Diary Blog, 24 March 2020

What is the truth about Coronavirus?

We are told that the Coronavirus COVID-19 started spontaneously in a seafood and live animal market in Wuhan, China, a country where people, or some people, treat animals appallingly, and where many eat strange things such as bats.

That may be true. I cannot say that it is untrue. There are, however, dissenting voices, that is to say voices dissenting from the official narrative. I was sent this:


I was at first inclined to accept the official narrative as most likely correct. Now? Not sure.

What interests me more are the socio-political effects of the Coronavirus on the world and particularly the UK. In particular, I noted that the near-dictatorial powers which the Government of the UK has taken on are not designed to last for a few weeks, a few months. No…they are drafted to last for TWO YEARS. I think that we are entitled to ask why that is so.

True, the powers taken by the UK Government can be removed again by Commons vote (every 6 months or, in constitutional principle, at any time), but this government, with its 80-strong majority, can push through extensions easily, if it wants.

Boris-idiot, posing as PM, has shown little or no leadership, but that has not prevented “Conservative” scribblers from behaving like the most sycophantic Stalinists in the Soviet Writers’ Union (of about 1948). Look at this creature:

Most people are natural followers. Few like to have to think for themselves. In this case, spurred by natural feelings of fear, anxiety etc, most people want to “do the right thing” and that can include thinking the “right” thing.

Despite the above, a minority is beginning to question the origin of Coronavirus, the fairly draconian measures now being taken by the UK government and, even leaving all that aside, whether the economic stimulus is being done in the right way.

Peter Hitchens has tweeted scornfully about the situation

I do not agree with everything written or said by Hitchens, who is also, in fact, not the great champion of freedom he likes to present as (he blocked me on Twitter a few years ago when he discovered a. that I could match his erudition and b. that the Jewish lobby trolls were hostile to me; I presumed that he did not want to lose his lucrative msm work), but his tweets here are important, because they go against both an almost hysterical official narrative and also an unthinking public.

I blogged about Hitchens in May 2019: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/05/19/peter-hitchens-and-his-views/

Hitchens is on to something here, and makes a few valid points for sure. He is not alone.

Others have noted unreported factors or strange anomalies in the present government policy:


The “lockdown” relies on people self-censoring, “doing the right thing” if you like. I am not opposed to that as matters stand with “the virus”, but I am very uneasy with where this is all leading.

I am presently blogging separately about where UK society and economy will be in a while. We are approaching a massive change across the world, particularly across Europe. 2022 will bring change on a scale not seen since socialism in all forms collapsed in and after 1989. It’s a 33-year cycle which has interested me for a long time.

We must be clear. These restrictions can only work if the general population goes along with them. I don’t mean “work” in terms of suppressing Coronavirus infections. The restrictions may or may not work in that sense. I do not know. No, what I mean is “will the restrictions work in terms of enforcement?”

Most people will no doubt go along with the restrictions for a few weeks. If this situation continues for longer, probably not. It has been reported that the police have been told to expect 6 months of this! I cannot see the population sitting still indefinitely.

Worth seeing:

Police Federation

The head of the Police Federation has now said that officers

  • are unsure how to enforce the new “lockdown” measures;
  • are already ignoring crime because prioritizing the enforcement of “lockdown”.

I cannot see how the two above statements can be easily reconciled, but the law was ever “a ass…a idiot”, as one character from Dickens expostulates.

At this stage, it is clear that the portentous announcement, by a clownish Prime Minister, of “lockdown”, is a kind of sleight of hand, or if you prefer, confidence trick. The State, as matters stand, cannot actually enforce these strictures. It is reliant on the population agreeing with them and playing ball.

I suppose that the police could impose road blocks between towns or even within towns, but the police officers would have no way of checking whether any one motorist is on a legitimate mission of mercy, of shopping for supplies, of commuting to a “essential” job, or whether that motorist is going to a house party (banned under the regs) or simply driving around because bored. If that last, why shouldn’t he, really? Someone in a car is not going to infect anyone by reason of simply driving around.

It is hard to escape the view that at least part of all of this is designed to create an atmosphere in which a fearful population submits to State orders. Of course, behind that is, also, the real threat from Coronavirus.

Despite the plaudits heaped upon Rishi Sunak for opening the gates of the money dam, I wonder what the outcome will be, a year or two down the line. Not good, I think. However, I shall examine that more in my (not yet published) blog on the socio-economic aspects of the virus crisis.

Sign of the times…


As blogged about previously, the police in the UK are gradually abandoning the population, especially the white English population. The police, behaving as a Poundland KGB, prefer to concentrate on political or socio-political “crime” such as “racist” tweets etc. Or now, “prioritizing lockdown”.

Co-incidence or conspiracy?






The Jewish lobby continues to destroy intellectual and historical-enquiry freedom


650 MPs

Mixed messages on the Coronavirus front

My drive around today

Went out not long before darkness fell. Intended to visit a chemist’s, only to find it shut by reason of truncated opening hours. Nuisance. Drove to small village shop a few miles further on. Near to its new 1800 closing time. No bread, but bought a little milk and some local asparagus. I noticed that some dry pasta was available. I myself have no need for any more, but it was heartening to see that not all had sold, even if only basic spaghetti. At least the shelves were not bare, except for the bread shelf (and even that had a sad and solitary roll still on sale).

As for other people: a few couples walking in the country lanes, a few solitary dog walkers too in the semi-suburbanized villages, a few bicyclists. No one at the little shop noted above. Roads very quiet, even the nearest rural A-road. No sign of police activity of any kind, even in the local town. General impression of an almost-closed-down society.

Tweet seen

Poignant, but what struck me was the “two degrees” bit. Why does someone with two degrees work in a pub (for years)? The answer —unless the degrees were only completed out of interest— must be that, from the strictly vocational/job point of view, “degrees” (an outdated mediaeval concept anyway) are now next to worthless on the open jobs market (even though quite ordinary jobs now “require” a “degree”). When everyone and his dog has a degree, what is a degree worth? Not much.

The corollary to the above is that one must ask why the State should subsidize those educational qualifications that are valueless, in direct terms, to the State and society.

Midnight approaches…


12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 24 March 2020”

  1. I am close to certain – beyond reasonable doubt – that COVID-19 is a laboratory engineered virus. This article, published in early February, is a comprehensive presentation of the case. A brief summary of my take on the matter is contained in the introductory ‘Wikispooks Comment’ section.

    It is a very long article with over 70 linked references but well worth study.

    I would also commend James Corbett’s hour long video on the whole pandemic thing – He’s a long standing Canadian ‘conspiracy realist’ domiciled in Japan. There’s a lot to be learned from that too. I particularly liked the spooky October 2019 ‘Event 201’ attendees give-away souvenir – based on the event logo – the cuddly-toy coronavirus ‘plushee’. Its at @ 32:48 on the video. You really couldn’t make this stuff up.


  2. What an utter f@@@@@g cretin that so-called ‘journalist’ is! No wonder he writes for the Daily Tory Moron! Boris has taken too little action FAR TOO LATE and, as a result, we will have more infections and more deaths than we needed to have.

    It is barely a ‘lockdown’ either compared to Italy, China or Spain. If it weren’t for libertarian Tory fuckwits like him we would have a national ID card scheme like most sensible Continental countries have and the police could stop people breaking the lockdown in the street, pull them over, ask to see their ID and if they didn’t have a valid reason to be out and about be able to get their details so the courts could fine them later.

    Boris is a pathetic, unkempt, constantly lying arsehole who is WAY out of his depth as PM as anyone with a brain can see. He should have effectively closed down airports by now with only the most essential trips to this country from abroad being allowed but he hasn’t taken a SINGLE STEP in that direction because, as ever with his repellent anti-British Party, money, open borders, immigration, and globalist values come first rather than the trifling matter of the health of British citizens.

    Good to see Piers Morgan making critical remarks about this wretched government’s ineptitude but he was a prime cheerleader for Boris in December last year and some of us who are not journalists knew that Boris is no good in a crisis and has no Prime Ministerial qualities.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I am starting to consider what *really* will be the ultimate effect of all this. Politically, socially, economically. At first, I think that many thought that the effect would be temporary and not too bad. The skies now darken…


  3. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19

    Top Dog?
    “… As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases [sic] (HCID) in the UK…. several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase….
    The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response [ https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus ] ”

    “The step-change in the government’s pace can be explained via a paper released on Monday night by researchers at Imperial College London, whose disease modelling has been feeding into the government’s strategy on handling the virus.” Computer say NO!

    Pompeo Won’t Say Whether Coronavirus Is a Hoax

    Mark Windows: Covid-19 Babylon’s Business Plan
    – he goes thru the Regs and highlights measures such as isolating people who are ASYMPTOMATIC; getting DNA by the back door of blood etc samples for “testing”, lightweight cause-of-death certifications and so forth. Does Habeas Corpus get a mention in HMG’s “just in time” /sarc bulky legislative package?

    Sub rosa it’s chip-n-pin for the goyim if the distributed commenatariat can be believed. Mark of the Beast, anyone?
    Quite possibly to be delivered in nano form via vaccination.

    HMG remains obsessed witih the vaccine non-solution:

    Uncanny just what a hold the Jews and Muslims have on HMG – there must be one hell of a lot of seriously compromised MPs, civil servants and members of HoL, no?


    As for the police, the other night on BBC2 TV iirc there was a moderately interesting fly on the wall of Stoke on Trent Police daily duties amid fighting austerity. I only caught part but that included their local chief pausing his interview to suppress the tears. Classic example of negative feminisation, all of them indoctrinated to see the perp’s perspective and find a cause for their ‘problem’ behaviour. Explains why soft policing of mean words on the internet is so much more attractive to them than growing a pair and getting out and enforcing against physical harms. (I don’t primarily blame the police officers, it’s the politicians who are at fault). The culture of feelings must return to the civilization of rationality.

    UK Column News March 23rd @23:08 – frequent visitor to Israel David Scott recalls 1970s BBC post-apocalyptic drama “Survivors” – more predictive programming? Like (as previously alluded to):

    BBC Panorama: London Under Attack (the show that predicted 7/7)


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.
      You may be interested to know that an American professor and Nobel Prize-winner, one Levitt, thinks that the Coronavirus crisis may be over within a shorter time than most now believe. Perhaps June or July.

      Interesting fact: even in Wuhan, only 3% were *ever* infected. On that ship in the Far East, 20%, despite perfect breeding conditions. It may be that a high proportion of people have natural immunity.

      I am just writing about the socio-economic effects in the UK. Will probably publish it later today.

      ps. I remember “Survivors” (the 1970s TV series, not the more recent Alison Chabloz song). 1975, if memory serves. Interesting, though patchy conceptually.

      There is panic around, which trumps logic. For example, a woman on Radio 4 News just now. Desperate to get her aged father back from his trip to New Zealand. Has already spent £2,500 on cancelled flghts. In fact, NZ is far less affected by the virus than is the UK. A plane (and crowded airports) are the worst places to be for an old man facing a risk of getting the virus. The old fellow should stay and enjoy New Zealand for longer, but ppl are not thinking.


      1. Panic is the word and there’s no small amount of conjecture around that THIS is the “event” THEY have long been gambling on to act as the catalyst, the tipping point and the disabler of rational thought.
        Example: we have 3 weeks’ isolation pencilled in. An odd number to pick, or maybe not:


        “We, the leaders of the new society, must prepare for an abrupt shift in economic, social and political patterns. The changes could take as long as twenty years to fully manifest. On the other hand, the old society could unravel very swiftly, almost overnight.
        There are several quick change scenarios which could bring the old society to a grinding halt. Most of the scenarios involve shortages of oil, money, or both. One way or another, it could all be over in three weeks.”
        — “The Power of One” published 1995 by one “Shariff Abdullah” whose wikipedia entry suggests a more prosaic origin. (c.f. teenybop popster Paula Abdul who is Jewish).

        There have been numerous examples of the idiotically infantile engineered “external threat” pretext, here’s just one more:

        “The First Global Revolution: A Report by the Council of The Club of Rome” (1991, Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider); wherein

        ‘Only if all the inhabitants of the planet realize that they are facing immediate and common dangers can a universal political will be generated for common action to achieve humanity’s survival. This is why we call for the creation of world solidarity.’

        ‘In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.’

        Parliament is now dissolved, due to return 21 April. Do you think they’ll ever be back?

        PS: check the Finance Bill – I gather it contains a provision for relief for contributions to victims of WW2 prejudice/persecution/fill in the blank.

        PPS: and while we’re all distracted with the 3-4% (maybe) mortality rate of coronavirus the Government continues to facilitate the illegal injection of potentially hostile aliens and the diversion of scarce resources to their needs:



      2. Wigger:
        Yes. MIgrant-invaders are flooding across the Channel this week, now that high pressure is creating calm sea states. Thousands of blacks and browns.

        Whatever the reality around this virus (origins, details, statistics), it does seem to be being used as a dry run (maybe) for a social control programme of the near/medium future. The important point is that it is enforced by the social pressure created by the “public information” put out on the msm, rather than by direct police or other action. It is working, for now. 99% of the population is sitting at home most of the time, hoarding their packs of pasta, frozen bread and so on.

        I have long identified 2022 as the important year. The last time 33 came around, 1989, socialism collapsed not only in terms of State power in vatious parts of the world, but in terms of ideology. Socialism became a very silly affectation of the semi-educated (despite its more positive aspects).

        2022 will trigger another huge change.

        Force seems hard or even impossible to oppose, yet the despotism of Marxism-Leninism was overthrown by oblique methods, not least being the evolution of consciousness in the heart of the power structures, for example in the Soviet Union. Eventually a tipping point was reached.

        Superficially, the DDR/East Germany fell first, with the Soviet Union following a year or so later, but in reality, the Soviet Union was like a tree dead from inside, but still standing. The Soviet weakness allowed the satellites to pull away.

        In the DDR (which I saw on a brief —2 days— road journey in 1988, travelling from Poland to West Germany), the opposition to the State was 99.99% peaceful. However, the evolution of consciousness was not only in the “dissident” part of the population, but in the highest councils of the State. The rulers opened the border in Berlin. The Volkspolizei did not fire on people crossing the border and even destroying the Berlin Wall.


  4. Three concise closing remarks from me for this thread so as not to over-extend my exuberance:

    1. today Thursday’s Clap for the NHS – performing seals at the Circus (or Party apparachiks in North Korea) in an enforced UNSPONTANEOUS group conformity exercise. It also brought to mind the WW1 deception of calling for the population to pull together by donating for the War Effort all the assorted metals they could lay hands on, including cooking pots and pans and even uprooted railings from houses.

    2. purely temporary of course! LOL! What a sad old hack, rolling this tired rubbish out and expecting people to hear it with a straight face!

    The Parliamentarians had better make it back from recess because if not, the Enabling act will automatically extend unrestrained.

    3. indeed the Soviet bloc may have imploded under its own weight. There is also a (sort of) “conspiracy theory” © recounted in Pat Robertson’s 1991 “The New World Order” – this wording from Counter-Currents comments:

    “On pages 83 through 89 of this book, I quote from Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book, New Lies for Old, written in 1984, which gives a startling and detailed account of the KGB plan that was actually played out in 1989 to lull the West with false “liberalization.” On page 81 I quote headlines from the New York Times which reveal a virtually identical program carried out by Nikolai Lenin in 1921, a program he called glasnost. Such precedents for deception should jolt the public conscience, but memories are short. As I kept track of events–actually the remarkable lack of them–during the August “coup,” it became all too clear that many facts just did not add up, except as an attempt to make the Soviet Union more palatable as a partner for the United States in the coming new world order. Consider the following.”[etc etc]


    1. Wigger:
      Where I live, there was not one “clap” or other noise yesterday evening at 2000 hrs, though there *was* an enormous bang as I was about to leave a Waitrose car park after the store closed. A huge and rather beautiful golden rocket burst overhead. Just one. At the time I had no idea about this “clap for NHS” idea, so was perplexed. Must have been connected.

      As you say, this is being turned into a social conformity exercise, in the UK and possibly elsewhere.


  5. James Corbett (that surname always reminds me of Sooty & Sweep…. goodbye everybody, goodbye….)
    The Totally Spontaneous Health Worker Balcony Applause Phenomenon – #PropagandaWatch

    Wag the Dog / old Shoe.

    (and before that, Yellow Ribbons round trees…?)

    Back to “social distancing” (who the heck dreamt THAT ONE up?!). Rules for thee, but NOT for me:

    “pas egale!!”


    1. Wigger:
      good points.

      As I just answered Claudius, another commentator here, I am coming to the view that Coronavirus probably infected many in the UK who were then unaffected or slightly affected and anyway undiagnosed. Most people who *are* diagnosed do recover and more would, were the NHS better funded and above all better run. The chance of actually dying of it or with it in the UK seems to be about 40,000 to 1. The whole country has been shut down, perhaps (?) with good intentions, but at huge cost (money yes, but also costs in other ways, including people not treated because not prioritized). The UK economy will not pull out of this, imo.


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