Diary Blog, 27-28 May 2020

Is Andrew now able to sweat?

Jeffrey Epstein‘s surveillance cameras were part of a ‘blackmail scheme’ meant to extort his powerful friends, a major new documentary about the pedophile claims…

Chauntae Davies, who was a flight attendant on Epstein’s jet and was abused by him too, said he had ‘a lot of information on people, a lot of blackmail videos’.

Sarah Ransome, another Epstein victim, said if the pedophile had lived, he would have taken ‘a lot of people down’.

Some have speculated that Epstein could have made his $650 million fortune by blackmailing his powerful friends, such as Prince Andrew and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.” [Daily Mail]


Some have speculated that Epstein could have made his $650 million fortune by blackmailing his powerful friends, such as Prince Andrew (pictured) and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Andrew was spotted peering around the door of the billionaire's Manhattan home on December 6, 2010
[above: “Prince” Andrew behaving as the Jew’s flunkey at the door of the Jew’s Manhattan house]

Tweets seen

I started talking about the need to stop or regulate the “privatization of public space” years ago. I see now that a number of thinking msm persons, such as Hitchens, have woken up to the fact that it is not sufficient to say, as lazy thinkers do, “a private company can censor or remove content —or users— as it pleases”, in circumstances where there is a quasi-monopoly or near-monopoly, as with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, ebay etc.


The madness in the educational sector continues

Other tweets seen

The point that Nick Griffin is making is one that I have made repeatedly: the self-described “Left”, radicals, (joke or faux-) “revolutionaries”, “socialists” etc, the very kind of people who were often the most recalcitrant in the past, in the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, are now the most eager to comply with rules, to demand stricter rules, and to denounce their neighbours (or anyone with whom they disagree ideologically).

In a way it does not surprise me that so-called “homo Sovieticus” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_Sovieticus] has found a fertile breeding-ground in the UK, but it would shock those who saw the same “useful idiots”, the followers of the SWP Jews or Tariq Ali (remember that poseur?) back in the 1970s…

Musical end to the day

General knowledge quiz


Surprisingly hard to get the full score. I was let down by my lack of knowledge about sports, pop music and “celebrities”, ending up with a score of 88 out of 100.

It would have to be 88, though! Synchronicity? 88!

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In fact, it will be impossible to analyze the “final figures” properly anyway, because different countries have not only used different parameters but have not all been honest. In the UK, anyone dying with Coronavirus now dies of it. The authorities have been demanding of doctors that “COVID-19” be put on the death certificates. The true figures would probably show far fewer actual “Coronavirus” deaths (and so show that the “lockdown” was largely unnecessary.


A paradox: the more effective a treatment, the less the need for it over time. An incentive for planned obsolescence?

In the UK, it is scaled down to, for example, “Alison Chabloz sang songs but (((they))) claimed that she was a criminal and near-terrorist” (etc). Different countries, different actions, but (((same problem))).

Below, an example of how (((they))) have taken back what is left of the Labour Party:

As for the State “clapathon”, it was never much where I live. On my way back from Waitrose, I saw the same family I saw last week, standing outside the same house, the only people in that semi-rural road (lined with a number of detached houses) but they were just standing, not clapping, this week. On another road, where there were about 3 elderly couples last week, only two this week, not clapping, just talking over their fence. I dislike the concept of the “clapathon”, and will not be sorry to see the end of it. Oh, and no fireworks this week. The idiot who was doing that must have run out of rockets.

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Last post at the end of the day…

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them

Unity Mitford, died 28 May 1948

Unity Mitford by William Acton.jpg
Unity Mitford


19 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 27-28 May 2020”

  1. Of all the rather silly tweets Mr Griffin has sent during this crisis the one comparing Covid-19 to the common cold is the most risible.

    A common cold would NOT spread throughout virtually all of the world’s countries and therefore the WHO would not declare it a worldwide pandemic.

    Sweden hasn’t been doing well. It has a significantly higher case and death rate compared to neighbouring countries with similar cultures like Finland, Sweden and Denmark and it is estimated that only about 5% of all Swedes have immunity and only 14% in Stockholm whereas you need a country to have about 60% plus immunity to achieve true ‘herd immunity’.

    A ‘herd immunity’ strategy takes far too long to do and the cost in lost lives is too great.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, in a year, about 200,000-300,000 die in the UK from all causes. Even on the widest interpretation, COVID-19 has killed 36,000. It is a serious problem but it is mad to simply close down almost everything. Unsustainable anyway. The society and economy must restart the engine.


      1. Lockdown was only the first part of the strategy to contain the virus. Re- opening society and the economy will take some time and can’t be rushed. There has to be a phased approach and real ‘social distancing’ measures put into place. Otherwise, a ‘second wave’ may happen and be more virulent than the first as it was during the ‘Spanish Flu’ a century ago.

        Wholly normal life as before the crisis erupted won’t be with us for quite some time to come.

        What we have to remember is that there is no vaccine available yet and one may never arrive. After all, AIDS has been with us since the early 1980’s and there still isn’t for that disease.


  2. Frazer Nelson – the Scottish idiot who thinks illegal immigrants should get YET ANOTHER amnesty! Enough said I think over his judgement or, rather, the lack of it.!

    If Norway really thinks that then why are they proposing along with Denmark and Finland to continue with travel restrictions against their fellow Scandinavians in Sweden long after they lift them against Italy and Germany?


  3. Infact, a former state epidemiologist (the one before the present incumbent) castigated Sweden’s approach only the other day and there was a public demonstration in Stockholm condemning the government of Sweden and how its policy has cost too many lives.


  4. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/muslim-woman-first-hijab-wearing-judge-uk-a4452016.html

    No sooner appointed than the first reported words out of her mouth are to promote her ethnic sectarian interest and that of wimmin. Nothing sincere about serving the cause of justice dispassionately, fearlessly, without favour or any other such outmoded, male, pale ‘n’ stale “conceits”.

    It could be instructive to know what form her oath of office took, or even who decided it could unreservedly be accepted whatever its apparent form:


    Another wholly unsuitable *political appointee* thanks to the Blairite Government fostered JAC:



    “The Judicial Appointments Commission, set up by Derry Irvine and Lord Falconer to “ensure that nobody with reactionary views can be appointed to the bench”, has done its job so that only Social Justice Warriors like Lady Hale have been appointed despite not being the best qualified for the job!

    Is the JAC’s requirement of the need for all prospective appointees to “demonstrate a lifetime’s commitment to Equality and Diversity” (and thus to be SJWs) consistent with ‘Judicial Independence’?”

    Most women in my view are unfit for judicial office, with a limited number of notable exceptions. In the case of those who additionally promote a sectarian ethnic or racial interest instead of “our shared values” (which I might add are not now ours but those imposed upon us) they are doubly unsuited.

    Let’s not forget an egregious previous example of such generous bestowal of judicial office: Constance Briscoe

    Never mind. The news in Osborne’s filthy, mendacious rag today isn’t all bad; the Wicked Witch of the East has been temporarily silenced:


    The common theme of these two news reports is that both the persons featured in them just could not engage brain before mouthing off. And that is because once empowered however much, they instinctively abuse whatever power has been given them.


    1. Wigger:
      I do indeed remember Constance Briscoe. I never met her but was appalled at her views when she was on Question Time and elsewhere.

      As to this Muslim woman “judge”, at least she is only a Deputy District Judge, presumably doing small claims cases etc. Most Deputy District Judges are solicitors, who sit as DDJs on a part-time basis, a few days per month.

      Still, thin end of the wedge…


  5. I wonder if the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would allow Christians to be judges there? I think probably not since I believe that Christians are still persecuted there for practicing their religion. The new King has been engaged in a reform process but it only goes so far!

    As Enoch Powell so rightly said, “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”☹️😞


    1. Quite right, M’Lord of Essex. Also, I beg leave to doubt that an Arab ruler who has a dissident dismembered while still alive is a genuine “reformer”…


      1. He has reformed the Kingdom in some ways. Flogging has been abolished which must have been a tough step for such an Islamic country to take and the death penalty for juvenile offenders has also. The West shouldn’t sniff with disdain at those acts. I suspect though his reforming intentions will only amount to those areas which don’t threaten the existence of the absolute monarchy he is a part of.

        Free elections and democracy are not on the agenda.


      2. If the West stopped propping up the Saudis and other Gulf Arabs, their “states” would not last long. I hope to see that before too long.


  6. Rob is quite right to be mad. The Zionist extremist/pro Israel mob have taken back the Labour Party and as a result the party has been getting mostly good publicity from the press under Keir Starmer’’s new (((moderate))) leadership.

    What a difference a few months and a new (((moderate))) leader can do, eh?

    Let us hope Champagne globalist Keir Starmer doesn’t become PM otherwise there is a risk we will be involved in a war in Iran and the only country that will benefit from that would be Israel.


  7. We have just had our weekly clapathon/virtue signalling for the NHS!
    I thought that had died out?

    Now, after the crisis is over, can we abolish the NHS and move to a private/public model of universal healthcare provision similar to Germany, France, Taiwan or South Korea?

    The NHS should not be stuck in stone for ever. Too often it is used as a political football and a very, very convenient excuse for genocidal levels of continual mass immigration by Tory and Labour governments alike. Infact, I half suspect that was one of Labour’s prime motivations for setting it up in the first place.


    1. It is politically impossible at present to “abolish” (change model of) the NHS, M’Lord of Essex. It is a kind of cult with many people. The best that can be hope for is that power be given back to surgeons and doctors and that “New NHS” be funded by a hypothecated tax.

      As for the State “clapathon”, it was never much round here. On my way back from Waitrose, I saw the same family I saw last week, standing outside the same house, the only people in that semi-rural road (lined with a number of detached houses) but they were just standing, not clapping. On another road, where there were about 3 elderly couples last week, only one this week.


  8. That the NHS is a cult for some rather silly people in this country is to be regretted. The cult aspect should be the NHS’s basic ethos of providing healthcare on the basis of need and not on the size of the patient’s bank account. That noble underpinning principle can be achieved by a different model as other countries show.


  9. Strongly Tory areas like mine and yours are not doing it as much as in Labour or Lib Dem places but still participating quite a bit.

    There is nothing wrong with the sentiment behind it though.


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