Diary Blog, 5-6 July 2020

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Significant. In England, there is no credible choice to set against a bad joke government totally lacking in credibility, because Labour is even less credible than the Conservative Party, especially now that the Jewish lobby has retaken control.

Keir Starmer, whom I thought could at least put on a brave face of credibility or at least steadiness, has been photographed on his knees or knee, along with his deputy, the absurd Angela Rayner, making a show of their surrender to the “Black Lives Matter” nonsense (System-controlled nonsense, though…). Starmer looks like a weak accomplice of all Government policy, so far. There’s nothing beyond the “I was the DPP” facade. Nothing.

In Scotland, it is slightly different. For me, Sturgeon and the SNP are faux-“nationalists”, but from the point of the Scottish voters, or at least about half of them, the SNP looks like a real alternative (even if it is not). The same applies to “Independence”. Don’t like Boris-idiot, or fake “Labour”? Well, vote SNP and vote for “Independence”…

Exactly. The police are still around, and are actually quite good at tracking down murderers etc. However, the police fall down when it comes to “small” robberies, burglaries, car crime, anti-social behaviour, and other mattersof more concern to most inhabitants of these islands. Also, of course, any crime likely to result in black riots “has to be” handled with velvet gloves .

At the same time, the police are really energetic, given their head, in acting like a toytown militia, preventing ordinary citizens from doing harmless and normal things. That all came out during the ridiculous Government/msm-inspired Coronavirus panic and accompanying “lockdown” regime. The police were behaving like manic clockwork toys: the Government wound them up and off they went…

The police are also now a “poundland KGB” when it comes to so-called “hate crime”, which can mean almost anything, including general comment on society. Look at Alison Chabloz and the persecution she has suffered and is still suffering from the police, who are doing the bidding of —again— the Jewish Zionist lobby. One has to ask, “why is it always (((them)))“?

“Hate crime”…in terms of expressing comments about society, this is a non-crime. The police love it. No need to have an identified “victim” (beyond a malicious “complainant”, such as the two Jewish Zionist organizations, the “Campaign Against Antisemitism” and the “Community Security Trust”), no need to do much if any detective work; and the “criminals” (unlike real criminals) are very unlikely to behave in a violent manner if questioned or arrested.

What about this?

Great Reset“? Would that be the same as the “Great Replacement“? Or maybe the latter is just part of the former? What about “White Genocide“?

Something more positive from the World Economic Forum:

Midnight music

6 July 2020:

Heard a story about a weekend medical emergency. The usual NHS story, perhaps: efficient and pleasant paramedics, mostly caring but run-off-their-feet nurses (one exception apparently being a nurse sitting doing nothing but watching a frail old patient unable to eat his breakfast porridge by reason of Parkinsons or similar), and excellent doctors one of whom eventually bent the rules so that the patient (the one I know, not the old one with the shaking hands) could get what turned out to be an excellent surgical result immediately, rather than having to wait days or weeks. Food in hospital apparently not bad, and including such as cod Mornay (the food much better than same patient’s experience at same hospital a few years ago, so the NHS can improve, incidentally).

What let down the patient’s experience was, as always with the NHS, the administrative side: transport, and general organization in the hospital and ward, part of which might be ascribed simply to how very busy the nurses were. The poor administration was ameliorated by the willingness of a few staff to bend the rules slightly and not to be jobsworths (which a couple were). That however should not be necessary.

Hearing the story, and having visited a number of hospitals (not as a patient) over the past decade, it seems to me that what is required, in part, is for each hospital ward to have someone as a kind of receptionist and “fixer”.

In offices situated in places like the Arabian/Persian Gulf, there is usually a person (I forget the Arab title) whose job it is, working with a receptionist, to arrange transport, make sure that telephone or other messages are delivered, and so on.

Looking at the often-shambolic NHS organization, it is clear that that is the weakest link. There is no need for all the stress on both staff and patients caused by problems around transport, parking, scheduling of operations, availability of wheelchairs (something so basic!) and other hospital activity. A ward “fixer” might not solve all the problems of the NHS, but it would solve many of the everyday ones. It would also, immediately, free nurses and junior doctors to do their primary work.

It is a great shame that the —mostly very good— work of paramedics, nurses, doctors, surgeons etc should be let down by shambolic administration and systems. What makes it worse is that the administrators, who are so often simply negligent, are among the better paid (at top, hugely well-paid) people in the NHS.

Incidentally, in France there are no hospital wards and have not been since, I believe I read, 1978. Maybe it was 1988. At any rate, since at least 30 years ago, French hospital patients all have either a single room or one shared with one other patient. Another point: in France, certainly in Brittany, patients with serious conditions, and who are being treated as outpatients, have taxis booked at State expense to transport them to and from hospital. Also, as far as I am aware, there is no such thing in French hospitals as having to pay to park a car when visiting patients.

Why is the above (re. French hospitals) all regarded as somehow impossible or unworkable in the UK?

Cartoon politics

Tweets seen so far today


I had assumed that the Coronavirus panic had abated, and so it has…in the general population; not in the NHS though, the GPs of which are still available only on the telephone, and that is only if people can somehow get to talk to them. The NHS has certainly protected itself, but what about the rest of the population?

Jesus H. Christ! They used to call it (or them) “the White Man’s Burden”, but I think that, as far as 95% of them are concerned, “a millstone round our collective neck” is an equally just verdict.

[above: in the USA, a scene like this is usually called a “chimp-out”, or so I am told…]

Of course, little Greta Nut, the Swedish autistic and mental case, who (in our decadent age) is listened to with faked reverence by many of “the great and the good” (but mostly the stupid), makes much of what she always calls “The Science”, despite the fact that she has no scientific qualification (she is still only 17) and obviously has no real understanding either.

The same can be said of the leader (?) of Extinction Rebellion, a former smallholder or farmer called Hallam. He too reverences “The Science”, which he plainly does not understand in any detail. See: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/08/16/the-extinction-rebellion-levellers/ and https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/10/09/extinction-rebellion-greta-thunberg-cressida-dick-and-the-madness-of-protesting-crowds/

Faima Bakar

Remember Faima Bakar, the Metro “journalist” who had a good laugh when a Metropolitan Police mounted policewoman hit her head on traffic lights and was hospitalized, after her horse bolted, having been frightened by “Black Lives Matter” untermenschen? Well, she’s doubling down on it…

Let’s stop being appalled and angry, and let’s start deporting.

A Tale of Two Cities

I hope that I shall not be considered too much of a philistine if I say that I rather liked this cartoon:

27 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 5-6 July 2020”

    1. Wigger:
      Thank you.

      As to drunken idiocy, I happen to have information —horse’s mouth— about Southampton yesterday (it’s about 20 miles from here). General Hospital staff on edge, waiting for the expected waves of drunks and drink-related injuries…in fact there were none, or very few. Whatever happened in the town, little or none of it required medical intervention.


  1. If there is drunkenness then that us utterly deplorable and would be at the best of times let alone now with Covid-19 still being an issue for government and society as a whole to deal with.

    These louts should have the book thrown at them by the police and the courts but that is sadly not likely to happen in increasingly degenerate ‘Britain’ as run by ‘modern’ (urgh,🤬😡😩) Tories!


  2. Great work by those lads and lasses of the Patriotic Alternative (PA) group!👌😎 What a shame though they need to feel they must cover their faces lest they get a visit from Priti Vacant/Priti Useless/Priti Damm Nuisance’s local PC ’Poundland KGB’ goon squad!🤬😡☹️😞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, m’Lord of Essex. I know only the basic facts about the new “Patriotic Alternative” movement. The name’s no good, though, in my view. Still, they seem fairly active, so gold star for that at least.


      1. Why do you think that? I suppose you could say it is a bit bland even if they were a political party which they are not. They probably took inspiration from Germany’s Alternative Fur Deutschland (Afd) party which has now been copied by a new party in Sweden called the Alternative For Sweden (AfS). Also, with a rather bland name they might believe that Priti Useless’s PC Stazi would have less cause for complaining.

        Perhaps, non party groups could have more specific names like British Homeland Defence (BHD)?


      2. M’Lord of Essex:
        In my view, a party or movement name can be short of long, but shorter is better: NSDAP had a long name, which is why people (meaning the public) usually used the initials, or even the less correct “Nazi Party” or “Nazis”. In the Soviet Union, of course, only one party was permitted, so it was just “the Party” after the end of the Russian Civil War.

        I suppose that “a rose, by any other name, smells as sweet”, but I like a short snappy name.


  3. Well, it looks from that poll above that Scotland is moving inexorably towards the SNP’s version of fake ‘independence’ and an exit from the United Kingdom. Many warned that devolution might prove to be a ‘slippery slope’ and a ‘motorway to separation with no exit’ but I am sure that devolution is not solely to blame for the situation.

    It surely doesn’t help matters when the Scots see that their parliament is a fairly modern one and has a reasonably proportional voting system compared to Westminster’s archaic and decidedly unfair one and that the British government doesn’t believe in Britain ie their latest insane idea of allowing up to THREE MILLION HK Chinese to immigrate here.😡🤬🙄🙄🙄🙄


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      The Scots have a perfect chance to (painlessly) virtue-signal: they can support the importation of 3 million (!) Hong Kong Chinese (apparently that might even be increased!), but few of those Chinese will go to *Scotland*…


      1. Yes, there are an awful lot of hypocrites in Scotland who are supportive of mass, uncontrolled immigration provided they don’t move to Scotland but 3 MILLION or more🤬😡 is such an insane amount of people that a large number WILL inevitably move up there and then we shall see how many will then stop virtue signalling as it won’t only be the English and Welsh affected then!🙄🙄🙄

        I wonder if they will then stop voting for the fake ‘nationalists’ of the SNP and get themselves a GENUINE party instead?


  4. Decades of globalism in general and globalist open door migration policies in particular by Labour and CONServative Party governments alike have shot to pieces any real levels of British feeling on the part of Scots and the result is they are turning their backs on Britain even though the unification of this island of Great Britain was a Scottish idea in the first place. How sad is that and it need not have been if British governments had just listened to the vast majority of the British people when we have clearly articulated our opposition to mass immigration from the 1950’s onwards.🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞


  5. Enoch Powell was a staunch unionist and he opposed devolution because he feared it might lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom. I wonder if another reason the great Enoch was against mass immigration from the Commonwealth was because he thought it would dilute feelings about being British in Wales and Scotland so much that it would lead to separatism growing?

    Also, there is little doubt in my mind that he was against it because he feared for the future of his own party if it was allowed to continue ie the Tory Party is unlikely to ever again elect a Mayor for London even with an ethnic candidate.


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Enoch Powell was a great speaker; to some extent a great man, but he was obsessed by Parliament. That was why he abandoned his real place in orer to lead the Ulster Unionists, a nuisance as far as most English people are concerned. He no doubt saw himself as a Unionist and pro-UK latter-day Parnell.


      1. Enoch Powell should not have entered the quagmire of Ulster politics but instead set-up his own ‘Conservative Refoundation’ or ‘National Conservative Party of the United Kingdom’ to compete against the even then increasingly globalist and non Conservative Party of Edward Heath.

        Mind you, it is understandable why he didn’t:





  6. Those English people are a disgrace as they should support the Ulster Unionists though I can understand their frustrations to some extent. Ulster Unionists often don’t help themselves ie the DUP could be characterised as ‘little Ulster nationalists’ rather than genuine unionists. Why else are they so supportive of Stormont containing rather than, as Enoch suggested, it being closed down and NI being politically totally integrated into the United Kingdom instead?


    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      Northern Ireland cannot be integrated into the UK as if it were an offshoot of Hertfordshire. Not when a third (inexorably growing to half) of its population want to be part of the Republic.

      While the IRA/Sinn Fein lot are fairly ghastly, I am rather wary of the unionists too. As Oscar Wilde said, “the Ulster Unionist, always ready to foment a loyal rebellion”…(Wilde of course, was a Dubliner of sorts, at least born there).


      1. It can and should be. Having a separate devolved parliament and government only encourages separatism and at any rate you can’t appease the unappeasable proportion of NI’s population. If they don’t like it then there are no laws forcing them to stay in NI.


  7. We should cut out the increasingly demanding aspirations and influence of the Republic’s government in NI’s governance as well. They should be told to shut-up occasionally. Brexit was meant to have meant us returning to being a fully sovereign country again so let us act like one!🙄🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬


  8. Is Peter Hitchens ever going to quit whining about the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions? If he wants to know the real reason they are not being eased as fast as he wants them to be it is because the incompetent Tory government didn’t have harsher restrictions earlier and enforced them more vigorously. If they had done so we could re-open the economy and society at a faster pace.


  9. Is Peter Hitchens ever going to quit incessantly whining about the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions? If he wants to know the real reason they are not being eased as fast as he wants them to be it is because the incompetent Tory government didn’t have harsher restrictions earlier and enforced them more vigorously. If they had done so we could re-open the economy and society at a faster pace.


  10. Will he ever usefully contribute to the debate by moaning about the mostly alien Indian residents of that now effectively foreign city of Leicester not abiding by the rather mild social distancing regulations and therefore causing a renewed ‘lockdown’ to be imposed there?

    No, he won’t and he has so far not moaned about the 3 MILLION PLUS wave of Hong Kong Chinese the British Tory government intends to allow in in order to use them to carry out their genocidal and anti-white racist plan to replace the native Britons with.

    Why is that? Is it because he would lose his lucrative scribbling job with the Tory moron Mail on Sunday?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


  11. An interesting article about the repercussions in England of the anti-Jewish measures taken by tsar Alexander III in 1890. These led to a massive influx of “refugees” channelled and promoted by Baron Hirsch, the fanatic Zionist.

    The article also reveals the extraordinary level of influence and power attained by the Jews in England by the end of the XIX century.

    It is very revealing that the Liberals opposed to the “aliens Act” in 1904. Liberalism is a curse, a hateful English invention that has destroyed the West. As Spengler rightly said: “Napoleon spread the message of the French Revolution poisoning Europe with English ideas”.

    Liberals were, and are, obsessed with “people’s rights and freedom” that is why they have been, and are, fanatical standard-bearers of “political correctness” and useful idiots in the hands of the Jews.



  12. Yes, one of the best, if not THE best funny scene from a great movie! RIP Gene Wilder!☹️ He was an excellent actor and yes I know he was a Jew but doesn’t detract from his acting ability.👌

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  13. Hello Ian: Just a question, how is it possible that a non-existing country like Scotland can have MPs in the European Parliament? I remember reading yesterday about SNP members being elected to the European Parliament.


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