Diary Blog, 5 June 2020

Votes, constitutions, divine salvation, and
other solutions are the pipe dreams of
cowards or the honey coated deceptions of
enemy agents. A people without the courage
or integrity to identify their executioners, or
their executioners’ institutions, are doomed to extinction
[David Lane]


I agree with the second part of that paragraph by David Lane, though not necessarily with all of the first part. As to the “14 words”, they are the bedrock of our belief.

Light relief

Silly, but it made me laugh:

A group of five Jewish women are eating lunch in a busy cafe.
Nervously, the waiter approaches their table. “Ladies,” he says. “Is
anything okay?”
” [anon.]

“Lockdown”/shutdown economic news

The average house price fell for the third month in a row in May, according to an index.

Across the UK, a 0.2% month-on-month decline in property values in May took the average house price to £237,808, Halifax said.” [MSN News]

…employment is expected to continue to fall, until the end of 2020 when it could be down by as much as [10 points].“[Yahoo Finance]

The Bank of England has lent nearly £2 billion to some of Britain’s biggest airlines and paid £1 billion to a German chemicals giant as part of its emergency pandemic funding, it has been revealed.

Ryanair and easyJet have won loans of £600 million each, with BA owner IAG and Wizz Air both accessing £300 million, raising concerns from environmental campaigners who want the loans to come with strings attached.

The central bank revealed 53 businesses had borrowed a total of £16.25 billion under the scheme, as it published a full list of all borrowers on Thursday.” [MSN Money]

Car dealership Lookers plans to cut 1,500 jobs and close 12 dealerships as it returns to selling and servicing vehicles after the coronavirus shutdown.” [The Guardian]

“British Airways (BA) has told staff it is burning through £178m of cash a week and does not have “an absolute right to exist”.” [Sky News]

a car parked on the side of a building: Photograph: Aston Martin/PA© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Aston Martin/PA

The luxury carmaker Aston Martin Lagonda plans to make 500 workers redundant as it looks to cut costs under new chief executive, Tobias Moers, because of the slump in sales due to the coronavirus pandemic.” [The Guardian]

For “coronavirus pandemic“, read “lockdown/shutdown”…


Official figures now released show that the number of people in the UK with Coronavirus is under 1 per every 1,000 of the population.

Hardly anyone even has it now, let alone requires any form of medical care, yet this government of idiots continues with the ludicrous and hugely-damaging “lockdown” (shutdown) and has now even laid down a quasi-dictatorial “rule” that anyone using a bus or train must wear a facemask.

This whole thing is rubbish. The scientist -“advisers” have been proven to be rubbish, the government have been proven to be rubbish, as have the police and the msm (including the “free” Press); likewise the virtue-signalling Twitter mob; last but not least, the British public have been proven to be rubbish, first for not bothering to properly examine the facts, for not bothering to think for themselves; also, for not bothering to stand up for their own or anyone else’s freedom of expression and belief, and for allowing centuries of civil rights to be expunged overnight, for nothing.

Typical “cuck”

Typical “cuck” (in Americanese…I use it because English English would need half a dozen words, some of them expletives):

The waste of space and oxygen above claims to be friendly with the two below, who say that they are in danger of being killed by the British police! Only if they trip over the police while the latter are “bending the knee”, surely?


They are all unwanted in the future Britain.

Latest victim of Boris-idiot’s lockdown (shutdown) nonsense

Tweets seen

Hitchens is right. In a free country, which (speaking loosely) the UK was, once, an “emergency” regulation such as the diktat to wear masks on public transport would have (if ever implemented), have an end date or point. Not this time.

This time, people are to wear masks until told not to, despite the fact that (as I guessed some time ago) only 1 in 1,000 British people, or people living in Britain (even including the far more susceptible blacks, browns and Jews) even have the Chinese virus; despite the fact that the vast majority of people either are never infected or are infected but show no symptoms; despite the fact that almost all those infected need no medical help at all; despite the fact that (even on official inflated statistics) the death toll is about 1 out of 1,900 people and the real death toll about 1 out of 10,000 people.

Why do people submit to this absurdity? I think that there are several reasons, one being that those who refuse to be put into muzzles will not be allowed onto buses, train, planes etc, or will be fined.

Another reason is because people are brainwashed by the constant msm propaganda pumped out. There is virtually no real dissent on TV or radio. The TV news has become a terminally dull recitation of official propaganda: split-screens full of multiracial children howling pop songs “for the NHS” or some such, and “interviews” with dull academics or government drones. Foreign news is almost absent, except eulogies for the deceased black robber/community leader in Minnesota.

Perhaps the most English reason to submit to wearing a facemask is that of wanting not to be seen causing a scene, not to be heard complaining…

The Jew Shapps again. My tweet identifying him (as if that were necessary) as a fraudulent Jew was one of the tweets (in the end, 5 tweets, out of over 150,000) that resulted in my disbarment (8 years after I had given up practice!), so I am pleased to repeat the identification, in case some typically naive English people are unaware…

About my 2016 disbarment:


The only reason why it has taken so long for the “blame game” to start is because, so far, the “lockdown” (government shutdown of the economy and society) has not hit very many individual people or families very hard. That is changing, and with it is going what remains of the post-GE2019 “Boris bounce”:

As far as “financial genius” and “future Prime Minister” Rishi Sunak is concerned, less is now heard of him. I wonder whether his —so far unmerited— reputation for sagacity will survive the coming economic cataclysm, or whether he will just keep his head down while Boris-idiot takes the flak.

Boris-idiot himself is trying to keep his head down (for once), but that is the one thing all but impossible for a prime minister to do. Fairly or not, the buck really does stop at the door of no. 10.

Strange “fact”

In the 1970s, it was said that the entire population of the UK could be housed at a density similar to Hampstead Garden Suburb and within 30 or perhaps it was 35 miles of Charing Cross. Of course, since then the population has gone up from about 56 millions to maybe 65 million and possibly 70 millions, thanks to mass immigration and births to immigrants, and to the offspring of immigrants, so maybe that would read “35-40 miles” now.

I once, in the late 1970s, lived partly at Reigate Hill, Surrey; before that, in a house just over the top of Reigate Hill, not far from where the M25 interchange now is (the M25 was still being laid out then, in 1977 and the few years beyond). On the road there (the A217), was a sign, “London 20 miles”. Surprisingly close in miles, though it did not really feel so close to London, the outer suburban sprawl of which started about 6 miles North of that sign, beyond Burgh Heath.

Not that I like Hampstead Garden Suburb much. I knew someone who lived there. To me, it was just generally underwhelming, neither country nor town.


Litchfield Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb.jpg

Having said that, there are worse places in which to live. Mancunian council estates; privately-owned but poorly-conceived tract housing, with (in many cases) small gardens, inadequate parking, no public green space etc; then there is Earl’s Court, or Magnitogorsk…

[above: Magnitogorsk, conceived and built mainly during the 1930s]
Magnitogorsk State Technical University
[above: Magnitogorsk State Technical University]


Other ideas:

[above: a Danish planned community]
[above: a Chinese development]

Tweets recently seen

[above: Britain in 2020?]
[our time is coming!…]

27 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5 June 2020”

  1. According to the Chinese, one can live tolerably in a structure resembling a stack of dinner plates. Why no sun-wheel designs?


    1. Claudius:
      Waiters usually ask “is *everything* all right?”, but he asked those Jewish women, “is *anything* all right?” (because he knows that they always complain about most things).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Victoria’s Secret potentially closing down is hardly a great loss to the British economy. It was probably set up by a typical libertarian globalist airhead Tory tart anyway!

    Anyone would think that tale of woe could compare to a scenario in which a decent, productive, export-driven company like the pride of Japan ie Sony Electronics collapsed or the pride of South Korea namely Samsung did but then due to Tory and Labour misrule over the last seventy years plus we have no British company that can compare to those consumer electronic giants!




    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Victoria’s Secret may not be the, er, climactic peak of the British economy, but it still employs 800 people, so its closure will affect thousands reasonably proximately. Also, as I am sure you will have noticed, other enterprises are shedding jobs, planning to shed jobs, or closing permanently, every day now. Aston Martin is sacking/making redundant at least 500.


      1. “Victorias’s Secret” was founded by a young North American entrepreneur called Roy Raymond who made the mistake of selling it to (((Les Wexner))) who had enormous resources and made it into a global brand. Roy Raymond later business ventures never achieved the success of “Victoria’s Secret” and he ended up killing himself.

        Here is a biography of that disgusting vulture Les Wexner. Very interesting.



  3. Covid-19 is a serious respiratory disease which has a high transmission rate ie it can spread very easily so even if an individual doesn’t suffer much from it when they have it or show symptoms they CAN spread it to others who WILL fall gravely ill or even die from it

    This is why serious efforts are required on the part of governments and individuals to prevent as many instances of transmission as possible so that the disease eventually runs out of human hosts more quickly thus saving people from falling very ill or dying.


  4. Containment and mitigation measures are needed with the unavoidable cost of people’s civil liberties being infringed because THERE IS NO VACCINE for the disease and MAY NEVER BE ONE.


      1. No, definitely not but some social distancing/physical distancing measures are necessary whilst we are in the ‘transition phase’ back to complete normality.

        The economic cost is considerable but unless you allow the disease to run amok totally this is, to some extent, inevitable. We are getting a bigger economic hit than other countries because the government didn’t enact containment measures sooner and in more strict forms ie no real border/travel controls.

        Globalist open borders KILLS people in pandemics AND KILLS businesses and profits!

        Better not vote CONServative then, Tory businessmen and women!


  5. If anyone doubts how quickly it can spread without containment measures being put into place then all they have to do is look at Wikipedia’s page on the epidemic in Germany (this point is the same for other countries too) and see there how the cases were increasing at a very fast rate before Angela Merkel’s government took action:


    Look at the figures for early March and you will see cases were increasing by double digit percentages every day!


  6. This government does deserve to be criticised but not for the reason Peter Hitchens thinks more the opposite one of failing to take decisive and more stringent measures earlier such as travel bans to this country from highly infected countries like China,Italy etc but that is Tory open borders globalism for you!🙄😡🤬😞☹️


  7. Covid 19 is a highly infectious viral disease and viruses do NOT respect the ‘we must have complete personal freedom at all times regardless of the cost to other people’ US libertarian philosophy.

    That Daily Telegraph piece he points to is admitting in a roundabout fashion that the government took action not as soon as it should have done or in as comprehensive a manner as countries like Germany did.

    They didn’t get ‘ahead of the curve’.


  8. It would have been highly irresponsible of this government to have done nothing at all as Peter seems to have wanted. You either have to have governments mandating containment measures or they need to strongly advise people to do the right thing though that requires a population that can be trusted to do this with few exceptions as it only needs a few irresponsible people to set off new infection spikes.


  9. Not for the first time has Nick Griffin gone off the rails and is not writing or speaking good sense though he is normally right about most things.

    Many Australians moan about Scott Morrison as PM of Australia but he has dealt with Covid-19 superbly well. Infact, during this crisis he has few equals apart from New Zealand’s female PM.

    He should be praised not criticised. If our Antipodean cousins don’t want Scott we will have him instead!


    1. Scott Morrison imposed tough travel restrictions to Australia early despite the fact tourism is an important part of the Australian economy AND the fact Australia is more geographically isolated than Britain with less connections to what quickly became the new world epicentre of the disease ie Continental Europe than Britain has.

      There is, NO POSSIBLE EXCUSE for Priti Vacant/Priti Damm Nuisance/Priti Useless and her lack of early action!😡🤬😞☹️


  10. Well done, Grant Schapps! I never thought I would be in a position to praise this Zionist Jew who was a member of the sinister B’nai B’rith movement . Though, once again, this measure should have been done weeks ago as Chancellor Kurz done in Austria and be extended to shops as Kurz did.

    Now, Mr Grant can garner more praise from me by cancelling that complete waste of money HS2 white elephant scheme and either saving the money or spending it instead on better transport projects like CrossRail 2.


    1. and Shapps can gain praise from me too, M’Lord of Essex, if he would just crash one of his two private planes into the largest Zionist gathering that he can find! (sadly, all unlikely).

      Liked by 1 person

  11. A new level of degeneracy reached by Hancock & Co. – it truly is a fascistic mode of government, except that the fascists of the past generally had some blood relation to those whom they (briefly) governed:



    Massive petition saying ‘No’ to mandatory coronavirus delivered in UK
    (not that massive, a majority of the walking already-dead will be all too willing to take the mark of the beast).

    – I haven’t, and I won’t be, reading it. I have already more than enough to intuit that the Government is simply lying and it is doing that because what its hidden masters want is not in our interests. After all why would HMG be so ardent in its desire to save us now when i) it’s been eroding the native population at an increasing pace for 100+ years and ii) it has only just signalled the potential admission of 100,000s HK Chinese – in addition to the endless hordes from around the world (excluding South Africa!) arriving legally and illegally?

    More IMmigrants

    The UK Border Force Provides Record Smashing Ferry Service Eclipsing Last Years Total In 6 months
    4 June
    Same old same old. By definition none is a refugee since they are already in safe country – France. (By another YouTuber who undermines his message by dropping f-bombs).

    All just further manifestations of subversion just like the whole lockdown BS and now the organised race riot kindlings. btw anyone verified that there were ->33<- bricks per pallet so conveniently laid on for demonstrators in the US?!


    "In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime."
    Protocol 19.

    Of course infringement of its "franchise" is a "crime" in the eyes of the main beneficiary of monetised UK medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry. The NHS is a juggernaut in the political agentur – I have definitely witnessed signs the staff policy is increasingly women including natives and as for the males, increasingly alien to the point of exclusion of the indigenous. And just as the taxpaying population is captive to the servicing of the national debt, so it is the milch cow for pharmaceutical companies. I further wonder how many supposed norms and policies of clinical standards are determined by "proofs" of pharma-funded trials to demonstrate that formerly normal tolerances in physical condition are now "abnormal" and requiring "medication"?


    1. Wigger:
      Yes, the NHS, though an excellent idea on the whole, has turned into a monster in some ways. Standards are surprisingly poor now, a fact of which I became aware a decade ago as a regular visitor (not patient). I had not been in a UK hospital even to visit since about 1983. Now: hospitals run so poorly that the maladministration seemed almost deliberate, standards of cleanliness abysmal, poor facilities for visitors and patients (eg car parking), nothing really efficiently done etc. Against that, some fine work by surgeons, some other doctors, and by nurses (some/most).

      Look at the “clapathon for idiots”. The NHS “saved” or “protected”, but the elderly and often unwell residents of care homes simply sacrificedfor the NHS, so that the NHS would not look incompetent…and all the rabbits clap…


      1. The gnomic Alex Thomson on Wednesday 3rd June’s Delmer Unit had an insightful take of a few seconds’ duration on “public health” starting at 44m18s

        – which I must have subconsciously absorbed; it certainly resonated with my increasing perception of the NHS as a change agent all in its own right.

        PS: Evening Standard on Friday – “London Church Bells to ring in Grenfell Tribute”
        – churches to ring their bells 72 times to mark the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire (14th June).
        More than 80 churches will take part in the tribute…. ringing at 6pm next Sunday … followed by a two-minute silence and vigil streamed on YouTube.
        What an ear rape that will be for a snoozy Sunday. Ironic that most of the deceased iirc were not Christians. So the likely analysis is that this will be another White guilt inducing puke fest of hand-wringing maudlin excess but with malice aforethought.
        Incidentally, 72 is one of “those” numbers – along with the allotted virgins it’s e.g.
        I currently reflect on whether the actual number was massaged to achieve that one. Rather tendentious you might suppose but Nick Kollerstrom in his Terror on the Tube book provided good backing for some possible instances of numbers being adjusted to be the magical favourites in that particular episode of charades.

        As you’ve said, 2022 could turn out to be quite a year.


      2. Wigger:
        Thank you.
        As a one-time practising barrister, I was interested in that discussion towards the end, re. juries. I did criminal law as well as civil when I was a pupil and a “squatter” (ex-Bar pupil without as yet a seat as a tenant in Chambers) in 1993-94.

        For me, a criminal jury is essential, though these days there is a bias in favour of conviction in some cases, cases such as alleged “paedophilia” etc. Most juries are now made up of the unemployed and others without any significant professional or other work responsibilities. They *may* be as objective as anyone else, but I used to get the impression that most got their views from the popular Press (though I cannot prove that!).

        Re. 2022, yes I am interested in the 33-year cycle. Even a few months ago, I was wondering what might happen to trigger huge change in global society by 2022 and the succeeding years.Well, we now have at least one triggering event…


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