Diary Blog, 14 March 2020

Jew-Zionist gets Oxfam to burn books



I suggest that anyone who can spare a few pounds buys from other places (Amazon and Abe Books are infested and will not usually sell it, but you can google for “Judenfrei” suppliers) a copy of The Protocols of Zion. Then send it either to any prison library (in UK, new paperbacks only are accepted), or to the school or college library of whatever institutes of learning that they may have attended in the past.

Freedom of expression on social, political and historical topics must be protected. The Jewish-Zionist lobby is trying, in various ways, to restrict that freedom for its own tribal ends and purposes.



The Protocols of Zion, often misdescribed as “a forgery”, is in fact literary fantasy which, however, describes the outline of a true situation. I suggest that it be disseminated and read as widely as possible.

System desperation

Both BBC News and Sky News featured an opinion poll claiming that most UK people think that the government of Boris-idiot is handling Coronavirus well. This must be “fake news”. Admittedly, I have spoken directly to few people about this, but so far no-one at all thinks that this complacent excuse for a government is behaving well or efficiently. Social media, again, is a poor guide to full public opinion, but Twitter is largely scathing.

It seems to me that the System is desperate to maintain a narrative to the effect that it “has control”, when in reality it has lost control. It does not take much of a leap of imagination to envisage what might happen in an even worse situation.

Good news

Good point

Nick Griffin, making a good if obvious point (I thought similarly when I first saw this photo):

“The Great Replacement” in a single picture…

Here’s another picture, a better one:


Political leadership

I would normally never republish a tweet by doormat-for-Zionism and expenses cheat, ex-MP Ian Austin, but his clip is worth watching.

Say what you like about Blair (and I am and always have been totally opposed to him), but he is or was a pretty good public speaker. (Shame, though, about the deliberate importation of  untold millions of blacks, browns, Roma gypsies and low-pay labour units, war on behalf of the NWO and Israel in Iraq, “mega-casino” plans, and most of his other policies…).

Coronavirus latest


I was and still am sceptical about some of the conspiracy theories that  have been emerging, but I am now wondering where this is going (whether by design or opportunism): “Ministers are urging Boris Johnson to pass legislation that will radically extend the government’s emergency powers capabilities beyond the current 30 day time-limit.” [BuzzFeed News]


It is rare that I agree with “antifa” cheerleader Mike Stuchbery, but I do on the very rare occasions when he tweets the truth:

I included a London example in my blog yesterday:

In some countries, in wartime or emergency times, profiteers like that are taken out and shot.

Midnight music

11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 14 March 2020”

  1. Yes, Bliar was and presumably still is an excellent public speaker, a charismatic man and a very gifted politician but that doesn’t mean he was any good for this country. In fact, in my opinion, he was one of this country’s top three worst PM’s. At the end of that clip he mentions Kosovo the first of his silly military adventures that had noting to do with British national interests and he doesn’t to this day recognise the irony of going to war to save the people of Kosovo from ethnic cleansing etc whilst having people like the Jewess Barbara Roche, the idiot David Blunkett and half-Jew Jack Straw impose their genocidal mass immigration policies upon the British people that are now rapidly depriving us of our one and only homeland.🤬😡☹️


    1. His reckless and excessively liberal immigration policies could be construed as a form of genocide for the British. Certainly, they would seem to fall within the UN’s definition of genocide.

      I am pretty proud to say I wasn’t one of the millions of lemmings who fell for his apparent charm in 1997 so I didn’t vote Labour. I knew from observing him in the immediate years before then he was a nasty piece of work and would be a national disaster for this country. Those ‘Devil Eyes’ posters the Tories used in 1997 with the strap line ‘New Labour, New Danger’ were spot-on but Major being a bit of a globalist himself had them pulled I believe!


      1. Yes, the Devil Eyes poster was only too true. I believe that Steve Hilton conceived it. Blair was backed, I believe, by several separate but collaborating occult groups. The “mega-casinos” plan was classically evil.


  2. Whilst it is true the government shouldn’t shy away from ordering draconian measures to contain this virus problem there is no excuse for using it as an excuse to take advantage from the situation and potentially turn us into even more of a police state and quasi-dictatorship than we already are. I have the uneasy feeling that despite his clownish and affable demeanour Boris-idiot quite fancies himself as a dictator.🙄

    Truely disgusting examples there of how scummy some people can be in situations like this. Yes, some countries have shot people for blatantly selfish, self-serving and profiteering behaviour like that.

    Indeed, I believe the Chinese still execute people for corruption and ‘economic’ crimes even in peacetime.



    China is the world’s top executioner and executes more people than the rest of the world put together.

    Yesterday, you said that chemist shop was owned by an Indian. This wouldn’t be the first time an ethnic had behaved in such a disgraceful way during a national crisis as I have read that during the last war the government detected an increase in British ‘anti-Semitism’ because quite a few Jews were profiteering during the Blitz and blackouts.


    1. M’Lord ofEssex:
      An interesting thing occurred to me. Rudolf Steiner once said that those who learn Latin at an early age tend to regard themselves as citizens, whereas those who learn (classical, I presume) Greek tend to regard themselves as aristocrats. Now we see that Boris-idiot learned Greek as a young child (as I understand). He is not by birth an aristocrat, but his outlook is that of one, in some respects. He aspires not to (Roman) dictatorship but to (Greek) tyranny.


  3. As for conspiracy theories, some people think this Coronavirus was a bio weapon in China or even the USA that has gone so obviously wrong. Some think the latter possibility is part of an American aim to take down China because of the increasing threat it poses as an economic and military Superpower to America.


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