Diary Blog, 26 May 2020


From last year, but worth reading.

The West is weak, not only or even mostly in terms of military strength, but in terms of moral force, of authority, of integrity. It has been largely taken over by the Jew element but. alongside that, has rolled over for the wealthy Arab element.

Anyone who has lived in or near Central London will know to what extent there has been a huge Arab (and other Muslim) influx since the 1970s. The instability of the Middle East has sent a series of waves of migration to London: the Lebanese civil war, the Iranian Islamic revolution, the many subsequent events.

However, beyond that, there has been another Arab invasion since the 1970s, that of Arab wealth. As someone whose parents and brothers were all great racing fans, I heard the stories of how this or that sheikh or emir would glide through Ascot, giving doormen baksheesh of a £50 or £20 note merely for having opened a door or gate for the mogul. That was in the late 1970s and the 1980s, when £50 was really worth having.

That eagerness, to have a little of the new-ish Arab oil wealth rub off on English palms, was not confined to doormen and chauffeurs but spread to the City of London money-men, lawyers and others and, most tellingly, to the more corrupt of the political class at Westminster. One name: Jonathan Aitken.

Then there was the rumoured £30 million bung paid to Mark Thatcher (despite his being a political nullity and a general nobody), in order to sweeten Mrs. Thatcher, his mother and, of course, Prime Minister at the time. Britain for sale…

The Gulf Arabs (Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis etc) have only the most negligible culture and history to set alongside that of Europe, but Fate (they say the Will of Allah) has made them rich via oil found by Europeans (and by Europeans become Americans), exploited by Europeans/Americans, extracted by Europeans/Americans, shipped or pumped by Europeans/Americans, refined by Europeans/Americans, and finally bought and utilized mainly by Europeans/Americans.

The Gulf Arabs bring nothing to the table. They just sit there, arrogantly, unable to defend themselves without American, British and French help, unable even to make their societies function on a 20th/21st Century basis without expat Europeans/Americans etc to run everything (and Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos etc to do much of the manual work, with refugee Palestinians often occupying the space in between).

In Qatar, for example, Qataris are only about 15% of the population, but they are the only ones with any real rights. I have been there twice, once in 2001 when it was a pleasant, sleepy place, then again in 2008, by which time it had become a horrible overdeveloped mess.

In fact, if the Qataris all just disappeared, Qatar would be a far better place (also applicable to the rest of the Middle East).

The invasion of Kuwait in 1990 showed up the Kuwaitis for the useless, venal, cowardly creatures they are, the “royal” family and others living in luxury hotels in Taif (Saudi Arabia) while the British, American and French Foreign Legion forces fought for and won back Kuwait for the Kuwaitis who did not deserve it.

Had it not been for the Second World War and then the Cold War and its superpower standoff, the Gulf would have become more or less another Western colony and would have been far far better for it. It is very regrettable that the Gulf Arabs were able to pose as powerful independent allies inter se and vis a vis “the West”, when they are just parasites.

They infest London and other cities, driving their million-pound sports cars around, enjoying themselves with local sluts and making a nuisance of themselves in areas such as Kensington, Knightsbridge etc.

I think that the West generally should impose a true suzerainty over the whole of the Middle East, and rule all the states there (including Israel) while allowing a degree of autonomy within state boundaries. It’s only right.

As for the “sheikhs”, “emirs”, “kings” and local dictators, just remove them. Permanently.

Oh, I forgot: Lawrence of Arabia (T.E. Lawrence) was an idiot, albeit an erudite and remarkable one!

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This ironic world

It seems that the popularity of Boris-idiot is plummeting. Not because he and his moronic crew have imposed a mass house arrest and destroyed both civil rights and the British economy, but because of his support for Dominic Cummings amid the recent trivial “scandal”.

“and the old gods laughed”…

14 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 26 May 2020”

  1. Peter, once again, ignoring basic facts.,Japan STILL has ‘socially distancing rules’ which, as a loony, unrealistic libertarian he is against.

    They haven’t needed to enforce them by law because, unlike too many Britons, Japs naturally defer to authority and their government/police when they tell them.



  2. They are a naturally obedient people. Their culture/mentality is entirely different to too many here. They have a great sense of social responsibility, self-discipline, concern for others, social solidarity with others in society.

    Japs would view the libertarian ‘we must have total person freedom at all times regardless of any harm caused to others’ philosophy he supports as a socially disruptive and harmful US imported evil they should resist.


  3. They also view older people IN NORMAL TIMES let alone now with the fact that older people are more likely to suffer with the illness and dies from it with a huge amount of respect hence another reason they are just adjusting their behaviour to fit in with the demands of government to ‘socially distance’ and not whinging about it. How many Britons are like that? Not many.


  4. Japan wouldn’t have had people SPEEDING AT OVER ONE HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR on motorways if they had had a lockdown as we had. That kind of blatant law breaking just wouldn’t enter their minds to do.


  5. If you look at online web cameras of Tokyo you will see large numbers of them wearing facial masks. There is something of a tradition in Japan to wear them in the annual flu season but they are wearing them now in order to comply with the ‘social distancing’ guidelines Shinzo Abe and his government set and the government gave them two free facial masks.

    They are following Abe’s request with diligence and without complaining even though wearing them now is going to be a bit unpleasant seeing as the temperatures in Tokyo and elsewhere start to get very high in late May.


  6. Peter should know the formula goes like this:

    1.) Countries with distinctly non law abiding, yobbish populations who are selfish, self-centered , overly individualistic, overly demanding of ‘my rights’, with little to no sense of self-restraint, self-responsibility, social solidarity with others get government enforced ‘lockdowns’.

    2.) Countries with Law-abiding populations, not very individualistic but more collectivist, none demanding of ‘my rights’ but more ‘what are my responsibilities to myself, my family and my society?’,sense of self-restraint, self-responsibility, social solidarity get governmental advice and not governmental enforced ‘lockdowns’.

    Simples as the Meerkat would say!


  7. Has Peter made the perfectly valid complaint about the lockdown the fact that it was a pretty leaky one ie the disgraceful fact it only applied to Britons at home rather than be extended to our points of entry at airports and ports as EVERY OTHER COUNTRY done WEEKS AGO?

    If he hasn’t done this then I’m inclined to believe that he is playing his usual role which he is very skilful at of trying to divert public attention down a political cul de sac. He is what the PC globalist media would say a very practiced media ‘gatekeeper’.

    Needless to say, one of Shinzo Abe’s first actions was to enact some tough travel restrictions at Japan’s entry points.


  8. Nick Griffin often goes pretty wildly off the rails at times. This is one such occasion. Those people are yobs for the most part not German patriots. Hitler would be dismayed at them for not wanting to follow mere governmental advice let alone governmental orders!

    Angela Merkel is praised by real German patriots ( at least in this instance) for the fact that she has done a pretty good job in this crisis.

    Mind you, she has been helped in the fact that Germany, unlike here, has a high number of Intensive Care beds which may go someways to explaining their lower death rate.


  9. As for the Arabs, I wouldn’t be so condemnatory of them. Saudi Arabia, for instance, whilst it is backwards in some ways, does have a few praiseworthy aspects such as the tough treatment of criminals though sadly the new King has just abolished flogging! 😞☹️He should have retained it but in the more humane form of the rattan cane as in Singapore. It is good to see though that Saudi Arabia has ended the executions of people under the age of 18 though they should refrain from beheading in public and change to long-drop hanging or the firing squad in prison.

    Saudi Arabia along with a few other states there has an absolute Monarchy instead of the rather pointless wholly constitutional one here.

    Perhaps they should have a semi-constitutional one like the Principality of Liechtenstein where the Prince can sack an incompetent government. If only Queen Elisabeth II could do that here with this Tory government!


  10. If the new King of Saudi Arabia was always intending to abolish one form of criminal sanction he should have got rid of the death penalty rather than flogging.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with flogging provided the number of strokes are not wildly excessive and it is carried out in the presence of qualified doctors as in Singapore who can stop the punishment at anytime if the criminal shows signs signs of unnecessary distress.

    At least with flogging, you can make some form of amends to the prisoner if they have been mistakenly convicted whereas you can’t bring back someone from the dead in the case of a wrongful conviction for a capital offence.


  11. I can’t understand why judicial corporal punishment is not more popular in the world. Along with having a sufficiently large and efficient police force it could make for a useful deterrent effect for criminals.


  12. People now can visit Saudi Arabia on an e-visa without needing to go on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca. Some travel bloggers have uploaded videos of their trips to the country on YouTube.

    Seems a touch harsh: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_punishment_in_Saudi_Arabia

    Mind you, the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, is probably a safe city to walk around late at night unlike too many parts of London with its tidal wave of stabbings and other violent offences.


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