Diary Blog, 22 December 2019

The madness of the “politically-correct” continues…





Corbyn is still trying to say to the Jews, “hey, man! Respectttt!”. What an idiot. “They” will hate you whatever you say. Anyway, why wish them “Happy Hanukah”?

Many misguided Christians think that the Jewish religious festival of “Hanukah” is somehow analogous to Christmas, the profound Christian religious festival of birth and peace. Wrong. “Hanukah” is, like most other Jewish religious festivals, an ethno-nationalist celebration of resistance and victory (of Jewish triumphalism if you like), in this case the rebellion of the Jews against their Greco-Syrian overlords in the 2nd Century B.C. (or “B.C.E.”):



What was the Jewish response to Corbyn’s olive branch? “Jeremy Corbyn‘s annual ‘happy Hannukkah’ message to Jews in Britain and around the world has prompted a furious reaction from, amongst others, the editor of a Jewish newspaper, who told the Labour leader: ‘go f*** yourself!’“… [Daily Mail]

Need one say more? Corbyn has seen and experienced the way in which the Jewish lobby has conspired against him and the Labour Party for over four years. Why give them the satisfaction of throwing a peaceful greeting back in your face? Just cold-shoulder them.

As with the Diane Abbott situation, Corbyn seems incapable of learning from experience…

Meanwhile, Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey is attacked by the Daily Mail (which seems to be afraid of her…):

  • “Labour frontrunner Rebecca Long-Bailey has said her political outlook was shaped by watching her father worry about losing his job at Salford Docks
  • But the Shadow Business Secretary, born in September 1979, would only have been two when the docks closed in 1982.” [Daily Mail]


Well, if Jews can be terribly upset about the death or disappearance of remote relatives that they never even met, and indeed who died or disappeared long before they, the descendants, were even born, why should Rebecca Long-Bailey not…? (well, you get the idea…).

Priti Patel “to be given power over sentencing” [Daily Mail].


Just when I thought that the news in Britain could not get madder…


Labour Friends of Israel member Rachel Reeves MP wants to launch a purge in the Labour Party:


Was the recent General Election fixed?

That is a good point. I can only think that most postal votes are held by older people, most older people vote Conservative these days, so…Maybe.

Looks like there is something rotten in the state of Boris…

Blyth Valley

I am reading “mainstream” analyses saying, as my blog did in the days since the General Election, that the Conservatives only have those Northern and Midland seats “on loan”, though I do not use that term. I said that the Cons have “shallow roots” there.

The msm are still trying to say that huge numbers of voters turned to the Conservatives; but we know that the Conservative vote increased by a mere 1.2% nationally over 2017. The real story was and is the collapse of trust in Labour and support for Labour. It is probably true that the Con vote increased in those Northern and Midland areas by more than the national average, and did not increase, or it fell, in some other areas.

In the most striking result, perhaps, Blyth Valley went Con after 69 years (the seat was established in 1950 and won by Lab, by Alfred Robens who later, as Lord Robens, was chief of the National Coal Board).

The 2019 Con vote, however, only increased by 5.8% over 2017. The real story is earlier: the Con vote increased from 13.3% in 1997 to 15.9% in 2001, was 13.9% in 2005, and 16.6% in 2010; not much difference. However, the 21.7% the Cons got in 2015 jumped to 36.9% in 2017, then 42.7% in 2019.

What happened? What happened was that national sentiment increased and “proletarian” old-style “socialist” sentiment took second place to that.

Only once in the 69 years did the Conservatives come 2nd where there was a third candidate at Blyth Valley, and that was in 1960 when an Independent stood. The Conservative Party has otherwise always come 3rd or 4th.

In 2010, there was an identifiable “national” vote at Blyth Valley: BNP 4.4%, UKIP 4.3%, English Democrats 0.8%. So 9.5% in toto (Conservatives 13.3%, LibDems 27.2%, Lab 44.5%).

In 2015, only UKIP represented a kind of “national” vote, and received 22.3%, beating the Conservatives (21.7%). Lab won with 46.3%. You can see that Labour only beat the combined UKIP/Con vote by a couple of points.

In 2017, no UKIP or other “national” party, and Labour’s vote surged to 55.9%, easily beating the Conservatives’ 36.9%, but in 2019, Brexit Party stood, getting 8.3%, and the Labour vote collapsed to 40.9%, allowing the Conservatives to win on 42.7%.

For me, the dynamics are clear. The Brexit vote only went partly to Brexit Party (which also was probably perceived as not fully “national”. The Conservatives benefited, though —as said above— by only 5-6 points over 2017. Turnout was 3 points down from 2017. The Brexit Party votes were probably from former Labour voters. Labour only lost to the Cons at Blyth Valley by 1.8 points. Those 8.3% Brexit Party votes were crucial. Had Brexit Party not been there, the vote would have been closer by far; Lab might have won.

The old “proletarian” certainties have disappeared at Blyth Valley, along with the coal mines. Only traces remain. That has cut the ties binding the voters to Labour.

Leaving the Brexit issue aside, as presumably will be the case next time, it can be seen that Blyth Valley will either revert to Labour or may go to a new party, so long as it is both “national” and “social”…

That may be the case in most of the new “Conservative” seats.


What was that that Boris-idiot was saying about “no plans to sell off NHS”?

Dan Hodges, faux-proletarian, who lives in his mother’s house in Blackheath (she being the once-famous actress, Glenda Jackson), describes Corbyn supporters as “parasites”…So speaks the scribbler who scribbles for the Mail on Sunday (formerly for the Sunday Telegraph) and of whom Wikipedia says: “Hodges is the son of the actress and former Labour MP Glenda Jackson and her then husband Roy Hodges.[4] He worked as a parliamentary researcher for his mother between 1992 and 1997, describing it as ‘straight-forward nepotism’.” “His former colleague Mehdi Hasan described his…role with The Daily Telegraph as one where he “now performs the role of the right’s useful idiot”. “In 2014, Hodges co-founded the Migration Matters Trust, a pro-immigration pressure group chaired by Barbara RocheLord Dholakia and Nadhim Zahawi and run by Atul Hatwal.”

I know which group of (((parasites))) I should prefer to see driven out of Labour!

Boris Johnson “not in charge of his own government” [The Independent]


54 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 December 2019”

  1. With any luck, the utterly despicable treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and his party which is getting worse as your piece here indicates by these vile and evil [*redacted] in this country.

    Like most Britons even nationalist ones like me, I never really gave much thought to this tiny ethnic minority [ *redacted* ]

    Why should they be allowed to stay when a significant number of them only cause trouble, are disloyal towards this country and its native inhabitants etc? They have abused [redacted]. I struggle to see what benefit they bring to this country?

    [ redacted ] King Edward I:


    Oliver Cromwell has so much to answer for letting them back in.

    This act was nowhere near tough enough:


    Time for a ‘***** ********’ to the ‘British’ *** ******* extremist problem!

    Arnold Leese for Home Secretary: https://en.wikipedia.org/Arnold_Leese


    1. Ha, ha, he even proposed a ‘Final Solution’ to the ******* problem long before our normally efficient German cousins managed to get there! British gentile inventiveness beats German inventiveness!


      1. SIince they refuse point blank to behave themselves and act in a decent and loyal manner, A ‘
        [redacted]’ it is then! It is either expulsion to [redacted…]


  2. Yes, our sad descent into Alice in Wonderland craziness continues! No sane country would allow that essentially alien Indian bitch Priti Patel anywhere near the Home Office let alone head it.

    Well run Japan has a native Jap running its justice ministry so why can’t we have a native in our equivalent ministry as well?🤬😡😞☹️


    1. Britain ceased to be a cohesive nation-state some time ago. That is the hypocrisy of all the System parties, to claim that each can “bring the country together”. There *is* no country now, just a geographic space with various tribes living therein. Relatively few have woken up to that yet, though.


      1. The CON Party’s dream ie a large globalised business park with no national identity to speak of fit only for them to exploit and get richer off the backs of the poor and vulnerable.

        No wonder the SNP is so popular even disregarding the fact that party has more or less the same vision for Scotland albeit with a bit more social justice thrown in to sweeten things a bit.


      2. So very true. A grab-bag of people having nothing in common except money is the gist of Alex Linder’s way of putting it circa 2004.

        Prominent by its omission throughout the election process was any discussion of culture or civilization – ours that is. Economy, growth, 2% inflation, blah blah….

        I always thought that irrespective of one’s religious affiliation, Christmas should be the one day (at least) when NO advertisements appeared on TV or the radio. Some chance.

        For those into online marathons:

        NoWhiteGuilt channel: December 20, 2019 – James Goddard -vs- Mark Collet Debate | Civic -vs- Ethnic Nationalism.


      3. Wigger: the essence of the English/British Christmas has been squeezed out. Not just the religious aspect or core (though that is so) but even the general secular cultural overlay which has been part of the whole package from, say, the time of Dickens onwards.


  3. Rebecca Long-Bailey is a British gentile woman not a Jew so different standards (as ever) apply!🙄

    Amongst so many other things , Jews get upset about those German holiday camps in Poland!


    1. The question has to be asked are the Jews EVER happy in Britain because it seems to me they always find something to continually whine and whinge about! It does make you wonder why they bother to stay here!🙄


      1. “They” are unhappy everywhere, even in Israel where they really hold the whip hand. An artificial contrivance of a country and state, in some ways not without impressive aspects, but corrupt, brutal, repressive, a Jew ethnostate. There is no unity in Israel, politically, and I cannot see “Israel” surviving for long. My fear would be that its fall will drag the Middle East into a worse state than it is already in, and that millions of Jews will then flood Europe, posing once again as “refugees” and “victims”.


  4. In some ways, it is a shame the French Empire was still in existence in 1940 as if it were not then Der Fuhrer could have succeeded in his original ‘Final Solution’ plan to expel Europe’s Jews to the large island of Madagascar. Sadly, this wasn’t achieved so the Palestinians are suffering and, of course, since we never fell to Nazi Germany, we were not in a position to round-up ‘’European’ Jews in Britain, hand them over to the occupiers and play our part in solving this perennial problem Four our own benefit and that of Europe as a whole.


  5. If Israel were to fall then we need to bring in a much more strict Aliens Act and place an explicit ban on any Jewish immigration to Britain. We have already suffered grievously from too much Jewish immigration from the 1880’s to the 1930’s so we don’t want this to be replicated.


      1. It is high time Gentile Britons were put FIRST in what should be OUR country!

        A gentile country RUN BY and FOR THE INTERESTS Of native gentiles is my vision.

        Now, if Corbyn and his party had proposed that he would have been worth voting for and been a good Prime Minister.


      2. Make it retrospective too and give out government grants (not that many of them need them as quite a few are wealthy) so they can buy themselves one-way El Al air tickets to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa. etc.


  6. Laura Kuenssberg! Yet another so-called ‘journalist’ on the ‘’British’ Broadcasting Corporation with a foreign surname!

    She is incredibly biased as well towards the CON Party and should be sacked.

    I wouldn’t put anything past Boris-Idiot. After all, being a despot would come pretty naturally to someone with plenty of of foreign Turkish genes inside of him!🙄


    1. The evidence is there now, in that both the (((BBC))) and (((Press))) were provably biased in favour of the Cons and against Labour. One BBC “reporter” even said that Boris-idiot “fully deserved” a majority!


  7. Whoops, My having proposed a gentile country being run by and in the interests of British gentiles is inherently ‘anti-semitic’ so perhaps I should shut-up about this necessary vision or else Priti Patel’s tyrannical PC Stazi/PC Gestapo will have me arrested and locked-up for proposing such a horrifically non-PC plan!

    Mind you, my proposal is no worse than having an explicitly Jewish state ie Israel run by and for the interests of Zionist Israeli Jews!🙄


  8. Whoops, My having proposed a gentile country being run by and in the interests of British gentiles is inherently ‘anti-semitic’ so perhaps I should shut-up about this much needed vision or else Priti Patel’s tyrannical PC Stazi/PC Gestapo will have me arrested and locked-up for proposing such a horrifically non-PC plan!

    Mind you, my proposal is no worse than having an explicitly Jewish state ie Israel run by and for the interests of Zionist Israeli Jews!🙄


      1. Indeed and any policy that could be deemed to be nationalist and in the interests of British gentiles is deemed by (((them))) as inherently ‘anti-semitic’ Merely us existing in our own country and us not being in total 100% agreement with and 100% fawning admiration of them is considered to be ‘anti-semitism’ by (((them))).🙄

        So, taking these brutal facts about the situation into account it is better for us and (((them))) if we agree to mutually separate and they move to Israel then we will both be happy.😁😃😎👌


      2. If they were ever to do that (which I doubt!), I myself would wish them “happy Hanukah”, just like Corbyn! I might even throw in “Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage”!


  9. If Labour had proposed in its manifesto of enacting a [redacted] to the Jew Zionist extremist problem I would have voted Labour for the first time and with massive enthusiasm.😃😂😁👌😎 but sadly they didn’t.😞☹️


    1. Why are the two simple English words Final Solution banned? I’m not referring to alleged mass heating exercises in Poland! Honest!😀


      1. I regret, m’Lord of Essex, that I must occasionally save both you and me from the boredom of having to bat away Jew-Zionist-manipulated Plod. I therefore must, in my blog comment section, redact the odd word or phrase, according to context.


  10. No doubt (((they))) defected ‘anti-semitism’ even within that innocent phrase ‘For the Many Not The Few’!🙄 Talk about PARANOID with a capital P.🙄


    1. Well, there is only a one letter difference after all!😂😎👌😂🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😎😎😎😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌😁😁😁😁

      Oh vey, it is yet another Shoa!🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


  11. Undoubtedly. Sir Oswald Mosley would have made a fine Prime Minister perhaps even the greatest one ever if he had resided in No 10 in 1940.

    Politicians like that are a very rare breed. Alas, we have descended fully now from politicians of Mosley’s calibre to utterly clownish monkeys with a disturbing propensity to lie with a regularity that can only be described as psychotic ie Boris Johnson.


    1. Instead of Attlee, Wilson, Blair (for all their faults)…maybe Jess Phillips! (! ha ha! Mad Hatter’s Tea Party time!) or some idiot almost equally as silly ;

      Instead of Jo Grimond or Paddy Ashdown…Jo Swinson! And after her? God knows who…

      Instead of Baldwin, Chamberlain, Churchill, Heath, Thatcher, we have Boris-idiot!

      No wonder that 79% of UK voters think that the UK is going in the wrong direction, acc. to YouGov.


      1. Exactly.The Conservative Party’s descent is particularly disgraceful. Going down from political titans like Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain to New York born alien and clown Boris Johnson is contemptible. Even Mrs Thatcher had a few good points. She was at least British and wasn’t quite as enamoured with Israel or its Jew Zionist Lobby as Boris and his fellow cabinet members are.


  12. We can only hope the Good Lord intervenes and Boris-Idiot becomes the first British PM to die in office for several hundred years along with. vile Israeli agent Priti Patel and that supremely annoying Paki %s@% Sajid Javid. I, for, one do not and never will recognise the fake legitimacy of their so-called ‘win’ procured as it was by Jew Zionist extremists, outright lies etc and a crooked and fundamentally rigged electoral system.

    Come on God, strike down Boris-Idiot, Priti and Sajid with fatal heart attacks or terminal illnesses.


  13. Did you see that utterly fatuous slogan that the buffoon has come up with now along with the other horror shows in his illegitimate cabinet?

    Yeah, they have reinvented themselves as “the people’s government” What a sick joke! 🙄The people they mean are not the British people but the Israeli people!🙄😡🤬🙄


    1. The mass media (and the Jewish lobby so embedded in the msm) are crowing about their new “vozhd” and his 80-seat majority, but he simply does not have the solid capability to be a Prime Minister, particularly in the rough times, so I do not believe that he will serve out the 5 years.


      1. Yes, random drug tests of this vile, anti-British cabinet of anti-social misfits and downright freaks would prove to be interesting I suspect. If they were in Singapore, a few hangings would be in order no doubt considering the severe penalties contained within that country’s Misuse of Drugs Act.


      2. Sad that over 12,000 people have liked his stilly and grotesquely insulting tweet. Too many gentiles in this country think all Jews in Britain are personifications of sweetness and wouldn’t wish gentiles or our country harm but there are many who would particularly if they gain some advantage out of that or Israel does.


      3. As the now long-deceased husband of someone I knew (he ex-Welsh Guards and Royal Flying Corps) used to say, apparently, ” one (((you know who))) can lead a thousand Englishmen by the nose”. These days, he could add “and 10,000 Americans”…


  14. So, this part-Jew, part-Turk, New York Yankee-born gormless, wind-up monkey believes, not unnaturally since he is an alien himself, that Britain would not be Britain without its Jews. I, unsurprisingly, beg to differ on that. Britain not just coped but indeed flourished without having Jews for hundreds of years before that traitor Oliver Cromwell foolishly allowed them entry again. Indeed, even if that had still happened but that subsequent waves of Jewish immigration from places like Czarist Russia and Poland from the 1880’s to 1930’s had been more effectively controlled than the Aliens Act of 1905 achieved we wouldn’t be having so many problems today with Jew Zionist extremism being allowed free reign in the media defaming people like Corbyn etc.

    Britain would not just be British without its Jews but MORE British and more comfortable in its own skin since Jews are often to the forefront of organisations denouncing ‘racism’ on the part of British gentiles.

    I wonder how many more anti-British insults he will find time for whilst being our illegitimate PM?🙄😡🤬☹️😞


  15. So, you have provided interesting information about the Migration Matters Trust there! So, it has that obnoxious New Labour creep Dan Hodges on it along with former Labour immigration minister the Jewess Barbara Roche and Nadhim Zahawi a fake Iranian refugee the globalist CON Party insulted the people of that most quintessentially English of all towns Stratford Upon Avon with and foisted upon them as a Tory candidate when John Maples retired from that Tory stronghold seat.

    Yes, that group of (((parasites))) the Labour Party would be well shot of but not just that party! Oh no, the Conservative Party would be well rid of them too. Perhaps if that happened the Tory Party would dump its increasing descent into more and more rabid globalism! Yes, let both Labour and Conservative alike expel the ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ fraternity.


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