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16 November 2019

The Sun “newspaper” report about Farage standing down another 38 candidates:

Only a few of those 38 constituencies are likely to elect a Conservative MP by reason of Brexit Party‘s withdrawal, but every seat counts at present. The total of seats withdrawn from Brexit “Party” contestation is now 355.

Apart from that, and despite the fact that I do not and never have supported Brexit Party (or its previous incarnation, UKIP), I feel almost infuriated myself that Farage has let down his thousands of troops in this way. God knows how they themselves feel! At least there was some logic, however mistaken, in the decision of Field Marshal Paulus to surrender at Stalingrad. In the case of Farage, his “army” was intact and fairly up for the fight, with at least some prospect of isolated successes here and there.

I discussed these matters in greater detail in my last blog thread about the election.

The polling experts seem agreed that Labour has “close to zero” chance of a Commons majority, a fact obvious to most people, surely, and for months if not years. The well-known Professor Curtice says that any narrowing of the Conservative lead below 8 points will place the result in hung Parliament territory; Kellner of YouGov, however, thinks that the present strong Conservative lead predicts a Con majority.

I always go with the famous remark of Harold Wilson about a week being a long time in British politics. Only 25 clear days (plus Polling Day) now remain, but that is enough, dependent on events, to change the overall picture.

Police now examine whether the Conservative Party has rigged the election:

The “Labour Party offers free broadband” story is interesting. The msm have been unsure whether to laugh at it, regard it as a serious policy and/or attack it as almost Leninist.

It seems to me that there is an age differential here. A high proportion of those of pensionable age (and I should add, for those unaware, that I myself am now 63, incredibly) probably regard this Labour policy offering as mad or as irrelevant. Many of that demographic either do not use the Internet (quite a few have never used it) or use it only for reading emails and/or for reading the Daily Mail online. Most people of that age, say 65+, can easily afford a broadband service if they want one. Most people over 65 vote, the vast majority in fact, and most of those who do vote, vote Conservative.

When we move to the under-35s and especially the under-25s, we see that, in the 18-24 age group, only about 4% (acc. to some polls) support the Conservatives, and most do not vote. These are they who have never known a world without the Internet. Many are not affluent. A proportion are downright poor.

You can see from the above that those who disparage the Labour “free broadband” idea are those who have no problem getting good Internet provision anyway, who may or may not use the Internet at all, and for whom the Internet is a add-on to their world, not a sine qua non. Also, they are those who probably vote Conservative.

As to those young or younger people who mostly do not vote Conservative, and who probably like the concept of free Internet service, the big question is whether they like it enough both to register to vote and then actually to vote (Labour).

Will this make any difference? A question which may only be answered on 12 December. Britain Elects has this:

A popular policy, in outline.

In fact, this is one of Labour’s better ideas and I do not say so only because I was tweeting about free universal Internet access years ago (before the Jews had me expelled from the Twitter timewasting echo-chamber in 2018). I was putting the idea out there from about 2012.

If Britain is going to become a high-quality tech state, it needs fast and universal broadband, inter alia. It would enable areas more remote, less wealthy, more rural (in some cases. all three) to foster new service and retail enterprises and industries. It also helps to educate the population, educate in the wide sense.

There are other reasons to support the idea of universally-available free broadband. In the Britain of 2019, Internet access is not available freely to all, yet most freelance or other jobs and even most applications for jobs require Internet access. Many State benefit applications now require Internet access. Also, of course, even things which do not require Internet access (e.g. taxing a road vehicle) are done cheaper and easier online.

Some people say “Internet access is available from libraries”, but

  • not always free of charge;
  • only if there is a local library (many have been closed by reason of “Conservative” cuts since 2010);
  • only during (often very limited) opening hours;
  • often using outdated computers bought or donated years ago to the libraries.

Such limited access cannot be compared to 24/7 access free at home.

Now to the immigration question. Here is a typical tweet from a System/msm journalistic source:

The idea that (recent non-white) “immigration has been good for Australia” is news to anyone who knows the country. I was there as a child for nearly three years (1967 to late 1969), attended school there (Middle Harbour PS and North Sydney Boys’ High School), had and have relatives there etc. The non-white immigration (since the 1980s) has been disastrous, though the “business community” love it (as in the UK). Of course they do! Lower unit labour costs, more consumers, higher rents etc. For most people though, higher costs for everything (food, property prices and rents etc), lower pay, more stress on roads and all services. When I lived in Australia, the population was 12 million, Sydney about 2.5M of that. Now, 5M or more in the Sydney area, and 25 million in the whole of Australia.

Mass immigration is often not at all positive:

I have not revisited Australia since 1969, but relatives are always going backwards and forwards (four were here recently, one is still here), so I do hear impressions of the situation. About the non-economic consequences too…

The truth is that virtually all System msm outlets in the UK push the “immigration is great for the UK” line. The poor British people, who know that that is nonsense (and that knowledge applies even more to those aged over 60) are ignored, laughed at, ranted at and lied to (etc).

“Law and order”. Saw the piece below (first pub. a year ago), which puts “Shadow Home Secretary” and serial ignoramus Diane Abbott in her place.

Diane Abbott must be worth a million votes…to the Conservatives!

Update, 17 November 2019

Latest polling (Deltapoll) puts Con on 45%, Lab on only 30%; LibDems 11%, Brexit Party 6%.

YouGov has reported similar results, though BMG Research says Con 37%, Lab 29%, LibDem 16%, Brexit Party 9%:

SavantaComRes polling:

According to my use of Electoral Calculus, the superficially-similar Deltapoll and YouGov polling would lead, in an election, to divergent results (Con majorities of 110 and 152 respectively), though both showing huge Con majorities all the same.

However, the not dissimilar SavantaComRes polling would leave the Conservative Party 14 MPs short of a Commons majority, worse than the 2017 result. In British general elections, the devil really is in the detail.

We see Labour support slowly growing now. In my opinion, this is mainly a “Stop Boris” surge rather than an “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!” uplift. Those who hate the Conservative Party as it now is are beginning to see that a vote for Labour is their only option in most cases, except in Con/LibDem marginals.

The narrative has moved on from a purely Brexit analysis. Immigration has moved up the agenda. While in theory this plays better for Con than Lab, voters can see that huge numbers have invaded the UK unimpeded even since 2010. Labour cannot be blamed for that.

As cold weather advances, the deficiencies of the NHS come to the fore. That plays better for Labour, overall. The same is true for problems with rail, roads, utility bills etc.

I could hardly believe that, in the past week, Corbyn spoke in support of Gypsies and Irish tinker “travellers”, and against the British Army of the 1950s that fought the evil murderers and torturers of the Mau Mau and its support base, in Kenya. I think that part of Corbyn is not a Labour Party leader trying to speak for the British people (and get elected) but is still a campaigning Islington-residing backbench MP best described as cartoon semi-Marxist. As election speeches, those were a disaster. Fortunately for Corbyn, few voters likely to be swayed even heard or read of them.

Labour’s policy offers of free broadband, more regulation and possible part-nationalization of rail and utilities are meeting with at least some interest from voters, in the teeth of a completely one-sided msm barrage. I think that the days when some semi-literate “newspaper” like the Sun could make or break a campaign are gone. The newspapers are scarcely read anyway, these days, and the outdated “leader” pages and editorials are as out of date and irrelevant as the sermons of John Wesley.

It may be that, except in Con/LibDem marginals, the LibDem vote will mainly migrate to Labour as a way of stopping the Conservatives from winning.

As I see it, there is still a good chance for Labour to hold on to the extent that the Conservatives are denied a majority. If that happens, then the Conservative MPs will have no incentive at all to hang on to this idiotic clown, Boris Johnson, as leader. They only wanted him in the first place because he was supposed to be able to reach out to voters normally resistant to the Conservative Party. If he cannot do that, he is toast.

More from Professor Curtice:

“Ho” news…

Oh dear. Rather awkward…

Aforesaid “ho” gets free foreign trips and £126,000 taxfree from the British taxpayer (thanks to Boris-idiot) and she’s a “victim”, it seems!

Arcuri says: “It’s caused nothing but utter chaos, destruction and sheer disappointment on many fronts … and as a result I am the collateral damage that’s left behind. I mean the prime minister hasn’t been affected. He puts his head in the sand and looks the other way.” [Guardian]

Boris-idiot leaves chaos and confusion behind him, always. Well, does one expect anything else? After all…(((you know)))…

Recent tweets of note:

The problem (either way) in talking about Labour policies is that it is all but impossible for Labour to get a self-standing Commons majority, so the best it can hope for is a minority government propped up by SNP, odds and sods and maybe (Jo Swinson notwithstanding) the LibDems. It is very unlikely that Labour’s most controversial policies will ever become law and/or be put into effect.

My feeling is that the main two parties are at last starting to converge in the polls, though at time of writing the Conservative Party is clearly still ahead both in headline poll terms and on the majority of issues. However, with 24 clear days (plus polling day itself) to go, there is yet time for the voters to be less sure that they want Boris Johnson to get a real electoral mandate.

The election is clearly the Conservative Party’s to lose, but it may be that, despite Labour support collapsing all over the country, that is what will happen, resulting in another hung Parliament. If LibDems, whose preferred candidate in a given constituency has no realistic chance, switch tactically to Labour, if Labour supporters whose candidate has no chance switch to LibDem candidates (in Con/LibDem marginals), and if former Brexit Party supporters prefer a Lab vote to a Con one (as may be the case now in the North and elsewhere), then a hung Parliament is once again a not-unlikely outcome.

NHS moving up the political agenda:

Update, 18 November 2019

Once again, the msm tries to make out that Corbyn is not far from being a Russian agent (ironic, in view of the storm around Russian money and Boris-idiot…). In fact, getting rid of Trident is a perfectly respectable policy position. Michael Portillo, a former Defence Secretary in the John Major Conservative Party government of the 1990s, has said that Trident is not useful. That is right. Trident is hugely expensive and, equally important, cannot be used independently of the USA. It is not an independent deterrent. It does not do what it says on the tin. Were Trident ever used, it would guarantee the complete or almost-complete destruction of the UK, a geographically-small state  (unlike the USA, Russia and China).

As to mass immigration, yes, there Corbyn is vulnerable (and seems unable to dissemble about it). He actually thinks that mass immigration is good for the UK. In his world, his milieu, people probably agree. His problem is that most British people do not agree.



Corbyn’s only defence on immigration is that he himself has been so far responsible for none of it. Au contraire, it was the msm-approved, Jewish lobby-approved, “Centrist”, Blair and Brown governments that deliberately imported millions of immigrants (migrant-invaders) with the express though secret intention of destroying the UK’s race and culture. Whistleblowers have since revealed the truth, and that the ones really pushing for mass immigration were Jewish, including Barbara Roche and Phil Woolas (both now disgraced and removed from Parliament):

In fact, the “Conservatives” have always secretly been pro-immigration too, in government. Look at the years 2010-2019…Big business loves mass immigration: lower unit labour costs, more consumers etc.

Labour tries now to move the news agenda on, away from Brexit and away from Corbyn’s personality and controversial connections:

An example of what “Conservative” misrule has brought to the UK in the past decade:

Corbyn cannot be blamed for this:

Britain is being invaded, by (inter alia) boats crossing the channel. Hundreds daily; and all Priti Patel (posing as Home Secretary) does is to make “tough” statements meaning precisely nothing. She also wants to bring in more Indians “legally”.

More “ho” news:

Below: in the Age of Wokeness, the well-used mis-quotation now reads “Hell hath no fury like a ‘ho’ scorned”…

Interesting piece re. Brexit “Party”:

“The Conservatives might win Bolsover”

The report is interesting both in itself and in its implications.

Bolsover is or was one of the rock-solid Labour safe seats.

I have never thought much of Dennis Skinner. For me, he personifies a kind of old Labour wilful ignorance that is best buried: in favour of the disastrous 1939-45 war against Germany, wilfully ignorant about Stalin’s Soviet Union etc. A cartoon view of history, especially 20th Century history. No real ideas about how to improve Britain (if Skinner ever had any original or interesting ideas, I never heard them). Just a grouchy surliness and defeatism posing as “socialist” “resistance”. I dislike many of his stances on social policy too:

Skinner has voted for equalisation of the age of consent, civil partnerships, adoption rights for same-sex couples, to outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, and for same sex couples to marry,[15] and has a strongly pro-choice stance on abortion. On 20 January 1989, he talked out a move to reduce the number of weeks at which termination of a pregnancy can be legally performed in Britain by moving a writ for the Richmond by-election.[16]”


Skinner is of course rather old now [b.1932] and is not really au fait with much of contemporary life:

In 2014, he was voted off Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC).[7] In the same year, he stated that he has never sent an email and does not have a Twitter account.[27]” [Wikipedia]

Having said that, Skinner is said to be a very good constituency MP. He is a rarity in the Commons in coming from a genuine old proletarian background: mother a cleaner, father a coal miner, and he himself a coal miner for 15 years (though he claims 20) before he became the President of the NUM in Derbyshire aged only 32 (he later became a councillor at Clay Cross, Derbyshire and attended Ruskin College, Oxford for a while). He has been MP for Bolsover since 1970.

Despite being a bit of a self-caricature, Skinner is —at least mainly— authentic. He is not a careerist, not corrupt, not an expenses cheat, fraud or freeloader, though his personal partner for the past 22 years has been his long term researcher/assistant, an American Jewish woman now 70 called Lois Blasenheim, said in 2012 to be then paid ~£35,000 a year (considerably more now —up to £50,000— if still en poste) via Skinner’s expenses. Crucially though, she was his assistant prior to the personal relationship; i.e, no scandal. In any case, Ms. Blasenheim is said to be wealthy in her own right and, when she met Skinner, had a house in Carlyle Square, London, where houses (now, at time of writing) average £8M in value. I have no idea whether she and Skinner now live there. Probably.

Skinner’s views are genuinely held. On the negative side, he is in a mental-ideological straitjacket, and has no really developed ideas about how to evolve UK society (let alone Europe or the world) to higher levels. He is obviously unable even to comprehend the many bad things that mass immigration has brought to the UK over past decades, and I have never heard anything of his against the Jewish lobby in the UK, though he did vote against the Iraq war.

The importance of Bolsover is, of course, as symbol. Labour has, in the past, scored vote-shares as high as 80% (1950; 1966) and was still getting well over 50% and usually over 60% (even over 70%) until 2010, since when the Labour vote has stuck around 50%.

50% is still very high, but the Conservative vote, before 2017 always below 30% and often below 20%, rose to over 40% that year.


It wasn’t the Conservatives who shut the pits,” he adds. “It was Arthur Scargill who let us down by not having a national ballot. They were tough times for us. We had to come out and couldn’t go back.

“We were Labour people then, but now we are leaning to the Conservatives to get Brexit done and because of immigration.” [inews]

Drive up the hill out of town today and you can see why the site of the old colliery is once again a source of tension.

After the pit closed in 1993, the 930-acre site was turned into a business park and half of it was given over to billionaire Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct. By 2016, figures suggest the firm’s warehouses were employing 3,500 agency workers – mainly from eastern Europe.

Anti-social elements

Hundreds of protesters marched on the site saying it was attracting “anti-social elements” from abroad. There were also claims of a clash of cultures in the town – with a local newspaper reporting that gangs of men were drinking on the streets and leaving women and pensioners feeling intimidated.

“People are annoyed because there has been an influx of people from Europe because of Sports Direct,” says Yvonne Chapman, 74, who is shopping in the market square. “We’ve seen the effects of immigration here. That’s why people want Brexit.”

“I come from a mining family,” she adds. “My dad and my granddad were miners. It goes back centuries. But I think we’re all voting Conservative now. I don’t even know the name of their candidate. I’ve never needed to know until now.”” [inews]

Back in the market square, 76-year-old Douglas Steel has just stepped out of a cafe with his wife Connie. The pair met at a fairground in this square back in 1962. He is hobbling on crutches – a reminder of the back injury that finished his mining career at Shirebrook pit in 1987.

“I was born right there above the bank in 1944,” he says. “We had no electricity and I was born by gaslight. I joined the union when I was 15.

“During the miners’ strike, I had no choice but to go back to work. I needed to for the sake of my family. It was the bully boys from Doncaster who kept us out. They came down here and smashed people’s gates to make bonfires.“It makes you cry what’s happened to this town. It used to be together. But the town is shattered now.” [inews]

You can see the dilemma the voters of Bolsover have: they want both nation and society. Social nationalism. Labour have ignored them, their MP is a dinosaur living in the 1970s if not 1940s, so they blindly thresh around, even thinking of going against a century of inward-looking Labourite socialism and voting “Conservative”, despite the evidence before them that globalist capitalism is no answer to their problems.

It might still come good for Labour in this election (to the extent of at least not being half wiped out) but Labour remains in deep trouble, with only 22 clear days left. When 40% and maybe even 50% of the voters of Bolsover are thinking of voting Conservative (not even LibDem, Brexit Party, UKIP or whatever), there has been a sea change.

It can be seen that the Bolsover voters are not voting for Conservative Party policies or people but against immigration and stagnation. Dennis Skinner, 87 years old Labour Party machine dinosaur who has never sent a email and who is like a living relic from some bygone era, is a symbol himself, of a Labour Party which ceased to exist at least 22 and probably 27 years ago.

Labour, as I have often said, is no longer the party of the proletariat, because the “proletariat” no longer exists (in significant numbers) even in the once-industrial North of England. Labour’s strength lies now in the blacks, browns, the public services (somewhat), the 20% dependent on State benefits. That strength is concentrated in large cities only, or at least mainly.

The UK is ripe for social nationalism. There needs to be a party. People cannot support or vote for or fight for a party that does not exist.

Good points from Peter Oborne about how Boris-idiot has been given a fair wind and an unfair advantage by the msm for the past 20 years; I have been saying that for years:

Update, 19 November 2019

Brexit Party is still about 5% in the polls. It is an irrelevance and is now becoming an embarrassment. My blogging, for several months at least, about how Nigel Farage —despite his crowdpleasing and oratorical gifts— is a poor politician and strategist, has been proven accurate. As with UKIP, Farage has not set up a decent party administration, has had no Westminster success and has failed to break the “3 main parties” System scam. He could have done it but, as with UKIP, was unwilling to put forward radical social-national policies, and so remained “national-conservative” and far too close to the Conservative Party.

Farage also did something else that he did at UKIP— betrayed his followers.

Brexit Party is a dead duck. Farage’s own actions have killed it stone dead. Idiot.

Brexit is not the only fruit

General Election 2019 in the UK, freedom of historical inquiry is not permitted, and look at who is milking it all— “them”

Pity that the “Conservative” candidate in Aberdeen North does not have the steel to tell the Zionists to get lost…he needs more fibre in his diet, or in his character.

Labour is –possibly, maybe…I think— slowly catching up, and Boris-idiot’s lead as “best candidate to be PM” is diminishing fast:

Update, 22 November 2020

Well, as I predicted, Dennis Skinner lost his seat at Bolsover. A remarkable result all the same: Labour and Skinner ended up with just under 36% of the votes cast, the Conservative Party candidate getting well over 47%.

What made the result even more remarkable is that a Brexit Party candidate actually stood, one of the few that did in the end, and moreover got 9% of votes cast.

It is a open question as to the result had a Brexit Party candidate not stood. It may be that the Conservative Party candidate would have attained as much as 56% of the vote.

Even so, this result represented a sea-change. The Conservative was a gay, and also an employee of a private health company! The new MP for Bolsover!

Dennis Skinner’s binning at Bolsover shows that the old Labour type (even where assisted by the Corbyn/Momentum-style “counter-Reformation” “socialists”) will never be popular again. That old-style 1930s-meets-1960s “socialist” type, with its focus on “anti-fascism”, “No Pasaran!”, “the Battle of Cable Street” and “Jarrow Hunger March” banners, is dead and buried in the Britain of 2019 and 2020.

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  1. Isn’t it time Farage was prosecuted for fraud?🙄 At this rate, he may as well stand down ALL the candidates for his Ponzi scam company! Will there be anyone left by polling day!🙄

    As I have been telling some of these Brexit ‘party’ people on various Eurosceptic websites since the early part of this year that you should be wary of the any ‘party’ that gets puffed-up by the media as this Ponzi scam was, you are a mug if you support it but they didn’t listen to me!

    Who is laughing now? Lord Farage of Utter Fraudulence and all the way to the bank as well!🙄

    Surely, there aren’t many utter cretins who will vote for ‘honest’ Nigel’s Nigerian scam Company Limited now? If they do, then, frankly, they are beyond all help!

    Meanwhile, I am in the process of packing my bags as as I have no wish to live in this country if the people are downright stupid enough to elect Zippo’s Tory circus to five years in power. The Chief Clown should be entertaining little kids in a big top circus tent at this time of the year not residing in Non10.


    1. As you say, it seems incredible that the polls are still showing Brexit “Party” at 10% support! But then, the voters have been voting for the Con/Lab in/out cuckoo clock figurines for decades


      1. So we now know the percentage of the population which suffers from a mental illness! Those people may as well snort cocaine up their nostrils like Michael Gove does or indeed Boris the Buffoon has been known to do!


  2. Being as all the polling expects agree that Corbyn has no chance of winning an overall majority it follows that it will be perfectly safe enough for people to vote Labour to stop Coco The Clown from winning one himself.


    1. I don’t think that people generally understand that when they vote for a Boris Johnson government, they are voting for finance-capitalist dystopia. He may be a clown but he is also a sinister individual in a clown mask.


      1. Yes, Boris is a very accomplished actor if nothing else and behind that buffoonish Jeeves and Wooster mask is, actually, a pretty unpleasant individual ie his propensity to drop his trousers and get women pregnant and then forgetting about the child he has helped to create to take just one example!

        He is lower than a snake as even some Tories recognise so he must be bad if adherents of ‘Britain’s nasty party’ can see that! No wonder Farage The Fraudulent gets on so well with him!

        He is a totally untrustworthy chancer and utterly self-serving charlatan as the DUP recently found-out to their cost. Also, he finds it very difficult indeed to not tell fibs!

        All in all then, not someone who should have the ability to send launch codes to our nuclear sub commanders!

        GET THIS CLOWN OUT good people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip!


      2. Thankfully, the “nuclear missile submarine letters” are a non-issue. Britain can only contemplate using the missiles with US approval and in concert with the USA. To use them (with or without US collaboration) would be suicide for everyone in the UK and pretty much everyone in Western Europe. To be frank, while the captains, officers and crews would no doubt feel obliged to obey whatever is in such letters, they would be doing themselves, their families and the rest of us a favour if they just sailed for an unaffected part of the world and impregnated as many women as possible with what would become white European children. 14 words.


      3. Yes, voting for a ultra-Libertarian ‘dog eats dog’ trash ‘society’ where the weak and vulnerable get utterly crushed. Even Mrs Thatcher wouldn’t go as far as Boris and his fellow nutters Priti Patel, Dominic Raab etc. Those two along with that blonde airhead Liz Truss and others even wrote a book about this kind of ‘socIety’ they wanted to build so we can’t say we haven’t been warned.

        This is US Republicanism on steroids without any of the few good aspects of American society ie a respect for freedom of speech. This is NOT traditional BRITISH conservatism. We British are better than that!


      4. Yes. Exactly. Fact is, few voters have even *heard* of “Britannia Unchained”, which I think is the booklet of which you speak. Most voters are going to vote knowing little more than soundbites, “good old “British” Boris” etc. We are almost in a fact-free zone now, where non-facts such as WW2 “gas chambers” are thought real, and Jewish exploitation on a huge scale (in the Weimar Republic and in 2019 UK) thought unreal and yet another “conspiracy theory”.

        Look at this tweet:

        Leaving aside the Tommy Robinson thing in general, what amazed me is that that tweeter thinks that Tommy Robinson “almost got elected” as an MEP. He received 2.2% of the vote in the North West! That is Monster Raving Loony territory.

        That is what I mean. Facts are now a inconvenience for many people, not least the “Conservative” governments of the past 10 years. Dunce Duncan Smith alone!…


  3. You would have to be a bit heartless not to feel any sympathy for ‘honest’ Nigel’s (ha, ha, if only🙄🙄 ) supporters but you can over do it.

    It was obvious to anyone with any kind of brain at all let alone a political brain that Nigel’s single-issue ‘party’ was just a Tory front and that was why evil rags like The Scum promoted it to the detriment of UKIP just like UKIP itself was to divert people away from voting for the real anti-Establishment party the BNP previously.

    Sadly, Britain contains some very stupid electors who willingly allow themselves to be manipulated by the largely foreign-owned press and snake oil salesmen like Farage.


  4. Having 10% of the electorate still willing to vote for the blatant Tory front ‘party’ of classical British spiv/snake-oil salesman Farage is, frankly, disturbing and illustrates perfectly the dangers of a society not being tough on drug abuse as in yes, you guessed it, one of my favourite examples of a foreign country with a good government ieSingapore!😂!


  5. Why are people voting for the globalist CON Party?

    1.) Brexit was ALREADY MEANT to have been ‘DONE’ by October 31st 2019.

    It obviously hasn’t been and, at any rate, the CONS have negotiated it in a truely incompetent way AND in a way that is positively dangerous for the unity of what is supposed to be the UNITED Kingdom as was stated on that now infamous ballot paper on June 23rd 2016

    So bad is their incompetentence on this matter we could see a resumption of Loyalist terrorism in NI very soon.🙄

    2.) Despite David Cameron-Levita’s promises to get immigration under some form of control as far back in time as 2010 over the last nine years of their misrule immigration from BOTH EU AND NON EU sources runs into the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS each year by both legal and ILLEGAL routes.

    3.) Law and order is a total disgrace with police officers being sacked, police stations being closed , daily vicious stabbings and murders occurring not just in London but also other big cities and the Tory promise to recruit 20,00 more officers is only going to bring police forces up to their strengths BEFORE these cuts took place and as the population has risen due to Tory non control of immigration even with those 20,000 policemen and women being recruited the ratio of police officers to the population WILL STIL BE FALLING AND BE WHOLLY INADEQUATE to be effective fighters against crime.

    Not that the present police forces do any real police work under the Tories anyway since all they concentrate upon is arresting people for saying mean words on the internet!🙄


  6. Oops, I forgot to mention their brutal cuts to the British armed forces which are so deep the nation’s army could be fitted entirely within Wembley Stadium and is now at its smallest size since we lost the 13 colonies which now form a part of the present day United States.

    No wonder then that the so-called ‘party of defence’ has, secretly, tied us up to EU defence arrangements under their so-called EU withdrawal treaty proposals.


    1. In any case, most of the armed forces personnel now are chocolate soldiers. About 10% are women (yes, a few are tough, most are not). If it came to it, the Russian advance-guard elite forces such as the VDV and Spetsnaz would slice through almost all UK defences like a hot knife through butter.


      1. Sadly, under Tory misrule, the British Armed Forces which was the one British institution relatively free from it are now beginning to become as mired in PC globalist lunacy as the police have already been. I bet the Russians, amongst others, laugh their heads off at those pathetically PC recruitment ads!🙄🤬😡


  7. Yes, the booklet called ‘Britannia Unchained’ is the one I am referring to. This is the charming little tome in which ultra-Libertarian ‘Tory’ extremists Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, Liz Truss and others basically call many ordinary decent British workers lazy, good-for-nothing shirkers who should bloody well buck their ideas up or else we Tories will replace them with cheap foreign labour and get rid of irksome health and safety regulations and other ones too so we can build this Singapore-On-The Thames offshore economic competitor to the EU.

    Of course, what these Tory libertarian ‘brainboxes’ (yes, I AM being sarcastic!) neglect to think about is that such a vision would be very difficult to achieve in Britain without doing away with major aspects of the welfare state such as the NHS etc and they ignore the fact that Singapore is only a small city state with about five and a half million people compared to our very overcrowded island with nearly seventy million people to provide decent public services for.


    1. Indeed. Singapore is a very interesting but very special case. I have never been there, in fact probably the *only* member of my extended family not to have been there, but I find fascinating the way in which they have socially-engineered their society. Worth looking at. However, you cannot easily scale-up a small socio-political experiment like Singapore to a large society like the UK, as the (then) Ambassador of the Ukraine, a microbiologist by training, said to me when we visited the research base at Porton Down c.1995 (he was referring to scaling-up a scientific “bench process” to industrial-scale production).


  8. I see that the Met is now investigating CON Party candidates for electoral fraud re Nigel’s Ponzi scam company standing down in certain constituencies.

    Of course, it should go without saying that such an investigation is for show only because under Tory misrule we don’t have REAL impartial police forces any longer just overly politicised thugs in uniform/PC Gestapo/PC Stazi forces instead.

    The Tories make even their mate Putin look non corrupt!


  9. Boris-Idiot is denying the claims saying,”it’s not the way we operate”.🙄😂 Yeah, sure it is!🙄😂 It isn’t as this big, inflated, nonsensical balloon of flatulence has a reputation for telling porkies, is it?😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄


    1. He’s lying (as you note).

      M’Lord of Essex, regret that I must go for a while. Some smoked salmon, sour cream and rye toast, and cucumber, awaits me, along with some excellent American bourbon (Woodford Reserve) and ice.


  10. Latest bright Lib Dem idea is to allow schoolchildren to wear, regardless of their gender, skirts or trousers ie ‘gender neutal’ uniforms!

    Yes, Liberal Democrats, there is such a burning social need for this!

    No doubt the rich man’s Lib Dem Party ie the CONS will be agreeing to this either now or a few months down the line because, as ever, that party is in thrall to liberalism/libertarianism instead of social conservatism as it should be.

    Please get me out of this PC globalist loony bin formerly known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


  11. I know the acronym is LGBT but I think lesbians, gays and bisexuals should be treated differently to the T’s.There is too much of this gender bending going on in society now. Ooops, I am a naughty man for saying that and will no doubt be visited by the local PC Gestapo/PC Stazi courtesy of PC globalist ‘Tory’ Priti Patel.


  12. There are two genders and two genders only ie male and female! Now, I have stated that PC plod can come and arrest me for thought crime whilst ignoring violent assaults, muggings, gang rapes, burglaries etc.


  13. Re Labour’s idea of free broadband internet this is a good policy. The most advanced economies in the world ie Japan and South Korea both have very good internet coverage at decent speeds. I believe I am correct in stating that broadband access in South Korea is the highest in the world at not far short of a 100% level and they have the world’s highest speeds. Yes, thanks to Tory cuts many libraries have been closed and even those which haven’t often don’t have very new computers with good internet speeds. Older Tory voters may not realise it but their grandchildren often need to use the internet to do their schoolwork to a satisfactory standard.

    Good access to the internet isn’t really a luxury as it was in the early days of the internet back in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s.

    Yes, Diana Abbott is useless but Priti Patel isn’t any better really and she is also a proven Israeli agent!🙄🤬😡

    Britain doesn’t have a right to have a decent non-PC and non-globalist Home Secretary under either Labour or the meaningless blob where the old Conservative and Unionist Party once was.

    Labour and CON Party have decided we won’t be having an ethnic Brit in that role ever again!


    1. Quite (re Internet). It may not be an *absolute* necessity like food, water, shelter, but in our own times, it is a necessity despite the fact that it did not exist (for the public) until about 25 years ago. I first heard of “electronic mail” from an American woman in New Jersey in early 1993, I think. I did not *use* email or even see one until 1996. I only started to look up things online in 1997.
      Now, though, Internet is a necessity if one is going to live life in normal society.


  14. Labour’s latest idea on top of free broadband access is free NHS dental check-ups. Yes, NHS dentistry does need to be restored but as our population is constantly expanding just through totally excessive immigration such an ambition will be very expensive.

    Not that the Tories plan to control immigration as all they plan to do is Priti Patel’s deeply insulting and patronising to real Brits ‘points mean prizes’ bullshit which is utterly worthless crap without a STRICT ANNUAL LIMIT ie like Marine Le Pen’s French immigration target of no more than 10,000 new immigrants a year.

    Apparently, the CON Party is going to put in their manifesto some meaningless further crap regarding immigration ie benefit restrictions regarding EU migrants.

    Tory bullshitters can go to hell. Their proposals ignore the issue of numbers and are about as effective as a chocolate fireguard.


  15. Those bozos from Nigel Farage’s fully-owned Tory branch office called the Brexit ‘party’ are currently wasting their time campaigning in Peterborough. They seem to have forgotten they LOST that by-election and that was when it could claim to have a little media-puffed credibility!


  16. Meanwhile, in Hartlepool, Toryboy Richard Tice and company are driving around in cheap( and I thought the one thing this Tory front group had was money!) tatty-looking ad vans bearing the slogan ‘Vote Brexit Party=Stop Corbyn! Don’t they want to stop Boris as well?After all, Nigel Farage said Boris’s Brexit Deal wasn’t a real Brexit only a few short weeks ago!

    Still, that was before Nigel stood down his candidates in Tory-held seats by making his unilateral surrender to his masters in the Tory Party!

    Give it up, son, as I think the people of Hartlepool and elsewhere are now beginning to see Nigel as a snake oil salesman!


      1. In my area of Brentwood the Liberal Democrat Party used to do very well at council level elections and indeed we used to have a Lib Dem run local authority from 1992 to around 2003 (although that local success never really translated, as in some other areas, to parliamentary elections) then UKIP came along and the Liberal Democrats started to lose votes whilst the Tory vote was not much altered.

        Now that UKIP has disappeared the Lib Dem Party here has started to increase its votes and gain councillors again. It seems to me that UKIP used to pick-up a percentage of the ‘dustbin protest vote’ the Liberal Democrats have traditionally had and I wonder that now the Brexit ‘party’ has been dealt a huge blow by its own leader whether some protest vote element voting for them will either abstain or go to the Lib Democrats.


      2. You are up late, m’Lord of Essex. I woke up after a few hours. Should have had more than one large bourbon!

        Yes, in the FPTP voting system, there is always space for a usually-pointless protest vote.

        The LibDems are obviously not going to repeat Cleggmania etc (in fact Charles Kennedy got a higher LibDem vote percentage in 2005, and more MPs). LibDems are slumping (as I predicted a day or two ago) overall, but are gaining in some Con/LibDem marginals in the South of England.


  17. Being as all the pollsters are agreed that Labour has absolutely no chance of having an overall majority and thereby having a chance of putting their ‘Marxist ‘ policies into effect (yes, life is ALL ABOUT MONEY, isn’t it, Tory rag the Mail on Sunday? What about the CON ,Party’s DANGEROUS policies of a BOTCHED Brexit ripping-apart the United Kingdom and their continual commitment to mass immigration?)

    it follows that there is no danger either in voting Labour purely to block CON Party MPs being elected and denying the freakshow village idiot from Eton and worldwide national embarrassment that is Boris ‘trousers down’ Johnson from getting a majority as well.

    Mass tactical voting and First Past The Post I sn’t it just marvellous!🙄🤬😡🙄 Someday soon we are going to have to have a rational voting system at long last.


    1. For many, tactical voting is the only way of at least avoiding the least-wanted result. Of course, in your own constituency, as in mine, the Conservative entrenchment is too deep to dislodge.


      1. Indeed. Brentwood and Ongar would elect a chimp from London Zoo with a blue rosette on because of so many Tory morons living here. As I have said before it would be an ideal seat for Eton College’s latest village idiot aka Boris The Buffoon/Coco The Clown to relocate to!🤬😡😞

        As a matter of interest and if you don’t mind saying what deep blue Tory moron seat do you reside in?


      2. Indeed, it is. First Past The Post only really works when you have just two candidates standing in each constituency and the last time we had that in a widespread way was in the 1950’s and 1910’s and before. Put three candidates or more into a seat and you immediately encourage tactical voting.

        Germany has First Past The Post voting as well BUT it is only used to provide a local constituency link to the Bundestag and is ONLY A PART OF a hybrid and OVERALL Proportional Representation system:


  18. I can see from that Mail On Sunday Article the Tory globalist anti-British scum ‘journalists’ of that rag are whinging AGAIN about the so-called ‘anti-semitism’ of the Labour Party.

    Don’t Tory morons EVER tire of this lying bollocks?🙄 ALL Ken Livingstone ever said was a few HISTORICAL facts about how Zionist Jew organisations in the 1930’s co-operated with the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler FOR PERCEIVED MUTUAL GAIN ie Adolf and his regime got rid of what he considered to be a disloyal alien element in Germany and the Zionist Jew organisations co-operated with that regime to encourage the migration of highly nationalist Zionist Jews from Germany to what was then the British mandate of Palestine where they hoped to establish a Jewish homeland ie today’s Israel.

    Look it up on the broadband internet you scummy Tory lying journalists that want to deny it to poor people!

    Is it not just sickening and how typical of ‘modern’ Tories that they lie about the non-existence of REAL ‘anti-semitism’ in the Labour Party yet they can’t be bothered to investigate and condemn Muslim gang rapes on white (and sometimes non-Muslim Asian) girls?


    1. Again, as you say. The leaders of the Jews in Germany in the 1930s were not National Socialists; neither were Hitler, Himmler etc Zionists. The former wanted to “invade” and colonize Palestine via migration; the latter wanted Jews out of Germany and, if possible, all parts of Europe. Interests therefore co-incided. A pact or agreement (better put) was made.


  19. They and today’s ‘Tory’ Party go on and on and on and on about Labour’s alleged ‘anti-semitism’ so much you would think the tiny Jewish ethnic minority in this country (it forms less than1% of the population) had much more power and influence in this country than the small numbers would suggest!

    Oops, I’ve just said one of the most classical ‘anti-semitic’ canards there is so off I must go to be arrested by the PC Stazi and get slammed into Priti Patel’s PC Gulag (formerly known as a British prison).🙄🙄🙄


  20. Let us hope John Rentoul is right and that most of that Tory poll lead is being comprehensively wasted in piling-up ever more needlessly high majorities in existing safe seats. The Tory majority in Brentwood and Ongar last time was a ludicrous 24,002 with a record 65% vote share which was higher than the 60.5% share of Sir Robert McCrindle at the height of Thatcherism in 1987. VERY few Tory MPs in 2017 had a better vote share in their seat.


  21. Can we have a Tory percentage majority here of 50% or higher instead of the puny one of a mere 45% that ONLY NINE Tory MPs in the country can better?


  22. Ha, ha, Brentwood and Ongar is a positive Tory marginal compared to FIFTH SAFEST Tory seat by percentage majority in the land New Forest West with the Right Honourable Sir Desmond Angus Swayne as your MP.

    I must say when I have seen him on tv he always makes me laugh and reminds me of a nutty professor:

    Your vote in New Forest West is worth even less than mine in Brentwood and Ongar!😞


      1. Not voting is a perfectly rational thing to do when you are confronted with the CAST IRON FACT that merely because you reside in an ultra-safe Tory seat your vote has very, very little worth to it compared to a voter living in the ultra-marginal Tory seat of Thurrock (Tory percentage majority of about 1% of the vote and around a 300-400 vote numerical one over Labour).

        Still, it could be worse still for both of us in this respect! Just how utterly pointless is voting in the safest Labour seat of all (and, in fact, the safest seat of ALL parties) of Liverpool Walton where the Labour MP, Dan Carden, has a completely lunatic vote share of 85.7%!:

        Why bother spending public money on holding general elections there?Why not simply hand it over to the Labour Party to keep for centuries to come?


      2. A ‘deadhead’ then as per your series of blog posts! Yes, it seems as if the safer the seat is for a CON Party or Labour politician the more likelihood there is of a ‘deadhead’ being the MP! Funny that and that illustrates just one reason why we need to ditch the archaic crap of First Past The Post for a fairer and more rational electoral system.


  23. So, Len McCluskey is reported by that above Tory rag the Mail on Sunday to have accused Jews of having an,”intransigent hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn”! Perhaps, Tory ‘journalists’ haven’t been actually living here for the last three or so years because the fact is Zionist extremist Jews like the Board of Deputies of British Jews and other Zionist organisations HAVE been conducting an unremitting hate campaign against him not because Corbyn is a genuine ‘anti-semite’ but because unlike Bliar Jeremy won’t automatically stand to attention and say or do whatever they want him to do.

    Oh, and by the way, what is wrong with Seamus Milne? He went to a very good school called Winchester College:

    The school even counts amongst its alumni a certain Sir Oswald Mosley:

    I bet if a leading Tory had gone to that school the MOS wouldn’t make a mention of it.


    1. Quite.
      Corbyn may not like Jews or their behaviour very much (who does, at heart?) but only in the view of Jewish extremists would that make him a real “ultramontanist” “anti-Semite”. I think that Corbyn *does* see that most Jews (again, at heart) are interested in their own selfish and their own financial interests, but then, so are many non-Jews. Corbyn is basically a 1970s polytechnic “socialist”, so he would oppose “Conservative” or pro-capitalist Jews. That means 90% or more of the Jew population now. In other words, he opposes most Jews in practice but not all in theory.

      Stalin once said to his male secretary, Poskrebyshev, supposedly Jew or part-Jew, “Poskrebyshev, what do you think? You’re a Jew.” Answer: “No, Comrade Stalin, I’m a Communist.”
      That is more or less Corbyn’s attitude (I think).


      1. ‘For the many poor British gentiles not the wealthy Jew’ as a reworked Labour Party slogan might put it!😂😂😂🤣😃😎


  24. Matt Hancock is one of the most slimy Tory ministers ever! ! That Labour supporting tweeter makes a good point about those wars in the Middle East. Out of the two, only the Afghan one had the slightest justification from the British national interest angle whilst the other merely served the interests of Israel so it was no wonder so many CON Party and Labour Party ‘friends of Israel’ members voted for it.

    Yes, it is funny Tory rags don’t have a problem now or then with the vast sums of money spent on them OR THE LIVES LOST of some of our very finest men and women which could have been spent on any number of things at home ie a decent coastal protection force to keep illegal migrants out, more police officers as the first thing the criminal fears is being arrested, new computers and books for state schools, proper high quality training for unemployed youngsters etc

    And what about all those brown muslim people Labour and PC Tories killed in those wars? The British ‘far right’ wouldn’t have killed the Iraqi ones at least!


    1. I have often wondered why the System seems intent on trying to subdue Afghanistan. Various excuses are put forward.

      Blair and Brown tried the “liberate women” from Taliban ghastliness line, which might be very laudable in principle but probably only helped wealthier girls in Kabul itself, and in any case is hardly a core British interest, however commendable.

      The other reason usually advanced is that Afghanistan is the crucible of terrorism. It may be a secure base of sorts, but 1. only one base; A balance has to be struck: the cost of the “Afghan Wars” has been huge; 3. the “West” has so far been unable to subdue all of Afghanistan anyway.

      This seems to be a post-date “Great Game” against Russia, but Russia has now withdrawn behind a buffer of “independent” Central Asian states which also treat with the West: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc.

      Professor Haushofer would be interested to see that his theory re. the importance of Central Asia is being revisited a century later in Whitehall and Foggy Bottom.


  25. Yes, the Labour Party’s Achilles heel has always been their support for mass immigration but the Tories also support it as their diabolical record over the last nine years on the ‘control’ of it proves. Of course, when the Tories are in government the Tory press miraculously stop printing articles on immigration in order to avert the gaze of the electorate away from the CON Party’s performance in this area.🙄.


  26. Labour need to be ‘national’ as well as have a social conscience if they are to be a potent electoral force and make easy work of the increasingly liberal and globalist Conservative Party.


    1. Corbyn is a hopeless electioneer (as well). He has made speeches recently which hinder Labour’s election chances, but there it is. That’s Corbyn. This election is coming down, as I have repeatedly been blogging, to “which party do I *dislike* the most?”


      1. As it normally does but perhaps even more this year! MILLIONS of people are going to hold their noses and then cast a vote for a candidate from a party they don’t like much in order to block a party they hate and then go into their bathroom and wash their hands after doing the deed!

        We really do need to get ourselves a fair, logical and rational voting system of proportional representation as otherwise we will be plagued by mass tactical voting and utterly dysfunctional politics for more centuries to come!🤬😡😞


  27. How completely farcical it is to have general election after general election where MILLIONS of voters feel they have no real political options and feel they have to vote tactically! No wonder this country is %%%%ed!🤬😡😞


  28. Yes, Stab City Upon The Thames is a completely lawless Third World excrement heap and to think that at the beginning of the last century it was the world’s finest city with a population as in the rest of the country noted for its law-abiding nature.🙄😞

    BOTH Labour and the globalist liberal CON Party want to extend this ‘enrichment’ all over the country!

    Truely, London needs fumigating but even if the city had a larger and more effective NON-PC police force and the courts were able to impose mass sentences of hangings, floggings with a rattan cane, long incarceration terms in austere prisons as in Singapore😂 it probably wouldn’t do much to alter the situation😡🤬.

    Import the Third World get Third World crime rates! It really isn’t rocket science!🙄😞

    Labour and the CON Party have done more damage to London than the Kaiser and Adolf Hitler could have ever dreamt about.


    1. London was very rough in parts in the 19thC, but at least it was going in the right direction. Now? The reverse. London is a gilded cage (the wealthy areas) sinking into a swamp of despond.


      1. I wouldn’t wish any crimes let alone violent ones on anyone but if wealthy people in the still halfway decent parts of London such as Chelsea and Knightsbridge were being routinely mugged, violently assaulted or had acid thrown at them then perhaps they should consider whether supporting the so-called ‘party of law and order’ with its constant importation of people from inherently violent and backward countries like Somalia is still a wise thing to do.

        It is nice to have a gold Rolex or Audemars Piguet watch but if you are stabbed to death or seriously maimed for it then it isn’t worth it.


      2. At one time, I had Rolex watches (all Seadwellers), and travelled with a Rolex on my wrist to places such as Kazakhstan and the Caribbean, as well as wearing one in London, but never had a problem with muggers etc. I dare say that I would have more likelihood of being attacked now, *especially* in London (I have no watches at all anyway now, so would not attract the attentions of the scooter-borne “footpads” of the day).


  29. Yes, precisely.🤬😡☹️😞 Still, we have the proven Israeli agent, arrogant, sneering Indian ‘conservative’ (more like a rabid globalist and US Republican style libertarian fruitcake) bitch Priti Patel so with her in that very important post it should fill us with a great deal of confidence that our borders are becoming more secure – NOT!

    Lucky this incompetent liberal globalist CON Party shower were not in charge in 1940 as the Luftwaffe wouldn’t have needed any planes!


  30. If only we could get Germany’s excellent Alternative fur Deutschland party (Afd) or even the National Democratic Party (NPD) to come over here and rule us instead of the rich man’s Liberal Democratic Party (formerly known as the British Conservative and Unionist Party).


  31. There is still time. The headline opinion poll figures don’t take into account how the vote is distributed in seats, particularly those which are marginal and Labour and Lib Dems together are still, in most polls, polling higher than the CON Party is so that vote just needs to sort itself out efficiently.

    Also, Boris-Idiot has totally needlessly agreed to have two debates with Corbyn. Hopefully, the clown will reveal himself to be the big ball of blustering flatulence we sensible people know him to be. Robert Peston has interviewed him several times and Boris always comes out with bluster, schoolboy level jokes etc. Eton’s College’s latest village idiot doesn’t do detail.


  32. If only this group of Tories formed their own Traditional Britain party or set-up one called the NATIONAL Conservative and Unionist Party because the present liberal globalist one that misuses the name sure does need replacing.


  33. You would have to have a heart of granite not to feel at least a tiny bit of sympathy for those who became candidates or otherwise helped this Nigerian scam ‘party’ but you can overdo it. Sadly, Britain contains many, many mugs who fell for Nigel’s Ponzi scheme. Farage is a scumbag and a fraudster who really ought to be investigated by the police along with Richard ‘Toryboy’ Tice who I hope doesn’t win in Hartlepool.

    The Italian Mafia is more worthy of being trusted than the Brexit ‘party’s gruesome twosome!🙄


  34. Pretty sad if you ask me for ex-miners to be voting Tory! It would be ok if today’s CON Party was the Tory Party of Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain or Enoch Powell ie decent, patriotic, ‘traditional’ Conservatives but that party is now dead killed by the globalist liberal types of John Major, David Cameron, George Osbourne, Teresa May and Boris-Idiot.

    I haven’t read about the Tory candidate in that seat but I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she had been selected via a short list provided by Tory central office and had ticked the right liberal-left globalist boxes!

    If they don’t want to vote for Skinner who, I agree , is a ideological dinosaur though as you say a good constituency MP then abstain instead. The new liberal-left globalist open borders supporting CON Party should be shunned not voted for especially by those who should know better!


    1. The people want social nationalism but are so downtrodden and brainwashed that they themselves are unaware of the fact.

      A small example: I was in a supermarket and got a cashier (a woman of about 50 or so) with whom I have occasionally spoken in the past. She said “I have just been to Poland on a short break. We went to Cracow and Auschwitz.” I said that when I visit a country (and I was in Poland several times in 1988-89) I don’t usually visit disused factories or prisons. She just laughed, but I did not bother to go on to point out that 90% and more of what is at that site now was constructed AFTER 1945! It’s a fact admitted even by most of the Zionists.

      Propaganda brainwashing by the Jewish-Zionist/Israeli element.


      1. Yes, the Zionist Jew extremist/Israel First element labels any socially conservative/patriotic/nationalist party or organisation in this country working for British gentiles as ‘Nazi’, ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ etc

        Of course, when Benjamin Netenhayu ‘s Likud Party in Israel displays those exact same inclinations that Is s perfectly fine!🙄 It isn’t ‘racist’, ‘Nazi’ or ‘fascist’ when WE Zionist extremist Jews do it only when British or other European ‘goyim’ do!🙄


  35. I would say to those ex-miners in Bolsover DON’T vote Tory if you are concerned about immigration! Yes, the lying, two-faced gits CLAIM to want to control it BUT LOOK AT THEIR EXTREMELY BAD RECORD at doing so over the last NINE YEARS!

    The CON Party has been systematically stripped of any ‘nationalist’ or socially conservative element it had in the past by its own leaders! Ian Dumbo-Smith, when he was the leader, ordered the Monday Club to end its association with the party!

    The situation has got worse since. The only thing the ‘modern’ (that is Tory central office code for being liberal-left, globalist and in support of OPEN BORDERS by the way) CON Party should be given by the voters
    of this country particularly those of a nationalist/patriotic/socially conservative disposition is a huge air fair fund for Virgin Airways or El Al so we can collectively send them to the two countries they adore ie the libertarian (which is the political philosophy they support the most) USA or Israel.🙄


      1. Ha, ha, I like the idea of sending US Republican Libertarian-type, open borders supporting, Islamist-appeasing ‘modern’ CONServatives to an Islamic country like Morocco where they may end-up with their heads chopped off by the local Islamist extremists but that may be just a bit cruel of a wish even for ‘modern’ Tories!😃😂

        No, I have decided. We boot them out of Britain and send them to the US and/or Israel.


  36. Indeed,Ian, that IS what Israel is. Apart from Japan and South Korea who could give it a run for its money it is the most nationalist country in the world.


  37. As for those ex-miners in Bolsover supporting Brexit, yes, an exit from the EU isn’t a bad idea BUT the CONServative Party doesn’t want to use it for ordinary plebs like you only to enrich themselves still further ie in the hands of GLOBALIST capitalist/libertarian party Brexit is just for the interests of the super-rich and not for what ordinary people want to use it for ie controlling our borders, building a high-tech industrial base to provide skilled jobs for our young people etc.


    1. The people of Bolsover and elsewhere look for an alternative to Labour (the Labour Party of Diane Abbott, Fiona Onasanya and other zoo people) but find that there is nothing but the Cons, the Con-enablers (LibDems), fake parties (Brexit Party) or joke parties (Britain First, English Democrats, Monster Raving etc)


      1. Indeed such is politics in a land that has such an archaic and unfair voting system that it very often has the effect of strangling new parties to death before they have had much chance of growing and becoming established just one reason, amongst many, why it could do with dumping.

        On the subject of ‘honest’ (ha, ha, if only!) Nigel’s Nigerian Ponzi scam ‘party’ I see that one of his MEP’s in Scotland has stood down and decided to become an independent!


      2. Either Farage is (as I have blogged) the worst strategist and tactician in British politics or the most Macchiavellian political chess player around. I still think the former.


      3. Having First Past The Post as an electoral system for new parties competing against Lab and Con but also the Lib Dem’s to a lesser extent is like if the Football Association (FA) said they would change the rules of football just for a Premiership club like Liverpool FC when they play against a smaller non-Premiership one in the FA Cup Final.

        Put basically, FPTP is a form of rigging politics in favour of the ‘big Premiership boys’ ie Tory and Labour mainly but also the Lib Dem’s to a lesser extent.


  38. Well said, Midge Ure! 😂👌Yes, Michael Gove is most certainly in common urban parlance a ‘fuckwit’. I am unsure as to how he became one though snorting cocaine up his nostrils may had something to do with it!🙄.

    Midge, not only is Michae Gove a ‘fuckwit’ he is also a weird Zionist ‘Israel Firster’ despite not having any Jewish ancestry to my knowledge.

    If only the good people of Surrey Heath would kick him out but even if they did he isn’t the only Zionist CON Party politician to be worried about!


  39. I think your first assessment of Lord Farage of Fraudulence is the correct one because, if by some miracle, that were to be wrong then he has come-up with a political strategy that is worthy of Baldrick in Blackadder!😃


    1. I just blogged speculatively about Farage and possible Russian connection:
      Update, 20 November 2019

      “Well, much water under the bridge! Brexit Party was polling around 12% when Farage decided to pull 317 Brexit Party candidates only 4 weeks before the election. That was followed by another 38. That, in return for a worthless promise from Boris Johnson, a man of no credibility, no integrity, a useless beneficiary of the UK’s sick political system.

      Farage’s ridiculous decision (taken unilaterally and without consultation with the candidates themselves, who had all paid to be considered as candidates) collapsed Brexit Party overnight. Farage killed his party as surely as if he had shot it in the neck.

      Now, at time of writing, Brexit Party is in the polls at around 4% and, with 3 weeks to go, is not a serious contender in the General Election. Brexit Party might have won a number of seats while depriving the Conservatives (mainly) of a number of others, but now will be lucky to win even in those constituencies where it had a chance (e.g. Hartlepool).

      Why did Farage destroy his own party? I am not the conspiracy theorist some imagine but I do speculate whether this is some kind of Russian operation.

      Russia, we are told, wants the UK out of the EU (and, in Putin’s wildest dreams, NATO). Taking that as correct, it may be that Russian strategists were (are?) hoping for “hard Brexit” or “no deal Brexit” (real Brexit), because it weakens the EU (as part of the New World Order or “NWO”) and because a real Brexit might both cause economic/political discontent in the UK down the line and also stimulate Scottish nationalism, with the possibility that Scotland might break off from the UK, and then possibly (probably) decommission the nuclear missile submarine bases there. A break-up of the UK would be a stunning coup for the Russian state in terms of Atlantic geopolitics.

      Still speculating, if an immediate “hard Brexit” seemed likely to be blocked by Parliament’s Remain majority in the event of another hung Parliament, then Russian strategists might have decided to strengthen Conservative Party chances by taking out Brexit Party.

      Brexit Party is a dictatorship of one man, Farage. To take Brexit Party out of the General Election, Farage alone had to make that decision. He did. So the question is why did Farage take that decision? To my mind, there is no logical reason based on ordinary politics why Farage should take the word of a proven and continual liar such as Boris Johnson. On the other hand, if Farage is or has become an agent under control, then it makes perfect sense.

      How do we know that Farage has not been promised (or even paid already) a large sum (£20M is good, £50M is even better) offshore? It makes sense in baldly venal terms but it also makes sense for Farage politically, if Farage has become convinced that a Boris prime ministership with a large majority would result, in a year or two, in a “hard” or even “no deal” Brexit. That way, Farage gets a secret fortune and the political result he has wanted to see since the early 1990s.

      True, Farage is wealthy anyway (is supposed to be), but so what? As to whether the Russians would pay really large sums for such purposes…well, the wife of an “oligarch” paid the Conservative Party £160,000 just to have a tennis game with Boris Johnson and David Cameron-Levita. On that basis, £50M to change the whole course of British policy and strategy seems cheap at the price.

      There is no direct evidence that Farage is an agent of the Russian state, but he has been shown to have close links with some leading “oligarchs” etc. The Russia of Putin is not the Soviet Union. It operates partly via the uber-wealthy who are beholden to Putin; the Soviet Union operated in this sense in a different way, bureaucratically, via the KGB and its predecessor agencies (NKVD etc), GRU and, pre-WW2, the Comintern.

      As we have seen (google, or see my earlier blogs), Boris Johnson, like Farage, is or has been close to some Russian or Russian-Jew “oligarchs”. Then there is the role of Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s “adviser” (who however has been reported as having actually overruled Johnson on some occasions!). I blogged about Cummings a few months ago:
      There have been those who have implied that Cummings is a kind of Russian agent. My previous assumption was that he might have been an agent of SIS (British agent rather than salaried officer, perhaps, but who knows?) for a while (when he was in Russia for about 4 years after having graduated from university) but again that was just my speculative thought. Still, one would not necessarily preclude the other, especially over time.

      I have no evidence that Farage has been paid a huge bribe by Russia; I have no evidence that Cummings has, either. Still, I do wonder. “Thoughts are duty free”, even in the EU…

      There is, of course, also the fact that the British Intelligence assessment of some connected matters is not going to be released until after the General Election. It has been held up by Johnson and Cummings. Why?”


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