Diary Blog, 6 March 2020

The legend of Ahasuerus

There is a legend about someone in ancient, classical, times, who was condemned to reincarnate constantly in the same race and nation, without evolving, because he was unable to accept the divinity of Christ.

I have often wondered about the Jews, or those who say that they are Jews, in this regard. For example, I noticed, when visiting people I knew in the Stamford Hill section of North London, that the Hasid Jews numerous in the neighbourhood tended to have children that needed glasses even at a very early age. I am presuming that that is some kind of genetic weakness.

The above presumed affliction is physical. What about “inherited” or “reincarnated” non-physical traits? I knew a girl once, long ago, who was somehow foreign-looking. She did not look very English, not completely anyway. Her father told her, when she herself was wondering about her origins (in her early twenties), that she had Italian ancestry as well as English. That seemed plausible to her (and to me). She was an impressionable person and before long her favourite music was anything Italian, from Verdi to the theme of The Godfather. She started to eat only Italian food, and her reading material followed suit, as did the videos she watched. Then an unexpected event occurred.

The young woman in question discovered that her ancestry had not been part-Italian but (in part) Jewish (maybe Italian-Jew, I do not know). This discovery changed her whole outlook or world-view. In fact, it was so comical that it could have formed the basis for a film, perhaps akin to Leon the Pig-Farmer, one of her new favourites.

Suddenly, the Italians were shoved out into the cold, replaced by the Jews: Mendelssohn, Mahler (partly-Jewish, anyway), kletzmer music, Qabalah, you name it. Pasta and pesto gave way to kosher wurst and salt beef. She started to attend the “schul” for aspiring Jewish converts at the St. John’s Wood Synagogue in St. John’s Wood Road (not far from where I lived at the time), and in general she became a pain in the neck.

Her whole character changed, and not for the better. For example, I was laughing about a joke made by the very pleasant Lebanese then manager and “head waiter” of the Raoul’s cafe in Little Venice, my usual coffee place, who had referred to the Jews as “the anointed”. The “Jewish” girl erupted, swearing that she would get the owner to sack the man etc. I have no idea whether she tried to follow through (if so, unsuccessfully, because he was there for years more), but it really brought home what a very nasty change in her character had occurred via her espousal of Jewish culture.

I should add that this young woman was rather volatile and, eventually, just as the Jews had displaced the Italians, the Jews in their turn were displaced by, of all people, the Irish! No, she had not discovered a long-lost Irish ancestor, but had somehow (God knows where or how— this was in pre-Internet days, around 1990 or so) started an affair with a notorious (and married) Provisional IRA member who shall be nameless. Suffice to say that this individual was or had been a terrorist, convicted in the UK for acts of political violence, but who later became “purely political”. Later yet, that Irishman became a Sinn Fein member of the Northern Irish Assembly. I believe that he still is, and continues to flourish like the green bay tree. Anyway, he is but a catalyst in this story.

Under the influence of faux-Irish-ism, the young woman of whom we speak turned her London home into a grotto of everything Irish (and Roman Catholic). Plaster saints appeared, the Jewish “schul” was abandoned in favour of Roman Catholic instruction, books about Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir gave way to tracts about Marianism, Jesuitism, the lives of female saints etc, all sharing shelf space with biographies of de Valera and Michael Collins, and music such as The Men Behind The Wire.

There was an amusing incident. On one of my by-then-rare visits to the home of the young woman, she said that the slightly simple but good-hearted fellow who lived in the flat upstairs had expressed his worry that she “might be raided by the police and that [he] might get shot by mistake“!

I have recounted all the above to make the point that attitudes are at least mainly acquired, from personal connections, reading, experiences, from family, friends, from the general society, from race and nation. I suppose that that comment, in itself, is trite. It does matter, though, what attitudes are acquired. Look, for instance, at the tweets below:

The latter tweeter seems to be a remarkably unpleasant individual. Apparently not even part-Jew, yet obsessed with “holocaust” material and with trying to bring to trial the few remaining people who, in 1941 or 1945, were 18 year old boys in uniform, opening and closing gates, or simply working in SS offices.

He wants those boys, now in their nineties, to lose homes, citizenship etc. In a word, he wants to be cruel to them. A sadist, in my opinion.

The hatred oozes from his tweets. I find it very disturbing that such a person is apparently employed by the misnamed Department of Justice in the USA. I wondered whether he himself is part-Jew, so venomous are his comments online, but there is no evidence of it, as far as I know.

He has even picked a quarrel with the present-day Auschwitz visitor attraction:



I wonder what will happen when the last SS officer or man dies? What will the “holocaust” industry do then? Build another 100 fake museums or memorials? In fact, I doubt that many if any SS officers are still alive; if so, they would be at least 100 years of age. I met one once, a very pleasant Austrian who had been a colonel (Waffen-SS Standartenfuhrer) in “the war”, but that was in 1977 and that officer must have been at least 60 then. I remember the polite joke that he made about the look of the lager beer served to him (at the Irish Club in Belgravia, London). Pale and flat.

What about “holocaust” “survivors”? Already we have had individuals who were babies in 1944 and spent a couple of weeks in Auschwitz or elsewhere described as “holocaust survivors” (as sometimes are described those Jews who left the Reich before WW2 had even started!). The whole “holocaust industry” will have to find new “evidence”, such as the “blueprints” of Auschwitz “found” in Berlin about 25 years ago, complete with “GAS CHAMBERS” marked in big letters, in case anyone missed the point…

On a different tack, we have Prince Harry, both born (at least according to the official narrative) and brought up to royalty. What really makes him “royal”? His (sometimes disputed) parentage? His name? His attitudes? When you start to unravel it all, there is not much that is truly “royal” there. His marriage…well, enough ink has been spilt, perhaps! Another knotty conundrum.

Opinion poll

Early for such disapproval…

Carl Benjamin, aka “Sargon of Akkad”


I have fairly frequently noted the very bad situation which, since 2016, I have termed “the privatization of public space”, i.e. the fact that, online, the major platforms, which are basically a monopolistic or quasi-monopolistic cartel, provide their users with no rights qua citizens. The recent “deplatforming” and/or “demonetization” of well-known people and organizations is proof of that. “Sargon of Akkad” is merely the latest.

Not only individuals are affected, but the historical record itself. For example, YouTube has caved in to Jewish-Zionist pressure. Almost anything pertaining to the NSDAP and Third Reich has been removed, including films such as Triumph of the Will, Jud Suss and many others.

Free speech rights are being trashed in the UK and across Europe. This can only end one way…

Music time…

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 6 March 2020”

    1. Claudius:
      Thank you.

      That woman (now in her fifties, and not encountered by me for about 18 years) is a good case study. Before she knew that she was part-Jew, she was altruistic, “Christian” if you like, goodhearted. When she both knew that she was part-Jew and also wanted to “be Jewish”, she became hard, alien, impossible to talk to, just a pain generally. When she dropped most of the Jewish stuff, it was as if a cloud had dissipated from above her head, as in a cartoon.

      ps: the Nuremberg Laws also made a distinction, in relation to Mischlingen, between Jews who lived in the Jewish cultural milieu and those who did not.


      1. Hello Ian:

        Interesting post about that hateful scumbag named McKay Smith (assuming is his real name). There have been, and there are, plenty of insane Aryans who would love to be Jewish (God knows why!) and they try to impress their masters with all kind of outrageous and subservient gestures. We Catholics have an expression for that kind of behaviour, we call it “more Catholic than the Pope”.

        Perhaps the most telling example of that pathological behaviour was the life of that obnoxious traitor called Orde Wingate.


      2. Claudius:
        Orde Wingate was a complete lunatic, a general who killed off most of his own troops. As you imply, he was a total doormat for Zionist Jews, and when in Palestine was very biased towards them.

        My post was only partly about McKay Smith, but his tweets and other behaviour seen in the Press and on Twitter did make me wonder about his mentality, to put it no higher.


  1. It isn’t early enough for people to vent their disapproval of this wretched CON Party ’government’. Their record over the last nine years is diabolical what with the increase in crime, massive cuts to the police, ever more absurd levels of PC repression, a continuing flood of immigrants despite Cameron promising AS LONG AGO as 2010 to get the figure down to the ‘low tens of thousands’. Too many idiots think they are doing a good job.Surely not all of them are smug, ‘I’m all right Jack’ 1% types?


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The political honeymoon is over. Some fools are willing to extend credibility to Boris-idiot yet, perhaps based on his endless fount of silly ideas (bridges and tunnels to Ireland etc). The rest are waking up to the uselessness of Boris. Look at Coronavirus: if you get it, stay home and hope to get better, while hoping that your food and loo paper does not run out! Forget any help from NHS or anyone else.

      It is pretty clear that this is a clueless government even compared to the last few.


  2. On the subject of PC repression, I see that none other than the utterly useless ex Tory MP for Hastings and Rye, Amber Rudd, is whinging that some students no platformed her! Well, stupid woman, you were not exactly famous as Home Secretary for protecting freedom of thought or freedom of speech so I wonder where these lefty students got the idea that it is perfectly ok to shut people up they disapprove of?

    PC extremism and its intolerance towards the values of freedom of thought and free speech were given a massive boost as long ago as the 1980’s when Thatcher’s Tory government passed the Public Order Act 1986 and the repression has continued ever since so your own dear globalist CON Party has a lot to answer for in this respect. Therefore, it might be worthwhile you remembering who started this disastrous repression off in the first place!

    Don’t complain that YOU are now the victim of this process when it was people like you who instigated it!


    1. Exactly so, M’Lord of Essex. Amber Rudd wanted to criminalize you and me, and thousands of others trying to stand up for a better future. She may not yet have been suitably punished, but at least being barred from some meaningless student debate is a kind of slap in the face for her.

      ps. one sees everywhere the”no platform” “revolution” devouring its children in this regard: hardcore feminists being “no platformed” by crazed trans “women”, blacks and browns who are not sufficiently pc being called “Uncle Toms” etc, even Jews who are not Zionist enough being called “anti-Semitic” etc.


  3. And what is it with all this ‘I stand with Priti’ nonsense on Twitter? Priti Vacant is pretty useless as far as I can see! It is alleged the civil service doesn’t approve of her and is not wanting to follow her policies and also that ‘the Establishment’ want to get her because she supposedly wants to release that report on child sexual grooming but they don’t for obvious reasons. If she does want to release it she has my support but I can’t see what is actually stopping her. If she is that desperate to get the report out into the open then she should threaten to resign to force its publication and not put her career first.

    The sad fact is Britain has had rubbish Home Secretaries for many decades now. The only fairly recent one who had some good points (only in the crime fighting area though) was Michael Howard but apart from him you have to go back to people like Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe though he did make a huge mistake in not giving Derrick Bentley a reprieve from hanging.


    1. Priti Patel is not only non-white and an Israeli agent (in effect, at least), but is as thick as two short planks. This”IStandWithPriti” nonsense on Twitter probably has a Jew or Jews behind it (as in “IStandWithIsrael” etc). A few also support her because they are multikulti supporters who want non-whites to rule. They are low-level enemies of the people and not worth bothering about.


      1. As far as I can see, most British people on Twitter are rabid globalists, PC liberals and loony-left nutters. I despair of this country! The fact is the world’s most successful countries are ‘Right-wing’, non-PC and non-globalist like Japan and South Korea. If only we were more like Japs and South Koreans!


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