Diary Blog, 9 July 2020

Tweets seen

Still clapping?


“They” hate us…Look at what happened in the 1940s: British troops fought for 6 long years against the German Reich, at the end of which the British also liberated Jew detainees from German camps. Their thanks? To be subjected to Jew terrorism both in Palestine and in the UK itself

Britain and the British Empire (killed off by the Second World War) should have joined with the German Reich in 1939 or 1940 to rule most of the world.

More tweets, as the UK economy slides

That last tweet should read, “significant impact of UK GOVERNMENT’S LOCKDOWN/SHUTDOWN OF THE ECONOMY”…

This is just the start.

Meanwhile, I see many tweets from those who imagine themselves to be (usually) “socialist”, “Labour”, “compassionate” (when it suits them) etc. Most want more and deeper “lockdown”, so that a condition which kills, (in connection with other conditions) about 1 person in 2,000 in this country, can be defeated.

At the same time, common but deadly conditions such as cancer, heart disease etc are not being properly addressed by the NHS, which protected itself (and its staff) by shoving patients with, or possibly with, Coronavirus into care homes and elsewhere, so killing tens of thousands of people, particularly the elderly.

I like to scan Twitter for items of interest but, as I have blogged previously, political Twitter is very out of touch. A creature from outer space would certainly think that, in the UK, almost everyone supports “Black Lives Matter”, “refugees welcome”, the Labour Party, and that everyone accepts the “holocaust” fable, “gas chambers” and all, as the Gospel truth. Oh, and everyone hates “antisemitism”, of course.

That is the Twitterworld, as it now is and has become (now that dissenting voices have mostly been expelled). Then there is the real world…

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12 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 9 July 2020”

  1. Hello Ian: Have you heard of this “English” billionaire?

    This bastard owns a lot of prime real estate here in the south of Argentina (Patagonia). He has a huge country estate with its own airfield.

    Among many other things, Lewis owns one of the two companies that supply electricity to the city of Buenos Aires. He has bribed his way into this country, buying companies and properties at ridiculous prices.



    1. Claudius:
      Thank you. The name rang a bell, but I was unaware of the detail provided by you. Another Jew…even at age 83, still “an active foreign exchange trader”. “They” can never have enough money, can they? Well, they can’t take their money with them when they “go”…


  2. I forgot a very important detail about Joe Lewis. This article will show you the extent of the importance of Lewis in the Argentinian power supply system. Although he is not mentioned he is a major shareholder of “Pampa Energia” and the owner of EDENOR one of the five companies that make up “Pampa Energia”

    By the way, the founder and president of this corporation is another Jew Marcelo Mindlin, one of the richest men in Argentina



  3. If only a British gentile billionaire or multi-billionaire like that very young chap who is meant to be the world’s richest young person, the new Duke of Devonshire, would use their extreme wealth to fund a new, pro-British, anti-globalist, nationalist/ ‘socially conservative’ party to take on the traitors of the Lib/Lab/CON party.

    Having wealth to that degree brings a huge responsibility with it and you should use it to do good ie either funding a new nationalist party and/or medical research charities etc as, after all, that kind of money can hardly be spent in a lifetime.


  4. Correction: I meant the new Duke of Westminster. We certainly need a new party because the Conservative Party has thrown overboard even the pretence of being a pro-British ‘socially conservative’ party let alone the reality of being one. In recent years, they have completely surrendered to the Left and its globalist values.


  5. I know that Zionist Jew extremists used terrorism against us in the mandate of Palestine but I wasn’t aware they did this in Britain? What did they do here then and where were the atrocities?

    I know there were ‘anti-semitic’ riots in Britain in 1947 because of the disgraceful and evil actions of the Irgun etc.

    We should have remained neutral as Sir Oswald Mosley suggested ie followed his policy line of ‘Minding Britain’s Business’ and ‘Who the heck would fight for Beck?’😡🤬☹️☹️☹️not joined-in with Germany though helping them to topple evil Stalin might have been a good deed for Europe and the world.


  6. Not only has the Conservative and Unionist Party systematically dumped any remaining traces of being a ‘socially conservative’ party ie their total unwillingness to control immigration eg their proposal to allow in 3 MILLION plus Hong Kong Chinese, their utter failure to immediately deport the thousands of illegal migrants arriving on our beaches, importation of blatantly fraudulent ‘asylum seekers’ etc they also aid the transvestite agenda and aren’t even very good defenders of the United Kingom’s union ie the Brexit deal with respect to NI and collaboration with others to continually chip away at the union with Scotland and Wales.


  7. In short, they have become a party of libertarian globalist capitalist values and therefore need to be replaced or forced to call themselves by another name ie The Libertarian Party.🙄🙄🙄


  8. Those traditional Labour voters up North who voted Tory in December voted Conservative not just because they wanted to ‘get Brexit done’ but also because they despised Labour for having ultra-Liberal migration policies and expected the Tories to do better on that subject and now they see Boris-idiot preparing to ‘SWAMP’ in Mrs Thatcher’s infamous phrase of 1978 us with 3 MILLION Hong Kong Chinese!

    CONServatives OUT, OUT, OUT!😡🤬🙄🙄🙄🤬😡😡


    1. The problem, m’Lord of Essex, is that of “where do discontented voters go?”. “Labour” is even more pro-mass-immigration than the “Conservatives”, as are the about-to-disappear-down-the-plughole LibDems. At present, the voters literally have no choice because their notional “choice” is between 2 parties with 1 policy (on immigration).

      The above is why far more 2017 Labour voters abstained in 2019 than switched to Conservative. Twice as many, in fact.


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