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Diary Blog, 1 February 2020

The madness continues

The BBC, in the catchphrase of Private Eye, “getsmuchworse”.

I heard a BBC World Service interviewer, interviewing a Georgian lady about the Stalin-era sanatoria at Tsqaltubo, near Kutaisi, in former Soviet Georgia



The item was quite interesting, but the absurd came in when the interviewee was asked who went there in Stalin’s day. The answer: Communist Party people, but also those who were considered to have been hard workers in their industry, such as mining. The BBC drone then referred to the miners as “the men and women miners”! Women miners?! To be fair to the BBC, there were a few in the Soviet Union at one time, but not many:


At least the idiot did not make tick-box reference to LGBT etc stuff…

Sadly, it seems that the ornate Stalin-era sanatoria, i.e. spa hotels, have been allowed to decay; that does not take long in a subtropical climate.


Bloody hell! Even as I finished the above paragraphs, the BBC World Service, which is now just another bad joke, struck again, with some idiot talking about Brexit and UK fishing rights, and referring to “fish sold by UK fishermen…and fisherwomen.” UK “fisherwomen”?! Ha ha! The BBC idiot only just remembered to add “and fisherwomen”, in order to make his sentence clearly “non-sexist”. This country is so screwed, it’s not true…

Meanwhile, the “political correctness” madness is being challenged


“[A] policeman told Harry that he was in trouble for retweeting a ‘transphobic’ limerick.” [Daily Mail].

This is not a reworked Fawlty Towers or Monty Python sketch. This actually happened!

He was told that he was also being investigated for tweeting support for BBC Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray, who had been criticised by Oxford students after writing a newspaper article questioning whether transgender women are ‘real women’.” [Daily Mail]

Harry was told in the conversation at Tesco that he had not broken the law but was guilty of a ‘non-crime’ hate incident. According to court papers, the constable explained to him: ‘Sometimes, a woman’s brain grows a man’s body in the womb and that is what transgender is.’” [Daily Mail]

When Harry asked why the officer kept calling the person who had made the complaint a ‘victim’, when no crime had been established, he was told ‘that’s just how it works’.” [Daily Mail]

Since the catch-all guidance was released, police forces have recorded at least 87,000 non-crime hate incidents — none of which break the law.” [Daily Mail]

The police drone actually said to the citizen now fighting back, “I need to check your thinking.” This is the police state emerging in plain sight. 

I might add that I myself have been subjected to similar:


…and not only in that 2017 incident. A year later, in 2018, a mentally-disturbed Jewess (on medication), apparently resident in Barnet, North London, actually prevailed upon her local (((occupied))) police to telephone me and try to intimidate me into altering completely lawful posts on the GAB platform (the Jewish lobby had already had me expelled from Twitter).

The policeman (a constable) actually had the cheek to send me through the post a purported (but legally-ineffective) notice warning me about “harassment” (despite the fact that I had never had any direct contact with the said Jewess!)… In fact, I myself was the real victim of harassment, by that woman and by a pack of other Jews, all connected with the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity. I actually had to write to the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police and to the Barnet Police Borough Commander! Even then the same policeman tried to continue for a short while!

This is how the “rule of law” decays: when the police become politicized, subject to backstairs pressure, biased etc (not to mention both ignorant of the law and over-estimating the scope of their own *lawful* powers…).

Radio 4

Just listened on BBC Radio 4 at 0545 to some poor lady, grieving for her father, and droning on endlessly (as it seemed). I felt sorry for her, but this was, imo, not good radio. Have some regard for the listeners, for God’s sake!

Voting intention

I am not sure whether it means much, 4+ years before any likely general election, but for whatever it is worth, Survation has come out with a new poll:

Nothing much there. Conservatives at top by default, because so far they have been cautious about doing anything. Labour still moribund, LibDems, at 10% rather higher than I would have thought (maybe Remain signallers), and Brexit Party on 3% (who are they, that 3%?!) alongside Greens.

“First day out of EU” music

More “anti-fascist” nonsense exposed

I saw the nonsense below on Twitter:

What is the crazed “Witch of Peace” talking about now? As for the other one, with her Stars of David, she sounds completely off the wall…


John le Carre and Olof Palme (etc)

I just read this piece by John le Carre (David Cornwell) about Olof Palme and much else:


John le Carre is a very fine writer in his chosen field and, unlike most “spy writers”, has a wide appreciation of world politics and events. Most writers of “spy fiction” have at best a cartoon view of the world. Ian Fleming. Alastair Maclean. Frederick Forsyth. Others. I regret that I missed out on a lecture that Le Carre/Cornwell gave in or about 1981 at the G.B.-U.S.S.R. Association in Grosvenor Place, London.

The G.B.-U.S.S.R. Association, to which I belonged at the time, was an entity founded in 1958 and funded mainly by the Foreign Office (later, Foreign and Commonwealth Office). It had its funding radically cut in the 1990s and was split into parts after the Soviet Union ceased to exist. It even sold its library (a few volumes from which I was able to buy, though I came late to the party, having been overseas). It had by then moved from its fine building at the rear of Buckingham Palace to a soulless office tower in Vauxhall. The FCO finally cut off funds from its successor-entities in 2002.

Le Carre’s lecture was, I was told, one of the best talks ever given at the Association.

Having said the above, merely being a fine writer does not bestow infallibility. I doubt that there has ever been a better travel writer than Jan Morris:


yet Morris is in some respects also very silly indeed, judging purely from the political point of view (e.g. Morris espousing faux Welsh nationalism on the strength of having been born half-Welsh and having resided for a number of decades in Wales).

I have to say that I am disappointed to see that Le Carre/Cornwell, in that Guardian transcript, said that he was a Remainer and a European, as if the EU equates to Europe. That oft-seen conflation. No. I myself am a European, a white Northern European, but have always, on balance, opposed the EU. I am ethnically and culturally European. That is what matters.

One apparent fact given by Le Carre/Cornwell in the Guardian transcript did, as people now say, “surprise but not shock” me: it seems that Olof Palme was once an “intern” at Swedish Intelligence. I did not know that. His Wikipedia entry does not mention it (neither does it mention Palme’s quite long-running secret affair with the American actress Shirley MacLaine; Wikipedia is likewise not infallible):


Shirley MacLaine’s own Wikipedia entry also omits mention of the affair:


though she herself has talked about it on several occasions:


What I know about Swedish intelligence and security would scarcely fill the back of a postcard, but I see that their security service has its own jaunty website:



though it seems that external intelligence-gathering is mainly handled by a separate organization: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Military_Intelligence_and_Security_Service

and see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontoret_f%C3%B6r_s%C3%A4rskild_inh%C3%A4mtning

Olof Palme always struck me as rather sinister. His assassination was never publicly solved, though two separate suspects were arrested, one eventually emigrating to the USA and the other being convicted of the assassination, but released on appeal two years later.

The famed “liberalism” of Sweden is not always very liberal. I recall the Westminster MP, Leo Abse [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Abse] writing about visiting the Swedish spy Stig Wennerstrom [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stig_Wennerstr%C3%B6m_(colonel)] in prison in Sweden and finding him chained to the wall of a subterranean dungeon (Abse was a penal reformer).

Admittedly, Swedish prisons are not usually like that. The original Swedish-language Girl with the Dragon Tattoo lost me at one point, when the investigative journalist seems to be in some kind of hostel or inexpensive hotel reception; it took me another viewing to understand that that was a Swedish prison!

Collapse of smug, virtue-signalling party...

Click on the tweet above to read the responses, many of them hilarious.



Diary Blog, 22 December 2019

The madness of the “politically-correct” continues…





Corbyn is still trying to say to the Jews, “hey, man! Respectttt!”. What an idiot. “They” will hate you whatever you say. Anyway, why wish them “Happy Hanukah”?

Many misguided Christians think that the Jewish religious festival of “Hanukah” is somehow analogous to Christmas, the profound Christian religious festival of birth and peace. Wrong. “Hanukah” is, like most other Jewish religious festivals, an ethno-nationalist celebration of resistance and victory (of Jewish triumphalism if you like), in this case the rebellion of the Jews against their Greco-Syrian overlords in the 2nd Century B.C. (or “B.C.E.”):



What was the Jewish response to Corbyn’s olive branch? “Jeremy Corbyn‘s annual ‘happy Hannukkah’ message to Jews in Britain and around the world has prompted a furious reaction from, amongst others, the editor of a Jewish newspaper, who told the Labour leader: ‘go f*** yourself!’“… [Daily Mail]

Need one say more? Corbyn has seen and experienced the way in which the Jewish lobby has conspired against him and the Labour Party for over four years. Why give them the satisfaction of throwing a peaceful greeting back in your face? Just cold-shoulder them.

As with the Diane Abbott situation, Corbyn seems incapable of learning from experience…

Meanwhile, Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey is attacked by the Daily Mail (which seems to be afraid of her…):

  • “Labour frontrunner Rebecca Long-Bailey has said her political outlook was shaped by watching her father worry about losing his job at Salford Docks
  • But the Shadow Business Secretary, born in September 1979, would only have been two when the docks closed in 1982.” [Daily Mail]


Well, if Jews can be terribly upset about the death or disappearance of remote relatives that they never even met, and indeed who died or disappeared long before they, the descendants, were even born, why should Rebecca Long-Bailey not…? (well, you get the idea…).

Priti Patel “to be given power over sentencing” [Daily Mail].


Just when I thought that the news in Britain could not get madder…


Labour Friends of Israel member Rachel Reeves MP wants to launch a purge in the Labour Party:


Was the recent General Election fixed?

That is a good point. I can only think that most postal votes are held by older people, most older people vote Conservative these days, so…Maybe.

Looks like there is something rotten in the state of Boris…

Blyth Valley

I am reading “mainstream” analyses saying, as my blog did in the days since the General Election, that the Conservatives only have those Northern and Midland seats “on loan”, though I do not use that term. I said that the Cons have “shallow roots” there.

The msm are still trying to say that huge numbers of voters turned to the Conservatives; but we know that the Conservative vote increased by a mere 1.2% nationally over 2017. The real story was and is the collapse of trust in Labour and support for Labour. It is probably true that the Con vote increased in those Northern and Midland areas by more than the national average, and did not increase, or it fell, in some other areas.

In the most striking result, perhaps, Blyth Valley went Con after 69 years (the seat was established in 1950 and won by Lab, by Alfred Robens who later, as Lord Robens, was chief of the National Coal Board).

The 2019 Con vote, however, only increased by 5.8% over 2017. The real story is earlier: the Con vote increased from 13.3% in 1997 to 15.9% in 2001, was 13.9% in 2005, and 16.6% in 2010; not much difference. However, the 21.7% the Cons got in 2015 jumped to 36.9% in 2017, then 42.7% in 2019.

What happened? What happened was that national sentiment increased and “proletarian” old-style “socialist” sentiment took second place to that.

Only once in the 69 years did the Conservatives come 2nd where there was a third candidate at Blyth Valley, and that was in 1960 when an Independent stood. The Conservative Party has otherwise always come 3rd or 4th.

In 2010, there was an identifiable “national” vote at Blyth Valley: BNP 4.4%, UKIP 4.3%, English Democrats 0.8%. So 9.5% in toto (Conservatives 13.3%, LibDems 27.2%, Lab 44.5%).

In 2015, only UKIP represented a kind of “national” vote, and received 22.3%, beating the Conservatives (21.7%). Lab won with 46.3%. You can see that Labour only beat the combined UKIP/Con vote by a couple of points.

In 2017, no UKIP or other “national” party, and Labour’s vote surged to 55.9%, easily beating the Conservatives’ 36.9%, but in 2019, Brexit Party stood, getting 8.3%, and the Labour vote collapsed to 40.9%, allowing the Conservatives to win on 42.7%.

For me, the dynamics are clear. The Brexit vote only went partly to Brexit Party (which also was probably perceived as not fully “national”. The Conservatives benefited, though —as said above— by only 5-6 points over 2017. Turnout was 3 points down from 2017. The Brexit Party votes were probably from former Labour voters. Labour only lost to the Cons at Blyth Valley by 1.8 points. Those 8.3% Brexit Party votes were crucial. Had Brexit Party not been there, the vote would have been closer by far; Lab might have won.

The old “proletarian” certainties have disappeared at Blyth Valley, along with the coal mines. Only traces remain. That has cut the ties binding the voters to Labour.

Leaving the Brexit issue aside, as presumably will be the case next time, it can be seen that Blyth Valley will either revert to Labour or may go to a new party, so long as it is both “national” and “social”…

That may be the case in most of the new “Conservative” seats.


What was that that Boris-idiot was saying about “no plans to sell off NHS”?

Dan Hodges, faux-proletarian, who lives in his mother’s house in Blackheath (she being the once-famous actress, Glenda Jackson), describes Corbyn supporters as “parasites”…So speaks the scribbler who scribbles for the Mail on Sunday (formerly for the Sunday Telegraph) and of whom Wikipedia says: “Hodges is the son of the actress and former Labour MP Glenda Jackson and her then husband Roy Hodges.[4] He worked as a parliamentary researcher for his mother between 1992 and 1997, describing it as ‘straight-forward nepotism’.” “His former colleague Mehdi Hasan described his…role with The Daily Telegraph as one where he “now performs the role of the right’s useful idiot”. “In 2014, Hodges co-founded the Migration Matters Trust, a pro-immigration pressure group chaired by Barbara RocheLord Dholakia and Nadhim Zahawi and run by Atul Hatwal.”

I know which group of (((parasites))) I should prefer to see driven out of Labour!

Boris Johnson “not in charge of his own government” [The Independent]


When Reality Becomes Subjective

It has always been accepted that, while subjective views of the world mean that reality may differ for different people, there exists, beyond the subjective reality, an objective reality, most of the time at least. Certain things were to be accepted, by all but the insane, as objectively true or real, and other things were regarded as untrue or unreal. Real included measurement of time, age, race, sex, and a million other things. Unreal did not have to be defined but would include direct “untruths” such as two men dressed up as a pantomime horse. These were “two men dressed up as a pantomime horse” (i.e. true), but were not “a horse” (i.e. false, or untrue).

It was never suggested that two men should not dress up as a pantomime horse and pretend to play the part of a horse on stage —or, indeed, in the street—, simply that two men dressed up as a horse are not a horse! That remains true even were the two men to sincerely believe (e.g. if insane) that they really were a horse.

Now it is true that there might be grey areas, particularly as to the future: it was true, in 1902, to say that people could not fly in heavier-than-air machines; by 1904, the same statement was untrue. There are other obvious examples. “Britain has a huge empire.” True in 1914, 1918, 1939 and even in 1945, but today (2018) not true.

Have we now moved (in the “West”, mainly) to a situation where objective reality is taking a back seat? Wishful thinking (eg the middle-aged woman who thinks that she still looks young) has always existed, but now it is sufficient merely to assert your wish for it to be superficially taken as representing fact: the male person or (far more rare) unfortunate freak of birth who “identifies” or “self-identifies” as female. Not only is such a wish-turned-“fact” to be taken seriously today (in, say, the UK) but anyone saying that a man who has had “gender re-assignment” surgery is still not, in reality, a woman, is accused of being “a bigot” uttering “hate speech”.

So it is that feministic women (with whose outlook I myself generally have little in common) and indeed many other women, and who object to women having to share exclusive facilities such as sport changing rooms, bathrooms etc with so-called “trans-women” (which might mean, eg, young girls having to undress and shower alongside middleaged –and even surgically unchanged– men posing as women, in effect), have been labelled “TERFS“, meaning “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”; and all because the said “TERFS” are unwilling to accept as true an evident untruth.

In the Netherlands, a man of 69 wants to have his age “reclassified” officially as 49, apparently for reasons of vanity, though it has been suggested (see notes below) that in fact he is making a satirical “propaganda of the deed” attempt. All the same, how telling it is that some dimwits commenting actually support the idea that a citizen should be able simply to choose an age at whim. A moment’s thought can surely show that such an idea must lead to chaos in a developed society! Examples (scarcely necessary, surely? Perhaps they are, in an increasingly mad society…): someone of 50 wants to get the benefits available to pensioners, so “self-identifies” as a 70-y-o. Or someone aged 50 wants to be allowed to join an age-restricted-on-entry organization such as the Army, or the Boy Scouts. It’s all just so ridiculous.

Then we have the whole race question. Sometimes I can do nothing but shake my head at the mentality of those who believe or want to believe that, say, a Chinese born in the London is “English” or at least “British” rather than Chinese, or that a Jew born in Paris is “French”. Even the hardcore multikulti dimwits and maniacs find it hard to go along with the corollary, i.e. that an ethnically English person born in Peking or Calcutta is thereby a “Chinese” or “Indian”! But of course now the individual can “self-identify” anyway, so that we have cases such as the mentally-disturbed (?) and certainly very odd woman who, in the swamps of American politically-correct academia, simply cosmetically changed her appearance to look a little like a light-skinned “African-American”, then built a whole minor academic career on how bad whites are and how oppressed blacks are in the USA; not that there is not at least some truth in that, but that is a big and complex question, not something black and white (no pun intended). She was exposed in the end, mainly because she had claimed to be partly-black and was not. That was a few years ago. Today, I wonder whether her plea that she was simply “self-identifying” would save her from disgrace.

Another case. Barack Obama. Obama’s mother was white (mainly British –English, Welsh, Scottish– and Irish, with some German and Swiss aspects), his father black African. In his days of political prominence, no-one in the msm wanted to think or speak of him other than as “black”, because his superficial articulacy meant that it “proved” that a “black” man could be suitable (as it at first appeared) to be President of the United States. I do not recall one instance of Obama described accurately as “America’s first mixed-race President”, but only as “America’s first black President”…

There is a whole academic milieu in which it is regarded as axiomatic that “race is a social construct”. Such people have effectively lost touch with reality, as have those who have apparently almost convinced themselves that the Romans were black!

It brings to mind the “Russian” Revolution, which was partly-Russian in its first upsurge in Spring 1917, but simply a Jewish Bolshevik coup d’etat in October 1917 (old calendar).

Updated to 2018, we still see in the UK and elsewhere the fiction that the Jew “oligarchs” who “stole Russia” in the early 1990s (Berezovsky, Abramovitch etc) are “Russians”!

In fact, there are numerous other examples of where people, including the highly –superficially– educated prefer implausible unreality to reality. One, widespread in the UK, is that the country (and Europe as a whole) can accept unlimited millions of immigrants without any diminution in employment, pay, State benefits, pensions, road and rail services, school accessibility, NHS service etc etc.

I have thought a little about where this strange and widespread distortion of reality might have originated. There is the shifting of the ground of reality caused by theoretical physics over the past century. Then there is, more concretely, the “black propaganda” of the two world wars: in WW1, the British atrocity stories (Belgian nuns raped, babies stuck on German bayonets, bodies rendered down to make soap etc). Most of those stories were “recycled” more cleverly in WW2, so that, even today, many of the simpler people in the UK still believe that Jews were made into soap, their hair used to stuff Wehrmacht greatcoats (oh, yes, the German Army loved to stuff its cold-weather clothing with unwashed and lice-ridden hair from Jews!), their skin made into lampshades or tanned into leather upholstery for armchairs… and that is before we even get to the fabled “gas chambers” or the Munchausen-like tales of Elie Wiesel, Irene Zisblatt and hundreds of other proven fakes. The cartoon below illustrates well the situation.


The story about the Emperor’s new clothes has become everyday reality in the UK and across the “West”: fail to at least pretend to believe that the “holocaust” narrative is true in all its details and numbers etc, fail to offer lip service to racial “equality” (eg IQ averages etc), fail to agree that a surgically-altered man is a woman, fail to praise the migration-invasion of Europe, fail to believe that Jews are a wonderful benefit to every nation, and you may well be in serious trouble, especially if you have or need a job or profession. You may even (like Alison Chabloz) find yourself convicted and sentenced accordingly.

Another example is the way in which the basically undemocratic and indeed tyrannical EU matrix is supported by and beloved of millions of deluded people (who often think themselves some kind of intellectual elite) and who regard the EU as a liberal bastion, despite its refusal to honour popular voting, despite its mediaeval-style “holocaust” “denial” laws and its other repressions.

No wonder that the msm is not believed, politicians are not believed, “fake news” becomes a major factor.

In any event, there is no doubt that unreality and the worship of falsity is in the ascendant. Lies are exalted and that means that Evil is exalted. This can have but one outcome.









The above does not purport to be a comprehensive listing of all the instances or situations where people prefer comforting lies (unreality) to the more bracing truth (reality). One might cite, though, to provide two connected examples, academic award inflation and UK university degrees. These are important topics.

Originally, England had but one University (Oxford, founded, in origo, 1096). Later, Cambridge (1209) and others were founded: St. Andrew’s (in Scotland, founded 1413) and (in Ireland), Trinity College, Dublin (1592). Further university expansion occurred in later centuries, particularly in the 19thC.

These expansions of university education were all driven by reality, the need to provide better-educated leaders and specialists in government, industry, science etc.

The next great university-education expansion occurred after WW2. The so-called “red brick” universities. Snobs or people concerned about standards (usually the former), such as Kingsley Amis, proclaimed that “more will mean worse”. There is still debate about that, but the old phrase “six of one and half a dozen of another” probably covers it.

Even at that stage, meaning the 1960s, university expansion in the UK was still partly driven by reality, the more complex post-WW2 society needing more people with high or higher levels of education. In fact, standards were still fairly high. Anyone who looks at the old “O” and “A” Level papers (and “S” Levels, a fortiori) from the 1950s and 1960s, even 1970s, then compares them to today’s equivalent papers can see that most UK school exams have, indisputably, become easier over the past 60 years.

The cracks in the university system which started to show in the 1960s widened thereafter. Tony Blair, the fount of so much badness in the UK, finally cracked the whole system open by allowing virtually any institution to call itself a “university” and to issue (mediaeval concept in any case) “degrees”. Now, pretty much any Tom, Dick or Sharon can get a “degree” at “uni” in some such subject as Hotels and Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Gender Studies, Third World Studies etc. The more traditional subjects have also been dumbed-down hugely, so that about half the students now (since about 1997) “achieve” a “First”, and hardly anyone gets less than an Upper Second. As for getting a Third or a Pass degree, or even failing the exams, well, short of absenteeism or mental breakdown— impossible. Result? Degrees are now almost worthless and you only have to look at some Oxbridge graduates to see that the problem is not confined to those attending the less-prestigious institutions.

Still, most people like the unreality better than reality: students have an easier life and almost all “achieve” high marks, their teachers like the fact that they “achieve” such high numbers of high-achieving students, the institutions like the same, as does government. The statistics look great! Only thing is, this is largely unreality, a mirage.


Update, 23 November 2018

Below, a thread from Twitter which exposes the contemporary madness richly. For some of these lunatics (and I have seen nonsense of this sort on Twitter etc even from an NHS psychiatrist, one who espouses the “race is a social construct” garbage), reality does not exist except as a subjective wish-list. For them, if an African man of 70 wants to be a European woman of 30, then fine, that’s what he —sorry, “she”— is, and anyone dissenting is “guilty” of “hate speech” or “hate thought” (?) and must be punished. Even George Orwell could never have foreseen this!

Another aspect (again, see the thread…and read the whole thread by clicking on one of the tweets below) is that truth alone is not enough for many, but has to appeal to people via a kind of “support the self-styled victims” argument, as in “don’t discuss whether men can just decide that they are women, but discuss whether their doing that makes [real] women victims” (etc). 

Update, 27 November 2018

The depths of the socio-political madness can be gauged by a look at some of the tweets above, such as the one directly above by tweeter [at time of writing called] “AnarchoCatgirl”. In the old joke, if she is interested, I believe that I can offer her London Bridge at a very reasonable price!

In fact, it is interesting that it is mostly the firmest feminists who have bridled at this whole “transpeople” nonsense and reality-distortion. Feminists may not know much (in some cases) but they do know what is a woman and what is not a woman:

Update, 13 December 2018

Looks as though others are in agreement with me: see this, written in typically-convoluted Jewish-academic style, and from a different ideological direction than my own, but attacking the same sort of madness:

The End of Traditional Civil Rights?

Update, 16 December 2018

The madness continues. Sometimes I feel that the only way to deal with these and other issues in the UK will be “non-peaceful” somewhere not far down the line. It may or may not be so, but I myself feel it strongly. Does that mean that it is true?


More Twitter reaction. I shall add to this as I notice relevant bits of news and comment.

Update, 24 January 2019

UK: Hate Crime Police Investigate Man’s “Thinking” After He Criticized Transgenderism

Update, 10 Febuary 2019



Update, 1 March 2019

Where will this madness take us next? God knows! “Beam me up, Scotty!”


7 March 2019

More madness (see below):

Below: someone called Marc, on Twitter, tries to stand up for truth and logic but is criticized by trans-“woman” Tara Hewitt, a half-crazed creature from the UK North West who, years ago, trolled me on Twitter, and who, supporting Scameron and Osborne’s “austerity” nonsense-economics, wanted to become a “Conservative” MP, despite “her” risibly poor educational level…

More of Tara Hewitt’s nonsense…

Again…thank God this creature never got anywhere politically. She seems to be anti-Conservative Party now. Pass the sour grapes.

Update, 18 March 2019

Update, 21 March 2019

More evidence that the UK police see their role not as traditional police (keeping the public safe, investigating real crime etc) but as being a kind of poundland KGB, “investigating” peoples’s opinions and then going on to repress freedom of expression, even travelling long distances to harass or intimidate people suspected of holding or expressing the “wrong” views about society…



Another example…

Seems that the police have no “shortage” of personnel or other “resources” when it comes to their playing at being a poundland KGB…

Update, 8 April 2019

…and the madness continues…

Update, 19 April 2019

More madness, and more madness from Sweden, which is intent on committing national suicide (or should that read “murder”?):

Update, 5 April 2019

Below: the prophet speaks: great classic writer G.K. Chesterton foresaw today’s social madness…

More madness. The West seems intent on self-destruction…

and yet more of the madness…

and yet more madness…


and yet more!…

Update, 20 October 2019

Have we reached peak madness, socially? Every time I think that the answer must surely, this time, be “yes”, the madness gets worse…



Update, 8 November 2019

The madness spreads to organizations such the the Girl Guides. Guides, Scouts, other charities (real or fake), you name it, they are all full, at higher levels, of termites who are traitors to society, evil killers of our future, Common Purpose conspirators etc:

This is not “a victimless crime”, not merely a debate in an ivory tower. Think about the 6-y-o girl who has been abused and traumatized by some teenage nut because he, said nut, wants to identify as “she”. In the future, the Third Reich will have to be revisited.

Update, 14 November 2019

Even the academic standing against some of the madness, one Kathleen Stock, is compelled or impelled to defend truth not by saying simply “A is TRUE, B is UNTRUE”, but by entering into long philosophical and sociological exegesis. Telling…

Some of the “trans” people and extreme responses to those tweets are so off the wall that you wonder whether what is required is a psychiatrist or a machine-gun.

Time to recall the old saying “those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”. This society is running on empty.

Update, 19 November 2019

Update, 19 December 2019

The madness gets even worse…

Update, 23 December 2019

More madness!


A glimpse of sanity…


Update, 29 December 2019

and…the madness continues apace…

Update, 10 February 2020

The writer of the piece below was rude to me on Twitter, and applauded my getting expelled from in 2018, so it would be natural to put “the finger” up to him, but the topic is important, even if he himself is a flawed messenger (and I do not recall the exact details— he is not important enough for that):


Update, 13 April 2020

Update, 14 April 2020

The madness gets madder (something I had thought impossible, more than once!)

Update, 22 July 2020

Readers please note that quite a lot of material for the above article has been made unavailable, deleted by Twitter

Update, 11 June 2021


“The panel said only views akin to Nazism or totalitarianism were unworthy of protections for rights of freedom of expression and thought..” Seems that the Indian in charge thinks that National Socialism is just too true!

Update, 17 February 2022

So the madness continues apace…