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Diary Blog, 23 June 2022, with some more thoughts about “Boris”-idiot, the misnamed Conservatives, and Labour.

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The clown presently posing as Prime Minister of the UK

Pretty damning, though nothing I have not seen previously. In fact there exists far more information, and greatly more detail.

As I have blogged repeatedly since 2019 or 2018, Johnson has weaponized his own lack of integrity, decency and —yes— ability. People do not actually expect Boris-idiot to behave honestly, or even with basic decency, let alone to know how to be a real Prime Minister of this country.

That lack of expectation in respect of the clown “Boris”, on the part of the voters (and the very aged and blinkered Conservative Party “grass roots”), is like a suit of armour for Johnson; they actually do not expect the clown to fulfil his office and role properly.

Any further or worse scandal which may turn up will have little impact, for the reasons stated above.

There is another aspect: the sheer dullness and lack of edge to the Labour Party now, the supposed Opposition.

Under Corbyn, whatever his lack of education and/or ability, Labour offered an alternative in many respects. Not everyone wanted or liked the alternative offered, but it was offered. Now? No alternative.

Starmer is, as I said from the beginning of his tenure, as dull as ditchwater, but the Jewish lobby wanted to get rid of supposedly “anti-Semitic” Corbyn (who is certainly not anti-Semitic by my standards anyway), and have Corbyn replaced by “Labour Friends of Israel” member Starmer, with his Jewish wife and half-Jewish children.

Starmer is not, in my opinion, particularly “electable” anyway, but what (again, in my opinion) scuppers him, and Labour, is the same factor that weakened Corbyn, the fact that so many Labour MPs now are black, and often black women with little education, culture, or even sense. Not the only factor, but it is a big one.

Now we hear that Starmer may be replaced by another “Labour Friends of Israel” member, the expenses cheat, moneygrubber, “refugees welcome” hypocrite and would-be dictator, Yvette Cooper. Good grief…

Labour has been on a downward trajectory for a long time, well over a decade. The result can be seen in both General Election and by-election results over the past 5+ years. It will be interesting to see what happens in the two (or is it three?) upcoming by-elections.

For me, the most interesting aspect of the result at Chesham and Amersham last year was not the fact that the LibDems beat the Conservatives (striking though that was), but the fact that the Labour vote plummeted to 1.6%; a lost deposit for Labour, and for the first time in that constituency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesham_and_Amersham_(UK_Parliament_constituency)#Elections_in_the_2020s.

The System political landscape now seems to be resolving into a contest between unpopular and not-respected Labour, and not-popular and not-respected Conservative, with a side issue of former Conservative voters either (brainlessly) voting LibDem or abstaining; also, former Labour voters abstaining but not going elsewhere .

The British people, most of them, need and unconsciously want a form of social nationalism, but no organization exists to collect and channel that.

An interesting and adventurous life


Someone whose name was unknown to me until today. Almost along the lines of Where Eagles Dare.

” In 1944 he was appointed to the OSS and was an espionage agent in Austria in support of the Austrian Resistance against the Nazis, working with the Tyrolean group under the leadership of Dr. Karl Gruber. He infiltrated the country in the uniform of a German Wehrmacht sergeant of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt. In late April 1945, after being arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned at Reichenau, tortured and sentenced to death, he was able to escape and assist in the liberation of Innsbruck by the Americans in May 1945.


USA— which way?

It has seemed to me for some time that the USA cannot indefinitely continue on its present path without some form of muted civil war occurring. Not an American Civil War mark 2, with states opposed to each other, but a gradual and decentralized collapse of unity, and opposed groups and individuals fighting, including literally fighting, within states, within cities.

The outcome may eventually be victory for one or another side, leading to a form of dictatorship; at least equally likely, a gradual withdrawal of communities, cities, maybe whole states or regions, from common goals, institutions, political organizations etc.

The racial aspects, though not the only factors of importance, are key: at the end of the First World War, America was composed of 90% white Europeans (by origin); now about 45%.

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Manchester United

I have little interest in football, and so rarely comment about it, but the “legalized fraud” at Manchester United has been incredible. An American Jew family took over the club years ago (as a purely moneymaking enterprise— they knew even less than me about the game) and have bled it dry, just as “Robert Maxwell” did at the Daily Mirror etc. Do I detect a pattern here?

Even leaving the Jew and legal quasi-fraud aspects aside, there is a systemic problem here.

In the Threefold Social Order concept, developed originally by Rudolf Steiner, something such as sport or games would come under the “spiritual/cultural/educational” sphere, not the sphere of “economy/business” etc, or that of “politics/rights/government” etc.

Taking football as an example of a rule applicable across the field of sports, football clubs should be (as they once were to a large extent) social-cultural associations run for the benefit of the supporters and, after that or consequent upon that, the players, not business enterprises; nor (as in pre-1989 socialist Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and elsewhere) flag-bearers run by local or central government.

The Manchester United situation is not a consequence purely of Jewish economic exploitation but also, and arguably primarily, a symptom of a malaise and mis-organization in the way society as a whole operates.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_threefolding; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Steiner; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Glazer.

Boris-idiot in Rwanda

[they cannot believe that life has dealt them such a lucky hand— look at her face. That of a lottery-winner. Holding hands at the official airport reception; rather vulgar]

See also: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10944737/Boris-Carrie-land-Rwanda-faces-double-election-defeat.html.

Britain 2022

Late tweets

I do not feel inclined to answer that…

Eventually, Russian forces will prevail in southeast Ukraine, and perhaps all of Eastern Ukraine (Ukraine east of the Dnieper).

Absolutely disgusting. Housing for “Ukrainian” “refugees” (often not Ukrainian, indeed often just disguised economic migrants using the situation as cover), housing for cross-Channel migrant-invaders, while British people without money are treated worse than dogs.

Someone is awake…

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[painting by Volegov]

Diary Blog, 26 October 2021


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There may be something there that the UK could copy, thinking of “the Royal Cuck” and “the Royal Mulatta”, who have only lost a few trivial British titles in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars from Hollywood.

All the same, one can hardly expect the police to ignore fleeing criminals. What is a shock, looking at TV “reality” documentaries such as Traffic Cops and Police Interceptors, is how often the fugitives, having been caught after frenzied and dangerous chases, are then either not prosecuted, or go to court only to be given “community orders” or suspended sentences. I notice that they seem to fall into two main categories: black/brown wastes of space (not only having no real connection with Britain —even if born here— but no connection with being what I regard as a human being), or white detritus such as “chavscums” etc.

My mind being constantly on the subject of how to create the foundation for a quantum leap in human evolution, my reaction to the above unrequired specimens is “how does one get rid of them?“…

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Diary Blog, 9 July 2020

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Still clapping?


“They” hate us…Look at what happened in the 1940s: British troops fought for 6 long years against the German Reich, at the end of which the British also liberated Jew detainees from German camps. Their thanks? To be subjected to Jew terrorism both in Palestine and in the UK itself

Britain and the British Empire (killed off by the Second World War) should have joined with the German Reich in 1939 or 1940 to rule most of the world.

More tweets, as the UK economy slides

That last tweet should read, “significant impact of UK GOVERNMENT’S LOCKDOWN/SHUTDOWN OF THE ECONOMY”…

This is just the start.

Meanwhile, I see many tweets from those who imagine themselves to be (usually) “socialist”, “Labour”, “compassionate” (when it suits them) etc. Most want more and deeper “lockdown”, so that a condition which kills, (in connection with other conditions) about 1 person in 2,000 in this country, can be defeated.

At the same time, common but deadly conditions such as cancer, heart disease etc are not being properly addressed by the NHS, which protected itself (and its staff) by shoving patients with, or possibly with, Coronavirus into care homes and elsewhere, so killing tens of thousands of people, particularly the elderly.

I like to scan Twitter for items of interest but, as I have blogged previously, political Twitter is very out of touch. A creature from outer space would certainly think that, in the UK, almost everyone supports “Black Lives Matter”, “refugees welcome”, the Labour Party, and that everyone accepts the “holocaust” fable, “gas chambers” and all, as the Gospel truth. Oh, and everyone hates “antisemitism”, of course.

That is the Twitterworld, as it now is and has become (now that dissenting voices have mostly been expelled). Then there is the real world…

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Diary Blog, 26 May 2020


From last year, but worth reading.

The West is weak, not only or even mostly in terms of military strength, but in terms of moral force, of authority, of integrity. It has been largely taken over by the Jew element but. alongside that, has rolled over for the wealthy Arab element.

Anyone who has lived in or near Central London will know to what extent there has been a huge Arab (and other Muslim) influx since the 1970s. The instability of the Middle East has sent a series of waves of migration to London: the Lebanese civil war, the Iranian Islamic revolution, the many subsequent events.

However, beyond that, there has been another Arab invasion since the 1970s, that of Arab wealth. As someone whose parents and brothers were all great racing fans, I heard the stories of how this or that sheikh or emir would glide through Ascot, giving doormen baksheesh of a £50 or £20 note merely for having opened a door or gate for the mogul. That was in the late 1970s and the 1980s, when £50 was really worth having.

That eagerness, to have a little of the new-ish Arab oil wealth rub off on English palms, was not confined to doormen and chauffeurs but spread to the City of London money-men, lawyers and others and, most tellingly, to the more corrupt of the political class at Westminster. One name: Jonathan Aitken.

Then there was the rumoured £30 million bung paid to Mark Thatcher (despite his being a political nullity and a general nobody), in order to sweeten Mrs. Thatcher, his mother and, of course, Prime Minister at the time. Britain for sale…

The Gulf Arabs (Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis etc) have only the most negligible culture and history to set alongside that of Europe, but Fate (they say the Will of Allah) has made them rich via oil found by Europeans (and by Europeans become Americans), exploited by Europeans/Americans, extracted by Europeans/Americans, shipped or pumped by Europeans/Americans, refined by Europeans/Americans, and finally bought and utilized mainly by Europeans/Americans.

The Gulf Arabs bring nothing to the table. They just sit there, arrogantly, unable to defend themselves without American, British and French help, unable even to make their societies function on a 20th/21st Century basis without expat Europeans/Americans etc to run everything (and Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos etc to do much of the manual work, with refugee Palestinians often occupying the space in between).

In Qatar, for example, Qataris are only about 15% of the population, but they are the only ones with any real rights. I have been there twice, once in 2001 when it was a pleasant, sleepy place, then again in 2008, by which time it had become a horrible overdeveloped mess.

In fact, if the Qataris all just disappeared, Qatar would be a far better place (also applicable to the rest of the Middle East).

The invasion of Kuwait in 1990 showed up the Kuwaitis for the useless, venal, cowardly creatures they are, the “royal” family and others living in luxury hotels in Taif (Saudi Arabia) while the British, American and French Foreign Legion forces fought for and won back Kuwait for the Kuwaitis who did not deserve it.

Had it not been for the Second World War and then the Cold War and its superpower standoff, the Gulf would have become more or less another Western colony and would have been far far better for it. It is very regrettable that the Gulf Arabs were able to pose as powerful independent allies inter se and vis a vis “the West”, when they are just parasites.

They infest London and other cities, driving their million-pound sports cars around, enjoying themselves with local sluts and making a nuisance of themselves in areas such as Kensington, Knightsbridge etc.

I think that the West generally should impose a true suzerainty over the whole of the Middle East, and rule all the states there (including Israel) while allowing a degree of autonomy within state boundaries. It’s only right.

As for the “sheikhs”, “emirs”, “kings” and local dictators, just remove them. Permanently.

Oh, I forgot: Lawrence of Arabia (T.E. Lawrence) was an idiot, albeit an erudite and remarkable one!

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This ironic world

It seems that the popularity of Boris-idiot is plummeting. Not because he and his moronic crew have imposed a mass house arrest and destroyed both civil rights and the British economy, but because of his support for Dominic Cummings amid the recent trivial “scandal”.

“and the old gods laughed”…