General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.9)

I now have to again restart my 2019 General Election blog.

Update, 1830, 9 December 2019

Latest opinion poll

The above poll is the second in the past day or so  to show an upward movement in the Labour vote: this poll would leave the Conservatives 6 short of a majority. Only two opinion polls, so far, but together with the poll about preference for Prime Minister (Johnson on 39%, Corbyn on 32%, the latter very good compared to previous ratings), it may just be that we are seeing a swing to Labour, albeit modest.

Update, 10 December 2019

Only ONE clear day now before Polling Day

Well, as I thought would happen, and have recently blogged about, there is at last—at least some— movement toward Labour, or rather away from the Conservatives. The disgraceful and all-too-typical treatment of the little boy sleeping on a hospital floor may be Boris-idiot’s “Mrs Duffy” moment:

[Gordon Brown and Mrs Duffy in the 2010 General Election campaign]

I hated most of Gordon Brown’s policies and views (System ZOG/Bilderberg) and did not think much of him personally (judging admittedly mainly from what I saw in msm sources), but fair’s fair: Gordon Brown, as Prime Minister, was still head and shoulders above Cameron-Levita, May and now this total idiot, “Boris”. We have gone rather rapidly into politics as farce, or maybe tragi-comedy.

I was watching a few minutes of All Out Politics on Sky News. LibDems. People in woollen bobble hats in some fairly leafy area. Whenever you see the LibDems, you just know that those people have no serious financial or other problems, and that they (or their husbands, wives, parents) either have private incomes or (and/or) professional occupations. You may say that there is nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to lead to a rather unfocussed bien-pensant attitude or mindset.

I have met many many English people like that. They are those whose counterparts, in the Germany of the 1920s and early 1930s, could not imagine Hitler and the National Socialists coming to power on the back of popular need, and anger and disgust with the System; they are those who, in the Russia of early 1917, supported the Cadet Party and the liberals around Prince Lvov, and laughed at Lenin and his angry Bolsheviki who were, the well-meaning, comfortably-off folk thought, never going to get into power.

When I look at Liberal Democrats (I mean the rank and file, not the Con-lite careerists at the top of the party), I see people who basically are not angry enough. Not angry enough about little boys having to sleep and be treated on hospital floors, not angry enough about the UK swamped and flooded by immigrants and their (pop! pop! pop!) offspring, THIRTEEN MILLION since 1997! Not angry enough that British young people are not being trained in sufficient numbers as doctors and nurses. Not angry enough at Jew-Zionist speculators in the City of London (or the USA, or in Tel Aviv), refusing to be taxed for the benefit of the British people. Not angry enough at cultural degeneracy. And so on.

The LibDems have no bite.

Had Jo Swinson and her stupid little group of MPs not supported the Con attempt to force this election (thus shaming Labour into backing it), we would not be where we are, within sight of a possible alien ZOG regime holding real power. The only justification for voting LibDem is where the only likely alternative winner is Con.

Boris-idiot is getting worried

Boris-idiot and his cabal are getting worried that the Cons might not get a majority. I pray not. That little bastard, with his rote-learned bits of Greek and Latin, and his “look at me, I’m terribly clever and want to be World King” long and unusual words trawled from the Oxford English Dictionary, must not have power. At present, he has only the semblance of power.

Boris-idiot has for 20+ years acted out the part of someone hugely intelligent who almost “must” become Prime Minister. He has sold that persona to gullible people in the msm and public. Look at his record of both dishonesty and incompetence. He has never done a job properly, whether it be journalist, editor, MP, junior minister, Mayor of London , Cabinet minister and now Prime Minister.

We have been told for many years, in effect, “Boris has the ability to be PM, but does he have the integrity and character?” to which I have always replied, “Boris does not have the integrity and character, but he also does not have the ability”. In fact, where is his supposed intelligence proven? By getting a fairly mediocre Oxford degree? By failing at every job he has ever had? By scribbling a couple of derivative and all-but-plagiarized books about Churchill etc? By scribbling a brainless newspaper column?

People may wake up to the inadequacy of Boris-idiot as PM only when a real crisis happens and he is unable to deal with it. Look at the 2011 (mainly) black riots in London. Boris had no idea what to do. He made a gesture by turning up with a few people and brooms (and Press photographers) at Clapham; later buying (unusable) water cannon, weeks after the riots had stopped. He tried the old broom nonsense again in the recent floods. As (briefly, disastrously) Foreign Secretary, he mishandled the Iranian hostage matter so badly that the unfortunate lady in question was put in a yet worse position and even now remains in prison there.

More Boris (and Mail on Sunday) lies:

Latest polling:

Once again, the likely result is a hung Parliament, with Cons the largest party in the Commons but 6 MPs short of a majority. Good news.

I wonder whether the LibDems would prop up a Con regime? Maybe they would, maybe only if Brexit were either not implemented or the transition “extended” yet again, maybe for years. I am in any event expecting the LibDems to end up with only 5-10 seats.

The DUP have seen what a liar and horrible bastard Boris-idiot is. They will never support him again and may even vote his non-Brexit measures down. Happy day…

Ah! I nearly forgot to blog about the egregious Farage and his imploding “Brexit Party…

I heard Farage on Radio 4 Today Programme this morning. As ever, talking a good game. He either does not realize —or does realize but cannot redo it now— that standing down his candidates in Con-held seats only has simply destroyed Brexit Party as a credible party. Farage seems to look on his move as simple a clever manoeuvre to facilitate Brexit by supporting Boris-idiot and the Cons, despite the fact that

  • Boris Johnson’s Brexit is really BRINO, Brexit In Name Only;
  • Many Con MPs were (and as 2019 candidates are) Remainers or at best BRINO-ers.

The apparent fact (from listening to the radio interview) that Farage cannot understand why his candidates think that he has betrayed them says everything about this little man talking big (albeit that he is a good public speaker).

In fact, Farage and his top cabal not only let down the stood-down candidates but also all the other Brexit Party candidates, who now have no credibility whatever. Brexit Party is now on 2%-3% in all polls, but Farage still talks about how he hopes to get “a few…half a dozen” MPs! Cloud-cuckoo land.

Oh no…! It gets worse! Farage has now expelled two Brexit Party councillors, in Hartlepool, for being “racist”…

and Richard Tice, the business bod who is Farage’s 2-i-c and candidate for the Hartlepool constituency, has joined in, insulting those councillors. Bye-eee, Tice! Not much chance now!

So the sacked councillor (sacked from failed and fake “Brexit Party”, but Farage has not the power to sack the man as a councillor) apparently said that “Muslims” “are outbreeding us”. Well, that is no more than the plain truth. In fact, it is true of not only the (99.9% non-white) Muslims in the UK, but really all of the blacks and browns. They usually have 3+, even 5+ children, whereas white British people often have no children, or merely 1 or 2. We are being outbred. It’s a fact.

Google “the Great Replacement”, or “the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan”.

Migration invasion is not merely a matter of rubber boats landing on the pebble beaches of Kent and Sussex, not merely the hordes arriving on ferries or at the major airports. It includes the offspring of those non-Brits already here.

Political imbeciles like Farage have had their day. His candidates only have one use now as far as I am concerned: to take away votes from the misnamed Conservatives. They will not take away many, unfortunately. Brexit Party is on only about 2% or so in the polls. In the average constituency, that means about 1,200 votes. Enough, hopefully, to block a few Conservative wins, anyway.

A reader of my blog (not someone I know personally) just sent me this, which I think is the sort of account of NHS care etc that the System politicians ignore:

“Just got home after 4 hours at Hosp’ amazing that our treatment is free on the NHS and thank God.
[medical and identifying details blanked out]

Impossible not to notice that the various nurses, doctors and radiographers with the exception of one (from New Zealand) were either Indian, Iranian, Chinese, or one from Zaire and they seemed to all have accents, so not educated here. The Tory’s were stupid to stop the bursary for nurses and to make it a degree course, now we have to import fully trained NHS staff from elsewhere because Brit girls can’t afford to do the degree. On the other hand, apart from myself, the only other white lady in the waiting room was an Irish lady.

The question is if we didn’t have so many immigrants as patients, we wouldn’t need so many staff, so how would [name and location of hospital blanked out] hospital have looked this a.m. if we had no immigrants on either side? I am always told that we HAVE TO bring in immigrants to pay the taxes needed to cover the cost/care of our elderly, which makes it sound like some dodgy pyramid scheme. Surely every immigrant also becomes a user of health care, of our education system for their children, policing etc. Does the average tax and National Insurance contribution cover what we take out? Someone must know. I remember one (Arab) family who came here as refugees a long time ago. They had 10 children and the father was a Doctor. So far so good. Then the Mum bolted, eventually the younger children got taken into care, the older children were given council flats, then eventually the younger ones grew up, left care and got into council flats too. Before the children were ultimately taken into care the Dad had to give up working to care for them, so how much did that one family cost us so far? As far as I hear, none of the children have gone on to be high earners.

Why is Britain so stupid as to give refugees Nationality? We can shelter people until whatever disaster made them flee, then send them home with a few thousand pounds to help them on their way. We can offer fixed term contracts for those whom we need to work here.”

Why indeed?…

I thought that worth posting. The account of someone who is, according to the viewpoint of System drones, far less ideological and far less “extreme” than I am supposed to be…

“Against stupidity, the Gods themselves struggle in vain” [Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans]

An example of the application of that quotation:

Well, no-one should ever underestimate the stupidity of the mob: they know that their candidate has no chance, but instead of voting tactically, or just staying at home, they will go out and proudly exercise their pseudo-democratic right! Idiots.

Vote for animal welfare

One clear day to go before Polling Day and most opinion polls still have the Conservatives between 5 and 15 points ahead of Labour. LibDems are not going to do well and Brexit Party is “a dead man walking”.

Yet it need not be that the Cons get a majority. If, in the 50-100 most marginal constituencies, the under-45 voters turn out, the voters who do not usually vote turn out, the renters and students and poorly paid and unemployed etc turn out, and vote Labour or (tactically) for LibDem, SNP etc, it need not happen.

You are not voting for a Labour government, you are voting to stop an “elected” tyranny being imposed on the British people.

As things stand, Labour cannot get a majority, so all the scare stories about how East Germany circa 1970 is about to take over the UK are nonsense.

More polling news

YouGov predicting Con majority of 28 but “cannot rule out a hung Parliament”. In other words, there is still all to play for in those marginal seats.

The msm are now desperate to raise non-issues to damage Labour. The latest has been a series of comments (possibly in jest) by dimwit Jonathan Ashworth:

Anyone who votes Conservative, knowing what has been done since 2010, knowing what a nasty, squalid little liar and pipsqueak would-be tyrant Boris-idiot is, is an enemy of the British people.

A vote for the Conservatives is also not a “vote for Brexit”, because Boris-idiot wants a “Brexit In Name Only” and only pretends to want that much because he thinks that it will boost his MP numbers in this election. Wake up— he’s just a pathological liar.

Meanwhile, treacherous pro-Israel Jew and pro-Zionist ex-Labour MPs have stabbed Labour in the back at the crucial moment, taking out large Press advertisements (must have cost plenty…):

If Boris Johnson and his alien ZOG Cabinet end Polling Day with a Commons majority, a majority procured entirely by lies and by dark manipulation of the corrupted msm, it could objectively be said that “normal” politics has been suspended and that a low-intensity civil war has begun.

Oh, before the witching hour, I must not forget to (as people say today) “shout out” to the voters of Lincoln: don’t be silly enough to vote for Israel doormat Karl McCartney, the “Conservative” expenses-blodger, who was cast out in 2017. Read my piece about him:

In other news, the Labour candidate in Chingford is polling only one or two points behind Dunce Duncan Smith:

Normally, I would never “endorse” a non-English candidate, but in this case I hope that she wins, beating that evil cheating bastard Dunce (who is part-Jap anyway…).

Update, 11 December 2019

Polling Day is tomorrow!

So it has come down to the wire. Four years of (mainly) Jew-Zionist propaganda in the msm has obviously damaged Corbyn and so Labour. Having said that, when people forget Corbyn and think of parties and policies and general outlook, in my opinion Labour is probably doing better than many expected, at least.

The “Conservatives” are appalling and Boris-idiot is arguably the most appalling of the lot. I myself find it hard to imagine any reason why a voter would vote Conservative in this election, unless he or she is in the top 5% for income and/or capital and is voting purely on the basis of personal self-interest re. taxation .

“Boris” will not “deliver Brexit”; he will deliver a BRINO that is similar to those offered by Mrs May. He has an appalling record of incompetence and dishonesty (as have many Con ministers). What else is there? Empty promises from a man whose every word is a lie.

Still, the polls all show a national lead for Con over Lab, albeit far less of a lead with every day. How that translates into marginal seats, no-one really knows for sure. The election came two or three weeks late for the Cons, but it may have come several weeks too early for Labour to do really well.

On a wider view…

I hope so! Please God YES! (see conclusion of tweet by pro-Israel faux-proletarian scribbler Dan Hodges, below)

Labour, of course, is good only for stopping Boris Johnson and his alien ZOG Cabinet, stopping them from having a majority and then imposing a New World Order tyranny on the UK. Down the line, a new movement must arise, a social national party and movement to create a new and better society in the UK and across Europe.

Latest opinion polling (from Opinium):

That would give Boris-idiot a huge majority, if accurate. majority of 90+ MPs…

However, one of the more informed System commentators in the msm, John Rentoul, agrees with me, even using the same phrase!

From only an hour ago:

“Conservative” Britain 2019: not working for British people…

In High Peak, Derbyshire, the “Conservative” candidate, Robert Largan (whose main interest seems to be Jews and Israel), is exposed here below:

“Boris Johnson wants to destroy the Britain I love. I cannot vote Conservative” [Peter Oborne]

They also don’t ask how Boris Johnson meets his notoriously expensive private financial commitments on his meagre prime ministerial salary, now that he no longer enjoys his reported £250,000 a year from The Daily Telegraph. His hero Winston Churchill was helped out by lavish private subventions from business tycoons. Is history repeating itself?” [Peter Oborne]

Peter Oborne, sometimes eccentric, sometimes mistaken, but never without courage, has got this absolutely right.

Look at the “Cabinet” of Boris-idiot:

  • Boris Johnson, part-Jew, part-Turk, part-whatever, born in New York City, brought up largely in USA and Belgium; held US passport until recently. Went to Eton and Oxford, where he was a member of the young thug and vandal club, the Bullingdon. In order to join, he had to burn a £50 note in front of a homeless person…A former (earlier) member of the Bullingdon, David Dimbleby, has said that, until David Cameron-Levita and Boris Johnson joined, the Bullingdon was a club for young gentlemen.
  • Dominic Raab, part-Jew. Wants a completely soulless free market system. Very unpleasant. May be facing “certain allegations” from his staff…
  • Grant Shapps, Jew, best known for dodgy business dealings, such as masquerading, even in the Palace of Westminster, under other names, and trying to sell get-rich-quick scams to mugs; was head of the youth wing of the Jew-Zionist Bnai Brith organization;
  • Liz Truss, only became an MP on her back. Incredibly dim.
  • Sajid Javid, Pakistani born in UK. Ex-Muslim. Devotee of the crazed Jewish writer Ayn Rand. Fanatically pro-Jew and pro-Israel.
  • Rishi Sunak, wealthy Indian. Ex-Goldman Sachs. Another rootless cosmopolitan.
  • Priti Patel, Indian whose parents arrived from East Africa in the 1970s. Effectively an Israeli agent. Was sacked by Mrs May after having been exposed, but later taken on by Boris-idiot. Calls British workers “lazy”. Pro-Jew slavedriver.
  • Robert Buckland, thick Welsh barrister.
  • Brandon Lewis, thick barrow-boy barrister.
  • Andrea Leadsom, complete nonentity in the Theresa May mould.
  • Matt Hancock, once little more than a teaboy (with a degree) at Bank of England. Suited thug.
  • Therese Coffey, unpleasant moneygrubber. Tank-like, Guinness-drinking, cigar-smoking, but supposedly not a lesbian…
  • Gavin Williamson, former fireplace salesman. Deadhead. Idiot. Has pet spider and thinks that the UK can challenge China (which can put 850 large naval ships on the sea, as against UK’s 20) in the Far East, or Russia (which can if necessary field 4 million troops, as against UK’s 50,000-150,000) in the Baltic region. Idiot.
  • Amusingly misnamed James Cleverly, a “half-caste” (mother West African) who has a “degree” in “Hospitality Management” from a “McUniversity”. Thick. Atheist. Tried to get out of responsibility after having caused a car crash recently.
  • Michael Gove, cocaine-abusing pro-Jew, pro-Israel expenses cheat.
  • Robert Jenrick, entitled little pissant.

And there are more where they came from. As far as I know, all the Cabinet members around Boris-idiot are Friends of Israel members.

Latest opinion polling

The final polls for the main polling organizations have come out. The Cons are scoring in the range 41% to 45%, Lab from 32% to 36%.

On those strict figures, the 2019 General Election result could be anything from a Conservative majority of 100+ to a Conservative majority of about 10.

Bearing in mind that the polls can be out by several points either way, that means that the election result could be anything from an almost off-the-scale Con majority of somewhere between 100-150 and a hung Parliament with the Cons as many as 40 short of a Commons majority.

If the Cons really were hugely short of a majority, they would find it hard even to form a minority government, because the LibDems will probably get fewer than 20 seats (I am predicting maybe 10), and the SNP and others will not support the Cons. In that event, Labour, perhaps 50 short, will have the unexpected possibility to form a minority government with the SNP and others. If SNP get 50 seats, they alone could partner Labour. If not, others will have to come aboard. The LibDems are craven, so they might, whatever they now say.

A last word for voters in Lincoln

“The Lincolnite” does not seem to understand the meaning of “successive”! Never mind.

For God’s sake, don’t vote in that freeloading chancer and pro-Israel Freemason, Karl McCartney, Lincoln voters!

It is now 2340. There is still all to play for. In the most marginal constituencies, voters can stop this slide into ZOG tyranny by denying Boris-idiot and his evil alien Cabinet a majority. Vote tactically contra the Cons.

I shall be starting a separate blog article for Polling Day.

My final word today:

48 thoughts on “General Election 2019 Daily Updated Blog (no.9)”

  1. Good. Hung parliaments are so much fun and why should either Tory or Labour gain YET ANOTHER fake ‘victory’ on a clear minority of the national vote by our immensely crude electoral system effectively gifting them that through its very inefficient workings?

    Not many people know this electoral fact but they should do: the Conservative and Unionist Party is the ONLY party in British history that has ever TRUELY EARN’T a REAL victory at the polls when they polled 55% of the national vote IN 1931!

    Perhaps if we did have another hung parliament and it prevents the Tory Party from carrying-out Brexit even they might finally think our electoral system should be subject, at long last, to a serious evaluation as to whether it really fulfils this country’s needs now?


      1. I think you could be correct there. I believe some of the candidates were elected as National Liberals – a breakaway faction of David Lloyd George’s official Liberals. In effect though the government was overwhelmingly a Tory government with mostly Tory MPs in it.


      2. I am a bit hazy on the history, I admit. I think there were quite a few National Liberals – a breakaway faction of the official Liberal Parry of David Lloyd-George that were elected and by that time they had effectively merged into the Conservative and Unionist Party. Undoubtedly, the vast majority of that government’s MPs were Tories.

        I think Anthony Eden’s Conservatives got about 49% of the national vote in 1955.


  2. Personally, I think you should have a minimum of about 44/45% of the national vote before you can form a single-party government.


    1. You may be right, but what happens if there is intractable deadlock and no party can reach that threshold? The country might cruise on without a government for years, or indefinitely! I suppose that you would say that the parties would have to compromise. Fine, but what if they cannot? What if they will not?


      1. I think they would have to compromise. Angela Merkel is running a CDU/CSU/SPD ‘grand coalition’ so, in effect, a Tory/Labour government. The parties would have to learn to do this but I don’t this scenario would happen often because under PR I believe we would get a smaller ‘Right-wing’ party being elected that the Tories could go into coalition with. We have very unnatural politics in this country caused by the existence of First Past The Post. Under PR or any system where there was a closer match between seats and votes politics would become more fluid and changeable than the static situation promoted by FPTP.


      2. I think they would have to compromise. Merkel is running a CDU/CSU/SPD ‘grand coalition’ so, in effect, a Tory/Labour government. The parties would have to learn to do this but I don’t this scenario would happen often because under PR I believe we would get a smaller ‘Right-wing’ party being elected that the Tories could go into coalition with. We have very unnatural politics in this country caused by the existence of First Past The Post. Under PR or any system where there was a closer match between seats and votes politics would become more fluid and changeable than the static situation promoted by FPTP.


      3. I think they would have to compromise. Germany has a CDU/CSU/SPD ‘grand coalition’ so, in effect, a Tory/Labour government. The parties would have to learn to do this but I don’t this scenario would happen often because under PR I believe we would get a smaller ‘Right-wing’ party being elected that the Tories could go into coalition with. We have very unnatural politics in this country caused by the existence of First Past The Post. Under PR or any system where there was a closer match between seats and votes politics would become more fluid and changeable than the static situation promoted by FPTP.


    1. You can see that there is a connection: Jew congregations (and other organizations and individuals) supporting the migration-invasion of Europe (inc. UK); some prominent Muslims or nominal Muslims making common cause with the Jew-Zionists.


  3. For anyone interested, Robin Tilbrook of English Democrats in Brentwod & Ongar hustings 5 December

    “…the Labour candidate, Oliver Durose repeatedly made it clear that he is “full on” pro migration activist.”

    So-so Mark Collett et al. December 9th, 2019 livestream
    “General Election Special 2019 – with Laura Towler, Morgoth & Xurious”

    Farage recommending people spoil ballot papers over Brino-Brexit. Does he realistically expect most (former?) supporters to do that?

    I’m informed in London 2Cities there’s been unusually active canvassing; Lib-Lab-Con the usual Hobson’s Choice. But NOTHING about mass immigration, in fact in fairness to him “NF” has been the only one I can recall to even raise it despite plenty of pretext e.g. housing shortage, overburdened NHS, transport system grinding to a halt, schools overflowing, non-eco-friendly effects on environment, etc etc.

    Do BNP/NF and the like even put up token candidates these days?

    The Brexit debacle has however delivered one very valuable dividend: far less vanity law-making by the practitioners of political impostures, idiot hatchers of grand schemes who don’t control the money supply and apparently could care less about setting that to rights.


    1. Thank you.
      NF/BNP still exist as tiny rumps. Whether they will put up any candidates this time, I do not know. Same applies to UKIP, a larger but still no-account rump.

      In 2017, UKIP put up 378 candidates and received nearly 600,000 votes; about 1,500 votes average per seat contested. BNP put up 10 candidates and received c.4,500 votes, so about 450 votes apiece. NF either did not stand or put up a few candidates who received fewer than 100 votes each. English Democrats put up 7 candidates and received about 1,900 votes, about 280 each.


    2. Labour came second here in Brentwood and Ongar last time (the first time this has happened since 1979 I think) but if those sentiments of the new Labour candidate are widely-known about then his vote will plummet. I believe most voters here are ‘Right-wing’ as far as immigration policy is concerned as we don’t want our nice if boring (it was once voted ‘Britain’s most boring town’) town to go the way of Ilford, Stratford, Barking and all the other migrant-infested, lawless crapholes Labour and Tory have brought about.

      The Labour candidate can get out of Brentwood! We really don’t want Labour anti-British traitors here! We have never had a Labour council and they only have three councillors on our council which in my opinion is three too many! Hopefully, they will lose them soon as if a town has Labour councillors in any number migrants start to move in.


      1. Of course. I had to appear several times at the (I think now-closed down because of Conservative govt. spending cuts) Ilford County Court. A cross between some parts of New York and Calcutta. That’s the central bit, where I stayed in a kind of budget hotel at the top of a multistorey car park (a colleague in Chambers, about the same time, 2007), had his car broken-into there).

        The bit by the Court was better, just. You could see that the area had once been a respectable Victorian neighbourhood. The Court was opposite a leafy park or maybe cemetery.


    3. So Labour’s candidate for the TENTH safest Tory seat in the country (safer than classic Tory citadels such as Henley Upon Thames, Windsor, Beaconsfield AND EVERY SEAT IN SURREY!) is a pro mass immigration globalist crackpot! Talk about Labour selecting a candidate whose views will NOT chime with the majority here!


  4. Yes, I would be reticent about backing a non-British candidate as well but if that Asian woman beats the part-Jap evil sadist Iain Dunce-Smith it will be a good result. Hopefully, Ali Milani will take-out the Chief Clown of Zippo’s Tory circus in Uxbridge and South Ruislip as well. Even I would find a vote for him to beat Coco The Clown a very, very, very tempting use of my vote. If history is made in that constituency I don’t think I would be able to contain my mirth for many months afterwards.😂😂😂😂☹️😎😎😎😎😎👌👌👌👌


    1. God! I am laid up with the worst gout attack I have had for years (in the unlikely event that you are interested, m’Lord of Essex, caused by my unwise ingestion of too much smoked salmon and smoked mackerel; my fault entirely…)
      but if Boris-idiot is expelled as MP, I AM buying a bottle of Bollinger and will drink most of it myself, though sadly I have no Thompson submachine-gun with drum magazine with which to fire drunkenly at an effigy of “Boris” (in the manner of Churchill), while vulgarly necking the Bolly direct from the bottle!


      1. Ha, ha, shooting at an effigy of Boris-Idiot whilst necking a bottle of Patsy Stone’s favourite brand of Champagne (Joanna Lumley’s character in Absolutely Fabulous) to celebrate the good people of Uxbridge and South Ruislip kicking-out their local clown MP! You are getting worse!😂😂😂😃 Without a Thompson submachine gun handy you will have to make do with a doll and sticking some pins in it! I would upgrade the bottle from a standard one to a magnum! Why not? Santa would have come early for the people of Britain if it happens!😂😂😂😂😎👌

        That reminds me! I bought a bottle of Louis Roederer non-vintage Champagne a few months ago that needs to be drunk and I can’t think of a better occasion to drink it than if Ali Milani defeats Boris!


      2. @ianrmillard – try kombucha for gout and also I gather, drink at least 3 pints of water per day to prevent uric crystals buildup – though the advisory I recall also said avoid excess salt intake which is maybe odd when one bears in mind that an increased water intake may result in excessive salt loss…


      3. Thanks. I have had this condition since I was about 25, ie about 38 years. I used to get painful and almost immobilizing attacks from time to time. Not so bad since I have been on allopurinol (ie since about 2010); I resisted taking it for years because I did not like the idea of having to take something on a daily basis. This attack is unusual and centred on a vulnerable area (knee). As I mentioned before, I do have painkiller/anti-inflammatory tablets. They help. Hoping to be OK tomorrow. Hoping…


      1. It sure would be! Having Dunce-Smith and Dominic Raab removed in Esher and Walton by Monica Harding the Lib Dem candidate would be excellent too!


  5. Dan Hodges even by the usual low standards of the ‘Left’ is a weirdo and decidedly creepy. I believe he was a leading member of the Jew Zionist hate group ‘Hope Not Hate’ (better described by those in the know as ‘Dope Not Soap’ ) around the time of the BNP’s rise so it is no wonder he hates Corbyn so much and utterly ridiculously smears Corbyn and Labour as ‘virulent ant-Semites’ when anyone with a braincell knows that is rubbish. This cretin thinks if Corbyn won he would launch a second Kristallnacht!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Yes, of course, Corbyn would do that when historically-speaking and this is probably still the case the Labour Parry has had the most Jewish MPs and the most Jewish members of any of the main parties!🙄


  6. Ha, ha, my seat of Brentwood and Ongar is so safe for the Tories that this site: says I can have a ‘free hit’ at voting for Labour or the Lib Democrats since the CON Party candidate will win anyway!

    If Boris-Idiot is defeated in Uxbridge and South Ruislip then my MP, Alex Burghart, will be out of a job since he is Coco The Clown’s Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS)

    Well, it is good to see he has, finally, moved to the seat!


  7. Oh, look what we here then! Brentwood and Ongar’s new Tory MP, Alex Burghart, is officially one of the very worst MPs in parliament and is ranked at no 648 out of 650!

    Still, I suppose when your constituency is the TENTH safest Tory seat in the entire country with a numerical majority of 24,002, a percentage one of a whopping 45% and a Tory percentage share of the vote one of the country’s highest at 65.79% you can be non conscientious as the MP and believe you will still be real-elected by a landslide:


      1. Yes, evidently both of them see little point in being conscientious MPs for their constituents since they have ‘safe seats for life’.

        It is a shame we don’t have two votes each like German electors have ie the first one cast for an individual candidate in your own First Past The Post constituency and then another one for your favourite party on a regional state list (here we could use the EU Parliament regions for this purpose:

        If we had this Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP) system we could use the constituency candidate vote to get rid of a lazy, underperforming MP by voting for a candidate of an opposing party or an independent candidate whilst using our second vote to still vote for our favourite party. In short, we can vote against a bad MP for a particular party in our seat without having to go against that candidate’s party as FPTP forces us to do. We would have two votes each which can be used in different ways.


        We could even improve upon Germany’s system by making the regional lists ‘open’ instead of ‘closed’:


  8. PLEASE voters in all three constituencies but especially Uxbridge and South Ruislip give the nation a brilliant early Christmas present!:


  9. PLEASE voters in all three constituencies but especially Uxbridge and South Ruislip give the country a brilliant early Christmas present!:


    1. “They also don’t ask how Boris Johnson meets his notoriously expensive private financial commitments on his meagre prime ministerial salary, now that he no longer enjoys his reported £250,000 a year from The Daily Telegraph. His hero Winston Churchill was helped out by lavish private subventions from business tycoons. Is history repeating itself?” [Peter Oborne]


  10. Ha, ha, James Cleverly! Never has someone had a more inappropriate surname! Now, he is Chairman of the Conservative Party! In the 1980’s they had people of real stature like accomplished author Jeffrey Archer who, after being deputy party chairman, was subsequently convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice:

    How the once mighty Conservative and Unionist Party has fallen!🙄


    1. A slide across the board. The party once headed by Jo Grimond (well, Liberal Party/LibDems, effectively the same) now has Jo Swinson! Labour, that once had Attlee and Harold Wilson (whatever his faults) now has had Miliband and Corbyn. As for the Cons, the party of Baldwin, Chamberlain, Churchill, Heath, Thatcher, now has had Cameron-Levita, Mrs May and now Boris-idiot. Can the Cons go any lower? (shudders).


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