Diary Blog, 22 January 2020

Charles meets Greta Nut


The Royal Family are dim anyway, but why do they always have to make such idiots of themselves? Charles “has a summit” with Greta Thunberg, a poorly-educated Swedish autistic and mental case, aged 17 (as of a couple of weeks ago). Does he not see how stupid this makes him look? Not to mention the hypocrisy of lecturing others about “climate change” and “carbon emissions” while taking a private jet from the UK to Switzerland!

Charles, I suppose, imagines that this makes him look terribly cutting-edge and credible. No. It makes him look even more silly. I suppose that, when he made his “10 years to save the planet” speech, few shouted out that “the emperor has no clothes”…despite that fact that Charles said the same thing or very similar about 11 years ago!


In fact, back then, in 2009, Charles said that he himself had calculated that the world had only 96 months in which to be “saved” (i.e. 8 years), which would mean until 2017! Ha ha!



As if that perhaps well-meaning but dim fellow could “calculate” the above in any case (no-one could, but certainly not him!).

In fact, Charles “gave the world a reprieve” in 2015 by extending his deadline to 2019. Wrong again. To be fair on him, other reports did say that he had extended the deadline to 2050. I suppose that some people actually take him seriously. Not many, though. Maybe make a personal start by not travelling by private jet? A pointless piece of virtue-signalling, true, but at least he would not be making himself look a complete idiot…


Well, I suppose that Charles might just be “badly-advised”. He certainly will be if he actually listens to that crazed little nut, Greta Thunberg! At least Nikolai II only allowed himself to be misled by Rasputin and a few others (and Rasputin sometimes made cogent points about Russia’s direction).


I have already blogged about Greta Thunberg


and about those around her



Charles and Israel

After his activities at Davos, Charles will be flying off to Israel on his private jet, to speechify about another largely faked narrative, the embellished “holocaust” farrago. Don’t bother. No-one’s listening.

More about Greta Nut

I am rarely seen supporting Trump, but it is surreal to see a headline such as “Greta Thunberg blasts Trump“! I’m sure that he is really worried…

Free speech and its enemies

Look at this idiot:

So according to Peter-somebody, anyone questioning the “gas chambers” fable (for which there is no real evidence), or anyone questioning one of the literally hundreds of faked “holocaust” memoirs or other accounts, must be imprisoned. The spirit of Stalinism is not dead…The absurd thing is that Peter-somebody and his like are usually not Jewish but non-Jew “useful idiot” doormats (he also does not seem to know that, out of about 200 states in the world, only about 13 states have such laws, and only a handful of others have laws which go some way toward that position— about 18 altogether):


Here’s Angela Eagle MP [Lab., Wallasey], who thinks that it is “deeply worrying” that 5% of the population have worked out that the “holocaust” farrago is a System (NWO/ZOG) fable convenue:

Had she read further, she would be even more “worried”, because the survey says that a further 20% of the public of the UK do not believe many of the main details of the fable.

Personally, I find it more worrying that Angela Eagle and the less-prominent “useful idiots” have not noticed that that Independent survey is from last year! It is from 27 January 2019! Sometimes the details matter…

Labour leadership contest

Labour’s farcical “leadership” contest trundles on, with loudmouth ignoramus Jess Phillips, having been unable even to get into the starting stalls, now backing System drone Lisa Nandy.

Warwick University

Nice to know that at least one university is trying to protect freedom of expression from the manipulations of the Jewish lobby.

As for the so called “International Definition” of “antisemitism”, only about 18 states out of 200 have “adopted” it (I thought 30-35 until today, but was wrong— only 18 in fact), and several of those are having second thoughts now:


“…one of the original drafters, Kenneth S. Stern has opposed the misuse of the definition to suppress and limit free speech.” [Wikipedia]

More re. Labour leadership

Well, since you ask…


I think that Labour is asking the wrong questions. Its MPs and members are preoccupied with the idea that a new leader can “unite” the party and then the country.

First of all, Labour is now composed of at least two, I would say three blocs, with different core socio-political beliefs. Apart from that, what country is Labour (of all parties) going to “unite”? The blacks and browns in the cities? The white English who are not just, in part, “left behind” but also —more usually— disrespected and ignored? The so-called “progressive”, “me-too” and “refugees welcome” idiots who usually refer to (other) white people as “gammon” or “gammons” (though they would die rather than call a black man a “nig”, or even simply call a Jew a Jew!)?

In reality, the UK is not even split, it’s fissured along many social, age-related, racial, ethnic, ideological lines. Labour is incapable, coming as it does out of a very specific set of circumstances in the late 19th/early 20th centuries, of adapting to this multiform UK. The “Conservatives” have not adapted much either, but so far have managed to concentrate most of their support in what could be termed, very generally,  “white people over 60 years of age in the Southern part of the UK”.

After 2300 hrs

The witching hour approaches. Time for music:

Early hours postscript

48 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 22 January 2020”

  1. Neither Charles nor any other member of the Royal Family should visit that, “sh###y little country” as a French diplomat once called it around the time of Bliar’s War crime in 2003 until its government has formerly apologised to this country for Zionist extremist terrorists there murdering British troops in the mandate of Palestine, for the King David Hotel massacre, for Menachem Begin selling Exocet missiles to Argentina during the Falkland’s War, and by no means least apologising for its diplomats at its Embassy in London attempting to, “bring down” British MPs for having a small degree of sympathy for the Palestinians. Sadly, none of that will happen because pro-Israel Lobby groups here such as the innocuously named but actually pretty sinister Conservative Friends of Israel has such a vice like grip on the wholly misnamed Conservative and Unionist Party.

    I quite like Charles. He may well be a bit dim (no member of ‘The Firm’ can really compete with Harry for that personality trait though) but at least he has his heart in mostly the right place.


    1. Well said (re Israel). Ironically, the diplomat from France who made that remark was a Jew himself!

      As you say, the Israel lobby has infested the body politic in the UK like a swarm of termites.


      1. He must have been a ‘self-hating Jew’ then according to extremist groups like the Zionist Israel First Board of Deputies of British Jews as they dum non-Zionist Jews or even Zionist ones who DO support Israel but aren’t as fanatical and extremist about it as groups like the Board of Deputies are ie their outrageous 10 point demands recently given as instructions to the Labour Party.

        It is high time the Board of Deputies was labelled an extremist group and permanently shut down by the British government but that won’t happen because the Tories are infested with Zionist extremists. Half-way decent Tory leaders of the past such as Baldwin and Chamberlain would be DISGUSTED at the ‘modern’ Conservative Party for having allowed themselves to be, in the words of David Cameron-Levita, effectively become the ‘Koshervative Party’.🤬😡☹️😞


  2. Sadly, Charles WILL be listened to when he speaks about the Holocaust. Jew Zionist extremist/Israel Firsters like the sinister Board of Deputies of ‘British’ (only when WE feel like it and when WE feel being British is in OUR interests) Jews will make sure of that.

    The Holocaust must be the only event in history which is MORE remembered as the years go by when the history itself recedes into the past! Hmm, anyone would think the victims are forgotten about and the remembrance is not really to do with them but to enable Zionist extremist groups like the Board of Deputies to deflect criticism away from Israel.🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Apart from the fact that most people laugh and/or switch over when Charles starts to drone, there are a hundred TV channels now. Yes, the Jewish lobby will make sure that “holocaust” propaganda features prominently this week, but it is water off the duck’s back. It has been done to death. People either disbelieve the farrago, disbelieve most details (“gas chambers”, numbers etc) or say that whatever happened was 75-80 years in the past and just one series of events like many others.


      1. Even many Holocaust historians say some of the earlier claims such as the Germans making lampshades out of skin etc are now not true. One of the worst things about Zionist extremists is that they disrespect the memory of the dead by using the Holocaust as an emotional club to beat away the critics of Israel and the government of that country’s treatment of Palestinians. They also use it to condemn goy whites if they show any form of ethnic nationalism though also using it to reinforce the sense of ethnic loyalty and togetherness amongst Jews.

        Yes, other genocides are not remembered ie the Holdormor in the Ukraine or the Armenian genocide.


  3. Re Prince Harry being the dim one of the family: apparently his lack of a formal higher education may prevent him moving to Canada under their immigration laws!😂🤣🙄🤣😂 St Helena, the Pitcairn Islands, the British Antarctic Territory, the British Indian Ocean Territory tolls for him and Meghan though she won’t like any of those places since she won’t be known in them and can’t make money off the local people as a celebrity ‘diva’!😂🙄😂🤣🤣🙄😂🤣🙄🙄




    1. This looks like becoming a “soap opera” every bit as dire and laughably incredible as was (probably— I never saw it, I admit) the one in which the mulatta “starred”.


      1. I believe her trashy Yank Tv show was called ‘Suits’ and there is one infamous scene in it in which the Tashy Go Lightly wraps her legs around barely dressed Male ‘actor’

        Yes, Queenie, giving your permission under the Succession To The Crown Act to your grandson to marry this Yank tart and brazen hussy was very wise, wasn’t it?

        The ENTIRE purpose of that act was to prevent the Royal House of the United Kingdom being undermined

        It is just lucky for the Queen and the other members of the family that the old Queen Mother is not still alive as I am sure she could have seen the Yankee upstart coming and told her great-grandson not to marry the scheming and manipulative hussy in the first place!

        Now, she had CLASS:


        She was always my favourite member of the Windsors followed by Prince Phillip.




      2. Yes, sadly, it is. It has to stop soon or the House of Windsor won’t survive it which is no doubt Meghan’s aim. The Queen should remove their Royal titles totally and formally expel both from the Royal Family 100% as that way Meghan and Harry’s plan to make money will come to nothing since they won’t have any Royal ‘brand’ to do it from. Harry should be given a chance to come back into the Royal Family properly if he does the right thing at long last and divorces ‘that woman’ ( as the Queen Mother used to refer to Edward VIII’s wife)


      3. I doubt that that will happen, though it may be that there will eventually be a divorce (if the mulatta wants one; I doubt that Harry will initiate it if it does happen).

        I see the royals gradually sidelining Harry and MM, with the compliant Press/TV building up Kate/William as the core royals. Focussing on them.


  4. Uncouth loudmouth Jess Phillips has endorsed Lisa Nandy for the Labour leadership! Hopefully, that will be the kiss of death for her campaign!

    Meanwhile, that terrible smell of excrement, Tony ‘war criminal’ Bliar has offered his unwanted ‘advice’ to the party as to who it should choose!

    Look at the tweets his intervention has sparked on his fatuous Tony Bliar Institute website! Looks like care in the community needs to be radically expanded for all the middle-class globalist do gooder idiot fans of his! Thanks to those cretins Bliar nearly destroyed our country totally with his mass immigration policies from 1997 to 2007!🤬😡😞☹️ I never fell for his fake, smarmy ‘charm’ and knew he would be trouble as that excellent Tory ‘New Labour, New Danger’ poster/advert campaign had it in 1997 so, unlike too many, I didn’t vote Labour that year.

    God, why doesn’t he just have enough self-awareness to shut-up permanently!🙄

    He was such a bad PM even the perennially soft Queen Elisabeth II had rows with him!

    If only he would just do the decent thing at long last and just drop down dead as then those parents of the expired British servicemen and women he lied into a war for Zionist Israeli purposes would have some justice at last though I would prefer the British state to execute the evil, anti-British **** by way of a relatively humane long-drop hanging instead as that would have an OFFICIAL MARK of British government condemnation of him acting on behalf of the British people and thus be officially sanctioned on our behalf.

    When he dies, there should be an official national day of celebration with Champagne corks popping all over the country.


    1. I also did not vote got Blair. Two good reasons:
      1. I was living in Kazakhstan in 1997;
      2. I never submit to a democratic vote; the last time I voted was also the first time (Autumn 1974).


      1. So, you didn’t vote in the EEC referendum in 1975 or the EU one in 2016 either then? One of my uncles had a very dismissive and cynical view of politicians (not that this viewpoint of his and many others doesn’t have a measure of validity to it) that he never voted in elections but he did manage to drag himself to the ballot box in 1975 for that referendum called by Harold Wilson as to whether we should STAY or LEAVE the Common Market that Edward Heath’s government pushed us into in 1973 without holding a PRE-LEGISLATIVE referendum as Norway and the Republic of Ireland did. He voted to leave.


  5. That Tweeter Peter is an SNP supporting MORON so that explains his crass idiocy. Just how much of a CRETIN do you have to be to support the SNP’s laughable aim of ‘Independence in Europe’ by which they mean NOT REAL independence in Europe ie the landmass known as Europe which CAN be achieved BUT a FAKE ‘independence’ in THE POLITICAL UNION of the EUROPEAN UNION which CAN NOT be!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    I have yet to see any SNP supporter on Twitter who can formulate coherent arguments! What ever happened to Scottish educational standards? At one time, Scotland used to have the best state education system in Britain and one that more than held its own compared to many abroad.


    1. Yes, I was always told how high are (were?) Scottish educational standards. I have seen little evidence of that in recent years, esp. on Twitter. Much absurd faux-nationalism, too. Invasion of blacks and browns? Fine, they are “Scottish” if they were born there or even just live there. Also, the illusion that Scotland will be better off out of the UK. In fact, it will be rather poor, but if that is what they want, I am open to it. Independence? When Scotland will have to comply with EU laws etc, international financial structures etc, NATO requirements? It is “controlled” ZOG/NWO “nationalism.


  6. Peter is an SNP supporting IDIOT who is, sadly, just one amongst many. Has it never occurred to people like him as to why JUST THIS ONE SUPPOSED historical event has LAWS to protect it as the truth?

    That would be bad enough if we were just talking about Germany or Austria but it also includes the tiny micro state of Liechtenstein which had virtually no Nazi movement in the 1930’s unlike Switzerland , was neutral in WW2, has no ‘far right’ party or organisation today and has such a tiny population ie 38,000 that probably very few Jews or even any live there!

    He, obviously, doesn’t think as to whether even with facts like those being known these laws should be needed or not!

    Think, man, THINK!


      1. France has the THIRD highest number of Jews in the world after Israel and the United States of America and as such has more than we do. Germany has a small community that is growing in size due to immigration from the ex-Soviet Union mainly.

        Japan, meanwhile, has an extremely low number of a few thousands. I wonder if there is a connection there between that fact and Japan being a big success story post World War Two and keeping its homogenous society intact?


      2. Japan would never allow an alien tribe to settle, take over much of its economy, msm, academia, publishing, legal profession, while repressing the freedoms of the Japanese.


  7. Yes, even David Cameron-Levita, correctly labelled his party the Koshervatives. Since then of course, they have got even worse and are now basically Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party’s ‘British’ branch office under that buffoon with Jewish ancestry Boris who, once again, disgraced the former ‘Mother of Parliaments’ with another of his crazy, unhinged rants at PM’s Question Time.🙄😡🤬 Doesn’t he have ANY respect for Parliament or the dignity of what used to be a prestigious office namely Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland?😡🤬

    Why can’t the thick, corpulent, divisive, anti-social, nation-wrecking #@&% just top himself, die from a stroke or heart attack or be helpfully [*redacted*] by the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)?

    Just, DIE, Boris, you rancid piece of anti-British excrement.

    No prizes for guessing that I utterly despise the constantly lying prick.

    I don’t need many excuses to drink Bollinger Champagne but his death, assassination or resignation would be a sufficient justification.



  8. Was there any reason you didn’t vote in those referendums, particularly the last one? You said you were in favour of leaving the EU?

    I wasn’t able to vote in 1975. I voted Leave in 2016 but I was going to either do that or abstain. I didn’t think Leave would win because of that murder of Jo Cox but I think because virtually all Establishment politicians made such a fuss out of her assassination that it may have caused a backlash thus meaning Leave were the beneficiaries of an anti Establishment protest vote. They should have mourned her death but done it in a more low key way.

    I also thought leave wouldn’t win because the last few poll-of-polls were indicating a tiny 2% or so lead for the Remain campaign on Wikipedia’s page of the polling which is still there. I even had visions of little, old Gibraltar with its very pro-EU population saving the day for David Cameron by just pushing Remain over the line by a few thousand votes.

    I think I should have abstained but as I have said I really didn’t think Leave would win.


      1. To be honest, I think Leave won it on a protest vote against the way Establishment politicians went on and on and on about Jo Cox’s murder and blatantly attempted to insinuate all Leave supporters were murderers, ‘fascists’ etc thus this helped to bring-out a generalised anti-Establishment protest vote which would probably have stayed at home otherwise, a protest vote against austerity, falling wages, etc.

        I’m generally against referendums for this reason along with the fact that often too many people don’t take too much notice of the actual question put before them ie those normally Labour Party supporting voters who, despite agreeing with the Alternative Vote in that farcical waste of time referendum back in 2011, voted to retain the profoundly undemocratic, archaic crap of First Past The Post because they wanted to protest vote against the Liberal Democratic Party and Nick Clegg for forming that coalition with the CONS.

        In my view, we should only have them rarely and on purely constitutional issues such as the voting system. It is high time we had one on Proportional Representation that the Tories undemocratically deny us and which some of their MPs continue to insist we had in 2011 even though to anyone with an IQ the AV referendum WAS NOT on PR because AV is NOT now nor has it EVER been a system of Proportional Representation.

        From Tory MP’s behaviour on this issue I can only assume they are either being liars and disingenuous by saying that the Alternative Vote system is a Proportional Representation system OR these MPs are just plain THICK with a capital T if they think it is. Who knows? Seeing as the standard of Tory MPs is very low nowdays, I am inclined to think they are stupid enough to think AV is PR when it definitely is not.


      2. Please share some of them if you don’t mind! Were they made on political calculation grounds? If so, that is nothing to be ashamed about because so many people do that in referendums which is why I am normally opposed to them. The EU referendum was particularly open to people playing political games as the issue was so wide-ranging hence it should never have been held.

        Indeed, the wretched non Conservative and now decidedly non Unionist Parry ITSELF was playing one of the biggest political games of all time holding it!


      3. The main one is philosophical: if I vote, I am in effect saying “I am worth a value of 1. People whose intellectual height is Emmerdale or Coronation Strasse also have 1 vote. People who are non-European —eg Jews, West Indians etc— have 1 vote. Evil or wicked people have 1 vote. I am therefore equal to them. They are therefore equal to me.” Nein danke.


  9. Yes, focussing on Kate and William is what they will do now. Perhaps, they should have another child and if it is a boy call it a very traditional Royal baby name like Prince Arthur, Prince Albert, Prince Alfred. Time for a new legendary Prince Arthur or Prince Alfred I think!

    Shame what has happened with Harry in a way. Out of the two I favoured him more but he has gone completely off the rails and as a result ended-up with that scheming, lower-class , Yankee slapper. Silly Boy!


  10. William and Kate should have another child so as to draw a line under this incredibly damaging business and to take the spotlight off Meghan and Harry for good. From this point onwards, both of them should be persona non grata in Britain ie completely forgotten about and effectively written out of the Royal Family’s history and our national history too.

    Harry is a disgrace for marrying that scheming Yankee bitch and threatening the existence of the Royal House of Windsor.

    He can redeem himself by doing the proper thing at long last and divorcing her and coming back home but I wonder whether we could trust him again even in the unlikely event he did this.

    It is so sad because it WAS an avoidable situation to those of us able to judge people’s characters. I KNEW she was going to be trouble as soon as she appeared in that engagement interview where she appeared to ignore him.

    If she dares to go on Yankee tv and do what she is probably planning to do ie demean our Royal Family on Oprah ext then, I’m afraid, the government or the Royal Family are going to have to get MI6 to put a stop to her once and for all.


  11. Everyday in this country it is race this and race that whether it is about Harry and Meghan, the Old Harrovian actor Lawrence Fox being berated on the PC Globalist BBC’s Question Time about Harry and Meghan or his comments about that new film 1917 and the Indian character being out of place in it, ‘racism’ in football, sport in general, Labour’s alleged ‘anti-semitism’ etc

    And Tory and Labour weirdos STILL praise ‘diversity’. Well, to my mind, ALL it seems to have caused in this country is TROUBLE with a CAPITAL T just like one of the few decent Tories in history, Mr John Enoch Powell, said it would.🤬😡😞☹️


  12. Ms Eagle (Jewess or mamzer?) should be rejoicing at this from World Almanac which assuming correct indicates approximately same number of Jews globally in 1948 as in 1933:

    In the unexpurgated Benjamin Freedman speech (Willard Hotel, Washington DC 1961) en passant he hypothesised that most of the “6 million” were happy and prosperous and walking the streets of the USA. He seems to have been regarded as a traitor by Jewry but on the contrary he more likely had at heart the interests of the rank and file – who, if the extremists had a free hand, would no doubt be paying the price for the rest in the fulness of time.


  13. As for the Royal Family, my advice to them is simple: STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM YANKS if marriage is the intention as it is now TWICE they have come to grief with regard to that with the first time depriving Britain of someone who could have been our greatest ever Monarch namely King Edward VIII.

    99% of Americans have no understanding of the concept of Monarchy and that goes for even the few who are well-bred and come from what passes as their ‘upper-classes’ let alone the ones from ‘trailer park trash’ areas like Meghan Markle originated from.


  14. For God’s Sake, Queenie has got it WRONG -AGAIN! Why hasn’t she refused Royal Assent to Boris-Moronic Fuckwit’s Break Up My United Kingdom Bill?

    Now, the unionist population in NI will have no option but to return to the bad old days of terrorism because of Boris-Idiot’s utter stupidity.

    Why can’t God just kill all Tories? That effing party and its fucking stupid senile dementia addled members create nothing but trouble in this country.🤬😡😞☹️


      1. If a Monarch is not prepared to use those powers they do have, even in exceptional circumstances, then we should either replace such a Monarch with one willing to do that, remove those powers entirely or abolish the Monarchy and have an elected President with explicit powers and the instances they can be used in and set them down in a written, codified constitution.

        The British Constitution, such as it is, is a complete mystery to virtually everyone in the country and when you add that to an unelected second chamber and an archaic and unfair electoral system it is no wonder we have got ourselves into such a complete mess with this EU issue.

        To be honest, the French and others should have banned us from ever joining the EU until our constitutional arrangements were significantly modernised because one reason we were such a nuisance in the EU was because of this lack of a modern governance structure.


      2. The British Constitution (which I had to study from the legal viewpoint, as part of my first year of a law degree) worked well so long as everyone wanted it to work well. Yes, from time to time, a few old pennies had to be placed on the mechanism, as with Big Ben, but it worked. Now, we have those who do not give a monkey’s flying f*** whether it works or not: Dominic Cummings, Boris-idiot, the shady Jews and/or odd business types around the present Cabinet table and beyond…


  15. Then we ought to get rid of her then. History won’t look kindly on a supposed Monarch who presided over Harry and Meghan’s disgraceful antics and wasn’t seemingly able as intelligent people like you or I did to foresee what was an absolute inevitability and hence used her power to stop the Marriage in the first place.

    Not using her power to refuse Royal Assent to this bill which casts a part of her kingdom adrift in an ‘economic United Ireland’ and begins the UK’s total break-up is, frankly, unforgivable.

    God only knows what goes through her mind at times! Just because a power hasn’t been used for centuries doesn’t mean it should never be used!🙄 She is 93 years old and probably hasn’t got much time left so why not use the power she does have?

    Brexit in the massively botched form the thick, trouble-making cretins of the CON Party have managed to ‘negotiate’ has no real form of democratic consent since most voters VOTED for anti-Brexit/pro second referendum parties last month. They had the MAJORITY of the vote share.

    NO ONE in NI or on the mainland voted for NI to be placed into a economic united Ireland, for internal trade barriers between NI and the rest of the UK in that now infamous referendum the utterly irresponsible, nation-wrecking bastards of the CON Party disfigured our country with in June 2016.


  16. So the common Yankee slapper proposes to further embarrass the Royal Family by engaging in blatant political activities! It is time, Queenie, got really tough and stripped her Royal title away totally.

    How many more times will it take before the Queen realises that Meghan should not be associated with our Royal Family in ANY way? Prince Harry can keep his title for now but he should stand-up to Meghan. It is a shame he feels he can’t do that and that Meghan so obviously wears the trousers in that relationship,


    1. Harry may have suppressed mental problems arising initially from his mother’s death but also from her life, the various lovers etc. He may or may not have been aware of all that. After all, Hewitt was not the only lover she took in her later years. About half a dozen seem to be publicly known.


  17. Yes, he may be damaged in that way which wouldn’t be surprising after losing his mother in tragic circumstances at such a particularly vulnerable age point. That experience would be hard for anyone to go through let alone somebody in the public eye like he was and is. Indeed, Diana was a bit of a slapper albeit it one from a vastly higher social background than Meghan.

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