Daily Blog, 5 February 2020

Liz Truss

I suppose, to be fair, that throughout history there have been what the American blacks now refer to as “hoes”, who have exercized influence and even power over governments. In the past, though, there was no hypocrisy, or not much, about from where their influence or power came. Now, we have to pretend that women such as Liz Truss [Con., South West Norfolk] are in Parliament via some sort of merit. As to why she is now a Cabinet minister, that is anyone’s guess.

Droning on

This made me laugh, but at the same time made me wonder what sort of society is developing, not only in China but in Europe too:

More about coronavirus etc

An interesting tour d’horizon.


Alison Chabloz

Is Britain in 2020 “a society under law” or merely a society under laws?



Britain 2020


Canada 2020

Late evening…

9 thoughts on “Daily Blog, 5 February 2020”

  1. Even by the usual abysmally low standards of Tory ‘wimmin’, Liz Truss is a stupid bitch. We are expected to trust her with negotiating decent international trade treaties!🙄🙄🙄 She exemplifies why we should get rid of First Past The Post because there are now (even more than in the past) just too many complete ‘deadheads’ in parliament who effectively have safe seats for life due to holding constituencies in which a chimp with a blue or red rosette would get elected easily in thanks to their party label.

    Germany also uses FPTP for the constituency part of its overall PR electoral system but as a German voter can use their two votes in a different way they are able to use their constituency candidate vote to dump a crap constituency MP ie it can be used purely as a personal endorsement vote or not:




    1. I should like to believe that, with Labour continuing to slide and LibDems pretty much defunct, that the surely inevitable disaster awaiting this Con regime would lead to people choosing a social-national alternative, but I do not know…for one thing, at present, there is none. People cannot vote for a party which does not exist.


      1. The Liberal Democrats are struggling but I doubt whether they will go defunct especially when the Labour Party is seemingly wholly unaware of why they lost so badly in December and it wasn’t just due to the vicious and untrue allegations of ‘anti-semitism’ by Jew Zionist/Israel First extremists. If Keir Starmer wins the Lib Democrats will find it tougher to be relevant but if the Labour Party picks Rebecca Long-Bailey then that will help them. Also, despite EU withdrawal there are plenty of people who would have no aversion to rejoining the EU and the Lib Democrats will have that as a policy though it would be wise for them to back pedal the issue for a few years.

        On the subject of vicious Jew Zionist/Israel First extremists, I see the British Board of Deputies is, once again, whinging!🙄🙄🙄 This time the Koshervative Party is in their sights! The Tory MP for Shrewsbury is, apparently, guilty of that catch-all term ‘anti-semitism’ because he is due to attend a conference of national-conservatives in Europe soon.

        The BOD calls them ‘neo-nazis’! Yawn! Mr Benjamin Netanyahu’s ultra-nationalist and territorially expansionist government in Tel Aviv is perfectly reasonable and respectable though!🙄


  2. Mind you, Tory men aren’t much more competent either ie the chief organ-grinder, Boris-Idiot, and a cabinet minister in Dominic Raab who was unaware that the main route of our imports and exports is the Dover-Calais one! You would think a Foreign Secretary and former Brexit Secretary would know that little nugget of basic knowledge!🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. Incredible…

      This government will crash and burn mainly because of the sheer lack of merit of most of its Cabinet and other ministers. See Priti Patel and her “counter-terrorist offenders”!…


      1. I hope you are right. This wretched PC globalist ‘government’ couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery or run a brothel full of hookers but then there isn’t outstanding talent on the Labour benches either. If only we had Proportional Representation as then there would be real competition in politics as there should be. Competition drives-up standards in business and it should do in politics as well. Why should we have to put up with the rubbish CON Party and Labour all the time? Would anyone be content with just having Aldi or Lidl when they could have those two supermarkets and Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose as well! No, they would not!


  3. Provided they avoid copying them, the Liberal Democrats still have a chance to be successful even if Keir Starmer gets elected Labour leader. He has just proposed something even Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t stupid enough to do ie he is seriously trying to get the government to change the law so the Labour Party can indulge themselves in yet more vicious anti-white racism by having all Black And Minority Ethnic shortlists.

    It is precisely because of this PC Wokeness that even working-class constituencies like Darlington voted-in Tory MPs! Labour JUST DON’T GET IT, do they?🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. The all-women shortlists were a terrible idea but most people were not greatly upset by them; and, after all, women are about 50% of the population. The Con Party “A” List was not understood by most voters, so likewise did not annoy many. However, if the Labour Party tries to establish a colour bar against white British people, *that* might well tip many into resisting the whole direction of travel under the System.


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