Diary Blog, 21 January 2020

NWO: New Zealand

Oh dear. New Zealand had so much going for it not so very long ago. Now, the multikulti madness is killing it:

NWO: France

The Rothschilds/NWO/ZOG gopher, Macron, let the mask slip a couple of years ago:

Now we see what NWO/ZOG means on the ground. French dissidents being brutalized on the streets, civil rights being cut back too, while anyone saying anything about the Jews or the “holocaust” farrago is being prosecuted. What a co-incidence…

[one of my favourite films]

Harry and the Royal Mulatta— latest


So Harry has flown off to Vancouver, to be the modern Vronsky. I wonder whether he understands that, without the royal and other titles (not to mention the £30M he apparently has inherited from his mother and/or been given by his father) he would be a complete nullity. In his own person, he is of no interest: a former young and high-spirited officer of insufficient intellect and talent to be promoted beyond major.

Has this whole episode damaged the UK Royal Family? Well, it has not improved its image…the danger that the royals face is neither outright “revolutionary” hostility nor even a republican surge, but simple indifference as they become irrelevant to the people. The antics of Harry and for that matter Andrew do spike actual hostility, but it is indifference that kills the relationship between ruled and (nominal) rulers.

“Lie-detectors” and terrorists

This sounds like a pretty silly idea to me. So a “terrorist” (let’s just take that as given) is in prison. He is eventually released and as part of a “monitoring process” is subjected to polygraph testing. Such “lie-detectors” can be beaten. Whatever some Americans say (and the USA is the only country where they are routinely used) this is not a reliable way of assessing veracity:


Also, what will happen if a “terrorist” is released from a prison sentence, shows no other indication of further similar offending, but fails the polygraph test? Will he be incarcerated again simply on that basis, because he failed the test? It seems unsafe and likely to damage the image of “British Justice”.

Mike Stuchbery

Readers may have seen my earlier blogging about Mike Stuchbery, “antifa” inciter, self-described “journalist”, “historian” and tour guide, who tweets now from Stuttgart cafes about how “Nazis” (social nationalists, conservative nationalists and others of whom he disapproves) should be violently attacked (by others).

My previous main article about him is here below:


I am also blogging (updated as necessary) about his attempt to sue the supposedly “nationalist” activist known as Tommy Robinson:


Leaving aside the rights and wrongs (and I think that Stuchbery was the author of his own fate), his legal action against “Robinson”, to my mind, has little or no chance of success (see above articles).

The GoFundMe launched by Stuchbery’s UK colleague or fellow “antifa” idiot, one “Roanna” (aka, on Twitter, the “Witch of Peace”), failed in November/December 2019 even to get to the halfway point of the original £20,000 target, at which point that failure was spun to a narrative that Stuchbery’s wife (supposedly or notionally German) would be joining him as claimant (what was once known as “plaintiff”). The GoFundMe has restarted, but has run into the sand. I suppose that there are only so many mugs around…

I notice that, as of today, the fund stands at £11,514. In the past few days, a grand total of £50 has been donated. In the past 24 hours? Nothing. I cannot say whether this funding appeal and the proposed legal action are just a scam (perhaps not entirely) but I am sure that the proposed lawsuit will either never get off the ground or will be prevented from continuing, if ever started, by the lack of money for Security for Costs (see my main blog articles).


above: Stuchbery having a meltdown when “Tommy Robinson” apparently turned up at his, Stuchbery’s, then house at Luton, UK, following Stuchbery’s (and others’) attempt to send peculiar people to Robinson’s wife’s house (also at Luton).

Not much sign of the “antifa” “warrior” who urged people to “keep punching Nazis. Never stop.” or the Stuchbery who recommended that “they should bus in some German antifa; they really know how to crack skulls“…and who, even in the past week, has tweeted that anyone questioning the absurd “holocaust” farrago should be “decked and laid out“.

Stuchbery has also been tweeting in commendation of some little “hoes” who, in 1940-41 Holland, pretended to like young German soldiers in bars, then lured them to quiet places where gangs of terrorists (often Jews) could murder them. The Provisional IRA tried that tactic in early 1970s Belfast, and a few British soldiers were killed but the public reaction (even on the Republican side) was so negative that the Provos dropped the idea (also, the British started to infiltrate plainclothes military intelligence and special forces soldiers into pubs and bars, as a precaution).

Now look again at the pathetic creature above, crying his eyes out. “What goes around comes around” [American saying].

On a side issue, Stuchbery’s appeal does show the limitations of Twitter slacktivism. Here we have Stuchbery with his nearly 88,000 Twitter followers. I am prepared to accept, in his case, that they are all genuine, unlike those of, say, “Mark Lewis Lawyer”, the Jew-Zionist legal scammer, who in 2010 had about 8,000 followers but then bought about 70,000 “followers” back around 2013 (he still claims about 27,000).

If Twitter followers meant much, you might expect at least 4,000 of Stuchbery’s 88,000 Twitter followers to give £5 each (the minimum amount) to his GoFundMe, thus reaching his £20,000 target sum effortlessly. In reality, only about 700 have donated. Slacktivism. Clicktivism.

Labour leadership

Loudmouth idiot Jess Phillips has had to pull out of the contest to avoid total humiliation. Good riddance.


News from the Mushroom Bureau

Yes, there really is such an office:


I hesitate to say that Britain is a land of cretins, because I have lived in a number of other countries. Even so…

More thoughts about Harry

Harry and the mulatta have enough money to live rather luxuriously indefinitely. What Harry does not have is a role, even that of “businessman”. He has no profession save that of arms, and in any case does not need an income. He needs a reason to exist. His intellectual life is no doubt limited, so he needs a “job” of some kind to replace the “royal prince” one.


Well, nearly midnight UK time, so maybe time to say goodnight to my blog readers

16 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 21 January 2020”

  1. Ha, ha, so far this year (and it isn’t even one month old yet) we have got rid of downmarket Yankee trailer park trash Meghan and the dim woke Fresh Prince of Bel Air formerly known as Prince Harry and now Zionist doormat and uncultured loudmouth Jess Phillips has pulled-out of the Labour leadership contest!😂👌😎🤣😃

    Now, can it be too much to hope that unelected (apart from the moronic geriatric senile dementia suffering Tory members and his cretinous constituents) Boris-Idiot resigns or becomes the first PM to die in office for a very longtime? Come on God, you can do that!😃😁


      1. It sure would be. The constantly lying Zionist doormat and incompetent New York born and basically foreign #### yesterday managed to ‘achieve’ what was previously thought to be wholly impossible ie uniting SinnFein, the SDLP, the Ulster Unionist Party, Traditional Unionist Voice, the Democratic Unionist Party in voting down his ‘massively botched so-called Brexit Withdrawal plans in a motion at the Northern Ireland Assembly without a SINGLE voice of dissent and that is added to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly’s condemnation of them.

        He and his wretched party have wrecked the unity of this country in a way that has never happened before. I just want him GONE by ANY means possible whether that means his own party finally developing a brain and stabbing him in the back like they did to Mrs Thatcher, an [*redacted*] by the UVF, UDA etc or a natural death by means of a stroke, heart attack etc.

        I really can’t stand the sight of the half-Turkish, gormless prick who makes my country into an international laughing stock. He makes my blood boil and he can’t even be bothered to dress properly or get himself a half-decent haircut in order to present this country properly on the world stage.


  2. I don’t think Harry and Meghan should go to Canada. Canadian taxpayers shouldn’t have to fork out their hard-earnt taxes for the security of the ‘Royal’ brats. They should be exiled to St Helena (like Napoleon was), the Pitcairn Islands or Montserrat ie to the part of the island that was utterly destroyed by a volcanic eruption about twenty plus years ago . None of those places will give them many chances for self-serving media opportunities.🙄


    1. Harry and the mulatta have enough money to live rather luxuriously indefinitely. What Harry does not have is a role, even that of “businessman”. He has no profession save that of arms, and in any case does not need an income. He needs a reason to exist. His intellectual life is no doubt limited, so he needs a “job” of some kind to replace the “royal prince” one.


  3. Or we could send The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the slapper to the British Antarctic Territory to keep them out of trouble but I think that the place already has a governor or Commissioner based in the Falkland Islands and Harry isn’t bright enough to be a governor unlike King Edward VIII who Winston Churchill sent to the Bahamas to rule over so as to prevent him plotting to take him down.


  4. The Story Continues: Spoilt Diva Meghan and her thick partner have touched down in Vancouver, Canada and IMMEDIATELY the little scheming madame is whinging about the Paparazzi being camped outside of their home. Well, diva, if YOU didn’t seek publicity you wouldn’t get it. She is even worse than Princess Diana for doing this and if she and Harry are not careful they will end-up the same way.


    1. I think that the msm will to some extent —not entirely, of course— lose interest after a while. Diana was a princess etc until her death. She was the ex-wife of the likely next King, mother of the likely following one too. However, this pair will attract publicity too. Much depends on how egregious (if at all) their behaviour becomes. If just boring, if they sit in a luxury estate etc, then they will be of less interest. If there is scandal, or divorce, well, that will stimulate more interest.


  5. I have just seen on the Royal Family’s Twitter account that we will get a state visit this Spring from people with a bit of class ie HRH Emperor Naruhito and his wife, Empress Masako of Japan, Hopefully, by that time, the manipulative Yankee tart from ‘da hood’ and the dim Prince will be a memory and won’t be there to spoil the occasion.

    Harry can still redeem himself if he wants to by divorcing her before she gets around to doing it, come back into the Royal Family having been suitably chastised and find himself a new CLASSY wife and then we can all try and put this very sad and nationally embarrassing situation behind us though, unfortunately, it can’t be wiped away from the history books entirely.😡🤬☹️☹️


  6. The next edition of this tawdry, downmarket episode of Dynasty is that either Meghan or both of them go on Oprah for a huge fee and spill the beans about how the Royal Family allegedly ill treated them. If were Harry I would run NOW before we get to that point because MI6 will take a dim view of that eventuality happening.


      1. Not normally but, I think, if the gruesome twosome and particularly that Yankee tart continue to put the existence of the Royal House of Windsor under threat they could become remarkably efficient in a very short space of time.


  7. Both of them would be well-advised not to travel in Mercedes-Benz vehicles as German engineering isn’t all that good when it comes to car brakes!


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