Diary Blog, 19 February 2020

White “guilt”

Look at the article below, white masochism oozing out of it. Typical of much of the “liberal” mindset. Disgrace.


“Hope not Hate” chief snoop resigns

I suppose that most readers of this blog are aware of the mainly Jew-Zionist “Hope not Hate” organization, which is fairly well-funded, staffed mainly (certainly at the higher level) by Jews, and which has managed to worm its way into the confidence of a number of sadly thick MPs and others over the years. It even targeted me peripherally, mentioning me and my blog a couple of years ago in its “State of Hate” publication, along with David Irving, Alison Chabloz, David Icke and many others.

“Hope not Hate” even had an “undercover” operative, Patrik “The Rat” Hermansson, talk to me at a clifftop cafe overlooking the English Channel. I had been asked to meet him by a third party. The Rat was at the time using the cover of a Swedish student interested in social-national personalities in the UK.

I was mildly suspicious, but felt that I owed the third party a favour, so agreed. I had nothing to hide, and in fact belong to no political or other organizations, so why not? I made sure to keep the conversation innocuous. I had no idea that I was being (illegally) filmed and audiotaped by “Hope not Hate”. They had some stupid idea of producing a film about nationalist and social-national people in the UK and USA. In fact, they did make such a film a year or two ago but (as I predicted when I heard about it) it was a damp squib, being shown only on one or two obscure Scandinavian and Belgian stations late at night. Result, as also predicted, zero.

Now it seems that Nick Lowles, the Jew “antifascist” Witchfinder-General of HnH, has resigned.

Amusingly, Lowles became the victim of his own tactics a few years ago:

In February 2016 Nick Lowles was “de-platformed” from a National Union of Students event by NUS Black Students, which said that he was Islamophobic.” [Wikipedia]

From where does the HnH money come?

“[Sigrid] Rausing is a supporter of Hope Not Hate. On 1st December 2018 the Sigrid Rausing Trust began a grant of £450,000 over 3 years to Hope Not Hate. By that point, Hope Not Hate had received £615,000 from the Sigrid Rausing Trust.


So that one woman, via the Sigrid Rausing Trust, has given and/or will give HnH a million pounds…

Sigrid Rausing is married to one Eric Abraham:[https://www.theguardian.com/profile/eric-abraham]. Ah…

Bingo…Jewish convert: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-jewish-chronicle/20070518/282192236555718

One can only suppose that even a woman as rich as Sigrid Rausing does not take kindly to being ripped off by grifters (as seems may have been the case with “Hope not Hate”)…

Comments seen:

By the way, this is what the “Hope not Hate” cabal said of me, in its 2018 “State of Hate” overview:

Ian Millard is a former barrister, expelled from the Bar in
October 2016 after having posted a series of antisemitic
tweets glorifying Hitler’s Nazi Party and calling the thenJustice Secretary Michael Gove a “pro-Zionist, pro-Jew
expenses cheat”.
Summary of 2017
During 2017, Millard continued to be vocal online,
especially on his website and blog where he calls for
a complete replacement of the Parliament by a “social
nationalist” government.
In February, he also spoke at the London Forum on “The
Zionist assault on freedom of expression in England”.


I have to say, even if immodestly, that my tweet about “pro-Zionist, pro-Jew expenses cheat” Michael Gove has worn rather well! I can now add “cocaine abusing” to Gove’s description. Here is the little bastard, drunk or drugged or both, in the Chamber of the House of Commons:

As for Lowles, all sorts of scurrilous allegations about him are surfacing on social media, from payment of a very large salary (and “expenses”) to outright theft or embezzlement:

(Answer came there none…)

This made me laugh!

In fact, the Jews who head the various so-called “anti-racist” or “antifascist” organizations in the UK are commonly also criminals and gangsters. Look at this one, for example:

Ah well…at least that one has gone up the chimney.

Ruth Smeeth, the ex-MP (Stoke on Trent North, 2015-19), Israel lobby loudmouth, CIA/MOSSAD source and “antifa” overseer (and who is on the board of “Hope not Hate”) is descended on the maternal side from Jew gangsters in the 1930s East London razor gangs milieu. Appalling. Is she paid for her HnH “work”? If so, how much?

Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy has now nailed her colours to the mast, coming out as even more pro-Jewish lobby than the other two remaining contenders for the Labour leadership.

Many Labour members and supporters are sick of the way in which the Jewish lobby, via such puppets, is orchestrating the return of Labour to (((the fold)))…

Click to access State-of-Hate-2018.pdf

Click to access State-of-Hate-2018.pdf

Ruth Smeeth

This is brilliant! Really made me laugh! General Election 2019. The half-Jew CIA/MOSSAD source, Jewish lobby loudmouth and “Hope not Hate”/”antifa” overseer, Ruth Smeeth, discovers that she has lost her House of Commons seat (Stoke-on-Trent North: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Smeeth) and is probably permanently washed-up as a politician (click on picture):

Yes, Ruth Smeeth, former (?) “strictly protected source” at the US Embassy in London (see Wikileaks), thought that she was embedded as an MP indefinitely. Ha ha! She and her fellow-Jew MPs in Labour wanted rid of Corbyn, in fact wanted to prevent Labour from winning the 2019 General Election. “They” succeeded in that, but only at the cost of their own seats!  They sawed off the branch on which they were sitting! “I’m lovin’ it!”…


A cleansing interlude

Priti Patel and her immigration proposals

Priti Patel is an ingrate: I have never seen one word from her thanking Idi Amin for taking power in Uganda, without which Priti Patel would have spent her life behind the counter of a Kampala grocery shop. Still there it is.

Now Priti Patel, as Home Secretary (yes, being at least an Israeli agent of influence is no bar to Cabinet status these days) has outlined the Boris-idiot approach to immigration. No low-skilled migrants, apparently. I have no quarrel with that, but then Priti Patel went on to say that “high-skilled” migrants with university degrees, good job offers etc are acceptable. What does that mean? I fear that it means “Indians who can work a computer”, or have “degrees” bought at great cost (with or without actual merit) in that very corrupt country, or who have family and friends willing to “offer” a “job” in the UK…

Britain should start from the default position that we only want people of, at minimum, European race and culture. After that, by all means lay down extra restrictions.

Can Britain even be called a “democracy” now?

Thanks to Jew-lobby puppet Tony Blair, Britain now has a political structure by which a political party has to be “approved” in order to exist and stand candidates at elections. The Electoral Commission does this work of repression. One example:

“Resisting Hate” is the vehicle of “Roanna” (Carleton Taylor) from Derbyshire, now on Twitter as “@antifashwitch”. Mike Stuchbery is an “antifa” cheerleader (from a distance), a violent and disturbed individual now resident in Stuttgart, Germany:


Stuchbery poses, not very credibly, as both “historian” and “journalist”.


What has happened to what was one of the best countries in the world? I suppose that the answer is multifold: an atheist tendency; a moneygrasping tendency; reduction of voting age to 18 —and for some elections, 16 (was once 28); enfranchisement of women (I think since the 1980s); a strong Jew/Zionist influence; the general decadence of the age; mass immigration. General vulgarity? General stupidity? Now this, as one symptom:

Scottish Daily Record

I have noticed over the years that the Scottish Daily Record is infested with Jewish lobby influence:


Underage girl abuse by Pakistani gangs

It has not stopped. It still goes on, and will go on so long as culturally-backward populations inhabit Britain’s land.


This is what a popular government, unafraid of the people, looks like

[by the way, that cruise liner for German workers was launched at a time, 1939, when the best that most British people could hope for would be a week in Blackpool or a similar place]

A few more thoughts about Andrew Sabisky

I find myself wondering again about the Sabisky affair. Strange that the newspapers have revealed few details about him. The only personal details I can glean, from various sources, have been that he was homeschooled, but also briefly attended two (presumably minor) independent schools, that he is 27 (some reports say 28) and that his father is Finance Director of the trade union, Unite. One report says, implausibly (?) that he is the father of no less than four children.

Nothing about his national or ethnic background. Nothing about where he went to university, in fact nothing about whether he did attend a university, though I suppose that he did, because almost everyone and his dog attends something at least called a university, these days. He has been referred to as an “academic”, for what that is now worth.

No detail about where he worked (if anywhere) previously. It even occurred to me that he might have been some probationary member of MI5 or MI6 who was found unsuitable. Seems incredible, but so far there is no evidence in the public domain as to what he did get up to between the ages of 18 and 27.

Midnight music

31 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 19 February 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: This Sigrid Rausing is true POS. A perfect late XXth century Liberal (that means a product of the Judeo-Marxist “School of Frankfurt”). What is really infuriating is the fact that she is the heir to a huge fortune devoted (thanks to her) to financing Marxist organizations. Mind you, what can you expect from people born and bred after 1945? Considering that the universities all across the Western world have been since the 1960s nothing but centres of Marxist indoctrination is a miracle that people like us still exist.


    1. Claudius:
      Throughout history, the well-funded and well-armed have fallen to poorer and apparently powerless groups, even in our times: the Soviet dissidents outlived the Soviet system and contributed to its fall; the position of the Shah of Iran seemed impregnable, protected by vast armies and by the security agency SAVAK; East Germany seemed at least unlikely to fall (I was there for a few days in 1988), but was history by 1990.


  2. Thank you for the excellent German newsreels. Regarding the NS organisation “Kraft Durch Freude” (Strength Through Joy) there is a very good article in Metapedia, I am sorry it is only available in German, but it can be quickly translated using any standard software. Here is the link: https://de.metapedia.org/wiki/Kraft_durch_Freude

    The ship was named after Dr Robert Ley, the leader of the “Deutsche Arbeit Front” (German Work Front) and the creator of “Kraft Durch Freude”. He was an extraordinarily talented man, and he was loved by his countrymen.


    1. Claudius:
      YouTube has caved in to the Jew-Zionist lobby. Excellent films are now no longer there: newsreels, films of marches, music of the Reich, even historically-accurate but not now politically approved films such as “Jud Suss”.


      1. Haven’t other people put-up copies of these films etc elsewhere on YouTube? It must be quite a hard place to police since the site has, according to Wikipedia, people posting 400 minutes of video onto it EVERY MINUTE! It is the world’s number two site.

        It is owned by Google but I have no idea if the owners of that company are like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook who seems to like censoring.


  3. Re the Electoral Commission one had to be created because of this country now having Proportional Representation voting systems (aren’t the Scots in particular but also the Welsh privileged? Yet the Scots especially claim to be victims of discrimination in the United Kingdom? It seems to me we English outside of London are the REAL victims of discrimination by the British government in this regard!🤬😡)

    PR is fundamentally based-upon the election of political PARTIES rather than individual candidates which is one reason why the Lib Dem preferred system of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) is such a strange system of PR rather than Germany and New Zealand’s excellent Mixed-Member Proportional systems.

    Put simply if you have party-based PR you need registered political parties.

    That being said, the Electoral Commission is hardly the genuinely independent body it should be.


    1. I do not see why one needs an “Electoral Commission” because of PR voting. Britain has, in EU elections, had forms of PR voting since the 1970s, but this repressive Electoral Commission farce was only established in 2001: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_Commission_(United_Kingdom)

      It cannot do its less controversial jobs properly, yet purports to decide whether or not parties can stand candidates! The BNP had a lot of trouble from it, now we see that if a party holds the “wrong” views, that it cannot exist at all as a party! Whatever the system is in the UK, it is not really “democratic”.


      1. Ironically enough for all their professed anti-PR beliefs ( how convenient this doesn’t stop them from taking-up those list PR element seats in the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, STV-elected Scottish local councils, and the London Assembly!🙄🙄🙄🙄) it was a TORY government that first introduced PR in the United Kingdom with Edward Heath’s introduction of STV in Northern Ireland in the early 1970’s.

        The rest of the UK didn’t have PR in any form until Labour came to power in 1997 and introduced it in the London Assembly, the Welsh Assembly, the Scottish Parliament and EU elections in 1999 (under pressure from the EU who forced us to have it).

        I can remember how the Green Party captured the pro-environment mood in the Euro elections of 1989 and got 15% of the vote (a total they haven’t beaten since) and got NO seats at all due to this country not having PR on the mainland.


      2. Britain is a heavily flawed ‘democracy’ at best. I don’t see how the British government can so hypocritically pontificate about the alleged democratic failures of other countries around the globe when we live in a country with an UNELECTED Head of State, an UNELECTED House of Lords, no written constitution guaranteeing us basic and fundamental human rights such as freedom of speech/freedom of thought/freedom of peaceful public assembly, and an electoral system for the House of Commons that ROUTINELY ‘wastes’ (ie in the sense of these votes not electing anybody) around 50% of ALL VOTES CAST in general elections.

        In December last year, the system systematically put into the nearest dustbin 45% of ALL VOTES ie around 14,000,000 votes!🤬😡🙄🙄


  4. The Scottish Daily Record is owned by the Daily Mirror Group so being infested by Jew Zionist extremist influence should come as no surprise. It truely is a vile rag even by the usual low standards of the Daily Mirror and in the 1980’s decided to stir-up anti Tory and anti Margaret Thatcher hatred in Scotland which was intended to boost Labour and keep Scotland as a Labour fiefdom but has, sadly for the rest of the United Kingdom, backfired spectacularly in the rise of the separatist SNP. Lately, their immature and wrong headed campaign ie calling even Mrs Thatcher’s Tories an ‘English party’ ( utter rubbish particularly under Thatcher as she was personally very opposed to devolution) has backfired even more with Scottish Labour’s virtual death.


    1. In the 1980’s in particular under Thatcher but also for most of the post-war period (a brief hiccup occurred under Heath) the Tories were the BRITISH party in Scotland NOT an ‘English’ one like Scottish Labour and that rag constantly insinuated! It is good though that Scottish Labour has paid a huge price for that ridiculous campaign!😀👌A lesson they should take from telling lies for a decade or more.


  5. It sounds like this Andrew Sabisky character could be a Pole or some other type of Eastern European from his surname. He surely isn’t Jewish in some way as they normally only approve of eugenics when it comes to the way they think it might help them as a group. Poland has quite a few Jews but I don’t think many of them have emigrated over here since the 1880’s to 1930’s.


    1. The name-ending “sky” or “ski” does of course denote Polish origins, but many Jews have, since the 19thC, also used the “sky” endings. Example, the fraudster, Stavisky, in the France of the 1920s and 1930s:


  6. Pardon the language but even by the usual abysmal Tory standards and notwithstanding the fact she is a woman Priti Patel is a c#@#%.

    She knows full well the public concern about immigration is about NUMBERS and also about where these immigrants are coming from ie backward Third World holes with populations disposed to not having law-abiding natures as London now knows to its cost.

    Her deeply INSULTING and PATRONISING to the native British immigration proposals are about as much use as the proverbial chocolate fireguard. WHERE iS THE STRICT ANNUAL CAP on numbers, for instance?

    Also, how many illegal immigrants has she deported yet?Does it amount to double figures?🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡


    Why does she always have that arrogant smirk on her face all the time!

    It is all very well having a points based immigration system but other things have to be done with it such as an annual cap and deporting the backlog of ONE MILLION illegals! I want to see flights taking-off from Hearhrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow etc 24/7 clearing this disgraceful backlog!


    1. Well, I can understand the arrogant smork on Priti Patel’s visage. Apparently destined by birth to be an East African Asian shopkeeper in Uganda or provincial UK, and despite being as thick as two short planks, and *despite* having been exposed as both treacherous and useless, here the bitch is, Home Secretary! It’s enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window!


      1. Yes, treacherous as in being a proven Israeli agent that even Mrs Zionist Maybe couldn’t stomach and as useless as a chocolate fireguard with regard to her latest Labour Party worthy immigration proposals and her non action with respect to improving the useless police forces of this land’s effectiveness in combatting crime. We have the village idiots of Witham just up the road from me to thank for this bloody incompetent woman continuing to blight the nation. Not that they were spoiled for choice as to candidates to vote for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witham_(UK_Parliament_constituency)

        Now, forgive me for being a touch cynical here, could it be she she was appointed Home Secretary to earn the non conservative Conservative Party some PC brownie points on account of her being of Indian origin and having ovaries?


      2. I expect so. Indian, parents semi-refugees (though not so poor), a woman too…

        Of course, very few of Boris-idiot’s ministers *are* really British: Jews, part-Jews, Indians, Pakistanis, the odd African (via Eton) etc.

        BTW, M’Lord of Essex, knowing your interest in Asian law and order, and seeing this on “FSE”, I copied it for you:

        [video src="https://freespeechextremist.com/media/cab2d541-191d-4bc6-a93f-f88149b04447/XouUg3_8pYT0gAcn.mp4?name=XouUg3_8pYT0gAcn.mp4" /]


  7. Priti Patel is a Politically Correct globalist as are most people in the misnamed Conservative Party. She needs to change tack radically by deporting illegals by the plane load, imposing a strict annual cap on immigration numbers, and reintroducing capital and corporal punishment a la Singapore. Out of the two I am beginning to think there would be more virtue in having Singapore-style flogging than hanging. That could prove to be a better deterrent to criminals than hanging and at least such a policy can be properly apologised for if the authorities have made a mistake unlike the death penalty.

    More police officers doing REAL police work would be in order too. They need to be released from their PC constraints.

    All in all, some radical actions need to be taken with regard to the burgeoning black crime rate in London and the criminal actions of white and Asian scumbags elsewhere.


    1. Perhaps instead of hanging we could introduce Singaporean-style flogging and lengthy and rigorous incarceration terms for the worst murdering and drug dealing scumbags.

      Singapore uses a maximum 24 strokes of the rattan cane but we could increase that to 100 albeit giving the prisoner some time to recover from the pain ie 100 strokes divided into four batches of 25 strokes each time. After all, we wouldn’t want to give them a death sentence by alternative means now, would we?😂😀🤣😁😎😂😂😂






      1. M’Lord of Essex….when it comes to crime and punishment, you rival the judicial luminaries of the past (Judge Jeffreys, Freisler, Vyshinsky etc)!

        ps. Vyshinsky was not a judge, but in Stalin’s Russia the distinction between judge and prosecutor was not so strict…


  8. Indeed, Iain, many people don’t vote because despite having political opinions they recognise the fact that if they live in a safe seat as most people do then their vote is likely to go to complete waste if they don’t vote Tory or Labour. First Past The Post discourages many from taking part in elections!

    We share this very flawed system with such world renowned icons of democracy as Liberia in Africa! Now there is something your average Labour and Tory supporter can swell their chests with national pride about!🙄🙄🙄


      1. I don’t agree with lowering it to 16 like Labour, Lib Dem, Greens etc want. Britain isn’t markedly out of line with the rest of the world with having a voting age of 18 so what is the point? Yes, we all know Labour in particular wants even more ethnics to vote for them than now so what is their reasoning for this proposal apart from that?

        I could be persuaded of the merits of lowering it to 17 but 16 is just too low and isn’t necessary. What is the point without reforming our archaic electoral system which means those new voters won’t have a vote with having in many cases anyway!


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