Reflections On The 2019 General Election

First, a little night music…

Today I reflect on the General Election and its aftermath.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of any of the System parties, and I did not, as such, support any of the System parties in this election.

In my Polling Day blog, I made the point that the opinion polls, with their variations and taking into account error margins, might have meant either a Conservative majority of over 100 or a hung Parliament with the misnamed “Conservatives” as short of a majority as -40.

I felt that the election was impossible to call, but at the same time felt a responsibility to the readers of this blog (not a huge number, but today I have had, so far, about 250 hits from about 100 different people, apparently situate in the UK and US, Germany, Hong Kong, various other states, even Burkina Faso) to make a judgment call.

I was wide of the mark. I thought that either the “Conservatives” would get a majority of perhaps 10 MPs, or that the election would produce a hung Parliament.

In respect of the other parties, I was closer: I said that the SNP would return with over 50 MPs (48), that the LibDems would get fewer than 10 (11) and that Brexit Party, stabbed in the back by its own leader and founder, would just implode and get no MPs (exactly correct).


I have blogged repeatedly that all the main (System) parties in the UK have run beyond their properly-allotted time.

The tweet below is from a mentally-disturbed “antifa” person who used to troll me, or about me, endlessly when I was on Twitter, but I agree with him on this point:

Labour failed in this election because, firstly:

  • There had been, for 4 years prior to the election, a campaign on radio, TV, in the Press, on social media by —mainly— Jew-Zionists against Corbyn and Labour.
  • The Jewish campaign against Corbyn intensified after Boris Johnson (himself, inter alia, part-Jew) called this election.
  • The Jewish campaign included a rant by Chief Rabbi (I prefer Chief Pharisee) Ephraim Mirvis, who talked about “our nation losing its soul”. What nation? Mirvis was born in South Africa, spent most of his life in Israel, moved to Ireland in the 1980s or 1990s and only washed up on UK shore in the mid/late 1990s.
  • All the (as Rupert Murdoch said several years ago, Jewish owned or run) “British” Press was part of the campaign against Corbyn to a greater or lesser extent.


  • Labour policies were scarcely put to the voters in the mainstream media.

In addition:

  • Labour has for some many years been becoming, not entirely but to a large extent, the party of the “blacks and browns”.
  • Labour favours something close to “open borders”; disastrously wrongheaded


  • Diane Abbott: Labour minders put her in near-Purdah during the campaign but she must have been worth a million or more votes…to the Conservatives

The tweet below, by “Champion Puffa”, made me laugh! He’s right, too!

[2020 note: the tweet was later deleted, it seems, and referred to pathetic African talking head puppet “Femi Sorry”]

Then look at the tweet by Emma Dent Coad (MP for Kensington 2017-2019), below.

[2020 note: later deleted, it seems]

She seems to imagine that the Grenfell matter, unpleasant as it was, remains some kind of major concern for the British people, who mostly felt sorry for the victims but understood that many of them were not even supposed to be in the UK (were not lawfully resident here). Emma Dent Coad is now an ex-MP, because she did not understand that.

There is a kind of echo chamber on Twitter, Facebook etc, which makes the Labour partisans blind to realities, not least because former tweeters such as myself are expelled from Twitter (since mid-2018 in my case, after having been conspired against by an unholy alliance of Zionist Jews and “socialist” Labour supporters).

Look at the tweet below, posted by “Dr.” Louise Raw (apparent main activity: tweeting all day, like so many “antifa” types). She correctly points out the exploitative finance-capitalist regime which will now intensify under Boris-idiot, but thinks that the answer is “unions”, which after the 1980s became useless. Mass immigration killed them as effective organizations, just as mass immigration is killing the NHS, congesting rail and road, making schools burst at the seams etc. Yes, doctors and nurses are imported in large numbers (why are we not training our own?) but immigrants are also huge users of NHS services. Huge users…

  • Labour lost out in the North and Midlands partly because there is no industrial proletariat left. Also, why would the present Northern and Midlands masses vote for the party of blacks such as David Lammy, Diane Abbott, Kate Osamor, Dawn Butler? Why? There is no reason…
  • Labour activists and leaders (Corbyn, McDonnell) seem to be “anti-Israel”, but still willing to parrot Israeli/Jewish “holocaust” nonsense etc. Cognitive dissonance.
  • Labour’s Jewish and Zionist MPs were still attacking Corbyn even during the campaign. Sex pest depressive and ex-MP John Woodcock joined up with expenses cheat fraud and ex-MP Ian Austin to trash Labour.
  • Why would people vote for nasty “antifascist” thugs like John McDonnell? No reason…
  • Brexit: this was in fact not a reason not to vote Labour and the post-Election polling supports that, except that Brexit was to some extent a code, which meant STOP IMMIGRATION! Is Labour listening? No.

As a matter of fact, despite all of the above (and more), 32.2% of the voters that voted still voted Labour.

A third of the British people that bothered to vote, and so more than a third of the voting England-resident population (though including blacks and browns) voted for Labour despite the tsunami of Jewish or Jewish-directed propaganda fed to them in the Press, and on BBC, Sky News etc.

The future

54% of 18-24 year olds voted Labour. Labour may have a chance of rebirth there, but unless it hits much harder against embedded Zionism in the UK, rotting away our msm, our institutions, law, politics etc, Labour will be wasting its time.

Labour would have done much better in this election, maybe even won, had there not been this constant Jewish-Zionist attack day after day after day.


Former Conservative MPs, ministers, even a Prime Minister (John Major) etc begged the public to think before voting and to vote Labour or at least not Conservative! That failed. Why?

  • the appeal was to thought; the “moronic masses” operate mainly on emotion or just unconscious willing.
  • Brexit was a code word with a varied content (I write as someone in favour of Brexit) but those behind “Boris” were using it as an emotional trigger to bypass thought.
  • Voters in many —mainly white— parts of England and Wales understood that Labour has ceased to much represent them, their race, culture, identity. Not true everywhere, not so of every Labour MP, but true enough in many areas.
  • This was not a vote for the Conservatives (whose vote only went up by about 1 point) but against Labour (whose vote collapsed by 8 points).

What else? Well…

  • There is the point that voters did not have a social-national party for which to vote. They had Labour, certainly “social” but only partly national. They had the LibDems, a party of the suburban middle classes. They had the Conservatives, posing as “nationalist” slightly, or they had Brexit Party, the founder and leader of which killed it by turning it (in Chinese Red Guard language) into a “running-dog” of the Conservatives. Faced with that choice, many chose Con over Lab.
  • Labour ignored the mass rape of white English girls by various kinds of black-brown riff-raff over a period of 20+ years. That has damaged Labour, in some parts of the country, as badly as the child abuse scandals have damaged the Roman Catholic church.

LibDems and Brexit Party

As I forecast, the LibDems have been much diminished (again) and Brexit Party effectively killed off.

Jo Swinson thought that, by doormatting for the Jew-Zionists, she would find favour. She did— with the Jews. However, the British voters had no interest in that, and just saw a Con-lite woman and a party without a real identity.

Brexit Party? Farage is just a con-man with a good speaking style. He killed his own party, cheated its members out of money and hope, and has no future in the UK, politically. A con man pure and simple. By standing down Brexit Party candidates facing Conservative opponents, he dishonoured himself and left ALL his candidates high and dry. A silly little man with a big voice, and a big hat to sit on his big head.

What now?

The present Cabinet is a Zionist Occupation Government [ZOG], and there is every chance of this government becoming an elected dictatorship. The electoral system is a bad joke. This government is not really legitimate. It cannot be fought with ordinary means such as an election in 5 years’ time. In that time, this government may have imposed a dystopia even worse than that of the past 9+ years.

Are there any good aspects to the election results?

A few.

  • Israeli and American “confidential contact” Ruth Smeeth lost her seat. It was good to hear her anger, but the stupid creature apparently was unwilling to consider that her own behaviour over the past 4 years was a major reason why Labour just lost and so why she herself has now been binned, probably for good.
  • A couple of other “Labour Friends of Israel” women ex-MPs had to be led away from the count crying (for themselves), having lost their salaries, expenses, political careers etc. Ha ha! That really made me laugh!
  • Several other Labour ex-MPs tied up with the Jewish lobby lost their seats: Angela Smith, Anna Turley, Caroline Flint etc. Ha ha! Great news!
  • Luciana Berger failed to get a new seat in Golders Green, London. Good. She will not suffer, though (she comes from a wealthy Jewish family and has a wealthy Jewish husband).

Anything else?

Pity that Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy are still in place.

In the end, the “Conservatives” only got about (fewer than) 14 million votes; Labour received well over 10 million. The result was an outcome caused largely by msm bias, Jewish lobby interference and a broken electoral system.

Final word

I see people from both Lab and Con sides and from elsewhere waking up to the necessity of protecting race and culture. Beginning to wake up. Who knows what will happen in that very significant year 2022? Hitler only got 2.6% of the national vote in Germany in 1928.

We can yet win the future.

Not “conservative”, not “socialist”, but a social-national future.

38 thoughts on “Reflections On The 2019 General Election”

  1. I was particularly glad to see Caroline Flint lose her seat. A typical example of the kind of airhead woman elected as Labour MPs during the so-called ‘New Labour’ era. She was partly responsible for giving us this wretched election and its truly tragic and potentially United Kingdom ending result. The stupid cow voted for Boris’s utterly botched surrender deal with its crazy plan for Northern Ireland as that would be getting Brexit done inline with her constituents wishes BUT she has clearly never either understood the implications for NI of what she voted for in the Commons or she voted for it anyway just so she could make a virtue out of following her constituents wishes. A RESPONSIBLE MP should NEVER just vote for an international treaty if they think it is badly flawed.


    1. and Caroline Flint was also one of the worst expenses cheats in the 2005-2010 Parliament. She has profited hugely from having been an MP and was willing to do anything to stay one! She became “Leave” once she realized that that was a popular move. She became (superficially) anti-immigration etc too. She herself had a half-caste child with a North African (Tunisian, I think) and then, when he became a problem, had him deported! Good thing for wrong reason…


  2. In response to the *** Zionist hate campaign against Corbyn personally and to his party Labour should become REAL ‘anti-semites’ Perhaps the *** Zionist extremists would have something to REALLY fear then. I am increasingly of the view these *** Zionist extremist zealots should be told to ***** this country and (sadly for the ever suffering Palestinians) [** *** **** **] the West Bank or Gaza Strip.

    Time to end the [*** ******* ]occupation of our homeland.

    We are all Palestinians now!


  3. Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley was first elected as a Tory and then became a Labour MP. He set-up the British Union of Fascists (BUF) and then changed its name to the BUFNS or the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists. He once said if you loved your people you were a ‘socialist’ and if you loved your country you were a ‘national’ hence national socialism. Labour is a socialist party but they have never really embraced the national which is their major flaw. They should do so if they want their election results to improve.


  4. Loving your country and your nation are perfectly natural human instincts which shouldn’t be denigrated. Labour has never really understood these sentiments least of all in recent years. If they had done so they could have easily beaten that incompetent bag of lying bluster and wind called Boris but, sadly, they didn’t hence Thursday’s calamitous result for this country.😡🤬☹️😞


    1. Yes. “Labour” is agonizing as to whether “Brexit” or “anti-Semitism” is their problem, when the real problem is that Labour is (semi ) “social(ist)” but not “national(ist)”.


  5. If Luciana Berger can’t make it in Golders Green she really should give up.

    Concerning PR, RT’s CrossTalk this evening had Alan Sked on berating PR as encouraging ‘extremism’ and proclaiming that Britain unlike other European countries hasn’t an ‘extreme’ political environment because of its FPTP system. Is he senile or maybe high…? The London resident (?) hedge fund manager (I forget the name) remarked, presumably anecdotally, that there’d been record numbers of spoiled papers, citing mass electoral distrust of politicians generally.

    Maybe spoiling one’s paper isn’t a bad idea since those verified as such are totalled and they have to be shown to all the candidates to agree the paper(s) concerned are indeed ‘spoiled’ – though one wonders what happens when there are record numbers. It might be the sole time one can communicate direct with the political apparat when their state of mind makes them most receptive!

    As for the drop in Labour support, I can’t explain from empirical sources, just impressionistically that the public can instinctively just about recognise Bolshevism when it sees it and particularly doesn’t like being gulled with gibs-me-dat promises sustainable only through transgenerational debt slavery. Beyond that however I doubt that the Jewish Question or antisemitic tropes, canards &c. [insert, to taste] ever entered their minds.

    Across the Pond, more Bolshevism:

    PS: the one-word hook I thought mostly bandied about in crticising the Cons namely austerity, sc.: poverty, could equally be applied to Labour and even the Lib Dems (vide Swinson’s voting record). I recall it was a Labour Government in place when the banks were rescued in the nick of time in late 2008 by a taxpayer bailout (Alistair Darling’s ashen face haunts me still) in the same way basically as in August 1914. The events preceding the bailout were presided over by Labour and they did the bailout which was the original cause of austerity. Next time round it will be depositor funds that are stolen under a legal pretext (the statutory instruments were put in place a while back). Corbyn & Co. tabled HoC EDM 748 but nothing ever came of it. So imo it’s pot, kettle black with these scoundrels, all functionaries of the money-controllers.


    1. Wigger: you are right. In fact the basis for the demonization of the disabled, unemployed, sick, generally poor *was started under “centrist” “moderate” blah blah (Jew-Zionist dominated) Blair/Brown (esp. Brown) “Labour”*. Con bastards such as Dunce (“Duncan” Smith) merely made it worse, more cruel, a kind of institutionalized bullying of those unable to fight back.

      The British people were brainwashed by the msm into believing that the people on State benefits were somehow the cause of most of Britain’s problems. People talk about Goebbels, and about Soviet propaganda. I think that there is more in the UK of today.

      I blame, though, not only the “dirty democratic politicians” (as Hitler called them) but a supine useless population, which has accepted “austerity” (for the poor), tax breaks (for the rich), “race relations” and “malicious communications” and “incitement” laws (used mainly by Jews to repress free speech etc). A population more interested in whether England wins some sport game on the other side of the world, or who wins a TV talent contest or a baking cakes competition than the survival of European race, nation and culture.



        The search engines aren’t being kind today or maybe they have collective amnesia, but I thought around 2008 there was a composite image circulating on the net of a tracksuited ‘benefit cheat’ maybe from a DWP page – but with Jackie Smith’s head spliced on top….
        Call me cynical but I always thought the publicity given to the MPs’ expenses scandal esp. by the Telegraph was to distract from the bigger scandal of the banks’ near-failure and their bailout by the taxpayer. “Lame ducks” no problem when they can be revived to lay future golden eggs!


      2. That is the “George Washington Gambit”. Washington would carefully list for the germinal Treasury a myriad small items, but throw in “dinner for the Continental Army”…


    2. So the original founder of UKIP and hence the architect of this utter political mess is castigating Proportional Representation! Frankly, you couldn’t make that up! I thought he was meant to be one of those utterly weird libertarian types who believe in ‘freedom’ for ‘freedom’s’ sake that have caused so much damage in this country since Thatcher onwards?

      In REALITY, it is precisely because we are not and never have been a genuine democracy BECAUSE of our highly illogical, and unfair electoral system we are in this mess because FPTP effectively strangles to death new parties as soon as they are born so public concern about the Common Market/EU became utterly marginalised and globalist Establishment politicians could then ignore it which they did.

      That buffoon really needs to educate himself as to the reality of more fair and democratic electoral systems.

      No other country in Europe has this profoundly undemocratic electoral system hence why even though there is some support for within those countries to change their relationship to the EU or even leave it NONE of them have a full blown political crisis that has made them the laughing stock of the world like this country.


  6. Indeed, this ‘government’ is NOT legitimate in any way. It was ‘elected’ on a CLEAR MINORITY of the national vote hence its democratic legitimacy in my opinion is very highly suspect and I refuse to acknowledge its so-called ‘right’ to be there. There needs to be public resistance to it up to and including ******** if necessary when it becomes tyrannical as it surely will. I really hope Boris gets either an [* ] from the Ulster Defence Association, Ulster Volunteer Force, or the Ulster Freedom Fighters or he drops down dead from a stroke or heart attack. I really hate this anti-British, United-Kingdom-destroying, globalist, constantly lying, double-dealing, foreign piece of utter trash.


      1. Indeed we don’t and no doubt under this wretched, unelected government of aliens with dubious foreign allegiances destined to be even more of an oversized prison. If there is a God then where is he? Please, God, get rid of this half-Turkish congenital liar Boris!


      2. I wonder what will happen in the UK when the Boris-idiot ZOG-ruled society really goes to ratshit in a few years’ time?…The people will not be applauding B-idiot then…

        As for the Con Party, a huge number of its consistent elderly supporters , members, voters will be no more by 2024 or even 2022 (for me, the next truly world-historic year to rank with 1989 and 1956). By 2022, the Con Party will no longer have a stable, secure voter base. The precariat and post-proletariat of the Midland and North are not consistent Con voters. They might go back to a *really* radical Labour (if one emerges), or to a new social-national party (if one emerges). The Con Party’s new house is being built on shifting sands.


  7. Irony of ironies, the Remain supporting parties polled MORE votes on Thursday than the sick, PC globalist joke of the non Conservative and Non Unionist Party and Farage’s Ponzi Scam cretins did so their opinions should carry more weight.

    I will NEVER respect the fake democratic legitimacy of the CON Party’s so-called ‘victory’ on Thursday which was only conferred on it NOT by REAL VOTES in REAL BALLOT BOXES but by an inherently rigged and systematically irrational electoral system


  8. No way should we be governed by this evil anti-British government with its proven Israel agents (eg the ever sneering Indian Priti Patel) when they DIDN’T win a majority of the votes. It is a most basic form of democratic injustice to have a government imposed upon you without that government winning a REAL majority of the votes.

    Just say a FIRM NO to a government that has effectively STOLEN a ‘victory’ and has 56% of the seats on only 43% of the vote.😡🤬🙄 That is a pretty wild discrepancy between votes and seats Inwould suggest.

    It is high time this inherently RIGGED, archaic, fraud of an electoral system was ended for good.


    1. Cons got nearly 14 million votes, but Labour still got 10.3 million. Other parties got a total of 7.5 million.

      Nearly 32 million voted out of nearly 48 million *registered*.

      Apparently there were another c.7 million who might have voted had they been registered and done so. In other words, 24 million eligible voters did not vote.

      Out of the widest figure of eligibility (56 million), Con Party got 14 million (just under). A quarter…


  9. We all need to shout to the physchopathic liar Boris %#% off Boris Johnson you and your pieces of anti-British excrement sitting around your cabinet table are NOT worthy of being respected because you failed to gain a genuine electoral mandate so, please, and with the greatest of respect, %%%% off!


  10. That was an interesting article. Yes, it is undoubtedly the case that these allegations of ‘anti-semitism’ were contrived by Zionist groups because of Jeremy’s support of the Palestinians and were used by the Blairite elements within the Labour Party to destabilise Corbyn’s leadership take control of it away from the socialist wing.

    He had noting to apologise for and should have taken-on these Zionist fanatics. Appeasement of them never works.


  11. It is a disgrace that the woman in the Daily Mirror report works yet still finds herself in poverty and that being made worse by Ian Dunce-Smith’s absurd Universal Credit with its inevitable big system of paperwork handled by the tryants he set loose at the DWP.

    The whole benefit system needs to be reformed by people with a measure of competence and brains ie not utterly cretinous morons like Iain Dunce-Smith. It was a tragedy that he narrowly held onto his seat on Thursday. I am not a natural Labour supporter but I would have very seriously considered casting a tactical vote against that unfeeling, anti-humane, part Jap sadist. In fact, not only would I have considered doing it but probably gone ahead and done it even taking into account the fact the Labour candidate was an Asian lady.

    It is a disgrace and an injustice that scumbag is still an MP after all the cruelty he has inflicted.


    1. After all, isn’t one of the very few good points about the very flawed First Past The Post electoral system is that each MP has a direct line of accountability to a single constituency’s electorate so if you think an MP is bad in some way you can use your vote to remove them?

      Mind you, this does mean that you may have to disregard the fact an alternative party’s candidate is someone from a party you wouldn’t normally support.

      In Germany with its excellent Mixed Member Proportional Representation system each voter has two votes which can be used in different ways so this dilemma for a voter need not occur if this circumstance happens in one of the First Past The Post constituencies:


    2. and the people of Broxtowe have so far lost their feeling for decency, race and culture that they have elected a black man (I presume of West Indian origins) called “Darren”, because he wears the Conservative rosette…the one who suggested that the poor need not go to foodbanks because they could get a payday loan! So stupid as well as callous.


      1. What utter morons! Some people in this country should have the right to vote taken away from them and be locked-up in the local mental,asylum because of the harm they impose on others. Fucking gormless and utterly callous Tory pricks.

        It is bad enough for poor Britons in desperate circumstances to be lectured to by a Tory from public school but at least that person would probably be at least British!🙄


      2. I am unsure where “Darren” went to school. I believe that he spent 26 years in the RAF, and was then a councillor in Wiltshire (not Nottinghamshire), but nothing is in the public domain that I have seen about his RAF rank or function.


  12. Let us have a vote for a candidate of either a political party or an independent in our own constituencies AND an explicit PARTY vote for the PARTY we most wish to support.

    We could even go one better than Germany and instead of using their ‘closed’ party lists where you vote for a party whose list of candidates have been set by party officials before the election use ‘open’ lists so you can either endorse the list of party candidates as a whole and their order on the list OR you can cast a SINGLE VOTE for your preferred candidate within that party’s list ie you can, as a voter, change the order in which those candidates will be elected.


  13. So our best alternative electoral system would be a version of Germany’s Mixed-Member Proportional Representation with regional ‘OPEN’ lists.

    Their electoral threshold to gain seats by Proportional Representation is 5% of the national vote or three directly-elected candidates in the FPTP constituencies.

    We could lower that to 3 or 4% and two directly-elected candidates. However, the threshold shouldn’t be more than 5% as it would start to ‘waste’ too many votes after that point and disenfranchise too many people from making their votes count.


  14. Surprising, but even now spending 10 minutes channel hopping TV every couple of days can find something worth watching, at least once every few weeks. Monday evening 11.30-12 on RT was a most interesting piece not only on current clearing and other banks’ frauds on customers but the causes of the 2008 collapse and “austerity”, in large part reflecting our discussion above.

    Featured (possible misspellings (yep it shd have been *Jacqui* Smith above)) guests Anthony Stansfeld, Police Commissioner Thames Valley and journalist Ian Fraser. Host Ross Ashcroft / Renegade, Inc. Referenced Fraser’s book “Shredded: Inside RBS”. Stansfeld excoriated the regulators for their excessive numbers, overlapping of functions, unwillingness to get a grip on the banking problem and their revolving doors to banks, accountancy and law firms. BBC’s attitude on uncovering fraud in the stystem described as pusillanimous. etc. Just found a link at YT, not tested:


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