Diary Blog, 15 May 2020

End the “lockdown” nonsense now!

Fewer than 24 people are catching coronavirus each day in London, new modelling suggests, with forecasts predicting the virus could be wiped out in the capital within a fortnight.

Analysis by Public Health England and Cambridge University calculates that the “R” reproduction rate has fallen to 0.4 in London, with the number of new cases halving every 3.5 days.

If cases continue to decrease at the current rate, the virus will be virtually eliminated in the capital by the end of the month, raising questions about whether the strict lockdown measures would need to continue.” [Daily Telegraph]




…and in places, idiots brainwashed by “lockdown” propaganda have even left traps designed to injure people!


After leaving their traps, they no doubt go home to stand outside their homes, virtue-signalling by clapping like drunken seals “for the NHS”.

Government subsidy for the self-employed

A government scheme to support self-employed workers signed up 440,000 people on its first day at a cost of £1.3bn, according to the Treasury.

The self-employment income support scheme (SEISS) provides workers whose finances have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic with a cash grant of 80% of their average monthly trading profits up to a cap of £2,500, backdated to cover the last three months.

Launched this week, more than two weeks ahead of schedule, the scheme is expected to support up to 3.5 million of the UK’s 5.2 million self-employed people.” [Guardian]


What strikes me first is how “autres temps autres mœurs“…

In the past decade particularly, we have seen the way in which the Conservative Party governments (aided in 2010-2015 by their LibDem enablers) stigmatized the poor, and particularly the poor who are also unemployed and/or disabled, and living on mostly very modest State benefit monies.

Many people who are now gratefully in receipt of the “furlough” payments for furloughed employees, and those who are applying for what amounts to the new State benefit for the (supposedly) “self-employed”, will have voted “Conservative” in the past 10 years. Amazing how attitudes change with circumstances…

While the new “benefits” are modest (the maximum claimable is £2,500 per month), they are still more than almost all unemployed and disabled can claim (even if Housing Benefit etc is included in the latter categories’ monies).

It reminds me of the attitudes of the farmers, who like to pretend that they are self-standing independent people running agricultural businesses, yet who “accept” farm subsidies and grants at (under the system as it now is, which may change) around £150 an acre merely for owning or renting land, fundamentally. A farmer with 200 acres (the overall average), will get 200 x £150, so about £30,000 a year. Not huge, but still pretty good for doing effectively nothing (a simplification, but one cannot get into more here)! That sum will be payable whether the farm makes £100,000 profit, £10,000 profit, nothing, or a loss.

The farmers do not see themselves as being “on benefits”, of course! You only have to listen to BBC Radio 4 Farming Today to hear the convoluted arguments and language they and the NFU farmers’ lobby employ to justify their subsidies (“providing a service“, “doing environmental work“, “growing the food the nation/world needs“, “ensuring Britain’s food security” etc…). Anything but “we want the State to pay us for owning land“, though occasionally you do hear “without the farm payments, half the farmers in England will go out of business“. And your point is?… The coal mines, steel works etc used to say the same.

Is it April the First?

There are now so many red flag warnings that Western society has gone mad that it is hard to select from the hundreds, thousands, of examples. What about this?!

Regular readers will know that I have blogged about Little Greta Nut (now 17) previously:



One of the few good things about the Coronavirus situation is that, up until now, it has pushed Greta Nut off the news agenda. Now, those behind her have managed to inveigle her back on, despite her lack of any knowledge or qualification.

Economic ruination?

Almost half of UK businesses are within six months of running out of cash, despite the lifeline provided by the government’s furlough scheme, according to the latest official snapshot of how firms are faring.

In its fortnightly survey on the economic impact of Covid-19, the Office for National Statistics found 44% of firms that responded said their reserves would last for less than six months.”

About 27% said they had cash that would last beyond six months.” [The Guardian]


So only a quarter of UK enterprises have cash reserves sufficient to last them beyond November of this year? Sobering.

When the government put the economy into lockdown in March a third (33%) of those surveyed said they thought it would take six months or more for the country to bounce back to its pre-crisis state, but that figure has risen to 46%.” [The Guardian]

The “furlough” and other recent Government schemes are expensive in themselves (at least £8 billion per month, and now more, with the “self-employed” subsidy), but a debt of that sort (meaning eventually perhaps £100 billion) is at a level that can be handled, given that the UK can at present borrow at long-term rock-bottom interest rates

The economist Jonathan Portes was making that point only this morning on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme. If I heard correctly, he thought that it worked out at £30 per person per year (interest or interest + capital repayment? I have seen £100 per year as a combined figure). In any event, not catastrophic. A long-term national debt burden.

What would be catastrophic would be a general economic collapse. Were that to happen, the pound sterling would fall like a stone (despite the similar problems in other countries, particularly EU countries). That in turn would make imports prohibitively expensive. Britain imports (including raw materials) about 80% of its food.

In addition, a general economic collapse would cause enormous unemployment, in that genuine employment would be hit, and so would the basically fake (short-term, “gig economy”, part-time, zero-hours) employment and (equally fake, really) “self-employment” of millions.

Still, as Lenin put it, “worse will mean better…” meaning that, for us now, and in 2021-22, there might be, for the first time in my present lifetime, a realistic chance for social nationalism in the UK.

White genocide

The tweeter below sees, in the Daily Mail‘s cropping of a photo, “white racism” but I see something else— the cover-up around “the Great Replacement” of whites by non-whites in Europe.



When I was a child, in the early and mid 1960s (I was in Australia 1967-69), Britain was an almost-entirely white country (despite the lies put out to the masses by shows such as Grantchester, Endeavour, various other popular TV shows). Certainly you never saw many, if any, blacks or browns etc in most of the country or even in Central London (there were enclaves in ports such as Liverpool and Cardiff). In fact, the only black person I believe I ever saw in England was the consultant (ear, nose, throat) from somewhere in the Caribbean, whom I saw when aged about 6, maybe 7, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Now, the BBC and the msm generally have stolen British (and other European) history, right back to the Middle Ages, and even to Roman Britain and earlier!


Tweets seen

More news from the “lockdown” farce

“All prosecutions under the new Coronavirus Act have been unlawful, a review has found.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed that all 44 charges it had so far checked had been withdrawn or overturned.” [The Independent]


More recent tweets of interest

The Conservatives have slipped back to 51% popularity. What, I wonder, would David Cameron-Levita or Theresa May not have given for such a level of support? However, it is merely popularity by default, given that Labour support continues to bump along the bottom, a function of irrelevance.

Hard to argue against the above Hitchens comment, looking at the present government of fools.

There is no correlation between fatalities and lockdown stringency. The most stringent lockdowns – as in China, Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Britain – have yielded both high and low deaths per million. Hi-tech has apparently “worked” in South Korea, but so has no-tech in Sweden. Sweden’s 319 deaths per million is far ahead of locked-down Norway’s 40 and Denmark’s 91, but it’s well behind locked-down UK’s 465 and Spain’s 569.” [The Guardian]


An attack on Boris-idiot

Britain’s last experience of protracted national disruption, Jim Callaghan’s Labour government continued to lead the Conservatives in some polls. But as the crisis dragged on, and seemed increasingly beyond Callaghan’s control, the government’s ratings collapsed and never fully recovered.

If that happens to Johnson, the disconnect between his popularity and his political abilities will stop being a mystery that columns like this try to solve. His long hold over voters and the media, ever since he won the mayoralty in usually Labour-supporting London 12 years ago, will be seen as a bit of a con – like an enticing but dodgy company that eventually went bust.”


All well and good, but if the public get fed up (enough) with Boris-idiot and his government of fools, to where do they turn? Britain, or at least England, has a basically binary system. When the “other party” is flat on its back, defeated, irrelevant, as Labour now is, will the electorate turn to it? Doubtful, especially with someone like Keir Starmer as leader and MPs such as Rachel Reeves around him. You never know, and the System loves the pointless ping-pong on Con-Lab politics, but Labour has no real base any more, in any sense; unless you say that Labour’s base is now the affluent but virtue-signalling London multikulti types, and the Twitterati, together with the ethnic minorities (except Jews) and public service people. The old Labour of the steel mills, the coal mines, the transport unions, the (now near-irrelevant) TUC, has disappeared.

Again, this should be, in theory, the time when social nationalism rises up to destroy the evil ones, but there is no such party, no such movement. Yet.


14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 15 May 2020”

  1. Contrary to the claims of the Daily Tory Morongraph libertarian propaganda rag (which doesn’t recognise the United Kingdom since they wish to throw NI under the bus for Brexit purposes) the UK has one of the HIGHEST DAILY NEW CASES RATE IN THE WORLD beaten only by the USA which is run by that orange moron.

    Hence this is NO TIME for libertarian lunacy and their slacking on the job but actually to introduce NEW restrictions such as the mandatory wearing of facial masks and to close down the Underground in London.


    1. Well, as you will apprehend, M’Lord of Essex, while there may be utility in shutting the Underground for a while (something that should have been done in February or March), I do not agree with making facemasks mandatory.

      It may be (recent evidence suggests) that, *in London*, the virus will be played out quite shortly, if not in May then by some date in June.

      For me, the real issues now are not the medical ones but the economic ones, given that I read that only 27% of companies say they have funds sufficient for 6 months or more, given that half the pubs in the UK may not re-open, given that half the private dentists in the UK are said to be nearing bankruptcy, and so on. Poverty can kill people pretty efficiently too.


  2. The farce is NOT the lockdown but this moronic and completely incompetent ‘government’ evidently NOT believing in it.! Why else would people be able to get off fines for not abiding by it?

    The Tory government and their response to this viral pandemic since day one can be summed-up in this sketch:


    1. The reason why the Coronavirus *convictions* (not the on the spot fines, so far) have *all* been quashed, M’Lord of Essex, is because the police and CPS wrongly charged people.


    2. Vicki Pollard of Little Britain fame with her famous catchphrase of ‘Yeah but no but yeah but no’!🙄


  3. Can we expel the Daily Telegraph’s editors and Peter Hitchens and tell them to chance THEIR lives instead of other peoole’s in the most infected country in the world namely the USA where they will feel at home with all the other libertarian loonies of the Tea Party ext?


  4. Res Anxius SOD your personal liberty! Would you approve of giving ‘personal liberty’ to Peter Sutcliffe by releasing him from his whole life order prison sentence so he can rape and murder some more women after he has done that to too many already?

    Personal liberty in society has its limits! If your personal liberty helps to kill another person then the government and the rest of society is perfectly entitled to curtail it!


  5. Willow Wyse, what constitution would that be? Famously, Britain doesn’t have a codified ie written down into one document constitution where we lowly plebs can look at it and see our rights!

    How do you think Edward Heath and company managed to get away with putting Britain into the then Common Market without holding a pre accession referendum as in the Republic of Ireland and Norway?


  6. Britain has the doctrine of absolute parliamentary sovereignty and this means the British government can basically do whatever they want to do regardless of civil or human rights.

    Other countries are also governed by parliamentary systems of governance but they have written, codified constitutions whereby the government’s power is limited by these constitutions.

    Indeed, Germany’s ‘Basic Law’ contains entrenched clauses protecting certain human rights which can’t be changed by a revision of the constitution.


  7. COVID19:

    Professor Dolores Cahill and Fiona Marie Flanagan.

    Some intelligent and informed discussion, it is a couple of hours long but consider looking for 5-10 minutes from 40m on. Basically: social distancing: fine if this were Ebola or another HCID, but the Government announced in mid-March it was not, so not justifiable.

    One doesn’t need to get into the merits of the arguments however, since at a high level of abstraction the plausibility of HMG is threadbare enough: why would a government that has demonstrably been taking increasingly overt actions for 50-80 years to replace the indigenous population and relegate the residue of it to inferior status -vs- new arrivals be even *likely* to have the interests of the general public (still White majority) at the forefront of its considerations? That would be blowing hot and cold. NOT plausible.

    “Communities”: I don’t know if this has caught your attention yet but in some respects it was quite interesting although I may have missed nuances as I review a lot speeded up when otherwise engaged:


    A lawyer who has worked in the planning process resisting applications for new Mosques (otherwise known as “community centres”, sometimes “bookshops”).

    A page describes him as an English attorney but I wasn’t aware there was such a thing (or maybe he’s English but called to the NY/California/whatever Bar?) Or perhaps he is a Solicitor or Barrister – which fact if correct might explain his denunciation of Jewish world dominance “conspiracy theories” since quite apart from his personal motivations in taking that stance presumably nowadays he would be disbarred / struck off if he asserted otherwise. (I remember a barrister interviewed by Red Ice Radio some years ago who took the same stance, and I’m guessing but cannot confirm for the same reason – he may have been Alison Chabloz’s counsel or another one but I don’t recall).

    There was more cattle lowing tonight – Thursday not enough?! Ah well, the masses are asses.


    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      I saw this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_Society_of_Australia, which mentions that
      “The group has brought a number of controversial speakers to Australia including Somali-born ex-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, UK planning lawyer and anti-mosque campaigner Gavin Boby…”





      There is no Solicitors’ Regulation Authority record for a solicitor of that name: https://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/register/

      The Bar Directory is hard to search now (typical…disorganized) but I cannot see any Bar record for this Boby.
      Not determinative: I was a barrister for 25 years but, having been disbarred for political reasons and at the instigation of a pack of Jews, I am not found in the Bar Directory (which only has barristers in practice currently).

      Saw this:

      and this:

      and this:
      which says
      “Does he have a day job? He’s a planning lawyer in Bristol. I think he’s actually a barrister.”
      which may or may not be correct. As for Bristol, his website telephone has a *London* area code.

      His own website and Facebook page (I cannot see all, because I am not on Facebook), says “planning lawyer”. “Lawyer” rather than “solicitor” or “barrister”.

      People seem to assume that he is a barrister (perhaps not practising *as a barrister*): http://www.libertiesalliance.org/2011/06/20/law-and-freedom-foundation%E2%80%99s-project-to-oppose-mosque-construction-%E2%80%93-an-update/

      This Companies House record has him registered simply as “lawyer”: https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/03489890-equity-will-writing-ltd

      If I had to guess, I would say non-prqctising barrister, but some “lawyers” become prominent despite being entirely fraudulent, such as
      The msm, inc. Daily Mail, Telegraph etc accepted the claim that Di Stefano was “a lawyer” despite his *never* having been one…

      ps. On your query as to whether the term “attorney” is ever used of a lawyer in the UK, it once was. In the 19thC, and earlier, there were lawyers called “attorneys” in the UK, who were a parallel group to solicitors.


      For example, in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, Trial by Jury, the young barrister marries “the rich attorney’s elderly ugly daughter”…




      1. Most interesting. I shall be reviewing those sources at greater leisure…

        There was an odd passage in the interview with Boby around 40-50m when he made some retort along the lines of (paraphrasing) anti-Semitism is irrational and especially dangerous because history shows anti-Jewish sentiment in particular to be prone to escalate to violence and beyond very quickly.
        What an odd thing to say I thought on hearing it. He must have skin in the game. In UK you don’t hear about anti-Pakistani child rapist “hate” or anti-Yardie “hate” for more visible cause so why the nonsense about dangerous escalation of anti-Jewish sentiment? They were expelled in 1290 but since being let back in around 1655 there hasn’t been anything remotely like organised anti-Semitism that I know of.

        Sadly the converse doesn’t seem to apply. A “Neanderthal” or “Turco-Finn Mongoloid” one assumes:
        Gates Honored Doctor: “We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States”

        More COVID19 slop:

        ‘I’m scared of being buried as the wrong gender’


        Another fails the Darwinian assult course:


      2. Wigger:
        That clip featuring Carol Baker is incredible.She says “get rid of all whites” and the rabbits all laugh! Imagine if she or anyone had said “get rid of all blacks” or “get rid of all JEWS”! The skies would fall in. America has a serious and perhaps insoluble (peacefully) problem politically and ethnically.


    2. It IS plausible the government would want to protect people’s health so they won’t catch a very nasty and potentially deadly virus, First of all this virus poses it’s most fatal consequences for elderly people. Would
      the Tories want to kill off the group of voters most likely to vote for them? I don’t think they would.

      Secondly, you can’t have a decent economy without a healthy workforce so Tory libertarian idiot Peter Hitchens should be aware of that fact.


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