Diary Blog, 12 March 2020


The reporters of the Independent call the UK government response to the crisis “sluggish” and “complacent”, the very two words I used in my blog a couple of days ago. Maybe my blog is more widely read than I had, modestly, thought…

On the other hand, “sluggish” and “complacent” are the words or at least the attitudes that have marked Boris Johnson, Boris-idiot, for a long long time. They have also marked the previous two “Conservative” governments, particularly that of the part-Jews David Cameron-Levita (PM) and George Osborne (Chancellor) during 2010-15.


The UK is shielding its economy from the virus “but not yet its people”, according to The New York Times.”” [The Independent]

Exactly. In the UK, the government, especially this government, does not really care about the British people. That attitude is given out from the top of this government, from Boris-idiot and his immediate advisers.

It comes after experts have roundly condemned the government’s handling of the epidemic. Richard Horton, the editor of the Lancet, a peer-reviewed medical journal, is among those who have questioned its approach. In a tweet on Tuesday, he said: “The UK government—Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson—claim they are following the science. But that is not true.” [The Independent]

The Government refuses, so far, to close State schools. I suppose that that is because most mothers now are working outside the home. This society is very fragile. It cannot sustain shocks because everything is highly-geared. Close schools and suddenly millions of women would have to stop working outside the home for the duration. The economy (the benefits of which go mostly to 5% of the population) would suffer. This government has, as the New York Times has printed, chosen money over people (again).

The courts need a slap

An elderly British man is cheated out of thousands of pounds by a Muslim criminal who also taunted him and his grand-daughter. The w** is caught, but given a suspended sentence! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/callous-crook-who-fleeced-vulnerable-21678836 and I notice that the name of the judge (at Inner London Crown Court) is not reported, no doubt to save him or her from the justifiable anger of the people. Was he or she also a Muslim, or just a weak, pseudo-liberalistic English idiot?

When Britain has a real government, it will have to move swiftly to deport, both on the individual level and on the mass scale. Other measures will also have to be taken, to purge society.

Compare the above weakness with the case here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-jailed-five-years-after-2167382, in which a woman in her thirties had an affair with her teenage (16+) stepson. Yes, it was a crime, despite the fact that they were unrelated (illegal because the boy was under 18), and it is hardly something to be encouraged, but her five year sentence seems to me to have been ludicrously harsh in any event, and certainly when contrasted with the first case noted, in which an 80-y-o British pensioner was cheated by an untermensch, the criminal getting only a short and suspended sentence.

No wonder that Dickens’ phrase, “the law is a ass, a idiot” is still quoted daily…

In fact, this man [see below], guilty of the trivial offence of trying to access a VIP area at Lord’s during a cricket match, was given a harsher sentence than that Pakistani fraudster who cheated the old man! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/businessman-used-dead-mans-membership-21676258. 10 months suspended, whereas the Pakistani got 18 months suspended, but the English defendant also has to pay a very heavy fine and do 150 hours of slave labour! Good grief! England…country of “the holy money” and “holy cricket”…

Britain 2020

Here is the sort of individual held up to the people, especially the young, as a role-model: some ignorant “ho” who has sex in a restaurant loo with a fairly random person, the events then being publicized in the msm for the delectation of the masses… https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/amy-childs-romped-restaurant-toilet-21678339

Britain needs a cultural purge. Badly.

Musical interlude

News without comment


Democracy? Britain does not have it. Should it be implemented?

Only the most fervent or blinkered supporter of the present system of government in the UK would call it “democracy”. An election every 2-5 years, in which only the votes of those in the most marginal constituencies really count. It is said that Labour would have won the 2017 General Election had it only garnered about 3,000 strategically-situated votes! Out of a population, eligible to vote, of about 45 MILLION (of which 32 million did vote). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_United_Kingdom_general_election#Full_results

The First Past The Post voting system is not particularly democratic anyway. When to that is added the manner of candidate selection, the “regulation” of parties introduced by Tony Blair via the Electoral Commission, and the way in which the boundaries are drawn, one sees that “democratic” is, to a large extent, a meaningless label.


That is before one even starts to consider the role played by the msm.

Bro4irbIcAIZKx2.jpg large


The wider question is whether a greater degree of “democracy” is even desirable.

I have blogged previously about “democracy”: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/has-parliamentary-democracy-as-we-have-known-it-until-now-had-its-day-in-the-uk/

In the trite phrase, democracy “is a movable feast”. It means or can mean almost all things to all men.

As I understand the basics of the Threefold Social Order proposed by that great thinker, Rudolf Steiner, democracy in terms of votes and majorities should apply only to those things where all citizens are equal or equally affected. That therefore excludes anything directly of a spiritual nature: freedom of religion and belief. Just one example. Another? The actual running of economic enterprises. Sometimes you see ignorant people (whom those even more ignorant take to be wise), such as American film-maker Michael Moore, or the now-deceased Labour Party MP, Tony Benn, propose that factories or companies should be run on the ground by committees or even mass assemblies of workers. Anarcho-syndicalism territory. In reality, business requires specialized knowledge and expertise. To submit that to a popular vote is a nonsense and unworkable, as the experience of most if not all “workers’ collectives” has shown.

This is too big a subject to cover in a brief blog, but is worth studying:





More Coronavirus thoughts

We are told that the “elderly” (whether with virus or not) will be turfed out of intensive care units in favour of younger people who have a greater chance of survival. The NHS people say that they “are not going to make value judgments” in allotting space or care, but of course they are making a value judgment, at least in effect, i.e. that those younger, fitter patients with a greater chance of survival are inherently more worth saving than those who, older, maybe sicker, have a lesser chance of survival.

The fervent Twitter supporters for whom medical people can do no wrong even say openly that the young are, ipso facto, more worth saving than the old(er).

Really? A young criminal person, possibly non-Brit (looking at the demographics as the Brits get outbred by the blacks and browns), possibly a useless predator or parasite, is worth more than an older person with fewer years ahead of him or her (perhaps; not necessarily) but who is, perhaps, in every way more valuable to society? I demur.

I think that people should be treated on the basis of need, not on the basis of who is younger or easier to treat.

Britain 2020…


Britain 2020…



Profiteering from Coronavirus

The guilty shopkeepers are, it is said, Hampden Square Pharmacy, London N14 (East Barnet): https://www.nhs.uk/Services/pharmacies/Overview/DefaultView.aspx?id=11380

“Staff: Mrs. Ragini Patel.” https://www.nhs.uk/Services/pharmacies/Staff/DefaultView.aspx?id=11380

Wouldn’t you know?…

Talking of dodgy Indians…

System talking heads like John Rentoul are now pushing Sunak as the next Prime Minister! 10/1 favourite with the bookmakers today. There it is. The Great Replacement…




Goodnight, fellow strugglers for the good and the true…

5 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 12 March 2020”

  1. It doesn’t inspire confidence when leading epidemiologists and Virologists are staggered that certain steps have not been implemented to contain COVID-19.
    Furthermore, they say the ‘action plan’ issued by Public Health England is at least two weeks behind and doesn’t go far enough.
    Only people with links to those who have a confirmed diagnosis or have been to certain countries are being tested irrespective of your symptoms
    My advice is if you feel unwell and are in the vulnerable category or care for someone who is when you call 111 press 1 that you have been to an affected area.
    How you answer the question posed by 111 could mean the difference between life and death.
    This level of incompetence only gives credence to those who believe that this virus is a ‘final solution’ for an increasing aging population.


    1. Lucy:
      Thank you.

      Others have said the same to me, i.e. that this government actually wants the sick and elderly to die in order to save (the “holy”) money…Ironic that the elderly are the ones, almost entirely, who saddled us all with Boris-idiot as Conservative Party leader and now Prime Minister.

      ps. not all “elderly” are Con voters, of course. I am 63 myself (though imo *not* “elderly”!) and obviously I do not vote “Conservative” (nor for any System party).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, it was mostly senile dementia suffering old people who STILL think someone half-decent like Neville Chamberlain or Stanley Baldwin is in charge of the Conservative Party instead of the REALITY that it is ‘led’ by The Clown TM that saddled us with this wretched excuse for a ‘government’. However, many young people also share the blame for failing to vote at all and for Labour in particular because if Labour had done better then the Tory majority wouldn’t be at the obscene and wholly underserved level it is. The right result would have been either another hung parliament or a Tory majority of thirty seats or less.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Thank you for that. I still see talking heads on rubbish such as Sky News saying things such as “Conservative landslide”, “Labour failure” etc, when after all Con got 43.6% and Lab 32.2%. A clear Con win, but still 10 million voted Labour as against 14 million Con.
      As we have so often discussed, one of the main problems with the FPTP system is that it cannot handle nuance or compromise. Winner takes all.

      As you also say, many younger people did not vote, could not see the point in voting.


  3. Yes, the globalist non Conservative Party hardly ‘triumphed’ when their own vote only increased a fraction upon the total number of votes they got in 2017 though it was still a good vote share. Really, it was Labour’s vote collapse, non voting by too many young people, an insufficient rise in the Lib Dem vote in the right constituencies and the archaic fraud of FPTP and how it works that is the explanation for their underserved ‘victory’.

    If the Labour and Lib Dem vote had been spread more efficiently around the country in about a hundred odd key seats this manifestly incompetent shambles of an administration would have either no majority at all or a very small one.


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