Diary Blog, 11-12 July 2020

Saw a good description of the form of government now pretending to rule the UK: the “wallygarchy”.

The Boris-idiot government now wants people to wear masks in shops and elsewhere, despite the fact that these masks are really only useful when people are working in extremely close proximity, as in dental clinics. Even there, only one of the two people (the dentist) can wear one.

At the same time, this idiotic government wants people to go back to work, and also to spend freely in shops, restaurants etc.


Who on Earth would want to dine out, when the diners may be asked to wear masks?! This really has gone into farce now. Not even Little Britain territory, but that of Monty Python!

Shops? I myself do not much like shops anyway, but if “required” (forced) to wear a mask, I shall avoid them as much as I can. I doubt that I am alone. I suppose that the shoplifters will enjoy the extra protection, though (protection from identification, not from the dreaded virus).

This situation will accelerate the online shopping trend. I can see not just a few shops closing down, but most shops shutting up for good.

I feel rage against this ridiculous government of fools, who overblew the Coronavirus situation, scared the population out of its skin, destroyed much of the economy and plainly has little idea of how to get out of the hole, but is doubling down on the fear factor, insisting on masks etc.

Yes, Scotland is worse, but then it would be, under Sturgeon and her clan. As I predicted would happen, she is using the Coronavirus situation to pretend that Scotland is sort-of-independent already. Scottish borders must be protected! Not from mass immigration, though…

What strikes me about this particular government of idiots is how mixed are their messages: go back to work in offices and wherever, so that the cafes and pubs and shops can survive, but wear a mask and stay 3-6 feet away from everyone! No-one not desperate for some item will line up and wear a mask just to shop, and online shopping must be boosted even more by all this.

All because Boris-idiot and his government “locked-down” British society. Well, you can’t get toothpaste back in a tube, and the UK economy is now looking at a situation that is very bleak. “Lockdown”, Brexit (fake or otherwise), low pay, low State benefits. An economy dependent on consumerism and service industries.

Ghislaine “Maxwell”

A reformed jewel thief has reportedly claimed that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell filmed powerful people having sex with underage girls. William Steel, an ex criminal turned writer, says he was shown footage of two high-profile US politicians having sex with minors.“[Daily Mirror]


More Jew-Zionist corruption of world society.


I am not one of those who thinks that “the virus” does not exist. It exists. How it started to spread we do not know, whether accidentally, by Chinese negligence or design, or whatever. Once you get beyond there, however, things become very strange. It is “as if” this situation has been used by powerful forces to impose control on some societies.

We know that, so far, in the UK, only about 1,500 people have died entirely as a result of Coronavirus. Another 45,000 seem to have died with it, meaning that they had other very serious health problems and were “pushed over the edge” by getting the virus. Most were very elderly. Even then, the figure for deaths is somewhere around one death for every 1,600 or 1,700 people in the population. Most people either do not get the virus, or show no or very minor symptoms.

Anecdotal evidence is always limited in its applicability, of course, but I personally have not knowingly encountered anyone who has, or has had, this virus. Indeed, I know no-one who knows anyone who has, or has had, the virus.

I happened to have a word with my doctor recently, and in the course of a short conversation, I asked whether he and his colleagues had been busy with virus cases. He said that he and his colleagues had been busy with the usual range of cases but that the whole practice (about a dozen GPs) had seen only one patient with the virus, if I understood him correctly. He also noted that the whole area had had few cases.

Naturally, it is hardly surprising that one might never (knowingly) encounter anyone with this virus, in a situation where the vast majority of people either never get the virus or do get it but show no, or few, symptoms.

Now we look at the official response. The whole society, pretty much, closed down. People imprisoned in their homes (almost…yes, we were “allowed” to go and buy bread…). We all saw how the toytown police went mad. We saw how new pop-up hospitals were created, never used, then dismantled. Parks were prepared to become mass graves. Never used. Never happened.

Idiot scientists like that Ferguson fellow were saying that as many as 800,000 might die in the UK from Coronavirus. Not 45,000. Not 1,500. Also, that we must not meet anyone outside our own household (but Ferguson himself had his “ho” visit him, with her husband’s permission at that).

Question: who is the bigger “cuck”, that husband of the blonde “ho”, or the British people who accepted these absurd controls and restrictions without even thinking about saying “no”? The same British people (some of them, anyway) who obeyed the call to stand outside their houses, stupidly clapping, every week?

Now we are told that, despite the virus obviously having run its course, we must all wear facemasks when shopping, visiting pubs and restaurants! Screw that. I may be forced to buy food like that, but I cannot be forced to shop like that; neither can I be forced to visit pubs and restaurants in such joyless fashion. I would rather watch the High Street of Britain shut down. At least that might trigger social national rebellion.

State of the System parties

Pretty much as I thought. Conservatives somewhat ahead of Labour, not much. They are the Government party after all, and are there until, maybe, 2024 sometime. As for Labour— underwhelming. Its “new” mixture of Jewish lobby neo-Blairism, “Black Lives Matter” nonsense and “sensible” (they hope to look) support for much done by the Boris-idiot government does not attract many voters.

Parachute Regiment

Hard to believe that this government, or apparently Dominic Cummings, may decide to scrap much of the Parachute Regiment, one of the most effective regiments of the British Army. Why? To save money and to be able to set up “cyber-warfare” units!

So invisible is the current Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, that his name escaped me and I actually had to look it up! Still, at least Wallace has had real military experience (seven years as a Scots Guards officer), which contrasts with the background of his predecessor: see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/05/02/deadhead-mps-an-occasional-series-the-gavin-williamson-story/

Tweets seen

I can only agree with the contention that our society is moving gradually towards a “Mark of the Beast” dystopia; I say that despite the fact that, according to one system of numerology, my own name (Ian Robert Millard) adds up to 666!

Interesting, nicht wahr, the way in which people, in the UK, have been herded like sheep… Not much dictatorial “you WILL!” (or “you WILL NOT!“), but the engendering of a climate of fear, not of the Government or the police, but of something yet more sinister because unseen, supposedly deadly, possibly striking you from contact with your family, friends, or people encountered in the course of mundane life. Orders are then given “for public safety”. Wear facemasks, keep x-feet away from anyone etc.

What is really behind all this?

I do not think that you have to be much of a “conspiracy theorist” to see that this whole “Black Lives Matter” nonsense is being at some level co-ordinated. BBC, Sky, TV ads, all pushing the blacks in everything, and at the same time trying to normalize mixed relationships and marriages (and, above all, offspring). This is the “Great Replacement”, this is the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, and this is, down the line, “White Genocide”.

12 July 2020

The video clip below is from 2016 or 2017. It shows a “demonstration” (attack) by “antifa” untermenschen on an art gallery in East London which had an exhibition of work of which the untermenschen disapproved.

One brave individual (and, presumably, individualist) defends the right of free expression.

Another thing that is significant is that the individual there is subject to “deplatforming” by “antifa” and (before it existed under that name) “Black Lives Matter” urban rats not because the individual is “inciting” anything but simply because he silently expresses dissent by saying that freedom of expression should be protected.

Note the result. At first, vocal aggression against him, but finally violence from the black/brown/white traitor mob.

By the way, note how the toytown police allow the mob to bully and assault the lone dissenter…

Two years on, that same lone dissenter wrote a blog memoir about those events. It is worth reading and re-posting: https://medium.com/@dctvbot/i-regret-nothing-c05401636032

You see the same thing online. First verbal attacks, usually by Jews but sometimes by white or black doormats of the Jews. Then there is a gang attempt at “deplatforming”, by getting the individual removed from, eg, Twitter, as has happened to so many, including Alison Chabloz; me too (to coin a phrase).

Even going to another platform such as GAB or wherever is no answer. The Jew-Zionists follow, seeking complete online annihilation of the non-doormats. Old Jewish women and/or the “CAA” and “CST” are there to make faked-up complaints to Twitter etc, and even to the police (as happened to me a couple of times: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/when-i-was-a-victim-of-a-malicious-zionist-complaint/)

There is no easy answer to Zionist or Zionist-inspired intimidation, except to fight for freedom.

Not only was I too blocked by Owen Jones when I had a Twitter account, but he told John Woodcock (the then MP, sex pest, depressive mental case, and doormat for Israel and the Jewish lobby), outright on Twitter, to block me (Woodcock complied at once!)…

Here is my take on Owen Jones: https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/01/04/a-brief-word-about-owen-jones/

He is part-Jew.

[Owen Jones, in a synagogue with a relative]

Interesting! A woman called Clare Hazell-Iveagh, apparently from Suffolk, here [above] photographed with the Jew Zionist criminal Epstein (now gone up the chimney) and with Ghislaine “Maxwell” (still alive but under detention). Intriguing combination: seen with Jew criminals trafficking minors for sex, allegedly owned a model agency, and is or was head of West Suffolk NSPCC (again allegedly; I do not see her on their present main/national website: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/about-us/organisation-structure/executive-board-trustees-pay/).

I had never heard of that woman, though there is talk, discussion or “scuttlebutt” about her on the Internet: https://www.facebook.com/105344657603401/posts/today-im-going-to-talk-about-clare-hazell-aka-lady-iveagh-aka-clare-guinness-mat/173402194130980/ and in the Press: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8487581/Epstein-investigators-want-talk-Guinness-family-aristocrat.html

Incidentally, the Daily Mail refers to the woman, formerly plain Clare Hazell, as a “British aristocrat“, though she may be American or anyway a former resident in the USA, having owned a model agency in Ohio, it seems. As for “aristocrat”, that is bending the facts whichever way you look at it. Even leaving aside the lady herself, the Earldom of Iveagh was only created for the head of the Guinness brewing family in 1919. The present Earl of Iveagh is the 4th. Like most of the present supposed “aristocracy” of England, a 20th Century creation or invention.

Below, a tweet about Jew terrorism in the UK:

I saw this unintentionally amusing tweet:

In fact, I might agree with the main point, but the fact that ridiculous creatures such as Lammy are now barristers takes away from the credibility of the Bar and the English system of law in general.


From the same tweeter:

He’s right.

Another tweet:

He’s right, too. What an incredible piece of police state cruelty. A boy of 12 (!) “taken to custody” for allegedly posting a few silly things about a black footballer online. Also, West Midlands Police seem unaware that there is no crime in this country called “racism”. Plod off.

Further to the above, Jez Turner of the London Forum was actually imprisoned in 2018 for the “crime” of stating, in a speech in Whitehall, that Jews should be driven out of England as they were in the past. Typical double standard.

I had never heard of Nish Kumar until today. Some non-European migrant-invader or offspring of, who apparently told a funny (I doubt it) joke to the effect that the white audience should go and kill their own parents (for being white). Oh, that’s fine…the insulted are “only” British white people, who created most of what is valuable in this world in the past two thousand years, together with other Europeans.

Writing as a (former, thanks to the Jew pack that instigated my political disbarment in 2016) barrister, I have never heard of anything called the “Comedian Defence“, as raised by so many pro-multikulti tweeters; as in “though what I said directly incites violence, I AM A COMEDIAN, and so I can use words inciting violence, including murder, without penalty.”

The “Comedian Defence“, sometimes also referred to as “the Jo Brand Defence“: see https://ianrmillard.wordpress.com/2019/06/16/__trashed/

No, I never did hear of such a defence…

Other tweets seen

Good grief! Saw the tweet below

My “fantasy politics” first reaction? Drop a tiny atom bomb on the lot of them… This was a nation, with rough edges to be sure, but now is just a concreted mess full of urban rats, and most of the whites no better than the blacks. Other tweets say that this was in Crawley (West Sussex)).

Crawley has obviously deteriorated. When I returned from a misadventure in Rhodesia, in 1977, I eventually got various short-term jobs. One was in Crawley, working 12-hour shifts in a huge bakery, or better put, bread factory. I think that it was called Mother’s Pride. I worked overnight, wearing huge padded mittens that went up to the shoulder, stacking red-hot baking trays that had just come from the huge automated oven, the mouth of which was like the mouth of Hell in a Doré print, and about the width of a domestic garage.

The whole industrialized process was automated, and the plant so hot that one felt dried out even in a subzero winter with massive hangar doors open.

Well, Crawley itself was not so bad, despite being a concrete 1950s or 1960s new town . I recall buying, for a lady I liked in Berkshire, a small wooden crate of Lindt liqueur chocolates there, before I caught my train back to Reigate from Crawley Station.

Crawley, like most of Britain, has evidently deteriorated, looking at that clip of cultureless ugly harridans and their mixed-race offspring.

Hagia Sophia

The announcement that the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hagia_Sophia is going to be converted into a functioning mosque again is deeply symbolic.

Hagia Sophia Mars 2013.jpg
[above: the Hagia Sophia]

The great achievement of Kemal Ataturk was to take Turkey out of the maelstrom of a world in conflict and chaos. A secular state, with freedom of religion; new cities; neutrality (in particular, neutrality in the Second World War); social advancement; public education. And so on.

Now, Erdogan is ranging himself more clearly on the side of, not only the Arab and Muslim states, but on the side of the Islamist crazies.

I liked Turkey on the whole during my several visits, in one of which I drove there from England and lived in Fethiye, on the Turquoise Coast, for several months (in 2001). In most respects, it is more impressive than Greece.

Now, the great legacy of Ataturk is being undone. A pity.

Midnight music

53 thoughts on “Diary Blog, 11-12 July 2020”

  1. You are right, of course, here we are even worse off as the paranoid moron that we have for president ordered a week ago a super-strict lockdown with people using public transport being questioned by the police and asked to produce a permit that proves they are working!

    The situation is horrible, nearly a month ago a survey made by a private company found out that over 24.000 small and medium businesses closed down/went bankrupt in Buenos Aires city only.


    1. Claudius:
      The choice seems to be one of regarding many governments, including the UK one, as incompetent, as against regarding all this virus stuff (and the lockdown policy) as worldwide conspiracy. Maybe it’s a bit of both. I do not think we have seen the end or the full extent of the damage done.


      1. I do agree with you Ian. Since 1945 all Western countries have been run by useless puppets of the JWO (Jewish World Order). The exception was the UK, France and the US who had been run by the Jews since the end of the XIX century. The colossal incompetence and stupidity of some of the puppets (Boris, Macron, Sanchez, etc.) only reflect the awful decadence of their respective societies/countries.

        The virus known as Covid-19 is just another ingredient in the diabolical plan that the JWO is carrying out. Destruction of the economy, reduction of the middle-class to the category of slaves, living off miserable wages, stronger control of the Internet, compulsory vaccination programmes to secure billions of future customers to Big Pharma, because almost everyone will be ill.

        The future looks terrible, but so it was in 1919 when a dozen of patriots led by an ex-soldier named Adolf Hitler funded the NSDAP. We must remember that and not surrender.


    2. On the contrary, Claudius, you should be proud that your president is showing concern for the health of the Argentine people and taking actions against the virus that are clearly working in your country’s case.

      The Argentine government and president has done very well indeed and along with the co-operation of your fellow countrymen and women it has resulted in relatively few deaths.

      I would swap our COMPLETE MORON of a PM and worldwide laughing stock, Boris-Idiot, for your President in a heartbeat

      Hey, at least your President can dress himself properly and doesn’t have a unkempt mop for a haircut and therefore looks presentable on the world stage!🙄🙄🙄🙄


  2. Why doesn’t Peter Hitchens now do the decent thing and just top himself? His increasingly deranged rants against Covid-19 restrictions are becoming ever more bloody tiresome.😡🤬 Why doesn’t this thick Tory twit just realise you CAN’T have complete personal freedom during a worldwide viral pandemic? A virus DOES NOT respect the loony theories of Tory libertarian morons!

    He should either kill himself or go and live in the libertarian loony land of the USA or Brazil to test out his crazy idea of doing NOTHING to try and combat Covid-19 but as a selfish Tory he views his own health as more important than that of others!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Peter, show some effing respect for all those who have died so far!😡🤬


  3. Yeah, why not go and scrap one of the most elite sections of the British armed forces which has such a proud record of service to this nation from NI to the Falklands.😡🤬

    They have been around since the early 1940’s but should have been around a lot earlier. Hasn’t the so-called ‘party of defence’ decimated our armed forces enough since 2010?😡🤬☹️😞


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      Yes. Ridiculous. Parachute descents en masse may not be common in modern warfare but are still an unquestioned way of projecting power quickly, as happened when the Turks took over Northern Cyprus in 1974. Anyway, who said parachute troops need to be delivered always by parachute?

      Incidentally, I was in Northern Cyprus in late 1999 or early 2000. Quite a decent place to visit back then. Not crowded, quite the reverse. In December/January, warm during the day (I even swam in the sea a couple of times); orange groves, empty beaches and classical ruins, empty roads. I even drove all the way down the north-eastern peninsula to the end, which is only 60 miles from Latakia in Syria.


      1. Yet another place you have been too! You have visited such varied countries! 😎Your record of globetrotting is almost as good as that of dearly departed Alan Whicker whose programmes I used to enjoy and that of Judith Chalmer’s.😃

        In the past, you have mentioned you have been to the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein but have you also visited one of the other ‘micro states’ of Europe ie Monaco?

        I would like to go there and experience a minuscule country often referred to as the ‘safest square mile in Europe’.


      2. M’Lord of Essex, I doubt that Alan Whicker would have been complimented by your comparison with Judith Chalmers! Her colleague, Cliff Michelmore, whom you might remember, lived a short distance from my parents in the early 1980s (at the foot of Reigate Hill in Surrey). I believe that he moved to West Sussex later. I never actually saw him when I was around there, though.

        As to your question, I have never visited Monaco, though I know several people who have been there. I had a Finnish girlfriend in the early/mid 1990s who had previously gone there every year with her then husband. She liked the absence of litter, and also the absence of “the kinds of people” that cause a nuisance in London and many other places.

        For myself, I expect that I would hate it. So crowded (3x Hong Kong, 2x Singapore) and full of people (judging by TV shows) who have lots of money and no culture: Jews, Arabs among them. A joke Ruritania floating on loose money.


      3. As well as aiming to ‘save money’ ( an entirely false economy in this case) I wonder if another motive of the moronic Tory libertarian globalist traitors is to finally enable the Parachute Regiment to be totally ‘cleansed’ of ‘far right’ and ‘racist’ individuals by simply shutting it down?

        After all, as the most elite regiment in the British Army and one of the most elite sections of the services as a whole the Parachute Regiment has had quite a few ‘Right-wing extremists’ within its ranks reported upon by the globalist media over the years the most recent instances of which have occurred in the last year or so.

        Evidently, patriots are emphatically NOT wanted in our armed forces!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡


      4. I wonder, m’Lord of Essex…

        I wonder also what would happen if a situation of public disorder came about. The police have shown themselves to be both incapable through lack of numbers and incapable through lack of will. The Army is smaller yet, and much of it is not a fighting force at all now. In fact, much of it is a joke. Probably only about 20,000 (at best) are fighting soldiers.


  4. Yes, Ben Wallace, appears to be almost entirely invisible as Secretary of State for Defence but he looks as though he is one of the very few leading Tories who have some form of IQ going on in the top shop and any degree of competence.

    As you say, it is good to see he has some real experience serving in the armed forces unlike his Tarantula bothering predecessor, Gavin Williamson.


  5. I suspect the ever more PC Tories will have him replaced soon and put one of their pet ethnics in charge of the services! Then they can say they had the first ethnic as Secretary of State for Defence!🙄🙄🙄

    Labour doesn’t deserve to be as high as that in the polls what with Zionist Jew doormat, Keir Starmer, being the leader and that dopy mare, Angela Rayner, as his deputy.

    Labour only ‘offers’ more PC globalist lunacy than the Tories already do and a return to discredited Blairism. I would rather see the Liberal Democrats become more popular as at least they are democrats compared to Labour with their support of the archaic crap of First Past The Post.


  6. Ha, ha, I am not comparing Alan Whicker to Judith Chalmers in the sense of the quality of their programmes or journalism but more in the way of their both racking-up god knows how many air miles!

    Yes, Monaco is very densely populated and full of cultureless ‘nouveau riche’ libertarian Tory types BUT it is a VERY SAFE place to live or have a holiday in!

    Apparently, there is around 515 police officers for a resident population of 38,000 people which gives the principality about the fifth highest police officer to population ratio in the world and there are also many CCTV cameras operating and this all goes to make it a country virtually free of serious crimes like muggings, murders, violent personal assaults etc.😁👌😎


  7. They abolished the death penalty a bit earlier than we did in 1962 and didn’t execute anyone for a considerable number of years before which goes to show that a country need not have the ultimate penalty to have a low murder rate BUT it is wise to compensate for capital punishment’s absence with high detection and deterrent factors to that crime such as mass CCTV surveillance and in particular a very large and effective police force compared to the population size.


    1. I think that I am right in saying that Monaco is larger, slightly, than Hyde Park, but smaller than Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens combined. Still, it *is* 4x larger than Vatican City.


      1. Yes, it is larger than Hyde Park alone which is supposed to be about 350 acres in size but not as big as the combined area of Hyde Park and the adjoining Kensington Palace Gardens. It is smaller than New York’s famous Central Park which is approximately 850 acres.


      2. Yes, the Vatican City is even smaller. The area of that country – the world’s smallest sovereign state – is only about 100 acres!

        Monaco has around 515 police officers for its 38,000 residents giving it the fifth highest police officer to population ratio at around 1,300 officers per 100,000 people.

        The Vatican City has the world’s highest ratio of 15,000 per 100,000 people. Its normal population is only about 1,000 people.


  8. Yes, living in or even visiting a country like Monaco or Singapore that is so densely populated makes for an experience that can be less than pleasant. Britain becoming absurdly overpopulated is one of the many reasons I am so passionately opposed to the constant, mass immigration of Labour and Tory governments alike. Simply put, overpopulation makes for a lower quality of life so mass immigration can be opposed purely on that environmental concern ground alone.


  9. Some of my relatives have visited Canada. The Canadian Rockies were very beautiful in their opinion. I haven’t been there yet but it is an ambition of mine. Infact, I wouldn’t mind living somewhere like British Columbia or Alberta as it would be nice to live in a country of wide open spaces with less congested roads, trains etc!


    1. M’Lord of Essex:
      I was once in the part of New York State that is about the same latitude as Albany, ie not right up near Canada but some distance from New York City, bordering Massachusetts . My first wife and I visited the interesting home of a famous woman writer whose name I forget right now(!) and also a former teacher of hers from the Steiner school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, who had retired to a house in the area. To me, it seemed almost like forested wilderness where he lived, but it is just “country” there. Between the local store and post office (one building, alone) and his house there were about 5 (apparently empty) miles!

      ps: remembered it now: Edith Wharton

      This is that house I visited:


  10. The police in this ‘country’ are an outright (pardon the strong language) fucking disgrace!🤬😡

    They are NOT there for you if you have a burglary or are being assaulted especially if the offender is one of their precious blacks or other ethnics but if you dare voice a non-PC opinion about our ‘enrichment’ they are on your back immediately and they go and arrest you.😡🤬

    Arresting a 12 year old for what amounts to a thought crime rather than a real one is bloody SICK.😡🤬

    I was once proud to help the police in the past by being a witness to a crime but now I refuse to help point blank what I now increasingly view as an ‘occupation force’ that oppresses my people.

    Frankly, if I saw a policeman or woman on fire I would piss on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M’Lord of Essex,
      My own attitude to the Plodocracy is hardening, too. Example: one of the Twitter accounts run by a local part of the Hampshire Police (not my immediately local area but not many miles away) is forever talking about how wonderful Gypsies and “travellers” are. Quite often, the next tweet is “did anyone see who fly-tipped rubbish all over X-field or Z-park?”, or “any information about who stole a ride-on mower in Y-ville would be welcome”…Talk about pushing a door that says “Pull”!


      1. Politicising the police is a very stupid and unwise thing to do for any government even in normal times so if the police have gained a justified reputation for being that way inclined and then a government has to deal with a viral outbreak like Covid-19 the police won’t have the full co-operation of the public as the situation requires and I am sure many forces here haven’t had this due to this factor.

        Why can’t we just go back to those quaint old days when the police just upheld the Queen’s peace without fear or favour to ANY section of society and didn’t act as the government’s ‘thugs in uniform’ and a cheap version of the KGB?🙄😡🤬😞☹️

        A reputation for police neutrality is very easily destroyed yet incredibly difficult to rebuild.


      2. True, m’Lord of Essex. Look at the triumphalist way in which the West Midlands Police (one of the least useful forces) reported that they had taken *a 12 year old boy* “to custody” for allegedly writing rude things to some footballer! Very brave…


  11. The blatant politicisation of the police started under Mrs Thatcher around the time of the Miners’ Strike, got progressively worse under Bliar and has now reached utterly absurd sickness levels under Boris The Unkempt Monkey From London Zoo idiot.

    It is time all the forces were disbanded with immediate effect and replaced by new forces with new commanders. A true massive clearout is needed.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, I can only agree. The police must all be really English (in England), not freemasons, certainly not Common Purpose, and imbued with the commitment to serve law and order (both), not some farrago of “anti-racist” nonsense.


  12. I am normally sympathetic to those calling for the restoration of the death penalty but since we now obviously have blatantly politicised police forces in Britain who only care about the alleged ‘racist’ tendencies of Britons and sod real crimes I think it is a relief we don’t have it.

    After all, once it is brought back there is nothing to stop a government extending its use continually to new offences other than murders or aggravated murders and using it to execute political offenders like ‘racists’.🙄🙄🙄🙄!


  13. When we have a nationalist government we are going to reinstate capital punishment and use it for the crime of encouraging the wilful genocide of a nation therefore people like Boris will swing for that crime along with many other politicians and those police chiefs who have acted as traitors and ignored the industrial scale grooming of mostly white young girls in Northern England and elsewhere will also pay the ultimate penalty.

    This country will be systematically cleansed of people like the appropriately named Cressida Dick and no mercy will be shown to them.

    We are going to need an awful lot of the finest Italian Hemp rope, lots of wood to construct electric chairs with or plenty of steel/iron for guillotines!😂😃👌😎


  14. If we don’t try and reverse the blatant politicisation of the police by adopting the methods of Japan and South Korea ie by creating a National Public Safety Commission and then placing English police forces under it we could, instead, give a government grant covering the cost of these forces to the Royal Family and putting the police under them.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, You have me in stitches at times! The Royal Family?! You might as well place command with the *Royle* Family! Who will you appoint as Field Marshal? Charles? Ha ha! Edward? I think that he is “rear” echelon only! Andrew, the painted rear admiral on a painted ocean of Lolitas?
      What about Harry? He might command the “colonial” troops, I suppose…Or there is “future king” William, whom I doubt will ever wear a crown.


      1. The direct administration of the police will be done by a Royal Agency staffed by independent experts not by members of the House of Windsor itself but a annual government grant will be provided to that agency to employ officers and the back room staff.

        In a way, officers will be employed by the Royal Agency and NOT by the British state. My idea is to get the day to day running of the police entirely out of the British State’s hands since we have ample proof now that state simply can’t be trusted to run the police in a strictly politically neutral way.

        The police HAVE to be neutral and SEEN to be neutral and that is the prime aim of my vision.


      2. I doubt that William will ever be King either. The Royal Family has been on a downward slope ever since the Queen Mother died in 2002 at the grand old age of 101. Since her sad death (she was my favourite member of the family) it has accelerated greatly and got very bad indeed since that manipulative creature arrived from Yankee Republican land. As a supposedly national institution they are probably quite close to death’s door now thanks to Harry and his floozie.


      3. M’Lord of Essex, as I have blogged before, what will finish off the royals as an institution will not be a mob dragging them to the guillotine, or a Cheka squad in a cellar, but sheer irrelevance. The state may not “melt away” but I think that the Royal Family just may…


  15. Even though in recent years that institution has become less politically neutral than they once were most people still regard them as being above politics for the most part notwithstanding Harry and The ‘Royal’ Mulatta’s increasingly disturbing antics.

    At any rate, the police now HAVE TO BE taken right out of direct political control as this politicisation of the police is becoming very worrisome indeed and action to reverse it HAS to happen.


    1. M’Lord of Essex, the power elite in the UK are plotting the complete degradation of the UK. NWO/ZOG has no need of an independent UK nation, so it is planning to eliminate the white English (etc) people, and will turn them into a minority soon. The invasion by “refugees”, “family members”, 4 million Chinese etc will soon turn the UK into a slum ghetto inhabited by half-castes.


      1. So much for people voting for Brexit! What an UTTER WASTE OF TIME it is already proving to be under the globalist, anti-British Tory Party.🙄🙄🙄 All that and we are are not out if the ‘transition’ period yet! We may as well rejoin!🙄


      2. Brexit was a perfectly do-able thing, but British politicians are at best mediocre, and many are just dimwits. I place Boris-idiot in that class of dimwits.I am not fooled by surface gloss. He, Theresa May, all that stupid crowd, have made a mess because they are of such low quality that the EU politicians, who are nothing special, just laugh at them.

        Now Brexit will add further disaster to the “virus” disaster.


  16. Yes, the utter ruin and GENOCIDE of the British as defined BY THE UN ie ‘conditions of life’ being imposed by a government upon an ethnic group so as to cause its eventual elimination and the prevention of births within the group. Doesn’t that just sum-up CONServative and Labour immigration policies since 1948?😡🤬☹️😞

    What was once the world’s greatest nation will soon be ended for good and yet too many still vote for the virulently anti-British haters of fake CONServatives and Labour.☹️😞


  17. Boris Idiot is not just a thick moron with a capital M as we both knew months if not years before anyone else in the country woke-up to this fact but a DANGEROUS cretin as well as he has proved since day ONE of this Covid-19 crisis.

    Frankly, putting him in No.10 is like letting a five year old play with a box of matches! Thanks a lot you cretinous senile dementia suffering 80, 90,100 year old Tory Party members!😡🤬😞☹️🙄🙄🙄

    You should never trust any politician who has a bad hair day EVERYDAY of the year ie Hitler, Boris!

    Can’t we just put him down like a rabid dog for the good of society?

    I’m not his greatest fan, you see!😃😄😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂 I bet you didn’t guess! LOL!😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀🤣🤣🤣😂😂😎😎😎


      1. Yeah, that may have been a dead (pardon the pun) give away clue to my detestation of him! To be honest, I have NEVER liked the bloke ever since I first clapped my eyes upon him when he was the MP for Henley and his running of London just confirmed my fears about him. Sadly, there are a lot of idiots who were and still are taken-in by that classic ‘upper class English twit’ act he does so well but behind that facade there is nothing much in the way of real leadership qualities, no coherent ideology, ,a real desire to be in politics for the good of the people etc, just a burning ambition to be a leading politician for the sake of it

        Politicians like that should be watched like hawks. I only hope the world situation is very peaceful over the next few years because this idiot will have us in yet another unnecessary war.

        Undoubtedly, Jeremy Hunt should have won the leadership of his party. He would have been a better PM.


  18. It really is about time the globalist libertarian extremists like that fuckwit Daniel Hannan were thrown out of the Conservative Party and firmly told to form their own Libertarian Party instead of poisoning the Conservative Party with their ridiculous views. It is time the Conservative Party got rid of this this mad, callous, degenerate libertarian view of Hannan and company that Britain is merely an economic zone/floating business park to make loads of money off and is not a real country.😡🤬☹️😞


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