Diary Blog, 23-24 January 2020

Already late evening on the 23rd, so this blog post will cover the next day or so as well.

Musical suggestion

Some people think that Havergal Brian was a genius; others say a plodding drudge. I myself am not qualified to judge, not least because I have only heard a few of his works. Here is his Gothic Symphony, of which one commentary says that:

The first symphony of Havergal Brian is a enormous choral-symphonic work that uses immense orchestral resources (200 orchestral performers, adult choir of 500, a children’s choir of 100 and four soloists. Almost 800 musicians).

800 musicians! Here it is:


Latest about the half-Jew “ho” madam, Ghislaine “Maxwell”

Well, there is not much “British” about the aforesaid “ho”: born in France of one Jew and one French parent, though educated in England (Marlborough College and Balliol, Oxford).

The story is interesting, though. I wonder whether this alleged telephone hacking had a connection to the Saudi Crown Prince, like others exposed in recent weeks? I speculated some months ago that she was hiding out in Israel, presumably under MOSSAD or Aman control.

Good points…

That tweeter is worth following for those with a Twitter account (I myself do not now have one: Jews procured my expulsion from Twitter in 2018).


Tracy Brabin and others of her ilk should reflect on the fact that “banning”, “no-platforming” and generally labelling those with whom one disagrees as liable to be repressed “for the public good”, leads to general witch-hunting and purging. Tracy Brabin, though, is too thick to understand that…



My contribution.

Only joking…

From the 1930s…

A late-night thought…


BBC World Service and a strange tale from the Second World War

A strange tale on BBC World Service. A Jewish woman, one Dita Kraus, who was born in Prague in 1929. Her parents were “secular” Jews who did not take part in the Jewish religious festivals etc. They were still living in Prague when the Germans arrived in March 1939.

The first oddity heard on the BBC was that the woman (now 90 and living in Israel) said that she did not see the Germans march into Prague [see video below; nb. the 1939 clip is incorrectly dated on YouTube as “1938”] but that her family were evicted by German officers on the same day!

The woman said that on the very same day on which the Germans marched into Prague, two German officers in uniform appeared at their apartment and ordered them to get out. Well, that to me seems implausible.

The Jewish Chronicle has carried a more plausible account:


In 1939, there were over 118,000 Jews registered as living in Bohemia and Moravia, most of which lived in Prague. We are asked to believe that, on the very day of occupation of the city, these two officers in uniform appeared at the door and ordered the Jews out. Well, there it is. That is what she (now 90 and at the time only 9 or 10) says happened.

We then heard that the Jewish family lived in Prague for a further 3 years, in fact longer, some three and a half years, until November 1942. Certain places in the city were forbidden to Jews; Jews were expected to wear a yellow star on their coats or jackets, but many did not. The woman described how she and a cousin went illegally to a certain cinema.

There were no stories of direct German brutality or the like from her, not in those 3-4 years of wartime military occupation. In fact, there were not even any accounts of hardship from her.

After the family was deported from Prague in November 1942, they were sent to what she called Terezin, at the time Theresienstadt (though the BBC failed to clarify this). An 18thC military settlement. Conditions were spartan, from what the woman said, though she noted that there was a hospital and proper care for the sick etc. In fact, Theresienstadt was run internally largely by a Jewish council (again, not explained by the BBC).

Theresienstadt was known for its relatively rich cultural life, including concerts, lectures, and clandestine education for children. The fact that it was governed by a Jewish self-administration as well as the large number of “prominent” Jews imprisoned there facilitated the flourishing of cultural life. This spiritual legacy has attracted the attention of scholars and sparked interest in the ghetto.” [Wikipedia]

There was postal delivery (again not mentioned in the BBC programme…) and even a jazz band (ditto), The Ghetto Swingers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghetto_Swingers

In time (I think 1944), the family was deported under harsh conditions to Auschwitz (similar to the conditions a friend of mine suffered when sent by Soviet (NKVD) order to Siberia from Poland in 1939). The father became unwell and died. The mother and daughter survived (the mother dying a few months after being freed at the end of the war, in 1945).

The woman narrating told stories about how she was told by other Jews about “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, but she did not say outright that she had seen any. She did see large ash pieces floating about. I suppose that there is no reason to disbelieve that. Of course, every English town has a crematorium (and the technology has improved over time). The account given on the BBC seemed to conflate the two types of installation (that is, “gas chambers” and crematoria).

The woman, at the time about 15, was assigned to a daycare centre for young children of detainees. She is now called the “Librarian of Auschwitz” because she had custody of a small number of books. She claims to have met the notorious Dr. Mengele.

Almost at the end of the war, the woman and her mother were sent to the Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany, where for a short time they endured the terrible conditions there (mainly a result of the chaotic conditions caused by the war, including the Allied bombing which caused shortages of medicine and food). Somehow, the two survived. The mother died 2-3 months after the camp was taken over by Allied (British) forces, but the narrator survived and, in 1949, emigrated to Israel.

What struck me about the account (as on previous occasions) is that the Germans did not seem intent on killing their captives. They are left in Prague for nearly 4 years, moved to Theresienstadt for a year, moved to Auschwitz, finally moved to Bergen-Belsen. It is almost as if the Germans were not trying to kill them at all…

The BBC woman asked the narrator what she thinks of “holocaust” “denial”. She expostulated that she still had her prisoner tattoo on her arm! Well, no-one “denies” that the Germans had camps for their prisoners. They certainly did. As for the “gas chambers” of Auschwitz, well she was actually there for maybe a year and did not see any…(incidentally, at one time, it was claimed that Bergen-Belsen had “gas chambers”, but even extreme Zionist fanatics have now accepted that such was not the case).

The woman seems to have been convinced that she and her mother were scheduled to be killed, but I wonder whether that conviction was based on actuality or simply on unfounded fear.

Take a look at the link below, which has a photo captioned “women survivors in Bergen-Belsen, April 1945“. They at least look not at all famished (though others obviously were). Puzzling.


Another bit of the narrative interested me: her tattooed prisoner number at Auschwitz was 70,000-something. She said that some men had tattoo numbers over 100,000. This is nearly at the end of the war but there were no numbers in the high hundreds of thousands, let alone in the millions. Why not?

The BBC completely failed to point out that the book, The Librarian of Auschwitz, is a novel, though based on some of the real experiences of Dita Kraus:


She has featured in books herself. Alberto Manguel mentioned her “clandestine children’s library” in his book about the great libraries of the world. This piqued the interest of Spanish writer Antonio Iturbe who wrote The Librarian of Auschwitz, a semi-fictionalised version of Dita’s story, based on many conversations.” [Jewish Chronicle]

There it is: “semi-fiction”.

The trouble is that sometimes books are written as novels, as fiction, but sometimes also as “faction”. Simple-minded people then think that the books are “true” accounts. One example would be the film Schindler’s List, which was based on a novel [Schindler’s Ark] written by an Australian as late as 1982. Another film which many believe to be “true” is Sophie’s Choice. Pure fiction.

The narrator has her own website: she is a very good artist, specializing in plants:


The BBC World Service is very poor now. This was one example of how it has become a kind of Moscow Radio. It cannot be believed.

Another day starts…


Stray tweets


NWO/ZOG gopher Macron might just end up getting the chop, literally!

The UK mass media does not report on it much because to do so would be to open up the can of worms marked “ZOG NWO Jewish Lobby” etc. Macron was presented by the UK msm a few years ago as if some great white hope. No Rothschilds, no Israel, no Jew lobby, no New World Order, just this clever young man who had miraculously started “his own” pop-up “party”, En Marche! Another smoke and mirrors ZOG-job. The System wanted to beat Marine le Pen and Front National. Macron was the tool.

This is what I wrote a year ago:



Time and again, we see how the socially-backward Chinese are abusing the natural world. In Africa, in Asia, in China itself. The karmic consequences will be devastating for the Chinese.

We hear a lot about how very intelligent the Chinese are as a people. Perhaps. Some individuals certainly are. I myself once met a young Chinese atomic scientist working in the USA for Westinghouse. On the other hand, I have to say that I have also encountered rather many Chinese who are as thick as two short planks. I think that the fault lies in the type of intelligence. Also, the lack of empathy.

When Jews have power over non-Jews…

The tweet and clip below shows Palestine, but in essence it is no different in the UK!

Virtue-signalling nonsense

Take a look at the ridiculous virtue-signaller in the report below. A BBC presenter, of course.


I hate that kind of virtue-signalling. Oh yes, let’s all “save the planet” by not flushing loos in the ordinary way, because the UK is increasingly short of water (it is claimed). How about this lady protesting against mass immigration, which is ruining the UK in that and many other ways? Oh no, that would be “racist” (and so wrong, the idiots say). Oh, and of course she would then lose her BBC job that probably pays at least £100,000 p.a. and possibly a great deal more. Silly woman.

Remain whiner bubble

Typical Remain partisan hates Brexit because it might slightly inconvenience her as she goes around Western Europe making money:

I myself have done the same: Brest to Paris to Amsterdam to Hong Kong and —after 5 or 6 days— back again. Brest-Paris-Amsterdam-Dubai-Qatar and back again. Or just France to UK to France (every 2 weeks or so).

I, however, do not prioritize my own convenience and ease of travel over what is best for the UK. Brexit should mean an end to Roma Gypsy thieves and scavengers coming to the UK, a stricter regime for low-pay workers coming from Poland and elsewhere, an end to the tyrannical European Arrest Warrant regime, an end to the EU trying to impose mediaeval heresy laws (in the shape of “holocaust” “denial” laws) on the UK. And so on.

“Millard Radio; with you through the night”…

25 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23-24 January 2020”

  1. You can still follow tweets from Twitter even if you don’t have an account yourself provided the account owner hasn’t blocked you from following them.

    I have a Twitter account which was set-up a few years ago though I haven’t sent a single tweet yet and that is mainly to do with the fact I have forgotten the password to that account and also one with the free email account that is associated with it though I do have them written down in a pad though I can’t be bothered to go through a big mound of similar writing pads to locate them! Also, Twitter bans so many people these days then it might not be worth my while to use it!

    The Internet is a fantastic invention but one thing that does annoy me about it is that there are so many sites that require you to have passwords to use them. Passwords are the bane of the World Wide Web!

    Looks like that tweeter above is a fan of one of the best Tory MPs in history, Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay MP of Right Club fame:


    Ha, ha, lefties are so stupid when they call modern Tory MPs ‘excessively Right-wing’, ‘nationalist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘racist’ etc! No, you idiots, that is an appropriate description for how some of them USED to be in the good, old days!

    Now, most Tory MPs are about the intellectual level of the Beano, have the ethics of Arthur Daley, and more often than not selected purely on account of having the right skin colour, sexual orientation, or having some ovaries not because of a decent IQ level and those few candidates who are nationalist-inclined are weeded out well before they get to be MPs!🤬😡😞☹️


  2. Yes, another Labour ‘anti-fascist’ moron who can’t get her pea-sized brain around the fact that ‘once they come for the fascists’ then it is a very easy road to continue to go down and you may find that ‘good’ lefties will be banned as well. Logic, woman, LOGIC!🙄

    This is where a party ends-up if it institutes stupid ideas like all-women shortlists thus displacing more capable male candidates who are obviously ill-suited to become MPs because they have penises and not ovaries!🙄🙄🙄

    I believe this particular Labour ‘wimmin’ airhead MP was an ‘actress’ on that icon of high quality televisual entertainment Coronation Street!

    Says it all, doesn’t it?🙄


  3. Yes, Jo Cox of the Globalist Sainthood! Who knows where we would be now if she hadn’t been murdered or the Political Establishment had not blatantly attempted to use that terrible act to smear leave voters? If they had just mourned her with a bit of class, dignity and self-restraint instead of acting in a way that provoked a larger anti-Establishment vote then I think it was entirely possible they would have had a marginal Remain win, we wouldn’t be having a botched ‘Brexit’ that threatens to rip apart the United Kingdom and we might not have the cretinous buffoon Boris Johnson as our PM.😡🤬☹️😞


      1. Wigger: I doubt it. After all, the idiotic woman has said nothing critical of Jews or Muslims!

        Reads like an ambulance chaser and one who is not very intelligent, at that.


  4. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but I half suspect that Thomas Mair was on the books of MI5/MI6 and his murderous act was authorised by David Cameron’s government so that the revulsion felt around the country would mean the country would just about turn to voting remain sufficiently for that side to eke out a narrow win but the government and most MPs as a whole couldn’t exercise enough self-restraint to not make a big deal out of the murder and thus they, unwittingly, provoked enough anti-Establishment protest voters to go out and give them a bloody nose.

    The quickness of the subsequent trial and the fact we haven’t heard a fact about the case since just raises more suspicions. After all, David Copeland the nail bomber in 1999 has also completely disappeared down the national memory hole.

    Cui Bono? Who profits from the crime? It WAS NOT meant to have been Leave!

    Yes, I saw that news item. Law and order is rapidly improving under Boris Johnson – NOT – but then non-naive people like us never thought it would!

    Just another example of a police force and a court system under the cosh of Tory PC policies that will never change! Move along, there is nothing worth seeing here!


  5. Meanwhile, on the latest episode of the world’s most tacky and downmarket version of Dynasty, we learn that the Royal Collection have stopped selling souvenirs of Meghan and Harry’s wedding and that the gruesome twosome’s attempt to trademark ‘Sussex Royal’ has hit a delay due to an Antipodean doctor blocking the application.🤣😂👌😎😃

    I think also those ghastly pictures of both of them I saw in the WestEnd printed on postcards, mugs.teacups etc will soon be no more. Thank God for that, because they were cringeworthy and a real embarrassment to the House of Windsor and thus to this country as a whole.

    Come on Harry, develop a brain at long last, divorce the gold digging schemer, come back home and then you can have a new wedding to someone decent enough to marry into our Royal Family.


    1. I thought that it was “Royal Married With Children” but perhaps your one-time suggestion of “The Royle Family” mark 2 is also good. Maybe, though, Harry could get a job selling shoes, like the Married With Children husband; after all, Harry was an officer, so he must know a thing or two about boots, at least!


      1. Seriously, I doubt whether this entire ghastly business can be ever lived down by the Royal Family. Out of the three of Meghan, Harry and the Queen I don’t know who is worse: Meghan for acting (not unexpectedly for those of us who easily could tell her character a mile away) like the downmarket, attention-seeking Diva/gold digger she is, Harry for being the stupid Royal brat who was dim enough to marry her in the first place and the Queen for being inattentive enough not to veto Harry’s marriage and end any possibility of the entirely predictable horror show from ever being born as she has the power to do.

        The last two years will be a stain on the Royal Family’s history for decades to come and could well be a large, contributory factor in having them abolished.


      2. In the end, now, as the world *now* is, the UK does not need the “Royal Family”. Most of them are a bloody embarrassment to a greater or lesser extent. They are just a nuisance and an irrelevance.


  6. It seems as if a lot of these Holocaust stories are embellished a lot and made to be more dramatic than what actually happened. Well, there is ‘no business like Shoa business’ after all for Zionist fanatics!


  7. Remove the Holocaust from memory or make it a less gruesome story and you will remove the ability of Jew and Non Jew Zionist zealots to capitalise upon it, remove a potent weapon of Zionists to deselect critical comments about Israel, remove the tale’s buttress to Jew Zionist identity, its tendency to strengthen Jew Zionist cohesiveness as a community, their equal determination to castigate British white goy’s attempts to do the same as ‘racism’.


  8. The Chinks are certainly more intelligent than Afro-Caribbeans and Africans and that should go without saying but they do lack empathy generally-speaking. Out of the Asian peoples, I believe Japs come first for intelligence followed by the Koreans.

    How much did we pay as tax payers for Harry and ‘that woman’s’ wedding? According to the PC globalist media, our anti-British politicians and the Twitterarti, it was supposed to represent a ‘Golden New Era for the British Monarchy’ 😂🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Of course, to those of us who were are not naive PC idiots, we could foresee it wouldn’t be!

    I hate to have to say it to these people but WE TOLD YOU SO!🙄


  9. Oh look what we have here then! Fuckwit Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, our simpleton of a PM , isn’t exactly renowned for doing detail but this takes some beating:

    Internal customs checks within the United Kingdom! I thought Brexit was supposed to mean ‘taking back control’!🙄

    Yeah, let us just allow a foreign power to draw-up internal borders as they wish! Even Adolf Hitler and the Kaiser were never allowed to do that to this country!🙄

    It really is a shame that 80 odd Tory ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ moron MPs don’t die in a plane crash to their beloved Israel as then we could get shot of this cretinous ‘government’ and Boris-Idiot the unthinking, constantly lying Chimp from London Zoo!


  10. Stupid Tory morons called an unnecessary referendum instead of changing an archaic electoral system so that people could express their views about the EU in a more thoughtful way by means of the new parties a PR system would encourage JUST TO SAVE THEMSELVES from continual arguments about the issue.

    Talk about effing selfish, self-serving wankers or what!

    Sod the unionist population of NI, sod our United Kingdom!🤬😡😞☹️


    1. Wigger: Jesus H. Christ! I had heard of these in relation to Goa (as confirmed in your Wikipedia article) but thought that they were an “urban legend”, if such be the bon mot.


  11. o/t but succinct and imo view worthy:
    Daughter of Albion – Pleeease Don’t Vote Labour

    – video montage regarding the rampage of organized child statutory rapes by biological aliens – otherwise known as ‘grooming’ in the deflective media. Not that expertly assembled but one or two slides definitely indicate “persons of interest” in the swamp clearing that I’m thinking is inevitable – it’s too well known now, too egregious, too close to the bone.

    Vaz features. With the benefit of hindsight his enthusiasm for drugs and rent-boys was probably real but this Protocols-“Panama” looks to have been used against him given what he said in committee (though I haven’t checked the timeline…). The only obvious negative in the piece was the concluding quotation from Dennis McShane. First I wouldn’t quote him on anything and second, although he assigns the bureaucratic inaction to an unwillingness to damage the Rainbow-of-Peoples Great Work, I suspect more prosaic factors than faith in kumbaya: blackmail, ethnic solidarity and interlocking circles of back-covering achieved after many years of the March through the Insititutions.


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