Diary Blog, 23 December 2019

Merry Christmas to my blog readers (and to the pagans among you, “Merry Wolfmoon”! I hope that I got that right…)

Farage: did he stab his own candidates in the back for a knighthood?

My reading of Farage is that he would prefer a million or two stashed in BVI or Panamanian accounts to an official honour of that sort, but who knows (either way…)?

Aimez-vous Brahms?

Interesting article on falling life expectancy in the UK

Austerity in the UK was a political choice made in the summer of 2010. Its effects have been devastating.”

“The UK has reduced public spending to 36% of GDP by the end of 2019 from a peak of 41% in 2006. Today, rates of public spending in the UK as a whole are only a fraction above those of the US. Almost every other country in the EU spends more on its public services than the UK does; almost every other country in Europe now has a lower infant mortality than the UK.” [The Correspondent]



The people in the report below may not have thought through their plans as well as they imagine but are not completely misguided either:


CPS charge re. cat deaths:

A man has been accused of attacking 16 cats, nine of which were killed over the space of eight months in Brighton.

Sussex police charged Steven Bouquet, 52, a security guard, with 16 counts of criminal damage relating to the wounding or killing of 16 cats between between 2 October 2018 and 1 June 2019.

The charges are part of Operation Diverge, the force’s investigation into a number of cat deaths in the city of Brighton and Hove.

Bouquet, who was also charged with possessing a knife in a public place, is due to appear at Brighton magistrates court on 23 January.

The South East district crown prosecutor, Sally Lakin, said: “Following a spate of attacks on cats in the Brighton area, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has authorised Sussex police to charge Steven Bouquet with 16 charges of criminal damage, relating to attacks on 16 cats, nine of which were killed and seven were seriously injured.

“The allegations relate to incidents which took place between 2 October 2018 and 1 June 2019. This is a complex case and this decision was made following a careful review of all of the evidence presented to us.”

The CPS said it had carefully considered which charges would be most appropriate in the case and concluded the defendant should be charged with criminal damage.

“This does not in any way detract from the seriousness of the offence or the great distress these incidents will have caused the owners of the cats,” the CPS said. “However, under current legislation, cats and other animals are deemed as property.”

The charge of animal cruelty was thought inappropriate as the defendant was not the owner of the cats. It would also attract a lesser sentence than criminal damage.” [Guardian]


Not a very Christmas-y story, but one which deserves to be reported more widely (and no comment from me, the trial process not having even started, let alone concluded).

Dominic Grieve writes about Boris Johnson:


4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 December 2019”

  1. If he did do that what a total scumbag! Frankly, I wouldn’t put it past him to do such a thing as I’ve never thought much of his character. Well. What do you now? The scummy non-Conservative and now decidedly non unionist party attracts scumbags like Farage. It isn’t unnatural Farage and Boris get along so well. Two scumbags co-operating together to pull the wool over the eyes of a nation. They deserve each other.

    Yes, Farage would love it if some Tory ‘a no Deal Brexit will enrich me even further’ donor would slip him a million or two to stash in a tax free private back account in the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands and I think he would prefer it to a knighthood.


    1. Well, when you compare 1-2 million to being able to rule, even for 5 years, a country like the UK, you can see that it would be cheap at the price. Lower taxes for transnational companies etc…you are talking not millions but billions, hundreds of billions, over 5-10 years.


  2. He should definitely not be given a Knighthood.His actions over the years helped achieve Brexit (with a LOT of friendly media coverage given to him by a press which wanted to divert the electorate away from a proper social-national party ie the BNP) but in Tory hands Brexit could well turn into a disaster eg no real reduction in immigration, the United Kingdom breaking-up etc. I am fearful of its effects under the stewardship of a globalist Party like the Tories though the basic idea still retains some merits.

    Brexit would be better handled by a nationalist party and hence I wouldn’t have been averse to waiting a few more years for it. The Tories won’t exploit it for the good of the broad mass of people like a nationalist party would. This is why, on the Continent, the anti-EU parties are overwhelmingly nationalist in nature.


    1. The misnamed “Conservatives” are staring right down the barrel of a gun. The majority of under-40s and not a few over-40s have effectively nothing solid: precarious employment, no real property (freehold or even medium-term leasehold), failing services of all kinds. Either Labour (radical Labour) or a new party will capture their allegiance by 2022 or thereabouts.

      The powers behind the Cons know this, which is why the spotlight is *still* on Labour.

      You might think that they might say “Labour is powerless and in a hole, let’s ignore it”, but no, they (((they))) are *very* interested in who replaces Corbyn.


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