Diary Blog, 18 February 2020 ( including The Andrew Sabisky Affair)

Well, Andrew Sabisky, of whom I had never heard until he joined Dominic Cummings’ “weirdos and misfits”, has resigned, thus pre-empting his probable sacking.



Jew snooper from the misnamed “Hope not Hate” cabal writes:


What is the reality behind all of this? If you believe that Sabisky was ruled completely unsuitable because of his allegedly “horrific” views or behaviour, then you are not aware of the mountains looming behind the immediate view.

Were Sabisky’s views so terrible? It is said that he got some statistics wrong, some of “the science” wrong etc. Well, that would worry No.10, which even in the past decade has pushed ahead with policies (and with ministers and advisors proposing those policies) in the face of the preponderance of the known facts: examples would include the HS2 high-speed rail vanity project, the gigantic mess of a so-called “reform” of the “welfare”/social security system launched by Iain Dunce Duncan Smith, the whole nonsense “austerity” policy of David-Cameron-Levita and George Osborne etc.

Forget the small details. Look at the reality: IQ is lower on average in black countries, as compared to Northern Europe. There may be various reasons why that is so, from testing methodology to diet to education to whatever, but the facts are indisputable, really. Anyone who has visited other countries (outside Europe…in fact even in parts of Southern Europe, such as Bulgaria and Romania) knows that a good proportion of their populations is as thick as two short planks by Northern European standards. Not a judgment buttressed here by a ton of pointless statistics and contrived reasons, just the plain truth. And that is why this Sabisky person was sacked— because he spoke the plain truth.

Yes, there are exceptional individuals from the IQ point of view among the blacks and browns. Yes, there are mentally-weak individuals in the “white” Northern European countries or populations. We must make fair overall assessment. For example, I happened to be watching University Challenge yesterday. One team was dominated by an exceptionally well-informed black (really, mixed race) American, whom I had seen on a previous programme, and whose impressive knowledge was rendered even more impressive by the fact that he was from Jamaica, Queens (New York, not the Caribbean island of Jamaica), which is a pretty poor area not far from Kennedy Airport. It is not a place from where many international scholarship students emerge (I myself once went through that area, when my first wife took a wrong turn in leaving the airport). Yes, but that is one exceptionally able individual, an anomaly.

The Twittersphere went mad about Sabisky, though Twitter is really not very important. Most of those commenting now are merely “useful idiots” for the System or the Jewish lobby. More significantly, the msm went mad, the System political drones too. Why? They were willing to say “so what?” about such matters as Michael Gove snorting cocaine and/or being filmed drunk as a skunk in the Chamber of the House of Commons, or pathetic Jewish lobby puppet Stephen Crabb repeatedly and despairingly “sexting” teenage girls, or Priti Patel acting as an Israeli agent.

As for Sabisky himself, his origins and education are not so easy to discover, despite his sudden notoriety. He was apparently “home-schooled” by his own mother, though he also spent two brief periods at independent schools (unnamed; presumably not famous ones):


Obviously, with a name like Sabisky, the “superforecaster” is at least partly of non-UK origin. Looking at him, I would not be surprised to discover a part-Jew origin. I may be mistaken, I suppose. If anyone has anything (informational) to add, use the comments section below.

Sabisky’s father is Finance Director for the trade union Unite.

The Independent has published a piece by “antifa” person “Dr” Louise Raw; though she does possess a doctorate of sorts (from a “university” or other institution which she is very coy about identifying), she is not an academic; neither is she an historian in the usually-accepted sense (her “doctorate” was on one particular industrial dispute of 1888). Her main activity (apart from tweeting) seems to be occasionally talking on BBC Radio London and doing a (monthly, I believe) column for the Morning Star. She is, of course, not a scientist in any sense, so her “warning” about Eugenics carries no weight whatsoever.


A more interesting piece:


Perhaps people should be asking, not “is Eugenics valid?” but “what in the Eugenics canon is valid?” (cf. “holocaust”).

Reverting as to why such a fuss about Sabisky, I think that the answer lies in the so-called Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, sometimes called “the Great Replacement”:



The international conspiracy (or “consensus”, if you like), also called by such names as “The Wise Men of the West” and, in a certain mode following their project, “the New World Order”, has decided that the future lies in North America and that, therefore, Europe is to be weakened and destroyed as a hub of world power, but kept as an economic building block of the NWO. How? By mixing the Europeans ethnically with Arabs, blacks etc. Particularly the Northern Europeans are to be wiped out as a distinct collection of peoples. The Great Replacement.

Thus it is that we see TV ads, soaps, films which show, increasingly, mixed-race couples, families, children etc. The plan has been carried out so blatantly in the UK that millions of British people are starting to ask “why is it that every family showm in ads has a mixed black-white couple (etc)?” Even a couple of Labour MPs asked that.

The idea is to make normal the idea of mixed relationships, marriages, children. The better future for Britain and Europe will thus be replaced by a worse future. The same idea lies behind all the fake “race relations”, “hate speech” and other stuff of that kind. The idiots applaud, of course, not even realizing that they are being used.

The ideas espoused by Sabisky, apparently mostly a few years ago, but brought out now by those hostile to them, stand in opposition to the plans of the international conspiracy. They had to be removed from proximity to government. Sabisky therefore also had to go. No dissent from the dictatorial and evil Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan will be allowed.

The midnight hour approaches…

Well, here we are, with no time to discuss other issues. In that case, just some music:

4 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 18 February 2020 ( including The Andrew Sabisky Affair)”

  1. “…One team was dominated by an exceptionally well-informed black (really, mixed race) American…”

    Skeptical me says this occasional far right outlier on the bell curve was probably there mainly to promote the idea of Tan Everyman as Paragon of Animals. Though that said, I think Kitty Little mused that Blacks on average (and in a suitable environment) were competent to good at least in rote learning, attributing this to typically higher levels of growth hormone. If true then handy for “the learned professions”, acting etc. Or at least getting into same.

    I think you have it in one: the low level of general intelligence (plus of course lower impulse control which in turn arguably also results in lower moral tone) are generally not attractive to Whites as attributes, and so would not be conducive to that much hoped-for mixing which will lead to the Coudenhove-Kalergi coveted “diversity of individuals” to replace the diversity of races.


    1. Wigger:
      There is an old saw in the legal world: “hard cases make bad law”, i.e. bad laws or bad interpretation of laws are often the result of wanting to find justice in cases which, though rare, are unjust on the individual level. Most of the bad laws of the past 20 years or 30 years are like that: Dangerous Dogs Act, Communications Act 1993 s.127 etc.

      In the same way, the occasional high-functioning blacks etc are used to justify putting *other* blacks into unmerited positions, as we see in the push for more blacks as judges, TV presenters etc; the push to replace whites with blacks and browns, in short.


  2. Sir Keith Joseph found himself in a eugenics outrage in late 1974 after giving a speech to Edgbaston Conservatives calling for contraception to be supplied to lower-class girls to stop the growth of the inferior under-class on welfare for life. It cost him the Tory leadership which went to Mrs Thatcher. Joseph was the intellectual leader of her circle.


    1. Watcher:
      Good point. The System often seens to *want* a population that is not too high-level…

      One can argue about the details of “eugenics”, and as to what is or is not useful or desirable, but the broad outlines surely are visible.

      It must be better to have or get (however obtained) a high intelligence and high-ethics (i.e. IQ + EQ) population that is fundamentally healthy than to have an unhealthy, decadent, amoral and stupid population.


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