Diary Blog, 13 March 2020

Coronavirus, China, 5G and bats

Saw this very interesting speculative blog article. Worth reading:


NHS, State aid etc

After years of mixed reviews, the truth has hit: the NHS is now basically incapable of dealing at all with the most serious public health danger for decades, possibly since 1918.

  • the number of hospital beds per thousand of population is lower by far than in other “advanced” countries; below that of even the USA, and less than half of the number per capita available in France;
  • the number of intensive care beds is only 4,500 in the whole of the UK, about 1 for every 16,000 people. The number of beds actually operational is nearer to 1,500, so about 1 for every 45,000 inhabitants;
  • if people contract the illness, they are asked not even to call the NHS advice line (111) for over a week! We may as well be in black Africa!
  • people with the virus or who think that they may have it are asked to “self-isolate”, i.e. protect others and society as a whole by staying in their homes (so far, no red crosses are to be painted on their doors…), but for the sufferers themselves, for those that live with them (and the UK has a huge amount of shared occupancy and crowded housing) there is no help, not from the NHS, not from the medical profession, not from the State itself.

The British State has shown itself unable and in essence unwilling to help its people.

Monkey World 2020


In the now almost-mythical past (pre-2010), when I myself owned Rolex watches, it only peripherally occurred to me that I might be attacked and robbed for one or another watch. I lived in almost-Central London; also in Almaty, Kazakhstan and elsewhere. I never had a problem (well, not one that could not be handled). Now? London has become a zoo with golden bars.

As to the victims in the report above, some seem very young to be sporting Rolex watches worth £6,000-£7,000. Only 18 and 19! They have wealthy and indulgent fathers? They are Lotto winners? Video game designers? “Rolex robbers” themselves? Well, there it is.

The “Great Replacement”: are the worms starting to turn?




In the parallel universe of Twitter, “#BorisOut” is trending, and not unjustly, after Boris-idiot’s pathetic attempt to play the statesman yesterday, and now that more people understand what people like me have been saying for years:

  • Boris Johnson is no good in a crisis;
  • Boris Johnson has no real ideas or ideals;
  • Boris Johnson is merely posing as Prime Minister;
  • Boris Johnson is incompetent

Twitter is far from the real political world at ground level, though. The irony is that most of the mortalities from Coronavirus are likely to be people over 70 who voted Conservative in 2019 and so are directly responsible for this government of fools even being in place. “If you listen very carefully, you can hear the Gods, laughing” [Commodus, allegedly]

More seriously:

This made me laugh! (you have to click to read the thread):


“You say tomayto and I say tomato, you say shoes and I hear…JEWS”! (apparently, and if a paranoid Jew-Zionist nut…)

Tweet without comment

One less

I have noticed in the past couple of years that quite a few of those who have engaged in persecuting me, denouncing me to various authorities and snooping on me, as well as insulting me on Twitter, have died or are fast declining by reason of terminal medical conditions. Not a few are also mentally disturbed.


I have just seen today that yet another one has apparently shuffled off the mortal coil.


More about “the virus”

Interesting point:

Britain 2020

When a city becomes a zoo:

One thought on “Diary Blog, 13 March 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Although there is nothing new about “evil racist white people” being responsible for everything wrong that happens, here is an excellent example of how the hateful anti-white liberal media uses the excuse of the coronavirus to beat us to a pulp. As usual, Jared Taylor’s observations are just right. The only problem with him is that he denies the existence of a Jewish Problem.


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