Diary Blog, 11 March 2020


Coronavirus and culling (killing)

The original Daily Telegraph comment piece takes the amorality of present-day “Conservatism”  to a new level, at least in public discourse. Openly supporting the death of millions in order to support the finance-capitalist economy.

This is a logical consequence of what has been happening in society and especially in the Conservative Party over the past decade or so. We saw it in the Dunce Duncan Smith DWP regime (which continues, though without Dunce), in the way in which broadly the poorer part of society has been harried and bullied etc.

This is not even, or not only, political as such. It is a question of morality. It shows to what extent ideas such as those of the “philosopher of selfishness”, the “Russian” Jewess, Ayn Rand, have permeated the West. In the UK, mainly the Conservative Party. Raceless, cultureless, rootless persons such as Sajid Javid, who openly enthuses about Ayn Rand and her pathetic ideas.

I wonder how many of the almost entirely elderly, Conservative-voting persons who read the Telegraph realize that the newspaper and the Conservative Party regard their death as something rather positive?

It also shows to what extent society, UK society, has lost its “moral compass”.

The Jews are always pushing the “Nazis were terrible” line, but here we have mass killing of the mainly British elderly openly praised by the most influential and “serious” newspaper in Britain (though few newspapers are now really serious) and in our supposedly wonderful, supposedly “liberal” society…and only a few dissident pseudo-socialists on Twitter take exception (apart from social-national “extremists” like me, I suppose).

This is the kind of political amorality that has suffused our society over more than a decade. Effectively over two decades. We now have someone posing as “Prime Minister” who has no morality at all (and in fact no real intellectual life, just a dummy education in the classics, injected into him in his youth). A completely amoral Prime Minister, without any ideas worth anything, and without principle. He is also useless in a crisis.

Boris-idiot is advised (as good as controlled) by Dominic Cummings, himself someone of disordered mind, and whose own relatively brief business career, in the 1990s, was marked by complete failure.



The Twitterstorm continues, but few have expressed the points that

  • Twitter is not real life,
  • Twitter is not very influential in reality,
  • Twitter changes nothing.

So here we are, after 500-600 years of post-mediaeval culture:

  • pandemic
  • no medicines work against the epidemic/pandemic
  • antibiotics are not working or are irrelevant to the situation
  • anyone unwell must “self-isolate” in their own home, with or without a red cross painted on the door
  • State (NHS) help is unavailable for most people
  • the only advice is “wash your hands frequently”

Nadine Dorries

Ironically, the junior health minister (PUS), Nadine Dorries [Con, Mid Bedfordshire https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadine_Dorries] has become the first MP to fall victim to the virus (she is recovering in “self-isolation” at time of writing).

Interesting blog post seen


Britain 2020


To borrow from and paraphrase Nevil Shute, our society is dying, not with a bang but a whimper…The report above is but one of countless examples. To put it another way, death by a million cuts.

Another example:


God Almighty!

Don’t forget— all of those ignorant people, whether you call them by any particular label or not,

  • have a vote equal to yours
  • probably think that they know as much or more than you
  • are willing to hate you if any newspaper they manage to read tells them this or that

They call it “democracy”…what a sick joke!

Opinion poll [Kantar]

Results (selected):

  • Westminster voting intention: Con 50% (!), Lab 29%, LibDems 11%, Greens 2%, UKIP 1%, Brexit Party 1%
  • 2019 General Election Labour voters think that the best new leader would be: Keir Starmer 25%, Lisa Nandy 15%, Rebecca Long-Bailey 8%, Don’t Know who would be best 52%…


Even with Boris-idiot failing to fill the shoes of a prime minister, even with a deadhead Cabinet, the Conservatives are yet on 50% of the popular vote, with Labour on a mere 29%. Labour has lost touch with the people generally and the people generally have thus cut Labour loose. Labour continues to dominate the Twittersphere, the inner city metro-London space, the world of the NHS and other public services, the loyalty of the blacks and browns. Otherwise? Dead and unlikely to have more than a limited revival.

Greece-Turkey Border

News I had not seen:

The revolution devours its own children

(as I have blogged previously…)

Archaeology Corner

Worth watching


The loo paper panic-buying (in the UK and other —mainly Anglo— countries) is based not so much on practicality or prepping as on psychological foundations.

A few basic things maintain our sense of modern, civilized life, of Western civilization in fact. These are not intangibles such as music, philosophy, the confused ideas of “democracy”, however important those may be, but tangibles: electricity, running water, flush loos and, with those, loo paper.

We laugh at those stockpiling loo paper (so long as we ourselves have “enough”), because we may say “having loo paper will not prevent you getting Coronavirus/Covid-19”, and that is true. It is also true that having a stock of loo paper will not help you much if you do get the virus, because you will use little if any more paper than usual, and the sickness will pass (whatever happens) within a couple of weeks. The average person therefore needs only a stock of perhaps 6-18 rolls. The real point is the psychology.

We feel afraid, to a greater or lesser extent; we feel insecure. The State, NHS, police, whatever, do not offer security, least of all during this virus crisis. We therefore, as a society, turn to basic needs and amplify them. Electricity, running water etc cannot be stockpiled, not by the individual citizen. Loo paper can be stockpiled, though. Ergo, bulk buying…

The bulk buying of loo paper and some other items is an attempt to wrest back control of everyday life from the vortex of uncertainty.

I might add that, so far, the bulk buying has not stopped. I was at Waitrose late yesterday (they shut at 2000 hours here). No hand gel on sale, other cleaning items for the home largely sold out. The entire stock of loo paper sold out, not a roll left (and a cashier with whom I chatted told me that when she started her shift hours before, the stock had already gone…). The cheaper own-brand pasta also sold out (except for peculiarly-shaped pasta). Also, tinned tomato and, to a lesser extent, tinned sweetcorn.

There were, however, fewer actual shoppers than usual.

I would not want to add to the semi-panic, but I have discovered that the loo paper used in the UK comes, most of it, from overseas: 1.1 million tonnes out of 1.3 million. That’s the raw material. So it is not beyond reason to think that there might be a shortage if supply lines are disrupted.

However, we know, as far as Coronavirus is concerned, that there is a wave which rises and eventually falls. Weeks, maybe a few months at most, certainly not years. The most loo paper that any normal individual needs to have, based on 90 days, would therefore be somewhere around (arguably) 30 rolls. Maybe even as little as 20 rolls. So even a family of 4 people would need no more than (between) 80-120 rolls at absolute maximum. For 3 months’ supply. That must put the matter into perspective from the purely logical point of view.

Britain 2020


The vicious defendants are merely described in the Daily Mirror as “from Lincoln”. No mention of the fact that they are Roma gypsies from Romania, as is obvious to any thinking person from their appearance and names. If they cannot be simply disposed of, they should at least be deported (and preferably sterilized first).

People often wonder why the public accepts “fake news”. Part of that is because the Zionist-influenced msm so often conceals real news.


The spending plans set out by Rishi Sunak today should have been put in place, speaking in overall terms, in 2010, 2011, 2012. Other countries, including USA and Germany, and France (among many others) did that to counteract the crazed meltdown of the “banking system” (i.e. the last finance-capitalism crisis) in 2007-2008.

Those countries did much better economically than the UK in the past decade, and they have not had to endure the social miseries caused directly by the sort of policies put in place by George Osborne, that pathetic little part-Jew sadist. Spending cuts, “austerity” (for half of the population) etc.


Look at Germany at the end of the Great Depression. Six million unemployed, the economy stagnant etc. The National Socialist government from 1933 got everything moving, and crucially started that happening by acts of political will. New projects were part of it, but the will to move forward energized everything. The will stemmed from one man, Adolf Hitler. He transmitted the will to his immediate followers and to the NSDAP, which then moved the whole country forward. Yes, part of the improvement was the removal of exploitation by Jews (though Jews still owned vast parts of the German economy for years after that, right up to 1939 in some cases), but the real cause of Germany’s uplift was the programme put in place to do things.





[Note. In relation to the second part of the notice immediately above: in the USA, Henry Ford introduced the 40-hour week in 1926, though it had become the norm in the American newspaper printing industry even before WW1. Henry Ford is the only American whose name is mentioned in Mein Kampf. In Europe, there were attempts to legislate for an 8-hour day in various places, though in some cases these were not fully-implemented: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight-hour_day.]



It seems incredible today, what Germany was able to achieve in its six short years of uneasy peace from 1933 to 1939. No wonder that people flocked from all over the world to see the new Germany arise.









[above: Charlottenburger Chaussee, photographed a few years ago]

Some music with which to end the day…


Final word for today

I think that it is absolutely legitimate to be angry at China for repeatedly unleashing dangerous viruses on the rest of the world mainly because of the generally disgusting Chinese attitude to animals, because of the fact that the Chinese in China will use and eat virtually anything, and often keep and use animals in disgusting ways.

There is much to admire in both the ancient Chinese culture and the contemporary Chinese capabilities, but political correctness and moral cowardice must not stop us from inflicting on China justified criticism, though of course no individual Chinese (especially in Europe) should be held accountable.

23 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11 March 2020”

  1. What an utterly despicable rag the Daily Telegraph is! No wonder they are prime cheerleaders for Boris-idiot and LIBERTARIAN extremist Nigel Farage!

    This evil ‘newspaper’ doesn’t complain about this country’s ever growing number of criminals, the PC cult enforced upon the police by the misnamed. Conservative Party or that our borders are amongst the leakiest in the world.

    It is high time those perpetual older Tory voters woke-up and finally realised the Tory Party is an utterly amoral party of globalist, anti-British spivs and chancers who don’t give a dam about this country or its native people especially the poor and vulnerable ones.

    They need to disabuse themselves of the notion it is still the half-way decent party of Neville Chamberlain, Stanley Baldwin or even Winston Churchill. They should just abstain instead of voting for it.


    1. That, M’Lord of Essex, would assume that most Conservative *voters* “give a damn”. Some may. I am sceptical. I think that many just see “house prices going up” and feel well-off (etc). Few now care much about those worse off, not when push comes to shove. They may give, some of them, packets of food to the foodbank bins at Waitrose, but ask them to take a 1% hit on their income tax and the shutters come down.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Conservative Party has been consumed by this weird and immoral libertarianism ‘small state’ cult which is basically an alien Yankee import heavily influenced by Jews like Ayn Rand and this is the reason the Tory Party doesn’t control our borders or get truely tough on criminals ie good, old fashioned ‘social conservatism’ because doing these things would go against the idea of the ‘smaller state is inherently good’ and the state exercising its more power over individuals which libertarians condemn.

    Mrs Thatcher started this libertarian nonsense off but it has got progressively worse from her time in office.


    1. Mrs Thatcher (or those around her, like the Jew, Keith Joseph) may have had such views, but they were then largely theoretical. People were not literally starving to death in the UK in the 1980s because benefits were cut off. In fact, State benefits were mostly worth far more then in real terms.


      1. I agree. Mrs Thatcher for all of her faults and the bile thrown at her by the Left didn’t ‘reform’ the welfare system much. She left it alone for the most part. Indeed, it was still called the SOCIAL SECURITY system under her which nowdays it is hardly ever referred to as which goes to show the intent of government ministers towards the system.

        Also, she didn’t go completely crazy and privatise things that should not be ie the railways and the Royal Mail. Major and Cameron saw to that.


  3. Hello Ian: You have made a lot of interesting points. Just to touch on the one referring to the government’s culling of elderly people. It has been going on for nearly 10 years according to this excellent article in a dated but very good blog.


    And here is a link from the article mentioned above that delves further into the matter.



  4. It isn’t hard to see why Romania joined the European Union, is it? A poor country wanting to get some free money from a richer one like Britain and sending their worst criminally-inclined Roma gypo scum to us.😡🤬. I don’t like the Poles much either but Roma gypsies are worse. It seems to me we don’t have many of the relatively decent Eastern Europeans over here like Hungarians just Poles which must be half-empty by now and these type of scumbags. We have enough of our own scum to deal with without importing them. Britain is the ‘dustbin of the world’ under globalist Labour AND CONServative Party misrule.🤬😡☹️.

    Truely pathetic sentences for such vicious criminals. In Singapore, they would get a lengthy term of rigorous imprisonment AND be canned with a rattan cane for doing that:


    If judicial corporal punishment is fine for Singapore now, when it was a British colony and for Britain before Labour abolished it in 1948 it is good enough for us now in 2020. Let us introduce judicial flogging via the rattan cane in 2020!😃😄👌😎😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are cultured and decent Poles, M’Lord of Essex, but they are probably not always those who come to do cheap labour here or whatever, though some probably are. I recall meeting some very good Poles in the 1980s (in Poland), despite the difficult conditions some endured.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, the cultured ones are not going to be found in enormous quantities amongst those who treat this country as just an economic hostel and in their own selfish economic interests. ALL immigration to this country should be strictly controlled but if I had to make a choice I would rather have a small number of Poles here who want to integrate than Indians like Priti Vacant, our new esteemed Chancellor 🙄 or Muslim Pakistanis like Sadiq Khan.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I agreed wholeheartedly with you. In fact, we should also bring back the death penalty. Your beautiful country, like the rest of western Europe, the USA and the former dominions (Australia, New Zealand and Canada) is in the hands of traitors who sold their souls to Mammon and the NWO.

      There will be a very long queue at the gallows.


  5. One thing you can say about Uncle Adolf is that degenerate criminal scumbags like in the cases you have mentioned here got their just desserts! Yes, ‘Der Fuhrer’ had Germany’s crime rate under some form of control! The National Socialist German Workers’ Party was a REAL ‘party of law and order’ compared to the British Tory PC globalist liberals.😁

    Liked by 1 person

  6. On the subject of Sadiq Khan, it looks like my prediction of a few months ago that he will still be London’s Mayor come the end of May is going to be proven correct and he may, as I thought, even win the contest outright on the first preference vote:


    https://londonist.com/london/politics/sadiq-khan-has-a massive-lead-in-the-london-mayoral-election-according-to-a-new-poll

    It looks like the CON Party’s token candidate is totally failing to make an impression! Demographics is destiny, Tories!


    1. Now, if only the globalist CON Party had SERIOUSLY listened to one of the greatest Englishmen and Tories that ever lived ie the Right Honourable John Enoch Powell and to people before him such as Cyril Osbourne MP they might have had a realistic chance of electing a Tory Mayor for London but now that chance has probably slipped away for ever.


      1. Latest poll has Sadiq Khan on 49%. Shaun Bailey is a bit of a dimwit, more or less embezzled the funds of his “social enterprise” (though never charged with anything) and is seen by many blacks as an Uncle Tom. He is apparently in no.2 position with about 29%, I think. Rory Stewart has no real chance (I think he is on about 12%) and the rest are also-rans already.


  7. Regarding London’s mayoral election, who cares who will win? For the true Englishmen (I mean white people) is a no-win situation. Whoever wins will be a puppet of the Jewish NWO and therefore an enemy of the English people. In my country the situation is the same: Heads: we lose, Tails: we lose. The system was rigged by the enemy a long time ago.


      1. Hello Ian: You are burning the midnight oil. I noticed that it is nearly 1.30 AM in the UK. I have just watched this video, I am not prone to conspiracy theories, but what this young man says makes sense. Particularly when you consider what a globalist bastard Bill Gates is. A man as wealthy as him wields enormous power, and that power will be used to promote the control of the NWO.


  8. Yes, it doesn’t really matter who wins in London. One of London’s biggest problems is crime in general and violent crime and knife crime in particular and none of the candidates will do much about that. The Mayor has an influence on crime policy and policing but compared to that wielded by the Home Secretary it is a minimal one. To be frank. I doubt whether even having mass hangings and floggings with a rattan cane, a decent non-PC, effective police force in the city like Singapore’s which concentrates on it’s REAL task unlike the Met would do much to diminish the crime rate. Put simply, if you turn a formerly European City into a non-European one composed of some of the most backward people on earth you can’t expect the crime rate not to increase substantially. The same would happen in Tokyo or Seoul if you replaced Japs and Koreans there.


  9. Though it gives me no joy in saying it perhaps it is time we cut London loose and allowed it to become an independent city state as then its excessively liberal, globalist and ‘woke’ politics can’t infect the rest of the country. I would much rather ‘lose’ London than Scotland, Wales or even Northern Ireland despite the fact I was born a Londoner myself albeit on the outer fringes ie Romford.


    1. Claudius:
      Well, the numbers —as yet— may be small as compared with the total population(s), but even so, a death rate of (up to) 5% is far beyond a level I would call de minimis.

      In the UK, *if* half the population is infected and if the death rate is 3% (quite possible because of the demographic profile— many elderly people) then we could still be talking about a million deaths here in the UK. Even 100,000 would be huge.

      There is much uncertainty, of course.


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