Diary Blog, 25 March 2020

Where does the truth lie?

Increasingly, I am finding the truth about all of this elusive. The virus is terrible but, paradoxically, it seems that not many people out of a given population get it and, of those, many and perhaps most do not need any medical care at all. However, quite a number of people are dying of it or at least with it. All one can do is hope that it will go away soon…

There is certainly an unthinking tick-box madness abroad (again) in the UK. Look at this:

A motorcyclist out for a pleasure ride may be a nuisance but is not going to infect anyone with Coronavirus (or be infected) while riding. The police, once again (as with so-called “hate crime”) seem to be zealously getting rather above themselves.

The same is true of people out driving. They may be congesting roads (though not at present, surely?) but they are scarcely posing any risk of infection to themselves or others.

Increasingly, the police in this country seem to be near-useless when it matters— and, when it does not matter, a petty and oppressive nuisance. By all means, do what has to be done to stop infections by this virus, but for God’s sake use some intelligence!

If the police say that all they are doing is enforcing the (new and seemingly not well thought-through) “law”, then that law needs to be amended as quickly as it is being passed.

As written above, the police seem to have zealously gone beyond even the strict “regulations” laid down by the Government. The police tweeted this:


Needless to add, I hope, the above does not represent what the police are pleased to call “the new rules”.

Greta Nut wants more attention (again)…

Funniest story of the day so far: Greta Thunberg has released a statement to the effect that she has been “self-isolating” since her return to Sweden 2-3 weeks ago. She claims to have had symptoms of Coronavirus but has not been tested.

Translation? She has not been in the news since her ridiculous visit to the UK recently, and in fact has become an irrelevance and/or yesterday’s news, so she wants more mass media attention. She (and those behind her) are therefore jumping onto the Coronavirus bandwagon.


The “caring, sharing” multikulti society…

I wonder what the criminal’s ethnic background might be?

A word of truth…




The Great Replacement



We are told that The Great Replacement is a “conspiracy theory”, yet you only have to look around you to see that this “theory” has a great deal of factual underpinning.

Femi Who?

During the long haul of the Brexit stuff in Parliament in 2018 and 2019, the intensely irritating figure of an African called Femi Oluwole was ubiquitous. Now 30, his sole achievement seems to have been the completion of a degree in Law and French at Nottingham. He comes from affluent Nigerian parents who are both medical doctors resident in the UK. Though his Wikipedia entry states that he “has worked in NGOs and human rights agencies”, none is listed; I think that whatever he did (if anything) can probably be dismissed as rather unimportant and probably trifling.

Here is what a former “colleague” thinks of him:


“Femi” is now in the news (well, in Twitter news at least)  for having been expelled from the Labour Party (which he joined only recently). He is also to be found opining for money (I presume) on the pathetic Sky News talking shop, The Pledge. Other deadheads there include ignorant tabloid scribbler Carole Malone and Boris Johnson’s sister, Rachel Johnson. Nick Ferrari, the very pro-Israel radio presenter, seems to be the main talking head on the show.

“Femi” is just one example of the Great Replacement in action. Another is the now-blatant campaign on UK television (soaps, dramas, ads etc) to show black men breeding with white and usually blonde Englishwomen.


This has become so blatant that to see white British families en famille on TV is now rather rare.

Another example

When I was still at school, in the early 1970s, there would sometimes be an earnest discussion on whatever Newsnight’s almost identical predecessor was then called (Newsnight as such only broadcast from 1980). The subject? Would there ever be an ethnic minority MP or even Prime Minister? Well, we now know the answer to the first part of that question (Jews were never mentioned, so they must have been regarded by the BBC as “white”).

The same is true on TV and radio. In fact, the fewer blacks and browns that there are in any particular region of the UK, the more ethnic minority presenters and reporters there are on local TV. This is not reflective of the society, it’s social engineering with a very obvious agenda (cf. the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan).

Fact v. fiction

I have seen things which, though they happened, would seem far-fetched in fiction. This is, in fact, not as uncommon as many think. Look at the 1973 novel, The Camp of the Saints, in which old ships and boats invade the shores of Mediterranean France carrying millions of black and brown migrant-invaders. That could never happen! (we used to think…).



Interesting points

Hitchens is obviously referring to the likelihood that the Rishi Sunak “giveaway” will weaken the pound sterling.

Afternoon drive in the sun, with “Government-approved” stamped on it

Another little (and before any little person “reports” me, fully Government-approved and permitted…) outing this afternoon. Chemist in the nearby town first and then a drive of about 4 miles to a little village shop where —mirabile dictu!— I was able to buy a loaf of freshly-baked wholemeal bread with seeds, albeit at the rather rip-off price of £2. In fact, there were about 30 loaves for sale, mostly identical. Whether that was because a delivery had just arrived (though this was after 1700 hrs) or because the bread shortage panic has now ended, I have no idea. I hope the latter.

Forced agreement

I have no idea whether Peter Hitchens is right or wrong about Coronavirus, but tweeter “Rob H. Williamson” is yet another person who, having himself accepted a narrative, thinks that others who express disagreement, dissent or doubt are “incorrect”, “wrong”, and probably need to be repressed, “re-educated” or punished for not going along with the officially-approved narrative in full. cf. the “holocaust” farrago (and by the by I see that tweeter “@robhwilliamson” is a exponent of the Israeli “martial art” thug discipline, Krav Maga).

A few more interesting tweets from Peter Hitchens and others

The self-described UK “Left”, pathetic toadies of the State

I myself rarely use those all but meaningless terms, “Right”, “Left”, “far right” (etc) as descriptors. Those who self-describe thus are now not the same species as those who might have described themselves thus historically.

Time and again, I see such people almost begging for State repression, censorship, restriction. The Coronavirus situation is merely the latest example. Such people are forever begging those who head Twitter, Facebook etc to censor those with whom the self-describing “Left” disagrees, demanding that employers or professional regulators sack those of a generally nationalist viewpoint, or demanding heavier State repression and stricter laws against the “Left’s” political enemies.

Old-style socialism, in all forms, from social democracy to Maoism and the puerile worship of Che Guevara and the like, died in or about 1989, essentially. What we now see is a kind of powerless rump, which poses as activist multikulti “socialist” politics but is really just a facade without substance.


11 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 25 March 2020”

  1. So many things to say…

    First: I hope Greta and her whole horrible family will die of Covid-19 (better late than never)

    Second: Excellent tweets by Nick Griffin. Particularly about the “New Britons”. We have a saying in Argentina that can be translated as: “A monkey in a beautiful silk dress is still a monkey”. Never mind the passport, a savage is and will remain a savage.

    Have you heard about the Royal Moron (a.k.a. Prince Charles)? He has tested positive to Covid-19! LOL Mind you, as we say here “Bad people never die”. I would love to see hundreds of these “aristocratic” parasites die. They have been accomplices and lackeys of the Jewish NWO since 1945, to say the least. They epitomize the Aryan traitors who sided with “the chosen people”.


    1. Yes, Nick Griffin, once again, states what should be bleeding obvious to anyone whose mind hasn’t been rotted away by political correctness and globalism.

      If you import the Third World, you will become the Third World with the crime rates to match.

      ‘Diversity’ is NOT a strength but a weakness. Sadiq Khan says terrorism is all part and parcel of living in a big city like London yet Tokyo is an even larger city and has NO terrorist problem to speak of!


  2. Prince Charles can be an idiot at times though I think that, for the most part, he has his heart in the right place. I wouldn’t like to see any harm come to him or Camilla who is a classy lady.

    It is the younger Royals who are the problem as too many don’t know how to behave apart from Prince William’s wife who is normally beyond reproach. In fact, I can’t think of an occasion in which she has done any wrong.

    Prince Harry was once the most popular member of the family apart from the Queen Mother (one of the last real Royals in my opinion) but since he eloped with that self-serving Yankee trailer park trash woman he has gone from hero to zero. Many Brits are so disgusted with him for marrying that so obviously unsuitable woman we wouldn’t mind if we never hear or see him ever again.


  3. As for our government and parliamentarians compared to our NON-RULING Royal Family, that is a different matter. To be honest, I’ve often thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea if the Royal Family had some REAL powers since Britain’s ‘democracy’ is largely fake anyway since we don’t have a FAIR electoral system of Proportional Representation as even you do in Argentina.

    Having those 80 percent of Tory MPs who belong to the innocuous sounding but actually pretty sinister pro-Israel Lobby group called the Conservative Friends of Israel die from Covid-19 would be a blessing. There should be NO ROOM WHATEVER in Britain for a lobby group to bury themselves into one of Britain’s major parties and attempt to change this country’s foreign policies in that country’s favour. This principle should not just be applied to pro-Israel groups but ALL groups attempting to favour ANY foreign country.


    1. Hello Steven: Unfortunately those who took power in 1688 made sure that there would never be a real sovereign on the British throne. Since James II all the “kings” or “queens” have been mere figureheads. Still, it would not have been so bad had an aristocratic spirit prevailed, but by the late19th century, Britain’s ruling class had become a plutocracy.

      Regarding our political system here in Argentina, is as useless and corrupt as the English or the American. There are two major parties who basically agree about everything and who are subservient to the criminals running the show from Jew York City. Two months ago our MPs gave themselves a generous pay-rise while our pensioners are barely subsisting. We have a thought-police known as the INADI who will prosecute and arrest anyone guilty of “racism”, “xenophobia” or “homophobia”. We are very much in the same situation as you are.

      Is even worse when you look at countries with such a glorious cultural tradition and histories like Great Britain, Italy or France. I remember my last visit to England and the continent in 2002 and the situation was already very bad. Anyway, we must not despair, a reaction will take place, sooner or later. I hope we can see it.


  4. If we are into the game of wishing certain individuals to die from this nasty virus, I would suggest Boris-Idiot for acting like a complete pratt most of the time and for still not taking this health crisis as seriously as he could (our very leaky borders have not been even closed partially yet like those of other countries), Priti Vacant for being a PROVEN traitor to Britain with regard to Israel. Even Teresa May sacked her for this!

    However, the person who should be the PRIME candidate to die should be our former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mr Iain Duncan-Smith. This part-Jap sadist made the lives of some of Britain’s most vulnerable citizens ie the unemployed and even the disabled into a living hell so much so in fact that quite a number have taken their own lives yet this evil c@#@t is now called SIR Iain Duncan-Smith.

    Britain is such a sick country it isn’t even funny anymore!😡🤬😞☹️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Indeed. Capital Punishment is, apparently, according to a report in a newspaper last year, still popular with some sections of the Conservative Party. Iain Duncan-Smith has been known to propose its return so I think that we should rebuild the gallows at Wandsworth Prison and test out the new equipment on Tory MPs like him, Priti Vacant and The Clown (Trade Mark Applied Fir) himself and those others who belong to the Zionist Lobby group called the Conservative Friends of Israel.

    Purely in the interests of research, of course, and to make sure the equipment is functioning properly!😄😂😁

    Before hanging was abolished in 1965 we had got the process down to something of a fine art form and unlike the electric chair and lethal injection hanging is more humane relatively-speaking and is probably the best method overall and was over in less than a minute unlike that ghastly Yankee palava with lethal injection which is often botched:

    Yes, traitors should swing!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. There are some terrible crimes being committed in this country which deserve sterner punishment and some of them have come about via the ‘cultural enrichment’ process so often lauded nowdays by many ‘modern’ Tory politicians like Boris-idiot as this Twitter account reports:

    ‘Britain’ has turned into a crime ridden Third World/Eastern European cesspit where so many criminally inclined waifs and strays can just walk in because our border controls under the Tories and Labour are to all intents and purposes non existent.🤬😡☹️😞

    Liked by 1 person

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