Diary Blog, 1 February 2020

The madness continues

The BBC, in the catchphrase of Private Eye, “getsmuchworse”.

I heard a BBC World Service interviewer, interviewing a Georgian lady about the Stalin-era sanatoria at Tsqaltubo, near Kutaisi, in former Soviet Georgia



The item was quite interesting, but the absurd came in when the interviewee was asked who went there in Stalin’s day. The answer: Communist Party people, but also those who were considered to have been hard workers in their industry, such as mining. The BBC drone then referred to the miners as “the men and women miners”! Women miners?! To be fair to the BBC, there were a few in the Soviet Union at one time, but not many:


At least the idiot did not make tick-box reference to LGBT etc stuff…

Sadly, it seems that the ornate Stalin-era sanatoria, i.e. spa hotels, have been allowed to decay; that does not take long in a subtropical climate.


Bloody hell! Even as I finished the above paragraphs, the BBC World Service, which is now just another bad joke, struck again, with some idiot talking about Brexit and UK fishing rights, and referring to “fish sold by UK fishermen…and fisherwomen.” UK “fisherwomen”?! Ha ha! The BBC idiot only just remembered to add “and fisherwomen”, in order to make his sentence clearly “non-sexist”. This country is so screwed, it’s not true…

Meanwhile, the “political correctness” madness is being challenged


“[A] policeman told Harry that he was in trouble for retweeting a ‘transphobic’ limerick.” [Daily Mail].

This is not a reworked Fawlty Towers or Monty Python sketch. This actually happened!

He was told that he was also being investigated for tweeting support for BBC Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray, who had been criticised by Oxford students after writing a newspaper article questioning whether transgender women are ‘real women’.” [Daily Mail]

Harry was told in the conversation at Tesco that he had not broken the law but was guilty of a ‘non-crime’ hate incident. According to court papers, the constable explained to him: ‘Sometimes, a woman’s brain grows a man’s body in the womb and that is what transgender is.’” [Daily Mail]

When Harry asked why the officer kept calling the person who had made the complaint a ‘victim’, when no crime had been established, he was told ‘that’s just how it works’.” [Daily Mail]

Since the catch-all guidance was released, police forces have recorded at least 87,000 non-crime hate incidents — none of which break the law.” [Daily Mail]

The police drone actually said to the citizen now fighting back, “I need to check your thinking.” This is the police state emerging in plain sight. 

I might add that I myself have been subjected to similar:


…and not only in that 2017 incident. A year later, in 2018, a mentally-disturbed Jewess (on medication), apparently resident in Barnet, North London, actually prevailed upon her local (((occupied))) police to telephone me and try to intimidate me into altering completely lawful posts on the GAB platform (the Jewish lobby had already had me expelled from Twitter).

The policeman (a constable) actually had the cheek to send me through the post a purported (but legally-ineffective) notice warning me about “harassment” (despite the fact that I had never had any direct contact with the said Jewess!)… In fact, I myself was the real victim of harassment, by that woman and by a pack of other Jews, all connected with the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” fake charity. I actually had to write to the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police and to the Barnet Police Borough Commander! Even then the same policeman tried to continue for a short while!

This is how the “rule of law” decays: when the police become politicized, subject to backstairs pressure, biased etc (not to mention both ignorant of the law and over-estimating the scope of their own *lawful* powers…).

Radio 4

Just listened on BBC Radio 4 at 0545 to some poor lady, grieving for her father, and droning on endlessly (as it seemed). I felt sorry for her, but this was, imo, not good radio. Have some regard for the listeners, for God’s sake!

Voting intention

I am not sure whether it means much, 4+ years before any likely general election, but for whatever it is worth, Survation has come out with a new poll:

Nothing much there. Conservatives at top by default, because so far they have been cautious about doing anything. Labour still moribund, LibDems, at 10% rather higher than I would have thought (maybe Remain signallers), and Brexit Party on 3% (who are they, that 3%?!) alongside Greens.

“First day out of EU” music

More “anti-fascist” nonsense exposed

I saw the nonsense below on Twitter:

What is the crazed “Witch of Peace” talking about now? As for the other one, with her Stars of David, she sounds completely off the wall…


John le Carre and Olof Palme (etc)

I just read this piece by John le Carre (David Cornwell) about Olof Palme and much else:


John le Carre is a very fine writer in his chosen field and, unlike most “spy writers”, has a wide appreciation of world politics and events. Most writers of “spy fiction” have at best a cartoon view of the world. Ian Fleming. Alastair Maclean. Frederick Forsyth. Others. I regret that I missed out on a lecture that Le Carre/Cornwell gave in or about 1981 at the G.B.-U.S.S.R. Association in Grosvenor Place, London.

The G.B.-U.S.S.R. Association, to which I belonged at the time, was an entity founded in 1958 and funded mainly by the Foreign Office (later, Foreign and Commonwealth Office). It had its funding radically cut in the 1990s and was split into parts after the Soviet Union ceased to exist. It even sold its library (a few volumes from which I was able to buy, though I came late to the party, having been overseas). It had by then moved from its fine building at the rear of Buckingham Palace to a soulless office tower in Vauxhall. The FCO finally cut off funds from its successor-entities in 2002.

Le Carre’s lecture was, I was told, one of the best talks ever given at the Association.

Having said the above, merely being a fine writer does not bestow infallibility. I doubt that there has ever been a better travel writer than Jan Morris:


yet Morris is in some respects also very silly indeed, judging purely from the political point of view (e.g. Morris espousing faux Welsh nationalism on the strength of having been born half-Welsh and having resided for a number of decades in Wales).

I have to say that I am disappointed to see that Le Carre/Cornwell, in that Guardian transcript, said that he was a Remainer and a European, as if the EU equates to Europe. That oft-seen conflation. No. I myself am a European, a white Northern European, but have always, on balance, opposed the EU. I am ethnically and culturally European. That is what matters.

One apparent fact given by Le Carre/Cornwell in the Guardian transcript did, as people now say, “surprise but not shock” me: it seems that Olof Palme was once an “intern” at Swedish Intelligence. I did not know that. His Wikipedia entry does not mention it (neither does it mention Palme’s quite long-running secret affair with the American actress Shirley MacLaine; Wikipedia is likewise not infallible):


Shirley MacLaine’s own Wikipedia entry also omits mention of the affair:


though she herself has talked about it on several occasions:


What I know about Swedish intelligence and security would scarcely fill the back of a postcard, but I see that their security service has its own jaunty website:



though it seems that external intelligence-gathering is mainly handled by a separate organization: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_Military_Intelligence_and_Security_Service

and see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontoret_f%C3%B6r_s%C3%A4rskild_inh%C3%A4mtning

Olof Palme always struck me as rather sinister. His assassination was never publicly solved, though two separate suspects were arrested, one eventually emigrating to the USA and the other being convicted of the assassination, but released on appeal two years later.

The famed “liberalism” of Sweden is not always very liberal. I recall the Westminster MP, Leo Abse [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Abse] writing about visiting the Swedish spy Stig Wennerstrom [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stig_Wennerstr%C3%B6m_(colonel)] in prison in Sweden and finding him chained to the wall of a subterranean dungeon (Abse was a penal reformer).

Admittedly, Swedish prisons are not usually like that. The original Swedish-language Girl with the Dragon Tattoo lost me at one point, when the investigative journalist seems to be in some kind of hostel or inexpensive hotel reception; it took me another viewing to understand that that was a Swedish prison!

Collapse of smug, virtue-signalling party...

Click on the tweet above to read the responses, many of them hilarious.



38 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 1 February 2020”

  1. (typo in article header).

    “I need to check your thinking.” Or as some wag speech-bubbled the cartoon cop: “You’ve had too much to think!”

    Came in Friday night around the fateful hour to find the Wicked Witch of the East on BBC2 discussing Brexit with one young-ish female, one older remoaner female who seemed to be reliving her 1970s student days (vocabulary featuring “capitalists”) and an alleged British-African celebrity unknown to me who seemed indignant that there weren’t many people “like him” outside Parliament celebrating and that he had concerns over “identity” (not his – ours, and our right to freedom of association is the way I took it, which is how it was intended). So not one White man in evidence as per usual and despite that, the hate speech of the ingrates still flowed abundantly.

    On the subject of identity and that of the White variety: I was taken aback by an odd comment in one podcast which I won’t name for fear of being seen to endorse their overtalking melee: there are special UK Government work Visas – for Turkish barbers?! I searched in vain but then, only briefly, yet still found these:

    which is in addition to

    – full of system banal-bots; whereas more plausible was:


    This whole subject arrested my attention because earlier this month I had *subconsciously* noticed travelling through a part of central London where one might have expected “British” (White) tastes and customs to be serviced, not less than two new Turkish barbershops within a few hundred yards of each other. What the hell are they doing here? Is it a cover for some other activity; catering for a larger alien Armenoid population than I thought existed; or some sort of butch-gay fetish experience? (Rhetorical questions).

    There may not be a visa specifically for “Turkish barbers” but there certainly appears to be some sweetheart deal cooked up for Turkish (or would that be Kurdish?) workers under what another piece referred to as the “Ankara Agreement”. What possible historical or other end is served by our opening our doors wide to immigrants from Turkey (there’s already a contingent from Cyprus with which there is a more plausible connection – going back a bit, Asil Nadir of unillustrious repute for one).

    And they’ve already begun to consider whittling down the minimum salary from £30k to £26k under their “points based system” of continued mass immigration.

    Politicians not only regard this country as a mere economic zone but really do seem to be forcing through a population replacement agenda. And as for desirable attributes, just as bad money drives out good.


    1. Wigger: I agree with your overall point. This is out of frying pan and into fire. The UK is being softened up for another great wave of non-European immigration. The present government is an illegitimate regime of treachery.


  2. Illegitimate and treacherous being the operative words. Their treacherous nature is self-explanatory and illegitimate because the MAJORITY of people who voted on December 12th DIDN’T vote for them. WHEN, OH WHEN, is this country going to grow-up and have an electoral system that doesn’t gift governments artificial majorities based-upon minority voting shares through the grotesquely inefficient workings of an archaic and clearly not fit for purpose electoral system?🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

    Perhaps, if we had a PR system since the late 1960’s we could have made a success out of our EU membership?

    Yes, continuing mass immigration is the Tory SCUM’s gameplay for our blighted nation. So much for our new ‘independence’! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 If the treasonous Tory scum were really interested in independence they would apply that principle to not just the E.U. but to the USA and Israel -two countries they are infatuated with to the detriment of our own.

    Let’s take back REAL control by adopting an electoral system that gives every elector an EQUAL vote and by the Tories and Labour throwing out of their parties those sinister Zionist Lobby groups called, innocuously, the Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel.


  3. To be honest, I’m fed-up with this Brexit thing already and we are only at the beginning of the ‘transition’ period! Under the virulently anti-British ‘modern’ (whatever that PC speak is meant to mean) Tories it is a complete farce and waste of time ALREADY!🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


    1. As I suspected, the Brexit Day “celebrations” and protests were both like those New Year’s Eve “celebrations” in London decades ago, when the city made no effort. Groups of shabbily-dressed so-called “revellers”, cans of cheap lager in hand, mooching around Trafalgar Square and other places.

      There could have been a real Brexit, a cultural revolution, with the UK telling both EU and USA where to get off, then changing many “old Spanish practices”, eg no more subsidizing of farmers and landowners, imposing *higher* standards across the board, getting rid of riff-raff and disallowing entry to more, forging new and unexpected alliances, particularly with Russia. We might have made a start in dealing with other nuisances, too.


      1. Yes, basically a nationalist ‘Britain First’ Brexit is the ONLY logical and intellectually credible form of Brexit there is otherwise WHAT THE HELL are we going through with it for?

        Surely, there has to be more point to it than shielding Jacob Rees-Mogg’s many millions from an EU tax directive due to come into force (very conveniently) yesterday?🙄

        Cynical? Nah, the CONS only do things with the purest of motives in mind, don’t they?🙄


      2. Yes, deporting those perpetually annoying Roma gypsies from Romania selling their Big Issues which we have even in Tory strongholds like Brentwood, Essex where I live would be a big benefit of a real, worthwhile Brexit. Untermenschen like that should go home to Bucharest.

        Forming a new alliance with Putin’s Russia would be a possibly good idea as well. It could be a kind of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in reverse!😀

        I think we should try and be friendly towards the Russians as they are a European country unlike the USA.


  4. Article 49 beckons! Rejoiner now! I must join the European Movement UK!

    Globalist anti-British CONServatives are a complete and utter waste of space.

    A globalist Brexit is a waste of time Brexit. ONLY a nationalist, ‘Britain First’ Brexit makes any kind of coherent sense.


  5. Tory Brexit is a worthless piece of crap. Most people who voted for it don’t approve of globalism and open borders even if people in Sunderland may not express it in such terms. The Brexit vote in those places was a cry of rage against an out of touch political Establishment that has been pushing open borders, maniacal levels of PC, lax standards of law enforcement etc for DECADES now. People saw their chance to protest against this and took it.

    If the Tories REALLY think people voted for Brexit in their millions because of an obsession with ‘free trade’ with cheap labour countries like Vietnam ie the ultra economic liberalism beloved of nutters like Daniel Hannan and only because of parliamentary sovereignty like Bill Cash espouses then they couldn’t be more wrong.


    1. All roads lead to Rome, and all System political choices lead to the Great Replacement aka Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, whether in the EU or globalist pseudo-independence outside EU.


      1. We may as well rejoin the EU for all the good this fake Tory ‘Brexit’ will bring. What a complete waste of time! And all thanks to the political naivety of so many, Frogface Fraudulent Farage and the BBC relentlessly promoting him on Question Time (several hundred appearances compared to dozens at best for the ELECTED MP of the Green Party) to steer people away from voting for the BNP.🙄

        Time to join the European Movement UK:


      2. Strange political system: UKIP at peak got 12% of the popular vote, Green Party also peaked (to date) in 2015, but only received 3.6% of the popular vote. Caroline Lucas herself received (in 2019) about 55%, I think, in her own constituency, but no UKIP candidate has received more than 27.8% (excepting Carswell and Reckless, the Con defectors). That result was Diane James at Eastleigh in 2013 (by-election). She came 2nd.


      3. Hopefully, this opening of the Pandora’s Box of Brexit will lead to the end of the road for the Tory Party. Their cynical misuse of ordinary people’s patriotism over this Brexit issue should lead to the party’s extinction. They have a LOT to live up to after leading people up the garden path and raising their expectations so they had better not let them down.


  6. Forging an alliance with Japan would be good too. Unlike the Yanks, the Japs respect us and wouldn’t seek to take huge advantage from a relationship with with us. Brexit MUST NOT mean becoming the 51st state of the US.That sort of sentimental Atlanticism should be shown the door.


  7. I don’t think the Tories have fully realised what picking at this Europe/EU scab for FOUR DECADES PLUS really means. They have opened a Pandora’s Box which may devour them wholly. They should have listened to Cameron when he said they should stop ‘banging-on about Europe’.


  8. So 3% of people are STILL willing to vote for the greatest political FRAUD Britain, or indeed the world probably, has EVER known ie Fraudulent Frogface Farage and his LITERAL Ponzi Scam ‘party’.

    We aren’t gong to be a successful ‘independent’ country with low educational standards like that, are we?🙄🙄🙄


  9. Yes, but try getting the many politically naive morons within the British electorate to understand that! Their naivety is how obvious frauds like Farage can ply their trade! Hopefully, we have seen the back of him for good now he has created this mess and he and his children can bugger off to Germany with their German passports!🙄

    Labour, Lib Dem AND Tories are all globalists to various degrees. In ‘mainstream’ British politics the voter is faced with a political ‘choice’ rather akin to that faced by a purchaser of a Model T car in Henry Ford’s America ie you can have any colour you like provided it is black.


  10. Frogface Farage needs to be investigated by the authorities. There is something deeply suspicious about this character and the way the BBC gave him bundles of mostly favourable publicity. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he has received funding from some very dubious sources which may include foreign state ones.

    It is time also that the Russia Report was released by that other political fraud Boris Johnson.


  11. Shame that Frogface Fraudulent Farage hasn’t died yet! If only that plane crash he had in 2010 had ended him as then we could have been spared this grief and what is still to come!😡🤬


    1. Farage is still a puzzle to me. Not social-national (despite the Jews and “anti-fascist” idiots mostly opposing him loudly); neither Conservative in any traditional sense. Hard to place him, culturally or politically (ideologically). There’s something not very English about him, despite the apparently sincere pub-going, beer-swilling etc.


      1. I believe he is of Huguenot descent. That is very distinctly foreign, ahem!🙄 He is NOT ‘one of us’!🙄😂 Oh, and his wife is German, apparently, and his children have German citizenship and I think he has too so if the Tory Brexit is a complete failure as I suspect it will be he can bugger off to Germany who are, of course, IN THE EU!



      2. I knew or at least assumed that, but there’s something more about Farage, not French, not German, not English. Perhaps he is just a strange cultural rather than ethnic mix. He just has always sat oddly with me.


      3. No doubt he is a mongrel of various strange ethnic mixes but that is by the by really. The fact is he is a TOTAL FRAUD who this country would be well shot of. Even his ‘man of the people’ act that too many idiots have fallen for ie his disturbing drinking habit is artificial to an extent. That was mainly an act or, at least, I hope so because otherwise he is going to get cirrhosis of the liver. He was a City stockbroker for god’s sake and hated our EU membership for rather petty reasons like regulations on the City and the threatened ‘Tobin Tax’.

        He isn’t interested really in the reasons many ordinary people were concerned about EU membership. A previous Tory educated at Dulwich College doesn’t change their political colours that easily.


      4. I was referring, mainly, to Farage’s cultural outlook. I have never heard anything from him, in years and indeed decades (I believe that he first came to my attention around 2005) about anything much other than EU/Brexit/money/drink/tobacco/City of London. In some ways, he seems to be a cardboard cut-out.


  12. It is high time that Russia Report was released. What, exactly, has the buffoon, Boris Johnson, got to hide? We haven’t been the victims of Putin’s Russian State meddling, have we?


      1. I think we should be concerned with ANY foreign interference in this country’s politics. Certainly, the Zionist Jew/Israel First Lobby is a concern of mine and we need, dare I say it, INDEPENDENCE (seems to be an all-encompassing buzzword in Britain nowadays) from it.

        Yes, Israel should not be allowed to interfere in our political system either but strangely (or perhaps not to aware people like us) Labour, Tories AND Fraudulent Farage and the spivs of the Brexit ‘party’ are silent about that lobby.🙄🤬😡


  13. Yes, many of the pro-EU lot are pretty strange. They are devoted to the EU as a political construct but many hate/despise their own identity as white Europeans and are to to the forefront in opposing ‘racism’ on the part of their fellow white Britons and Europeans such as Marine Le Pen and the Afd.

    Whether we should are in the EU or not we should recognise the fact that Britain IS a European country, it always has been and provided we can get a real grip on the immigration crisis engulfing us always will be and we should make no apologies for thinking that Britain IS a part of a common European civilisation.

    Of course some Brexit supporters are weird in this respect and don’t respect Britain as a white, European country like that Tory globalist and libertarian crackpot Daniel Hannan and quasi-Marxist George Galloway.


    1. It makes me laugh that the Jews are so angry at Galloway. They seem to view him as some great threat because he appears on Press TV or RT with his Indonesian wife. After all, his electoral history is not very successful. Not on his own account, without Labour labelling.


      1. Galloway is yet another globalist albeit not a pro-Zionist/pro- Israeli Tory fuckwit one like so many are in this severely blighted land

        He has a problem with Zionist Jew Israelis but he also has one with pro British whites in Britain. He would like to see his fellow Brits become a despised minority in this country. He is against the white British ‘racism’.that says we want to remain the overwhelming majority in our homeland and supports policies to that effect.

        Zionist Jews in Britain approve of our ethnic replacement whilst deploring a similar situation (if it were to happen) to Israeli Jews because it makes Jews a less noticeable minority here.

        So in that respect, the Zionist Jew fanatics would approve of him but as he is also against Jew Zionism in Israel he annoys them and attracts their condemnation.


      1. Indeed! Yet Germany’s excellent Alternative Fur Deutschland Party (Afd) complain that Germany’s police aren’t as effective as they used to be! That might well be the case but they only have to look at Boris-Idiot’s ‘Britain’ to see REALLY utterly useless police forces!🙄😡🤬☹️😞

        At least, Germany’s police still attempt to combat crime whereas ours just paint their patrol cars in the colours of the rainbow!


      2. It’s all relative, like wealth, poverty and intelligence. Crime seems high in the UK, lower in Germany, but even if that is so, there are places where you take your life in your hands daily (parts of Africa and Latin America, for example). People are very adaptable, more so than they themselves believe.


  14. Many of the pro-EU lot are fundamentally ANTi-EUROPEAN ie the race/culture of Britain and Europe as a whole. Michael Hesiltine is a good example of this with regard to his condemnation of the anti-EEC/anti-EU though pro white English/British Enoch Powell.

    Many though not all Brexit supporters are the REAL pro-Europeans in this way!🙄


    1. I noticed that you mentioned Farage’s Huguenot ancestry as something negative and also the fact that his wife is German. Is that a crime? You sound very much like the traditional, obnoxious British nationalists who despised any “foreigners”. That was the spirit that guided the crowd of morons that gleefully volunteered in 1939 to kill their German white brothers on behalf of the Jews running the UK through their despicable lackey Winston Churchill. That kind of narrow-minded, moronic “patriotism” has cost very dearly to Great Britain and Europe. All of us, I mean white men, are under attack and the sooner we realize that, the better. We are all in the same boat, and it is sinking fast. True patriotism means to fight for the welfare of our people regardless of their nationality.

      In my opinion, Farage is not good at all, he is a fraud and part of the Establishment. His UKIP was from the very beginning “controlled opposition” to divert people away from the BNP who had in John Tyndall, a true patriot. Leaving the EU is, of course, very good but I don’t trust Boris Johnson at all, he is just another traitor like all politicians. By the way, look at this excellent article:https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2019/08/02/a-government-of-grovelling-goys-boris-johnson-friends-of-israel-and-the-second-coming-of-cummings/


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