. An outside chance but not completely impossible.

Jo Swinson has said that the LibDems would never join with Labour under Corbyn (because the Jews would not like that) but the LibDem word is about as reliable as the Boris Johnson word. Meaning that the LibDems in fact might join with Labour if offered both proportional representation (which surely must come to the UK sooner or later) and seats in Cabinet. They like those red boxes.

Returning to the constituency of High Peak (Derbyshire), “Conservative” candidate Robert Largan, whose campaign is not going well, is “making reports” about those local voters who make remarks to him that he dislikes (after he has disturbed them by knocking at the door and questioning them)! See:

If I lived in High Peak, I would never vote for a little sneak like Largan. He should go home to Fulham and resume counting beans for Marks and Spencer.

According to the Sun “newspaper”, Boris-Idiot beats Corbyn on “likeability” but not on “authenticity, honesty and being ‘in touch'”, which is good for Corbyn or at least better than before.

Less good for Corbyn, one of his useless and thick-as-two-short-planks black MPs and shadow ministers, Marsha de Cordova [], claimed £17 for an Armistice Day wreath…

The poll cited says that the Cons are ahead of Labour by 14 points.

Update, 9 November 2019

Britain 2019: babies without food and other supplies at Christmas. The System parties did this, particularly the Conservative Party (enabled by the Liberal Democrats including Jo Swinson from 2010-2015). Are you going to vote for these evil manipulators, now under the banner of Boris-Idiot? Is Britain going to vote Con? Good grief.

Not strictly to do with the upcoming election, but I found a couple of interesting tweets by ex-BNP leader, Nick Griffin:

Update, 10 November 2019

Interesting film by the Guardian, focussing on Stoke-on-Trent:

Not too tendentious, though one part of the film showed the presenter going to a pottery factory in Stoke, about 3-4 years ago. By 2019, the factory had closed, and the lady shown in or about 2016 expertly helping to make the product sacked or made redundant after about 43 years…The presenter comments, outside the now permanently closed factory gates, that “it did not shut down because of Brexit…well… it partly did” (or similar words). In fact, Brexit had nothing to do with it. How could it? Even now, in 2019, Brexit has not happened, and the factory shown closed months or years ago. Typical msm spin.

The Guardian also spent time with Ruth Smeeth, the Jewish MP (Stoke-on-Trent has three MPs), who has spent much of her time in Parliament since 2015 (having previously worked for BICOM, the Israeli government propaganda outfit in the UK) complaining about “anti-Semitism” in the UK and trying to undermine her own party leader, Corbyn. Ruth Smeeth also worked for the Jewish Community Security Trust [CST], which is involved with, inter alia, snooping on British people in the Jewish interest.

Prior to the 2015 General Election, Ruth Smeeth was exposed by Wikileaks as being a “confidential contact” of the US Embassy in London, whose identity should be “strictly protected”. In short, she’s a spy. Or was, anyway. I have no idea whether she is now officially “on the books of” MOSSAD or CIA etc (probably not), but she is an alien agent of influence, at the very least. Labour’s problem is individuals such as Ruth Smeeth, at least in part.

In fact, it occurs to me that one of the positive aspects of Labour crashing in flames on 12 December 2019 would be that quite a number of Zionist and pro-Zionist MPs such as Ruth Smeeth would probably be chucked in the bin, and then replaced by candidates of a different type, though to imagine Labour losing in Stoke on Trent North is rather a stretch, unfortunately. [Update, 29 November 2020: Never say never! In fact, Ruth Smeeth did lose to the Conservative candidate at the General Election of 2019, the first time that Labour had failed to win or retain the Stoke-on-Trent North seat since its establishment in 1950:].

In Stoke on Trent, the Labour vote declined from 65% in 1997 to 39% in 2015 when Ruth Smeeth was elected (though it rebounded to 50% in 2017, with the Conservatives 5 points behind:

The Guardian film-makers tried to find some positives in Stoke-on-Trent, but with difficulty. They did visit one factory making precision engineering products and employing young people (young men mainly, I think), and that is indeed the kind of activity that Britain needs; but that is one factory (no number of employees was given but probably dozens or —maybe– low hundreds rather rather than thousands), in a strung-out “city” (originally six towns) with a population of over 262,000.

Meanwhile, the LibDems and other parties are vying for the marginal swing seat young mother vote, in the case of the LibDems by offering voters 35 hours per week of free childcare. Superficially “socially responsible”, but how much better it would be if young mothers were just given money so that they do not have to work or work full-time. Basic Income, now adopted by Labour, might be part of that (or the whole of it).

I was interested to see, in the TV news report on the LibDem proposal, that at least one young mother, out of a few interviewed, agreed with my point of view: young children are better with their mothers than in State or private play centres or the like.

We hear much about “draining the swamp”. Westminster was once literally a swamp, and now is one metaphorically. Look at them! Including, to mention just a few, Vaz (drugs, “rent boys” etc), Gove (drugs), Boris-Idiot (drugs and the rest…), Charlie Elphicke (up for trial on multiple sex charges soon, stepped down but his wife is now standing!), John Woodcock (sex pest, mental case) etc. There are so many degenerates, drug abusers, thieves, fraudsters and other trash in the Commons now that it comes as a surprise when an MP is not in some way rotten. The LibDems, in 2006, even very nearly elected as their leader a coprophiliac (liked to be shat on), namely Mark Oaten, now the head of a pro-fur public relations outfit. He supported the idea of Jo Swinson taking over the LibDem leadership as long ago as 2013, by the way. Nice supporters she has.

Update, 11 November 2019

Luciana Berger, the notorious Jew-Zionist ex-Labour MP, who joined the doomed “Change UK” joke party (led now, under another new name, by “Hic-Gurgle” Anna Soubry, the “MP for Plymouth and Angostura” [Broxtowe, in fact]), is now LibDem candidate for the heavily-Jewish Finchley and Golders Green seat. Hard to see her winning there despite the Jew vote. The Conservative, Mike Freer, is a complete doormat for Israel as well as being a complete deadhead who will probably eventually feature in my blog under “Deadhead MPs, An Occasional Series“:

It can be seen from the electoral history below that any LibDem candidate in Finchley and Golders Green has an uphill struggle; even in 2010, pretty much peak LibDem, the party’s candidate only received 17% of the votes (and came third):

Having said that, in early betting, Luciana Berger is at shorter odds than Mike Freer, for what that is worth.

Brexit Party:

The more important news today is that Nigel Farage has let down those poor saps who thought that Brexit Party would be a real anti-System challenger. He has decided not to fight 317 seats for fear of weakening the Conservatives!

There are 298 official Con seats plus others held by MPs who recently had the whip withdrawn.


and Isabel Oakeshott lauds her wealthy boyfriend who is now Chairman of the Brexit Party []

Well, when I first heard of Tice (at the time of the 2019 EU elections), the Brexit Party was polling at about 20% for Westminster elections. Now? As low as 6%.

Brexit Party’s near collapse is not the fault of Tice, but Brexit Party will now pretty much disappear. Like UKIP, it was a manipulation (at the top level, not for the poor saps who donated, joined, voted) with the idea of preventing a real social-national party from emerging.

This news is important. The Conservatives will now not lose seats to Labour or LibDems by reason of losing votes to Brexit Party. They may now gain seats from Labour in the North.

I have blogged about how Nigel Farage, despite his amazing ability to attract crowds and speak to them, is not very competent as a politician. UKIP failed to get one non-defector MP in its (so far) 27 years of existence. Brexit Party has likewise failed to get one MP (yes, MEPs…they are just noisy wastes of space, painted ships on the painted ocean of the fake EU “Parliament”).

Brexit Party, like UKIP, does not come across as hugely well-organized, but more importantly, Farage has made a stunningly bad decision: he has given up his one leverage over the Conservatives, his one weapon, in return for some words of comfort from Boris-Idiot, the biggest liar in Parliament since “Robert Maxwell”. In what world of Farage’s imagination is Boris Johnson someone whose word can be trusted?

It just proves the old saying that con-men are easily conned (something I have observed over the years).

The Conservatives are (as far as I can see in the msm so far) not standing down any candidates. So Brexit Party stands down 317 candidates, but the Conservative Party stands down…0. Mad. Unless you look at Farage, Tice etc and see them for what they are— Conservatives with Union Jack tea-towels.

This must surely be the point at which Brexit Party is flushed away. It is no good now even as a protest vote.


Comment about Corbyn’s policies, rarely seen objectively in the msm, busy batting for Boris-Idiot:

My view on today’s main GE 2019 news:

The Brexit Party surrender will quite possibly save dozens of unsafe 2017 Conservative Party seats, but conversely will mean that the Conservatives will have even less chance of success in those (Labour and LibDem) seats where Brexit Party is still intending to stand candidates. There no doubt are seats, in the North especially, where the Conservatives might have got over the line and taken the laurels from Labour had Brexit Party not stood candidates, but now will not, either because Brexit Party will take votes, or because the Labour vote might still stand firm or increase under pressure.

90 thoughts on “General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.2)”

  1. It is excellent news for the Labour Party that Tom Watson has resigned. With ‘friends’ like him, they don’t need enemies! It is also good for Britain to have one less Zionist Lobby doormat in parliament though he will probably be replaced by a newly-elected CON Party pro-Zionist loon instead.😡🤬😞

    How disgusting of Boris-Idiot to appoint that vile Labour man John Woodcock to spy upon and repress patriotic Brits who stand-up to the Zionist Lobby and have nationalist opinions.

    This ‘Conservative’ government is a true national disgrace. IF only the Conservative Party had half-decent and true Tory PM’s like Neville Chamberlain once again:

    Apparently, Chamberlain didn’t care for the Jews much!😀

    Personally, I don’t regard Boris-Idiot as a Tory PM.


  2. Surely at least a few gentile Britons are getting a bit fed-up with hearing about all these allegations of ‘anti-semitism’ in the Labour Party and wondering why the media constantly push them as the gospel truth and their reasoning for doing this.


    1. If you read the tweets of “Conservative” Robert Largan, you can see that he is actually shocked that the voters of High Peak whom he irritates by knocking at the door are awake to the JQ etc.


      1. I have just looked at it. What an absolute CON Party creep! Those canvassers he has with him look right sorts as well! An old biddy and the youngsters look to be totally wet behind their ears and only just out of some left wing university.

        The ‘standards’ of today’s CONServatives! So different from Tory activists in Chamberlain’s days when you heard common sense coming out of a lot of them!

        Ha, ha, that male resident in his early thirties has it right about today’s ‘modern’ CONservative Party!😃😃😃

        David Cameron-Levita joked (one of the few times he was trueful) that his party may as well be called the Koshervative Party rather than the Conservatives!🙄

        Let us hope that voter in High Peak votes to keep out that truely ghastly Tory creep.I only wish there were more people like him in marginal seats like that constituency. With Tory candidates like him his party should be called Likud!


      2. I had never heard of Robert Largan until yesterday or the day before. He tries to seem “local” but has apparently tried to get elected in two other places previously. That level of effort often brings electoral success sooner or later, so he may pull it off, hopefully later rather than now. He lives in London, in Fulham in fact, whereas the MP until a day or so ago was Ruth George, who has lived locally for 25 years.

        You would think that Labour would win easily, but it is a very marginal seat historically


  3. Ah, the Henry Jackson Society! Frankly, I am not surprised that neo-conservative group is intertwined with the pro-Israel Zionist Lobby. I believe I am correct in stating a few Tory MPs either being to it or are associated with it in some way.

    Sadly, Tory MPs are not like they were in previous decades ie that Wikipedia article above.


  4. Of all the reasons why people should not vote Labour, their alleged problem with ‘anti-semitism’ (in reality, a few Labour activists and members are NOT anti-Jewish just anti-Zionist and then only when it comes to the subject of Israel or how the government of that country sometimes acts) is not one of them!


  5. I don’t like Labour but the present Labour MP for High Peak must be better than Robert Largan! Abstaining would be wiser than voting for yet another pathetically pro-Israel and the Zionist Lobby CONServative drone like him!


    1. Lab and Con have been the only real contenders in High Peak. LibDems are always third, though in LibDem/Liberal absence the SDP came third twice in the 1980s. This time, Con, Lab and LibDems are joined (so far) by Greens and Brexit Party.


      1. Hopefully, the Brexit Party will split the CON Party’s vote at least in that seat to the detriment of the simply awful Tory candidate.


  6. Dan Hodges is more pro-Zionist than he was ever pro-Labour.I believe he was involved with Zionist extremist group Hope Not Hate at one point in time. I remember seeing him on tv when the BNP was on the rise.


      1. When it comes to subjects like immigration and what to do actually about it there is no real difference between the Labour rag the Daily Mirror and the Tory rag the Daily Mail so a pro-Zionist creep like him will find himself very much at home.


  7. At least the Labour MP has lived in the seat a longtime and continues to live there. How can the Tory candidate know about the constituency and its problems when he lives as far away as Fulham in central London! I suspect some of the problems in High Peak are a bit different from Fulham’s!


      1. Good!😂😀 The High Peak constituency should have a local Tory of the right sort ie a real ‘traditional’ Tory and a Labour candidate to choose from along with a Lib Dem and a Brexit Party representative too not someone who lives a very long way away from a very different sort of seat and someone who would be better off aspiring to be a candidate for Tel Aviv West (not that such a seat is in existence as Israel for all of its faults has an ultra-PR national list system so the entire Israeli state forms one seat)


  8. I’ve had a stream of electoral addresses from Lib Dems but a mere desultory handbill from Labour and nothing I can recall from Conservatives. Presumably no need to guess then who’s paying Lib Dems’ printers.

    The apparat is concerned for its own:

    Another that should be birched:

    Still, be reassured that elsewhere in the country “Nottinghamshire Police has a strong commitment to equality and diversity both within the organisation and in the service we provide….”

    Creating chaos in the public space:

    Could be comedy since presumably like Jayda Fransen, Paul Golding is some sort of mamzer and/or ”’Deep State”’ operative to place before the public….?

    Same story, here Oz – protect the wrongdoer, punish the innocent:


    1. God knows (re. Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen). Politically speaking, nobodies (electoral success nil, number of supporters uncertain; 2,000 claimed, but 200 more likely). It is tempting to regard even such jokes as Britain First and For Britain as “Deep State” false flags, but their pathetically low level of membership and support makes me think probably not. Brexit Party and the now-dead UKIP—- they are another matter.

      I see a pattern emerging: real crime sometimes given a notional sentence only, but anti-ZOG “crime” heavily punished, as with the man recently given 2.5 years (!) for sticking a few stickers on lamp-posts. Another similar pattern: newspapers, esp. the more popular ones such as the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, reporting crimes that happen in various foreign countries without even noting prominently (or at all) where they took place, so a crime in China or Belarus is reported in exactly the same way as if it happened in the UK. This is very (deliberately?) culturally disorienting.


    2. I have received nothing at all so far from any party. Mind you, I don’t expect to receive any because my constituency of Brentwood and Ongar is such an ultra-safe Tory stronghold (according to this site:
      we are that party’s TENTH safest with a huge Tory numerical majority of 24,002 and a percentage majority (the more important figure since seats don’t have the same number of voters in them) of 45% over their nearest opponents.

      To be brutally frank, the Tory MP here may as well be an axe murderer or a paedophile and he would still get elected and no doubt by a landslide margin as well!🙄

      General elections here basically just pass us by! The Tory candidate gets to be nominated or renominated by the local CON Party and he wins!

      It‘ is high time we had Proportional Representation so that more votes actually count in general elections and not so many are wasted in seats like Brentwood and Ongar:

      Our previous Tory MP, Sir Eric Pickles, did send a tiny card out to his constituents listing his achievements as our MP in 2015 but our new MP, Alex Burghart, hasn’t so far. Infact, he is pretty much invisible in this seat!


    3. Another example of shocking, randomness violence on the streets of CON Party misruled ‘Britain’ with useless PC globalist COKEHEADS IN GOVERNMENT like Michael Gove!

      I am not a fan of birching though since that is a pretty mild punishment that doesn’t hurt much and thus isn’t an effective deterrent to criminals.

      That evil little thug should get a lengthy prison sentence ie up to ten years in an austere jail and given a couple of stokes of a rattan cane as in Singapore:

      If you are going to bring back judicial corporal punishment then at least make it worthwhile to do so!

      WHEN, oh WHEN, is this pathetic shambles of a ‘Tory’ government going to crack down seriously on loutish thugs like that rather than sending people to jail for mean tweets!🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡



        More police are needed too BUT, unlike now, they MUST be allowed to do REAL POLICE WORK and NOT ordered to sit around on their fat asses looking at computer screens for mean un-PC tweets and going on innumerable ‘community relations’ courses. Let us have police doing REAL work as in sensible , well-run, non loony-left lands like Japan and South Korea!


      2. The courts are often far too lenient. Admittedly, I am not conversant with the maximum penalties or guidelines for the relatively new UK crime of slavery, but 16 and 15 months for the crime in this report seem far too little. I should have thought years, not months, anyway.

        ps. The law only dates from 2015 (I gave up Bar practice in 2008), but I just looked it up: *on indictment* (i.e. in Crown Court), as this was, max is life imprisonment. I think that on the facts in the newspaper at least, those sentences were risibly inadequate. 16 months?! Out in 8 (or before). Had I been the judge, I would have passed a sentence on both defendants of 5 years each.


      3. Are you sure, Steven? Meet “The Ghoul”:

        – 1969’s maximum twelve strokes pales in comparison with Eton’s as-was x18 (iirc), but there again the Manx birch was of superior dimensions.

        I recall ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser in a TV interview remarking on having been birched in prison before its abolition in 1948; cor it didn’t ‘alf ‘ert, or words to similar effect, was his recollection – but it evidently wasn’t much of a deterrent in his case. Perhaps he’d have been more amenable to the cat; I don’t know if he’d also sampled its caress, at least that was upper garments removed rather than nether.


  9. So the pathetic CON Party candidate for High Peak isn’t taking his rejection by the voters of that seat in good grace like a man but has decided to take it out upon those who say they won’t vote for him for un PC reasons by reporting them to his party’s increasingly biased and USELESS at dealing with REAL criminals local PC Geheime Staats polizei (Gestapo)/Stazi force!

    That says a lot about his personal character and why he is unfit to be an MP in the first place!

    I bet he had a sneaking admiration for Herr Flick in ‘Allo ‘Allo:


  10. So, the poor people of High Peak have a ‘choice’ between a vile little globalist anti-British Zionist snitch as the CON Party’s candidate and a globalist Labour MP. What a great time to be alive!🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡

    Still, at least the Labour MP has lived in the seat a longtime and continues to live there unlike the PC Gestapo loving CON Party candidate from London!


    1. Most of the voters have no real choice. Either two or three similar System-candidates or more of a “choice” but, as in your area, a huge safe-seat majority and so no real contest that way.


  11. Corbyn is perceived by the voters as being more honest. I agree. Boris-Idiot/Coco The Clown lies so often he must have some sort of mental problem. NO ONE who is mentally well lies with such stunning regularity! Has he ever NOT lied? Answers on a tiny postcard, please!

    Trusting Boris to not tell lies is like expecting Dracula to keep a blood bank safe!


  12. The saving grace of the Conservative and Unionist Party in the past was that whilst they have never had much sympathy or empathy with the poor and unfortunate in society at least they made a stab at protecting our borders, sticking-up for Britain, and maintaining some semblance of law and order but now they have clearly abandoned any real intention of doing those things AND have made the lives of the vulnerable worse.

    The increasingly globalist ‘modern’ Conservative Party is a total national disgrace and has become merely the very wealthy man’s Liberal Democrat Party. RAUS as the Germans would put it!


  13. The globalist CONServatives would rather see BRITISH babies go without food at Christmas time than send home blatantly fake ‘asylum seekers’ (about 99% of them have false claims since they are meant, under INTERNATIONAL LAW, to seek sanctuary in the NEAREST safe country)! On Twitter at the moment you can see fake refugees being given British Tory government largesse at a centre in Leeds.

    To my mind, to prioritise the ‘needs’ of fake asylum seekers over the genuine needs of British poor people doesn’t just mean the Tories are uncaring but that they are positively EVIL.

    The Tory motto should be: Hang ‘em, flog ‘em, send ‘em home!


    1. That is what I think: a party/movement which is “social” in the sense of National Socialism, “national” rather than globalist (whether supposedly “socialist” or finance-capitalist), is necessary. Had I funds, I would launch one myself, but it either has to be done right or not at all.


  14. Look on google at the moment when you put into it the words London and stabbing! A teenager has been charged with stabbing a man to death! Yes, that is nothing unusual nowdays in Stab City Upon The Thames BUT this incident happened at a KNIFE AWARENESS COURSE!

    There is also news of a man stabbed to death in Boris The Buffoon’s constituency of Uxbridge in the COUNCIL OFFICES there!

    Elect the so-called ‘party of law and order’ to a position whereby it gains an overall majority?

    NIEMALS as the Germans would say!

    Mostly black and brown knife crime in London is out of control! What are we going to do about it? Mass hangings and floggings must surely play a part along with finally stopping the importation of yet more of these people so that nice Tory areas like mine don’t eventually end-up like our former capital!🤬😡😞


  15. An undoubtedly needlessly cruel method of capital punishment compared to the relatively civilised British method of a long-drop hanging which took about ONE MINUTE OR LESS to complete and I wouldn’t normally advocate the execution of juvenile offenders under the age of 18 BUT this mostly young black buck knife crime surge in London does have to dealt with by some severe penalties and deterrents:


      1. Perhaps we need to execute the mostly black and brown young bucks by means of mass long-drop hangings BEFORE they get around to stabbing others! After all, prevention IS better than cure when it comes to crime but I suppose that would be just a little unjust!

        At any rate, Stab City Upon The Thames DOES NEED to be fumigated somehow!


  16. Execute!, Execute!, Execute!

    Flog by a Singaporean-style Rattan Cane! Flog by a Singaporean-style Rattan Cane, Flog by a Singaporean-style Rattan Cane!



    1. M’Lord of Essex, though I have approved your latest comment, in the interest of freedom of socio-political expression, it sails close to the wind of our present System repression…


  17. Do you ever glance through Britain Elects on Twitter?God, there are some seriously insane Tory morons on there! Apparently, these cretins think that Britain must not elect Corbyn because he is an ‘anti-semite’ who hates Jews for no reason and isn’t fit to be PM!

    Well, I might take these allegations more seriously if the Tory Party had chosen Jeremy Hunt to be its leader and PM who is, obviously NOT a clown and a man of some intelligence and ability compared to the Tory Party’s pet clown called Boris who also LIES on a scale that can only indicate a serious mental problem.

    Do Tories EVER look-up the history of their OWN party? It appears many don’t. After all, most Tory PM’s in history and certainly the best ones like Chamberlain were ‘anti-semites’ and not fond of Jews at all.

    Too many idiots in Tory circles and elsewhere seem to think that what attitudes and views can be defined by that very loose term of ‘anti-semitism’ actually are ‘anti-semitic’ when, in reality, they can be poorly expressed opposition to Zionism and the way some Jews insist upon acting like ‘a nation within a nation’.

    ‘Anti-semitism’ isn’t always wholly irrational on the part of British gentiles.


    1. British Prime Ministers usually put the British people first (before the Jews, before Israel) until the time of Blair, or maybe Major. Even Churchill and Mrs. Thatcher did that, most of the time. I think that we can say that Blair was the first complete “doormat” for Israel who “served” as PM of the UK. All following PMs have been the same.


  18. If it wasn’t for the majority of his views and with a bit of work, we could make Mr Corbyn into a half-way decent traditional Tory PM like Chamberlain was! After all, he isn’t fond of Jews like Neville wasn’t!


      1. I agree. Most gentiles pretty much ignore Jews and don’t wish to know about them or think about them particularly so a gentile professing their undying love of them will be viewed as pretty strange. This especially applies to Tories but then many ‘modern’ CONServatives are decidedly weird so perhaps not so strange after all!


      2. I agree. Most gentiles don’t really to to know about Jews or think about them much so when a gentile professes their undying love for Jews they are going to be thought to be a bit strange to put it mildly. This applies especially to Tories but then as your average ‘modern’ Tory (whatever that is meant to mean) is a weird character perhaps it isn’t so strange after all!


      3. As we have both argued before, the best result would be another hung parliament as neither the CON Party or Labour deserve to have a majority.


      4. Yes, the Brexit Party is a single-issue party and even though that issue is an important one there are many others just as important if not more so as well. We need something like Germany’s Afd or France’s Rassemblement National (RN).


      5. Yes, the Brexit Party is a single-issue pseudo party and even though that issue is an important one there are many others just as important if not more so as well. We need something like Germany’s Afd or France’s Rassemblement National (RN).


  19. Ruth Smeeth is the kind of Jew that the voter in High Peak the CON Party candidate there wants to snitch to the local PC Gestapo/Stazi about is rightfully wary about.

    Jews need to understand they can be the subject of British gentile suspicion if they act in ways that can be perceived to be against the interests of the host nation and this is NOT genuine ‘anti-semitism’

    After all, if I was allowed to immigrate to Israel as a British gentile and acted in such a way as to undermine Jewish Israelis and their interests I would not be crying my eyes out if those Jews condemned my behaviour. Indeed, I would think it was strange if those Israelis didn’t criticise me.

    Basically, British Jews should act as totally integrated members of the community and their interests should be the same as ours. No more of this ‘nation within a nation’ behaviour should take place.

    It is good to know there is at least one firm in Stoke-On-Trent offering skilled jobs to the local young people but there should be many more.

    Britain was once the ‘world’s workshop’ yet thanks to successive Tory and Labour incompetent or just plain anti-British governments we hardly make anything anymore and the shops are filled with ‘Made in China’ junk.

    Yet still Labour and CON Party are on more than 60% of the national vote! It is high time both parties sunk to 50% or less!


    1. The voters cannot vote for a (serious) social-national party if none exists. I would never vote for or support a band of idiots led by a former butcher and his girlfriend, putting bacon rashers on mosque walls (“Britain First”) or a silly clique of one-issue obsessives led by an atheist Irish lesbian ex-secretary (“For Britain”), so why would an “ordinary voter”?

      The people of Britain have no party which is a true alternative to the System parties (except “Brexit Party”, the one-issue pseudo-party that is really a despairing roar from the Conservative Party that once existed and now scarcely does, the original Conservative Party). I see no future for Brexit Party. I was surprised when it first took off, but was and am less surprised that it has stalled.It may get a better vote than the polls suggest though, merely as the *only* sort-of-“nationalist” label out there in this election.


  20. If they have any use at all they should prevent a CON Party victory. The CONS shouldn’t be rewarded for their presiding over an explosion in crime (and not just in Third World-infested Stab City Upon The Thames either), and their totally broken promises of 2010 to get immigration down to the,”tens of thousands” (it is running under their misrule at the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!🤬😡😞)

    The globalist Conservative Party needs to find out the hard way you either return to being even a slightly genuine Conservative-minded Party or face continual electoral defeats for being the rich man’s Liberal Democrats.


    1. Down the road, the “Conservatives” have no future, certainly not as a party of government. The demographics are against it. Hardly any “blacks and browns” (maybe 10%) vote Conservative, only 4% of under-25s, only about 15% of under 35s. You have to get well into the 50s before the percentage of voters voting Conservative exceeds 50%. I suppose that is why they desperately try to appeal to blacks, Muslim Asians, various groups that they think are “young”-oriented. It’s not really working. The average Conservative voter is someone over 65, quite likely over 75, and probably not too poor at least.


  21. I agree. Their constant pandering to ethnics is pathetic as well as being electorally stupid. As you say, only a small percentage of the blacks and browns and other ethnics will ever consider voting Tory or do so on a reliable basis ie Jews, Chinese and rich Asian Hindu etc shopkeepers.

    Rightly, the ethnics know the Tories to be the party of Enoch Powell and that knowledge has stuck. Whether the Tories choose to acknowledge the fact or not and regardless of whether they feel comfortable with it the CONS are the party of the white man.

    The Conservative Party has been characterised as ‘Britain’s stupid party’ and one of the most startling pieces of evidence for that claim is they continue to import vast numbers of people who will NEVER vote for them in decent numbers! WHY help your political opponents in that way?🙄🙄🙄

    Talk about handing easy future electoral victories to Labour and Lib Dem on a plate!


  22. For many years the proles had the chance to vote BNP or NF but they didn’t do in sufficient numbers so it’s just too bad for them now, they should have thought before just voting in daddy’s footsteps.

    French Parliament speech (EN subs) against alien invasion of their country. Do you envisage the same in Westmonster any time soon…?


    1. As your rhetorical question implies, “you must be joking!”…

      Yes, the migration invasion of the UK can be blamed on the people as a whole as much as on the System conspirators. The people did not, most of them, vote NF/BNP. At the same time, those and other nationalist parties were unworthy of the votes of the people, generally speaking. Others, and I do not exclude myself, did not step forward to leadership or even support or even political engagement when they might have done.


  23. I am embarrassed when profoundly ignorant Brits rant about the French being ‘cowardly’ compared to us! Some of the French at least have the conjoines to vote for a nationalist party (Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National) in the privacy of a polling booth whereas the British are scared to do that because slimy, drug-addled politicians from the globalist Lib/Lab/CON Party use the Marxist swear word ‘racist’ against them!

    So, which nation is braver? I would say it is the French by a long way!


    1. Well said. Well, after all, France had a revolution in 1789, at a time when any tendency that way in Britain was sidetracked by the ennui of Wesley and other hypocrite preachers, while Britain was building workhouses to torture the poor.


  24. Latest news is that Farage has finally come out of that closet he has been hiding in for so long and revealed himself to be the slimy Tory he always was. We nationalists could have told the mostly thick voters of this country that fact a VERY LONG time ago!

    The idiot actually believes Boris is NOT telling another one of his innumerable porkie pies that he has a veritable mental affliction in spouting!

    Does Farage really believe Labour leave voters will vote for the Brexit Party now!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.

    As of today, the Brexit Party has gone to meet its (probable) MI5/MI6 maker!


    1. Now we shall see whether Hartlepool people deserve their thick reputation. Richard Tice will stand for Brexit Party there. I sympathize to the extent that white English people are basically frozen out now, with no party worthy of support.


      1. Didn’t they elect a monkey for their mayor a few years ago? I think they did. Richard Tice the Brexit ‘Party’ candidate deserves the votes of those who voted for the monkey. Now, all Mr Tice (Surrey born ‘former’ Tory🙄🙄🙄) needs is a PROPER Blue Tory rosette to wear instead of that near enough turquoise one!. At least the Brexit ‘party’ in its former guise of UKIP had a more original and non-Tory like colour in purple!🙄

        May as well gain the ORIGINAL Tory Party’s nomination for their candidature in that seat now!🙄🙄🙄


      2. Yes. The monkey was a reference to a ship’s mascot, wearing a little uniform, which was washed ashore on a spar, either during the Armada or the Napoleonic time. Hartlepool peasants thought the poor creature was a French or Spanish officer and hanged him.


      3. It would be pretty dim of them to vote for a ‘party’ led by a Tory who stands-down HALF of his so-called ‘party’s candidates in the seats of ONE other party because of a ‘promise’ from a PM who apart from being a mindless and incompetent buffoon is someone who lies to such a huge degree he must be suffering from a mental problem and who double-deals a party in the DUP that they are meant to have a confidence and supply arrangement with.


      4. It would be better for them to elect the Lib Dem candidate than a fake ‘Brexit’ and UK-wrecking supporting Tory, the nonsensical non party of the Brexit ‘party’, and Labour. After all, at least the Liberal Democrats are consistent with not wanting ANY form of ‘Brexit’ and put-up candidates in ALL seats.


      5. Exactly. There is no one worth voting for. Let’s cancel this expensive and essentially fraudulent ‘election’.


      6. Even after this announcement today, I am seeing dim people on Twitter still intending to vote for Nigel’s Tory spare wheel ‘party’.🙄

        Some of these people come from Labour-voting seats in Wales! Talk about thick! Why vote Brexit ‘Party’ to eject an anti-Brexit Labour MP when the party ‘leader’ does unreciprocated deals with a party pushing a FAKE ‘Brexit? That voting behaviour is utterly pointless!

        There are only TWO genuine choices as far as Brexit is concerned and they are either a UNITED KINGDOM-wide REAL Brexit which the Brexit ‘party’ once stood for but as of today clearly doesn’t or we cancel Brexit in its entirety as the Lib Democrats propose.

        A vote for the Brexit ‘party’ is now an ENTIRELY wasted one. So much for Nigel’s supposed aim of ‘changing politics for good’. Frankly, I don’t see how that can be done when your ‘party’ does UNRECIPROCATED deals with an Establishment party that doesn’t want to and never gas had the wish to implement a REAL Brexit.


  25. Arise Lord Farage for services to the globalist CON Party and their FAKE, IRA-appeasing (by effectively shoving NI into an economic ‘United Ireland’ ) ‘Brexit’!.


  26. The CONS, thanks to Lord Farage of Fakedom, will do more for the IRA and its objectives in the next few months than Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell could ever dream of doing.


  27. So, apparently, the CONS are NOT reciprocating on dimwit Nigel’s stupid offer to them by standing a candidate in the Brexit ‘party’s’ top target seat!

    Who would have thought that!🙄

    My advice to Nigel is simple either get yourself some form of a political brain or do the decent thing for this country at long last and ‘eff off!🙄


    1. So Farage learned in the City of London to give up your one bargaining chip and then take as payment an unenforceable promise or two from a proven fraud and liar? No wonder Farage gave up the City for bilking political supporters out of donations!


  28. Did you see that speech Boris-Idiot made the other day to Northern Irish business leaders?

    It was so bumbling and rambling even when compared to his normal standards he must have been as pissed as a newt! And this thing is PM!

    God almighty, we are so %%%%ed it is not even funny!😡🤬😞

    May as well have have Jo Swinson as PM! At least she has a nice pair of mammary glands!


  29. ANYONE from all parties and from none who trusts Boris Johnson is an extremely poor judge of character as Boris is one of the very worst self-serving charlatans British politics has ever produced as the DUP now know to their cost. Behind that jovial mask of your typical bumbling upper-class idiot as in Jeeves and Wooster is actually a pretty dark character.


  30. Matthew Goodwin speaks the truth in that yes Corbyn isn’t personally popular with a large part of it due to the Tory media calling him that term that is extremely flexible ie an ‘anti-semite’ but many of his policies are. What holds Labour back is its support for excessively liberal social policies ie mass ‘open-door’ immigration and soft sentences for criminal behaviour.

    Most Brits are centrist or even slightly to the ‘Left’ as far as economics and taxes are concerned and don’t instinctively back Tory ‘Right-wing’economic neo-liberalism but are to the ‘Right’ with regard to social policies.


    1. I agree, except for the anti-Jew labelling. I doubt that many English people care much about that, but the support for even more mass immigration, the perceived anti-Brit and pro-international “socialism” stuff, yes, that holds Labour back, as does the presence of so many black idiot-MPs around him


  31. Renationalising the railways, for instance, isn’t automatically considered to be beyond the pale by Tory commuters. The railways are one of the few services where a case can be made for state ownership. After all, even Maggie Thatcher never got around to privatising it.


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