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Diary Blog, 19 May 2022

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[“In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.”—Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf]

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One has to respect the fortitude of those Ukrainian defenders at the Azovstal plant, but they were just “useful idiots” for Zelensky’s Jew-Zionist Kiev regime.

Thousands have now surrendered. I trust that they will be treated properly and decently by their Russian captors. I think that they will be.

The truth will out, as they say…

I repost that as signalling my opposition to censorship on Twitter, but the “Dame Abi Roberts” person was very rude about me once or twice on Twitter, and I think supported the persecution of me by the Jew element, so fuck him (I think it was a “he”, in fact)…

As to the “Jack Monroe” person, I think that some of her activity, trying to advise impoverished people about cooking very cheap food, is all to the good, but her apparent support for the State’s “panicdemic” measures is or was, in my opinion, negative. She was hardly alone, though.

All or almost all those prominent in the msm or on social media supported the lockdown/shutdown(s), the supposed “vaccine” etc. Many have now switched (most of) their virtue-signalling to “Ukraine” flag-waving.

I think that I discern a metaphor there somewhere…

More “monkeyworld” “enrichment” of society…

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[PC Plod cycles furiously to the scene of an online “antisemitic trope” complained of by the tiny but ever-whining “Campaign Against Antisemitism” cabal]

At that time, Paris had not been invaded much by the sweepings of Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East.

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[Yeremka’s Song, from the opera Enemy Forces, by Serov]

Diary Blog, 10 January 2021, including police state Britain

Britain was once thought of as “a free country”

Now look at it. Middle-aged ladies handcuffed behind their backs because they are wicked enough to sit on a bench overlooking the sea.

Two young women stopped and each given £200 fines for the “crime” of having driven (separately, at that) to a lake about 10 miles from their homes, where they were planning to take a walk together.

They, and/or similar women, were also fined because they had cups of peppermint tea.

I am not joking. Derbyshire’s pathetic and unpleasant plod force, which made itself notorious in 2020 for similar “poundland KGB” activities, informed the women that the tea counted as “a picnic”, which (ludicrously enough in itself) is “banned” under the stupid “virus” “lockdown” “rules”.

Another four officers appear to arrest a different woman for what she claims was 'sitting on a bench' on the seafront
[Britain 2021: Dorset Police arrest a woman for having been sitting quietly on a bench by the sea]

Forces across England have urged people to stay home and avoid travelling as they continue to fine rule-breakers. Pictured: Clapham Common, London
[Britain 2021: the police are now a militia force menacing the public; they loiter in threes and fours…]

Three police officers wearing face masks question a man sitting on a bench in St James's Park in central London this morning
[Britain 2021: three police —again— try to intimidate a person taking a rest on a park bench]


It comes as footage emerged showing three police officers surrounding a woman for allegedly leaving her house more than once in a day.

Another four officers appear to arrest a different woman for what she claims was ‘sitting on a bench’ on the seafront.

The new rules were on full show on Saturday when a woman was surrounded by three police who claimed she had left her house more than once.

The woman, who is joined by an elderly man, bursts into tears as the police interrogate her over the alleged lockdown violation in Bournemouth.

The officer, who was wearing a face covering, continues but the woman starts crying and wipes her eyes.

She says: ‘How have I acted anti-socially, I was sat on a bench having a cup of coffee, that is not anti-social.’

One officer tells the first woman: ‘At the moment you’re allowed out for exercise once a day.

You’ve been filmed today in the town centre and around here and walking up and down.’

Meanwhile the cameraman walks over to another part of the promenade where a woman is being cuffed by four different officers.

The four officers lead her away in handcuffs while other pedestrians ask why they feel it is necessary.

The footage comes to an end as the second woman is led to a police van while the first continues to bicker with the police.

Derbyshire Police faced criticism on Friday for taking the lockdown crackdown too far after officers swooped on two friends for driving just seven miles to go for a walk at a beauty spot.

As a result, the ‘intimidating’ force is reviewing its Covid operations after getting clarification about the rules, with West Mercia Police also mocked for threatening to fine people £200 for playing in the snow.

Elsewhere, Norfolk Police revealed a couple had travelled 130 miles from their home in Wellingborough in Northamptonshire to Horsey on Thursday to look at a seal colony.” [So?]

Last night, the Broseley and Much Wenlock division of West Mercia Police tweeted: ‘There have been two reports of snowballs being thrown last night between 11 and 11.30pm.

This is obviously not a justifiable reason to be out of your house, this behaviour is likely to result in a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice for breaking the lockdown rules.’

Meanwhile, Derbyshire Police fined beautician Jessica Allen and her British Airways flight attendant friend Eliza Moore £200 each for driving for a socially distanced stroll at Foremark Reservoir, which despite not being her nearest park is only 10 minutes from her house. 

The pair were also told their cups of Starbucks peppermint tea, which they bought at a drive-thru, were not allowed because they were ‘classed as a picnic’. 

Current lockdown guidance instructs the public to limit exercise – including running, cycling, swimming and walking – to once per day, and says while people can leave their home, they should not travel outside their local area.” [Daily Mail]

As seen in 2020, official “guidance” and “advice” is being conflated with law. The whole idea of the “rule of law” and “a society under law” is trashed by such conflation.

The sheer state of this country! Yes, police warning or threatening about snowballs thrown in people’s own gardens, or getting hold of some old lady, handcuffing her hands behind her back (as seen on American “reality” TV…) and bundling her away, “mobhanded”, may all seem somehow funny or eccentric, but in reality this is now not even the “toytown” police state seen 8, 9, 10 months ago. This is now becoming a real police state.

There is now no legitimate (or competent) government, no check on that by a viable official Opposition. The Press, radio and TV mostly retail government propaganda and the “fake news” of the misnamed “SAGE” scientific drones [aka “DUMB”— Department Under Matt and Boris]. As for “journalists”, 95% of them just spout officially-approved news. Soviet Britain.

It is not confined to the “virus” “panicdemic”. We see the attack on free speech continuing too (and not only in the UK…across the Western world).

Tweets seen

I would have more feeling of “solidarity” had Maajid Nawaz and Niall Ferguson (and Peter Hitchens, and Toby Young and Douglas Murray and others) said one word of support for me when I was disbarred at the instigation of the Jew lobby: https://ianrobertmillard.org/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/

Neither did any of those people mentioned say one word of support for Alison Chabloz, persecuted and even prosecuted for singing satirical songs about the hoaxes and fakery around the so-called “holocaust” farrago.

[Alison Chabloz]
[“Police Scotland” louts force themselves into a private home]

Dan Snow, the personification of unmerited System privilege.


I feel a dark, oppressive foreboding which makes spring seem very far away. Why is this? [Peter Hitchens, in the Mail on Sunday].

More tweets

NWO/ZOG manipulations, “lawfare” etc. A Gordian Knot. Cut that knot.

Excellent. The Twitter account “@echtDutch” is always worth seeing.

Radio 4 politics

Just listening to some Radio 4 politics show. Oh, dear…They interview Margaret Beckett, now a member of the House of Lords. As an MP, an expenses cheat and freeloader who made sure to employ her husband on expenses as well. Unlike most British politicians, not a complete idiot, but her greed and careerism vitiates her better qualities.

Now they interview the Jewish former Conservative Party leader, Michael “Howard”. Not a particularly nice person, but far from the worst of the Jews in politics in the UK.

Finally, an interview with Joanna Cherry, described as “a senior member of the SNP”. I suppose that that is so, but the very idea that the SNP can have a “senior member” is a bit of a joke, bearing in mind that the SNP had only a handful of MPs until 2015.

Joanna Cherry seems another not particularly nice person: a rather bullish lesbian, several of whose Parliamentary staff complained about being bullied, both by her and by her office manager (Joanna Cherry herself was officially exonerated later). There have also been problems over her expenses since 2015.

Britain deserves better politicians.

More tweets seen

I was a practising barrister, and during the years 2002-2008 was based in Exeter (professionally; I lived in Brittany from 2005). Local politicians and bureaucrats are often deadheads. The few I met in Exeter were no exception.

So what does the Government of Clowns do? Make the entire country stay at home on pain of penalty…

You still see tweets and other comment to the effect that the first and second “lockdowns” did not work because a very small number of people broke the (probably legally invalid) “rules”. What nonsense.

The real fallout from the “lockdown(s)” or shutdowns will come later, when the British people will be unable to get medical care, dental care, jobs, decent pay, and when their children will be unable, after pointless further education, to get even the most basic work, or much of a future.

Little Matt Hancock. As for Keir Starmer, the Jewish-lobby puppet now posing as Labour leader, he thinks that the only thing wrong with “lockdown” no.3 is that it should be stricter or tougher! So…everyone should sit at home and wait to starve?

What a total limp waste of space this Starmer is! I have heard two interventions from him this week, the “Government should be supported but do it tougher” statement today and, a few days ago, “People should now resume weekly clapping for NHS (or whatever)”. That one fell totally flat too.

No System party now has any legitimacy.

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Diary Blog, 25 August 2020

Yes! The tide is turning. Forget Trump. Forget all fake “conservative” “nationalists”. In the UK too.

In 1920s and early 1930s Germany, the NSDAP was an answer to Weimar degeneracy, and at the same time a parrying of or “Abwehr” to the alien Communist forces waiting to take over the country..

In our own time, the same kind of degeneracy as was manifested in the Weimar period in Germany is all around us in the UK, but there is no Marxist-Leninist movement waiting to take over, just a heaving mass of post-socialist “slacktivists”, Twitter users, “me-too” idiots, “Black Lives Matter” swine and the like.

We can do this.

A few tweets seen about the American situation

First up, someone, below, who not only calls National Socialists “fascists” (which is, historically, only semi-accurate at best) but also attaches, as a purported photo of Kristallnacht in 1938, a photograph (either genuine or from a film drama) of Soviet troops advancing through the streets of Berlin in 1945:

The American political system is even more sclerotic than that of the UK. A binary choice between two sets of unworthy people.

If I had to guess who will win in November, I should probably say Trump, though the racial and economic demographics favour the Democrats overall. America is divided, more than at any time since the 1960s, and maybe even more so today.

I never use or accept the “Right/Left” concept as anything real. The same goes for “far Right” etc. “Social-national” is not a perfect description, but seems to be the nearest easily-understood designation to my viewpoint.

Other tweets seen

What is wrong with the Brits?” The crushing of the British spirit has been a long affair. You could trace it back to the Second World War, which not only cost the country its Empire and its global imperial status, but impoverished the State and people for decades. People (older ones) know that rationing lasted, in part, until 1955 (!) but those older ones and the younger ones rarely ask why! War is expensive.

That superb writer Jan Morris [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Morris] noted in essays of the 1970s how Britain had (to use a phrase Jan Morris would probably hate) “lost its mojo”, the people dispirited.

Then there were the years of post-Thatcher stagnation. I recall returning from the USA (several times) in the early 1990s, noticing the creaking infrastructure (decaying concrete halts in the rain along the South Coast rail line), and the houses in some areas still, many of them, with smoking chimneys.

1997-2010, Blair’s —and Brown’s— Britain, with its nanny-state-ism, its badly-drafted laws, its petty repressions, its political correctness. That was followed by the “austerity” (for the poorer part of the population) rule of the part-Jews David Cameron-Levita and George Osborne. Then brittle and incompetent May, followed now by a government of clowns that makes even May’s misrule look good.

The stuffing has been knocked out of the British. The near-worship of the blacks and browns on TV (especially) has made the white people of this country (“the people formerly known as British”) almost forget that they (their near-ancestors) created much of the civilized world that exists.

At the same time, economic pressures (and feminist propaganda) have meant that almost all women have to take on paid work. Their children are not only partly-neglected but subjected to huge pressure to cram for endless school tests, the results of which are exam passes that are almost meaningless and lead nowhere but (for about 45%) a “university” where equally meaningless degrees are handed out (at Oxford and Cambridge, “Firsts” and “Upper Seconds” for about 95% of the candidates).

Then you have the assault on freedom of expression. The Jew-Zionists are behind this. People prosecuted for singing songs and posting them online, people prosecuted for making films of their dogs “saluting Hitler”, people prosecuted for calling a Jew a Jew (etc).

Now there is the whole toytown police state around the “Coronavirus” panic: “lockdown”, the facemask nonsense, the inconsistency of the (invalid but still being enforced) “laws” and “rules” (e.g. facemasks to be worn on trains, despite statistics indicating that someone would have to take 11,000 journeys before being infected, let alone dying from “the virus”; e.g. facemasks to be worn in all shops, but not in pubs! Or offices!).

No wonder the British public is downtrodden! Told by a pack of black , brown, and Jew invaders and pseudo-academics that their history is all bad, or stupid, or meaningless, and that any expression of national pride is evil and “racist” (which, according to the same enemies, is ipso facto evil…); told that they should be grateful that the blacks have fastened onto the UK; told that any blacks and browns who manage to pilot a rubber boat across the Channel can and should be put up in 4-star hotels, given spending money and food while they await their taxpayer-paid free houses or flats.

Migration invasion. Not to mention the birthrate of those already here: pop! pop! pop!…

Now the enemy is even banning “Land of Hope and Glory” and “Rule Britannia“!


She lives in Finland, but her origins are in the Ukraine. She looks Jewish or part-Jewish to me, and her own music draws on Jewish motifs.

British Museum

Another example of how the forces of evil are taking away our right to exist, for our history to exist as something noble.

Britain needs to rise up again. It needs to undertake a cultural purge (a “purge of the purgers” if you like).

Only Europe can evolve to the point at which a “quantum leap” to a higher race-form and consciousness-form can take place. Europe can only do that on the basis of the existing white northern European population. Anything, therefore, which seeks to destroy the European nature of Europe must be exterminated.

Another example of the campaign to destroy Britain

Kevin Maguire, the fake “socialist” System mouthpiece (completely in the pocket of the Jewish-Zionist lobby, like all or virtually all msm scribblers in the UK):

Admittedly, God Save the Queen is a bit of a dirge, but Maguire is not against it because of its aesthetics, but because it is British, and traditional, and imperial.

Maguire is the sort of pseudo-socialist fake that I hate. A more “Blairite” equivalent of Owen Jones. Another one who lives in an affluent part of London while trumpeting his cash-strapped Northern roots (albeit far more convincingly than Owen Jones). Maguire is a typical “Labour” tribalist, who was always supportive of the fake “Labour” regime(s) of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown despite the blatantly obvious finance-capitalist nature of those governments.

Labour really is just a label now, but that suits empty-vessel tribalists like Maguire.

Meanwhile, a load of idiots all over Britain were standing outside their homes, clapping…

My visit to a garden centre

Went to a garden centre (unwillingly) this afternoon. There are several within a few miles of my now very humble home.

I was surprised on such a windy day to find many people, most far older than me (and I am 64 next week) in the place or parked outside. Even more surprising is that many were actually wearing facemask muzzles in the strong gale force winds (which were blowing well over 40 mph— I saw a tree down on the way to my next port of call).

I avoided wearing a mask in the centre, though kept one to hand in case Plod were about. I saw a couple of others standing up for freedom, but most of the elderly rabbits were complying. The brainwashing has been fairly effective, sadly.

Alison Chabloz


Tweets seen

Our time is coming but can only arrive if there exists a real social-national movement. The next few years are crucial. The chance is there, not only to seize power in the UK, but to re-create Europe in our image.

An interesting online shop: https://preppersshop.co.uk/prepping-bundles-52-c.asp

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Diary Blog, 15 May 2020

End the “lockdown” nonsense now!

Fewer than 24 people are catching coronavirus each day in London, new modelling suggests, with forecasts predicting the virus could be wiped out in the capital within a fortnight.

Analysis by Public Health England and Cambridge University calculates that the “R” reproduction rate has fallen to 0.4 in London, with the number of new cases halving every 3.5 days.

If cases continue to decrease at the current rate, the virus will be virtually eliminated in the capital by the end of the month, raising questions about whether the strict lockdown measures would need to continue.” [Daily Telegraph]




…and in places, idiots brainwashed by “lockdown” propaganda have even left traps designed to injure people!


After leaving their traps, they no doubt go home to stand outside their homes, virtue-signalling by clapping like drunken seals “for the NHS”.

Government subsidy for the self-employed

A government scheme to support self-employed workers signed up 440,000 people on its first day at a cost of £1.3bn, according to the Treasury.

The self-employment income support scheme (SEISS) provides workers whose finances have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic with a cash grant of 80% of their average monthly trading profits up to a cap of £2,500, backdated to cover the last three months.

Launched this week, more than two weeks ahead of schedule, the scheme is expected to support up to 3.5 million of the UK’s 5.2 million self-employed people.” [Guardian]


What strikes me first is how “autres temps autres mœurs“…

In the past decade particularly, we have seen the way in which the Conservative Party governments (aided in 2010-2015 by their LibDem enablers) stigmatized the poor, and particularly the poor who are also unemployed and/or disabled, and living on mostly very modest State benefit monies.

Many people who are now gratefully in receipt of the “furlough” payments for furloughed employees, and those who are applying for what amounts to the new State benefit for the (supposedly) “self-employed”, will have voted “Conservative” in the past 10 years. Amazing how attitudes change with circumstances…

While the new “benefits” are modest (the maximum claimable is £2,500 per month), they are still more than almost all unemployed and disabled can claim (even if Housing Benefit etc is included in the latter categories’ monies).

It reminds me of the attitudes of the farmers, who like to pretend that they are self-standing independent people running agricultural businesses, yet who “accept” farm subsidies and grants at (under the system as it now is, which may change) around £150 an acre merely for owning or renting land, fundamentally. A farmer with 200 acres (the overall average), will get 200 x £150, so about £30,000 a year. Not huge, but still pretty good for doing effectively nothing (a simplification, but one cannot get into more here)! That sum will be payable whether the farm makes £100,000 profit, £10,000 profit, nothing, or a loss.

The farmers do not see themselves as being “on benefits”, of course! You only have to listen to BBC Radio 4 Farming Today to hear the convoluted arguments and language they and the NFU farmers’ lobby employ to justify their subsidies (“providing a service“, “doing environmental work“, “growing the food the nation/world needs“, “ensuring Britain’s food security” etc…). Anything but “we want the State to pay us for owning land“, though occasionally you do hear “without the farm payments, half the farmers in England will go out of business“. And your point is?… The coal mines, steel works etc used to say the same.

Is it April the First?

There are now so many red flag warnings that Western society has gone mad that it is hard to select from the hundreds, thousands, of examples. What about this?!

Regular readers will know that I have blogged about Little Greta Nut (now 17) previously:



One of the few good things about the Coronavirus situation is that, up until now, it has pushed Greta Nut off the news agenda. Now, those behind her have managed to inveigle her back on, despite her lack of any knowledge or qualification.

Economic ruination?

Almost half of UK businesses are within six months of running out of cash, despite the lifeline provided by the government’s furlough scheme, according to the latest official snapshot of how firms are faring.

In its fortnightly survey on the economic impact of Covid-19, the Office for National Statistics found 44% of firms that responded said their reserves would last for less than six months.”

About 27% said they had cash that would last beyond six months.” [The Guardian]


So only a quarter of UK enterprises have cash reserves sufficient to last them beyond November of this year? Sobering.

When the government put the economy into lockdown in March a third (33%) of those surveyed said they thought it would take six months or more for the country to bounce back to its pre-crisis state, but that figure has risen to 46%.” [The Guardian]

The “furlough” and other recent Government schemes are expensive in themselves (at least £8 billion per month, and now more, with the “self-employed” subsidy), but a debt of that sort (meaning eventually perhaps £100 billion) is at a level that can be handled, given that the UK can at present borrow at long-term rock-bottom interest rates

The economist Jonathan Portes was making that point only this morning on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. If I heard correctly, he thought that it worked out at £30 per person per year (interest or interest + capital repayment? I have seen £100 per year as a combined figure). In any event, not catastrophic. A long-term national debt burden.

What would be catastrophic would be a general economic collapse. Were that to happen, the pound sterling would fall like a stone (despite the similar problems in other countries, particularly EU countries). That in turn would make imports prohibitively expensive. Britain imports (including raw materials) about 80% of its food.

In addition, a general economic collapse would cause enormous unemployment, in that genuine employment would be hit, and so would the basically fake (short-term, “gig economy”, part-time, zero-hours) employment and (equally fake, really) “self-employment” of millions.

Still, as Lenin put it, “worse will mean better…” meaning that, for us now, and in 2021-22, there might be, for the first time in my present lifetime, a realistic chance for social nationalism in the UK.

White genocide

The tweeter below sees, in the Daily Mail‘s cropping of a photo, “white racism” but I see something else— the cover-up around “the Great Replacement” of whites by non-whites in Europe.



When I was a child, in the early and mid 1960s (I was in Australia 1967-69), Britain was an almost-entirely white country (despite the lies put out to the masses by shows such as Grantchester, Endeavour, various other popular TV shows). Certainly you never saw many, if any, blacks or browns etc in most of the country or even in Central London (there were enclaves in ports such as Liverpool and Cardiff). In fact, the only black person I believe I ever saw in England was the consultant (ear, nose, throat) from somewhere in the Caribbean, whom I saw when aged about 6, maybe 7, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Now, the BBC and the msm generally have stolen British (and other European) history, right back to the Middle Ages, and even to Roman Britain and earlier!


Tweets seen

More news from the “lockdown” farce

“All prosecutions under the new Coronavirus Act have been unlawful, a review has found.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed that all 44 charges it had so far checked had been withdrawn or overturned.” [The Independent]


More recent tweets of interest

The Conservatives have slipped back to 51% popularity. What, I wonder, would David Cameron-Levita or Theresa May not have given for such a level of support? However, it is merely popularity by default, given that Labour support continues to bump along the bottom, a function of irrelevance.

Hard to argue against the above Hitchens comment, looking at the present government of fools.

There is no correlation between fatalities and lockdown stringency. The most stringent lockdowns – as in China, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Britain – have yielded both high and low deaths per million. Hi-tech has apparently “worked” in South Korea, but so has no-tech in Sweden. Sweden’s 319 deaths per million is far ahead of locked-down Norway’s 40 and Denmark’s 91, but it’s well behind locked-down UK’s 465 and Spain’s 569.” [The Guardian]


An attack on Boris-idiot

Britain’s last experience of protracted national disruption, Jim Callaghan’s Labour government continued to lead the Conservatives in some polls. But as the crisis dragged on, and seemed increasingly beyond Callaghan’s control, the government’s ratings collapsed and never fully recovered.

If that happens to Johnson, the disconnect between his popularity and his political abilities will stop being a mystery that columns like this try to solve. His long hold over voters and the media, ever since he won the mayoralty in usually Labour-supporting London 12 years ago, will be seen as a bit of a con – like an enticing but dodgy company that eventually went bust.”


All well and good, but if the public get fed up (enough) with Boris-idiot and his government of fools, to where do they turn? Britain, or at least England, has a basically binary system. When the “other party” is flat on its back, defeated, irrelevant, as Labour now is, will the electorate turn to it? Doubtful, especially with someone like Keir Starmer as leader and MPs such as Rachel Reeves around him. You never know, and the System loves the pointless ping-pong on Con-Lab politics, but Labour has no real base any more, in any sense; unless you say that Labour’s base is now the affluent but virtue-signalling London multikulti types, and the Twitterati, together with the ethnic minorities (except Jews) and public service people. The old Labour of the steel mills, the coal mines, the transport unions, the (now near-irrelevant) TUC, has disappeared.

Again, this should be, in theory, the time when social nationalism rises up to destroy the evil ones, but there is no such party, no such movement. Yet.


Diary Blog, 23 April 2020

Well, here we are on the evening of St. George’s Day, scarcely an auspicious day this year, with the compliant rabbit-pleb population begging to be kept in “lockdown” for “as long as it takes”, meaning until Coronavirus is no more. They can then (in a year or so) emerge from their dwellings to contemplate the complete destruction of the UK’s economy and society.

Actually, the above is somewhat hyperbolic. For one thing, at least as far as where I am situated is concerned, there was no visible or audible State-mandated clapathon this evening. Yay! Not a single “locked-down” serf-citizen (in my area) appeared to clap, bang, set off fireworks or virtue-signal. So that’s one dead propaganda campaign (I hope)…

Secondly, people are starting to revolt, gradually, against the wrongheaded and tyrannical “lockdown” nonsense.

It’s a very British revolt. For one thing, very slow! All the same, in a typically Brit “yes, repeat no” way, people are starting to ignore the “lockdown”. There would be a great deal more of this quiet revolt were shops open.  As it is, there is nowhere much to go anyway. However, there are still parks, beaches, national parks, lakes (those not yet poisoned by Derbyshire police woodentops) etc.

The msm continues to parrot System propaganda, though. Look, below, at the Daily Mail today, calling people “covidiots” simply because they decided to walk in a park, sunbathe alone in a park or on a beach, drive around for a change of view and air, all activities which do not spread the Chinese virus; neither do any of these people have any chance of getting the virus from their walking, sunbathing or driving.

Not that that stops Twitter’s “me-too” online mob of serfs and virtue-signallers from attacking these innocent people and their harmless behaviours. As for the toytown police that now infest the country, they love lecturing decent citizens doing completely harmless activities.

Despite government pleas and warnings of strong fines from police for breaching lockdown rules, beaches were packed up and down the country, with covidiots sunbathing and enjoying the high temperatures.” [Daily Mail]


Police move two members of the public off a bench in Edinburgh today, after they appeared to decide to enjoy some tea in the sun, despite the coronavirus lockdown

[above: police idiots “move on” a harmless elderly/middleaged couple sitting having a drink from a Thermos flask. Why? Why?]

In Edinburgh, a couple were moved on by police after they were spotted enjoying some tea on a park bench.” [Daily Mail]. Again, why? It is senseless, quite senseless.

Sunbathing is banned by the government under the guidelines, but that didn't seem to stop some covidiots all over the country, including this woman at Highgate park in north London

[above: it pleases Daily Mail scribblers Danny Hussain and Jordan King to call this harmless young woman, sunbathing in her sky-blue bikini at Highgate, a “covidiot”… Why? She is not spreading the bloody virus; she is not in danger of infection, and even if she did get it, she is young enough to have, probably, few if any symptoms. Oh, and the Daily Mail “newspaper” scribblers might care to note that sunbathing is not unlawful anyway, whatever little Matt Hancock might like to pretend]

Members of the public ignore the Coronavirus lockdown on the hottest day of the year on Primrose Hill, north London, including this woman who seemed to be enjoying the sun

[above: another young woman, alone in the sun on Primrose Hill. Harmless. Why call people like her “covidiots”? So that the Twitterati and other online mobs, ignorant and brainwashed, can chuck virtual rotten tomato at her?]

A driver stopped by police in Cornwall told officers he went on a 70-mile tour of the county because he was bored of lockdown

[above: further misuse of police resources and unnecessary intrusion into the lives of citizens: the motorist was bored and decided to drive around Cornwall. So? Mind your own business, Plod!].

Devon and Cornwall Police said today they have carried out over 200 stops in the Penzance area alone in the past week. A driver pulled over for going on a 70-mile tour of Cornwall’s roads said ‘No reason for doing it really – I was just bored.’ It is the latest sign of the country getting back to normal life – despite ongoing lockdown rules.” [Daily Mail]

Huge queues built up outside the Five Guys burger restaurant in Edinburgh last night as people collect takeaway orders

[above: customers crowding together at a large takeaway food outlet in Edinburgh. This is within the “rules” as laid down! It’s all a nonsense!]

Crowds of commuters board a Jubilee line train at Canning Town station on the London Underground this morning

[above: the Central Line in East London. All within the “rules”, yet a wonderful incubator for bacteria and also viruses]…

According to the Daily Mail, people can now be fined if “caught” sunbathing in public, but not if exercizing in public, despite the fact that the latter is far more likely to lead to random infection! It’s all just nonsense! That’s assuming that the Daily Mail has the law right, which I doubt (I speak of the law, not whatever little Matt Hancock tries to pretend is the law).

Twitter full tonight of idiots engaged in the State Clapathon. Go away…thankfully, few if any around here. Once again, one sees that Twitter is the home of the natural serfs and virtue-signallers. Most unable to think for themselves.

Not that I do not appreciate the doctors, nurses and other staff in the NHS. Most are great. However, State-encouraged mass signalling is not to be pandered to. It also tends to kill thought (and dissent) about this whole Coronavirus thing and the government policy of putting the population under pointless house arrest.

Also, the NHS is badly-administered, to an almost absurd extent, and that is apart from any funding questions. “Clapping for NHS” tends to says “there are no serious problems in the NHS”. Again, this clapping coercion tends to kill thought and dissent.

An exception, as previously noted, has been Peter Hitchens (@ClarkeMicah on Twitter):


End the “lockdown” nonsense now!

Crises such as the present one are for political leaders or at least pretend leaders to run with, not advisers, however supposedly eminent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Whitty

Advisers such as this Whitty character need to be put back in their box. It is always dangerous to, in effect, give power to such people.

I like this (from @TonyGreyMan)…

More tweets:

Not that most Twitter virtue-signallers care much (yet) about the economy collapsing. Most of that section of the Twitterati are public service people (NHS, police, fire brigade, local council staff, other public sector staff) who assume (wrongly) that their pay, conditions and employment are outside the wider “marketplace”, or they are people not working anyway (either retired or otherwise “economically inactive”). Then there are the BBC and other msm drones, entertainers etc, as well as the online soi-disant “film critics”, “writers” (who have written one or two sunk-without-trace books in the past 5+ years), “journalists” etc (untrained and on tiny online “newspapers”; see also “Mike Stuchbery”), people who talk on BBC local radio once or twice a month etc etc and put themselves forward as “academics”, “historians” etc, on the strength of a pathetic doctorate from some multikulti degree mill.