General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.5)

19 November 2019

Once again, I restart my General Election 2019 blog. Previous blogs are here:

The “Leaders’ Debate” has just been held. I only saw extracts on the TV news, but based on that, I should say that Corbyn came over better; my subjective view, of course. Twitter reaction (for what it is worth) seems mixed, as does instant polling: Corbyn “more trustworthy” and “in touch with ordinary people”, Boris-idiot more “Prime Ministerial” (that Old Etonian gloss again?) and (it surprises me that the punters think so, though) more “likeable”

The Conservative Party leadership cadre is now infused with the deep dishonesty typical and characteristic of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and the present Cabinet (eg the Jew Shapps, who sold members of the public dodgy business schemes and get-rich-quick plans, while posing under other names and even entering the Palace of Westminster using faked ID):

TV talking head Robert Peston saying that Corbyn “won”:

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott seems to be, reading between the lines, doing damage control for Boris-idiot, in effect.

Isabel Oakeshott, now the girlfriend of Brexit Party second in command Richard Tice, and like so many Brexit “Party” supporters (I am presuming, perhaps, that she is a supporter), seems to have one foot in Brexit Party and another in the Conservative Party. There is now little difference between the two, which is why Brexit Party is being washed down the plughole.

Retired fire chief and pro-Labour tweeter John Edwards blocked me on Twitter (before the Jews had me expelled in 2018). He said that I am “a dreadful fascist”! Yet here I am, reposting his tweet of this evening…

and from Alastair Campbell, one-time Blair spinmeister:

While only a LibDem like Tim Farron could imagine that Jo Swinson “won the debate” by virtue of not actually being there!

Update, 20 November 2019

I was reading some of what I wrote about Brexit Party earlier in the year. Well, much water under the bridge since then!

Brexit Party was polling around 12% when Farage decided to pull 317 Brexit Party candidates only 4 weeks before the election. That was followed by another 38. That, in return for a worthless promise from Boris Johnson, a man of no credibility, no integrity, a useless beneficiary of the UK’s sick political system.

Farage‘s ridiculous decision (taken unilaterally and without consultation with the candidates themselves, who had all paid to be considered as candidates) collapsed Brexit Party overnight. Farage killed his party as surely as if he had shot it in the neck.

Now, at time of writing, Brexit Party is in the polls at around 4% and, with 3 weeks to go, is not a serious contender in the General Election. Brexit Party might have won a number of seats while depriving the Conservatives (mainly) of a number of others, but now will be lucky to win even in those constituencies where it had a chance (e.g. Hartlepool).

Why did Farage destroy his own party? I am not the conspiracy theorist some imagine but I do speculate whether this is some kind of Russian operation.

Russia, we are told, wants the UK out of the EU (and, in Putin’s wildest dreams, NATO). Taking that as correct, it may be that Russian strategists were (are?) hoping for “hard Brexit” or “no deal Brexit” (real Brexit), because it weakens the EU (as part of the New World Order or “NWO”) and because a real Brexit might both cause economic/political discontent in the UK down the line and also stimulate Scottish nationalism, with the possibility that Scotland might break off from the UK, and then possibly (probably) decommission the nuclear missile submarine and air bases there. A break-up of the UK would be a stunning coup for the Russian state in terms of Atlantic geopolitics.

Still speculating, if an immediate “hard Brexit” seemed likely to be blocked by Parliament’s Remain majority in the event of another hung Parliament, then Russian strategists might have decided to strengthen Conservative Party chances by taking out Brexit Party.

Brexit Party is a dictatorship of one man, Farage. To take Brexit Party out of the General Election, Farage alone had to make that decision. He did. So the question is why did Farage take that decision? To my mind, there is no logical reason based on ordinary politics why Farage should take the word of a proven and continual liar such as Boris Johnson. On the other hand, if Farage is or has become an agent under control, then it makes perfect sense.

How do we know that Farage has not been promised (or even paid already) a large sum (£20M is good, £50M is even better) offshore? It makes sense in baldly venal terms but it also makes sense for Farage politically, if Farage has become convinced that a Boris prime ministership with a large majority would result, in a year or two, in a “hard” or even “no deal” Brexit. That way, Farage gets a secret fortune and the political result he has wanted to see since the early 1990s.

True, Farage is wealthy anyway (is supposed to be), but so what? As to whether the Russians would pay really large sums for such purposes…well, the wife of an “oligarch” paid the Conservative Party £160,000 just to have a tennis game with Boris Johnson and David Cameron-Levita. On that basis, £50M to change the whole course of British policy and strategy seems cheap at the price.

There is no direct evidence that Farage is an agent of the Russian state, but he has been shown to have close links with some leading “oligarchs” etc. The Russia of Putin is not the Soviet Union. It operates partly via the uber-wealthy who are beholden to Putin; the Soviet Union operated in this sense in a different way, bureaucratically, via the KGB and its predecessor agencies (NKVD etc), GRU and, pre-WW2, the Comintern.

As we have seen (google, or see my earlier blogs), Boris Johnson, like Farage, is or has been close to some Russian or Russian-Jew “oligarchs”. Then there is the role of Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s “adviser” (who however has been reported as having actually overruled Johnson on some occasions!). I blogged about Cummings a few months ago:

There have been those who have implied that Cummings is a kind of Russian agent. My previous assumption was that he might have been an agent of SIS (British agent rather than salaried officer, perhaps, but who knows?) for a while (when he was in Russia for about 3 years after having graduated from university) but again that was just my speculative thought. Still, one would not necessarily preclude the other, especially over time. Allegiances change, people change, or are suborned, or bought, or get angry and turn coat. These things happen.

I have no evidence that Farage has been paid a huge bribe by Russia; I have no evidence that Cummings has, either. Still, I do wonder. “Thoughts are duty free”, even in the EU…

There is, of course, also the fact that the British Intelligence assessment of some connected matters is not going to be released until after the General Election. It has been held up by Johnson and Cummings. Why?

Here’s something interesting! In 1993, Corbyn was in favour of paying blacks to clear out of the UK! Well, why not? Cheap at the price, really…

A few thoughts

I was listening in the car to the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, broadcast in part from somewhere called Sheffield College. I have now looked it up:

To say that I was appalled by the quality of the three students called upon to discuss the election etc would be an understatement. All were studying Journalism, apparently. They had all been asked to listen to the Corbyn/Johnson debate.

The least impressive of the three was a young woman whose every fourth or fifth word was “like”. She had previously favoured “Jeremy” but thought that Johnson was clearer on what he wanted. I think that she may have just meant “more emphatic”. The others at least used “like” more sparingly. The sole young man was even able to string a sentence together, though not to much effect. All three were concerned about what the first young woman called “climate” [change] but one got the impression that all three knew as much about the issues as my cat’s left ear. The young man referred to the need to do something so that “we don’t have to wade through three feet of water”, though that would be unlikely except in a flood of Biblical proportions, Sheffield itself being situated at a height above sea level of between 95 feet and 1,798 feet:

Perhaps the reference was meant to be humorous.

Overall, I found the three students disturbing not because they seemed in any way rebellious or radical, but because they seemed to be such bland creatures. That, and the (apparent) palpable ignorance and inability to comprehend, think, or express themselves cogently. I was interested to hear that all three wanted to leave Sheffield (one said it is “boring”), though the “like…like…like” girl wanted to move to “London, Manchester or Salford”, a strange mixture. “How will you keep them down on the farm, once they’ve seen…Salford?”…Unlikely.

Politically, all were registered to vote, but none mentioned any issues that concerned them except “climate” and none had any ideas, it seemed, about that, just that it was of concern. All thought that life and career was and would be harder for them than it had been for their parents (in that I am inclined to agree, in general) but again none had any ideas about how to change that. Not one seemed to espouse any political ideology or philosophy. These were potential journalists, we were asked to believe. Depressing.

A further thought comes to mind, not for the first time. We are always being told by polling organizations and Remain whiners themselves that Remain partisans tend to be “better educated”, by which is meant “have degrees” etc. The trouble with that contention is that about half of all 18+ y o persons now go to some kind of college or “uni”. These degree mills pump out “graduates”, many of whom are in reality completely uneducated and uncultured, and in not a few cases plainly as thick as two short planks. In other words, this whole “Remain voters/supporters are better educated than people who want out of the EU” is a conclusion based on false premises.

For once I agree with faux-proletarian scribbler Dan Hodges (re. Corbyn in that debate; see below):

For my money (having seen only extracts, admittedly), Corbyn “won” because he did seem fairly ordinary, which must have been a shock to many who half-believed the fantasies of the popular Press and Boris Johnson to the effect that Corbyn is akin to Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin etc. I daresay that some viewers were surprised that Corbyn had only one head, and that it was not that of a demonic goat, complete with horns.

The laughter when Boris-idiot talked about trust and honesty said it all: Boris is not trusted, and actually not respected. He is not really treated by the public as a real Prime Minister. That means that he gets away with more, though. It works both ways.

Conservative Party lead is more apparent than real:

Update, 21 November 2019

The LibDems released their manifesto to some msm publicity a day or so ago, but the interest was rather muted. It seems to me that the LibDems are becoming almost an irrelevance in this election. The retreat of Brexit Party has closed off quite a few LibDem possibilities in Con-held seats in the South of England (mainly), because the Conservative vote in those seats will have been shored up.

At the same time, the stance of the Liberal Democrats is “socially liberal, fiscally conservative”, following the lead of Jo Swinson herself, who after all held junior office during the 2010-2015 Con Coalition. That is not only the reverse of my own position, but also will not play in much of England, Wales or Scotland. I doubt that the LibDems will take many —if any— seats presently held by Labour.

In fact, under the pressure of the big-spend pledges of Lab and Con, the LibDems have loosened the reins of spending too, in their manifesto.

The LibDems have “bet the farm” on being the only significant party in the General Election to be clearly and firmly Remain (in England, that is; in Scotland, the SNP position is effectively the same).

Only about half of the voters favour Remain. Only about a third of those consider Brexit to be the most important issue in the election. So 15%-20% both favour Remain and think it the most important issue. It is noteworthy that the LibDems are currently running at between 12% and 18% in the various opinion polls. Admittedly, that is well above their polling of past months (and years).

There are seats in London and the South East where the LibDems may take a few seats, but in the big picture the LibDems are an irrelevance. I think that Leave supporters might vote either Con or Lab, whereas there are, no doubt, Remain supporters who think that Labour is sufficiently Remain to be supported, or alternatively that while the Conservatives are not Remain, they all the same are effectively so, via Boris Johnson’s BRINO (“Brexit In Name Only”) “deal”.

I wrote off the LibDems after 2011, but was only (?) 90% right. The LibDems survived like political cockroaches. I am tempted to write them off again, but they do have that ability to hang on somehow. FPTP voting is both their bane and their lifeline (as the “third choice” party).

An interesting psephological analysis about potential Conservative Party majorities, published 2 days ago:

The Jews on Twitter have been going mad for the past day, merely because Jeremy Corbyn, at the TV debate, pronounced the name of the Jew paedophile, rapist etc, Jeffrey Epstein, correctly. He pronounced it as “Epshtine” (“tine” like River Tyne), which is correct in normal German (and so Yiddish) usage. The Jews of Twitter are claiming that the name should be pronounced in the incorrect American manner, i.e. “Epsteen”. The Beatles had a manager called Brian Epstein, and I only ever heard of him referred to as “Epshtine” or “Epstine”, never “Epsteen”. The funny thing is that broadcast msm drones in the UK, at least on the BBC, are running so scared of the Jews that today every last one of them, e.g. on the Radio 4 Today Programme, was using “steen” and not “shtine” or even “stine”.

Labour’s manifesto has been released, promising a building programme: 100,000 council houses per year for years. Well, there is a housing shortage of very serious proportions, and there is also a serious problem of abuse of the lives of tenants by landlords. However, much of the problem in this sector is caused by the migration-invasion, i.e. mass immigration, combined with births to immigrants.

Labour wants more immigration, even though immigration is running at something like 500,000 a year. Net? Officially 258,000 in 2018, but that leaves out illegals, and even the government estimates that there are 1.5 MILLION of those pests alone in the UK now! Also, “net immigration” conceals the fact that virtually all “permanent” immigrants are non-white, whereas many leaving the UK are white English, Scottish, Welsh people fleeing to Australia and elsewhere, as well as EU nationals returning home.

There is almost no point in building hundreds of thousands of houses if most will go to migrant-invaders (and so encourage even more to try to move here). Britain cannot absorb (net) a quarter of a million or more new “inhabitants” every single year, meaning a population the size of a city such as Southampton, and remain a decent or even half-decent country.

Film has emerged of aggressive “security” staff attacking a Brexit Party leafletter at a Morrison’s supermarket:

Britain 2019. I suppose that the thing that surprises me most, looking at the report, is that there are still people prepared to waste their time (let alone get assaulted) canvassing or leafletting for Brexit Party.

Now that I have seen more of the Labour manifesto,

I am thinking (leaving substance aside and considering it from the electoral point of view) “why not”? Labour is in a bit of a hole in the opinion polls; it cannot do much worse (because around 25% would vote Labour even if it proposed copying the policies of Pol Pot or of Trotsky’s War Communism). Labour’s struggle is to persuade another 10% to 15% to put their crosses by Labour on the ballot paper.

On the above premise, Labour may as well be radical and own it. It just might work.

Meanwhile, “Mainstream”, the new Jewish-funded anti-Corbyn organization, has come out with a spoof ad featuring the Jewish actress Maureen Lipman. She “threatened” to leave the UK and go to Israel or the USA if Corbyn became Labour leader. Oddly enough, she is still here…still “threatening” to emigrate.

John Woodcock, the disgraced sex pest former MP, who has mental problems, is going to be, or already is, the Con-appointed “special envoy” on “countering violent extremism”, despite his completely partisan, biased ideological position. In other words, someone who is as good as an agent of influence for Israel is going to be snooping on and working against those British people struggling in the front ranks of the socio-political battle of our time. Woodcock is a leading member or supporter of “Mainstream”, which in this election is trying to weaken Labour’s chances.

Update, 22 November 2019

The Daily Mail examines the effect of Brexit Party on Labour-held seats in the North of England:

I have to say that, after the Brexit Party shambles during this election campaign, I struggle to see why anyone would still vote Brexit Party, but there it is. I suppose that the same mugs voted LibLabCon all their lives, so why not?

A second “Leaders’ Debate” will not now be held, because Boris Johnson has cried off. He failed to win the last one and has now blinked.

As I have repeatedly blogged, Labour is now the party of the non-Europeans (meaning mainly the “blacks and browns”), public service workers and those dependent on State benefits:

Naturally, it is trite to say “Mrs May and the Conservatives were ahead at this point during the 2017 General Election campaign [and therefore the Boris Johnson Con lead in this election campaign will have gone by Polling Day].” Why? Because Mrs May had built up or rather puffed up a brittle bubble around the “strong and stable” mantra. When she made a U-turn on elderly social care and seemed unable to do more than shriek “Nothing has changed! Nothing has changed!”, the whole Theresa May, Conservative Party “strong and stable” bubble just burst. Not even overnight. At once.

This time round? So far, no one defining moment of that sort. One may happen between now and Polling Day (3 weeks minus 1 day from today; 20 days), but part of Boris Johnson’s strength is that no-one actually expects Boris-idiot to be consistent, or honest, or even particularly —or at all— competent. Everyone knows that he is a liar, an incompetent, a philanderer, a money-grasper etc. It is therefore hard to see what event or behaviour would be so calamitous as to actually surprise the public. Johnson has actually weaponized his own inability to be a proper Prime Minister.

Having said the above, the Conservatives (like Labour) are piling up extra votes in seats which they were going to hold anyway. It is not impossible to see floating voters in marginal English and Welsh constituencies being interested by Labour’s policy offer. Add that to likely Con losses in Scotland and London and it is possible to think that a hung Parliament is as possible as a Con majority.

Labour cannot get a majority, in my view, but it can still prevent Boris-idiot from getting one.

Seems that Labour’s tax plans etc mean that people in the top 5% of earners will have to pay a small amount more in tax (supposedly £10 per month, which seems very modest). There has been argument over whether people earning £80,000 pa really are in the top 5%, following a Question Time spat. There has also been confusion over whether the tranche of taxpayers affected will be those only in the top 5% or in the top 50%.

Twitter exploded.

If ever there is an area where the devil is in the detail it is that of taxation.

Of course, it is all too easy to feel that “I make x-amount per year and I’m certainly not rich/wealthy/affluent.” As long as ago as 2001, I myself made well over £80,000 gross (but that was that year; my income was always either “feast or famine”, the latter almost literally at times), so in today’s 2019-money-value maybe £140,000 gross (educated guess) yet I did not feel wealthy, though certainly not poor either. Today? I am genuinely near-broke! The point is that whether you feel “well-off” is very subjective (in my own case, a fairly large chunk of my earnings in late 2001-early 2002 went on just renting a quite modest detached house in the London area).

I may have been in the top couple of percent in terms of income, but did not feel wealthy or particularly privileged (and my assets were few, another important point: I had little beyond a 2,000-book library, a Rolex watch and a —rather modest— car).

But leading lawyer Jolyon Maugham tweeted: “Fact. Earning £80,000 a year puts you well into the top *3%* of adult earners.”

He added: “£80,000 – what an MP earns – puts you into the top 3% but it doesn’t give you the lifestyle the English middle class once had.

“No private school, no comfortable house (certainly not in London), and so on. What we used to call a middle class existence is increasingly unobtainable.

“I’m not playing a violin for him – about 97% have it worse – but it does tell a story about how all the gains are going to an infinitesimally small number of people and how (in a way) everyone else can be cross with justification.” [from the Daily Mirror report]

How true. What matters is the lifestyle that comes out at the other end. The (?) relatively modest school which I (and my brothers) attended in the early 1970s now costs about £18,000 per pupil per year! (they do have bursaries etc)

Likewise, the semi-detached Victorian villa in the Little Venice section of Maida Vale, West London, where I spent many years (on and off) from age 19 to age 40, and which was valued at £100,000 in 1980, is now “worth” about £4 million! A 40x increase in “value” in 40 years! Hugely more than general inflation, let alone average pay, over those 40 years.

The fact is that in the UK, a tiny tiny number of incredibly rich people own almost everything and have incomes (and capital gains) in the millions and tens of millions, as well as assets in the tens of millions, hundreds of millions and thousands of millions (billions). They are a legitimate target for taxation and for at least partial expropriation.

However, it is clear that, in order to achieve social goals, any radical government will have to tax the ordinary Joe too. Ideas such as raising tax and NI thresholds are crude and help the “better-off” as much or more than the low earners. A far better way is to have no thresholds at all, and to give necessary help to the poor via other means (benefits such as child benefit, Basic Income etc). It is better to get £1 a head from a million people than £1,000 a head from a relative few. Why not both?

Recommended reading:

It may be that indirect taxation is better, but that has to be carefully handled if it is not to be retrogressive.

The present General Election exposes the rot in our society and political system. Few real ideas (that are any good) about how to deal with what must be dealt with: health, social care, alienation, funding for government, social problems generally, mass immigration. Labour’s ideas are the best of those on offer, but still either inadequate or half-baked.

General Election analysis:

Update, 23 November 2019

The latest opinion poll (via Panelbase) gives intentions as Con 42%, Lab 32%, LibDem 14%, Brexit Party 3%, Greens 3%. Electoral Calculus makes that a Con gain of 4 seats overall, but still resulting in the Cons being 4 short of a majority.

The previous poll I saw, from another organization, and a day ahead of the above poll, gave the Cons a majority of 36! Yet the figures for that one were not far different: Cons 42%, Lab 30%, LibDems 15%, Brexit Party 4%. A few percent higher or lower, especially for Labour vis a vis Conservative, makes a very big difference.

The huge recent Con lead in the polls has narrowed (in both of those above polls) but the Cons are still well ahead in percentage terms, obviously. They do seem to be feeling the pace now, though: Boris refusing to debate on TV again. The previous debate might have destroyed Corbyn and so Labour. It did not do that.

It is very clear that Brexit Party is finished. I think that we have seen the end, not only of Brexit Party, but also of Nigel Farage. I am now expecting the effect of Brexit Party on the overall General Election results to be minimal. Opinion polling in a few Northern English seats seems to indicate that Brexit Party may take enough votes from Labour to let the Conservatives in here and there (eg Great Grimsby). Maybe, maybe not.

As to the LibDems, I think that they will end up on 12-13 December with fewer than 20 seats and possibly fewer than 10. Some commentators are predicting 30+ and one bold fellow has said 100! My own sense is that the LibDems will win a few seats but lose more, including those contested by most of the ex-Change UK defectors.

In the absence of a truly social-national party, the choice offered to the voters is dire, and the only parties really contesting the election in England and Wales are Lab and Con (I fully expect the SNP to win the vast majority of seats north of the Border).

Update, 24 November 2019

Ha ha! Farage says that “Labour is bombing all over the country” and that Corbyn is a poor leader. Well, there is some truth in both statements, but what strikes me forcefully is how lacking in self-awareness Farage is!

Labour may be (to some extent) “bombing”, but Brexit Party (or should that be “Farage Party”) has already bombed all over the country. It started off at 15% in some opinion polls, but is now at either 4% or 3% in all the ones I have seen. It does not have far to go to reach the 1%-vote depths of the joke “parties” such as the Monster Raving Loonies and the Christian-This-Or-Thats (not to mention the fake “nationalist” joke-parties such as “For Britain”, “Britain First” etc, though they struggle to get even 1% of any vote).

[I should add that, the last I saw, “Britain First” had been deregistered as a party by the Electoral Commission anyway, so would be unable to stand candidates under a party name]

As for “leadership”, Corbyn may be no Adolf Hitler, but Farage has just betrayed his most loyal followers by standing down about 360 of them so that Conservative Party candidates (including Remainers!) have a better chance of winning the seats that they are contesting! Is that “leadership”?

Now Farage is talking about forming yet another “party”! He says that it will be a reform party to “drain the Westminster swamp” and may be called Reform Party. Now, if only he had done that 6 months ago and joined it with Brexit Party…Had he done that then, he might have been in a different and better place now.

One can never easily write off Farage, and he sees the way the wind is blowing, but who would trust him now?

First-time voters hold key in 56 marginals, analysis shows”

“Intergenerational Foundation report comes as 670,000 young people registered to vote in seven days” [The Guardian]

An interesting report. Hundreds of thousands of young people (defined as the under-35s) have registered to vote (670,000 in the past week alone) under the new stricter criteria. About half are under-25. Virtually none support the Conservative Party: fairly recent polling indicated that as few as 4% of the under-25s support the Conservative Party, and only about 15% of under-35s.

As I blogged recently, if those of all ages who do not vote, about a third of all those eligible, found a reason to vote, that might well change politics in the UK in a radical and even revolutionary way.

Under Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system some votes really are much more important than others; in any given election only a small minority of the most marginal constituencies actually change hands,” said Angus Hanton, the co-founder of the IF. “Winning British elections is about winning marginals.” [The Guardian]

Of course, only the marginal constituencies really count, but if all the unregistered people (often discontented, or malcontents) were involved, many more seats would be marginal, though I understand perfectly well why many do not bother to vote.

First-time voters could unseat their MP in 56 marginal seats across the country, according to an exclusive analysis of the 1.2m new electors who have come of age in England and Wales since the 2017 general election. Thirty of these seats are held by the Conservative party, 20 are held by Labour, four by the Liberal Democrats (almost a quarter of their seats) and two by Plaid Cymru.” [The Guardian]

As stated, 670,000 new voters have recently registered, many in the past few days alone. The deadline for registration is at midday on Tuesday 26 November:

Anyone 16+ can register, but only those 18+ can vote. There is therefore an uncertainty over the effect of those recent registrations, though it seems sensible to assume that most recent registrations are from intending 12 December voters.

There will be a scramble to register (which can take only 5 minutes if done online). Labour will be desperate to get as many as possible under-35s registered. The Conservatives must be hoping that few will bother. Conservative Party support is mainly from those over 65 and almost entirely from those over 45. I notice that Boris-idiot is now promising to keep the “Triple Lock” on pensions, something Philip Hammond wanted to scrap.

The 2016 Referendum had a large age division. This has now been imported into politics generally.

Those (so far) 670,000 new voters are split, very roughly, into a thousand voters per constituency. The fact that they registered recently suggests that they are intending to vote. Most (in England and Wales) will vote Labour. Few will vote Conservative.

As far as persons are concerned who have turned 18 since the last general election in 2017, they number about 1.2M people. There must be a few, perhaps several, hundred thousand still unregistered. There is a lot to play for here, in the next day and a half.

There are dozens of Westminster seats which were won in 2017 with majorities under 400:

It can be seen that the effect of 1,000 or 1,500 new voters per constituency may be very significant, especially if most are going to vote Labour. It could change everything.

Not that I favour further reduction of the voting age. Switzerland began to decline once it

  1. allowed women the vote; but more importantly
  2. allowed people younger than 28 (the age is now 18) to vote.

I believe that the age rubric (maybe the sex bar too) was changed in the 1990s, maybe late 1980s.

I see tweets from (mainly Labour) ladies saying such things as “my son of 12 (this was a real tweet, btw) is very political and loves Jeremy Corbyn; the age threshold should be 16.” What can one say? I was quite political and also quite intelligent at 12, but people are generally immature until they are 28. I myself was. It is not so much a question of intellect or knowledge as of commonsense and a greater or higher level of wisdom than the vast majority have at 16, 18, or 21.

However, it is interesting, though disturbing, from the sociological point of view, that there is a growing infantilization of politics. Even more disturbing is that it affects the old as well as the young.

On the “Conservative” side, one sees responses on Twitter and in newspaper comments columns to the effect that, for example, if there is poverty, “they should get a job“, when in fact much UK poverty is in-work poverty (and not everyone can get work, let alone reasonably well-paid work).

On the more “Labour” side, we see remarks, for example, to the effect that mass immigration makes no difference to pay, benefits, services etc (except to improve them!), rail, road congestion etc. There is a wilful refusal to see the truth and a wish to believe that, with one wave of his wand, Magic Grandfather and/or the State can just “magic” high pay and benefits for all. “Luxury Communism”…


See below:

The “brown” (presumably a Pakistani of some type) knows more than many (typically) weak and brainwashed pro-multikulti white British people: he obviously feels that the UK belongs to the migrant-invaders like him (whether arriving in rubber boats in Kent and Sussex, arriving as “family members” at airports, as “asylum seekers”, or just born to black/brown mothers here in the UK). The w** assumes that the white man is the unwanted minority person. Soon he will be. Wake up, British people! It is nearly too late.

That charming scene from a “British” street also tends to make my point about Labour being now largely the party of the “blacks and browns”…

Update, November 25 2019

Fed into Electoral Calculus (with SNP assumed to get 50% in Scotland), that most recent poll would give a Conservative majority in the Commons of 28 (with 21 more Con MPs, 45 fewer Labour MPs). Boris-idiot would be well pleased with a majority of 28. Having said that, most polls until now have forecast larger majorities. The forecast majorities are ever-smaller (with a few exceptions).

There is one day left (exactly 24 hours at time of writing) in which Labour might encourage students and others to register to vote; the cutoff point is 1200 hrs tomorrow (Tuesday).

As for Polling Day, 12 December, there are now 16 clear days left before the polls open. Does Labour still have a chance of heading off a Conservative majority?

The minor parties (apart from the SNP) are now where they will be. Brexit “Party” is washed up completely and is very likely either to win any seats or even to be very important either way to whether the Conservatives or Labour win here or there. The best chance is probably in Hartlepool, being contested by Richard Tice, Farage’s 2-i-c. Even there, Labour probably has a better chance.

The LibDems are stuck on or below 15%. In their case, what matters is whether they can create a Schwerpunkt (concentration of forces) in any one constituency. They have a few good chances, but I still think that they will end up with fewer than 20 seats, quite possibly fewer than 10.

Labour’s chances rely on appealing to floating or new voters in marginal seats. I would not write Labour off just yet despite the dawning realization of its supporters and the public that the traditional raisons d’etre of Labour are fast disappearing, indeed have disappeared, and with them the traditional dyed-in-the-wool loyalty of the previously monolithic Labour vote in the North and elsewhere.

Labour’s policy offers are in essence attractive to many, but Labour is held back, first by its recent (past 20 years) black/brown emphasis (personified of course by Diane Abbott), secondly by uncertainty over whether Labour can deliver. Part of that is the surely correct assumption of most voters that Labour is not going to win a Commons majority (as a bet, it now stands at 40/1 on Betfair betting exchange).

It remains possible for Labour to deny the Conservatives a majority if it can get its vote out, and if the “young” (under-35s) vote in greater percentages than heretofore. If, if, if. Even here, in terms of “getting the vote out”, the Conservatives have a built-in advantage, in that a high proportion of their vote will be postal, Conservative voters tending to be elderly or at least in late middle age.

Despite everything saying “the Conservatives will get a solid majority”, I am still not sure. The “glorious uncertainty” of Britain’s electoral system, the fact that a small number of voters in a relatively small number of constituencies will decide the matter, make this still an open contest in terms of whether Boris-idiot, surely the most egregiously ill-suited Prime Minister in modern times (since the 19thC at least), will get the real power he so richly fails to merit.

It is now after 2200 hrs, so Labour has only 14 hours in which to persuade those who support Labour, but are not yet registered to vote, to register. The election result may hang on that alone.

Update, 26 November 2019

Correction: the deadline for voter registration is midnight tonight, not midday as previously thought. This could be crucial in stopping the Conservatives from getting a majority. A million new voters have registered recently.

The main news on Zionist-controlled msm (BBC, Sky etc) is that the Chief Rabbi has (not for the first time) declared not only himself and his immediate cabal but the “Jewish community” as a whole to be hostile to Labour. All news outlets are carrying this as the main news item.



The Chief Pharisee had the damned cheek to refer to “our country“, and even “the soul of our nation” (“our”?!), meaning the UK, despite the fact that he was born in South Africa and lived only in Israel and Ireland before coming to the UK in the 1990s:

Hopefully, this nasty individual’s intervention will merely increase the Labour vote and will in any case awaken many naive people to the important issue of Zionist interference in our political and social life.

Not that my opinion of Labour is very high, au contraire, but in this election, looking at the possibility of a Conservative majority and an elected Con dictatorship under Jewish and Israeli control (Boris-idiot, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel, the Jew Shapps and all other Cabinet members are Zionists; some are actual agents of Israel), Labour’s vote in this General Election must be maximized.

Historical note:,_1394

Update, 18 April 2023

The main blog post has had a few recent hits (maybe the Jew-Zionist snoopers, who knows?), so requires a brief update:

In essence, the “Conservatives” did not increase their vote much; hardly at all, in fact, across the board, but the Labour vote fell by ~8 points. That was decisive. The mainly Jewish or Zionist anti-Corbyn attack campaign (bought at huge expense) worked, in the end. “Boris” ended up with a Commons majority of 80.

As for the LibDems, their popular vote increased, but they lost, overall, 1 seat, and ended up with 11. The leader, Jo Swinson, lost her own seat and has left frontline politics.

106 thoughts on “General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.5)”

  1. So Corbyn was IN FAVOUR OF that most notorious Tory of all time (though, in realty, in the 1930’s, there were MUCH MORE ‘Right-wing’ Tories such as Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay MP) Enoch Powell’s proposed policy of VOLUNTARY repatriation of ethnics from the UK!

    Indeed, that is interesting and yes cheap at the price not least because we would have more sense of community, a more real national identity and sense of who we are and where we are going as a country and, of course, fewer violent stabbings etc in Stab City On The Thames otherwise known as London!

    Personally, I would pay the entire airfare for race baiter David Lammy!

    Corbyn is fairly ordinary compared to Boris! Corbyn went to quite a good school though a far less famous one than the village idiot from Eton and his background is much more modest and less ‘exotic’

    The Tory press would have you believe Corbyn is Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin and, of course, Adolf Hitler on account of his ‘anti-semitism’

    In the ridiculous and wholly untrue eyes of Tory ‘journalists’, Labour should be renamed the National Socialist British Workers’ Party (NSBWP).🙄🙄🙄


  2. Let us hope John Rentoul is right and the effect of the increase in the CON Party lead is negated by it being in held constituencies. Last time, the Labour Party piled-up silly majorities in in their safe seats (Corbyn’s seat of Islington North has one in the 30,000 plus range now). It is now time for already ultra-safe Tory seats to follow that trend this year.


    1. It is clear that both Lab and Con are piling up useless votes in safe seats. Only the marginal and swing seats really matter. The floating voters in those seats. I think that the election may be closer than the polls are showing. The Cons are plainly ahead, though.


      1. I bloody well hope so. This ‘conservative’ government has failed on so many levels with their utterly abysmal ‘control’ of immigration being one of the worst though there are others ie mass stabbings in London and elsewhere. Having a constantly lying circus clown for PM shouldn’t be endorsed by the electorate either. Put frankly, the CONS don’t deserve to have a majority of five seats let alone fifty or more!🤬😡😞


  3. According to the New European newspaper, one of the Brexit ‘party’s’ candidates has said,”I sure as hell am anti-semitic’. Sadly though he has backed down in true Tory fashion! 🙄Ha, ha, he might have been one of their candidates worth voting for!🙄😂

    Your seat of New Forest West is no 313 out of 317 Tory ‘defence’ seats and mine in Brentwood and Ongar is no 308!

    Yes, elections decided by the few and not the many so it should come as no surprise we sadly have such dysfunctional politics in this country.🤬😡😞


    1. If only more would fight back! Corbyn, on being badgered yesterday, could have said that
      “a malicious Jewish Zionist cabal is making up stuff about me, Labour and supposed “anti-Semitism”. Jews have disproportionate power and influence in our society.”

      The voters would have respected that, and the Zionists would have been exposed. Sadly, Corbyn just weaselled.


      1. He weaselled because he’s in on it. Don’t forget for starters he’s some sort of mamzer, as he divulged to the Israeli press. This comedy of the macabre is just more psych-war on goyim. Total control must be achieved and paraded, to invoke shock and awe/Shekhinah.

        ” ‘How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’ ‘Four.’ ‘And if the Party says that it is not four but five—then how many?’ ‘Four.’ The word ended in a gasp of pain.”

        Vassals stirring perhaps – the jury doing its thing, at least in ethnically intact places:

        A swallow doesn’t make a summer however:
        LSE. And Manning, as in Bernard Manning?

        This is a self-inflicted wound for ER:

        Back to normality:


  4. Jew Zionists have been conducting an utterly disgraceful campaign of what can only be described as pure hate against Jeremy Corbyn personally and his party to a lesser extent for about four years now. He and his party should have fought back against this but, sadly, they haven’t and as a result the Jew Zionist extremists are winning and persuading the country that Jeremy and his party are the literal reincarnation of Julius Streicher and the devil’s spawn!🙄

    Far too few British gentiles are aware of the fact there are SOME Jews in this country who replicate the extremism of Islamist Muslims and prove by their behaviour they constitute an unintegrated ‘nation within a nation’.


  5. Labour’s immigration proposals are the product of whackjobs but are the CONServatives any better? Not really not when that party can’t be bothered to ensure the EXISTING immigration laws are ACTUALLY ENFORCED as that utterly disgraceful figure for illegal immigrants proves beyond a doubt. I suspect a well-governed nationalist country like Japan under Shinzo Abe has under 100,000 illegals and that is for a country that has a bigger economy to attract them.

    All the Tories propose is to basically INSULT and DEEPLY PATRONISE those Britons who are concerned with their utterly useless points system for immigration when they know, full well, that people are not just concerned about immigrants skills levels but also THEIR SHEER NUMBERS and whether the immigrants come from backward countries with violent cultures such as Somalia.

    The CONS ‘points means prizes’ rubbish DOESN’T incorporate a FIRM ANNUAL LIMIT ON NUMBERS so, all in all, it is worthless and liable to be of as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

    This scummy, anti-British Party should basically go and %z@# themselves and stop being so insulting and patronising towards Britons.

    Yes, the housing crisis has undoubtedly been worsened by continual mass immigration as has crime with the Tories importing people from violent cultures like Somalia.🤬😡😞 No wonder then that, under the CON Party’s misrule, the police in London and some other cities too are struggling to cope with the constant stabbing attacks, acid throwing, gang rapes etc.


    1. 600,000 non-whites a year (plus illegals), minus 300,000 a year (mostly Brits) leaving. So overall, 300,000 (in numbers) extra, each year, but the demographic change is much worse than that. A city the size of Southampton EVERY YEAR, AND ALL NON-EUROPEAN!


      1. Yes, and all brought about by the misrule of a party that still calls itself Conservative! It really is about time the Trade Descriptions Act applied to political parties!🙄🤬😡

        The Conservative and Unionist Party is an utterly fraudulent organisation! They dumped social conservatism a long time ago and now with their Brexit rubbish ‘deal’ they have reneged upon unionism as well.🙄


  6. The Liberal Democrats survive because they still have some residual strength in the parts of the country like the West Country, Northern Scotland ext where the party used to have large numbers of MPs during their heyday ie the 1910’s and before and because they were once one of the two main parties of this country. There are other reasons too ie their MPs normally work very hard for their constituents and earn a personal vote, they stand for a unique issue ie electoral and constitutional reform the others don’t care about and also most Western democracies will have up to about 15% of the electorate who will vote for a liberal ‘centrist’ party. 15% or thereabouts is their limit though in normal circumstances as after that point their support will be composed of people protest voting. Germany’s Liberal Party, the Free Democrat Party (FDP) has, even with Germany’s very proportional voting system of Mixed Member Proportional Representation (MMP), only ever got to 15% in the polls and it is one of the world’s most successful liberal parties.


    1. I think that the LibDems are an endangered species in rural areas now, and concentrated more in the suburbs of London and smaller towns in the South East.

      Some commentators (eg in Daily Telegraph yesterday) are suggesting that the LibDems might take 100 seats. That might have been so had Brexit Party fought seats across the South of England and so weakened the Con vote. Now? I doubt it, frankly. I cannot see the LibDems doing well. My forecast would be that they end up with fewer than 20 seats, possibly as few as 10, but I suppose that I might be wrong.


  7. Over the period since 1997 the Liberal Democrats have been concentrating their vote more effectively than they did before ie in 2017 their national vote share fell, once again, from its already abysmal share of 2015 yet they gained four more seats.

    I think they will make small gains but they will end-up with about forty seats or less.

    In the past, Labour and Liberal Democrats often had similar vote shares in quite a few seats in the South of England now that isn’t the case and it will be evident that either Labour or Lib Dem are the clear challenger to the CONS so tactical voting against the CONS is much easier to work-out than before. That could help the Liberal Democrat Party and Labour pick-up seats they wouldn’t otherwise. Many voters are perfectly willing to engage in anti-Tory tactical voting.


    1. Tactical voting, yes. I blogged about it a few times. The LibDems came second in, I think, about 37 seats, mostly in the South of England. However, with Brexit Party not leaching Con votes, the LibDems are in a worse position than they would have been.

      There are quite a few seats where LibDems traditionally came second, but Labour only third. The Con Coalition killed that.

      Take a look at New Forest West:
      LibDems second since the seat was created, until 2015. 2015, 4th; 2017, 3rd.

      Again I may be wrong, but in more marginal seats where the LibDems have also fallen back, LibDem supporters who are very anti-Con may vote Lab and maybe elect Lab. I am not convinced that LibDems have the concentrated support to win more than a handful of ultra-Remain seats, and may well lose seats to Con or Lab elsewhere (and in Scotland, to SNP, which may go back up to 50+ MPs making the SNP the most important “kingmaker” party if Parliament remains hung.)


      1. The SNP will gain seats and might even sweep the board again reducing the Lib Democrats, Labour and the non-CONServative and non-Unionist Party to a small rump of seats.

        The joys of First Past The Post where a radical party like the SNP can get many seats amounting to a virtual wipe-out of the opposition on a relatively low vote share even though their only real distinctive policy is opposed by many!

        If the Tories were real unionists they wouldn’t be so fanatically opposed to proportional representation when considering the electoral fate of the SNP versus unionists in Scotland.


      2. In 2015, when the flip-point of FPTP was reached, the SNP went from, if I recall aright, 6 MPs to about 58, i.e. all but about 4 or 5 Scottish MPs, but its popular vote was only about 50%.


      3. My seat of Brentwood and Ongar is the same but the Lib Democrats still have many more councillors (Labour has only three) and the Labour position in second place comes with a worse vote share than the Lib Democrats had at their height ie 20% to 30% for the Liberal Democrats in 1992. Demographically-speaking we are still more likely to elect a Lib Dem MP than a Labour one especially when the Labour Party has a left-wing more ‘true’ Labour leader.


  8. Anyone who votes for the Brexit ‘party’ let alone canvasses for that utterly blatant CON Party subsidiary and front organisation really needs their heads testing. It will get no MPs whatsoever, has only one policy and as a direct result of its own leader’s actions has lost a huge amount of whatever credibility the globalist media gave it. Why should ANY Labour leave voter vote for it in Labour held seats vote for it when Tory leave supporters in Tory-held seats have been systematically denied the chance to do so by Nigel Farage Lord of Fraudulence?

    That makes no political sense and it should be clear Nigel only wants to help his mates in the CON Party even though just a few weeks ago he said their Brexit ‘deal’ was rubbish and not a real Brexit!🙄

    If you hate the Tories and Labour then the traditional home for protest votes and the longstanding home for the ‘dustbin vote’ ie the Liberal Democrat Party is still available and has a candidate IN EVERY SEAT.


    1. How Nigel can denounce the Tories for producing a fake Brexit and then urging people to vote for his party for a ‘real’ one instead just a few weeks ago and then stand-down his candidates in the seats of that party he was castigating and keep a straight face I do not know. This is not the behaviour of a principled politician! He done this unilaterally without the Tories withdrawing their candidates in reciprocation.


      1. That is what puzzled and still puzzles me. No reciprocation from the “Conservatives”, not even a public pledge. If Boris gave a private (verbal?) promise, that is, in the words of Sam Goldman, not worth the paper it is written on.


  9. Your thesis might have some credence especially as it looks as if Boris and the globalist CON Party have some decidedly dodgy Russian links as well as Israeli ones!

    What a choice on December 12th!🙄😡🤬😞


    1. There is the facade of what Disraeli called “the great Conservative Party”, meaning history, famous historical figures, the public image of a huge organization, “deep State” links etc, then there is the “bottom line” reality: an organization of only about 140,000 members, many on paper only, many in extreme old age, which has a central building and apparat, but nothing much else, and which needs money (about £3.5M annually). To some extent, the Con Party is just that, a con.


  10. Yes, that flipping point effect is one of First Past The Post’s worst features. Once a party gets to it it’s number of MPs explodes suddenly even though it will have only increased its actual votes a bit. First Past The Post doesn’t respond to people’s votes accurately and can exaggerate the movement of votes between parties in the results itvproduces. A logical and rational electoral system it is not as it is far too crude.

    Many of Scotland’s seats are marginal:


    1. As far as *this* election is concerned, the SNP must be on a winner, though I am the first to concede that Scottish politics is a strange land to me. Scotland was 62% Remain in 2016 and every single voting area in Scotland was also Remain.

      I doubt whether that has changed except to be more so. That helps the pro-EU SNP. Labour still seems to be sinking up there. *That* also helps the SNP. Ruth Davidson resigned as Con leader, and she was popular (though I cannot say that I liked what I saw on TV of her). Anyway, that too helps the SNP, possibly/probably. The LibDems are probably dead in the water in Scotland. Overall conclusion— SNP to increase their MP numbers to somewhere around the 2015 level.


      1. That results page is interesting! If you look at it you will discover that whilst the vast majority of Tory held seats voted Leave a significant minority didn’t. If the opinion polls continue to show a Labour victory is impossible I wonder if the Lib Democrats have a good chance of picking-up some of those Tory remain seats? If they did they could create the conditions for another hung parliament!😂😃


      2. I thought that a few months ago, but I think that the LibDems have overshot, and now that Brexit Party is not there to siphon off Con Leave votes, I think that the LibDems are going to get under 20 MPs and maybe even fewer than 10.


  11. Whatever one thinks about Corbyn personally or his policies at least he truely believes in them and is prepared to fight for them , alone if necessary, so that is MILES AHEAD of the self-serving, greasy, TORY TOSSER Nigel Farage who I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to be later revealed was working for MI5/M16 or even, as you say, the secret services of the Russian state.

    If Britain was a politically aware country ie like France, Germany or numerous others in Europe and elsewhere Farage the spiv second hand dodgy car dealer would have been laughed out of court years ago and especially now.

    Just look at the bunch of politically unaware idiots who are wasting their time campaigning for the secondary Tory Party in Peterborough:

    You may as well vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party than for snake oil salesman’s Brexit Nigerian Ponzi scheme!🙄🙄🙄
    At least they have a leader who is more politically credible!

    As for Nigel forming another new Ponzi scheme, why bother? It will no doubt work hand in glove with the fanatically anti political reform CON Party!🙄

    I’ve got a better idea! Why doesn’t someone start a new party called ‘The %ff Off Nigel Farage and Leave Britain Alone Party’? They would get my vote for sure and no doubt many others!😂😎👌😃


    1. He (Farage) has the cheek of the Devil! Just betrayed his existing supporters to help the misnamed “Conservatives”…now wants to start a new party while the old is still twitching!


      1. An electoral and political reform party could be a good idea. There is no doubt First Past The Post does need to be ditched and replaced with a system where votes match seats much more closely than at present as otherwise we will be plagued with the utterly dysfunctional and sterile of new ideas politics that FPTP produces for decades and centuries to come.😡🤬😞

        Of course, the Lib Democrats already stand for this though in my opinion they are too wedded to the Irish form of Proportional Representation called the Single Transferable Vote (STV) rather than having the policy they should have ie a commitment to dump FPTP and to replacing it with a strongly proportional system and letting the British people choose this alternative in a national referendum. That policy, I think, would gain them more votes.

        A new single-issue party advocating that stance could be good as it would have none of the political baggage the Lib Democrats, being a multi-issue party, inevitably bring with them.

        This new party could advocate winning a general election purely on the basis of electoral reform, changing the voting system by means of a referendum on the above lines and then promising to dissolve and call a new general election using the new system after about three years in office.


      2. You are interested in voting systems etc. So, to an extent, am I. Most people are not. The average Joe has no real interest. He will therefore not vote for any party which has that as its main issue.


  12. That the Brexit ‘party’ stood down its candidates ONLY in Tory-held seats INCLUDING those of KNOWN Tory remainers such as the new Tory candidate in the Cities of London and Westminster seat whilst opposing ALL Labour MPs even including VETERAN Eurosceptics such as Dennis Skinner who was opposing the Common Market whist City Boy spivs like Farage were still in their beloved CON Party worshipping Thatcher whilst she was signing Britain up to the Single Market shows you that the Brexit ‘party’ is nothing more than a money-making scam for Nigel ‘Toryboy’ Farage and a blatant Tory front ‘party’.

    Talking about that Cities of London and Westminster seat, apparently Chuka is quite close to victory there!


      1. Come now, don’t be too harsh on Chuka! He does have at least one political good point in his favour ie he is a known supporter of ditching this crazy, illogical and downright grotesquely unfair voting system called First Past The Post and repacking it with a more rational, fairer and strongly proportional one. Also, he is good for a laugh such is his renowned ability to change parties so frequently!😃😂

        I can see the Cities of London and Westminster seat electing a Lib Dem at a pinch but whether Chuka is the right candidate for them I am not so sure.


  13. Farage isn’t a Jew or has any Jewish ancestry, does he? He may as well have because his statement about Corbyn lacking leadership skills and the Labour Party ‘bombing’ applies much more to him and his Ponzi scheme. IF f this isn’t typically Jewish ‘Chutzpah’ I don’t know what is!🙄


  14. Can we have a whip round for Maureen Lipman to pay for her El Al airfare to Israel? IF Corbyn and the Labour Party REALLY were the second coming of Adolf and the Nazi Party she and other Jews would have already emigrated to Israel or the USA so he and his party can’t be that bad then, can they?🙄🙄🙄


    1. Exactly. What Jews “fear” is not elimination by Corbyn and/or the “far right” but a slight diminution of the Jew privileges in the UK, a slight lessening of (((their))) disproportionate influence, money, and power over UK politics etc.


      1. I agree.They are pissed-off with Corbyn and Labour because, unlike under that scumbag who should be hung Blair, Corbyn won’t automatically come running when they click their fingers.🙄ONLY Boris and the fake CON Party will do their total bidding but Labour won’t under Corby hence these increasingly scurrilous and just pure bat shit insane LIES about Labour’s so-called ‘anti-semitism’

        If only more British gentiles would realise what REALLY lies behind Jew Zionist extremist lies in the press and elsewhere about Labour and Corbyn with regard to this topic.


  15. Let us hope those young people vote because a CON Party majority of EIGHT seats would be bad enough but one of nearly FIFTY would be calamitous, especially one in the hands of Coco The Clown!

    Why give the globalist CON Party a majority?! They aren’t going to do anything useful with it such as REALLY cracking down on law breakers or deporting the ONE MILLION PLUS illegal immigrants they and the Labour Party have let-in!

    It is best to keep the CON Party on a VERY TIGHT LEASH as you would do to a rabid dog in your possession!


      1. Indeed and what an utterly horrific prospect it is what with perennially sneering and just plain nasty alien riff raff like Priti Patel lording it over us with her claim their policies have nothing to do with poverty!

        This horrible lot are much worse than Thatcher who did have a few good points.

        The present cabinet are anti-British, cruel, pondlife!


      2. Mrs Thatcher, though obviously pro-finance capitalism, was a product of a time when, beyond party political divisions, class divisions etc, there existed a nation or national community; in the German word, “Volksgemeinschaft”. That scarcely exists now. There is a geographic space, in which reside tribes: racial, national, cultural etc. Corbyn is an idiot in some ways, but is recognisably Brirish and indeed English, in a way that Boris-idiot is not. Boris is a faked (by himself, by his father) simulacrum of a cartoon “Englishman”, taken from the pages of Punch or PG Wodehouse.


  16. If the CON Party ‘win’ ie have a ‘victory’ gifted to them by the plainly undemocratic First Past The Post electoral system and push through their botched ‘Brexit’ then the United Kingdom will break-up. As far as I am aware NO country in history has ever maintained its constitutional integrity by allowing a foreign power (in this case the EU) to impose an economic and hence political border through it ie how their botched deal deals with the position of Northern Ireland as (at present) an integral part of the UK.

    How the United Kingdom can survive with one part of it being economically separated from the main part of it where the smaller part does most of trade with I just don’t know.


      1. I would rather have the Scots pissing inside the tent than pissing from the outside. I really don’t think we want to have an inevitable EU member sending it’s illegal immigrants over the border and adding to the already horrific illegal migration problem we already have.


      2. IF we wish to leave the EU and I am increasingly of the view why bother since the Tories only propose a GLOBALIST form of Brexit ie IGNORING the reasons so many voted out then we can only do that as a United Kingdom. On its own, England would have no alternative but to remain a part of it.


      3. At least out of the EU, there would be (?) no “holocaust” “denial” laws, no European Arrest Warrants, no European Court with jurisdiction here etc. You are right, though: one form of globalism replaced by another.


      4. To be honest, I am not that bothered about Brexit now. It was and remains a good idea in theory but the CON Party have botched it so badly it has now become a joke and even if the Tories had come-up with a decent deal then there would still be a problem over what they intend doing with it. Having a sheer desperation to sign very one-sided trade deals with the likes of President Donald ‘America First’ Trump and allowing-in YET MORE Third World migrants instead of EU immigrants is not a good use of independence!


  17. The beginning of the end of the United Kingdom by Tory butchery of this country’s economic and constitutional integrity is just one reason, amongst others, why the non-conservative and now decidedly non-unionist party must not ‘win’.


      1. Indeed it is and let us all pray to the Good Lord he wishes good tidings towards the United Kingdom and doesn’t grant Boris-Idiot and his globalist, ‘open borders’ -supporting, finance-capitalist, incompetent rabble a very undeserved ‘victory’.

        Elections of all types but particularly general elections should be, in the incessant phraseology of the Labour Party, be decided by ‘the many and not the few’ but, sadly, due to FPTP they aren’t here hence crucial ‘marginal’ seats..🤬😡😞


      2. Labour should endorse proportional representation (in some form) but will not do so for two reasons:
        1. the 17thC idea that Parliament is supreme, having taken over the absolute power of the Stuart kings;
        2. the semi-Bolshevik idea of the early 20thC that the vanguard of the working classes, ie the “Party” (in this case, Labour Party) will “win” and then do as it likes, at least for the 5 or 7 years then current

        Labour is stuck in the win/lose binary (Cons the same). When there is no Commons majority, there is complete stoppage unless the main party can suborn and own a smaller one (LibDems, most obviously; recently, DUP).

        Labour wants a majority. It will not get one this year, but just might, down the road, as its core vote of non-Brits expands. The blacks and browns have multiple children, but white English people 1, 2 or none. The number of dispossessed ppl is also increasing as wealth is concentrated in the hands of fewer ppl, not only billionaires etc but those who “own” inflated property and rent some to those poorer ppl in a parasitic way.

        The Conservatives may or may not win a majority this year, but are in a strategically losing position, taking a longer view. Neither main System party wants PR because both are disposed to seek “supreme power”, as far as the British Constitution allows that.


  18. On the subject of Scots, I hope they don’t put the Tories over the line and help them ‘win’ a majority like they saved Teresa Maybe’s bacon!

    Yet the SNP still claim Scotland’s votes don’t matter!

    Don’t you dare do it, Scots, or we English will be bloody annoyed with you!


  19. I notice Labour want to give 16 year olds the vote whilst having, like the Tories, no genuine intention of giving those youngsters a vote that counts in large parts of the country thanks to the undemocratic First Past The Post voting system 🙄How convenient for Labour to want even more ethnics voting for them! Didn’t they do their best to import a new electorate the last time they were in office?🙄🤬😡

    16 is too young and there is simply no need for the franchise to be extended in that way. The last reduction in age to one of 18 in 1969 was perfectly sufficient. 18 is the standard age in the vast majority of countries so, unlike with our disgraceful voting system, we are not out of line with world practice. Ultra-successful Japan has only recently lowered theirs from 20 to 18 whilst South Korea’s is 19 I think?


    1. I agree again. I was blogging about voting age only today.

      I think that 28 is a good age for voting threshold. Another possibility is giving people different amounts of votes, eg 1 at 18, 2 at 21, 3 at 28, then maybe a final one extra at, arguende, 70.

      Dennis Wheatley proposed giving extra votes to graduates etc, but that was a poor idea. In his day, graduates were few enough to have little impact anyway, whereas today there are millions of “graduates” in Noddy subjects such as Travel and Tourism (step forward James Cleverly…), so almost everyone (well, over 1 in 2) would get an extra vote. Pointless.


      1. Was 21 the previous age before the anti-British globalist Harold Wilson reduced it to 18 in 1969? I think it was. 21 or as high as 25 should be the maximum though I think the present age of 18 is ok. 28 is a trifle high in my opinion and age is no guarantee of wisdom in voting. After all, if it was the CON Party wouldn’t exist!


  20. Issac Levido is the CON Party’s campaign manager! How typical of the globalist CONS that they have someone with such a foreign-sounding name in charge of their campaign! For all the bile the Left throw at them for being ‘xenophobes’ (ha, ha, IF only!) they do love their foreigners or people with distinctly foreign origins! Step forward Boris The Buffoon, Priti Patel, Sajid Javid etc!🙄


  21. Where is that rather disturbing clip from? Does anyone know? From the background it looks a bit like Ilford which is basically a completely foreign place and, frighteningly, not far away from the still at the moment thank god very white Brentwood (and hence ultra-Tory) where I reside.


      1. My god, just look at that photo on the front page of the Daily Telegraph! The unkempt shaggy dog Chief Clown doing his very best Benny Hill impersonation that he does so brilliantly well (about the only thing Coco is good at) along with the thing that helped to spawn him Into our world.😡

        Can someone, somewhere please tell this is a huge nightmare and wake me up from it?😡🤬☹️😞


      2. Tactical voting has to take place not just in Exeter but in many other marginal seats too if we aren’t to get Zippo’s CONServative circus breaking-up the United Kingdom and doing all sorts of other stupid things for five years!

        Can’t we just send Coco The Clown to the local Big Top? He should be entertaining the little ones at this time of year not frightening the adults!


      3. ONE decent policy proposal from the CONS there but pretty useless as, under Tory misrule, relatives won’t be needing it because their loved ones won’t be surviving Tory underfunding of the health service hence no need to visit them!

        How about some REAL ‘populist’ Tory policies like having planes take-off from Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow etc 24 hours a day and seven days a week deporting the ONE MILLION PLUS illegal immigrants THEY and their fellow globalist partners in crime the Labour Party have brought in?

        How about putting adverts in the newspapers to recruit new hangmen as Sri Lanka has done recently?

        Also adverts can be placed in them to recruit young, fit men trained in the martial arts so we can have them cane criminals using the rattan cane as in Singapore!


      4. By the way, has anyone added-up the COST of all these Tory promises yet or is financial rectitude for the birds now under the the CONS?


      5. I have just done my daily routine of putting into google’s Search engine the simple words London and stabbings and yes, you guessed it, there were more fatal stabbings in ‘enriched’ Whitechapel and Ilford!

        Vote for Boris The Buffoon and his circus clown party and let them import some maniacs with a knife to make your town ‘enriched’ like our former capital of Stab City Upon The Thames!😡🤬😞

        MY town of Brentwood really needs to vote for a party to the ‘Right’ of the globalist CON Party or it won’t be a ‘nice’ Tory town for much longer and end-up like formerly Tory Ilford!🤬😡😞

        If only we had a party like Germany’s excellent Afd party!


      6. Apparently, the ‘white man’ in East London was actually a Paki (you don’t seriously expect to find a native Briton in East London, do you?😡🤬😞) Tory called Ahmed (again!🙄) The OTHER Paki was annoyed Ahmed wasn’t a Labour activist as all good Pakistanis should be! In that sense, Ahmed was being disloyal for being an activist for the ‘white man’s party’ ie the Tories!

        JUST LIKE Enoch Powell (one of the very few Tories in history to have some brains) warned mass immigration is causing many problems and is now destroying democracy itself in this country!


  22. I wonder what Enoch Powell would make of that clip? It is a shame one of the greatest Tories of all time (and one of the best Prime Ministers Britain never had along with Sir Oswald Mosley) is not with us still. He would have been 107 this year!😞


    1. Already we see that even mild “nationalist” parties like UKIP cannot, mathematically, win many seats, purely by reason of the demographics; “Labour” can, purely because of the demographics. As for real social-nationalist parties (if any were to exist), no chance in any urban constituencies at least. I doubt that Westminster voting is our way forward, except as an “extra”.


      1. Well, if voting is not the way ahead I can’t see any other. The armed forces are getting smaller and smaller and are now beginning to be infiltrated by manic PC globalist types so I think we can safely rule-out the possibility of a nationalist coup d’etat .


      2. Yes, sadly. As for the police, I have even seen POLICE *official* tweets saying that people should not say anything hurtful to or even about bloody “travellers” of all people! No wonder the police are all but useless now.


  23. Yes, Labour is the party of the blacks and the browns whereas the Tories are, whether they are comfortable with the fact or not and whether they choose to acknowledge it, the party of the white man. So, taking that hard, cold, electoral reality into account why does the CON Party continue to import people who will NEVER vote for them in decent numbers or do so consistently?I know the CONS are called ‘Britain’s stupid party’ but there is stupidity and then there is TRUELY CRASS political stupidity!🙄


  24. Releasing their grip looks to be impossible then and we will be under the Jew Zionist extremist heel for evermore! Perhaps, it wouldn’t have been so bad if Hitler had invaded in 1940 as then the invading troops could have helped us to deal with the Zionist problem by expelling them to Palestine!


      1. Would Madagascar have them? Israel is probably best as then their extreme ethnic supremacism, ethnic self-assertiveness, ethnic self-awareness could take on a healthy, patriotic Israeli character instead of an all too often parasitical ‘nation within a nation’ (as Sir Oswald Mosley described it well) form in our country.😡🤬😞


  25. I see that Rachel Riley is whinging AGAIN about Corbyn’s so-called ‘anti-semitism’ and is really going to town on him even going as far as to wear a t shirt accusing him of being a ‘racist’ and doctoring a famous picture of him protesting about Apartheid in the 1980’s.🙄 There is simply no pleasing these rabid Zionist extremists so the only real option is to round them up and forcibly expel them to Israel where they can whinge about Jeremy’s ‘anti-semitism’ and by implication British gentile society’s as well to their heart’s content and stop boring the rest of us with it.

    They moan so constantly El Al Israeli airlines could without fuel for their jets to Israel by just using Jew Zionist extremist hot air instead!🙄🙄🙄


      1. Well, they ARE annoying and that is tempting but I am not that inhumane. A latter day Haavara Agreement is all that is needed. Israel gets more rabid Zionists (though I do feel sorry for the Palestinians) and we get rid of constantly whinging Jew Zionist troublemakers who put themselves and their perceived Jew Zionist interests first even when it is clearly detrimental to British white ‘goyim’ society.

        Good for Israel and good for Britain as well! Do we have a deal?


      2. Rachel Riley, Maureen Lipman, what are you waiting for? I am sure Israel will grant you Israeli citizenship under their ‘racist’ Law of Return so all you now have to do is get yourselves down to your local travel agents or book online and buy some El Al one way tickets to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa!! Have a nice life there and even though Israel is several thousand miles away from the United Kingdom we might still hear your continual and very boring moans about so-called British ‘anti-semitism’ even from that distance!

        Toodle Pip!


      3. They can get together with “top lawyer” Mark Lewis (“total assets a £70 a week pension, the cheap showy clothes on his back and a mobility scooter”!) and try to intimidate us again (he and the cabal of his cronies on Twitter failed in the past, and he will soon be propelling his wheelchair along the beach in Eilat, cursing the “anti-Semitism” in the UK). He’s washed up.

        I blogged about ten times about Lewis, starting over a year ago. He has not taken any legal action against me even though I called him a fraud, useless, a liar, mentally unstable, dishonest etc etc.

        What goes around comes around…


  26. Why doesn’t Labour put in a commitment to expel or to aid the movement of Jew Zionist extremists to Israel in its manifesto? They would get the votes of Muslims and even many white British gentiles then! I am sure many of us are absolutely fed-up to the back teeth with their constant whinging about mostly non-existent ‘anti-semitism’ so if they agree to move to Israel they would be free from British gentile ‘anti-semitism’ and happy and we would be free from their moaning and happy also! Good for both of us then!😎😀👌


  27. Yes, the police are not just seriously undermanned ( the CON Party promise to recruit another 20,000 officers will only RESTORE them to to their pre-Tory brutal cuts level rather than radically increase the sizes of forces) but they do, under Tory misrule, hardly anything in the way of real police work.

    IF the police were private companies their managers would sack most officers for doing precious little work.

    If you want them to investigate a mean tweet they will rush to your door but if you have been raped, burgled, suffered a violent assault (certainly if you are white) then, please, eff off and stop wasting police officers time!🙄🤬😡

    Efficient, non-PC, REAL crime fighting police forces as in sensible countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore we certainly DON’T have under the loony-left, PC globalist CON Party and will NEVER have under them!🤬😡😞


  28. In one way, you have to feel sorry for Labour over these so-called ‘anti-semitism’ allegations but not in other respects. After all, if that party hadn’t called virtually everybody to the ‘Right’ of Joe Stalin a ‘racist’ over the last sixty plus years then many ordinary gentile whites would be ignoring the whinging of Jew Zionist extremists but Labour weaponised the ‘racist’ word a longtime ago and now that idiocy and irresponsibility has come back to haunt them.


  29. As all the polls agree that it is impossible for the Labour Party to win this election then there is no reason why many can’t engage in anti-Tory tactical voting safe in the knowledge there won’t be a Labour majority government. The press can scare people about Labour’s plans but as they won’t win then people can vote to ensure Boris-Idiot can’t reign supreme either and put through his disastrously botched and United Kingdom-wrecking ‘Brexit’ deal which, if push comes to shove, SHOULD be vetoed by the Queen refusing it Royal Assent.


  30. Sadly, the Queen won’t do that though she would be well within her rights to do it since she is a dopy, old, globalist Tory mare who has never once put her foot down with her PM’s. If the Monarch isn’t prepared to step-in and veto a possible international treaty breaking-up the United Kingdom well you have to wonder what the point of the Monarchy actually is!

    Perhaps, it is time for a British Republic with some defined powers that WOULD be used, if necessary, Perhaps, it is only with the Monarchy’s fall we would get a fair voting system?


  31. Not only are the PC Stazi utterly useless they are now beginning to be HATED by the non criminal fraternity in this country which, I would suggest, is a rather dangerous position for any police force anywhere in the world to be in.

    Well done, Tories, for politicising the police in Mrs Thatcher’s day and instead of REVERSING Tony Bliar’s continuation of Maggie’s utterly crass stupidity, you accelerated it still further!

    Perennially dumb, useless @s£&s that you are!🤬😡🤬


  32. I have just read that Peter Hitchens the Tory journalist who is sometimes very right and at other times exceedingly wrong hasn’t voted since as long ago as 1987! I wonder what constituency he lives in?


  33. I think Boris will retain his own seat thanks to several factors: one he is the PM despite that fact being a source of shame for the CON Party and the country 2: he still has a vote share in his seat of a tiny bit over 50% (50.6% I think it was) and 3.) the Labour candidate there might not be able to attract sufficient anti-Clown tactical voting as much as another candidate would.

    I would love to be proved wrong and for Boris to lose his seat by 1, 2 votes or even by the returning officer flipping a coin! The humiliation of Coco would be complete then!😂😃🤡😎👌

    Voting tactically in the seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip even for Labour who I have never voted for before to rid the country of Boris would be SO, SO, SO TEMPTING even I would find it hard to resist.


  34. Wouldn’t it just! If it happened it would be this general election’s ‘Portillo Moment’ (and Michael Portillo wasn’t as bad a Tory as The Clown is by a long way). Personally-speaking, I don’t think I would stop laughing about it until Christmas at the very earliest!😂😎👌😀😂😁😂

    God, it must be so, so ,so tempting to be able to cast a tactical vote in that constituency!

    Boris has the lowest majority in his seat of any British PM since 1924!

    Apparently, the half Red Sea Pedestrian Dominic Raab who is unaware of the fact that most of Britain’s trade goes through the Dover-Calais route is said to be quite close to losing his seat to the Lib Dem candidate In Esher.😂😃😁😎


    1. and now the Chief Pharisee has interfered in the UK election! The bastard even talks about “our country” and “the soul of our country”! Even discounting his being a Jew, he/it was born in South Africa and lived in ISRAEL and Ireland until the 1990s. An alien.

      Yet Labour has not really hit back, but has just said how much they want to stop “anti-Semitism”! Mad. Craven.


  35. Interfering and ungrateful alien bastard! If it wasn’t for New Labour and Tony Blair being so much under their iron heel we wouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq ON A LIE, spent billions that would have been better spent AT HOME and some mother and fathers would still have their sons and daughters be able to visit them this Christmas and for many more Christmases to come.😡😞


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