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Diary Blog, 25 May 2023

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“Thought for the day”

So spake Israel’s true king, and to the Fiend
Made answer meet, that made void all his wiles.
So fares it, when with truth falsehood contends

[Milton, Paradise Regained]

“Their” time is running out.

From the newspapers


News that seems to bring new hope for those with conditions involving paralysis.

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Solar power brings many exciting prospects.

Good to see that donations continue to trickle in. I sent “Sven Longshanks” a book via Amazon a week ago, but that delivery failed, presumably because that prison (as some others also) will not, for some reason, accept Amazon deliveries. The problem cannot have been the book itself, which was scarcely contentious in its title or content (Tacitus, Annals of the Roman Empire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annals_(Tacitus)).

“Antifa” groupie and online “grifter”, “Dr.” Louise Raw, tweeted that she had tried to complain to the crowdfunding site about the appeal for “Sven Longshanks”, and incited others to follow her lead. What a horrible and narrow little creature she is.

The Israelis must be getting afraid.

I feel sorry for them. They are merely the dupes of Zelensky’s Zionist regime in Kiev.

I expect that they will be exchanged sooner or later, and then be able to return to their families.

Poland is subsidized by the EU (I was there several times in the late 1980s, and remember how poor it was in its socialist and pre-EU days), so the value sent by Poland ultimately came from the taxpayers of Germany, France, Netherlands etc.

How long before a ground-to-air missile supplied to “Ukraine” (Kiev regime), then sold on, is used by terrorists at Heathrow or Paris CDG?

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[Germany 1945— “We are fighting for the future of our children!“]

As Hegel theorized, apparently opposed streams in history tend to result, ultimately, in a new and combined stream— Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis.

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Quite. The untermensch should simply be eliminated, and “Sven Longshanks” released.

More from the newspapers


A woman guilty of defrauding Hillingdon Council out of hundreds of thousands of pounds and using a false identity to get council housing has finally been evicted. Hillingdon Council says it is currently tackling over 100 cases of potential housing fraud as it announced the successful conviction and eviction of the long-term fraudster, who lived in an Uxbridge home for nearly 20 years.

The woman, a Bangladeshi national who’d entered the UK in 1993 on a stolen identity by using someone else’s passport claimed the house in August 2003 after presenting as homeless, Uxbridge County Court heard.

[My London]

Multiply that (not necessarily the outright fraud but the background situation) by millions and you see where most of the “housing crisis” comes from. Maybe not the only factor, but overwhelmingly the main factor.

Every year, a million unwanted immigrants and/or migrant-invaders arrive in the UK. A couple of hundred thousand British people leave. It means that, every day, there are about 2,200 more people in the UK by reason of mass immigration alone. Add to that births to previous immigrants.


A serving Met Police officer has been dismissed after he bought drugs and attended parties where drugs were present and openly being taken. Detective Inspector Warren Arter of the Met’s South East Command had also offered to provide a third party with drugs between 2016 and October 2018.

A misconduct hearing heard that he had failed to take action or report a man who he knew was providing drugs to a woman in exchange for sex. The offences had taken place while he was off-duty.

[My London]

…and then you have those, right down to police constable level, who sneak around, looking at social media and blog posts, and acting like a poundland KGB (usually at the behest of the Jewish/Zionist/Israel lobby).

Useless and worse than useless.

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He has more than one good point.

Sweden should stay independent and non-aligned.

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It is pretty clear that Russia will now have to do what it should have done in the first week— conquer Kiev, eliminate the Zelensky regime, and take over all Ukrainian territory east of the Dnieper.

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[painting by Russell Flint]

Diary Blog, 8 August 2022

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[Old Gagra, Abkhazia]

On this day a year ago

Worth reading, I think, a year on.

M.R. James

I make no apology for posting, not for the first time, the above documentary about M.R. James, finely-narrated by the late Bill Wallis. Maybe it is not quite the right time of year (autumn, or winter, might be better), but never mind.

Hard to think of a better way to spend 50 peaceful minutes on, as it might be, a quiet evening or even afternoon.

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Monsters, that couple— just look at them. They may be —and I mean this to be taken literally— not human. Creatures of darkness.

Cost of living crisis


We are entering an era of mass fuel poverty and ‘warm banks’ – and complacent leaders have left a dangerous political vacuum.

The surreal, often absurd Conservative leadership election meanders on. Both candidates frantically float ideas for disrupting everything from university term dates to doctors’ pensions, while the Sunday Telegraph endorses Liz Truss as “the first truly philosophy-driven leader since Margaret Thatcher”, and Rishi Sunak stoically insists that he loves dancing. But we all know the gravity of the crisis that is now enveloping us, and it makes the vanities of their battle seem like some strange hallucination related to the summer’s stifling heat.

By the autumn, the victor – Truss, in all likelihood – may well be still trying to convince us that they are leading a national sprint towards sunlit uplands that only they can see. But the game is already up: the immediate future will be defined by skyrocketing energy prices, economic woe and a profound social emergency – and power will be a grinding matter of crisis management.

The unavoidable truth is that the United Kingdom is in such a fragile, frayed state that it can no longer keep its people warm or adequately feed them. Until that gnawing injustice is addressed, politics will continue to teeter into the absurd.

[The Guardian]

If only there were a credible social-national movement! If there were, we could be in power within a couple of years, and then start to do what has to be done. As it is, we are mere spectators, as the System is about to implode. We cannot, as things are, use events to bring about what we want.

Still, we may yet see the day.

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I was there 40-50 years ago…

Yes. Ironic, nicht wahr? Turns out that the “nazis” are and to a large extent always were the “good guys”…

The propaganda of the international conspiracy gets both filthier and more evident daily.

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[Shishkin, Bee Families in the Forest]

More about the police and their priorities in the Britain of 2022


[police hurry to the scene of an “antisemitic trope” (or something)]

Late tweets

See also: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/; and https://ianrobertmillard.org/2022/01/15/diary-blog-15-january-2022-including-an-outline-of-the-failure-of-the-latest-jew-zionist-attempt-to-prosecute-me/.

Completely unacceptable.

The sick and degenerate multikultis on Twitter will think that this “cultural appropriation” is OK. We need a thoroughgoing cultural purge across the (((West))).

Ukraine, a Jew-ruled “failed state” or non-state, which without NWO/ZOG money and arms would collapse almost overnight.

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[national memorial, Volgograd, Russia]

Diary Blog, 11 January 2021

General thoughts

Well, things have certainly gone downhill fast in the UK and across the Western world as the build-up to 2022 continues. In the UK, an increasingly obvious police state; also, the likelihood of a new “austerity” drive from 2022, with “the virus” (and “rule flouters”) blamed rather than the 2010-2019 scenario of the “banking crisis” (with, in the UK, and ludicrously, the unemployed and disabled etc getting the blame for both the failure of the finance-capital system and also the subsequent and completely unnecessary “austerity” policies).

Then we have the msm propaganda retailed mainly in TV soaps, “dramas”, ads etc: the mixed-race couples and offspring, the increasingly bizarre LBGTXYZ stuff; all of that.

What else? Well, the attack on free speech, spearheaded by, though not confined to, the Jew-Zionist element. We have now seen the President of the United States (leaving aside his general unworthiness) actually expelled from Twitter, Facebook etc, and even his tweets from the official U.S. Presidential Twitter account taken down by Twitter staff!

All this supposedly to “make the world safe for democracy”, in effect. Where have we heard that before?!

In the UK, both high-profile and many lesser-known people have been prevented from posting on social media, among them Katie Hopkins, David Icke, Alison Chabloz, Ian Millard (me). Many many thousands of people.

Only today we see that the Parler platform has been killed off by a cartel of huge transnational enterprises, all signed up to the international conspiracy: Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

All of the above is part of the working out of the “Great Replacement” and the connected “Great Reset” (and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan). It is a conspiracy on a monumental scale.

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…and the message to Trump in the dying days of his Presidency must be, “PARDON those who stormed the Capitol, PARDON Assange, PARDON Snowden, and PARDON all social-national and allied prisoners suffering in US Federal prisons.”

Below, a tweet reposted for purposes of amusement:

I wonder what triggered that explosion of anger.

Quite. “Lockdown” life is easy for msm scribblers who, in the case of Dan Hodges, lives in a large detached house (with large garden) in Blackheath, with his wife, children and mother, the actress Glenda Jackson [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenda_Jackson].

A good headline point. The atomization of Western society is exemplified by the dictatorial supposedly “anti-virus” measures, which in the UK soon may see it become a crime to leave your house more than once per week. I have no idea whether 100%, 50% or only 10% of people would actually comply, and how many, or what percentage, might turn to direct action against the installations of the State. We shall have to wait to find out.

“Titania McGrath” is a parody account so like some real Twitter-twit accounts that at first blush it seems genuine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titania_McGrath.

US police state. Enemy of the State was only the beginning…

Below, what appears to be footage from the American police state:

People such as Peter Hitchens (with whom I agree on some issues), people such as conservative nationalists (with whom I agree on some issues) and others think that we are trying to “have a debate“, and that those behind or supporting the “Great Replacement”, “Great Reset” etc are mere intellectual opponents, who are being unfair in closing down platforms, websites, Twitter accounts etc.

Wrong. This is not the Oxford Union, and we are not in the columns of the Spectator or the New Statesman. This is a war, a war which white Northern Europe and its peoples, and those offshoots in North America, Australasia etc have to win. A war for existential survival. This is, in effect, White Genocide, if we fail.

The war may be mainly a “cold war” so far, but that will not last forever. Eventually it will be a real war, and not one such as we have, for the most part, known since the 18th Century. More like those wars written about in the Old Testament, and in the ancient Indian (early post-Aryan) sacred texts such as the Bhagavad-Gita. Dualistic conflict. Good against Evil.

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Late tweets seen

Most people will comply out of fear of being fined, or because of social pressures whipped up by Government and msm propaganda. A minority will evade, or in some cases openly confront. A small minority will hit back in a serious way.

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Diary Blog, 23 March 2020

The wandering part-Jew gets ready to jump ship

Stanley Johnson, father of Boris-idiot.


Keystone Cops go cyber…

Made me laugh: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ex-police-who-could-barely-21731496

Transnational tax-avoiding companies

The nonsense of huge transnational tax-avoiders has to be addressed now: Amazon, Google, Facebook, to name just three.

Jews imprisoned for drugs plot



I have said for a decade that Boris Johnson is no good in a crisis. People are now waking up to that fact.

The “British people”…

I have been writing for some time in my blog pages about the creeping infantilization of Britain, which affects people of all ages, but mainly those under 50 and especially those under 40.

The woman in the tweet above is merely one egregious example. According to her own words, she is a mother —which makes one tremble to think of what monster(s) she is bringing up— and “works in financial services”, which, again in her own words “is…like…investment banking, basically”! I presume that she is somewhere near the bottom of the pile, but even so…

What strikes me in that clip is the sheer “Me Me Me, Want Want Want” rage. She is more like a 2 year old than a (?) 20-something. This goes beyond one young woman’s lack of class. It has political implications. Still, “always look on the bright side of life”…maybe there is some way of utilizing these factors.

[update, 26 March 2020: sadly, the video clip to which I referred has been deleted now; the message too. It was shocking]

A useful graphic in the age of Coronavirus


Another tweet, just seen

Seemingly taken in the North East of England. It makes me wonder whether I myself am being too cautious, not going out, not socializing, not going anywhere inessential, driving out only after dark and to shop in places which are almost deserted, obsessively applying my small stock of travel hand-sanitizing gel even after pumping fuel or touching a shopping trolley at Waitrose.

Maybe I am being a bit of a fool at that (too cautious), but I prefer to be my kind of fool than that of those in the bus photo above, who may well be dead in a month’s time. It can come to any of us at any time, but we can at least play the odds and try to bias them in our favour.

Reality v. Government and msm fantasy

The Daily Mirror report, below, shows the reality of what is happening, not the fantasy of a multikulti, “caring, sharing” “community” where people all care for and help each other, a kind of large-scale Deal Or No Deal, complete with waves of ersatz and completely meaningless emotionalism. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coronavirus-gran-says-sick-husband-21740261

Another thing. We are told that the UK will be put into “lockdown”. Only essential trips out of the home will be permitted. The Army will, we are told, keep “1.5 million vulnerable people” on some list supplied with food and medicine.

So the police, who seem unable to do much about burgeoning crime (except the invented “crimes” on social media), will enforce “lockdown”? Pretty hard task, when many towns, at night, actually have not one policeman or car patrolling.

As for the Army, it is a pretty depleted body these days. About 70,000 personnel, of which by no means all are fit for even limited duty. Will all of the 70,000 be delivering food? No. 50,000? I doubt even that. One and a half million “vulnerable” people (officially), serviced by even 50,000 soldiers works out at 30 “customers” per soldier. Maybe far more. It sounds to me more like fantasy than reality, but we shall see.

Unexpected acquittal(s)

Well, “goodness gracious me!” Someone’s stars must be in the right position today! https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-alex-salmond-acquitted-sexual-21740076

2300 hrs

Well, I needed bread, the staff of life, so went on a little ratissage after darkness had fallen. The little village shop a couple of miles away now closes at 1800, so I was too late there. A few miles of driving brought me to a Waitrose. No loaves of bread (of any type), but I was able to get a couple of packs of pitta bread. The pasta aisle was empty bar a couple of packs of unwanted odd-shaped pasta (tiny short tubes). No pasta sauce. A few eggs still available. Milk available. Mineral water too. I don’t eat meat, so the completely stripped shelves of lamb, pork and chicken did not concern me. Plenty of steak for those willing to pay; same for smoked salmon etc. I did not see whether there was loo paper on sale. Probably not.

Still hoping to get some brown bread, drove 6 miles to the nearest Tesco. No bread available there either (I’m convinced that the guilty parties are affluent milfs and pensioners, with large freezers). Still, managed to get the last few bottles of pilsner beer. Beer? Why is beer in short supply? This really is madness. Bottles of Inspector Morse-type beer, however, with names such as Catweazle and Monk’s Nose (I made those up…similar ones were there though) were plentiful. Even fine-ground sea salt was gone!

I see that, overall, the panic-buying is slackening slightly. Eggs, milk, kitchen roll were all on sale at both Waitrose and Tesco. I was able to buy my usual shower gel (“Sea Moss”) for the first time in weeks. If I run out of hand-sanitizer for the car and cannot get rubbing alcohol anywhere, I shall have to use cheap vodka, though some is as low in alcohol as 37.5%, and hand sanitizer should be 60% or more. Still, better than nothing. No ordinary vodka is 60%. Even Krepkaya, which in any case is almost impossible to buy in the UK now, is only 50%.


The fact is that, conspiracy theories about the virus notwithstanding, the Chinese do and should have a burden of guilt about this. It is their behaviour toward animals which created the conditions for the existence and the flourishing of the virus. In many ways, the Chinese are socially and psychologically backward.

Out of touch? Moi?…

Fiona Bruce, who is said to be paid about £600,000 a year by the BBC, was apparently surprised by the anger many of the audience of Question Time feel. That is a good part of the UK’s problem, that so many in System politics and the System mass media simply do not understand why the British people are angry.

After all, Fiona Bruce has no reason to feel angey and aggrieved: she joined the BBC after meeting a BBC producer at a wedding; he got her a job. She is now said to be paid as much as £600,000 per year. Why should she feel angry?! Gratitude would surely be more appropriate… It does raise questions about her understanding of the society in which she lives, though.



Wishing all well-intentioned readers of this blog a safe journey through the night…