Diary Blog, 30-31 May 2020

In the name of God, go!

No, I am not talking about the egregious Dominic Cummings. I have already, some time ago, blogged my views about him:



What I am talking about is this ridiculous Government-created panic, and its accompanying “lockdown”, shutdown, curfew and social nonsense. The “2 metre social distancing”, the shutdown of barbers, dentists, vets and other useful services; also, the pathetic facemask-wearers, the rabbits clapping like idiots every week (though not so much where I myself live); also, the toytown police (and their change from being protectors and crimefighters to being zookeepers, or guards in a dystopian, fake-communitarian open-air prison camp).

I am thoroughly sick of this whole and largely unnecessary nonsense, foisted upon a supine and useless public by an even less useful idiot posing as Prime Minister, a part-Jew public entertainer who is very obviously out of his depth in his present office.

I have just been trying to watch an episode of Inspector Morse, only to find it interrupted by the sort of advertisements common today, meaning a split-screen ad showing about 20 children, mostly non-European, howling some pop song and basically supporting both the lockdown/shutdown and the multikulti society from which the children have sprung.

As I have blogged previously, the unnecessary panic about the Coronavirus outbreak (more people in the UK were killed by “Hong Kong Flu” in 1968, without such measures taken, though I myself was at school in Australia at the time) has tested to destruction many long-held assumptions about UK society.

Tested and found wanting have been MPs, Parliament, the Government, the almost non-existent official Opposition, the police, the legal system, the Press and msm (especially the BBC).

Opinion polls seem to indicate that a sizeable proportion of the public, perhaps a majority, want the “lockdown” to continue, at least as far as not “allowing” (sending) people back to work in what used to be the normal way.

Why do so many people want to not “return to normal”? There are several aspects to this. We are told that the sole reason is because people are afraid that the “virus” will get them or their children. Really?

A child under 5 has about 1 chance in 20 million of dying from “Coronavirus” aka “Covid-19”; in fact, children and young people of any school or university age have virtually no chance of dying from “the virus”.

The msm has tried to brainwash the public into saying (as also happened in the AIDS panic of the 1980s) that “everyone is at risk” and/or “everyone has a equal chance of getting infected”. Well, it was certainly not true of HIV/AIDS (even heterosexual transmission was largely confined to non-Europeans, especially blacks), and it is not true of Coronavirus.

If the infected person shows no symptoms, it scarcely matters to that individual infected. The only issue is transmission to those at risk, which mainly means those over 70.

So far, even on the inflated figures produced by the NHS and Government, there have been (to put it harshly) “only” 38,000 deaths in the UK from or with “the virus”, and many in fact died from one of up to 4 other conditions. Even taking the statistics as they stand, it is only, roughly, 1 in about every 1,900-2,000 people resident in the UK.

For me, leaving aside the trashing of civil liberties etc, the bottom line is that a shutdown of the entire economy, or at least 80%-90% of the economy, cannot be sustained indefinitely. It cannot be sustained even for the time already spent, in fact.

Returning to why much of the public wants a continuation of “lockdown”, or a very gradual relaxation, I am afraid that I take a possibly cynical view, which however I think correct.

About 8.4 million employees are on “furlough” at time of writing, and are getting 80% of their pre-lockdown pay provided by the State. Some are also getting the remaining 20% topped-up by their employers.

When you take into account the costs of having a job (transport, clothing, lunches etc) this means that the furloughed employees are actually better-off than they are when working. They are getting the same income or more, but are spending far less, most shops, pubs etc being closed.

Admittedly, that would not apply to all employees, because of the cap imposed of £2,500 per month, but it would cover the vast majority.

Apart from the above, there is the point that, for many, this is like a holiday, albeit rather restricted. The roads have been empty, and are still relatively uncrowded; Nature has come back, and there are more birds visible and audible. There is a marked absence of drunken loutishness in some places, because the pubs and “clubs” (I mean those noisy crowded places many seem to like, not the Carlton or the Travellers) are closed.

People have few responsibilities at present if they are on furlough or other vacation. There is no need (or ability) to go to doctors, dentists, MOT garages, shops (except food shops) etc. No need (or ability) to make duty visits to relatives or others.

Barristers (as I once was) have no need to go to court (with some exceptions); vicars need not take church services or tend to their flock directly; shop staff etc need not and cannot sell; waitresses cannot and need not wait; doctors are doing far less; even the police have less to do (allowing them to cruise about like the militia in The Handmaid’s Tale), now that the drinking-holes are shut, householders sit at home (making burglary almost impossible) and everywhere else, almost, is closed, making bank or other robberies impossible.

If you add in the “self-employed” (real or nominal), who are also being covered up to a point, then the true figure on paid leave is probably somewhere around 9-10 million, about a third of the workforce as it was before this all happened.

Then you have to add in those many millions now “working from home”, many of whom have only a fraction of the work to do that they would have had before. They are on at least semi-holiday.

I do not know how many people are working more or less as before “Coronavirus”, but probably only about a third of the pre-virus workforce.

As others have noted, it is obviously the case that people working (a bit) from home, getting full pay and possibly high pay, who have large houses, pleasant gardens, maybe even swimming pools and tennis courts, are having a rather pleasant time, so long as their Waitrose or Ocado delivery of food and Chardonnay is made when required.

Those living in, say, small rented hovels, or rented council flats in large crowded cities, perhaps with small children, and so effectively imprisoned by this Government (supported by the useless and now Jewish-Zionist-controlled “Labour” Opposition), are in less pleasant circumstances.

However, many at least do not have to work in low-paid and boring jobs, because “furloughed”; even those who are unemployed are better-off than pre-Coronavirus, because the DWP is overwhelmed by new applications for unemployment and other benefits, has fewer staff available and has suspended almost all of its now-customary bullying and harrying activities.

In the circumstances, it is hardly a surprise that many want the “lockdown” to continue. That is even more so now that the more officious aspects of “lockdown” (eg the toytown police lecturing people doing nothing wrong, moving them on etc) are being relaxed as the public increasingly ignore the restrictions anyway. Soon, some more shops and beer gardens etc will re-open. There is little appetite for Britain’s typically crowded, unpleasant, expensive commute to a job that, for many, pays not too well anyway.

The bill, however, will be presented in due course…

Tweets seen

I would not usually repost anything by “Prison Planet” Watson, who is politically a complete waste of space, as well as a craven doormat for the Jewish lobby, but this (below) is worth seeing:

People are so funny, but so irritatingly thick! Look (below) at tweeter @mccarthylarry, who feels no (economic) pain. No, not yet. “Furlough” monies are being doled out, businesses propped up. Wait until companies start making millions redundant, wait until every day brings the fall of a hundred (including “iconic”) companies…

I said the same as Lord Sumption, before he did. People paid little attention to me. True, I was never on the Supreme Court. Having said that, Lord Sumption was on the Supreme Court bench, and until now he too has been ignored, and almost as much as me, Peter Hitchens and others who saw through the “virus” scare-panic.

Meanwhile, the economy is sliding fast

Britain’s manufacturers are poised to make tens of thousands of workers redundant after a worse-than-expected slump in orders, prompted by the pandemic that has left many firms struggling to survive.

A survey by the manufacturers’ lobby group, Make UK, found that 25% of companies are already drawing up plans to cut jobs in the next six months. A further 45% say they are considering redundancies.

Only 30% said they expect to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with all their staff on the payroll.” [The Guardian]

The Machine Stops


More tweets seen

I wonder whether the msm talking head Sunday TV shows (Marr, Peston etc, if Peston has not yet been sacked) will talk much about the plainly sliding UK economy, or will it all be “lockdown”, Cummings, “second wave” (which may never come) and schools? The British talk about schools and education so much that you would think that schools and education were really rather good in the UK. Sadly, not so.

I have to agree.

“Protests” in USA

What is possible? Is anything possible?

I was watching the TV news showing the launch of the Elon Musk rocket. Musk is an interesting (though not necessarily “nice”) character.


What I saw on the TV led to musings about what is or is not possible in this world. Peter Hitchens was tweeting a day or two ago about an obscure story by E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops



That story was written in 1908 (repub. 1928) and seems to prefigure the Internet, email, Skype, and the atomic bomb, not to mention “pandemic”, “lockdown” and “social distancing”!

The story has been dramatized a few times, as here (below) for radio:

It is a truism that fiction often foretells fact in the sense of inventions, events etc. There are many examples. Jules Verne is often mentioned in this context: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jules_Verne

My own theory is that anything that the human mind can imagine can become physical or material reality. That is not to say that the later reality exactly matches the earlier thought, essay, drawing, or story.

Leonardo da Vinci suggested that there could be mechanical flying machines. He even made some detailed drawings. In reality, his machines could not have flown. What is important is not Leonardo’s drawings as “blueprints” but the fact that he had such ideas at all. His “planes”, “helicopters” and “parachutes” were “defective” in terms of 20thC or 21stC engineering viability, but what matters is that he had such ideas in the first place! And that is why Leonardo was a genius…


The human mind is probably only at the very start of its evolution, in big-picture terms. If I think now, for example, that in the future human beings will be able to fly without machines, or kill by a look, or make plants grow by the power of thought, that is mere fancy or speculation today, but may be everyday reality at some point in the future. Why? Because I have thought it.

Of course, had he not the money to make real his ideas, Elon Musk would probably be written off as a crank, as were others in their day, such as Galileo, who thought the Earth spherical when almost the entire educational, “scientific” and political establishment (under the Church) and all of the population, pretty much, believed the opposite, the the Earth was flat.

Christopher Cockerell was such a “crank”


The Wright brothers, too:


and many others.

Germany 1945

A very interesting film (no audio) in colour, about Germany in 1945, after the defeat and fall of the Reich.

For me, the most interesting thing to see is the devastated state of some (most) of the German cities after the Allied bombing and Soviet bombardments. What a contrast to today! In fact, even by 1960, Germany was already rebuilding fast, most obviously in the Bundesrepublik (West Germany), but also in the DDR (East Germany).

Throughout history, civilizations have been destroyed, rebuilt, renewed, and in some cases vanished forever, even without leaving external ruins (one example is that of Sparta).

Thoughts such as these impelled me to blog on such themes last year:


The toytown police state gets tough

As the government has started to ease restrictions – and the rules made so broad as to be effectively unenforceable – the police’s enforcement powers have been ramped up,” said the letter, seen exclusively by The Independent...The combination of increasingly vague police powers and heightened fines…” [The Independent]

Trafalgar Square

Several hundred blacks, half-castes and a few white “cucks” (to use the Americanism) are at time of writing in Trafalgar Square, in support of the black rioters and looters in the USA.

This pathetic demonstration (about 1 in every 20,000 of the London population, or 1 in about 100,000+ of the UK population is so ridiculous that one can only shake one’s head. On Twitter, it’s big…

Looking at tweets, there could be as many as 1,000 in Trafalgar Square, so make that 1 out of every 10,000 in the London area…

Once again, the disconnect between reality and Twitter, especially now that the screeching Jewish lobby has had most of the more thoughtful and interesting tweeters expelled. Well, what goes around comes around, as the Americans say…

Tweets seen

Below, a couple of tweets about Naomi Campbell and the latest in the “Prince” Andrew and Jews scandal. So the Jews bribed a black woman to ensnare white girls? Wait a minute! That’s just like “Nazi” propaganda! Surely that cannot be true? Oh no, wait…

My thoughts about the above opinion poll tweets: people are not judging on policy, because you could hardly put a razorblade between the “two main parties”, both of which (now that Corbyn has gone and the Jew-Zionist lobby is back in control) are under the same (((control))).

The voters are judging this Government of idiots on character grounds, really.

You cannot imagine a careerist like Keir Starmer getting numerous stray women pregnant, bunging some of them public money as well, in the manner of Boris-idiot. Likewise, I doubt that Starmer would drive hundreds of miles in contravention of his own semi-dictatorial “rules”, or drive through an area of the country replete with accident black-spots “in order to test his eyesight”! Neither would he tolerate an “adviser” who did that.

Not that I take the Cummings matter or petty scandal very seriously, because the “rules” are nonsensical anyway…but the public seem to take his breach and perceived hypocrisy very seriously indeed.

The point is, though, that without Cummings and his crew, Boris-idiot would have no policies at all, really. His own “ideas” are those of a boy of 15 (at best)— bridges across the Irish Sea, artificial islands with enormous airports on them, magic economic development plans that exist only in the clouds…

I cannot see Keir Starmer and “Labour” enthusing anyone, but Boris-idiot’s honeymoon period is already well and truly over. After the end of “lockdown”, and more seriously, “furlough” payments and business loans, we shall see where the economy is. In a pretty bad state, I am guessing. In a hole, quite possibly.

In such a situation, the people might be ready for a new direction…maybe some form of social national ideology will be able to capture the hearts and minds…

Peter Hitchens’ tweets today

All worth reading.

Music to soothe the savage breast…

Tweets seen

For once, Trump seems to be doing a few things right: attacking the nasty “antifa” idiots, and threatening Twitter, Facebook etc with accountability re. people denied access to their platforms.


Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Friday promised a “new collective national effort” to revive Britain’s economy, as ministers drew up plans for a big job creation scheme to address the spectre of mass unemployment.” [Financial Times]


So having ruined the economy, the idea is to blame “the virus” (not the “lockdown” and shutdown) and then to launch a massive “make-work” project, probably at minimum wage.

Night music

Late entry…

Black rioters and looters —called “protesters” in the (((msm)))— attack and rob white people wherever they can find them. Americans call this a “chimp-out”…


I used to own a copy of Gorky’s book (selected essays etc), The City of the Yellow Devil, about his visit to New York and other places in the USA. He was not entirely wrong. Here we see a society, a culture, which has fallen into gross materialism and which has all but forgotten its mainly white Northern European roots. Those at the bottom are excluded from most of the material benefits of the society and economy and, given a chance, they (mainly the or some of the blacks) seize what they can, unless stopped.

Below, a tweeter attacks the looters. Understandable, but this situation shows multiple flaws in the society as a whole, as well as the criminality of the looters.

[above: America, the land of freedom…]

Hitler was right. Only some version of National Socialism, adapted for time and place, can save America now.

[above: America, land of freedom…]

America may be faced before very long with a choice between a kind of dictatorship and a kind of diffuse civil war and chaos. If so, let us hope that the values of white Northern European culture prevail in the end.

Read this. Read. This.

If you only click on one link in this blog post, make it this one:


That report and interview should be required reading for all UK MPs, all Scottish MSPs, all Welsh AMs, all Northern Irish politicians. All msm journalists, TV presenters etc too.

55 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 30-31 May 2020”

  1. I wish Peter Hitchens would just do the decent thing and fuck off to the USA or Brazil where he can peddle his increasingly irrational libertarian rantings about lockdowns and social/physical distancing to his heart’s content.

    He won’t though because he hasn’t got the courage of his Insane libertarian convictions and no doubt wants to reserve death or ill health to others. Libertarianism is, after all, an inherently selfish and self-seeking ideology and that is why most Tories support it nowdays instead of being genuine conservatives


  2. America would be a good place for him. It is, after all, where this demented political ideology originates from and no doubt explains to quite a degree their death rate/case rate.

    Under the ‘Orange Man’ Trump and the libertarian creed of the Republicans America is not so much the ‘Land of the Free but more the Land of The Dead’

    Frankly, what good did libertarianism and ‘liberty’ do the now 105,000 Americans who are now dead?🙄🙄🙄

    Freedom isn’t much good to you if you are in a coffin!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  3. I would have more time for his whinging if he acknowledged some basic facts such as the FACT our so-called ‘lockdown’ was only imposed upon people already living in the UK and DIDN’T extend as it should have done to FOREIGNERS at our airports and ports through ultra-tough travel restrictions AS EVERY OTHER COUNTRY DID (something I hope the British electorate NEVER forget or forgive the anti-British Tory scum for😡🤬)

    Also, our ‘ lockdown’ wasn’t supported by real deterrents to breaking it such as substantial fines or even prison sentences.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I agree with you as far as the airports and seaports are concerned but not, of course re the basic concept of “lockdown” (as you know), though with exceptions (pubs, “clubs”, Underground, buses).


  4. If our lockdown wasn’t effective and I believe it has had some effect then it was due to those factors and also because it wasn’t imposed early enough. About a week to ten days earlier would have arrested the frightening spread of the virus here before it took a real grip.


    1. We should have GOT AHEAD OF THE CURVE instead of waiting until the curve of new infections started a dramatic day by day rise.


      1. What “dramatic day by day rise” M’Lord of Essex? The number of deaths is not increasing (even though the NHS has dishonestly been putting down as “Covid-19” anyone dying from almost anything…You still have only a 1 in 2,000 chance of dying from this in the UK, and much less of a chance if you are, say, under 40.


    2. M’Lord of Essex:
      Every country is different but several countries with little or no “lockdown” are now in a better position than the UK, and several such countries are in no worse a position (in medical terms), but all such states are in much better position to recover economically.


  5. Peter Hitchens doesn’t understand we are dealing with an infectious viral disease that can spread through a population with frightening speed due to its very highly infectious nature (not as infectious as measles but still more so than some other viruses)

    Therefore, in a very practical sense, his ideology of libertarianism had to be junked overboard overnight and the government needed to act to try and contain the spread by enforcing physical distancing of people.

    If you go onto google and type in Coronavirus and the name of a country you will see that there IS a relationship to governments introducing containment measures and the number of cases not increasing as rapidly as they were doing.


  6. However, if you type in the USA and Coronavirus a more disturbing curve appears: it has flattened but the rate of new infections there is bobbing up and down at only a little bit lower than the peak instead of dropping constantly to the really low levels of Germany for example.


  7. The lowering of the ‘R’ number clearly hasn’t been achieved in the USA enough as has happened in Germany.


  8. Peter has pointed to Japan but the difference between Japan and the United Kingdom is that they are a homogenous real nation with real social solidarity that is obedient and is perfectly willing to follow social distancing guidelines. We don’t therefore government had to step-in and take action.

    As Covid-19 is a very infectious disease that can spread rapidly it only takes a few selfish, self-centred idiots to ignore social distancing rules and you will have new chains of infections springing-up potentially killing some vulnerable people.

    Peter needs to be aware of these facts.


  9. Boris-Idiot is, of course, well out of his depth as PM, always was and always will be. He is one of the most unsuitable cretins that a political party has ever dared to force upon this country. I have no doubt Jeremy Hunt would have handled this situation far better and probably would have introduced the leaky lockdown earlier though, sadly being a Tory globalist (is there ANY other kind nowdays?) would still have not implemented real travel restrictions.😡🤬


  10. Such is the USA’s infatuation with ‘freedumb’ and loony libertarianism that thick store owners in Texas (where else, eh?) are now refusing to allow shoppers into their business premises if they WEAR facial masks!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic

    For Peter’s information, it says there that Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) is a SERIOUS acute respiratory disease which is spread primarily between people IN CLOSE CONTACT with each other hence governments either very strongly suggesting to their populations that they follow strict physical distancing or enforcing it by means of ‘lockdowns’.🙄🙄🙄


  12. In your piece above you don’t acknowledge the fact that many people who have the virus show no visible symptoms hence they can spread it to others and those others will have no idea they have caught it until quite a few days later and if they don’t distance themselves from further others they can spread it to others again without knowing. This is what makes this virus so tricky to successfully contain.

    I suggest the only safe way to relax containment and mitigation efforts is to have a good track, trace and test system implemented as South Korea has done but Boris-Idiot’s hasn’t.🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      This “contact/trace” idea is totalitarian and cannot be implemented in the UK, with 70 million people many of whom do not even *have* mobile telephones (me, for one). Yes, there is a danger that asymptomatic infectees may infect others but that is only really significant if those others are over 50 or 60 and have medical problems of various kinds.


      1. So what if it is ‘totalitarian’ if it helps prevent life’s being lost? Perhaps this wretched globalist Tory government should seek to replace us with people who don’t mind technology helping to prevent deaths like South Koreans instead of the usual trash the Tories import from the Third World.

        EVERY person who has the disease is able to infect others not only those of a certain age or who have other medical problems.


  13. Apart from Dr Anthony Fauci, the only American who has impressed me a bit during this crisis is the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. He might make for a good President for them. Certainly, the ‘Orange Man’ Trump hasn’t but at least he did impose travel restrictions fairly early unlike that grotesque Indian cow here called Priti Patel.😡🤬😞☹️

    Trump’s electoral slogan for the Autumn should not be ‘Keeping America Great’ but ‘Keeping America Dead’. It is more accurate I think.


    1. So far, M’Lord of Essex, 100,000 Americans have died *with* Coronavirus, but even on that basis we are still only talking about 1 out of every 3,000 people in the USA.


      1. You would not be saying that if you were one of their relatives. Some of those deaths wouldn’t have happened if Trump had taken this WORLDWIDE VIRAL PANDEMIC seriously right from the world go and had implemented strict containment/mitigation measures earlier.


      2. M’Lord of Essex, I hear what you say, but governmental policy must be decided logically.

        The fact is that out of every *3,000* Americans, 1 has died of this virus (or “with” it; not quite the same, but I leave that aside). In the UK, it is *1* person out of every *2,000*.

        That is no reason to ruin the economy and much else (which will kill others in the long term and may be doing so already, very likely).


  14. Just think about a hundred years ago Indians like her and the Chancellor would have been trained to do their real vocation in life namely attending to Britons as personal servants serving them tea, shining their shoes etc on nice, sunny terraces under the British Raj.

    That is Priti Useless/Priti Vacant’s and Rishi’s real fate and station in life!


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      I can only agree with you…as far as that is concerned.
      BTW, I see that the talk of Sunak as a “financial genius” and “PM in waiting” has died a death (so to speak).


      1. I am not an admirer of Winston Churchill but one saying of his should be recollected when thinking about Priti and Rishi but more so in regard of Priti Useless/Priti Vacant and that is this one: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”😀😂😀😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        I am not sure that Churchill knew much about Indian religion (and they have more than one, of course, though I suppose that Churchill was thinking of Hinduism). A little unfair, though I see his point. The Indians do have an Aryan element (from the Aryan migrations from Atlantis, 10,000+ years ago) but of course also a more backward element or elements.


      3. Yes, a time travel tardis is in order for Priti Damm Nuisance and Rishi! Back to the halcyon days of the ‘Jewel In the Crown’ era of British-ruled India where lower caste people like them could be my servants serving me tea on a terrace shaded by an umbrella (held by some more Indian servants) under the hot Indian Sun whilst I relax in my chair.

        Rishi could serve me tea or a refreshing cold drink whilst Priti shines my shoes though she would probably make a completely incompetent mess of that simple task as well!🙄🙄🙄😡🤬

        The Jewel In The Crown series was always an excellent drama production!😃😀😂🤣😞👌


      4. M’Lord of Essex:
        compare that to most of the TV “drama” today…admittedly they also had rubbish back then (thinking of Bruce Forsyth etc).


  15. Financial genius? Are we talking about a Japanese or South Korean Finance Minister here?🙄🙄🙄

    Even if this crisis hadn’t erupted he could hardly be compared to them! Britain hasn’t had any Chancellor of the Exchequer that could be said to have created an economic miracle akin to that of Japan or South Korea’s ‘Miracle on the Han River’ which had its foundations put into place by a military dictatorship in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


  16. Indians are a step above the likes of Pakistanis like Sajid Javid but the only peoples in the world who can really rival we Europeans are the East Asians: Chinese (I acknowledge their ancient culture but I do not ignore their disgusting food habits which give the world deadly viral pandemics) Koreans and Japanese.

    In the ‘Premier League’ of these peoples I would put the Chinese last, Koreans second and Japs first.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, when I was in Hong Kong in 2006, I was staying at the Sheraton in Kowloon, a very nice hotel with stunning views (I was on floor 14 or 16, I think). There was a choice of breakfast in the room. I had the American one for 5-6 days, and then the Japanese one, which was amazing and much healthier. Afraid that I could not bear to try the Chinese one (mainly Congee):


  17. Countries that took a decisive, very strict and early approach to containment and mitigation efforts will emerge, eventually, stronger economically-speaking.

    That is the lesson of China which took a hardline approach quickly. That country is still forecast to show a positive GDP growth figure this year even though it will be much reduced from what was forecast.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The UK was sliding even before the virus hit. The “lockdown” (I know you consider it justified) has unarguably mortally wounded the UK economy. I favoured Brexit for national-revolutionary reasons, but the combination virus/lockdown/Brexit will stun and maybe almost kill our economy. The best chance for my views, politically, since 1939.


      1. Under Boris-Idiot we got the worst of all worlds: an insufficiently strict leaky ‘lockdown’ not properly policed with serious fines/threats of imprisonments that had a HUGE hole at its very heart ie the total lack of tough travel restrictions to this country and one that wasn’t imposed early enough to get a real hold on the virus’s spread.

        So we got the economic hit still but not more of a containment of the virus as early as we should have done.

        That is the price for Boris Idiot’s hesitation/prevarication and PC globalist values.


      2. Perhaps we should set-up a new political party called ‘The Right Club’ in remembrance of the ginger group here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_Club

        Sadly, they don’t make Scottish (or English, Northern Irish or Welsh) Tories like Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay MP any longer! I think he would be quite shocked at the state of Jew Zionist extremist /Pro Israeli Lobby infiltration of the Conservative Party today!🤬😡☹️😞

        Now, why can’t the Tories have groups like that inside of them instead of ones pushing for more and more the Libertarianism political philosophy?


      3. M’Lord of Essex:
        The Conservative Party is (((occupied))), the Labour Party is also (((occupied))), along with the BBC, Sky and the Judenpresse/Lugenpresse.


      4. The lesson of these ‘lockdowns’ or strict containment/mitigation efforts is, I think, that you can’t be half-hearted about them and have to apply them ‘hard and fast’ if you are to get a real grip on the virus’s spread before it gets too far out of control.


  18. Norway and Denmark are creating a ‘travel bubble’ between them by opening-up their present travel restrictions between them They have decided to exclude the Peter HItchen’s poster boy’ country of Sweden from this arrangement as they think the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been sufficiently contained there.


  19. It would have been great if you had got out from behind your screen and joined in the protest at Hyde Park yesterday, Ian, to express these sentiments. If you could speak them as well as write them you would have reached a wider audience. I was asked to give an interview to Briebart. I did, but am sure someone of your calibre would have made a far better job of it. Can we see you there next Saturday, 12 pm?


    1. Mark:
      Thank you for the vote of confidence. I have spoken in the long-ago past at Speaker’s Corner; 1978, I think it was. I stood there alone and unaided and yet, within minutes, had a crowd of about 100 listening to me (even if most *were*, apparently, foreign tourists!).

      My only fairly recent talk (not a speech, as such) was at the London Forum in early 2017. I think that that was well received, even if the audience was, again, little more than 100-strong.

      I live far from London now, and have daily responsibilities that make it impossible to attend at present.

      Re. your comment about reaching a wider audience, I was just yesterday looking at the stats for my blog. Since I started the blog in late 2017, about two and a half years ago, I have had about 53,000 views. I cannot be sure how many individual people that represents, but certainly in the hundreds, and probably in the thousands.

      As to where my blog audience lives, the vast bulk of hits are from the UK, with the second-largest contingent being from the USA. Having said that, I see that I have had hits from about 200 states and territories, including Greenland, the Aaland Islands, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and even (once) Antarctica!

      I agree with you that, in the end, online activity has to give way to “in real life” activity, though.


  20. Yes, quality tv dramas like The Jewel In The Crown are very rare on British tv today. Now, there is barely a sign of quality amid a veritable sea of low quality programmes like blatantly PC political agenda soap operas and utter dross like Love Island.🙄🙄🙄

    It is hard to believe that as recently as the 1980’s British TV was justly regarded as the best in the world.

    Even the adverts back then didn’t have a political agenda like so many do now and were often quite entertaining.

    Trash tv and trash adverts for a sadly ‘dumbed-down’ ‘nation’.🤬😡😞☹️


  21. I very much doubt a programme like The Jewel In The Crown would get shown today not only because it was very expensive to make but because it would be seen as ‘racist’ in this left-wing, PC globalist loony bin called ‘Britain’ today.🤬😡☹️☹️


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      In that you are, of course, right. Today, even something like “Rumpole of the Bailey”, if shown on a nostalgia channel such as Talking Pictures TV, has to have a warning notice that it “may contain” words that are “outdated” or “offensive” and that people “may be offended”! Sign of the times…

      BTW, those notices are not put up by decision of the TV channel, but because (((someone))) complained to OFCOM about old films and TV containing material not “acceptable” today…


      1. Indeed. I remember watching that excellent old film (for the first time) about the Dambusters’ raid on Nazi Germany’s dams during WW2 at Christmas two years ago. There is a small scene in it in which the PC censors have taken out the name of Guy Gibson’s pet dog which in real life was called Nigger!🙄😂🤣😜😆


      2. Yes, M’Lord of Essex, I know the film. A good film though, from an objective POV, you could call the dambusting a “war crime”…but “es war Krieg”…

        Poor old N****r, even I have pixelated out his name, just as the Agatha Christie book and films thereof suffered the indignity of a name change *twice*: first Ten Little N****rs, then Ten Little Indians, and finally And Then There Were None!


  22. Rishi, Rishi, hurry up, hurry up! I am literally dying of thirst here under this blazingly hot Indian Summer sun! It is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade! Chop, chop, your colonial master wants that refreshing drink NOW! 😂🤣😎


  23. Oh, Goodness Gracious Me! No, Mr Kumar, when you hang people you are meant to do it quickly and efficiently!

    The aim is to end the life of the criminal in a humane fashion despite the fact they have committed a heinous crime! Yo are NOT meant to torture the person to death for over TEN minutes!🙄🥺

    If you had been listening to the instructions of the British hangman, Albert Pierrepoint, who had been trying to teach you how to conduct proper humane hangings before we left India you would know a humane execution should take LESS THAN A MINUTE!


  24. Now, Mr Kumar, pay attention! This is how it is done in the proper British humane way:

    Indians, eh! Do they get anything right after we try and teach them!🙄😃😃😃


  25. They bugger up economies and border control policies over here and can’t even get a simple task like a long drop hanging right!🙄😩


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