Diary Blog, 23 March 2020

The wandering part-Jew gets ready to jump ship

Stanley Johnson, father of Boris-idiot.


Keystone Cops go cyber…

Made me laugh: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ex-police-who-could-barely-21731496

Transnational tax-avoiding companies

The nonsense of huge transnational tax-avoiders has to be addressed now: Amazon, Google, Facebook, to name just three.

Jews imprisoned for drugs plot



I have said for a decade that Boris Johnson is no good in a crisis. People are now waking up to that fact.

The “British people”…

I have been writing for some time in my blog pages about the creeping infantilization of Britain, which affects people of all ages, but mainly those under 50 and especially those under 40.

The woman in the tweet above is merely one egregious example. According to her own words, she is a mother —which makes one tremble to think of what monster(s) she is bringing up— and “works in financial services”, which, again in her own words “is…like…investment banking, basically”! I presume that she is somewhere near the bottom of the pile, but even so…

What strikes me in that clip is the sheer “Me Me Me, Want Want Want” rage. She is more like a 2 year old than a (?) 20-something. This goes beyond one young woman’s lack of class. It has political implications. Still, “always look on the bright side of life”…maybe there is some way of utilizing these factors.

[update, 26 March 2020: sadly, the video clip to which I referred has been deleted now; the message too. It was shocking]

A useful graphic in the age of Coronavirus


Another tweet, just seen

Seemingly taken in the North East of England. It makes me wonder whether I myself am being too cautious, not going out, not socializing, not going anywhere inessential, driving out only after dark and to shop in places which are almost deserted, obsessively applying my small stock of travel hand-sanitizing gel even after pumping fuel or touching a shopping trolley at Waitrose.

Maybe I am being a bit of a fool at that (too cautious), but I prefer to be my kind of fool than that of those in the bus photo above, who may well be dead in a month’s time. It can come to any of us at any time, but we can at least play the odds and try to bias them in our favour.

Reality v. Government and msm fantasy

The Daily Mirror report, below, shows the reality of what is happening, not the fantasy of a multikulti, “caring, sharing” “community” where people all care for and help each other, a kind of large-scale Deal Or No Deal, complete with waves of ersatz and completely meaningless emotionalism. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-gran-says-sick-husband-21740261

Another thing. We are told that the UK will be put into “lockdown”. Only essential trips out of the home will be permitted. The Army will, we are told, keep “1.5 million vulnerable people” on some list supplied with food and medicine.

So the police, who seem unable to do much about burgeoning crime (except the invented “crimes” on social media), will enforce “lockdown”? Pretty hard task, when many towns, at night, actually have not one policeman or car patrolling.

As for the Army, it is a pretty depleted body these days. About 70,000 personnel, of which by no means all are fit for even limited duty. Will all of the 70,000 be delivering food? No. 50,000? I doubt even that. One and a half million “vulnerable” people (officially), serviced by even 50,000 soldiers works out at 30 “customers” per soldier. Maybe far more. It sounds to me more like fantasy than reality, but we shall see.

Unexpected acquittal(s)

Well, “goodness gracious me!” Someone’s stars must be in the right position today! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-alex-salmond-acquitted-sexual-21740076

2300 hrs

Well, I needed bread, the staff of life, so went on a little ratissage after darkness had fallen. The little village shop a couple of miles away now closes at 1800, so I was too late there. A few miles of driving brought me to a Waitrose. No loaves of bread (of any type), but I was able to get a couple of packs of pitta bread. The pasta aisle was empty bar a couple of packs of unwanted odd-shaped pasta (tiny short tubes). No pasta sauce. A few eggs still available. Milk available. Mineral water too. I don’t eat meat, so the completely stripped shelves of lamb, pork and chicken did not concern me. Plenty of steak for those willing to pay; same for smoked salmon etc. I did not see whether there was loo paper on sale. Probably not.

Still hoping to get some brown bread, drove 6 miles to the nearest Tesco. No bread available there either (I’m convinced that the guilty parties are affluent milfs and pensioners, with large freezers). Still, managed to get the last few bottles of pilsner beer. Beer? Why is beer in short supply? This really is madness. Bottles of Inspector Morse-type beer, however, with names such as Catweazle and Monk’s Nose (I made those up…similar ones were there though) were plentiful. Even fine-ground sea salt was gone!

I see that, overall, the panic-buying is slackening slightly. Eggs, milk, kitchen roll were all on sale at both Waitrose and Tesco. I was able to buy my usual shower gel (“Sea Moss”) for the first time in weeks. If I run out of hand-sanitizer for the car and cannot get rubbing alcohol anywhere, I shall have to use cheap vodka, though some is as low in alcohol as 37.5%, and hand sanitizer should be 60% or more. Still, better than nothing. No ordinary vodka is 60%. Even Krepkaya, which in any case is almost impossible to buy in the UK now, is only 50%.


The fact is that, conspiracy theories about the virus notwithstanding, the Chinese do and should have a burden of guilt about this. It is their behaviour toward animals which created the conditions for the existence and the flourishing of the virus. In many ways, the Chinese are socially and psychologically backward.

Out of touch? Moi?…

Fiona Bruce, who is said to be paid about £600,000 a year by the BBC, was apparently surprised by the anger many of the audience of Question Time feel. That is a good part of the UK’s problem, that so many in System politics and the System mass media simply do not understand why the British people are angry.

After all, Fiona Bruce has no reason to feel angey and aggrieved: she joined the BBC after meeting a BBC producer at a wedding; he got her a job. She is now said to be paid as much as £600,000 per year. Why should she feel angry?! Gratitude would surely be more appropriate… It does raise questions about her understanding of the society in which she lives, though.



Wishing all well-intentioned readers of this blog a safe journey through the night…

12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 23 March 2020”

  1. How utterly typical of that unkempt moron Stanley Johnson to attempt to escape from the shambles his cretinous son has created.🤬😡

    Truely, that pestilence of a family are good for nothing. We can only hope Boris, his brood and the cabinet get this virus and die off then, at long last, we may make some progress as a country.

    I have been watching news reports on YouTube about how virtually every other country is taking this crisis seriously and putting into place the appropriate measures backed-up by the government using the full power of the state to enforce them from small nations like Fiji closing their borders to the increasingly stringent measures Merkel announced yesterday.

    Several world leaders have impressed me. Scott Morison of Australia and particularly New Zealand’s female PM. Meanwhile, we get Boris-idiot looking like a reheated version of Worzel,Gummidge, using made-up words which don’t exist despite his so-called ‘elite’ education at what is supposedly one of Britain’s if not the world’s best schools. You know a PM is well out of his depth when the Chief medical officer easily outshines him.

    Boris is still not realising that the Tory Party’s addiction to US libertarian values of ‘freedom’ and their insistence upon globalism ie keeping our borders wide open is not going to help in resolving this situation.

    He and they are utterly pathetic.


    1. Boris-idiot is now impressing only the very gullible Conservative Party partisans. Sunak has impressed more, but it is easy to seem impressive when you are throwing away money almost indiscriminately (in which it would be better simply to credit every citizen, whose tax details show a low income, with X-amount). I am far from sure that what is happening is the right method at least.


      1. Yes, it will be hard to enforce a lock down when the self-proclaimed ‘party of law and order’ (where the evidence to back-up that bold claim in the last twenty odd years is I don’t know) has slashed the number of police officers by 20,000 odd in the last ten years. Not only do police forces have fewer officers but they have fewer premises to work from. My town of Brentwood in Essex used to have a fine 1930’s police station but doesn’t have that any longer. Some reward for this town always having a Tory MP and mostly also a Tory council.🙄


  2. I bet those old people on the bus all voted for Boris because ‘ he makes us laugh’ just like those moronic old Tory Party members did and also because the Zionist Jew infested ‘British’ media told them not to vote for the ‘anti-Semite’ Corbyn because if he had won the election then a new Holocaust would be likely to happen.🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Their actions of ignoring warnings means the government WILL have to buck-up its stupid ideas, get rid of their of libertarian attitudes and become seriously authoritarian like many other countries have done and impose quarantines with the police and courts enforcing them by the use of fines etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is a shame this virus outbreak didn’t occur last year as then we may not have had so many voters of what could be charitably described as Britain’s traditional ‘moron vote’ which is sadly very big in this country voting for the CON Party and Eton College’s latest ‘Eton Mess’ and ‘Village Idiot’ otherwise known as Boris Johnson.

    Those idiots who provided Johnson with his wholly underserved 80 seat majority in the ‘marginal’ seats have lumbered us with a total cretin yet they will probably not get the virus.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have read that the woefully inadequate measures and ‘advice’ of the British government have only been taken because Boris Johnson got an angry ‘dressing down’ on the telephone from President Macron. Macron apparently threatened to ban any British visitors from France if this moron in No.10 didn’t grow-up and start to take the crisis seriously.

    About the only world leader who is doing as poorly as Boris-idiot is the original world joke ie the Orangeman President Trump who looks like he may have some form of dementia.


    1. I am convinced that Trump has some sort of organic brain problem. I am no medic, and my view is purely a speculative opinion, but he seems at times to be in the clouds.


  5. Regarding that horrendous creature in the Twitter video: What a disgusting and obnoxious slut!. That shows you what happens when the riff-raff is allowed to breed freely and all the standards of decent behaviour have been lost. You get white trash like that with an IQ minus 80.


    1. It is very worrying. Such “people” are raceless, classless, cultureless, without any philosophy, ideology, religion or belief. Their only reality lies in “reality” TV, TV talent shows, and whatever they can understand via Facebook etc.


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