Diary Blog, 5 March 2020


Sad news, though not unexpected. I used to use Flybe sometimes, in those long ago days before 2010 when I actually used to go places…I have flown Flybe (or partner airlines) out of its Exeter base, as well as to/from Southampton, Brest (Finistere), Newcastle, Norwich, Doncaster, Manchester, as well as a few other destinations. Quite good. Hard to see how Southampton and Exeter airports will be able to continue if, as reported, Flybe provided up to 95% of the throughput (BBC says 90% for Southampton and 80% for Exeter). Journeys such as Exeter to Newcastle or Norwich are hell by car, even at 100+ mph. I think that the Newcastle route, taken a couple of times, took about 40 mins actually in the air. Pretty good. Car? About 5-6 hours, depending on M5/M6 (etc) traffic.

Bad news for those employed too, both at Flybe and in other connected or supplying organizations. It may be, acc. to reports, that BA, or the appalling (one hears) Ryanair, may take over some routes, so all may not be lost.


So far, the public “panic” is muted in the UK. There is a groundswell of unease, though. Over the past 2 days, I have noticed that the (only) local supermarket, a Waitrose, has run out of (nearly £20 a jar) Mauka honey, the cheaper and larger-pack loo paper, antiseptic handwash etc. Also, far fewer than usual number of shoppers.

The response of Boris-idiot’s government to the “Corvid-19” situation has been feeble. As I noted here a few days ago, my Australian niece (early 20s) returned a week or so ago from the (in the event, largely-cancelled) Venice carnival to a Heathrow Airport sans any checks or questioning. When I visited Macau from Hong Kong in 2006, the bird flu was around and my almost deserted return hydrofoil docked in Hong Kong to a reception of white-garbed and masked medical personnel, who pointed a kind of thermometer gun as I and the few other passengers passed by. Notices warned that anyone could be taken into quarantine if their body temperature was “too high”. Alarming.

I have no confidence in the ability of the NHS to handle a large-scale epidemic. Its administration is not very efficient, the UK has fewer beds per 1,000 population than any other “advanced” state —far fewer than France, for example— and its staff and facilities have been hit by years of “austerity” cuts and government mismanagement.

For no particular reason, The Black Bear:


Despite being part-Scottish somewhere in the mists of time (from my surname, which is believed to be Franco-Scottish in origin…a former girlfriend once visited a chateau in Normandy owned since it was built, hundreds of years ago, by a Templar-connected family called de Millard), I have never actually visited Scotland. Maybe some day.


At last some good news for our lovely badgers:


If any portion of this is because of the influence of Boris-idiot’s fiancee, then I salute her.


For far too long, the organized farming lobby has had a disproportionate influence in Westminster. The only industry to be still subsidized to the hilt. Ecologically, generally very negative. I must blog about all that again soon.

Judicial leniency

The woman in the report below should have been imprisoned. Too many use the fact that they have popped out a couple of children as a reason for not getting a well-merited prison term, even in cases (as here) where the woman in question was cruel as well as neglectful.


Coronavirus and Boris-idiot

It becomes increasingly clear that (as I realized when the London riots broke out, years ago) Boris Johnson is no good in a crisis. In any crisis.

Monkey World UK, 2020


Why was the younger one “spared jail”? An airline captain on duty attacked, kicked, struck, blood drawn…What do you have to do in England today to be given a custodial sentence? (say something about the behaviour of Jews, probably…). As for the District Judge finding that the older woman was acting in “self-defence”, that is just a joke. Idiotic woman (I mean the “judge”). Finally, why are these semi-savages in the UK or any part of Europe?

Save the Children and Brendan Cox


When I still had a Twitter account, I did a series of tweets re. “Save the Children” and also the fake charity called the “Jo Cox Foundation”. The former paid and still pays its top few people hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. No-oneexpects the heads of such a charity to work for nothing, but the largesse extended to the few at the top has a degree of obscenity about it, especially when contrasted with the TV ads showing starving children etc.

The sex pest and near (if not actual) rapist, Brendan Cox (husband of the assassinated virtue-signalling MP, Jo Cox), was paid, certainly by average standards, a huge salary and very generous expenses to be one of the main executives. That despite a very mediocre academic and work background.

He was finally brought down by sexual assault claims which, eventually, had to be admitted. I doubt whether his basic attitude has changed much. He now still is involved in some way with the Jo Cox “charity”.

I discovered, about 3 years ago, that the Jo Cox “charity” had officially-published aims and purposes which were ludicrously wide— they could mean almost anything, and —more significantly– purported to allow the “charity” to do anything, pretty much. I also discovered that the “Jo Cox Foundation” had never filed accounts. It has now, and its documents have been amended to fit within UK charities legislation:


The disgraced expenses cheat and former Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, is now “Chair” of “Jo Cox Foundation”, which apparently spent about £400,000 last year, despite having an income from donations and “trading” of only £300,000. I should get an accountant like that myself!

I have to say that the whole set-up seems very dodgy to me, even now. I do not think that the whole Jo Cox/Brendan Cox story has been uncovered; it certainly has not been told.

Music time

10 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5 March 2020”

  1. Yes, no one can seriously expect this wretched ‘government’ of half-wits to be able to tackle an epidemic when they can’t even get the basics right ie having effective police forces dedicated to combatting REAL criminals instead of un-PC tweeters, border control for an island country (apart from NI) as the backlog of OVER ONE MILLION illegal immigrants demonstrates so horrifically etc.

    We can only hope this government’s incompetent ministers travel a bit and get that Coronavirus and die off. That is probably the only way we will get rid of Boris-Idiot the unkempt monkey from London Zoo.

    Boris and his fellow inadequates would make running a brothel full of prostitutes an insanely difficult task.

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    1. I had thought that the three governments of Cameron-Levita (2010-15; 2015-17) and Mrs May (2017-19) had hit rock-bottom in terms of mediocrity or worse, but Boris-idiot takes the biscuit. He himself, his Cabinet, his ministers.


    2. Beautifully said. Although I am not religious,, I say “Amen” to the probability that cabinet members of Boris-Idiot (and himself) get Coronavirus and die as a consequence.


  2. No sane person would have confidence in an administration containing idiots like Michael Gove who snorts cocaine up his nostrils and has, occasionally, appeared to be either drunk or stoned when he has been in the House of Commons.

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  3. Hello Ian: As I am not a Brit, I did not know anything about Flybe. I have just read some information about the company and its demise. The article which I am forwarding you is quite good but does not provide any information about HOW the company got into this severe financial situation. They also exaggerate the impact of the Coronavirus, since it hit Europe only a month ago and Flybe did not operate international flights.

    Anyway, look at it and tell me later, what do you think. Last but not least it seems that Flybe may have survived had the company obtained a 100 million pounds loan from the government, which was refused. It does not surprise me, there is no money to save a British company, but there are billions available for a hare-brained scheme such as the HS2.



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. Flybe did in fact operate a few international flights, mainly to France. I flew a few times from Brest (Finistere) to UK. I once lived about 30-min drive from Brest.

      I understand that Flybe had been near insolvency for some time. It bought aircraft which it then could not use, I read somewhere. They may have required too long a runway. *If* that is true, it was pure negligence by Flybe directors.

      As to loan from government, that would only have delayed the collapse. Also, two other airlines (BA and Ryanair) were planning to challenge the legality of the loan at the High Court. The proposed loan would have given Flybe an advantage that the others do not have.


  4. You should go to Scotland. I’ve been twice. The last time was quite a long time ago now (2001) so the situation may have changed. I went to the Highlands around Fort William, Lochaber, Loch Ness, visited a whisky distillery (as one must do when in Scotland) in Crieff, Perthshire. The scenery was austere but beautiful. (I hope it hasn’t been too despoiled by those ugly wind farms too much though I fear that may be the case) and the feeling of wide open spaces/isolation was good too compared to the feeling of being squashed like a sardine where I live. I visited that most famous of Scottish castles called Eilean Donan which seems to be on an almost endless list of tourist souvenirs. The setting of is superb.

    I wouldn’t mind living up there in some ways though the SNP loonies probably wouldn’t welcome me. They only like ‘settlers’ from more exotic places than my hometown.



  5. Couple of hot topics involving the police – the first I’ve watched, the second I got only to 4 minutes.

    1. ‘Assembly Member Peter Whittle tackles Police Chief Over Harry Miller & Recording of “Hate Incidents”‘

    – (unusually) one or two worthy comments appear from the peanut gallery. As for me, my main question is whether the College of Policing operational guidance on “hate incidents” has any statutory basis at all…?
    Harry Miller video on his case against Humberside Police auto-follows (not watched).

    2. ‘London Pedo Rings Protected By Police: Ex-Cop Jon Wedger | True Crime Podcast 43’

    I stopped at 4m after Wedger came out with some slop about how English law is all based on maritime law which fact, he asserts, explains terminology such as the defendant appearing in the ‘dock’… ye gods.

    I am seriously beginning to wonder if this faux law alternative universe is a figurative masonic handshake used by various agents to signal to their controllers and other operatives where their true allegiances lie.
    Plus in the case of Wedger and more prosaically (despite his being lionised by UK Column as a fearless champion of the right to justice of abused children) the faux law/lore garbage debases the plausibility of his revelations about child sexual abuse cover-ups to the point of near ridicule.
    If anyone can bear to listen to it all I hope they will find enough to prove my surmise wrong.

    An afterthought: Eric Von Essex of February 27 – A funny thing happened on the way to a dictatorship, passage @21m10s

    The meanderings of Mr Von Essex when not polluted with faux law contain an occasional diamond in the dirt. Here he is referring I think to what Douglas Reed referred to, using the officialese of the time (WW2), as “friendly aliens”. A sad little tale which also evokes A.H. Lane’s “The Hidden Hand” which contains interesting remarks on the subject of war profiteering (and lethally shoddy merchandise).


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      I find this whole obsession with child sex abuse very strange. I am against such abuse, of course, but some people in the UK (and it *is* mainly in the UK) seem utterly obsessed by it. Faux-nationalists especially. There is something odd about it.


      1. Yes I’ve started having an inkling of a similar sensation. That said, there is a monstrous UNFAIRNESS about the whole sleazy way Government has connived at the injustice of industrial scale (& esp. racially mediated ) sexual assaults on minors – whether it’s Boris Johnson talking of resources spent on inquiries as money “spaffed up the wall” to police arresting fathers making complaints about aliens raping their minority daughters, to the Jay Inquiry Report on Westminster nonces/chomos being a whitewash. Something very profoundly wrong and wicked which is instinctively repugnant to the native British. (Wasn’t it Martin Webster who remarked that this was inherited instinct, citing the early age playground recrimination of “it’s just not FAIR!” ?). Overall, moral relativism it is, and that a hallmark of a master / slave system where it seems many of the masters are biologically not of the same origins as the slaves…

        Release the Home Office’s Grooming Gang Review in full


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