General Election 2019: Polling Day

So here we are. 12 December 2019. Polling Day in the most significant general election since 1997. I shall be updating this throughout the day.


Cold, windy, wet. Popular wisdom has it that weather affects voting turnout. Perhaps. Seems commonsense, but about a fifth of people (notably the elderly, though also those with medical conditions) have already voted. The elderly voters are mostly going to vote “Conservative”. How many “Conservative” voters really understand that the Conservative Party, the party of Baldwin, Chamberlain, Churchill, Macmillan, Heath and even Thatcher and John Major, inter alia, has in fact been replaced by a doppelganger, is doubtful. I imagine that many assume that the label is the same, so the contents are the same. Not so, in fact.

We have seen such Conservatives (and small-c conservatives) as John Major and Peter Oborne even telling voters to vote Labour this time. Not because John Major has suddenly become a “socialist”, but because he can see the alien nature of the present Cabinet led by Boris-idiot.

Returning to the effect of the weather, Professor Sir John Curtice, the well-known psephologist, recently dismissed the idea, saying that the weather today, already forecast then, was “just normal horrible December weather”. He lives in Glasgow, though! Well, to me it seems that the weather might have some limited effect, but the people most affected have already voted by post, so Curtice may be right.

The “British” Press, especially the popular Press (Sun, Express, Mail etc) have in their Polling Day editions gone for anti-Corbyn “Project Fear”, with Corbyn cast as a Leninist-Trotskyist cartoon, and his party as something akin to 1970s East Germany, or Chavez-Maduro Venezuela. You would not guess that many Labour policies are actually  the norm in many countries of mainland Europe, including those run by “conservative”-oriented parties.

The Jewish-Zionist attacks on Corbyn and Labour are highlighted. The Daily Mail even has horrible actress Maureen Lipman on the front page, under the title “national treasure”. Oh, yes, the “national treasure” who said that if Corbyn became Labour leader, she would leave the UK and go to live in Israel or the USA. Never happened. In fact, she said something similar even in 2014. She’s still here.

The attacks are an alien interference in this election.


On the other hand, only a minority of people now read a newspaper, even online.

Back to the postal voting. It probably is mostly Conservative. The typical Conservative Party voter is a fairly comfortably-off or at least not very poor pensioner. The typical Labour voter is probably under-35, probably/maybe not white.

Should I guess at the outcome?

It is probably a fool’s errand to guess the result of the election. Still, as blogger, one has some kind of responsibility not to sit on the fence.

The polls show Conservatives leading Labour by 5-10 points. Bearing in mind the 2-3 point errors inherent in opinion polling, that might result in anything between a Conservative majority of 100 or even 150 to a hung Parliament with the Conservatives only just the largest party and 40 short of a majority. That might lead to a Labour minority government supported by the SNP.

My prediction is: either a hung Parliament or a very small Conservative majority (under 10).

Admittedly, there is subjective bias, inasmuch as my favoured result would be a hung Parliament, possibly with Labour as largest party, but the latter is unlikely. If there is a hung Parliament, it must be heavily odds-on that the Cons will win the most seats.

My impressions of the last week of the campaign:

  • As I had expected from the start, a tightening in the polling.
  • Boris Johnson looking less and less “prime ministerial”. The incidents such as the refusal to look at the picture of the little boy on the hospital floor, the hiding in a fridge to avoid questions, the losing control generally…; for me, those incidents play back to other times (eg the 2011 London riots) when Boris found that there was a crisis or unexpected event happening, and Boris was at a loss as to what to do or even how to react. Boris is no good in a crisis.
  • A gradual dawning on many people (but will it be enough?) that to give the “Conservatives” a majority is to throw away the UK, its remaining rights and decencies —and whatever freedoms still exist— and to become complete slaves of a ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government] regime.

Photos of a few polling stations only (see the report), but an interesting straw in the wind. Young people, so probably mostly voting Labour. If enough young people voting Labour get out in the marginal seats and actually vote, they can swing this whole election.

BBC batting again for Boris-idiot. The Zionist lobby must be behind it. “They” infest the BBC, Sky, ITN, all the msm outlets, whether TV, radio, or Press; book publishing too…


Below, an amusingly-put and very true piece about the stupidity of the post-2010 “Austerity” policies of David Cameron-Levita, George Osborne and Theresa May (all part-Jew):

Only Greece followed the same policy as the UK. The more successful European and other countries and economies did not, and were better rewarded.

In the future, there must be Basic Income for all citizens (but not for any untermenschen just off the boat)

1225: Polling day continues.

BBC drone Laura Kuenssberg (yet another part-Jew, btw) is under severe criticism for her breach of electoral law in commenting on the outcome of postal ballotting a whole day before the close of polling. In fact, her obvious bias against Labour and Corbyn (well, hardly surprising: BBC, a part-Jew and on £250,000 a year plus expenses!) might actually have helped Labour, in that if Labour-leaning voters think that the postal vote heavily favours the Cons (as it no doubt does) then it might just stimulate others to go and vote despite the cold, despite the wet, despite the wind.

Looks like someone just woke up…

Meanwhile, one major Jew-Zionist troll and schemer is afraid of the people’s wrath:

[for information about Silverman and his cabal, try Google, or read such as, e.g.]

Talking about the extreme Jewish element, I took a look for the first time in months at the Twitter page of “Hope not Hate”, the misnamed and mainly Jewish “antifascist” group. Well, they do not seem to know what to do about this election. Most of their tweets today and for several days past have hit out at, of all contending parties, the Brexit Party! Which is on 2% in the polling and has no chance of getting even 1 MP (a longshot chance might be Hartlepool but I doubt it). I suppose that well-funded HnH, as a basically Jewish-run outfit, wants to depose Corbyn and any “antisemitic” Labour people in office, but does not favour Boris-idiot either. “Result— misery”, as Mr. Pickwick said (“result— irrelevance” too, in the case of HnH).

This, below, made me laugh! True, too.

Chris Patten is a smug bastard, but I cannot disagree with this:

Or this, if true!

“Conservative” Britain, 2019:

Corbyn and el gato awaiting events. His ex-wives claim that he rarely reads a book, but if he really is reading The Grapes of Wrath, how appropriate for someone with his 1930s mindset (“No Pasaran!” Franco, the Spanish Republicans, the Comintern, Cable Street etc).

Very true…

I now start to think beyond Polling Day, to the future for the main System parties. Will the Con Party collapse by 2024 merely because by then it will have virtually no members? Its membership is almost all very elderly. They may not be alive by 2024. On the other hand, the younger part of the population is used to “virtual reality” and spends much of its time in “cyberspace”, so a “political party” which is just a facade (MPs, advertising, TV/radio slots) propped up by huge amounts of money from finance-capitalist sources, but with few real members, may not seem so strange. Perhaps.

…and I just saw this (below). Looks as though someone else woke up.

1800 hrs.

and this is interesting: could Boris-idiot lose his seat?

At the same time, Boris-idiot could, constitutionally, still be Prime Minister even if neither an MP nor a peer! Fact. I suppose that, were he to be dumped at Uxbridge, a Con MP drone in a safe seat would resign anyway, a by-election would be held in January and Boris-idiot would be back as MP. Hey presto! Long live “democracy”!

On the other hand, if Boris-idiot lost his seat, I should imagine that he would face an immediate leadership challenge.

Why would a Con MP in a safe Con seat resign to make way for Johnson? Let’s say…a peerage, and maybe some back-pocket offshore monies in the BVI or Panama, paid by Johnson’s (((secret backers))). Most Con MPs could be bought for a million (or less).


Two and a half hours to go.

Saw this:

I was struck also by the statistics in the tweet: “8.8 on the Richter Scale” and “88% of Tory election ads found to contain lies.” 88? HH!…

It recalled to mind the synchronicities of The Morning of the Magicians

2200 hrs

BBC election broadcast, Huw Somebody with (as good as, perhaps actual) Israeli agent Priti Patel. Disgusting.

Exit poll of 22,000 voters showing possible Con majority of about 80. Disaster for Labour, if so. The Jew-Zionists have been pulling out all the stops to procure such a result. The “Conservatives” have spent millions more than Labour—acquired from finance-capitalist speculators— to fool the electorate.

John McDonnell on now, with Andrew Neil. He has the chance to put the Zionist lobby in the dock (its influence in and over the mass media etc) but looks like he will —again— fail to really hit hard, or at all, against the Jewish Zionist lobby.

If there is a big majority for the Conservatives, it just reinforces the obvious fact that the supposed “democratic” system is merely a fraud. A Zionist-contaminated fraud.

The Zionist Jews will be celebrating. They think that they have defeated both Labour and “anti-Semitism”. “They think it’s all over”. Au contraire. It has just begun in the wider sense.

2255: Now Farage is on BBC, talking with Andrew Neil. Neil grilling Farage. Farage weaselling. He comes over ever more as a total idiot. Had Farage kept on trucking in this election, had he not stabbed his own party in the back, Brexit Party would probably have won a couple of seats, and, in the circumstances of a hung Parliament, Brexit Party might have morphed into the “Reform Party” Farage has been talking about and from there, who knows? As it is, Brexit Party is finished, Farage is finished. A conman.

2203: Now a Pakistani “Scotsman” from the SNP is on the BBC. Talking about SNP (likely) successes. I predicted 50+ SNP seats. It may happen.

2330: Blyth Valley, Labour since the year dot, has gone Con by about 700 votes. This is the beginning of the end for Labour in the Northern part of England.

2355: Nicholas Soames on BBC. Trying to pretend that he supports Boris-idiot. Trying to project that he is still relevant. He may be little more honest than Boris-idiot, hard to say, but clothes his nonsense in old-school-tie, the-old-regiment camouflage…

The “co-leader” of the Green Party on TV. Silly fellow, though I agree with him that the voting system is both unfair and broken.


Laura Kuenssberg claiming that voters “cared” about the “antisemitism” allegations re. Corbyn. At the BBC, the (((propaganda))) never stops.

First collected thoughts:

First thought is how easy it is for lying centres of media and political power to fool a basically uneducated, or only superficially educated mass. In view of the amount the UK spends on education, the result is pathetic.

I am going to call it a day for now and resume with a new blog post tomorrow.


59 thoughts on “General Election 2019: Polling Day”

  1. Those older people who habitually vote Tory because the party still has the same name as it had when halfway decent PM’s like Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain etc were leading it need to wake-up and smell the coffee as the party definitely IS NOT the same one it was then. Today, it is a globalist liberal-left party for the wealthy ie a posher version of the Liberal Democrats with an extreme undemocratic refusal to countenance real electoral reform which this country badly needs.

    If there is a high turnout that may influence the result in a good way but not if people blindly vote Labour or Lib Dem.

    Jeremy Corbyn needs to remember it is no good for Labour voters to turn-up in seats like Richmond Park, Cheltenham, St Ives, Hazel Grove, Cheadle, Westmoreland and Lonsdale, Dominic Raab’s seat of Esher and Walton and blindly voting Labour there because that will enable the Tory to win those seats.

    Similarly, Lib Dem voters shouldn’t turn-up in huge numbers to blindly vote Lib Dem in seats like Thurrock, Chingford and Woodford Green, UXBRIDGE AND SOUTH RUISLIP, CARDIFF NORTH,BOLSOVER etc because doing that will enable the candidate from Boris-Idiot’s Party to either win those seats or hang onto them. They need to VOTE LABOUR in those seats.

    Labour, LIb Dem, Green, SNP, Plaid voters need to THINK TACTICALLY and VOTE SMARTLY!

    If Boris-Idiot ‘and his cabinet of thick, anti-social misfits and proven Israeli agents (yes, I’m looking at you, Priti Patel) ‘wins’ the United Kingdom will be destroyed because of their clear wish to push through their severely botched Brexit deal with its inherent nonsense of an internal border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Either the electorate gets rid of these morons who think that is acceptable or the UDA, UVF, UFF will have to be revived and take out these Tory cretins.

    So, voters DON’T give Boris-Idiot and the Tory moron Muppet Show an overall majority today!

    Instead, VOTE TACTICALLY in your OWN SEAT to remove the local Tory idiot or prevent such a candidate from winning!


  2. Why doesn’t Maureen Lipman just bugger off to the USA or Israel if she doesn’t like it here and feels ‘threatened’ by British ‘goys’ (the Jewish term for non-Jews which translates as ‘cattle’ from the Hebrew!)?🙄😡🤬

    Maureen Lipman should know there are MANY British ‘goys’ who feel GENUINELY THREATENED by her pet CONServatives ie the disabled, people who need the NHS, anyone on state benefits etc!🙄

    Maureen Lipman though is a wealthy Jew Zionist extremist so poor British ‘goys’ being driven to commit suicide by the vile likes of evil, part-Jap sadists like Iain Dunce-Smith don’t concern her at all. Now, I wonder how Jews got their reputation for being selfish, self-centered and only looking out for their own perceived ethnic interests?

    Answers on a postcard to North London, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, please!


    1. Jews seem to be saying that *they* and “anti-Semitism” are of most importance in the election. In fact, they are not. The real British people have quite other concerns. The Jews don’t care much about the British people, least of all the poorer ones.


      1. Too many of them are proving what Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley once said about how some of them behave ie that they constitute a “nation within a nation”. Some of them have effectively said in so many words by how they have been smearing Jeremy Corbyn and Labour that the concerns of gentiles are not the same as ours and what we perceive to be our interests are more important than the interests of gentiles.


      2. Yes, the Jews have all, bar about 3%, voted Con or LibDem, because for them, getting rid of (supposed) “anti-semite” Corbyn is more important than the problems most British people face. They have suddenly made themselves stand out *to the British people” as alien, as in a photographic negative. And some of them hate the idea of paying tax to help the less fortunate.


  3. That mindless idiot Tommy Robinson says that we should vote Tory today! Well, if that cretin endorses the CON Party even though they have locked him up on trumped-up charges in order to prove their PC globalist credentials says so it must be right! NOT! Why doesn’t he move to Israel as well as Maureen though he isn’t Jewish or even a part Jew as far as I know so they wont let let him settle there! ‘Racism’ you see is fine for Israel Zionist Jews in Israel, Zionist Jews in ‘goy’ counties like Britain, France, Germany etc but NOT good for non-Jewish ‘goys’ in those countries!


    1. Tommy Robinson is “controlled opposition” or looks like it. Edgy enough to attract “rebellious elements” but pro-Jew and pro-Israel even though 99% or more of UK-resident Jews hate or at least dislike him.


      1. Speaking personally, I have always thought he was a bit of a joke. Yes, Islamism is certainly a problem but whenever some politician advocates some EFFECTIVE policies to deal with that issue and the mass continuing immigration that causes it ie Nick Griffin some Jew Zionist group like Hope Not Hate pops-up and says you are a ‘Nazi’. Yet, Robinson wants to get into bed with these Jew Zionist extremists and tell the British people ‘anti-semitism’ is just as great a problem as Islamism is when what is called ‘anti-semitism’ is often just native gentile resistance to Jew Zionist extremism.


  4. For god’s sake Britain, don’t give Boris-Idiot and his fellow goons an overall majority! He and they DON’T deserve one! They have botched Brexit, they have presided over an explosion in criminality and not just in that Third World dump called London (or rather Stab City On The Thames), FAILED TOTALLY to control immigration properly despite proposing to reduce immigration to the ‘low tens of thousands’ in 2010- NINE YEARS AGO!🙄🤬😡☹️😞


  5. Jeremy Corbyn seems to have a good taste in authors there! John Steinbeck was one of the USA’s most accomplished writers. I done my GCSE English Literature using his book ‘Of Mice and Men’. I wonder if Boris-Idiot ever reads a book apart from the Oxford English Dictionary in which he just picks out a few long words at random in order to impress the plebs?

    Ha, ha, Corbyn ought to be careful posing with cats like that one! It looks decidedly evil and could well be an ‘anti-semitic’ cat as well just like its human owner. 🙄🙄🙄 Well, we wouldn’t want Tory rags like The Scum and the moronic Daily Mail to print that picture on its front page under the headline ‘Julius Streicher/ Dr Strangelove plots a new Kristallnacht if he wins today’, would we?🙄🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂


  6. Well that is this country utterly FINISHED now. NI will be effectively handed-over to the Republic and the EU by the NON Conservative and NON Unionist Party and because that part of the country has ancestral and historical connections to Scotland once it is forced to join the Republic by Boris’s botched Brexit Scotland will also leave.

    Never underestimate the utter stupidity of the British when they enter a polling booth.🤬😡🙄


  7. Indeed. Thick morons! Boris hates these Scum-reading cretins who couldn’t read a book for the most part and are illiterate hence their ‘readership’ of thick rags like the Scum and believes they are just so much dirt on his shoes. He wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire!

    Well, now the botched, FAKE BRINO Brexit goes through and we become a fully-fledged colony of the USA and Israel.The DUP may as well disband since they are of no use whatsoever now. The time for the UDA, UVF, UFF has returned to do battle with this EVIL and United Kingdom wrecking government.

    This is an unmitigated national disaster.


      1. To be replaced by moronically thick ‘Arthur Daley’ and slavishly pro-Israel types on the Tory benches. Let us face facts here, your average Tory MP is as thick as excrement.


  8. The DUP were bloody stupid to believe that evil, LYING ( just HOW MANY times does he have to PROVE it?) clown of a PM. I have to say to them that they should have stood candidates on the mainland quite a few years ago. How can you be a unionist party that only stands in one part of the UK? The most basic principle of being a unionist party means you can’t.


  9. Some idiots who had never voted Tory before ie life long Labour voters must have voted for them! Bloody stupid fools! Yeah, idiots, don’t back the Tories WHEN they were ACTUAL conservatives ie in the 1950’s and even into the 1970’s a bit just turn around and vote for them when they have an INTERNATIONAL LAUGHING STOCK for a PM and have systematically DUMPED all REAL forms of SOCIAL CONSERVATISM ie a GENUINE tough line on law-breaking and THE most important element ie immigration and its control!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


      1. Well, we will NEVER have a fair electoral system now if the profoundly undemocratic Tory Party has anything to do with it so any backlash can be run into the ground. Electoral reform may have been a small possibility before this total disaster,


  10. If we didn’t have a senile Tory GLOBALIST for a Queen who has never once put her foot down with PMs we could hope she would use her power to refuse Royal Assent to that United Kingdom-wrecking INTERNATIONAL TREATY. Tory moron MPs clearly haven’t read it or understood its implications!


      1. She is yet another Tory moron and with added senile dementia like so many of their voters.🙄🙄🤬😡

        Well, her United Kingdom is GONE FOR GOOD now. She should have stood-up for it when she had the chance because now it is too late.


      2. May as well be a Republic then with an elected President. It is bad enough to have globalist Tory and Labour cretins in parliament without a globalist ‘Royal’ Family as well!


  11. IF she had a brain and a bit of gumption she would tell the Tories I absolutely refuse to give my Royal Assent to your severely botched Brexit Withdrawal Act unless you systematically gut it of its 1801 ACT OF UNION wrecking features ie there MUST BE NO FORM OF ECONOMIC ‘UNITED IRELAND’.


  12. Nicolas Soames a snobby old duffer whose grandfather Sir Winston Churchill started our descent as a country in May 1940 and was the first ‘Tory’ to begin the decline of that party. Why, God, did the last real Tory leader and PM Neville Chamberlain not continue in office in1940?😡🤬☹️😞


  13. Let us all hope Farage is finished for good but I doubt it since the Blatant Boris Corporation will no doubt give him regular interviews for the next ten years at least. Far from ‘getting Brexit done’ we have got this now for TEN YEARS SOLID OR MORE just to get a VERY one sided trade deal with the USA.🙄🙄🙄


      1. Corbyn should have stuck-up for himself and his party. Jew Zionist extremists are EVIL. You MUST NEVER give them a SINGLE inch. Former Tory and Labour Party man Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley knew that as a clip of him with Sir David Frost on a programme with these ranting Jew Zionist extremists in the audience on YouTube demonstrates.


      2. Yes, I saw that clip.

        One bright moment after I woke up just now was hearing angry Jew Zionist spy/agent Ruth Smeeth on Radio 4, having lost her Stoke on Trent seat (forever)! Ha ha! If she wants to blame anyone, she should look in the mirror (if she can bear that). She and her fellow Jew-Zionists were attacking Corbyn and Labour even during the election campaign.

        I hope that other Zionists in Labour also lost their seats.


  14. The BBC now needs to be shut down.They have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they are inherently biased towards the party in power. They are Not able to be reformed.

    Yes, some morons may care about these fake ‘anti-semitism’ allegations but thinking people don’t. Idiots have voted against Labour because of these evil smears and now more disabled people and others will take their own lives due to these idiots voting CON Party.

    Have a round of applause for yourselves, Jew Zionist extremists!🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬


  15. I will admit I have never much cared for the Labour Party due to its embrace of internationalism, open borders etc but what the Jew Zionist extremist-infested British ‘media’ have done to Labour under Corbyn is utterly despicable and I wonder if there will be a resurgence in REAL ‘anti-semitism’ now in this country because some people will DIE under Boris-Idiot by taking their own lives etc, bad hospitals, the DWP hounding the vulnerable and all this will happen because Corbyn made some fairly mild criticisms of Israel and its treatment of Palestinians.


    1. Yes, but the blame attaching to “them” must be shared by the stupid people who voted Con and also those who, *in marginal seats*, stayed home. In some seats, nearly HALF of the eligible voters.


      1. So, the people who actually DO have a vote with some value to it didn’t bother to exercise it and have effectively ended their own country. I feel sorry for the loyal people of Northern Ireland, the remaining unionists in Scotland etc over the grotesquely irresponsible idiocy of these people.

        We now live in an EXPLICIT UNELECTED Tory dictatorship thanks to these brain dead cretins.


  16. I am beginning to think we now need to expel the ***ish population from this country since the relatively few of them who are decent people and who aren’t ****** ******* extremists are not acting against and keeping in check those who are.


    1. Regret having had to censor your comment, but Jez Turner of the London Forum got a year (in reality, 6 months) in prison for expressing similar sentiments in our “free” country. I should not like m’Lord of Essex to follow him!


  17. This ‘government’ once again ‘elected’ on a CLEAR MINORITY of the national vote will have to be opposed by ******* means as I, for one, do NOT accept its legitimacy. Where is the UDA,UVF, UFF when you need them?


    1. I seem to be having a technical difficulty. To repeat: regret that I had to censor some of your comment(s). Life is boring enough for me these days without my having also to explain politics to woodentopped Plods. Also, I should hate to see m’Lord of Essex subjected to similar nuisance.


  18. Jo Swinson, you stupid, pathetic, arrogant, stuck-up, overly ambitious little madam with ideas well above your station, I hope you are satisfied now.

    This election result need not have happened if you had had a brain and realised you needed to work with the Labour Party but you were determined to be a complete door mat for the Jew Zionist Lobby, were you not?


  19. It is excellent news that the Jew Zionist extremist Ruth Smeeth has lost her seat. She was one of the directors of Jew Zionist extremist and anti-white British gentile hate group ‘Hope Not Hate’. As ever with Jew Zionist extremists she does a nice line in utter hypocrisy in believing that any form of ethnic self-awareness, ethnic self-assertiveness is ‘racism’ when done by white British gentiles but perfectly fine when Jews in Britain do it or Israeli Zionist Jews.


  20. So, it is Brexit AT ANY PRICE up to and including the destruction and ENDING OF the country which is MEANT to be reclaiming its independence from the EU? Isn’t that what people with functional brain cells call a very Pyrrhic ‘victory’?🙄

    But don’t worry the Jew Zionist extremists have Boris The Buffoon to do their bidding for them in No.10 so that is all right then!🤬😡🙄

    I really don’t understand the mentality of some people in this country!🤬😡🙄

    And all this for what is a largely fake Brexit In Name Only (BRINO)!


  21. As for the Labour Party, it is high time they got this ESSENTIAL POINT: trying to build a fairer society on the back of a deeply UNFAIR and PROFOUNDLY UNDEMOCRATIC voting system CAN SIMPLY NOT BE DONE.

    JUST how many times does this have to be told to them? ALL European countries that have fairer societies than ours use Proportional Representation for their electoral systems.


  22. Bye, bye, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland! It was nice knowing you but now due to the non Conservative and non Unionist Party’ ‘victory’ and their severely botched FAKE Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) that will be pushed through regardless of its obvious faults that country will now come to an end.😞☹️


  23. Well done to the Boris Broadcasting Corporation as well! You have played a blinder! You may as well change your name to the English Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) now since you have helped to destroy the United Kingdom by repeating fake Tory lies over and over again and your weird obsession with Nigel Farage.


  24. So many utterly braindead morons with a capital M fell for that fatuous slogan of ‘Get Brexit Done’. A nice very simplistic message for the thick and uneducated plebs who ‘read’ The Scum comic!

    Take a bow, idiots! Brexit WON’T be ‘done’ for TEN YEARS at least! So, we have another decade of constant national arguing ahead of us!


      1. I wonder if any of those idiots in seats like Bolsover are starting to regret how they voted on Thursday because that slimy globalist Tory scumbag Damian Green has already emerged from the depths to suggest people should get insurance in future to pay for their healthcare!

        Too late now suckers! You should have voted Labour, Lib Dem, Green or abstained!


      2. The only reason that “antisemitism” “came up on the doorstep” (as we are told) is because there have been 4+ years of Jewish propaganda trashing Corbyn and Labour! TV, radio, Press. Social media too. I am as you know not a “supporter” of Labour, but this is so obvious. I blame Labour too, for not fighting back, for not taking the fight directly to the enemy.


  25. Jew Zionist fanatics in Britain and in the government of Israel are such lovely people, aren’t they?

    No wonder they used their placement and women in the ‘British’ media to demonise and destroy Jeremy Corbyn! Well, Israel wouldn’t want someone sympathetic to the Palestinians in No.10 would they?🙄🙄🙄🙄


  26. Indeed that is the case. A carefully planned and orchestrated campaign of utter hatred for Jeremy Corbyn personally and his party. Despicable. Jew Zionist extremists will pay for this eventually. This is how (((they))) behaved in the 1920’s and early 1930’s in the land of Bach, Beethoven and Wagner and then the German goyim elected Hitler in response.


  27. Indeed. They should have fought back. Too many goys in this country don’t appreciate how disproportionate to their small numbers Jew Zionist influence is in this country and are not even aware of it. Hopefully, they will do so now.


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