Diary Blog, 15 February 2020

An early start…



I have been hostile to “Boris” for many years, since he was (underwhelmingly) MP for Henley. Others have now caught up; the public has not— yet. I think that it has to happen before too long, though. The part-Jew public entertainer cannot fill the boots of a prime minister. Speaking of boots, an article now compares Boris-idiot to Caligula:



A Chinese enterprise “promises” to build HS2 in 5 years at relatively low cost (£100 BN instead of £120 BN or more? Original estimate was £62 BN…). At what environmental cost?



Ancient woodlands felled:


What does Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot, care? A part-Jew, part-Turk, part God-knows-what, born in New York City, brought up mainly in the USA and Brussels, whose stepmother is a very wealthy Jewess. What does he care about Britain and the people of Britain? He is only interested in money, at root. He is not a legitimate Prime Minister, and anything is justified to remove him.


People wanted to kick the government and Sinn Fein provided the shoe to do the kicking,” says Christy Parker, a journalist from the beautiful but de-industrialised town of Youghal in county Cork. He speaks of the “chasm” between the elite benefiting from Ireland’s impressive economic progress and the large part of the population that has been left behind.” [The Independent]


That was my impression too, though I have not been to Ireland since the mid-1980s (and before that, the late 1970s), and a lot of water has flowed since then.


In fact, that is one reason why the UK should develop a real social-national party, because it just might come about that the shopworn System parties will flag at the very moment when the British people will be desperate for something, anything…

Returning to Ireland, where does it go from here? Sinn Fein, which fought only a proportion of the seats in contest, nonetheless won a plurality of the popular vote: Sinn Fein 24.5% (37 seats), Fianna Fail 22.2% (38 seats), Fine Gael 20.9% (35 seats).

The Irish Parliament, the Dail, has 160 seats including the (non-voting) Ceann Comhairle (Speaker). 80 seats are required to form a coalition government; alternatively to create a “confidence and supply” arrangement less than a coalition.

In other words, one of the first three parties will have to join with one of the others (or both of the others) and/or smaller parties. Sinn Fein thinks that it can get by via an extended coalition with a number of smaller parties. Alternatively, the two main System parties together would only be 7 or 8 votes (the last Speaker was from Fianna Fail) short of a majority.

So far, neither of the System parties has agreed even to talk to Sinn Fein: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-51508380

Sinn Fein would have to bring on board almost all the small parties and most of the (19) Independents in order to rule.


Labour leadership

Emily Thornberry is out, thus leaving Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy as remaining contenders. At present, Keir Starmer looks like a shoo-in. I doubt that he would excite many voters, but it may be that in 2022 or 2024, after years of Boris-idiot as PM, that very dullness might even be a selling point…


Storm comment

Stop all farm subsidies. They are a major reason why farmers and landowners pay £10,000 an acre for agricultural (non-building) land. This system (despite some “stewardship” subsidies or grants) is anti-environment, overall, paying money merely for owning land, while the farmers carry on as free businessmen in most respects. Public money going to private pockets, deep pockets at that.


More about disastrous HS2


Wind power

Interesting tweet about wind power:

Adolf Hitler said that “the future of electricity generation lies in the winds and the waves” [see Hitler’s Table Talk]. All we have to do now is to reduce the aesthetic impact of wind farms and the impact they have on bird life.

Et vous?

Saw this.

I think that I score four points out of twenty. Five points if my return to the UK from Australia in 1969, aged 13, and aboard the old Oriana, is not labelled a “cruise”. I suppose not, though it had most of the same characteristics, so make that five points out of twenty.

Oriana Tonga 1985.jpg


Mike Stuchbery

Many will be familiar with the name of Mike Stuchbery, the “antifa” cheerleader who is said to have instigated a kind of “home invasion” at the house of Tommy Robinson’s wife (Stuchbery spins it differently) in 2019. Stuchbery then got a nasty shock when “Robinson” turned up at Stuchbery’s own house (both were located in the Luton area)


There has been water under bridges since then. “Robinson” has done (more) time in prison, while Stuchbery fled with his “German” wife to Stuttgart, where he now lives.

I have blogged a couple of times about Stuchbery:


https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/11/27/mike-stuchbery-and-tommy-robinson-legal-dispute/  (the latter is updated as necessary).

I have mocked Stuchbery’s constant claims to be a hard worker holding down (as he ludicrously pretends) “three jobs”, when it is obvious that he is what his detractors claim, a kind of grifter who relies mainly on donations from supporters, State assistance, and also a working wife (as I apprehend).

Not that there is anything wrong with those three methods of subsistence, an sich. It does grate a little, though, when Stuchbery makes his claims of being a grafter rather than a grifter. He seems to have plenty of time to travel around and, on weekday morns, stroll into Stuttgart for the odd melange and, as it might be, some Schwarzwaldtorte or Sachertorte (actually, the latter is my own favourite…).

I happened to be looking for the first time at the Byline Times, the online “newspaper” headed by the writer Peter Jukes [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Jukes]. This is one of Stuchbery’s “three jobs”, I believe. Well, last year (2019), he wrote, by my count, 19 fairly short pieces for Byline Times. So one article every 2-3 weeks. So far, in 2020, only one article. I cannot imagine that that pays much, if anything.

I believe that Stuchbery also takes tourists around Stuttgart and teaches some English as a foreign language.

Actually, Stuchbery reminds me of the conscientious objector, member of a religious cult, during WW2, who was asked how he intended to make his living if not in the armed forces. He replied, on the form provided, “God will provide. (wife working)“!

Stuchbery explained his reasons for fleeing to Germany in an article written on 2 September last year, my birthday in fact: https://bylinetimes.com/2019/09/02/goodbye-to-all-that/

An underwhelming read, frankly. Britain has declined hugely since the 1980s, let alone early 1970s. Stuchbery has not the personal experience (he only arrived from Australia in 2014, though apparently he was born here), or historian’s —or journalistic— skills, to make much sense of trends and events.

Stuchbery thinks that copying bits out of books or tourist pamphlets makes him a “historian”, just as he thinks that scribbling for platforms such as Byline Times makes him a “journalist”. It’s risible. Look at my blog about him to see a few howlers that he has made.

I have had to explain at intervals that being opposed to “antifa” inciters and enemies of free speech like Stuchbery does not mean that I am in any way a supporter of Tommy Robinson.

At present, I am waiting, with great interest, for Stuchbery’s supposed and proposed legal case against Tommy Robinson (for which a crazed woman called Roanna “@antifashwitch” has raised about £11,000 via GoFundMe). I think that, like the Jewish Messiah and the “cheque in the post”, the lawsuit is unlikely to ever come to pass…

The midnight hour approaches…

29 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 February 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: What a cheek to talk about “Ireland’s impressive economic progress”. That is a lie with capital L, anyway, what can you expect from the bastards running the media?.

    Sinn Fein is the Irish version of the British Labour party, that is Marxist, pro-open borders, pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-multiculturalism, etc. BTW here is an excellent article about the people behind the ethnic cleansing of the Irish: https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2019/08/30/become-other-than-white-ireland-and-radical-jewish-activism/


    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. I was unaware of much contained in the linked article

      It seems that the existence of even a few “embedded” Jews can ruin a country (even one Jew, as with Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden).

      I never visited Ireland as “Celtic Tiger” (a situation I realized might be developing when I saw in 1993 that, among other enterprises, the Duty Free shop at Sheremetyevo Airport near Moscow was run by an Irish company). I was last in Ireland in, I think, 1986.

      In the 1970s, and even 1980s, Ireland was very different. I recall the sleepy Ireland I saw in the late 1970s; and the Dublin of the mid 1980s, with its vendors of bananas (sold out of old prams) in O’Connell Street, and its large population of those trying to tap you for change (I even got approached by a nun in a park; she sold me two raffle tickets).

      I was in Dublin at that time as a hanger-on of the Bolshoi Ballet, which was doing a tour visit, performing at a theatre created out of a place called the RDS, usually used as an open arena, eg for the Dublin Horse Show. People came from as far away as Cork, many wearing dinner jackets or evening gowns (as appropriate…Eddie Izzard was not around then!). I saw the performances (the visit went on for 3 days), using the laminated “Bolshoi Ballet” clip-on pass belonging to Natalia Bessmertnova, the Prima Ballerina (who said that as Prima Ballerina —and thus famous— she did not need one and should not be required to wear one!)


    1. Boris-idiot is, as I may have said previously, like a schoolboy writ large. His grandes projets remind me of some of my own ideas, but I have the excuse that I had those ideas when I was 12, 13, 14, maybe even 15, but no older. Instead of knuckling down to Caesar’s Gallic War, Virgil, or the mysteries of mathematics, I dreamed about draining the Irish Sea, or the North Sea (apparently not impossible— a Dutch engineer proposed the latter onlythe other day) and other big ideas of the sort (some viable though, such as the oft-discussed “greening of the Sahara” via creating an inland sea in the Qattara Depression and so on).

      As Prime Minister, Boris-idiot should not at present be thinking of having built a bridge to Ireland, or continuing with the absurd and destructive HS2 vanity project, but concentrating on priorities such as the UK’s alternatives to both UK-EU and UK-USA axes. Or the huge poverty which now exists in this country thanks to David Cameron-Levita-Schlumberger and others. Or the fact that UK children now undergo 13 years of full-time education, many 16 or 17 years, and at vast expense to the State and/or their parents, yet come out at the other end profoundly ignorant in most cases.


      1. HS2 should be scrapped. It is a huge white elephant in the making that will cause huge environmental damage to little good purpose and by the time it is up and running its main customers of wealthy business people will be working from home and flying cars will be a reality.

        The huge cost would be better spent on re-opening some of those train branch lines the Tories in particular closed in the 1960’s, opening light rail/tramways in some of our major cities or going ahead with Crossrail Two.

        If Boris wants to build something blatantly political like the Channel Tunnel (clearly a project designed to make Britons feel more European and in favour of EU membership) then a fixed link from Britain to Northern Ireland is the way to go.

        Alternatively, 100 billion pounds would employ a lot of police officers not that they do much useful REAL police work under the laughably misnamed ‘party of law and order’ or the CON Party could decide to use that massive sum employing some immigration officers, putting them to work and building some detention centres to, finally, get around to deporting the one million or so illegal immigrants in this country at long last.🙄🤬😡


      2. I saw some of the TV news this evening. About £2.6 billion of work on flood prevention over 6 years. Compare that with the (open-ended) supposedly £130 billion for HS2, so that a tiny proportion of the country can get to Birmingham or Manchester slightly quicker.


  2. As Boris-Idiot is a man-child with an overly active imagination, he finds he can gain endless hours of enjoyment watching YouTube videos of mega civil engineering projects in places like China and Europe.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he often gets out a pad of paper and some crayons and then proceeds to doodle for considerable periods of time drawing-up similar projects for Britain regardless of their cost both financial and environmental. This makes him look busy and Prime Ministerial in his opinion whilst others think it is just a good way for him to cover-up his inadequacies as PM.

    His Turkish genes make him disposed to being a despot as Sajid Javid has found out to his cost but they also make him admire those Chinese projects in particular and he would love to build similarly grand projects for us and, as in China, be dictatorial enough to sweep away any objections from ordinary people easily


    1. In past blog posts and, even earlier, in tweets from years ago, I opined that Boris-idiot “is no good in a crisis”. I think that even events since the General Election hae confirmed my view. British people stuck on ships or in China because of the coronavirus, while USA, Australia, France etc have been pulling out all stops for *their* citizens; Boris-idiot has also posted AWOL in the floods crisis. He is just no good, a part-Jew public entertainer. In any crisis, he is useless. I wonder what he would be like in a real military crisis? The Kremlin must be enjoying this…

      As for other matters, the economy is going to tank. When it does, this government will go belly-up.


      1. God forbid if Argentina decided to invade the Falkland Islands again with Boris-Idiot in power! As you say, the Kremlin is no doubt enjoying the spectacle of this clown as PM and some allege Putin and company helped to put him there!


      2. If Argentina did invade the Falklands and succeed initially (as before), there would be no way for the British to dislodge them. The sea power is not there, as far as I have read anyway, the planes are not there (in our forces), the actual fighting men are not there in sufficient numbers either.


    1. All very impressive, and I do not deny that it *may* be part of the job of a political leader to promote and support les grandes projets, but my point is more around priorities. The UK is facing a number of very significant and potentially existential problems. This is not the time to think about building a chairlift from London to the top of Everest or a monorail from the UK to Brazil.


      1. I agree. They are cruel to animals and and that may explain the outbreak of that virus. They are also cruel towards people as well sometimes and have strange eating habits. Japs are the most sophisticated and intelligent of the East Asian peoples in my opinion and the most like us.


  3. I think a Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael and Green Party coalition is the most likely government to emerge in the Republic of Ireland or a new election will be coming soon. I don’t believe that Sinn Fein will be able to form a stable and long lasting administration even with the aid of some of the Independents.


    1. You may be right. I am not sufficiently informed about Irish politics to say, but Fianna Fail and Fine Gael certainly have more in common with each other tha either does with Sinn Fein.


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